Burn Notice s03e09 Episode Script

Long Way Back

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
Where am I? Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? A old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
Name's Tom Strikler.
What is it that you do, Tom? A bit like an agent.
Like I told you before, I'm not interested in your money.
It's all about the burn notice with you, isn't it? I think I might be able to help with that.
The fact that he's a weasel doesn't give you pause? It doesn't feel right.
Promise me you'll walk away.
Fi, I have to go.
You do this, and you have my word.
The power that be will review your burn notice.
For you.
Happy birthday.
Yeah? Michael.
I just got a call from Washington.
There's been some movement on your burn notice.
This is just the beginning, supertar.
Working with someone like Strikler it changes you little by little.
I just can't stay here in Miami and watch.
Fi? Fiona? When you work as a covert operative, there's no line between who you are and what you do.
You are who you need to be for the operation.
It makes you effetive.
It keeps things simple.
But when you spend too much time living as someone else, sometimes the people you care about most begin to wonder who you really are.
Michael? I'm upstair, Fi.
What's that you're driving? It didn't sound like your car outside.
It's a rental.
I sold my car.
Really? Your car didn't exactly have a pink slip.
Oh, the buyer didn't mind.
Not at that price.
This, um this moving-out-of-town thing if you're trying to make a point I'm not trying to make a point, Michael.
I'm trying to make a change.
I'm going home.
I told my mother to expect me.
We had one fight, and you decide to go back to Ireland? This isn't about one fight, Michael.
If you didn't see this coming, then you weren't paying attention.
You're too worried about your own future for there to be one for us.
I'm not doing this for me.
Fiona, I'm out in the cold, and the longer I stay there, The more I endanger everyone in my life.
Don't you pretend this is about us.
It's about you! Which is fine.
It's it's just time I I did what I need to do, too.
Michael? Yeah.
Have you seen my H&K u.
compact, the one with the ilver slide? I need to finish packing, and I think I must have left it here.
I, uh I think I saw it around here somewhere.
I'll find it, and I'll bring it to you, okay? You're not leaving today, are you? No.
Someone must have made themselves a powerful new friend.
It's not every day the guy running the agency warehouse in Miami get a call from the deputy director.
So? Your file just landed on his desk.
So, this is being taken seriously.
Over my strenuous objection.
But I seem to be the only one who thinks this is a waste of the agency's time.
So, uh, will you be the one running my review? I'm just the liaison.
Various regional experts will be doing your review.
They'll get to tear apart the story of poor, misunderstood Michael Westen and put you on the blacklist for good.
You know, if I were you, Diego, I'd start preparing myself for disappointment.
I was gonna give you the same advice.
I'll be calling you to set up the first meeting soon.
Don't you want to wish me luck? Not really.
But I'm suppoed to tell you to stay out of trouble.
You're tiptoeing through a minefield.
There's a reason spies try to stay detached.
When you get emotional about something, even if it's just your ex-girlfriend's .
45-caliber handgun, you get distracted.
And getting distracted can be very, very dangerous.
You remember my brother Sean? You met back in Ireland.
Michael McBride.
It's been a while.
Last I saw you, you were saving my sister from those english bastards that had her pinned down in Belfast.
Spies need to remember every cover I.
they've ever worn because you never know when you might need to put one back on.
It was a good thing they were such lousy hot.
Otherwie, Fiona and I would have been saying our last Hail Marys together.
Glad you're here.
We ould use another man who can shoot a gun.
Why's that? It's bad news, McBride.
Someone's coming to kill my sister.
This is it? Don't you have any real guns? I am in the middle of a move.
All of my big toys are packed up on a boat, waiting to be smuggled back.
America's taken its toll, sis.
You've lost your edge and your acent.
O'Neill is looking for an irishwoman.
I'm not gonna hold up a neon sign that says, "here I am! come blow my head off!" Look, I'm way behind, and it sounds like I can't afford to be, so start from the beginning.
His name is Thomas O'Neill one of those ultraradical bastards the kind of man who would blow up a church on a Sunday, kind of man I'd love to kiss with a chain saw.
And why does he want you dead, Fi? It's a long story.
Talk quickly, then.
You don't need a history lesson, McBride.
All that matters is O'Neill's supposed to be making his move today, and we're not suitably armed.
I'll make a call.
I know someone who delivers.
We'll need some proper hardware.
How quick can they get here? Not quick enough.
Is that him? That's Thomas O'Neill.
Bloodthirsty hooligan got here faster than I expected.
We need to move now.
I'm gonna teach the son of a bitch how to breathe through the top of his skull.
We're outnumbered.
Do the math.
They think Fiona's alone.
We can dig in, surprise them.
No, we can't.
That's a trained extraction team.
We leave now or we die.
There's one on the corner.
He didn't see us.
Well, he's seen us now.
They came out the back.
She's on foot, and she's not alone.
Spread out, sweep the neighborhood.
Come on, ome on, come on! We need a car now.
I'll get us one.
Stay here.
You never told him! No, Michael, not even a Glenanne would forgive me for working with an amerian spy.
Everyone at home still thinks you're from Kilkenny.
Sean can never know.
Don't worry.
He won't.
He better not.
Hey, Mike.
How you Sam, we have a situation.
Someone's in town trying to kill Fi.
Her brother Sean has ome into town to protect her, so we need a place to lay low.
Let me make a call.
Thanks, and, Sam? What have I told you about my time in Ireland? Uh, not much, Mike.
Well, my name is Michael McBride, and you're just gonna have to roll with it.
You must be Sean.
I'm Sam Axe.
Okay, Sam.
What's your background? We're doing background checks now? McBride knows me.
Well, I don't know you.
So, why don't That's enough, Sean.
I trust him.
Fiona trusts him.
Now so do you.
We good here? Yeah.
It's a new foreclosure.
My real-estate buddy doesn't expect anybody here for at least a month.
Better not take that long to get rid of O'Neill.
So, why is this guy so hot for you, Fi? I thought you bit the heads off all your old boyfriends.
I met O'Neill while I was looking for the man who killed my sister.
You had a sister? You never mentioned that before.
I don't like to talk about it.
There were seven of us five boys, two girls.
Claire was the youngest.
When she was taken, I was angry and I was loud.
O'Neill thought I was as radical as he was, and he told me about a bombing he was planning at a prep school.
And you made sure those explosives never made it to the target.
A few years later, he resurfaced and came after me.
It's one of the reasons that I left home.
After Fi left, O'Neill disappeared again.
I hoped he'd blown himself up, but then word got out Fi was in touch with folks in Dublin.
Suddenly O'Neill's back on the grid and on his way to Miami.
Fiona? You and Sean will stay at the house.
Sam and I To hell with that! With four of us looking, we'll find him much faster.
He know you and Sean.
McBride, if you think you're dealing with him all by yourself We'll discuss the dealing when we do the finding.
But Sam and I are doing the finding.
First, you say run.
Now you say hide.
I crossed an ocean to tear a man's limbs off Sean.
There's no point in fighting with him.
Trust me.
I am not one of your damn clients.
So, do we love this place or what? I almost didn't go for it, but then I thought, "I'm worth it.
" Well, you are, Strikler.
Look, uh, my day just got crazy, so Oh, no time for a tour, huh? Uh, well, whenever you're ready, it'll be here.
So, uh, you know how this is gonna work, right? Apparently, they're gonna look at my activities when I was regularly employed.
But I get to set the record straight.
Yeah, well, "straightish" might be a better term.
What does that mean? Well, they're delicate issues Phrases to avoid, phrases to employ.
It needs proper handling.
Truth doesn't need handling.
The truth? Oh, come on.
You are not in the truth business, Michael.
You never were.
Look, partner have to trust each other, so trust me when I say that right now your reputation is valuable.
People fear you.
We can use that.
To make you money.
Michael, did you really think rebuilding a reputation would be free? Money greases palms, opens doors, buys documents, and it puts Michael Westen right back where he wants to be.
Now, understand, this project is very delicate, so let's not break it.
I'm gonna send you some paperwork tomorrow your side of the story.
Study up.
Hey, Mikey.
This is Thomas O'Neill's Interpol file? Yeah, you think a guy who crossed an ocean to kill Fi would have a file with a little more meat on its bones.
That's it.
I thought he was upposed to be this one-man, ultraradical splinter group.
Well, he's got the reputation, but not the rap sheet.
This looks like he's not tied to anything.
He isn't.
Interpol thinks he's freelancing.
They like him for about 12 bombings in Europe, all with the same chemical signature, but nobody can pin anything on the guy.
O'Neill has some known associate in the state.
They're money guys.
One of them just bought a condo in South Beach.
My bet is it's not a vacation home.
We should get eye on it.
What are you two doing? Would you put those things away? Mom, wait.
Hey, come on in.
Boys this is Tiffany.
Hi Tiffany Ward.
Tiffany Ward Realty.
Mom, are you selling the house? I was thinking about it.
And with you about to get your old job back and Fi heading home, I just thought maybe it was about time that I made a change myself.
Can we start in the bedrooms? Sure.
Yeah, they're in the back.
I raised two boys here.
The way they behaved, it was more like four.
So, I think a large family can live here very comfortably.
This house is just filled with so much love and and Not now, Mikey.
We got to go.
I'm just saying, Mike, it's okay if your head is spinning.
I mean, first it's your girl, now it's your childhood home.
I never liked that house.
Yeah, but you like Fiona, right? There's O'Neill.
Why does it look like the sons of the lucky harms revolution are getting ready for battle? Because he know Fiona is on his tail.
That's her in the Sedan.
Aw, crap.
She must have tracked O'Neill through his Miami connections.
She went around me! Mike, she thinks that he's alone.
She has no idea what she's getting into.
It's gonna be World War III down there.
O'Neill is mine.
I'll give you first shot, but when you miss because you broke a nail or dropped your purse, I'll step in and clean him up for you.
She's not picking up.
Sam, give me the keys to the car.
That's Miss Reynold's car.
The keys! Now! No, don't.
Hello, gorgeous.
I've been waiting for this.
They knew we were coming.
What the hell? Back inside now! Sorry about the buik, Sam.
There was just no other way Oh, just don't.
What part of "Sam and I will do the finding" was unclear? You get on my page now, or someone's getting killed.
No more ignoring your phone.
No more running off without McBride, stop your lecturing.
Why do you think we're here? We came to apologize and say thanks.
I mean, I'm not thrilled that the bastard's still breathing, but I'm I'm glad that we are.
Sam Oh, please.
I've been dodging Miss Reynold's calls for an hour.
I'm sure the cops ran the plates on the Buick, told her Oh, wait.
Here we go.
Oh, yeah.
That's her again.
Now that we found O'Neill, how exactly are we dealing with him? Well, he needs to find you.
He'll want to talk to anyone who could help him with that, which gives me the in I need to get him and his whole team busted by the police.
McBride, you can't just walk right up to him.
As soon as you open your mouth and he hear you're irish I'll approach him as an amerian with a deal.
Really? Sure you can pull that off? I've gone undercover as an amerian before.
I'll be fine.
I don't know.
Your accent's a bit dodgy.
Uh, the uninvited could at least have the decency to introduce himself.
My name's unimportant.
You're sitting at the wrong table.
Fellas, get him out of here.
I assure you I'm not.
This is the planning committee for the Glenanne wake, right? Easy.
What are you gonna do you gonna play me a song with that? What's he gonna do? Funny.
I want you to tell me if you recognize this voice.
O'Neill should be in the ground.
He and his bloody army were ready for us.
We need to leave town now.
I own a company.
I'm an arms dealer if it goes "boom" or "bang" or helps unhappy people kill each other, I sell it.
Miss Glenanne works for me.
Yeah, whatever, pal.
I couldn't care less about your business.
I want to know how you come to have her voice on tape.
My line of work breeds distrust, which I why I monitor communiations.
What did I hear when I listened in on Miss Glenanne? An irishman named Thomas O'Neill has come with a small army to Miami to kill her.
You got a lot of brass on you, fella.
I'll give you that.
Now it won't surprise you to learn I can make her appear whenever I want, wherever I choose.
Well, Mr.
magic man, if you make her appear now, I'll buy you a mighty fine drink.
I wish it were that simple.
But she's doing a job for me.
If she diappears, I need someone to do what she no longer can.
I was thinking of you.
I don't deal with people I don't know.
You should get to know me.
I don't think I will.
I found her once.
I'll find her again.
Well if that doesn't work out for you, call me.
I thought the Irish were impulsive.
Okay, so, where are we if he doesn't go for your proposition? In need of a backup plan.
Well, maybe we should ask Fi.
She might have a perspective that we don't.
That's the real-estate lady! Butch, Sundance, cool it.
Hey, make sure to tell her about the quality craftmanship in the new sun-room.
You here about the house? No, I'm here about your son.
Can Michael come out and play? What the hell are you doing here? Exactly what I said I would do delivering your study material.
Here it is.
Exactly what you're going to tell our friends at the CIA.
You want me to say I worked a job helping a Somali warlord? Somali businessman.
It's an intelligence asset.
It was a real operation.
Lucky for us, all the U.
operatives died, so nobody can say you weren't there, lines up perfectly with your time in Africa, and it helps me to set up a little side projet I have here in Miami.
What side job? Too early to talk details.
Let's focus on the, uh the businessman.
He's agreed to vouch for your unimpeachable conduct on the job for a price, which I will pay.
No sale.
I'm not clearing my name by getting in bed with a murderer.
Stop being so naive.
You're just replacing one lie with another, and this lie washes you clean.
Nothing about this is clean.
You need to realize that this isn't about telling the world the truth about Michael Westen.
This is about getting your old job back.
In the end, what does it matter? Oh, and please tell your mom sorry about the drapes.
They looked better in the catalog, honestly.
You take that.
We'll talk later.
Yeah? It's O'Neill.
I've had a change of heart.
Let's meet.
He didn't say why? No.
He just said O'Neill called him and we needed to be ready.
Fiona, why are you coming home without McBride? People are who they are.
They don't change just 'cause you want them to.
So, you're still in love with him.
You ready? Of course.
Where we headed? I need O'Neill to deliver a package for me.
What package? A little gift with a big prison sentence attached to it.
Let's go.
You know, I I lost one sister.
I I can't lose another.
I want to thank you for protecting Fiona.
You're an honest man, and I'm honored to be fighting beside you.
I'm glad you came to your senses.
Well, we'll see.
Now talk.
It's simple.
I'll give you Miss Glenanne's location, you get to kill her.
I deliver you the girl, and in return, you deliver a shipment of assault rifle to one of my buyers.
I got a better idea.
Fellas? I'm gonna shoot little bit off you until you tell me where she is.
Where do you want it first? You want your elbow or your bloody kneecap? I really don't have time for this.
Put the gun down, or I'll have you put down.
I'm not sure you've taken stock of the situation.
Well, there you go, eh? You couldn't be trusted, so I brought insurance.
Take your hands off me and put the gun down.
Gun going down.
Very good.
You can follow orders.
Now, tell me we have a deal.
If you stop lighting me up like a little Christmas tree, then just maybe we will have a deal, yes.
All right, that's the signal.
Turn them off.
Sean, what are you doing? I can take them all out.
That is not a risk you get to take.
I just agreed to your deal.
Simple miscommuniation.
Sean, they're gonna kill McBride.
I can get them all.
Sean, turn the laser off.
This is your last chance, partner, or the deal die right here.
So do you.
Get this thing off me.
Sean! That wasn't so difficult, was it? Yeah, we'll talk soon.
That's everything on your list.
Time to bring Thomas O'Neill's monster to life.
Meet O'Neill's signature bomb.
He's trotted that thing out 12 times and never been caught.
Let's make lucky number 13, the one that links him to all his uncredited work.
Fiona, you remember Jack Tracey from the bicycle shop by the churh? Just got off the phone with him.
The old guy.
He was good to us.
Real plugged in to the underground.
Well, he's got bad news.
There's a rumor that O'Neill's taking you home, putting you up for sale.
Sounds like there's a number of folks with sample reason to hate Fiona Glenanne already showing an interest.
That could be a lot of people.
It seems O'Neill's looking to raise his profile back home.
Thinks you're his ticket.
I should have fore-fed him a bullet when I had the chance.
If you had, you two would be having this conversation alone.
I could have put them all down, McBride.
I had a clear shot.
Did you have five clear shots? I think you're overestimating your ability to hit five moving targets.
You think so? I know so.
Well, how about I How about you shut up?! We have work to do.
Bomb makers, like master chefs, tend to have a signature dish.
If you can duplicate it, you can leave their fingerprints wherever you want.
Some bombs are designed to remove an obstacle, some bombs are designed to be loud and scary, while other bombs are just designed to kill and maim.
Rat poison? It contains an anticoagulant.
He like his victims to hemorrhage and bleed out.
He want them to suffer.
He does it for the headlines and the picture plashed on the front page.
He blow up people just to spread fear.
Pick up some screws while you're there.
You two play nice.
You think you can handle that? Gues we'll find out, McBride.
Michael? Hey, mom.
Sorry I missed your calls.
I came by to see if you needed anything.
Sure, you did.
That's why you're in here stealing all my screw.
It's all right.
I don't need to know.
Let's just pretend that you're helping me clean my garage for my open house.
That sounds good.
So, uh, any other big life change you want to tell your son about? What? I thought you'd be thrilled.
I know you never wanted to come back to this house again.
No, I didn't, but that's me.
You're the one who always insited that every ingle memory we had here was a good one.
Or did you suddenly change your mind? Maybe I finally decided to move on, Michael.
It's something I learned from my son, no doubt.
Anyway I didn't want to feel bad about throwing this stuff out without showing it to you first, okay? I just I ran across it when I was showing Tiffany around.
My model airplane.
There's another box just like it inside in the closet.
You don't want this stuff anymore? I was hoping that you would, Michael.
This isn't gonna make any sense to you, but, um, most people normal people go through their life colleting boxes like this.
I just don't want you to ever look back and regret letting this stuff go.
Now, if you're convinced that you never will, I will throw it away for you.
I'll just I'll I'll take a look.
Oh, well, I'll go get the other box.
Well, this is gonna make O'Neill look like he's got one hell of an interest in the basement of the state department.
He's gonna have a lot of explaining to do.
That's the noose.
So, you think this slippery Irihsman's gonna stick his head in? If we want to get him busted, we need to put him behind the wheel of this van.
And if he won't do it on his own, we'll have to just gently encourage him.
McBride, I'll be right there.
Right, Sean.
That's the last of what you packed.
It's such a shame to leave so much behind.
I was just getting comfortable.
I know you're trained to walk away from everything in 30 minutes or less, but it's not easy for everyone.
I can't believe in a few days I'm gonna wake up back home.
And you'll be you again, Fi.
I wonder what it will be like.
You'll have your friends there and your family.
They don't know me anymore.
You're still the same person.
No, I'm not.
Who I am now has so much to do with what I've done here, what I've done with you.
Fi I It's okay, Michael.
We're so not good at this.
McBride, everything taken are of? Yeah, let's go then.
And, Sean, you have to stop parking your stolen car in the side streets.
It's too exposed.
What? I left it in the parking lot this morning.
Oh, that's not your Toyota a block away, parked behind some tree? Oh! Sean! Sean! Get the girl! Get the girl out of here now! No! No! He has to live! You got some good friends, Westen.
Fiona! Michael, thank God you're okay.
Okay, just keep holding the pressure.
I am holding the pressure.
Oh, damn it.
I can't get it.
Where is he? Yeah, hey, Mike, sorry about leaving you back there, but, uh, broken ribs weren't a priority.
You were breathing teady.
Where is he? I don't know.
I got here, found Sean, called Maddie.
Sean wouldn't let Sam take him to the hospital.
He was saying if we got caught up explaining all this crap to the cops, we'd never find Fi.
Push push hard right here.
Yeah, okay.
Why won't it stop? How did O'Neill find the safe All right, walk the perimeters and keep your radios on channel one.
Hello, sweetheart.
This way.
That's right.
Come on in.
There you go.
Stop your nonsense, sweetheart! There we go.
Where's Fiona? You tell me where Fiona is now! I'll call you back.
Now, how would I know that? Thomas O'Neill topped one of his men from executing me.
It sounded like he made a deal with someone to keep me alive.
I thought of you.
Put that all together yourself, did you? No point in denying it.
You would have figured it out eventually.
You sent Fiona to her death.
I sent her home, like he wanted.
What happens after she get there Well, she's a big girl.
Strickler, you have no i Hey, I did this the cleanest way posible.
Sure, the brother got clipped, but you were spared.
I'm your goddamn white knight, Michael.
You tell me where Hey, hey! Get back.
Get the hell back right now.
I'm getting a little sick of your ingratitude.
I'm the one trying to help you out.
You wanted back in? Well, guess what a gun-dealing, bomb-making girlfriend wasn't helping your case.
She had to go.
And it was clear you were too attached to do what needed to be done, so, like a good partner, I did it for you.
What the hell are you doing? You're staying put for the next hour.
By then, the cargo company I hired will have Miss Glenanne and her fan club in international waters, heroic rescue attempt will be impossible, and you can move on knowing there wasn't a damn thing you could do.
I'll be the bad guy.
You're welcome.
Tell me where she is.
Get out of my way.
You don't get to have the girl and the job! She doesn't fit into your future, our future.
So why don't you do yourself a favor and just forget the past? Fiona is not my past.
Mike, where are you? Sam, liten to me.
Strickler arranged for O'Neill to get out of the U.
S on a cargo ship.
He's been making regular calls to a charter fishing house on Key Biscayne.
Well, that mut be where O'Neill has Fi.
It's perfect.
Those places are secluded.
They got private docks.
Perfect place to load a prisoner onto our transport boat.
How's Sean? Ah, he's stable.
I'm coming to get you.
This is the place.
Fi's still here.
You sure? That's the fishing boat.
Let's get that bomb in the bag and get it on the boat and call the coast guard And make sure the feds catch him with it this time.
Fiona Glenanne.
God, I've waited a long time for this moment.
Well, so have I.
In my version, I'm stabbing you in the throat with an ice pick.
I that how you saw it? I can't say I did, no.
No, it wasn't like that.
But don't worry.
You'll soon be spending quite a bit of time with some sharp metal instruments.
You're putting me on the auction block.
You're not man enough to do it yourself.
If this was just about you and me I'd be holding a bloody hammer, and you'd be choking on a mouthful of teeth them little teeth there.
The thing is, it's bigger than us, you see? When I set foot on Irish soil, it's gonna be a whole new world for me b ecause there aresome very powerful men Who are gonna give me anything I want in exchange for you.
You see? Even a seat at the table.
There's no place in Ireland for a bastard like you.
There's always room for a patriot.
You're no patriot.
You're a monster who wraps himself in a cause to justify murdering children! Even your own country wants you dead! Ugh! You're wrong! Hmm.
You hit like a girl.
Sam, if anything happens to me Oh, I'm finishing this, brother.
I'm getting Fi out of there no matter what.
Just don't ever tell her I said that.
O'neill, get out here.
What the hell's going on? Get to the boat.
Get to the boat! Keep him covered! Get to the boat! Start the boat up! Ugh! Ugh! Sam, Fiona's clear.
Get them on the boat.
Get in the water, you bastards! Go get her! She's gone! Forget her! No, we need to get to the boat! Sam, you got eyes on Fi? I don't see her, Mikey.
I'm calling it in.
Coast guard.
Is this an emergency? I just saw a group of men with guns loading something onto a boat.
Fi? Fi! Fi! Fi! Ugh.
How are they? Better.
They've been asleep for hours.
Michael, I was supposed to have an open house here today.
I'm sorry, mom.
I've decided to take the listing off the market.
I don't think it's time for me to leave yet.
If that's what you think I best for you, mom.
It's not just doing what's best for me, Michael.
You hide your clients here.
You let your friends stay here.
I don't think you're ready to say goodbye, either.
Maybe you're right.
Michael, get over here.
So, it's Westen now, is it? It has been for a while.
I owe you an explanation.
Uh back in Ireland, there were a lot of questions about whether or not you were one of us.
I always thought you were.
Now I know I was right.
Thank you, Sean.
The problem is O'Neill outed you as an Amerian.
You can never go back, and, uh, neither can she.
Should I be looking out for anyone? No.
I should be able to keep them at bay.
I'll owe you for that.
The hell you will.
That squares us.
I heard what you did to Strikler.
If you if you need any help running Strickler's body was found next to a certain type of bomb.
Our friend O'Neill will be charged with his murder and the 12 bombings in Europe.
That's better than he deserve.
But it'll do.
Michael? Yeah, Fi? Hey.
I wanted to, um I wanted to Don't.
It's okay.
We're no good at this.
Diego, yeah I thought you forgot.
Listen, Michael, what were you doing working with Tom Strickler? Yeah, it's complicated.
Do you know the kind of people he was in bed with, the kind of stuff he was involved in?! Diego, calm down.
Strickler's dead! He was shot to death! Now someone's in town cleaning up the mess he left behind! I don't know who I can trust, even at the agency! Wait.
Who's in town? I don't know.
But I'm being followed, Michael.
Someone's coming for me, and they're coming for you, too.
We're not safe.
We need to meet now.
Where are you? Apartment 42? I'll be right there.
We got a 1-8-7 down here.
We need to set up a perimeter and search the area for suspects.
When you realize that an operation is compromised, that your enemies are on the move, you're on a clock.
You have to move as fast as you can to try to contain the damage and harden your defense before it's too late.
Sometimes you make it in time and sometime you don't.
When you work in intelligence, the worst feeling in the world is knowing nothing, being caught up in something you don't begin to understand beause it's not the enemy you see that gets you, it's the one you don't.