Burn Notice s03e12 Episode Script

Noble Causes

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy, until We got a burn notice on you, you're black listed.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- No cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? if you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
It's never fun to be the guy who clears a location for a meet.
In the best case, you waste your time looking for dangers that aren't there.
In the worst case, of course, you miss something.
Hey, your buddy went in Sam, you didn't have to scout this for me.
Come on, Mikey, I am not gonna let you meet a guy like Gilroy without backup.
If he was planning on killing me, I doubt he'd pick such a nice place.
Do you know how hard it is to get a reservation in there? Yeah, and I know what they serve in there, too -- Foie gras "lap-in.
" Lapin? Yeah, whatever.
It's still french for "bunny rabbit.
" Look, I'm all for bringing Gilroy down, but isn't there a way to wrap this guy up without actually working with him? I went to a lot of trouble to convince him I'm as much of a psychopath as he is.
Might as well hear what he has planned.
Odds are he's not gonna ask you to walk his dog for him.
Well, I don't have much choice.
Whatever he is planning, the only way to stop it is to be right in the middle of it.
Bon appetit.
That's french for "watch your back, amigo.
" Even routine meetings can be risky if you're sitting down with someone you don't trust.
You have to be alert to any subtle clue that tells you what you're walking into.
Are they armed? Did they bring backup? Of course, there are also not-so-subtle clues Glad you could make it.
I hope you don't mind.
I took the liberty of ordering an appetizer to start.
Like a third place setting at a lunch for two.
We expecting someone else? I didn't tell you? Claude should be here.
Claude? Wonderful chap.
Excellent conversationalist.
Has great fashion sense, and he's the best thief in the western hemisphere.
Useful skill in this phase of our little project.
I don't mind sharing a meal with him, but, uh, I prefer to work alone.
Don't be so hasty, Michael.
You'll like Claude.
His résumé is almost as nasty as yours.
Working with someone you don't know is stupid and dangerous.
Look who's full of theories.
Well, I'm afraid you'll have to make an exception this time, learn the value of teamwork.
No thanks.
Claude, Michael.
Michael, Claude.
So, this is your local boy? Actually, Michael's not sure he can stay for lunch.
Decision time.
Let's get some wine, shall we? To celebrate.
Something old, french, and expensive.
What exactly is this Gilroy job? He wants me to break in to the chilean consulate with Claude, get our hands on a file.
Invading foreign territory and stealing documents with someone you've never met -- sounds great.
Working with Claude is not in the cards.
Well, that I like the sound of.
Are you walking away? No.
I'm gonna come up with a way to take Claude out without making Gilroy suspicious.
You know, if he is a thief working internationally You're thinking we might have mutual acquaintances.
I'll make some calls, Michael.
But seriously, how far are you willing to go with this Gilroy thing? As far as I have to.
That's easy to say now, but -- There's the man I need to see.
I come in peace, bro.
Friend of yours, Michael? You remember Sugar, the drug dealer who used to live beneath my place.
That's right, the man you shot in the leg.
Yeah, your boy capped me through a wall.
Did something with duct tape.
I thought I made it clear that we should never see each other again.
You think I wanted to come back here? I came to hire you, man.
- My cousin's in trouble.
- Don't waste your time.
Look, dude, I didn't come here empty-handed, all right? In covert ops, you get used to seeing old enemies.
Sometimes they're looking for intelligence.
Sometimes they're looking for revenge.
What are you gonna do, shoot me again? 'Cause if that's what it takes to get you to help my cousin, go for it.
And sometimes they're looking for a friend.
My cousin is messing with shady dudes right now.
Shady? Shady like drug dealers? I don't bring my business around Dougie.
I never have.
It's this jacker named Lynch.
Punkass runs a crew that does big robberies.
Every time they do a job, somebody gets hurt or worse.
They're working an angle on Dougie.
What makes you say that? They're not hanging out with him 'cause they think he's cool.
D - Dougie's slow.
I told him to stay away from Lynch and his crew, but they keep buying him stuff and taking him to parties.
I mean, he thinks they're friends.
I talked to Lynch, man-to-man, told him to leave Dougie alone.
I can see that went well.
His whole crew jumped me.
There wasn't much talking after that.
These guys are strapped, man.
I need a guy like you, with the tricks and everything.
Five grand.
I'm figuring we mount up and ride on these jokers.
How's that sound? Like a good way to get somebody killed.
You don't need a hit man, Sugar.
You need to move your cousin, get him off of Lynch's radar.
You know how long it took Dougie to get on his own two feet? He's got his own place now, a job.
I can't make him start over.
I'm not gonna let Lynch do that to him.
If you don't want the money, fine, I'll do it myself.
I'm sure Dougie would rather start over than have to bury his cousin.
What happened to the badass that used to live here? When he comes back, give him my number.
You're just gonna let him go? Yeah? Ma? Are you okay? No, I'm coming right over.
It's mom.
It's -- it's important.
You're getting the "take a bite out of crime" award? It's for citizen crime fighters.
This just happened out of the blue? Well, I mean, you know that I'm the neighborhood-watch captain for my block, and it didn't hurt that I called in three stolen cars in the last two months.
You mean the cars I asked you to call in, the ones I stole? They're giving me a plaque! Now, I'm allowed to have one guest at the reception, but you have to dress up, because the chief of police is gonna be there.
Mom, I can't be in a room full of cops giving you an award for reporting crimes I committed! Michael, I'm being honored.
Do you want me to be the only person there with no family? I mean, it's not like I can ask Nate to fly in from Vegas.
Noon on saturday.
- Hey, guys.
- Hi, honey.
Hey, Maddy, you got some sugar? Ms.
Reynolds wants to make me some caramelized strawberries.
- Whoo-hoo.
- Thanks.
Hey, you saw about the award.
Pretty cool, huh? Sam nominated me.
Well, more like I signed the paperwork that she already filled out.
Hey, so, is Fi gonna help you check into Claude? She's asking around.
Good, 'cause I ran his name through some channels, and I got nothing.
Thanks, Maddy.
I'll bring some over later.
So Hi, Fi.
So? What? Did you get a chance to make any calls? Oh, you mean about Claude? I sure did.
Heard some disturbing things, too.
I wrote it all down on a piece of paper, but I just can't remember where I put it.
I'm very distracted.
I keep thinking about Sugar and his cousin.
You were there, Fi.
I told him what he needed to do.
If he doesn't want to listen, that's not my problem.
What about Dougie? Are we gonna let Sugar make a bad decision for his cousin, too? Forget it.
Claude is former australian SIS.
Real name, Tomas Smalling, which is why Sam hit a dead end.
You say Sugar's not your problem? Did you ever stop and think Gilroy's not your problem, either? My man! Yeah, okay.
Guns and duct tape.
When do we go? We don't go ever, Sugar.
You said you would help.
I will, but my way, so no mounting up, no riding on people.
Okay, so, how's your way? Go through the roof? Go "mission: Impossible" on his ass? That would fall into the riding category, so, no, no.
First, I check into Lynch, see why he's so interested in your cousin.
What about me? You're gonna leave town.
I ride the pine while you handle this? That punk sent guys looking for me at a club I work out of.
I mean, I need to answer.
Yeah, that's the kind of thinking we don't need.
You want to help your cousin? You want me to help? Then you will leave town.
You will take a trip, and you will wait for my call.
Now, where can I find Lynch? Whether it's a drug compound in the mountains of Colombia or a tropical estate in Mami, nothing says success like a lot of land.
Of course, the more land someone has, the easier it is to hide out and do surveillance.
Lush landscaping may be beautiful, but it's hardly secure.
I see two on the deck, including Lynch.
Let me guess -- the one with the pinky ring.
How's it going, Fi? Single-latch sliding window on the side of the house.
Getting in shouldn't be a problem once they leave.
Well, Lynch and his crew stay plenty busy.
They've hit everything from banks to car washes.
How is it they don't get arrested? Well, Lynch is pretty thorough about covering his tracks.
They don't leave anybody around to tell the story.
That guy's a public health hazard.
Could be game time.
Fi, don't forget to plant that bug.
A minivan.
Lynch doesn't strike me as the soccer-dad type.
Well, it can't hurt to find out where they're headed.
Can you two handle the house while I follow Lynch? So, we're gonna take the bus home? Okay, fine.
Save gas.
Help the planet.
Hey, I'm as green as the next guy, you know.
Finding the best place in a house to hide a bug can be tough, but if you can't wire every room for sound, the TV remote is a good all-purpose choice.
It's got a power source, it's kept in areas where people gather, and it's usually in the hand of the most powerful guy in the room.
Bug's in place, Sam.
Look around, but make it quick.
Sam? I found something.
What are you seeing? Looks like Lynch h something special planned, something very special.
Special? How do you mean? He's got enough firepower for a full-scale amphibious assault -- Machine guns, mini oxygen tanks, dive watches.
Maybe he's planning some sort of water heist.
Either that or he likes to snorkel.
Get your pictures and get out of there, Fi.
You can often tell when a team of guys is going out to kill someone.
There's something about the way they drive -- Always below the speed limit, always careful at stop signs.
There's something about the way they move -- A little strut, a hard set to the jaw.
See it enough times, you don't even need clues like the target's car sitting in the driveway.
Time to get busy? Sugar, tell me you left town.
No, man, don't worry.
Dug in at my stash house.
Nobody knows where it is.
Lynch knows.
He's out front.
Go out back right now.
What? Oh, he wants to go "tombstone"? Fine! I'm strapped to the nines! We can settle this right now! No, no, sugar.
There's too many.
Get out now.
Get out now! No go, bro.
I'm not letting him run me out of my house! Microwaves are one of the most dangerous appliances in the home to repair or modify, but in a pinch, you can use their extremely high voltage to your advantage.
- Did he go down? - I don't know.
I can't see.
Remove a microwave's surge inhibitor, mix in some reactive household cleaning supplies and pressurized cans and a fistful of silverware I think we got him.
Let's make sure.
Make sure the door is sealed tight Now you want to use duct tape.
And to save time, just press "popcorn.
" Do it right, and you have the makings of a very big Sorry, bro.
I'm staining your leather.
You better stay alive, 'cause I'm gonna make you clean that later.
Four shots from assault rifles, and somehow Sugar is still breathing.
I talked to the doctor.
He's touch-and-go, but if you hadn't been there, Mike, he would have just been go.
Police say anything? Uh, drug dealer gunned down in a stash house doesn't exactly get you, you know, front-burner status.
The car they were using was torched, so there's no evidence there.
- We need to get Dougie out of town.
- No.
We pull sugar's cousin out now, Lynch just moves on to a new heist.
Someone else winds up in his crosshairs.
I want this to be his last job.
I'm glad to see you so fired up, Michael, but is this about taking Lynch down or helping Dougie? Both.
As long as Lynch needs Dougie for a job, he's safe until it goes down.
Well, that's great, except we know nothing about this job.
Well, we have some work to do, don't we? Guys, how about this -- Mike, you still have your meeting with Gilroy and Claude, right? Focus on that.
I'll talk to Dougie.
He's been hanging out with Lynch.
Maybe he heard something.
And if we have to move him on short notice, I'm a familiar face.
Fiona, maybe I could borrow your car? The charger's a little stained.
I can't stay for long.
I just wanted to make sure that our first strategy session gets off on the right foot.
Team building is a process, so I thought I'd help speed it up.
Matching watches, perfectly synchronized With mine.
If you look like a team, you'll act like one.
Maybe we should get jerseys.
Feast your eyes on the third-floor window second from the left.
My file arrives in that room on Friday evening.
On Sunday morning, it's headed for processing.
You two will get it Saturday.
Since Claude has the expertise in the getting-things field, he will take the lead.
You don't mind, do you, Michael? Go, team.
Did you know that your resting pulse tends to synchronize with your watch? That means, by the end of today, our hearts will beat as one.
I'll leave you both to ponder the possibilities.
You just create a diversion.
Cover the alley.
I get the file.
That's it? You need more? How are you getting in? From the outside.
Not your problem.
Well, it is if you want me to stage an effective diversion.
Look, just make certain no one on the street is looking down that alley when the time comes.
What about the security on the third floor? One guard? If he sees me, it'll be the last thing he ever sees.
Usually, I get some kind of advance notice before somebody pays a visit.
Yeah, it's weird how that goes.
If you're with the independent-living program, what happened to Ms.
Lee? - Who? Berta? - Yeah.
No, no, she's county.
I'm city.
State's gonna send somebody in a month or two.
Then a tri-joint panel does their review.
It's a whole big deal.
Well, Dougie's a big help around here.
We love him.
You'll see.
Hey, Dougie.
Somebody from the program wants to see you.
Dougie, how you doing? Chuck Finley.
I'm fine, sir.
- Tell him what you do, Dougie.
- Okay.
I have to make sure that the door to the storage room is shut real tight before we open the big door so the bad air doesn't get the flowers when the cars drive out, and then, when the deliveries come in, I have to do the same thing, except backwards.
Sounds like a lot to remember.
I'm good at it.
Autry says I'm vigilant.
Oh, it's cold in here, isn't it? It's good for the flowers.
Were you in the navy? A - a lot of people in the navy wear those.
They're called luminox.
Good catch.
I was in the navy.
Yeah, I tried out to be in the army, but they said I didn't pass the test.
My friend, Mr.
Lynch -- he's a marine.
He still goes on missions sometimes.
He said maybe I could help out on one.
That's cool.
When is it? I don't know.
I'm on alert status.
Did he say what you'd be doing? No.
He just said to be ready.
Well, Mr.
Lynch sounds like a cool friend.
You want to meet him? He's having a party today.
Oh, that sounds fun, Dougie, but I got a lot of work to do, so you go do your thing, and I'll catch up with you in a bit.
See you later.
Yeah, thanks.
Fi, are you in a partying mood? Infiltrating hostile territory is all about blending in, which means, if you're a sniper in the bush, you wear a ghillie suit, and if you're a beautiful woman at a Miami house party, you wear a slinky dress.
Retard's looking bored.
Watch this.
Dougie, have a little shot with me.
Cheers, pal.
It's good, huh? Show us some moves.
There it is, huh? Fantastic.
Excuse me, folks.
Thank you.
Enjoy the party.
Lynch just called a meeting.
That's great.
Stay close.
Looks like it's members only.
Well, then, you got to join the club, Fi.
We got to get ears on those guys.
A bug is only as good as what it hears, so if the discussion you want to be part of isn't taking place around your listening device, you have two choices.
You can move the discussion, or you can move the bug.
Uh, excuse me.
Excuse me.
This room's off-limits now.
Well, I -- my car keys were in my pocket, and I was -- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Your keys -- Your keys, honey, we can help you find them later, all right? - No! They're in here.
- Yeah, we'll help you find them later.
If we can't find them, I'll give you a ride myself, personally, all right? Call me.
Enjoy the party.
I just got off the phone with Bolo.
He said he found us a thief who can get us the last piece of hardware we need.
How soon can we get it? He's making the intro tomorrow with La Covacha.
Way to go, Fi.
We got the retard.
We'll get the hardware and be good to go.
Those are some grade-A sons of bitches in there.
Where's your gun, Sam? I moved it, Fi, for your own good.
Look, if it'll make you feel any better, I think your trick with the bug gave us something we could use.
Yeah, if we can use it to bludgeon Lynch to death, - I'll feel much better.
- One step at a time, Fi.
Lynch is meeting with a thief.
Good news is he's never seen the guy.
I know somebody else he's never seen.
You'll know Bolo when you see him? Yeah, I figured if he's pimping thieves, he must be a fence, so I called Barry.
He knew him, gave me a description of the guy and his car.
And there it is.
Got the cooperation juice ready? Yeah, it's ready.
Let's do this, doc.
Bolo, right? Hey, uh, somebody left a note for you.
- A note? - Yeah, it's right back here.
Everyone knows about the placebo effect.
People get healed by sugar water because they think it's medicine.
You can't just bring it to me? Oh, it's right around the corner here.
Of course, the placebo doesn't just work for medicine.
- Whoa, man! What the hell? - You're gonna want to hold still for this.
It turns out fake poisons work pretty well, too, which is useful when you need someone terrified enough to do whatever you say.
You've just been injected with 3 cc's of methyl chlorate benzamide.
That's science talk for, "you got five hours to live, unless you find an antidote.
" Oh, my god.
Who are you guys? - Man, what do you -- - Doesn't matter.
Shut up and focus.
Now, you'll get the antidote if and only if you do exactly as say.
Do you understand? - I understand! I understand! - Good.
You are going to call whoever you're introducing to Lynch.
You will tell him to go back home.
- I am him today.
- Right.
Try to stay calm.
The faster your heart beats, the faster the poison gets into your bloodstream.
Man, I'm feeling a little, uh -- a little, uh -- - Feverish? - Yeah.
Well, that's what happens when the chlorate kicks in.
Your hands will shake.
Then you'll have difficulty controlling your bowels.
Oh, god.
Why'd you do this to me, man? You'll be fine if you get the antidote.
Now pull yourself together and make sure Lynch likes me.
Lynch, been a long time, man.
How you been? You been good? You look good.
Let's get to the introductions, Bolo.
This is DJ, the one man who can get you what you need.
You're familiar with heavy equipment, right? Oh, yeah.
He knows heavy equipment like I know hot stones, man.
- Let's make a deal.
- You need to stop talking for a minute.
Let me talk to DJ.
Do your thing, man.
You know what this is? Mm, that there's a hydraulic cutter/spreader on steroids.
Some people call it the jaws of life.
Can you get one for me? Are you kidding? DJ hot-wired a-a front loader and drove it off a live construction site.
You think he can't get one of those, man? He can get anything you need.
Won't be easy, seeing how only emergency-response agencies are allowed to have that kind.
Well, if I could get it at Walmart, I wouldn't need you, would I? You sure you can't use the step-down version? Still cuts through metal like butter, just takes a little longer.
What are you cutting on? There's a can of tuna I'm having trouble with.
Yeah, where is this can of tuna? Do you have a power source? I mean, the more details I know, the better job I do.
You don't get details.
You get little pieces of green paper called money when I get my equipment.
You want the gig or not? He wants it! I know a match when I see a match, and this is a match.
Can we shake on this, please? It's gonna take a few days for your little dream to come true.
You get one day.
Otherwise, I find somebody else.
Oh, no.
No, no.
You can't do that.
Tell him it's a deal.
Working undercover is all about judgment calls.
Give the bad guy too little help, and you can't do your job.
DJ, say it's a deal.
Give the bad guy too much help, and you become part of the problem.
It's a tough call, but sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.
You know, I don't like this.
We got all these pieces and still no answer.
Dougie's out there flapping in the breeze, and now we have less than a day to pull him in? There has to be a connection to the flower mart.
Otherwise, they wouldn't need Dougie.
No, thing is, there's not enough cash there to justify a major heist.
And Lynch isn't doing this to steal a dozen roses.
Well, those flowers have to go somewhere.
Lynch might be using a delivery to get access to a target.
Makes sense.
He uses Doug to sneak his crew onto one of the vans.
Well, now you're cooking with gas.
You order a bunch of tulips, and you get a full-scale heist to go with it.
I'll circle back to the flower mart, try and get my hands on the delivery schedule.
Fi, when Sam gets that schedule He's gonna need help scouting locations Lynch might hit.
Consider it covered.
Oh, I got word on your friend Claude's preferred MO.
I don't know if this helps any, but he's made a habit of scaling the sides of buildings -- free climbing.
Helps a lot, Fi.
Michael, your ears must have been burning! I was just calling you! Listen, about the reception -- I was wondering -- Mom, where's that city-inspector shirt dad used to wear when he was stealing equipment? - You mean "borrowing.
" - Uh, sure.
Where is it? Move.
A false wall? I'm surprised you never found it before.
Your dad liked to have a place to keep his private stuff.
Um, you should find what you want in there.
Anyway, so, I needed a new outfit for Saturday, and while I was out, I got something for you.
You like it? Mom.
I know it's not exactly your style, but it goes great with my skirt.
About Saturday -- something's kind of come up.
So, put it back down.
I can't.
It's complicated.
People could get hurt.
Well, we certainly wouldn't want that to happen.
So, by all means, do what it is you have to do.
I bought it on clearance.
I can't return it, so you might as well keep it.
Autry, I know it's a pain, but I need your whole delivery schedule.
I'm a little busy right now.
Can't I just fax it later? Look, I'm sorry to rush you, Mr.
Autry, but I got to have it now.
I was supposed to turn my report in yesterday, but the supe won't take it without the schedule.
All right, all right.
I'll be right back.
Appreciate it.
- That's a pretty bouquet, Doug.
- Thanks.
Autry said I could take flowers to my cousin.
He got shot.
Well, I'll tell you, getting flowers helped me when I got shot.
You got shot? In action? Yeah, we were pulling some civilian workers out of a hot spot in Kuwait.
I caught a bullet on the way out.
After those flowers came, I got better like lickety-split.
That's cool.
I hope these work.
All our deliveries for the next two weeks.
That is great.
Boy, have you bailed me out.
See you, Dougie.
Even the most skilled operative knows a good plan is 10% execution, Advance work is crucial if you want an operation to be successful.
Advance work is also crucial if you want an operation to fail.
For example, for someone who likes to break into buildings by free climbing, tampering with potential handholds could be a very serious problem.
Fi, Sam get the schedule? Yeah, any progress getting the hydraulic cutters Lynch wants? I'm just on my way.
Jaws of life are standard equipment for emergency-rescue outfits.
If you'd rather not take a set that might be needed, you don't steal them from a fire station.
A fire training center, on the other hand, can probably miss theirs for a few days without risking anyone's life.
Now, who sent you to get our cutters? H.
routine maintenance.
Have them back to you in a few days.
A heads-up would have been nice.
Tell you what -- why don't you come back on Monday? - We'll have them ready for you then.
- No can do.
's already breathing down our ass for falling behind.
I got you and three other firehouses I got to hit today.
I don't know what to tell you.
See, it's my job to get recruits ready to fight fires.
I got a class training on those cutters today and tomorrow, so, uh, you have H.
call me if they've got a problem with this.
- What? You're using them right now?! - Yeah.
Shut it off! Shut it off! Shut it down! - What the hell are you doing? - You see those twin lines? One wrong twist, and that thing goes, "snap, crackle, pop!" That thing will start flipping around like a rattlesnake on PCP! You know what you can do then, lieutenant? You take your right hand.
You wave goodbye to your left.
Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
Somebody want to help him load them onto his truck? Yeah, that's heavy.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Act like you got some sense here.
Hey, Mike.
We got the location on Lynch's heist.
Hotel Milano -- it's the only one that fits.
They're hosting an international art auction, so there's loot.
Back of the place lets out onto the Miami river.
Easy water getaway if you've got mini o2 tanks.
How do hydraulic cutters fit in? You ever seen those steel crates they ship priceless paintings in? You couldn't use torches on those without burning the paintings.
I'm telling you, Mike, it's got to be this one.
It's got to be the hotel Milano.
Best part is, flower mart is not delivering till next week.
- We're off the clock.
- That's right.
You get those cutters into Lynch's hands tomorrow, we'll have plenty of time to make sure he's walking into a bear trap.
Get it in the van.
Listen, I, uh, sprinkled a little extra cash in here - Since you beat the clock.
- I aim to please.
You ever want to put in some time with a real crew, you give me a call.
Just might do that.
Call the retard.
Make sure he's at work.
I called him this morning.
Call him again! Fi, get Sam.
What's going on? Lynch is on the move.
We missed something.
I've checked.
They can't be headed to the flower mart.
Then why would Lynch make sure Dougie's at work? Check again, Sam.
There's nothing worse than the feeling you get when you know you've made a serious tactical mistake, when you thought you had two days to deal with a problem and you realize you may not even have two hours.
Oh, damn it.
How did I miss that? Because when you make mistakes like that, people die.
Miss what, Sam? There's a pickup this afternoon that's listed as "Anderson.
" I figured it was a guy named Anderson, but it's got to be Anderson couriers, an armored truck.
Today's Friday, so they're probably doing end-of-the-week pickups.
This late in the day, that truck's gonna be loaded with cash.
We got to get to the flower mart.
Lynch's heist is going on right now.
When you make a mistake in the field, the key is to focus on solutions, not regrets.
Being sorry doesn't mean much in combat situations.
You can't apologize to a corpse.
They're gonna hit the armored truck in the loading bay.
They needed Dougie to let them in.
Mike, they got a guy on the roof.
They're gonna gas the loading bay.
It's sealed to keep the flowers fresh.
They'll kill everyone and then cut open the truck with the jaws of life.
And they use the oxygen tanks to breathe, the bastards.
How much time do we have? Armored truck is due any minute.
Fi, can you make sure that truck leaves in a hurry? Sam, you take the guy on the roof.
I'll get Dougie out.
No, no, Mike, he knows me.
I'll get him out.
Seriously, I got it.
Hey, big guy, just came by to take a look at the flowers.
Um, the bank truck is supposed to be here in a minute.
- I got to go get the door.
- Oh, that's okay, pal.
We'll make sure to stay out of your way.
You know, the last thing you want to do in Miami is fool with people's air-conditioning.
Hey, hey, Dougie.
You can't be there! That's where the trucks come in.
No, Doug, I just got to talk to you outside real quick, all right? Dougie, come on.
I got to get you out of here right now.
Dougie, what the hell's going on? Dougie, what the hell are you doing?! - Mr.
Lynch, what are you-- - Dougie, go! Run! I said get out of here! Keep going, Dougie! Go on! Go, go, go! Get in the car, Dougie! Go! Hello? Tyler, the doors are locked! You got to get us out of here now! Sorry.
Tyler can't talk right now.
But, hey, the cops are on their way, and I hope that they can get in there before your oxygen tanks run out.
The gas! Get the masks! Get the masks! Whoever you are, you are dead.
Do you hear me? You are dead! Good luck.
I don't know how many times I have to get shot before I start listening to you.
Hopefully, this one did the trick.
It was for a good cause, anyway.
Dougie's safe.
Lynch and his crew are going away for a long time.
Thank you.
When we were kids no one was meaner to Dougie than me.
I wouldn't even let him hang around me.
One day, I-I ran into some trouble in the neighborhood.
I was getting my ass kicked.
All of a sudden, here comes big Dougie, backing me up.
I asked him why later.
You know what he said? "I love you, Raymond.
" "We're family.
" Like it was just that simple.
A good diversion draws people's attention.
but doesn't make them run for their lives.
If you're using a parked vehicle, that means you want smoke and fire without the risk of an explosion.
Olive oil starts to smoke at 375 degrees.
Mix it in the right amount of cheap motor oil with a low flash point Apply it to the inside of the exhaust pipe and you should have enough time to walk away before the fun starts.
If anyone comes into the alley -- I know, shoot them several times.
- Can we get this over with? - Right.
In free climbing, the general rule is always to maintain at least two points of contact with the surface.
Challenging climbs always include a point where the only way to continue is to make a leap from one point of support to the next.
For experienced climbers, it's a routine technique with minimal risk -- Unless, of course, the handhold you're jumping to is coated with a silicon-based lubricant.
Come on.
We got to get out of here.
The department needs more people like you, citizens who care.
One thing I've learned over the years -- No city can be truly safe unless the people, ordinary men and women, get involved.
Cops get the credit, but you're the real heroes.
Well, you should meet my son Michael.
He's always getting involved.
Maybe someday you can introduce us.
Oh, he'd enjoy meet-- I thought you couldn't come.
I was able to break free.
Anybody get hurt? Is it over now? Not yet.
You know what? Let's get you out of here.
What about your award, ma? Oh, they can mail it to me.
You can take your tie off now, Michael.
Thank you.
Glad you could make lunch after such a busy morning.
I heard drinking whiskey before dinner was a sign of weakness.
Indulge me, out of respect for Claude.
Dalmore was his favorite.
Was his favorite? Unfortunately, our comrade didn't survive his injuries.
He broke his ankle.
There were complications.
Luckily, we still have each other.
You wanted to work alone? Bully.
The acquisition of those documents is now solely your responsibility.
You know, I feel like we've moved on to a new level of trust.
Maybe now you can tell me where this relationship is headed.
If Claude's failure teaches us anything, it's that we must live in the moment.
I suggest you honor his memory by completing his mission.
Consider it a reason for living, as it were.
To Claude.
And to living.