Burn Notice s03e14 Episode Script

Partners in Crime

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing-- No cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? an old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies-- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
family, too Hey, is that your mom again? if you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line-- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
Previously on "Burn Notice" I don't know why you're willing to meet this Gilroy.
He sounds as bad as the people who burned you.
He's worse.
This man is a freelance psychopath.
I have to say, I find you quite fascinating.
You and I have a lot in common.
What do you say we work together? Tempting.
The gist is this-- You're to steal flight data for every private plane flying in and out of Miami for the next six weeks.
What are you doing? I'm offering you a job.
You do it, you get paid money.
That's all you need to know.
This is another moment of truth, Michael.
Do we have a future together or not? Double my fee.
Fair enough.
I may lose my seat at the table if I don't come up with six weeks' worth of private flight records.
I was thinking the coast guard.
That's a good choice.
This is every flight today.
Every day is exactly like that except one day.
The 22nd.
Somebody needs a wide berth.
This is some kind of serious black flight, Mike.
Originating in Chile, Fuel stop in Miami, destination-- Poland.
This is what Gilroy is interested in.
You're a tad overdressed for the jacuzzi, don't you think? Is this your card? It's blatantly not six weeks of flight plans.
Just the one that you want.
I need to know what's going to Poland.
Well, I suppose it's only natural to be curious.
It's a weaponized plague and a vaccine to match.
And they're worth a bloody lot of money.
That wasn't so hard, was it? You're in, then? Gilroy, I think you and I have a bright future together.
So, learn anything? Only that he's a damn good liar.
When you need to locate a foreign spy office, it's all about the food.
Spies like home cooking just like everyone else.
Find out who serves their original delicacies, tip the bartenders and delivery boys well, and they'll usually tell you who placed the big orders on the last national holiday.
If some of these orders head to an office with tight security and scowling workers with short haircuts, you're in business.
You know, some guys take girls to the beach, concerts, farmers' markets-- Ugly polish military-intelligence offices not so much.
Believe me, I'd rather be at a farmers' market than bribing a bureaucrat to tell me what's on a spy plane.
I have an idea.
Instead of working with Gilroy the psychopath, instead of sneaking around trying to figure out what he wants to steal from this plane, shoot him and be done with him.
I've considered it.
But somebody hired Gilroy.
If I want to find out what's going on and stop it, I need him breathing, and you know that as well as I do.
Oh, there he is, right on time.
You sure this guy Konrad is the one to go after? Low on the totem pole at work, short on cash, bad divorce-- He's perfect.
We're meeting later today.
How's your polish? Rusty, but his mom's from Moscow.
I approach him as a russian businessman, buy him a few dinners, and hopefully we end this quick.
Playing on people's loyalties is an art, especially when those loyalties can be murky and malleable.
Poke around too much and you'll look suspicious.
Sometimes your best move is just to commit.
Thank you so much for meeting me.
It's, uh, better to do business eye-to-eye.
So, what is it you could not discuss on e-mail? Your office has information on covert flights passing through Miami to Poland.
I need information on a flight.
- Why? - I own planes.
I'm trying to get contract on this flight.
It would be easier if I knew what was on the plane.
It's a little thing but worth a lot of money to me.
Yeah, please, yeah, let me get briefcase.
Of course, commit too hard to the wrong side, and there's not much wiggle room.
Instead of an instant ally you've just made an instant enemy.
Did you really think you could buy me, that I would betray my country to you? You know, I was wondering why there is extra security at office this week.
Easy, Konrad.
Oh, you sons of bitches cost me everything-- My job in Poland, my wife, my family.
Over there now.
You're going to tell me everything.
And then I'm going to cut out your lying FSB tongue! So much for an easy target.
You're seriously going to try to break into Konrad's office? Fi, what else can I do? I can't approach Konrad's co-workers.
Well, what about a better angle on Konrad? Konrad? The guy who wanted to interrogate me at gunpoint? But we do know that he can't stand the russians.
That's our in.
Our in? Are you volunteering? I confess I am a little curious about what a psycho like Gilroy is so interested in stealing.
Probably best to approach as american intelligence.
I'll need cash for this.
Sam's has a job he's been bugging me to take-- fashion house that got robbed.
The lady who runs it needs some help.
The pay is pretty good, apparently.
Yeah, he talked to me about it, too, but he sounded more interested in the models than the gig.
Sam, you know that job, the fashion gig? So you're in.
Tell me that you're in.
Is the money there? Oh, the money's there, Mikey.
This lady is loaded.
I mean, you should see her fashion house.
It's in the Viceroy hotel, and she is willing to pay.
All right, Sam, I'm in.
Oh, ho, ho! Thank you, Mike.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
This covers Christmas, my birthday present.
I'll swing by and pick you up.
When you're conducting surveillance from a dusty cave in Afghanistan, you daydream about air-conditioning, swimming pools, and iced tea.
But spend a little time waiting for a socialite to hand off her tiny dog to a canine beautician, and that Afghan cave looks a little better.
His usual pedicure, of course the oatmeal shampoo, and don't forget to rub his belly.
Colonel Peabody just loves when you do that.
- Who doesn't? - You're funny and cute.
My girlfriend said you were a man of many talents.
You're gonna trust her? You should do your own research.
Sam said something about a job-- One of your employees is stealing? His name is Tim Hastings, and we've been fighting a lot lately.
Now the numbers don't add up, which means that money's disappearing.
And you would like us to find the money.
I need you to be discreet.
We'll keep it quiet.
How much do you charge? Is $30,000 enough? - That's too much.
- Please.
This might take a couple of days.
Well You won't be disappointed.
Recruiting an asset is about making your target feel important.
Everything from the clothes you wear to the location of the meeting should communicate how vital the mission is.
Wear the right outfit, pick the right deserted bar, and your target will be ready to engage in some good, old-fashioned espionage.
We understand you were approached by the russians.
Are you from the agency? We have reason to believe there's a russian spy targeting your office.
Yes! He posed as businessman.
We need to figure out who this spy is and what he's after.
Of course.
He asked me for information about flight.
This flight is very important.
Security at my office has doubled.
Konrad, we need to know.
I can't.
It's not my job to guard this information.
It won't be easy.
You'll be taking a risk.
We know how important this is.
We will cover expenses-- anything you need.
Some assets work for money.
Others believe in a cause.
The most effective incentive, though, is a combination of the two.
All right.
Perhaps I can find this information.
But what about this russian cockroach? I think we have a file on him.
Good news, Michael.
Konrad's enthusiastic.
I think we're gonna win the cold war.
- He's in? - And then some.
Thing is, I promised him the CIA file on the russian spy he almost captured.
I think I'm gonna call your mom, ask her for some pictures of you in your military days.
Not my mom-- I don't want her involved in this, Fi.
Oh, don't worry.
I'll take care of it.
You okay there, Mikey? Yeah, I'm fine.
What's up with this easy-money job of yours? Well, bad news.
I had my fingers crossed that Tim, the thieving vice president, had a police record, but he's either clean or careful.
Owns a gun, but it's registered.
- No parking tickets, even.
- And yet you're smiling.
Well, the fashion house is having a big party later, and everyone's gonna be in the atrium.
That means one of us can sneak into Tim's office while the other one keeps an eye on him At the party.
Let me guess which job you'd like.
Well, hey, I'm partial to Isabella, models, and mojitos, but I play fair.
I figured we'd flip a coin.
Call it.
Quite a party.
Sam didn't feel like coming? He's using your access codes to go through Tim's office.
If you're dealing with a trained operative, there are hundreds of places to hunt for documents.
If you're searching a desk jockey's office, it's a far shorter list.
Before you can say "in the cabinet," "behind the bookshelf," or "under the desk," you've usually found what you're looking for.
Aha! So, which one's Tim? I want to keep an eye on him.
He's standing right over there.
Now! Go! Act casual.
Of course.
Let me have a word with you.
Who is he talking to now? That's my business partner, Damon.
He started out designing, and I was modeling.
This company's our baby.
I'm supposed to be at home looking at his designs.
- Okay.
- I really should go.
You should go.
Go home.
Do some work.
- I'll call you later with an update.
- Thank you.
Spies are trained to keep track of multiple conversations at the same time.
Standing alone as you eavesdrop is too obvious.
You need to engage in a cover conversation near your target.
Who are you wearing? Black suit.
Love that dress.
I've never seen anything quite like it.
No one has, darling.
It's an Alexander Deschuno.
- Oh.
- I bought Pure lip-reading takes years to master.
Of course.
But confirming what you're hearing by checking lips is a much easier skill to pick up.
Don't get upset at me.
She said it.
You know what? I'm gonna go talk to her right now, 'cause this is ridiculous.
I think that's a good idea.
You must visit my shop in the design district-- Vintage couture.
I'm talking classics.
That's great.
How's it going over there? Jackpot.
Found the books in his office.
- Sent you a photo.
- Good.
Tim's heading over to talk to Isabella at her house.
She'll probably want to see that picture.
Okay, good.
Head over there.
I'll leave Tim's office how I found it-- ugly.
You were at the party.
- What are you doing, following me? - My name's Michael.
I work for Isabella.
I think the three of us should have a talk.
I got nothing to say to you.
Save it for inside.
We found her financial records in your office.
You were in my office? That's illegal.
I should have you arrested.
It doesn't take long working in combat situations before you start paying a lot of attention to little things.
Isabella? Things that don't feel right, like an open gate or a pampered dog running around loose Often lead to much bigger things Oh, my god! Isa- Isabella? Jesus Christ.
What the like a body floating in a swimming pool.
We have to call an ambulance Yeah, it's too late for that.
Or the-- the police.
Somebody already called them.
Of course, knowing something's wrong and being able to do something about it are two different things.
Sometimes the damage is already done.
That's my gun.
What - what the hell is happening? You've been framed.
Somebody set you up.
No, no, don't.
Don't touch it.
You have to believe me.
I didn't shoot her.
Yeah, obviously.
We got to go out the backyard.
The backyard won't work.
There's a-a wall.
We'll be trapped.
I vote the backyard.
I told you.
We're trapped.
Want to head back? Be my guest.
Otherwise, step on my hands.
We have to go around and get my car.
If they find it, they'll know I was here.
They'll think-- I know you want to chat, Tim, but now is not the time.
Grab this.
Wrap it around your wrist.
When you do, you'll be pulling me up.
Ready? Easy-money gig? Been checking the scanner since you called.
The cops are sending more units to Isabella's house.
They found Tim's car, but they didn't see you.
Well, whoever pulled the trigger must have skipped out right before we got there.
We got to call the cops.
I'm gonna explain everything right now.
You know I'm innocent.
So if we-- if we go to the police together, we can-- we can even take a lie-detector test.
How do I know you're innocent? Well, you said you knew I didn't shoot her back at Isabella's place.
You didn't shoot her.
Doesn't mean you weren't involved, Tim.
You had Isabella's books.
She knew you were stealing.
No, no, no, no, no.
Guys, listen to me, please.
All right, Damon was the one who was stealing, all right? I was trying to convince Isabella, but he had her fooled.
I- I needed to find proof.
However the hell Damon did it, there's no evidence in those books.
Every large money transfer was authorized by Isabella, all right? She signed them herself.
I kept telling her.
I kept telling her.
She just-- she believed everything he said.
You think Damon killed her? - I don't know.
- Well, if he's behind it, he had help.
Mike, he was at the party the whole time, wasn't he? Yeah, he had the perfect alibi.
He told me to go to her house.
He, um made it sound like she was gonna fire me.
I've been fighting with her.
You know, my car's outside her place.
The cops are probably matching ballistics right now, even without your gun.
He's got you pretty good.
Pretty good? It's perfect! I'm dead! It's over, man! It's not over.
If it was Damon, someone pulled the trigger for him.
- We turn up the heat.
- Maybe find some evidence.
We punch holes in their stories.
You really think we can do that? No-- while I pay Damon a visit, you're going to go pay cash for a motel room, and you're gonna sit tight until we come get you.
I'll drop you in Hialeah.
We got snowed, Mike.
We let Isabella down.
She never saw it coming.
Whoever killed Isabella sure did their homework.
When dealing with a pathological liar, don't bother looking for signs of a guilty conscience.
True deceivers enjoy the lie.
They know how to look you dead in the eye and usually shed a few tears on demand.
So if you want to know when they're lying, look for the little smile that comes when deceiving a roomful of people.
That bastard is giving quite the performance.
He planned this whole thing.
Let's see how he does when we mess with his script.
Thank you, officers, so much for all the work you're doing.
Damon Belmont, I'm Max, Isabella's Max.
- We need to talk.
- Excuse me? We can talk in private or in public! Okay, okay, okay, we are on the clock.
We need to reroute all Italy shipments through Paris.
Ministerial commission's doing some search and seizures.
If you're planning on using Laguardia in the spring-- Whoa, wait a minute, hold on.
First thing's first.
Who the hell are you? She kept you in the dark.
Oh, I don't even know where to begin.
Uh this is too big of a conversation to be having right now.
Just suffice it to say I'm Max, her other business partner From L.
What the hell are you talking about? I starch heroin into Isabella's fabrics.
Production in Asia, distro through Europe.
We're running about $4 million a week, so we need to improve our communication here! When you make an approach as a spy, you need to choose a role that puts you in the center of the action and explains why no one's ever hf edyou before.
Claiming to be a criminal can kill two birds with one stone.
You throw around some names and places and dates to confuse them, show them some account books to make it sound credible, and make the dollar figures big enough to play to their greed.
Did you say $4 million a week? Now, about the cops sniffing around outside-- If this little murder case leads to a federal narcotics investigation, my new business partner gets strangled to death with his designer tie.
The police have this under control.
They already have a suspect-- one of our VPs.
He and Isabella were fighting all the time.
Did they arrest him? He's missing, but they will find him.
They better.
Or they're gonna have another body to investigate.
I shook the tree.
Let's see what falls out.
All right.
I'll let you know if Damon heads somewhere fun.
You want to look at old pictures of Michael? Well, I realized just the other day that I hadn't seen that many pictures of Michael's past.
- Isn't that wild? - It's wild.
So, have you, uh, kept any? Sure, collecting dust in the garage.
Where's Michael? Uh, you know, he's-- he's helping a friend.
But he was hoping that we could borrow an album or two.
So, that's all there is to this? You and Michael have so much time on your hands that you want to just sit and look at photos? Yeah.
Every once in a while, you got to take a break.
You hang on.
I'll go get them.
They've been in the back for a bit.
Couple of photos, we get ears in that conversation-- And the cops will have some new suspects.
- Cover the front.
- Like a blanket.
Contact microphones pick-up sound vibrations through walls, Allowing you to eavesdrop on conversations.
Pair one with a wireless transmitter, and you have a bugging device that doesn't need to be in the same room as your target.
We have got a serious problem.
Damon, calm down.
What happened to your plan? We weren't supposed to see each other for months.
We weren't even supposed to call each other.
That's because things have changed.
There's this new guy.
Damon, enough.
Stop freaking out.
Everything's going to be fine.
I promise.
No one's gonna find anything anywhere.
What was that? Interference on the speakers.
Is your phone on? No, I didn't bring my phone.
I think someone's here.
Of course, bugging a room from the outside makes it impossible to see potential pitfalls.
Just as a cellphone reacts when it's placed too close to your alarm clock, a roomful of speakers can create radio-frequency interference if you're spying on someone with a wireless signal.
You think someone's here? Shut up! Better get out of there, Mikey.
He's coming out the back.
What happened to your plan? We weren't supposed to see each other for months.
We weren't even supposed to call each other.
How's Tim? Well, he's keeping his head down, but he's a bit of a wreck, you know? He's a boy scout, so he doesn't have a lot of experience with this type of thing.
We miss anything? Nothing to miss-- just two guys having an argument.
So, checked in with my buddy at the station.
Cops are running a full-fledged manhunt for Tim.
So, besides his car at the crime scene, they just found half a box of bullets in his garage-- predictably, perfect match for the rounds that killed Isabella.
Damon and his partner have been busy boys.
Yeah, speaking of partner, here's the guy-- Rick Pederson.
He's a club deejay.
He runs the shop during the day.
Nabbed a couple of times for dealing ecstasy, had an assault a while back.
Let me guess-- no paper trail connecting him to Damon or the fashion house? Nothing I can find.
Today was probably the last time they meet.
This is two guys covering up a killing, so they're not exactly itching to break the law again.
Well, that is exactly what we need them to do.
Law-enforcement cover IDs are tricky.
Pose as a lead detective, and you'll have unlimited access, but a single call to the station, and you're caught.
You need to think smaller.
Nobody questions the credentials of a lowly crime-scene investigator.
- Oh! - Excuse me.
Oh, you guys are still here? Detective parks said you guys were done.
Yeah, we were, but, you know, that's how it goes.
You get some detective with a new theory, and the whole department does a 180.
What are you guys working on now? Just picking up some samples.
Look, I can't really get into it.
Isabella was a dear friend of mine.
Well, look, it's not like I get the big picture.
I'm just a lab tech but sounds like they're talking about two guys working together.
- What? - You didn't hear it from me.
I'll probably be back tomorrow with a whole new assignment.
Looks like murder is in style this season.
Who is this? It's your business partner-- Max.
You said the investigation was almost over.
You lied to me! I did not.
I-it was.
It is.
Then explain why the cops are crawling around the fashion house.
Do I have to burn that place down?! It is not my fault that the cops are idiots, okay? This is an easy case.
They have Tim's car.
Everybody here knows he did it.
Well, I might be able to find out some more.
I'm down in the parking lot.
Get out here now.
Merry Christmas.
My god.
What are you doing? I'm being proactive.
The cops questioned Tim's neighbors, too.
Turns out Tim has a little girlfriend.
She lives down in Homestead, and she's going to tell me everything we need to know.
Where is Tim hiding?! I haven't seen him in days.
I swear.
We weren't even dating.
He was just helping me with my book.
I already told all of this to the police.
Honey, I am not the police.
And you sure as hell don't want me to get upset.
Where's Tim? He-- he made a deal with some guy at the docks.
They're gonna smuggle Tim to the Bahamas.
Where's the dock? On 64th street.
They're leaving at noon tomorrow.
He said something about calling the cops on some designer who tried to kill Isabella.
No, no! Don't shut me in, please! No! You killed Isabella and didn't tell me.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Listen, there is no evidence that leads back to us.
I don't care what Tim says.
I used a partner.
There is no connection to me at all.
It was the perfect crime.
- Perfect crime? - Yes.
Except for one little thing-- Tim got away! Don't worry.
You're gonna just black out in about 15 seconds.
Wait a minute.
We can get rid of Tim.
We can kill him tomorrow.
Now that you've found him, we can end this.
We can make it look like he got killed trying to escape the country.
The cops will close the case.
This whole thing goes away.
- You can pull that off? - Oh, yes.
All right, listen up.
I'm heading to the Everglades.
I'm gonna feed the scream queen to the gators.
You and your partner are gonna follow Tim to his boat.
When he's on board, you put two in the back of his head.
Okay, two in the back of his head.
You idiots will be tempted to touch everything.
Don't! Just steal all Tim's money and leave.
It'll look like he met his ride out of town, - and they robbed him and shot him.
- Done.
You-- you do this right, and the cops will stop investigating, and my stylish new business partner, Damon Gets to live.
You won't regret this.
Oh, boy.
So devious-- He-- he infiltrates american defenses and then slips away.
Did you track down the flight information? Oh.
Please tell CIA File is locked in steel safe at office with guard night and day.
Whatever is on this flight is a big secret.
It's very, very dangerous, so it is impossible for russian to get.
Konrad, I wasn't supposed to tell you this.
One of your co-workers is working for the russians.
There's a mole in your office.
What? You must tell me.
- I will find this traitor-- - No.
Not yet.
It'll compromise our operation, and we're running out of time.
If this mole makes his move, if we find out what's in that safe-- No, no, no, this will not happen.
I will find file immediately.
It's tough to get someone to compromise their values in only a couple of meetings.
The only way to do that is to compromise a few values of your own.
How are you holding up? I was doing okay, considering I've been sitting in a motel room for three days, but let me get this straight.
We're having Damon and his partner try to kill me.
Well, they won't actually succeed.
We just need them to get caught by the cops looking guilty.
So we rented you a boat.
You walk in through the parking lot here.
Mike and I are gonna be covering you from the roof here.
When you get to the docks, hide.
The cops come in, get Damon and Rick.
You know, there are a lot of things grieving co-workers do, but hunting with guns for someone on docks, mm, not one of them.
But won't the cops arrest me, too? Yeah, and then you'll have the opening to tell them the truth.
That plus your gun dropped into Damon's trunk is all you need to blow their story apart.
It's almost over.
There's Tim, Fi.
You got him? Yep.
They're our guys.
Time to call the cavalry.
Yes, hello, police-- I'm down on 64th, and I just saw two guys taking guns out of their trunk.
I- I think they're headed toward the docks.
Thank-- thank you very much.
They're not exactly heading toward the docks.
And they're not pulling out guns.
Fi, what are they waiting for? I don't know.
Something's wrong.
Mikey, that bench wasn't there this morning.
They moved a bench? Sam, we got a problem.
Guys, they've got a detonator.
They're not planning on shooting Tim.
Mike, if we don't do something quick, Tim is gonna be part of a big boom.
I'd say take it out, but more than one shot gives us away.
Then I can't miss.
Mikey, do it.
He's getting close.
He's still alive.
- Fi, pick him up.
- I'm on it.
Get over here! Let's go! Tim! Tim! Fi, get out of there.
They're closing in.
Freeze! Put your hands behind your head now! I tried to grab him.
I know.
We saw, Fi.
The guy panicked.
There was nothing you could do.
Hey, so, how far are we gonna take this? Are we busting Tim out of prison? Are we letting them get away with killing Isabella? Damon and Rick just screwed up the plan.
We can use that.
Mike, if that's screwing up the plan, then how come they got everything they wanted? From where I'm standing, it looks like they won.
They haven't won until they know that they've won.
Fi, any chance they actually saw Tim get arrested? No, he went around the corner.
Sam, what's the time frame on the cops announcing the bust? Well, they're taking him in now, processing him.
I don't know-- a couple hours, max.
Then we have a couple of hours.
We drive Damon away from Rick, get them to turn on each other.
We give the cops another killer.
Max? No, we shouldn't be talking.
What the hell happened down there? Everything is handled.
Don't worry.
Listen, I'm gonna lay low for a while, so don't call.
Everything is handled? Everything is not handled.
What the hell was that?! We talked-- Everything's fine.
The cops showed up.
There's no way he escaped.
No, he did escape-- for the second time! No.
That's not possible.
You know, I'm starting to think that he is the only one around here who knows what the hell he's doing! You meet me at your office immediately, or you're a dead man.
Do you hear me? No.
What are you still doing here? I can't talk to you-- police business.
It's okay.
We talked the other day, remember? Look, I told you, buddy, my higher-ups never tell me much.
Oh, there they are now.
Yeah, this is Finley.
Does Damon know Tim got caught? Uh, I don't think so, but I'm following up on your leads.
Looks like that tip you got was a good one.
He's listening in, isn't he? Yes, sir.
I'll be right back down there.
Were you listening to my call? I'm sorry.
I just really want them to find whoever killed Isabella.
She was a dear friend of mine.
Shouldn't be too long to wrap this up.
It looks like our killer's plan is coming apart at the seams.
No one comes in here.
I said two in the back of the head, Damon.
I tried to follow the plan just like we talked about, but Rick said using a bomb was safer.
You feel safe now? Tim's probably talking to the feds! I know.
I just found out he called the cops.
What's our next move? Oh, besides you and I and Rick, who else knows all about this? No one else-- trust me.
That's good, real good.
We just have one little thing to close the loop.
Do not kill me! Look, I know we messed up.
That was unfortunate.
- I have an idea.
- Of course you do.
- We put this on someone else.
- You tried that.
Another someone else-- My partner, Rick.
He's the one who killed her, anyway.
He shot her.
No, Rick will talk.
He'll blame you.
He'll take you down, too.
No, no, that gets messy, and I don't want anything getting back on me.
We could kill him.
No, the cops will just be investigating his murder.
We'll make it look like he killed himself.
Now, that's interesting.
How would you do that? I'll write a suicide note confessing to everything.
I'll even scatter some of Isabella's files around his office.
You can shoot him.
I'll get you a gun.
One of the many weapons in the spy arsenal is sabotage.
Your enemy can't fight back when their vehicles won't drive and their weapons won't fire.
If you're handing a bad guy a gun and you need it to jam accidentally, fatiguing the trigger assembly to break under pressure is probably your best move.
It's undetectable, so nobody gets suspicious and nobody gets hurt.
Here you go.
It was stolen.
Serial number has been filed off.
Which means it's untraceable? Completely untraceable.
Keep the car running.
Yeah? How we looking, Sam? Cops are on their way, Mikey.
What the hell are you doing here? Do you remember in the club when you said everything would go perfectly? You said everything would go perfectly.
Calm down.
Everything is fine.
Everything is not okay! Tim keeps getting away.
Did you want me to get caught? What are you talking about? Nobody is gonna get caught.
I can't go down for this.
There's no other choice now.
No! You son of a bitch! Oh, I hope he's okay.
That's gonna bruise.
Police! Stop! He shot my friend! Arrest him! He's the killer! Well, it took a couple of days of explaining, and my lawyer's still trying to get his head around the details, but once Damon confessed, the truth was out.
That's all you needed.
We're selling the fashion house to a label in Milan.
Isabella hosted benefits for a local pet-rescue center, so we're donating the proceeds to them.
Sounds good.
Take good care of colonel Peabody, will you? Yeah, I will.
Hey, thank you for your help.
Yeah, Fi? Hi, Michael.
Any progress with Konrad? I just got a message from him.
He's bringing me the flight information today.
And your mother's been calling.
I'll head over there now.
Fiona returned the albums.
But some of the pictures are missing from when you joined the military.
I think someone must have stolen them.
So mysterious.
Oh, we'll bring them back, mom.
Michael, I thought we agreed that from now on, you'd tell me the truth.
This was a small job.
Fiona had to put together a dossier to prove that I was a-- a russian spy.
Just a small job.
It's kind of a long story which I'll tell.
It wasn't anything dangerous.
Look, the last time you and I went through this, it was hard.
I- I just don't like seeing you get hurt.
So, what, you kept me in the dark to protect me? You know how it goes.
These things aren't so predictable.
Well, she left one behind because it was special to you.
No, it's probably 'cause there's-- uh, there's writing on the back.
It was special to me.
It's one of the few times you ever sent me anything to tell me where you were.
Well, actually, I had already left the country.
I wrote that so that you didn't know where I was.
Well, then-- in the, um, grand scheme of things, I-I suppose we're making some progress.
- You - you want some iced tea? - That'd be great.
This information russian spy is after is much worse than I thought.
You found out what's on that flight.
Not what, it's who.
Who's on the flight? There's no names, but he is maximum-security prisoner.
This document is instruction on how to deal with him.
I'd translate it for you, but If russian pig gets his hands on this envelope-- He'll never get it, my friend.
Thank you, Konrad.
We were right.
It's bad.
It's a rendition to a black site in Poland.
Somebody's high-risk enough to be flown alone.
"Do not engage in conversation with prisoner under any circumstance.
" Sounds like a sweetheart.
This kind of treatment is reserved for world-class bad guys, Michael.
I know, and somebody wants my help to break him out.