Burn Notice s04e08 Episode Script

Where There's Smoke

(Michael) My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until [ Cellphone rings ] (Man) We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
Where am I? Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, michael.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
As a spy, you try to work only with an experienced team.
Going into the field with someone who doesn't have the proper training is a recipe for disaster.
There are times, though, when having a civilian on an operation is unavoidable.
You want me to help you rob a bank? In those situations, you just have to make your pitch and hope for the best.
I think I'm gonna need a drink.
[ Liquid pours ] (Michael) Let me clarify.
We're not robbing the whole bank.
We're just going after one safety-deposit box.
I think that's still considered bank robbery? Either you tell me what this is about or we're done here.
All right.
But this cannot leave this room, mom.
Michael has been helping me with the investigation that I was working before I got fired.
There's someone out there starting some pretty nasty little wars.
They're assassinating leaders.
They'll raze an entire village just to make a buck.
And you're going to stop them by robbing a bank? Last month, they tried to steal this safety-deposit box.
The heist was a bust.
Soon as they put a new team together, they're going to try to hit it again.
Now, if we can get our hands on that box, it could shed some light on who these people are and what they want.
And you want me to steal the box? No, no, no.
All we need is your help to see how the security team reacts to the alarm.
I can get into the security offices to check out their response, but we need someone in the vault to trigger the alarm.
And all you have to do, mom, is the one thing I have never been able to get you to stop doing.
[ Lighter clicks ] What do you say, Mrs.
Westen? Feel like playing a little Bonnie and Clyde? Bonnie and Clyde got shot.
Look, the worst that's gonna happen is you'll get a fine.
Come on, Maddy.
Maddy? [ Exhales ] That's my partner in crime.
[ Exhales ] Thank you.
In banks and other secure facilities, the biggest threats are the ones you invite in.
Getting a job dropping off sandwiches requires fewer background checks than getting a job guarding millions of dollars, but it gives you the same access.
Over here.
Plus a tip.
Oh, why, thank you.
Thank you, man.
You're welcome.
Got an egg salad.
Most commercial facilities link smoke and security systems.
Trigger one alarm, and you trigger them all.
Smoke alarms work by detecting irregularly dispersed light.
Setting one off with a cigarette requires a little time and a lot of lung capacity.
[ Alarm blaring ] It's the vault! Go check it out! [ Chuckles ] Wow.
Y'all don't mess around.
That's a whole lot of fuss over a little nicotine fit, huh? Lighting up in there is against state law.
[ Chuckling ] Grandma's getting arrested.
She'll do jail time.
Get what we needed? Yeah, but, uh They're coming down a little harder on your mom than we thought.
[ Breathing heavily ] That doesn't look like a small fine! Yeah, I know.
They're taking her downtown.
Look, we better just hope she doesn't say anything, man.
"Say anything"?! She opened up a bank account, Jesse! They have her address! They have her name, her social security number! They can't take her downtown! I know, Mike! That's what I'm saying! Hold on! That's what I'm saying, man! She's getting arrested?! We got to spring her before the cops get involved.
That's what we got to do.
You don't -- some getaway drivers you are.
Mom, how'd you -- that nice man was so sympathetic.
I told him that I was smoking to calm my nerves.
That I was very upset putting those pictures of my husband in there, [ voice breaking ] And I just couldn't help myself.
[ Normal voice ] First thing Frank's been good for in 30 years.
Get in the car.
I'm telling you -- this bank we're hitting has got more guards than Buckingham Palace.
There's two here, three back here, and two more over here.
I mean, even if we get around them, we're not gonna have enough time to drill into the vault.
Did you hear what I just said? That was bad news.
Cooper, Ross and Associates.
It's a law firm on the second floor.
Their security -- not quite as good.
All we need to get in -- key card.
[ pats back ] Okay, so, we swipe a key card.
ThenYou want to blast our way into the vault through their conference-room floor.
They're lawyers.
They have it coming.
[ Chuckling ] Wow.
Someone's looking nice.
Hey, what can I say? I clean up good.
We're working security for some business bigwig's dinner party.
Told us to dress up and blend in.
Ow! Oh, I'm so sorry.
I didn't see you there.
You're working with Sam, huh? (Fiona) Yeah.
I thought I'd partner up with someone who values my opinion.
I'm just here for my Walther.
I've got a trunk full of guns, and nothing fits in my clutch.
What did you do? Hurry up, will ya? He said not to be late.
This coming from a man who spent half an hour shellacking his hair.
You should be grateful.
Most married men let themselves fall apart.
[ Upper-crust voice ] Charles Finley had a shotgun wedding for the sake of his cover.
[ Normal voice ] That's Charlotte, the old ball and chain.
Call me that again, and we'll have a shotgun divorce.
Let's get this party started.
[ Cartridge clicks ] [ Door opens, closes ] Don't ask.
I hate these parties.
No matter how many I throw, I never get used to wearing a monkey suit, dancing for investors.
Damn it.
Darling, let me help you with that.
This is Sarah -- my better half.
[ Chuckles ] Pleased to meet you.
Fiona, right? "Charlotte" for tonight.
"Charles" [ Smooches ] For whenever it's needed.
I'm so grateful you could come on such short notice.
So, what's got your cummerbund in a bunch, Mr.
Aitkens? Well, someone is out to nab Liby.
It's my company's new lithium ion battery.
She's lighter and longer-lasting than any of my competitor's products.
They'd pass a paperweight to get their mitts on her.
So you think someone's trying to steal her -- or it.
Somebody broke into my car yesterday.
Luckily, all they got was a laptop with a few personal e-mails and some Garth Brooks mp3s.
Could've been worse.
Could've been Creedence.
Any idea who we're looking for? I believe we are looking for a man or a woman who would like to become filthy rich.
Now, I'll tell you this -- if they're smart, they'll pose as an investor here tonight.
If you're so concerned with the guest list, why not call off the soiree? Tonight's Liby's debut.
I have to show her off to whet market appetite.
But I can't have either of you spooking my investors.
Now, I want you to blend in, keep your eyes peeled.
If you catch the thief, you know Shoot 'em.
Uh, don't give her any ideas.
I think we should get the lay of the land before the festivities start.
Well, if there are any break-in attempts up here, we'll know it.
Christian's got more security than the batcave.
See anything out of the ordinary? Other than a computer that requires a retina scan or a toilet that plays bird songs while it blow-dries your unmentionables? When you're working a protection detail, it's all about observation.
You're looking for broken locks, blocked motion sensors -- the subtle signs that someone's trying to breach security.
Of course, some security breaches are a lot more subtle than others.
[ Doorbell rings ] It's the caterers.
I'll get it.
Sarah! [ Knock on door ] Get in there.
Get down.
What? Wha-- get in the tub.
Hey, what the hell is going on down there? We got party crashers with automatics.
Hey, I got to get down there! No! We have to -- Christian, you stay put! But -- do not come out! [ Screams ] [ Screaming ] They got an Uzi on full auto pinning me down.
FiThey're not coming up here.
They're coming for you.
This sounds like a kidnapping, Sam.
And I got no way out.
I' m gonna have to wave the white flag.
Fi, no.
It's too dangerous.
What are you doing? Don't let them know who I am.
But your gun -- aren't you gonna -- look.
[ door thuds ] If I start shooting now, we're both gonna wind up dead.
[ Door thudding ] We'll roll with the punches.
Trust me -- when the time is right, we're gonna punch right back.
[ Screams ] [ Muffled screaming ] [ Gunshots ] Wait! Where are you taking Sarah?! D-does Christian owe you money? I said shut up, bitch! Please -- w-whatever you need, my husband, he can take care of it.
What did you say? My husband -- he has much money.
[ Chuckles ] Shh! Aah! Jesus! Dial Mike.
[ speed-dialing ] Yeah, Sam.
How's the party? There were four guys, locked and loaded.
I tried to stop them, but they got the client.
And, Mike They got Fiona.
Well, when they stole my laptop, they got everything they needed -- pictures of Sarah, details about the party, our address.
All this time, I thought it was about business.
So stupid! Well, it was about business -- just a different kind.
You said these guys had accents, right? Got the bullets to match -- All the rage in Mexico City.
Mexico City? What the hell is he talk-- below the border, express kidnappings are big business.
Looks like somebody expanded stateside.
[ Sighs ] I checked the hospitals.
(Sam) Still no chatter on the police band.
My buddy pulled traffic cams, but he got zilch.
These guys are ghosts, Mike.
[ Computer ringing ] (Sam) Yeah, we got a webcam call from your wife's account.
Looks like they're ready to talk.
(Jacob) Gentlemen I believe I have something you are looking for.
Sarah? Oh, my God! Let him do the talking.
Well, well.
I see a new face.
Who invited you? You can call me Vikner.
I'll be negotiating the release of Mrs.
Aitkens and Mrs.
You know the drill.
I need to hear from the women.
It's a good sign if kidnappers wear masks and shy away from cameras.
By protecting their anonymity, they protect their hostages.
If a kidnapper lets you see his face, he's probably not planning on letting you live to testify against him.
[ Crying ] Christian Baby, they want $10 million for each of us.
Please, just pay them the money, and they'll let us live.
I love you -- aah! (Jacob) Thank you, Sarah.
That was wonderful.
The best products always sell themselves.
$20 million is quite a price tag.
We'll need some time to get it together.
Do you think I didn't do my homework? Mr.
Aitkens is worth twice that -- liquid.
A man in your line of work needs unmarked, nonconsecutive bills.
Can't exactly scoop that from under the couch cushions, can we? You have 24 hours.
Not a second more.
Are we understood? We'll get you the cash, but we won't pay for damaged goods.
Do notHurt them.
You just don't be late.
Tardiness makes my trigger finger Itchy.
I can probably get a trace on their I.
Forget that! I'll pay! I can get the money! Money won't save them.
[ Rewinding ] (Sarah) They want $10 million for each of us.
You know, Fi's not the type to get all teary-eyed over a gun to her head.
She's sending us a message.
Please, just pay them the money, and they'll let us live.
One long blink, one short, then three more long.
She's blinking "no" in morse code.
[ Breathes deeply ] If we pay the ransom, the girls are dead.
The floor! Come on! I apologize for my kid brother.
Eddy's a good guy.
He's just a bit of a hothead.
[ Clicks tongue ] Please Just don't hurt us.
I wouldn't dream of it.
As soon as we get our payday, I let you go.
Now, ladies, sit tight.
Don't cause any trouble.
Everything will go smoothly.
Make sure our guests are cared for.
Hmm? Whoa.
Wait, wait, wait.
You're not gonna leave us here with him? What's the matter? You don't like your chaperon? H-he's been eyeing us n-nonstop.
Is this true? No.
He wasn't.
[ Exhales ] I don't want to cause trouble.
Jesus, Sarah.
I saw the way you were looking back at him.
You think you can flirt your way out of this? He's not your goddamn tennis coach! Kidnappers see hostages as commodities.
Like a good stockbroker, they'll protect their investment until it's time to cash in.
If they see a risk, they'll hedge against it.
Now, be good girls.
No more fuss.
Okay? High-maintenance women are more trouble than they're worth.
[ Footsteps depart ] [ Door closes, dead bolt locks ] I'm sorry.
I needed to buy some privacy.
Can I borrow that? My earring? Your jewel-encrusted lock pick.
They're right outside the door.
They're not gonna -- relax.
This should only take a second.
What are you doing? We're gonna get out of here.
But what about the FBI? Now, they could Get your wife killed very quickly.
We're up against pros here, Christian.
They get one whiff of police involvement, it's over.
We need some guns.
Take Fi's car.
Her trunk is an armory.
I should come with you.
More boots on the ground The noisier we'll be stomping.
[ Dialing ] closest friends are gonna be calling about why his party was canceled.
You need to keep them from getting too curious.
I'm on damage control? We're controlling a lot more than damage to his reputation, Jesse.
If the press get ahold of this, Fiona's dead.
I'm counting on you.
Ready to ride? Where are you going? You promised you'd tell me all about our bank heist over breakfast.
What's the matter? You don't like doughnuts? Mom, Fi's been kidnapped.
Kidnapped? What the hell are you talk-- we were doing a security job, and the client's wife was taken.
Fi went with her.
The client's upstairs with Jesse.
They're working on keeping this quiet while we track down the girls.
Well, I'll wait with them.
There must be something I can do.
Mom, we got this covered.
You should go home now.
I'll go home when Fiona does.
You go find your girlfriend.
Creating an explosive device in the field requires a strong knowledge of chemistry and the ability to improvise with whatever equipment happens to be lying around.
Can you hold that? An old fire extinguisher makes an ideal compression chamber.
Add some metal shavings and the right cleaning supplies, and you can serve up a bomb that will blast through a cinder-block wall.
Why is it you can never find a good sodium hydroxide solution when you need one? [ Sighs ] I need to get to the bathroom.
They said if we don't make trouble -- Sarah, we're already in trouble.
We saw their faces.
The moment they get their money, they're gonna kill us.
[ Voice breaking ] Christian won't let that happen.
He'll save me.
He'll -- sometimes you have to be your own white knight.
Trust me.
What do you want me to do? Give me that.
I need you to work with me.
And we will get out of this alive.
[ Sighs ] What are you doing?! [ Exhales sharply ] Getting a hall pass to the bathroom.
The guard has cellphones.
I need to get to his bag.
Could you, uh -- ooh -- give me a hand? Aah! Wha-- just go with it! Get this lunatic off me! [ Both groaning ] Don't you pull my hair, you bitch! Ladies! What's going on here?! You're the bitch! Charles will pay a hundred times for me what Christian would pay for you -- just you wait.
What did I say? Look at you.
Madre de dios.
Look at that cut.
The negotiators will not pay for this.
Get her cleaned up.
Get your filthy hands off me, you fat -- aah! Ow! [ Panting ] You're a thug! Almost took my arm off! You can't buy grace, can you? Unlike that nose of yours.
Kill you! Ohh! No! I'm going to kill you! If you don't stop fighting and behave yourself! You're a bloody mess.
[ Engine revs ] [ Engine shuts off ] So, Jesse said the kidnapper's I.
came from this address.
Either they really like lattes or they're boosting the signal.
Fi could be anywhere within a mile.
That's a lot of summer homes to check out.
[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? Michael, it's me.
Fi! Hey! She got a phone! That's the woman I married.
Get my message? Yeah, loud and blinky.
But don't worry -- we kept Christian from backing up the money truck.
Well, there are two brothers in charge.
They're playing nice right now.
The second they get their money, the gloves are coming off.
(Michael) Any idea where you are? No.
But it's about to have one less wall.
We still have 20 hours.
It's one of you against four of them.
Don't feel bad for them, Michael.
[ Exhales sharply ] (Sarah) Wait.
What about Charlotte? Isn't she coming with us? Hang on.
(Jacob) I'm afraid Charlotte is not as fortunate as you.
Your husband was the only one who paid.
[ Gasping ] No! Michael, Christian made a deal for Sarah.
No, no, no.
Jesse's with him.
He couldn't -- I don't know how it happened, but it happened.
You know that -- that 20 hours we had? It's more like one.
[ Pounding on door ] Come on.
[ Exhales sharply ] Fi? Fi! Fi! Well, I don't see anything but summer homes and drop-tops.
Not a white panel van or a creepy safe house in sight.
Call Jesse.
[ Speed-dialing ] [ Ringing, busy signal beeping ] Damn it! Pick up! You've got him spinning public relations, keeping this quiet.
Maybe he's tying up the lines.
He should have been tying up Christian, not buying Fi and Sarah a death sentence.
Okay, Mike, just don't kill Jesse.
We need him right now.
Fi's got to be around here somewhere.
[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Cellphone beeps ] Mike, how's it going? Finally! What the hell are you doing?! What are you talking about? Christian cut a deal with the kidnappers.
You think maybe you should have told me about that? Wait.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Where's all this coming from? Fi got a call out.
Sounds like we got about an hour before they dangle Sarah for the cash and put a bullet in both of them.
No, no, no.
No, no.
He's been on the phone the whole time.
He -- he stepped out on the balc-- he stepped out on the balcony to get some air.
Damn it! You can beat yourself up about it later.
I'll help.
Right now, you need to find out where the drop is.
And if Christian pays these guys, Fi's dead! Mike, I'm gonna make this right.
[ Click ] [ Sighs ] Where's Sarah? After your little catfight, I thought it best to Give you some space.
You didn't kill her, did you? Where would you get such a crazy notion like that? Mrs.
Sarah is gonna be worth very much very soon.
What do you mean? H-her husband paid [ Voice breaking ] Didn't he? Perhaps you chose the wrong man.
Could you do something about this heat? I feel likeI'm gonna die.
[ sighs ] Oh, we wouldn't want that.
I'll take care of the air-conditioning.
[ Sighing ] [ Door closes, dialing ] [ Ringing ] [ Cellphone ringing ] [ Cellphone beeps ] Fi.
Are you all right? [ Horn honking ] Never been better.
How's Sarah? I don't know.
They separated us.
I think they're getting ready to move her.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
My exit strategy's almost ready.
But then I'm working on a different way to get into her room.
No, no, no.
I want to be there before anything starts to blow up.
How gallant.
Hey, guys, maybe you can argue later.
Right now, Fi, just give us a description of the house -- something we can go off of here.
Well, I can do better than that.
I'm sending you a smoke signal.
Don't call me.
I'll call you.
[ Cellphone beeps ] A good smoke signal requires dense, visible clouds of smoke or vapor.
You can't just light whatever's handy on fire and hope for the best.
Rubber burns with a thick, black smoke -- that's perfect.
Put a burning pile of it in an air-conditioning duct, and the house's ventilation system will carry it out where it can be seen from a distance.
You need to call him back right now and call it off, Christian.
No, it's like I'm saying to you -- I can't call it off.
They said the deal was final! If I back out now, they'll kill her! I can't tell you anything! Calm down.
I want you to think back.
Okay? What'd you do the last time your wife was kidnapped? I've never been in this situation.
I know that.
We have.
You hired professional security consultants.
Do you understand that? Tell me where the hand-off is happening so we can do our job! Oh, you know, you're pretty clever with words, Mr.
Now, you can make me feel like a rube, but it doesn't change what I think, which is that I'm dealing with businessmen.
Now, which of us has more experience in that arena? You're missing the point here.
Look, look, I feel bad.
All right? And if it's any help, I'll loan you the $10 million for Miss Glenanne's ransom.
You know what? Save it.
You can name a hospital after your wife when she's dead.
Don't you dare talk -- what's it gonna take for you to get it?! You saw Fiona's message.
You're gonna get her killed.
She blinked! I am not risking Sarah's life on a damn eye spasm! She was sending us a message! No! No! (Maddy) Jesse? Jesse! [ Exhales sharply ] Jesse You're upset about Fi, and it's showing.
Now, how do you expect this guy to give you a level-headed decision when you're about to tear his arms off? All right.
I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go get some air.
[ Door opens, closes ] I mean, what did he expect? I couldn't just do nothing.
They have the woman I love.
He doesn't get it.
I think he understands exactly how you feel.
(Sam) So, Mike, you can tell me to shut up if you want, but what's going on with you and Fi these days? I disappointed her.
The way I got Jesse burned.
The way I'm using him.
She thinks I'm a little too obsessed with finding out who freed Simon.
She might be right.
Where there's smoke There's Fi.
[ Coughing ] [ Coughing ] (Fiona) Jacob?! Water! Please don't leave me here! [ Door opens ] (Jacob) Shut up, all right?! I'm coming! [ Moaning ] There's your water.
[ sighs ] Happy? Alcohol was used as an energy source and a weapon long before anyone had any idea what gunpowder was.
It doesn't contain enough energy to qualify as a top-grade explosive, but in most situations, it's a lot easier to find a bottle of vodka than a brick of C-4.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Well, you know, I was hoping for something just a little bit stronger.
This isn't cocktail hour, honey.
[ Bottle thuds ] I'm starting to think you don't understand the seriousness of your situation.
I think I do.
Charles Isn't gonna pay.
Is he? You know something? You and I a-aren't that different.
How's that? Well [ sighs ] We both know what we want And we take it.
The only difference is, is You use a gun, and I have Other charms.
Playing the role of Mrs.
Charles Finley.
You want to know a secret? I never did love him.
So you married him for his money? [ Chuckling ] Well It wasn't for what was happening between the sheets.
And now When I need his money the most, it's It's not there.
[ Sobs ] Once Sarah's husband pays for her, you're not gonna let me go, are you? Now How about [ Exhales sharply ] You give a girl one last drink, let her say goodbye to her best friend? I'll give you your drink.
But your friend Sarah Is already on her way Home.
[ Vodka pouring ] [ Sighs ] Well, then Here's to homecoming.
[ Glass and bottle clink ] [ Gulps ] Ahh.
Won't you let me keep the bottle? God.
You decorated for me.
Sorry, but [ click ] It's easier this way.
How much longer do I have? Who knows? [ click ] Maybe Eddy gets caught up in airport traffic Or maybe your husband calls after all.
But if he doesn't It won't be too long.
[ Sighing ] Well, at least you're finally being honest.
One more favor.
Some gum? That cheap vodka tastes like lighter fluid.
I think I would have liked to know you In a different life.
You mean the next one? We're both going to hell.
Handcuffs can be a hostage's best friend.
The same steel that locks you up can set you free.
[ Groans ] Use the cuffs for leverage and apply enough pressure, and you can break the weakest piece of whatever you're chained to.
[ Wood crunches ] Aah! But it might not be the only thing you break.
[ Gasping ] [ Bones crunch ] [ Breathing heavily ] [ Dialing ] [ Moans softly ] Perfect timing, Fi.
The cavalry has arrived, darlin'.
Tell us where you are.
We're coming into the house.
[ Panting ] No.
They're headed to the airport.
They took Sarah.
It sounded like they were going to Miami international.
That's not enough to go on.
I'm not leaving you -- no.
Y-you can't come in here guns blazing.
One call from Jacob, and his idiot brother will kill Sarah before they even make the drop.
[ Cartridge clicks ] So you're gonna stay in there and play chicken with this guy? But Jacob and his fat friend don't know we're playing.
I'll figure out where the hand-off's gonna happen, and I'll let you know.
I'm going after Sarah.
But I'm leaving Sam here as backup.
You be careful in there, missy.
Chuck Finley is too young to be a widower.
Yeah, well, don't worry about me.
I am not your average trophy wife.
If you don't tell us where the hand-off is -- I've talked all the sense I can to you people.
I even offered to pay Miss Glenanne's ransom.
If you'd have listened to me, your friend would be on her way to safety by now.
No, no, listen, the only reason Fiona's not home safe right now is because she chose to go with the kidnappers -- to get us some leverage to save your wife.
And that doesn't sound insane to you? Ain't no leverage as good as $10 million.
I'm paying! That's final! The second they get the money, your wife is dead.
[ Exhales sharply ] You're not going anywhere until you tell me where they're taking Sarah.
Get out of my way.
Michael still can make it in time to save your wife.
They'll kill her if I don't pay! I can't -- I have to -- I can't just sit here and do nothing! I get it.
I get it.
You're covering your ass.
This is just another business decision for you.
Right? You don't know what's gonna happen.
None of us do.
But this way, you pay the ransom, you got your story for the funeral.
"Did everything I could.
" Even though it's a damn lie.
You son of a bitch! That's my wife you're talking about! That's right.
That's right.
That's your wife you're giving up on.
[ Panting ] [ Sighs ] Okay.
[ Gulps ] The lighthouse at Cape Florida.
My C.
'S meeting him there with the money.
Call him off.
You could save his life, too.
[ Sighs ] Good old guilt trip -- works every time.
You're telling me? I'm a mother.
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ] Jesse, tell me you got something.
The drop is happening at the Cape Florida lighthouse.
Drive fast.
It's going down in five.
Only 10% of a 60-watt bulb's energy is dispersed as light.
The rest is heat.
Fill one with a flammable liquid, and it only takes a couple of minutes for the bulb's warm glow to turn into burning shrapnel.
Jacob! [ Sobbing ] Jacob! What? What is it? [ Voice breaking ] Please, I-I can't take this anymore.
Let's just get this over with.
What? No, it's not time yet.
Oh, yes, it is.
I-I said my prayers.
I made my peace.
I'm ready.
I'm sorry, but you're my plan "B.
" If there's a problem with Sarah's payoff -- don't make me beg! Just one -- one last request.
One last drink for the road? [ Cap rattling ] [ Exhales sharply ] [ Swallows, sighs ] Now [ Exhales sharply ] Not the head.
Not my head.
I deserve an open casket.
Don't I? Yes, you do, Charlotte.
Yes, you do.
[ Groans softly ] Aah! [ Grunts ] [ Grunting ] My name is not Charlotte, bitch! [ Choking ] Jacob! Hi, honey.
I'm home.
You can help me take out the trash.
Force, power, and torque are the measure of any sports car.
But on winding roads, the key to fast driving is fast braking.
Four-piston disc brakes will kill speed quickly and smoothly Allowing you to keep your foot on the gas longer.
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Tires screech ] What is this? "What is this?" I guess you'd call this a barter situation.
Where's the money? I got something better.
[ Shouting in Spanish ] In ingles, por fa-- please.
Actually, it's better if you just shut up and put the gun away, unless you want to find out what it's like to be an only child.
Where are you holding him? Call your brother.
Ask him.
[ Speed-dialing ] [ Cellphone ringing ] [ Cellphone beeps ] Charlotte speaking.
Where's my brother?! Oh, you know, Jacob can't come to the phone right now.
[ Muffled shout ] He's kind of screwed at the moment.
You put him on, you little puta! Careful, Eddy.
This puta has a bomb underneath your brother's cojones.
[ Stomps foot ] Check out that photo again.
You see that fire extinguisher? It's a highly pressurized hydrogen gas bomb.
So hand over your guns, or your brother's gonna be more than a little bowlegged.
You won't do it! You don't got the guts! You're just a scrawny little pendeja! Ooh.
Thank you, Jacob.
Gah! [ Grunts ] Gah! Come on! Move! (Michael) Guns, too.
Give! You know, you were right.
The best products really do sell themselves.
Now, how do you say "not good enough"? Take a look at the photo again.
Take a look at the watch, Eddy.
The bomb is on a timer.
At this point, I would call the cops.
As I was saying, I don't think you're gonna make it there on time.
The smart move is to call the cops.
What do you expect me to do -- confess? Either that or get a vacuum cleaner to pick up your brother.
Either way, I don't really care.
Christian -- where's he -- he's fine.
I'm taking you to him.
[ Engine revs ] So, what kind of a timer is attached to a bomb with duct tape? You know, your brother is kind of an idiot.
Vaya con dios, Jacob.
Ooh! Look at that hole, Sam.
You really do like me, don't you? Well, I wouldn't go that far, but you're growing on me.
[ Door slams ] You tell Sarah what an idiot her husband was? No, I think she knows.
Yeah, they always do.
Thanks for breaking him.
[ Bottles clink ] Yeah, well Looks like Los Hermanos Grimm got what was coming to them.
I was listening on the police band.
They snapped up Jacob, grabbed Eddy at the airport.
That 911 call's gonna play great at their trial.
Well, just goes to show you, man -- payback is a Fiona.
[ Breathlessly ] You should see the other guy.
[ Sets bottle down ] Hey.
It's kind of late.
You got a hot date? No.
I'm, uh Hitting the gym.
Relax, Jesse.
I know you boys are robbing the bank tonight.
We try not to talk about our upcoming felonies.
You know.
[ laughs ] Some things are better left unsaid, huh? [ Chuckles ] Yeah.
JesseThis might be one of those things.
Fiona and Michael love each other, and they hate each other.
But it's always Each other.
Yeah, I know.
Why? What -- what -- it's probably nothing.
I justSaw how upset you were when Fiona was in trouble.
Well, you know, Fi's my friend.
I, uh Really, I know -- I know she and I aren't, uh I just want what's best for them.
That's all.
And I believe you.
You just might want to work on that poker face.
[ Door opens ] Bonnie, Clyde.
What's going on? Nothing.
I was just giving Jesse these.
Fiona took them as a souvenir.
I thought maybe they'd come in handy.
That's really nice of you, mom.
Jesse, you ready for the fastest minute of your life? Let's do this.
Thank you.
[ Tool drilling, tape ripping ] [ Beep ] [ Alarm blaring ] The security of a safety-deposit box is less about the box than what's guarding it.
Banks spend all their resources keeping thieves out of the vault.
Once you get in, every last dime can be had for the price of a rota-tip drill bit.
Once you've got what you came for, the trick is just getting out before security shows up.
Fan out.
Fan out.
What the? There's nobody in here.
Let's see what's behind door number 64.
Family bible? That doesn't make any sense.
The people we're looking for aren't religious.
It's a book code -- a cipher.
Well, what do you think it decodes? I don't know.
But answering that question is our next move.
The life of a spy demands a kind of cool detachment.
When your job requires you to keep secrets and break trust, you learn to keep people at arm's length.
It's one thing to lie to an asset.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
What was that? Wait, wait.
Back of the -- no, at the beginning.
Look at this.
The inscription there -- it says "Simon.
" Who's Simon? Any idea who that is? It's another to lie to a friend.
I have no idea.