Burn Notice s04e11 Episode Script

Blind Spot

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until [ Cellphone rings ] (Man) We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
Where am I? Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
Forging an intelligence file is always tricky.
Spies are trained to catch even tiny inconsistencies, from outdated typeface to the wrong kind of thermochromatic ink.
Even the folder needs to be picture-perfect, because the fact is, spies do judge books by their covers.
So, here's the story.
This report came from a Navy buddy who's serving in Japan, where they still use the old-school Pentagon folders.
And I happened to have one.
So, thank God for government inertia, huh? But Jesse's been working on this investigation for years.
Well, everything he was looking into and all the stuff we found -- this little baby connects all the dots.
It's your masterwork, Sam.
I owe you mojito.
Damn straight.
Before we start patting ourselves on the back, can we talk about what we're doing to Jesse? Fi, Jesse's seen a lot of bad things happen to a lot of good people.
He just wants a name, and we're just gonna give him that name.
(Jesse) "John Barrett.
" God, why didn't I put this together? John Barrett.
[ Papers rustling ] It's great cover running a telecom conglomerate.
It gets Barrett into every corner of the globe.
Massive resources, highest level government access.
It's a nice perch for a guy looking to start a few little wars and make a buck off it.
This is I mean, I was looking at private military companies, arms dealers, retired spooks.
I should've been Watching the guy who was laying the phone lines.
Where do I send my "thank you" note? Oh, a buddy of mine stationed in Japan.
He, uh, didn't even know what he had there.
All right, man.
Drake Tech's based in New York, right? Let's head up there, let Barrett know his number's up.
Why go to where he's strongest? We have what he wants.
Better to make him come to us.
What, do you want to call him up, let him know he's got a bible he's been looking for? Yep.
That's exactly what I was thinng.
(Madeline) What? I'm having friends over to play cards.
It's my turn to host.
[ Doorbell rings ] Oh, that must be Suzie.
Uh, well, I guess it's time to go someplace where you won't be interrupted by Canasta.
(Jesse) Three years.
It's over a thousand days, man.
Here it is.
Are you sure about this? You sure you want to play it straight? Well, there's no point lying to a man with Barrett's resources.
We're just two burned spies selling a book code.
You ready? Yes.
[ Beep ] [ Cellphone rings ] [ Beep ] Hello? Mr.
Michael Westen.
Sorry to bother you on your private line, but I have this odd-looking bible.
I've been flipping through it, and it appears to be a book code.
Is that at all interesting to you? Can you please excuse me? This'll just take a sec.
[ Beep ] My wife doesn't even have this number.
How'd you get it? You want to talk about your wife not having your unlisted number or the book code you've been robbing banks and killing people to find? Who is this? I used to work for the government.
So did my partner, Jesse Porter.
Now we're working freelance.
Thought you might be hiring.
And just what is it you boys think I do? Don't waste our time, Mr.
You're a merchant of death.
And business is booming.
You have the wrong number, son.
And you have the wrong man.
I run a telecom company.
Well, the bible's here in Miami.
Whenever you're ready to talk, let us know.
[ Beep ] That could have gone better.
Well, it went as well as it needed to.
All right.
Barrett wants the bible.
If he can't deal for it, he'll try to steal it.
A man like that, he's already tracking us down.
So, you and Jesse are poking Barrett with a stick.
Why does the phrase "sitting ducks" come to mind? Jesse and I are pretty well-armed "ducks.
" I hope so.
Hello, Fiona.
Well, hello.
Hi, mom.
You know, I ordered you an iced tea, but if you want -- I scored 1,420 points at Canasta yesterday, Michael.
That'sWonderful? It's horrible! I was distracted.
I was nervous.
[ Voice breaking ] I've been a wreck.
What's wrong, Madeline? Sit down.
I'm not staying for lunch.
I only asked you all to meet me here because it's too risky to talk to my son in my own home.
This is about Jesse.
Made me sick -- watching you feed him that line of B.
In my house yesterday.
I don't want to keep him in the dark, but it's for his own good.
Oh, and you're the one who gets to determine that? This'll all be over soon.
Trust me.
Well, it better be.
I want to thank you again for suggesting Jesse live with her.
It may not have been one of my better ideas.
Well, if lunch is off, then I should go talk to my new client.
You're taking on a client in the middle of all this? Well, just a friend of a friend from yoga.
The woman was seduced by a scam artist.
He took her life savings.
Don't worry.
I'm not asking you for help.
The guy's a sleazy womanizer -- clearly a job for Sam Axe.
After my husband died, I didn't think I'd ever date again.
But then Charles came along.
I thought, "well, he's no Josh, but he likes all my low-fat recipes.
" I should've known.
You can't beat yourself up.
The bastard told you what you wanted to hear.
He was good.
Those eyes, british accent All those lies.
(Sam) Yep.
He sounds slick.
So how'd he get your money? Well, I trusted him.
Things were getting serious -- I thought.
And he offered to help me invest.
And then he used your account info to help himself to your savings.
We're not gonna let him get away with this.
I even hired a couple of private investigators.
One of them actually quit after he met Charles.
Said he seemed like a nice guy.
Now I'm selling off my life piece by piece [voice breaking] While that bastard is partying on South Beach with my savings.
Well, you know, it's hard to party with broken kneecaps.
Actually, I think we should fight fire with fire.
Charles isn't the only charmer in Miami.
(Jesse) I still think we should go after Barrett directly in New York, man.
Yeah, let's call that plan"Z.
" Trust me.
Barrett wants the bible.
He's gonna send someone after it.
I don't mind being the bait, as long as the trap is good enough.
An effective booby trap not only needs to look like a good hiding spot, it also needs to leave your enemy incapacitated.
A well-placed 50-gallon oil drum should pique your target's curiosity.
And a portable defibrillator packs enough punch to make their heart skip a beat without stopping it entirely.
Wire the defibrillator to a convincing decoy, and whoever comes looking will be in for a shock.
Connect a camera wirelessly through an internet phone provider, and you'll be able to keep an eye on your trap from anywhere in the world, without having to pay long distance.
How's the Skype working? Looks good.
Are you sure Barrett's up on that cell? This burner we called him with is made by a company he owns.
Any idiot would know to tap and trace the phone.
Barrett's not an idiot.
[ Exhales sharply ] [ mosquito buzzing ] [ Buzzing stops ] What now? We wait While Barrett comes looking for this.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Why do I get the feeling Sam's having more fun than we are? Okay, Fi.
You got eyes on him? [ Sighs ] Yep.
Just like Emily said -- there's Charles, blowing her life savings.
(Sam) Yeah.
Except I don't think he's spent a dime.
I think he's got a new fish on the line.
Well, he is the one man from England with decent teeth.
So our con man's pretty clean, since showing up stateside.
Got an allegation of fraud up in Boca, but nothing really stuck except for a couple of D.
I couldn't find any back accounts, either.
And yet he has an Interpol file.
Yeah, turns out he's not just a fraud, he's a suspected killer.
Couple of women he bilked in England went missing when they complained.
So he doesn't just steal from defenseless women, he murders them.
That son of a bitch.
Not this time.
[ folder closes ] We're gonna introduce him to a new kind of trouble.
I don't know.
This fella is gonna be a challenge.
I think it's time for some Chuck Finley action.
His name is Charles.
You need a new cover I.
Sorry, Fi.
I don't think so.
Chuck Finley is forever.
Excuse me.
I don't mean to interrupt, but her feet are killing her.
Any way we can just sit down with you for just a couple secs? [ British accent ] Actually, this is a private area, so Oh, Charles, don't be silly.
Those heels are hot, but they look positively evil.
Sit down.
I'm Chuck.
This is Alexis.
Lindsey and Charles.
[ chuckling ] Hey.
Bollinger blanc.
Good stuff.
Charles and I are splurging.
(Fiona) Oh, us too! South Beach is so much fun! I just flew in from San Francisco.
I was chartering a yacht when I met Chuck! And he is showing me around! [ Growling seductively ] [ Gasps, laughs ] Well, isn't that nice.
(Sam) Hey.
Tell you what.
Next bottle's on me.
So, I said, "not if that's your idea of a haircut!" [ Laughter ] Right? Do you get it? [ Both laughing ] [ Sighs loudly ] I have to powder my nose.
Will you come with me? [ Chuckles ] Oh, Chuck.
Don't get lost.
[ laughs ] So, Chuck.
What is it that you do? Investments.
Just like you.
You never know who's gonna pay off.
Afraid I don't follow.
Normally I work Boca, but I have heard some legendary stories about you, my friend.
I'm not here to horn in on any of your action.
You can have any woman in this club.
I just need some help with Alexis.
She's rich, divorced.
Just what are you proposing? Well, she's a couple of nights of passion away from paying out big-time.
But I got the IRS breathing down my neck.
I can't move a dime.
I was hoping maybe you would let me run her fortune through your accounts.
[ Chuckles ] [ Laughing ] You want to use my accounts? Quite a set of bollocks on you.
Cut you in 20% for an hour's work.
I don't do business like that.
I'm a lone wolf, mate.
Isn't Charles sweet? Yeah.
Almost too good to be true.
How long have you been dating? Just a few weeks.
I am so lucky to have found him.
Or maybe he found you.
Must have been fate.
I was so devastated after my sister passed.
And he works with this cancer-research charity.
This is the last time you show your face in this club.
This is my turf.
Okay, you drive a hard bargain.
[ Chuckling ] Hey.
So sorry, love.
I just got a business call from London.
We really should run.
Really? I was hoping -- we really should go.
Lovely meeting you.
That son of a bitch is preying on another grieving woman.
Please tell me you got his account information.
The limey is totally charm-proof.
Well, let's see if he's bulletproof.
Fi! If this -- Look, you had your chance! I'm gonna beat Emily's money out of him.
Spies spend plenty of time with sociopaths and criminals.
But sometimes it's even more dangerous to hang out with their victims.
Letting your emotions get the best of you can threaten the entire operation.
You're not going after him! Get your hands off me! [ grunts ] Sticking a gun to his head is not gonna help! He is prepared for that! Believe me! Now, we will get her money back.
I promise, Fi.
If we don't, I will shoot him, and then I'll shoot you! Hey.
Where's Sam? Oh, Sam and I are, uh We're taking a break from each other.
This is Michael.
It's good to meet you.
Nice boat.
My husband and I built her together, actually.
That's why she's named "Back Pain".
[ chuckles ] Don't do this, Emily.
We're gonna get your money back.
Things went well with Charles? Uh, not exactly.
Charles is extremely careful.
But we might have a new angle.
You know how you're not supposed to mix prescription medication with alcohol? Charles is gonna make that mistake with Lorazepam.
Wait a second.
You're drugging him? Well, there's -- there's got to be another way you can get him to tell you the truth.
Well, we're not drugging him to make him talk.
We're drugging him so that he blacks out.
And when Charles wakes up, Sam will convince him he went on a crazy spending spree.
He'll want to check his balance And we'll be watching when he does.
That plan sounds insane.
[ chuckles ] Well, "insane" is one of our specialties.
(Sam) Charles.
Could I have made it more clear that this was my turf?! No, no, no.
You were very clear.
Look, I'm about to wrap things up with Alexis and blow town.
But before I did, I just wanted to drop off a token of respect.
Just consider this the -- the King's hunting tax, if you will.
"King's hunting tax"? [ scoffs ] Look.
I wandered onto your turf, and I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
So, no hard feelings? As long as you're leaving town.
Oh, that I am.
Hope you like that timepiece, 'cause I had to earn it.
Alexis is a real ball-buster.
You know, I'm all set to bleed her dry by the end of the week, but every moment until then is like [Imitates gun firing] [ Laughs ] Well, there's nothing more pathetic than a bitch who can't move on.
Amen to that, brother.
I have a, uh, mate across the pond who disposes of the clingy ones once he's wrung 'em out.
A mate? Right.
[ Laughs ] Let me buy you a drink.
[ Laughs ] To create a blank spot in someone's memory, you need to be equal parts drinking buddy and amateur chemist.
First, you need the target to party enough to make your story believable the next day.
At the same time, you need to gauge their tolerance so you can combine just the right amount of alcohol with just the right amount of pharmaceutical assistance.
Come on.
Bottoms up.
A night to remember! Cheers! [ glasses clink ] Cheers.
[ Laughs ] Yep.
He's still out.
Thank you.
Now, do that one more time, and I might forgive you for the other night.
[ Laughs ] [ Thud ] Happy now? [ sighs ] Anything useful on his phone? No.
But now it has a bug.
I sent that Lindsey woman a little message.
Did Charles drunk-text her? He may have accidentally revealed his plans to rip her off.
She sent him a text back saying she never wants to see him again.
Oh, well.
Okay, let's get down to business.
When Charles wakes up, he will have had one hell of a night.
(Jesse) Every step of our investigation has been like pulling teeth.
Stalled out for weeks and then -- boom -- Sam's buddy just happens to be sitting on the magic bullet.
We had the problem surrounded.
There aren't two other people on the planet who'd know that that file connects to Barrett.
I'm just asking, how reliable is Sam's friend? You know? Maybe we should test him, slip him a lead from CIFA, see if -- Jesse, we talked to Barrett.
He's the guy who wants the bible.
Do we really need more confirmation than that? I mean -- hold on.
We have a guest.
Well, hello! That's it, Buddy.
You're getting warmer.
Maybe the bible is in that oil drum.
Even warmer.
Getting hot.
[ Electricity crackling ] Burnt.
[ Groaning ] Hands! Hands! No, no, no! Hands up! Hands up! Thank you.
That was close, Buddy.
You almost stole our phonebook.
You have no idea who you're messing with.
Well, whose fault is that? You haven't told us your name yet.
And until we get a chance to chat with your bosses, you're a guest at the abandoned boathouse.
His phone's clean.
[ Sighs ] Guess we get to spend more time in the sweat box guarding him till his superiors call to check in.
Actually, I'm supposed to go help Fi and Sam with a gig.
[ Sighs ] Unless you want to go.
[ Mosquito buzzing ] I did take the last shift.
[ Buzzing stops ] I'll pick up more bug spray.
(Sam) Okay, it's been 12 hours.
Time to wake up sleeping beauty.
Mike there yet? (Fiona) He's running late.
It's a pity we have to wake up Charles at all.
Uh, dead guys are much less likely to visit a bank, Fi.
[ Plate taps ] Hello.
Ooh, you survived the mosquitos.
All right, Sam.
Get him moving.
[ Sighs ] Whoo! Rise and shine, big boy! Time to shake it off! [ Groans ] Wild night, huh, Chaz? Have a cup of Joe! [ Grunts ] What are you doing in my house?! Good morning to you, too.
Whatever happened to "friends till death"? What the hell? Last I remember, you were leaving Miami.
Someone needs practice drinking.
I mean, how many did you even have last night? Look, if you don't remember the French deejay, tell me you at least remember the Brazilian chicks from the after-party? After-party? Oh, come on.
Or how about when we were hauling ass in your new car and you jumped the curb? What new car? Where the hell did this come from?! Uh, you bought it, Buddy.
You backed into it on Ocean Drive.
The guy jumps out screaming, "you dented my car!" And you said, "no, mate.
I dented my car.
" And you bought it off him on the spot.
It was epic.
I bought this Bentley last night? Yeah.
You ran off yelling about some account, and you came back with a bag of cash.
I got to tell you -- you know how to party.
Where's my Lexus? Where's my wallet? Maybe your wallet's in your Lexus.
What the bloody hell is going on here?! Anyone ever tell you you're a lot more fun when you're drunk? Hey, hair of the dog is what you need.
Shut up! Piss off! Get out! Okay? I've got some things to get sorted! Uh, does this mean we're not gonna pick up those new suits you ordered for us? Well All right.
Game time.
[ Engine revs ] Reynolds & Pederson.
He's heading to a law firm? We need to talk, Martin! I don't see the point of [ static ] Money manager Charles, I'm in the middle of something.
What's going on? Come on.
[ Static ] Don't I pay you to Some judgment? Sounds like the juicy part.
We got to get closer.
[ Engine turns over ] Tell me how I got the cash to buy a Bentley last night.
What are you talking about? I went on a bender and wound up with a shiny, new Bentley, you wanker! Nobody here gave you a damn thing.
Really? Where do you think I get the money to pay for that, you half-wit?! Let the grown-ups talk.
Get ahold of yourself.
This is why you don't handle the accounts.
You start drinking, and you lose your head.
Don't worry.
Your money's safe.
Head out to the front lawn, check out that blue car.
Is there any chance you were followed here? We got to go.
When your surveillance is about to be blown, you have two choices.
You can run, or you can stay put and make it look like you have a reason to be there.
[ Clears throat ] What?! Hey.
Take that somewhere else.
A guy can't make out with his girlfriend? [ Exhales sharply ] [ Clears throat ] Okay.
That was Purely tactical.
Yes, it was.
We should go.
[ clears throat ] So, our friend Barry says, Charles has a kinda of Underworld money manager handling his cash.
He's got hundreds of offshore accounts.
Even if we knew which one had your money, only Charles and this Martin character can make withdrawals.
That's the bad news.
Well, the bad news is, it looks like I'm moving back in with my mother.
Well, we have an angle.
Charles is very, very worried about guarding his money.
And with a little pushing, we can turn his concern for his financial security into full-blown paranoia.
He gets paranoid enough, he's gonna start looking for help.
And that's when we bring in our Buddy Mike to help.
What Mike's gonna do is he's gonna make it clear that the only way he can help is if Charles shows him exactly where he keeps the money.
Do you guys have like a manual where you get this stuff or something? [ chuckling ] No.
Mostly we just make it up as we go.
There you are.
What the hell did you get me into? What are you going on about?! They are following me! Dreadfully sorry, my loves.
Be right back.
Just what are you talking about? Have you gone mad? I'm telling you -- they are after me.
Ever since you and I hung out the other night, there has been a little blue Hyundai all over my ass.
One of my men thought a blue car was following me.
Well, there you go.
But it turned out to be nothing, just a couple snogging in the alley.
Huh? You know, making out.
Really? Point is, they weren't following me.
Of course they were making out.
That was just their cover.
That's the oldest trick in the book.
I'm telling you, they're after both of us.
I have been careful.
There is nothing to worry about.
You've got to take this seriously, Chaz.
This could be a jealous husband.
No! I am going to relax and work on my tan.
Good luck, mate.
[ Beep ] [ Ringing ] (Fiona) Hey.
How'd it go? Okay.
I planted the seed.
How's it coming with our not-so-sneaky bug? Don't rush me, Sam.
Jesse just got here with Madeline's old stereo.
Uh, hey, Fi.
Speaking of Jesse, when you were following Charles I'll call you when we're done, Sam.
[ Beep ] All right.
So Let's give Charles something to worry about.
There's an art to building a listening device that's meant to be discovered.
It's not enough for it to look like a bug.
It needs to have a fatal flaw to make sure someone finds it, like a high-frequency transmitter that causes ear-splitting feedback when placed near other electronics.
[ Device buzzing ] [ Buzzing stops ] I should get going.
This bug isn't gonna plant itself.
Yeah, I'm gonna head back to the boathouse, help Michael babysit our captive.
So I'm just gonna Yeah.
How'd the bug-building go with Fi? If Charles can't find that thing, he's more of a dumb-ass than we thought.
[ Cellphone rings ] Here we go.
[ Beep ] Hello? (Man) Where have you been? You were supposed to check in.
This is Michael Westen and Jesse Porter.
We're your boss's new business associates.
Where's Colonel Russell? You guys have a Colonel running your errands? What are you -- just listen to me.
We're sending Colonel Russell back to you with some photocopied pages from the bible.
The sneak preview should make it very clear.
We have the rest.
You send any more of your little thieves for it, we're gonna burn it.
You tell Mr.
Barrett to come on down to Miami like we asked him to.
Do I need to repeat myself? (Man) No.
Talk to you soon.
[ Beep ] Active duty, huh? I'm sure Uncle Sam would be happy to hear that you're taking side gigs to make a quick buck.
Don't try to blackmail me.
Of course not.
But you need to remember which boss you're taking these to.
These pages go right to the big guy in New York.
He's expecting you soon.
You know you're kicking a hornet's nest, right? Oh! Suddenly he's Mr.
Drive safe.
Nicely done.
I'd say we should call up Sam, see if he wants to go get a drink, but, uh, he's probably lost his taste for alcohol.
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Sighs ] [ Beep ] Chaz! I was just about to call you! You were right, mate.
They're after me, too.
I just found a bug in my new car! You know what? That's nothing.
There's a hundred k's missing from my offshore account.
And you know who knew I had money in Aruba? Hmm? Nobody.
I told my money manager, but he thought I was talking rubbish! What the hell would a money manager know about this? Huh? This is hardcore! No, no, no, no.
I'm gonna call a guy who knows how to handle this kind of crap.
To go after your money? No, to go after the people who are hunting us! Look.
Meet me at the Sagamore, and bring that little bug thing that you found, okay? Brilliant.
(Charles) This is your guy who handles stuff? You didn't tell me he was a dirty cop.
Well, he's just sorta kinda a cop.
It's all right.
I don't mind the word "dirty.
" Okay, so, look.
This is my account in Aruba.
You see those transaction codes? The bastards bled me dry.
And you said they were following you.
Yeah, in a blue Hyundai.
They bugged my new car.
Probably come after your money next.
Give me your bank info, and I'll cut them off at the pass.
I have people watching my accounts.
What I need you to do -- [ british accent ] Oh, are you gonna tell me what to do, your majesty? Oh, you're the expert on how to catch bad guys.
[ Normal voice ] Well, you don't need me, then.
Look, no offense, mate.
I just don't ever give out my bank in-- yeah.
Beach is that way.
Go stick your head in the sand.
You told me he was on board! Hey, it's not my problem if you two want to get financially disemboweled! But I came all the way down here -- okay.
I'll get the info for you.
But you better catch these guys.
And I want them to suffer.
[ Dialing ] [ Sighs ] Martin.
I'm hiring someone to find out who's been spying -- excuse me? Oh, that bitch.
[ Scoffs ] Okay.
Sounds good.
Well, that's odd.
Seems like my man has sorted things.
Sorted how? Chuck, can I have a moment? [ Clears throat ] My money man has found out who's been after us.
It's this bitch I fleeced about a month ago.
Turns out she's been hiring P.
Must have seen us together.
Okay, well, that's fine.
We'll have Brooks over there just deal with her -- no.
I've been told not to worry about her.
I've got a ticket to Rio.
I'm getting out of town.
Wait a second.
You drag me into this, and now you're just gonna skip town? [ Cellphone rings ] Oh, I know.
I feel dreadful about it, mate.
Tell you what -- [ Beeping ] I've got a few promising prospects I can throw your way.
Make your money back in no time.
Stop by first thing.
He's going to Rio.
Mike, this is not good.
Good luck, then.
That was Fi.
Emily just called.
A couple of guys just showed up outside her house with guns.
She's hiding in the closet.
[ groans ] Whenever possible, it's best to avoid charging into a building filled with angry men with guns.
If going in is your only option, you choose the best place to stage an ambush, lock and load, and get your enemies to come to you.
That was the garage door.
Somebody's here.
Police breaching techniques generally involve removing a door by its hinges or knocking it open with a battering ram.
Military breaching techniques are more aggressive.
They don't just try to get by the door.
They use it as a weapon.
Aah! (Fiona) Beanbag rounds hurt like a bitch.
Am I right? Emily! It's clear.
[ Exhales sharply ] How much is my life worth? How much did Charles pay you?! He didn't send them.
His money guy's in clean-up mode.
Charles is skipping town.
He's heading to Rio.
(Emily) Are you kidding me? That bastard's going to Rio? Don't worry.
He's not gonna make it.
Sam's intercepting him before he catches his flight.
(Michael) He's going to have another wild night before heading out of town.
When he wakes up, he's going to have a serious mess to cover up.
About that -- I know you said you didn't want to part with your boat.
Whatever it takes to stop Charles I'll do it.
[ Footsteps approaching ] As promised.
[ sighs ] If you can't make your hundred grand back fleecing those marks, it's your own bloody fault, mate.
Happy hunting.
To the hunt? Actually, I'm swearing off alcohol for a bit.
[ Bag zips ] Chaz, I don't even know what those words mean.
Buddy [ Both chuckle ] Cheers.
[ Glasses clink ] Mmm.
The one on top -- widow in Coral Gables.
She should be worth 2 1/2.
She just won a lawsuit against some chemical company that killed her kid.
[ Chuckles ] Charles, you're a real peach.
(Sam) [ echoing ] You're a real peach.
[ Explosion, water splashes ] Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
[ Tires screech ] There you are! Come on.
Let's go! Wait! Wait! What in the hell is going on?! Would it have killed you to just snap her neck? What? What the hell are you talking about?! Oh, no.
Don't tell me you've had another blackout.
Did I? I-I killed I killed Emily? No.
You called me screaming to save your ass 'cause you got a parking ticket.
Of course you killed Emily! You gave her a friggin' Viking funeral! Now, come on.
We got to go.
My Buddy's waiting.
Let's go.
By "your buddy" you mean your dirty cop! Don't you remember anything? Yes! Yes! The guy that you begged me to bring in! NoYes.
Come on.
He can fix this? Yeah.
Ain't gonna be easy, and it ain't gonna be cheap.
I don't care.
If he can clean this up, I'll pay him whatever he wants.
[ Door closes ] A million dollars?! That's my Sunday special! Cops are picking apart the crime scene! DNA is on its way to the lab! You're covered in blood! You want to guess how many palms I got to grease?! Look, I can get you half a million.
Half a million.
Are you negotiating with me? Are you negotiating with me? A million is too much! I'd rather run for it.
Great idea! Fugitives escape all the time! Lady-killer here is going to prison.
I'd distance myself.
Wait! Whoa! Wait! Look, I'm not cut out for prison.
You have to make this Go away.
I'll get the million! You get a million dollars, I will backdate a ticket to Tahiti, like this chick Emily's skipping town.
It'll look like she blew up her boat for some fraud insurance claim.
That'll work.
[ Dialing ] Martin.
It's Charles.
Shut up and listen! I'm draining my account.
I need every cent of it, including your share! Don't you play the "crazy" card with me, you bloody tosser.
If I don't have it all "Tosser"? Within the hour, I'm going to the police, and I'm going to tell them your nasty little secrets! One hour, Martin! All good? My money man -- I owe him a percentage, but I know where his bodies are buried.
He knows what happens if he doesn't come through.
You know, there's a flight to Rio in three hours.
Why don't I get us a limo? We can both go cool off.
[ Laughs ] Rio.
Of course.
[ laughs ] Charles.
Nobody blackmails me and gets away with it.
That's tough talk for a glorified accountant, Martin.
You're lucky I don't kill you right here just for that weasel look on your face.
[ Lips smack ] See you when I see you.
[ blows air ] [ Laughs ] $1 million.
Now, make this all go away.
By the time I'm done, it'll be like this never happened.
(Charles) Who says you can't get away with murder? Ahh! It feels liberating.
Ha ha.
Hey, you know, speaking of that, there's a few things I wanted to mention to you.
First of all, I figured out why you're blacking out.
Oh, thank you, Detective.
I know.
I've been drinking too much.
Well, it's that, yeah.
And I've been drugging you.
[ Laughs ] But there's more good news.
You're not a murderer.
What? What the hell are you saying? Ah, but there's more bad news.
See, since you ripped off your money man, he wants you dead.
And that's a big problem because we told his guys where they could find you.
They're going to Rio! [ Chuckles ] Actually, no.
There's one final piece I got to tell you.
Also bad news.
We're not going to Rio.
What the hell are you doing?! Chuck This is your stop.
Chuck, what is this? Look, you can't be serious! This is mental! You know, there's nothing more pathetic than a bitch who can't move on.
A raging British jackass once told me that.
Cash isHeavy.
[ Laughing ] Wow! [ Sighing ] Oh.
So I should just drop this off at the bank? Show them a police report.
They'll probably chalk it up to a transfer mistake.
The rest of the cash we got from Charles is going back to his victims.
Buddy of mine on the force is putting together a list.
What happened to Charles? Oh, uh, he's currently on the run from his former money manager.
You guys are amazing! Sorry about having to sacrifice your boat.
You know, I think Josh would have appreciated the final voyage.
Mom, have you seen Jesse? Are you going somewhere? Tampa.
I've been meaning to visit my friend Gwen.
So that's what I'm gonna do.
Were you planning on saying goodbye? Well, all right.
Tell Gwen I said hi.
I don't even particularly like Gwen, Michael.
But I can't keep walking past Jesse in my house with all this pressure.
And I can't let you keep telling lie after lie.
You know, you say that like you think I enjoy it.
Don't bother calling me to come back until it's all over.
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Sighs ] I'm sorry.
I have to take this.
[ Scoffs ] [ Ringing continues ] [ Door slams ] [ Beep ] Mr.
At long last.
I got your little message.
You've never heard of e-mail? I guess I'm just old-fashioned.
I don't believe in making a deal without a handshake.
If you want the bible, you have to get on a plane.
I just got off one, son.
Thought I should meet you face-to-face.
I'll be in touch.
[ Beep ] So, Barrett's in town.
The prince of darkness right here in Miami.
I think we've used that name before.
Yeah? I'll try and think of something better.
Meantime, here's the FAA manifest for Drake Tech's private jet.
I guess he brought an army.
Doubt that will stop him from hiring some locals.
Yeah, I already made a few calls for some private security firms.
Trying to figure out where he's staying, too.
Well, that's a start.
He had to have visited Miami before.
We should find out where his old haunts are.
Lots of work ahead.
Jesse coming? Consuela! Five beers, please! What? Got to hydrate.
Michael? [ sighs ] We need to talk.
[ Door slams ] Hey, Fi.
What's going on, Jesse? You know, something was, uh Something was bothering me For the last few days.
I was having a hard time putting my finger on it.
Then I talked to my old handler Marv.
You remember him.
Right? There's no security footage from the military annex on the day that I was burned.
It's all been wiped.
But, uh There's another facility across the street.
Marv found that footage hadn't been erased.
So it turns out that at the exact same moment that I was accused of stealing government files, someone else was rushing away from the annex.
Well, that doesn't mean -- No! No! No!! You do not get to lie to me anymore!! Michael burned me.
And you all helped cover it up.
It wasn't meant to happen.
We've been trying to take Barrett out so you can get back in.
Everything that's happened since the day that I met you people has been a lie.
No, that's not true.
And Michael, he's a spy.
You know, I-I should expect that from him.
But you I thought I meant something to you.
[ Breathes deeply ] You do.
You can stop.
You can stop right there.
[ Gun clicks ] [ Gasps ] Goodbye, Fiona.
No, J-Jesse.
[ Sniffles ] [ Door opens ] [ Exhales sharply ] [ Cellphone rings ] Yeah, Fi.
Jesse found out -- about everything.
He had a gun.
Wait, wait, wait.
Are you okay? We ruined his life, Michael.
Where is he? [ Sighs ] I don't know.
But I think he's gonna make us pay.