Burn Notice s05e04 Episode Script

No Good Deed

1 My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
It's a cliché that spies wear tuxedos in the field.
While there's some truth to it, you don't usually wear them to baccarat tables in Monte Carlo.
Most of the time you're in black tie, it's at rubber-chicken dinners, political fundraisers, or charity auctions.
Not quite as glamorous as the French Riviera, but at least you'll usually get free drinks.
It's you.
Don't you clean up quick.
Didn't have much choice.
You gave me only 45 minutes' notice.
Sorry about that.
The boys up at Langley just got wind of a little situation.
We're gonna have to run this up on the fly.
What's the job? A yet-to-be identified foreign government plans on stealing tech secrets from the Swedes.
At a fundraiser for marine animals.
Gunther Ehren.
He's got a soft spot for manatees.
He owns Jetswede, the high-end aeronautics company.
And you see that tablet he's carrying? Idiot's got his entire computer backed up on that thing.
We're talking design specs, contracts, prototypes.
That is a tech thief's dream.
Since it's just the two of us, I take it we're not here to stop the thief.
Oh, no.
We just want to find out who's behind it.
State-of-the-art R.
tracker inside.
Ain't micro-technology something? It's like the future.
You want me to plant this on a target we still haven't identified? Told you, the company's flying by the seat of its pants here.
Well, I guess you called the right guy.
Keep an eye on Gunther.
And try some of the seviche while you're at it.
$1,700, looking for the eight.
$1,800, the bid to nine.
Back to you now.
What'd I miss? Just Gunther putting down his fourth plate of tiger prawns.
They are very good.
Somebody's got the thousand-yard stare.
What is it? Did you ever read the report I submitted? I know it was long, but we're talking about four years of -- again with the people that burned you? Michael, you were there.
We broke them to pieces.
We ground them into dust.
It's over.
You won.
I guess.
But I flagged some inconsistencies the agency should look into.
- Westen -- - Questions that never got answered.
Thank you.
That concludes our California vintage.
We will take a You keep playing the boy who cried "Shouldn't we triple-check this?" People are gonna start thinking that you're a nut.
Because you sound like a nut.
Max, wait a second.
Here we go.
We got action on our computer thieves.
We're on.
Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going, you weasel-faced son of a bitch! Are you talking to me? I know what you're doing, and I really don't appreciate it! Excuse me, but I -- You have been driving up the prices on me all day! You made me lose the Diamond Creek Cabernet! - It's because of you.
Because -- - easy, easy.
No, no, James! It's not worth it.
This is between me and my new pal, weasel-face.
- You're drunk, and you're confused.
- Am I?! Am I? Well, let's just see.
Let me see your paddle.
Pretending to be a belligerent drunk lets you get close to a target long enough to plant a tracker without them getting suspicious.
Get the hell off of me! Of course, if you plan on making a scene at a fancy hotel, you'd better be ready to pay the price.
Easy, guys, we're leaving.
You better be.
Okay! So, we good? Tracker signal's at full and on the move.
We have lift-off.
Oh, hope that's not a rental.
Original Air Date on July 14, 2011 Seeing a project through to completion requires a certain level of obsessiveness.
The problem is you can't turn it on and off.
So you end up doing things no one else can understand, like sticking with an operation long after it's over or trying to fix a car you should have given up on years ago.
Fi Can you give it a try? Not until you answer my question.
What did Max say about your report on the people who burned you? Not much.
Your obsession with this is starting to wear on me -- on us.
Now, I want a real answer.
Did Max buy your theory on loose ends? He said it wasn't worth pursuing and I should drop it.
And? I'm dropping it.
I'm starting to like Max.
Sounds like you need a new distributor.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but your friend Barry is here with his brother.
His brother? There are two of them? They have a problem.
I said you'd help.
I'm off to aqua-yoga.
We are practicing underwater chakra meditations today.
Be good.
Fi, I have a meeting with Max -- Say no more.
Maybe he can talk even more sense into you.
I'll handle Barry.
Fi! Long time, no see.
Where's Mikey? Swallow, then speak, Barry.
Fi, I'd like you to meet my brother Paul.
- He's screwed six ways from Sunday.
- Nice to meet you.
Barry talks about you and your friends like you're superheroes.
Oh, well, we get lucky every once in a while.
What kind of trouble you in? I manage the Dade County Teachers Credit Union.
Yeah, finances run in the family, except Paul here, he follows the rules.
Last night, somebody stole an encrypted server filled with thousands of member records -- social-security numbers, account info Did you report it? We keep the records in a secure area.
You need a pin and a call-and-response key to get in.
I checked the logs.
I don't know how, but -- Whoever did this stole your access codes and key to get in.
Enter black-sheep Barry.
I can't get an invite to my niece's birthday party, but, uh, I got a call for this.
Not fair, Barry.
Last time I invited you to a family function, you brought an escort.
Hey, Fi, will you tell him that wearing a short skirt does not make you a prostitute? She actually said, "I am an escort.
" Did you come here for family counseling, or do you need help? This isn't just about me.
I mean, if those records get decrypted, everything they have in the blink of an eye.
Please, help me get it back.
I know that look.
She's in.
Intelligence-agency field offices have to find a delicate balance between blending in and providing adequate security Come on, Westen.
I got a tee time I'm trying to make.
Which is why, whenever possible, they piggyback onto the facilities of fellow government agencies.
This belongs to you now.
Bosses cleared you for a temporary key card.
Keep up the good work, and maybe you'll get a real one.
Must be my lucky day.
Oh, it gets better.
We followed the tracker that you planted on the thieves at the auction.
The tablet's being held at a company called Vaxilar Investments.
Vaxilar Investments.
Sounds vague.
Well, it's a shell company with ties to the French government.
Turns out the frogs are behind the whole thing.
So congratulations.
Mission accomplished.
I'm getting the feeling you didn't call me in for a high five.
Well, you know that no good deed goes unpunished.
The brass was so impressed that they've given us a follow-up assignment.
They want us to break in and steal the same file from Gunther's tablet.
You know the game.
They steal secrets, we steal secrets -- it's all good fun.
Until someone gets caught.
Then we don't get caught.
Only one problem.
Heat sensor, state-of-the-art.
Yeah, Vaxilar's got a secure room with these hanging all over like Christmas lights.
Anybody walks in there with a heat signature above room temp, and "Whoop, whoop!" We should heat up the room.
Maybe it's time Vaxilar Investments had an issue with their A.
You make it look too easy, Westen.
Sorry, Fi, I can't help you.
I'm not really a big Barry fan anyway.
Well, it isn't Barry.
It's his brother.
His brother? Dear God.
There's two of them? Yeah, I know.
But he's actually kind of sweet.
Doesn't matter.
Elsa's coming in tonight on the G6.
And I got to prepare the vessel.
Just hear me out about Paul's problem.
Jesse combed the company's employees for suspects, and we found one worth talking to.
Sorry, Fi.
Too risky.
Another mojito, Mr.
Axe? Yes, Edward.
Thank you for asking.
Appreciate it.
First-name basis with the staff, huh? Well, you know, being the owner's boy toy does have its perks.
Now you see why I don't want to disappoint Elsa? Oh.
Fi, what are you doing? Well, it's your choice, Sam.
Either I can be cousin Kelly here to take you out to lunch or I can be your hot new fling.
- It's up to you.
- Yes, yes, cousin Kelly.
Ha ha! I'd love to have a pastrami on rye with you.
Okay, you got me until Mike's done with his date with the CIA, and that's it.
In many ways, the more sophisticated a thief is, the easier they are to find.
Anyone who gets a job under a fake name and uses stolen high-security access codes leaves a fat paper trail, which means, if they're smart, they have no intention of hanging around.
Ooh, looks like we're just in time.
Someone's skipping town.
"Someone" goes by "Griffin Kehl," or at least that's the name he used to get a janitor job at Paul's bank just before the server went missing.
Talk about a career criminal.
Guy's been collecting warrants in other states like merit badges.
Armed robbery, assault, solicitation.
Doesn't sound like the résumé of a guy who hacks secure access codes.
No, my guess is he's a hired hand.
Okay, wait a second.
You guys dragged me all the way across town just to help you twist some lowlife's arm? When that's the lowlife, yeah.
Oh, somebody call the zoo 'cause a fricking grizzly just escaped.
Well, grizzly bear or not, we got to find out who his boss is.
Fi, you got the lookout? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We'll be back.
Have fun, boys.
Hey, Griffin.
Oh, you moving again, huh? Wow.
That's like, uh, three times in eight months.
Who are you? How do you know my name? Called research, big boy.
Knowledge is power.
You got time for a chat? Aah! Hey! Fi, get in here! Watch it! Grab him! Try and knock him down! I'm getting him! Playtime's over.
Try and hit him! Ohh! Ow! Fi, you shot me! Quit crying.
It's just a beanbag.
Ohh! Down, boy.
Sam leave without saying goodbye? He said he had to get back to big mama.
Now you feel like talking? The hell do you people want? We want to know who you were working for when you stole a server from the teachers credit union.
I'm just a janitor.
All right, we'll keep this simple, Griffin.
Or do you prefer Gilbert McCauley? I don't know what you're talking about.
Look, big man, you can tell us who hired you, or you can swallow an armed-robbery charge in St.
Or perhaps a nice attempted-murder in Lexington.
Don't forget Columbus.
It was just a solicitation charge, but the girl was a minor.
Want to come clean before we start making calls? Okay, wait.
You don't get it.
The lady who hired me -- this chick is vicious.
The last guy that pissed her off, she hacked his life to pieces.
She got his truck repo'd, she canceled his sick wife's medical insurance.
She even put him on a terrorist watch list.
Yes, hello.
Could I speak to a Detective Ashby, please? Eve! Her name is Eve! She paid me 10 grand to steal the drive.
You think he's holding out on us? You know what? I think he is.
I think he is.
We do this sort of thing a lot, Grif.
Okay, okay, okay, fine -- she paid me to steal some computers from the warehouse, too.
Oh, how many? That's it.
I swear to God.
Please hang up the phone.
All right, so, what if we wanted to hire Eve? Sorry, dude.
She works on referrals.
You got to know somebody.
Well, it's a good thing we know you.
A dozen computers? Sounds like she set up a Beowulf cluster.
Beowulf cluster? That -- that sounds bad.
It's how hackers create supercomputers, okay? They cram a bunch of PCs into one room, and they attack the server's encryption.
You can crack a file in two days.
We need to find that room.
How long would it take to cook up an encrypted file of your own? An hour, tops.
Why? We're gonna hire Eve to hack it.
We'll tail her from the meeting to wherever she's decrypting your server.
Her guy told Jesse she gets I don't have that kind of money.
Well, come on.
I mean, now's not the time to start pinching pennies, Paul.
Oh! What was I thinking? Why didn't I leave money in the budget for a hacker? All right, look, um Give me a couple of hours.
I cansell the Prius and, uh - This rolex.
- No, no.
Hey, Paul, come on.
You can't sell dad's watch.
What choice do I have? People who put their trust in me are gonna lose their life savings.
All right, look, look, look, look, look.
Save the heirloom and your little go-kart.
I'll get you the cash, okay? When can we get this meeting? As soon as you get the money.
Criminals who specialize in hacking are a special breed.
They have the skills to find legitimate work, but they choose to steal instead.
They're all about using their brains to dominate and control.
That's game, George.
Time to go.
That's enough spanking for one day.
Go! That's why crafting a cover I.
that will succeed with them is a challenge.
They're not looking for an equal partner.
They're looking for another loser to sneer at, so that's just what you give them.
Well, looky here.
If it isn't my favorite cro-mag, Griffin.
This your friend? Eve, meet Baxter.
What do you want, Baxter? Yeah, nice to meet you.
Hey, yeah, all right.
So, uh, look, I'm an old-school thief.
You know, I like things I can touch.
You're a dinosaur.
I can see that.
How do you know each other, again? We done jobs.
How many jobs you "done," exactly? Jesus, I told you.
You know, Lexington, Knoxville, Atlantic City.
You said six jobs.
Tell them to me again.
By year.
I don't know if you're a narc or just a two-bit amateur, but I know you're lying.
Meeting adjourned.
Okay, all right, you got us.
I am a thief, but we ain't never worked together.
We met in the back of a police car during a vice sting.
What, were you, like, swept up chasing jailbait? All right.
Columbus, 2006.
I didn't know.
It's not part of my life I want to brag about.
So you're a degenerate.
My money still spends.
Bye-bye, Griffin.
I'll bite.
Tell me about your job.
Client came to me.
Hacking job.
Too juicy to pass up.
They want these financial records off this world wide website.
A little out of my league.
Life plans don't come cheap.
$5,000 after, when I get the file, sweetheart.
Make it another $10,000.
Stay by the phone.
This won't take long.
She's on the move.
Red hair, gray top, black pants.
Don't get too close.
We've got it covered, Michael.
Is that her? Mm-hmm.
That's the first real redhead I've seen since I left Ireland.
Vehicle countersurveillance is very difficult if you're trying to be inconspicuous.
If you're willing to be a little more obvious, on the other hand, it gets a lot easier.
You can drive in circles, go the wrong direction on a one-way street, or just stop in the middle of the road.
Looks like somebody fell asleep at the wheel.
Keep driving.
She's right there! She's checking to see if she has a tail.
If we stick around, she'll know.
Don't yell at me.
Eve just pulled a stop-and-see.
The girl's tricky.
We're not tailing her anywhere.
Is there a plan "B"? We're gonna have to track her digitally after she hacks the file.
Well, it's lovely that you're staying so positive, Michael, but wouldn't that take government-level resources? Then I'll have to talk to someone who has government-level resources.
I just need to find out where this hacker is located.
I got it.
But if she's any good, she's gonna be bouncing her signal all over the globe.
I'd have to rope in half a dozen of N.
's finest to track her down.
It's worth it.
She's gonna hurt a lot of innocent people.
Yeah? I'm innocent people.
If I get busted using N.
resources to help a burned spy with an unapproved mission, they'll ship me off to Siberia, and my wife hates the snow.
Max, we're talking about teachers.
Teachers, Max.
Okay, you're gonna lay it on, aren't you? Okay, I'll think about it.
Now, would you focus on the task at hand? I don't want this thing blowing up in my face.
We're sabotaging an A.
We're not defusing a bomb.
Yeah, well, I've noticed that things have a tendency to blow up when you're around.
Even the most security-conscious firms rarely check their A.
units for tampering.
Access the ventilation system, and with the right hardware, you can spoil an enemy's food supply, sweat out entrenched combatants, or just warm an office enough to make intruders invisible to heat sensors.
Give it a try.
So long, Jack Frost.
Noon tomorrow, gonna be a furnace in there.
I'll make sure I wear something that breathes.
So, are you done thinking? Here's the deal.
When the N.
gives me an address on this hacker lady, Michael Westen, soon-to-be-reinstated agent of the CIA, goes nowhere near said address.
Don't worry about it.
I got friends for that.
I thought hackers lived in caves.
Well, good news is Eve is not home.
But the security system for this complex is pretty top-notch.
I mean, the whole setup is hardwired.
So nobody's getting in there without tripping an alarm.
All right, well, let's swing by my office and pick up some gadgets.
We don't have time to drive across town.
Okay, well, if you can't get in clean, just give the cops something else to look into while you break in.
That sounds good.
How you gonna do it? Me? Uh, I'm not even supposed to be here.
- Why do I get the hard job? - It was your idea.
Do Porsches come with tire irons? One way to break into a secure building is to commit a decoy crime first.
Create an obvious situation that explains why an alarm was tripped, and people won't discover the real reason you stopped by.
I don't see any computers.
Okay, Fi, the boys in blue are here.
You two got to get the server and get out.
It's not here.
Then grab what you can and go.
When you don't have time for a thorough search, the next best option is to take what you can on your way out.
Wait a minute.
Here we go.
But if you don't want anyone to know you were there, you're limited to things they won't miss.
Take these.
Open your purse.
We're gonna take this with us.
Like trash.
Okay, let's go.
People tend to think shredding documents is the same as destroying them.
Actually, it's more like taking the pieces from a hundred different Jigsaw puzzles and mixing them up.
Putting them back together is just a matter of time and perseverance or having access to the right software.
Not too shabby, huh? I pieced together a take-out receipt, some junk mail, and a partial phone bill.
Now we know Eve likes the moo shu chicken at Yee's and she's on the Uh, we know a little more than that, Spiky.
I used a connection at work to pull her text messages from her phone.
She's been I.
'ing some guy named Dean Myers like he's a new B.
Dean Myers, as it turns out, runs a syndicate out of Atlanta.
Not a guy you'd normally find on your friends-and-family plan.
Check this one.
"The cake will be ready for the bake sale by Sunday.
" Something tells me she's not talking about raspberry cheesecake.
Oh! She's almost done cracking my server.
We'll get it off her hands before she can sell it.
How? You said Eve was untrackable.
Who said anything about tracking? She's gonna walk Mike right to it.
He's meeting Eve to pay for the file she hacked, and then she's gonna hire her to decrypt it.
The chances are she'll use the same network she's got working on your server.
You see, bro? Told you they're rock stars.
Hey, uh, you need your bills paid? Ah.
Clever girl.
I guess good looks aren't the only thing God gave you.
Shut it, creeper.
not a hand job.
How about a smile? Guess not.
Surely 50 grand will thaw the ice queen.
$50,000? For what? This file ain't gonna decrypt itself.
Decrypt is a six-figure word.
I like a girl who knows her worth.
There's just one condition.
I need to be there when it happens.
No, uh, I need to watch you "Run the decryption, crack the code, and forge the system.
" You mean purge the system.
Yeah, if that means erase, then yeah, I do.
Start next week.
These aren't exactly patient men.
Would another $50,000 put me at the top of your to-do list? Maybe, but I don't make a single keystroke until all the money's in an escrow account.
Yeah, I'll call you when it's there.
And, Eve, I'm really looking forward to that first stroke! Perv.
Fi, plan's in motion.
Let's go to work.
I love the patchwork curtains, Fi.
I got to tell you, I am totally digging this new vibe you got going here.
How's Mikey taking it? He's getting used to it.
Change is a process.
Well, you know what else is a process.
Putting an imaginary $150,000 into an escrow account in under two hours.
But, uh, that's what you asked for, my Celtic princess.
And these magical fingers, they delivered.
So, what are you making? A remote-detonated incendiary bomb with a thermite core.
Mmm, love it when you talk dirty.
Um, I'm sorry.
How does a bomb get my server back? Well, getting it back is the goal, but Eve's been cracking that server for two days.
We need to make sure there's nothing left in her system.
Okay, but is all this stuff really necessary? She knows what she's doing, man.
Show some gratitude.
I'm being grateful.
I just want to make sure innocent people don't get hurt, a concept I'm not at all surprised you find confusing.
- Boys - The only thing that I find confusing is that you keep questioning my friends.
- They know what they're doing.
Trust me.
- I'm working here.
You know what I can count on when you say, "trust me"? Something bad happening.
Ow! Ow! Now, if I make one mistake inserting this blasting cap, we all die a fiery death.
So shut up and let me work.
Getting me in trouble, man.
I can't tell you how glad I am you two were able to get out here on a Saturday.
'Cause if I don't get this sweat lodge fixed by tomorrow, they're giving me the boot.
Well, you're in good hands, sir.
If hell does ever freeze over, it'll be because the devil called us to fix his A.
Could take a while, though.
So, uh, we got this covered if you want to enjoy the rest of your weekend.
No, I think it'd be best if I stuck around, actually.
We got a pretty strict security policy here.
When in the field, it's the little things that kill you -- a getaway car that won't start, a jammed gun that won't fire, or a maintenance man who won't leave.
Do you smell that? When setbacks happen, you improvise.
What? Wait.
You don't think Guys, is everything okay? No, everything is not okay.
We got a trioxylene leak here.
Trioxylene? W-what's that? It's a silent killer created when natural gas mixes with the freon from the A.
We gonna be okay? Jean, I need you to get to the gas shut-off valve and turn it off while we seal these vents.
Can you do that? Can you do that, Jean?! Trioxylene gas? I once convinced a Turkish diplomat his house was filled with methylchloridium.
It's hot enough in there to hide us from the thermal sensors.
I hope so, or we're gonna have an international incident on our hands.
I guess we're good.
Talk about cocky.
Stolen computer filled with trade secrets, and the Frenchies leave it out in the open.
Now we wait.
Hey, how's your little hacker hunt going? I'm wrapping it up after this.
Don't worry, I won't be making a habit of asking for these kind of favors.
No, no, no, no.
Ask away.
I mean, the answer might not always be yes, but I'm happy to help.
Whenever I can.
All right, let's get the A.
back on before the maintenance man has a nervous breakdown.
There it goes.
It's important to keep your guard up at the end of an operation.
Once you've found your target, won their trust, and made a deal, it's natural to want to relax a bit.
Hop in.
Keep your hands to yourself.
But the fact is, that's exactly the time to be most careful.
When money's on the line and things go wrong, they tend to go very, very wrong.
Aah! What -- what did -- laced a needle with ketamine.
I've heard it works fast, but wow.
UhUh Shut up.
You're pathetic.
I dug into that escrow account you set up.
It was a fake.
You picked the wrong bitch to cross.
Look who's up.
I've been thinking about that escrow account.
Very well done.
Since we both know something like that's out of your league Oh! Have to wonder Who are you working for? When someone's in a killing mood, it doesn't help appealing to their sympathy.
You're better off taking their rage and redirecting it at someone else.
Dean Myers! Dean Myers! What the hell did you just say? I said Dean Myers.
That's insane.
Come on, sweetie.
We both know he's your buyer.
I've worked with Dean for years.
He told me to steal a server before he landed from Atlanta.
You weren't supposed to know he was behind it.
Son of a bitch! Well, I guess you failed.
Know what that means? Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait, wait! You wouldn't -- I'm just an employee! You wouldn't shoot a gardener, would you? If you want to hurt someone, hurt him.
I can help you.
How? Rob him.
Use my crew.
Your crew? We can set a trap.
You say the word, and we'll steal his money and the files.
You and me.
I get the money.
I get the files.
You get your life.
Unless something goes bad.
Then you get a bullet in your head.
He should have called by now.
You think something went wrong? I know something went wrong.
Look who's here.
This seat taken? No? Thank you.
Chuck Finley, I presume.
Have we met? No, but Baxter told me all about you -- all of you -- so let's not pretend like you don't know who I am.
What'd you do with him? Oh, sweetie.
He didn't mention you were his girlfriend.
He's a total pervo, by the way.
So, uh Where is he? He's taking a ketamine nap.
We made a deal.
I agreed to let him live.
He agreed to work for me.
Which means you all work for me.
Pretty cool, huh? You're still going to be robbing somebody, but it won't be me.
We speak to Baxter first, or you can go to hell Sweetie.
Be here tomorrow Eat a good breakfast, and bring your "A" game.
If you screw this up, Baxter won't be okay.
In fact, he won't be.
So, this is where the wicked witch of the web does her thing, huh? Nice view.
The second she lets down her guard, we take her out.
Uh, Fi, that's a Glock 26 with a hair trigger.
We move now, Mike's going home in a body bag.
So, what? We just take her word that she's gonna let him go? No, we play this thing out until we get our chance, damn it.
You wanted to see Baxter -- feast your eyes.
No touching.
I hear there's a change of plans.
Cheer up, guys.
It's gonna be like taking candy from a baby.
My buddy Dean is on his way.
He doesn't know we're here.
And he doesn't even know we're gonna hit him.
Load the money and the computers -- everything -- into baby doll's truck.
And then boom -- it's go time.
Okay, reunion's over.
We've got guests to get ready for.
"Boom -- it's go time.
" Am I crazy, or does it sound like Mike still wants us to blow up the computers? No, I think he just gave us a way to get him out of this alive.
Man wants fireworks I'll give him fireworks.
When you operate in the field, you expect your cover to be tested.
To stay alive, you keep your facts straight, your lies simple, and try not to come face to face with someone you've never met Eve! Hello?! But are already supposed to know.
Anybody here?! Yeah, we're here.
But when that's unavoidable, you stare the stranger in the eyes We're all here.
And sell your relationship with everything you've got.
She busted us, Deano.
Who's this guy? That fake escrow account you set up didn't work.
Fake escrow account? Who the hell are you?! After all the jobs I did, all the money I made for you, this is how you thank me? You try to screw me? Screw you -- Baxter told me everything.
You hired him to steal the drive from me.
You're crazy! I don't even know this Baxter! Look, I got all your money right here! Oh, so you didn't know me when you flew me up to Atlanta and offered me this gig? You make it a habit of depositing 20 g's in the accounts of total strangers, or is it my lucky day? Dean, this is a setup.
Not a good idea.
Allow me, gentlemen.
Get on the ground.
Whatever they told you, they're lying.
Get on the ground.
All the way down.
Let's go.
You had to get greedy.
It's a shame, really.
Put the server, the computers, and the money in my Jeep now.
Eve, you're making a big mistake.
God damn it, listen to me! Enjoy your stay.
The ocean's only a few steps away.
And there's nobody around for miles, so there won't be anyone to bother you.
But that means nobody will be here to hear you scream.
You can't do this to us.
Eve! Eve! We wait any longer, she's gonna turn this into a mass execution, man.
If we start shooting, Mike catches the first bullet.
Toss the hand cannons in, too.
Hold up.
I have one more.
Take these.
You three, over there.
Shut it.
Did I tell you? My crew would deliver.
Yeah, good job, crew.
Now, zip-tie your hands.
That's it.
On your knees, please.
It's now or never, Fi.
We got to take our chances.
- Blow the bomb.
- He's too close.
We do it now, he dies.
Well, it's nice working with you, Evie.
Actually, there's one more thing.
Remember that part about me letting you live if you helped me rip off my buyer? I lied.
Easy, girl.
It's time for you to ride off into the sunset, sweetheart.
You got the money, you got the computers.
Fi, push the button.
Come on, Michael.
Few more steps.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You don't have to kill me.
I know.
But I want to.
If you're gonna do it, then not in the face, please.
Please not the face! Not the face.
I don't want a closed casket! You remember the part about me helping you get away with the money and the drive? I lied.
- What do you say we get the oysters? - I'm allergic to shellfish.
Really? Still? Still.
Hi, Fi.
Your server.
Uh Wow.
Yeah, I would tell them you had a small electrical fire or something.
You know, be creative.
So, what happened to Eve? Well, we blew up her Jeep, hogtied her, called the police.
She'll have a lot of explaining to do.
Thank you.
You guys saved my life.
Thank your brother.
He's bailed us out more than once.
If it weren't for him, we wouldn't be here to help you.
Really? Why do you act so surprised? I know it's hard to get past the ridiculous hairstyle and the multiple piercings and the man-purse And the wrist cuffs.
Fi loves the wrist cuffs.
Am I right, sweetie? Barry, I'm saying nice things.
Don't make me shoot you.
Don't take family for granted.
Thanks, Barry.
I mean it.
Fiona, I heard Michael's distributor was on the Fritz.
This should work with a '73 Charger.
I'm a bit of a car guy myself.
I will put it to good use.
Hey, Fi, have Mike thank his CIA friends for me.
I have spent my entire career avoiding the reach of the U.
government, and I can't believe they saved this guy's butt.
You're just lucky he's working with one of the good guys Who's actually a good guy.
I don't mind that.
Once the bullets have stopped flying and the mission is over, the least-glamorous part of a spy's work begins -- the debriefings.
They're lengthy sessions to analyze mission strategy And discuss operational facts that will go into the field reports.
Not the most exciting way to spend a Sunday afternoon, unless something unexpected happens to spice things up.
Max! Max! What happened? What happened? Did this to you? Who did this to you? My M-my w-wife's gonna be pissed.
Say goodbye for me.
Stay with me, Max.
No, no, no.
Max! Fi, somebody shot Max.
The police are on the way, and I think I'm holding the murder weapon.
What? Who shot him? I don't know, but they fired blanks at me.
Why would someone shoot at you with blanks? I think they're framing me for Max's murder.
How soon can you get here? To secure a location, police clear rooms one by one from the ground up.
It's a thorough procedure but slow.
It gives you the opportunity to cover your tracks, wipe down fingerprints, pick up any shell casings, and steal the office access logs.
But it only leaves one option for escaping.
So when your back's against the wall and time is running out, there's nothing like seeing an old friend.
Rescue line launchers are standard gear for most Coast Guard, mountain rescue, and tactical-assault teams.
They use compressed air to throw a line up to 400 feet.
Not the type of equipment you use very often, but when you need it, you really need it.
Anyone who's ever climbed rope in gym class knows you can't just slide down if you want any skin on your hands by the time you get to the bottom.
Fi -- Not now.
Get to the car.
Why would anyone kill Max and frame you for it? - I don't know.
- You think it has something to do with you asking him to help you track Eve? There's no way.
Something like that takes time to plan.
The guy you saw, was there any -- It was too fast.
I missed him.
Well, we're not gonna recover anything from this key-card log.
I covered my tracks So I covered the tracks of the killer.
Your only other option was a murder charge.
It's not your fault.
Well, it's official.
Someone's trying to frame you.
I found this little parting gift on the car that you took to Max's office.
Brand-new box missing 13 bullets.
Two that killed Max, two I shot into the wall, and I bet the rest are in here.
Mike, did Max say anything before he I mean, anything that can help us figure out who did this? He said to say goodbye to his wife.
Michael, we have to do something about that gun.
Yeah, and we need to get an alibi for you like right now.
Are you listening, brother? We got to get in front of this.
I know.
I know.
Let's go to work.