Burn Notice s06e01 Episode Script

Scorched Earth

[ Cellphone rings ] Man: We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
[ Whistles ] When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
[ Laughs ] A trigger-happy girlfriend Should we shoot them? an old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
family, too Hey, is that your mom again? if you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
and a down-and-out spy you met along the way.
That's how we do it, people.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
Previously on Burn Notice Welcome home, kid.
You're gonna help me break in to the British consulate right now.
Ohh! Go get a .
50 Cal -- then maybe you got a shot.
I will kill Michael.
[ Device beeps ] Oh, God.
Why did you plant the bomb in the lobby? I didn't.
I made one targeted explosive, just enough for Larry.
The security guards -- they're dead.
Unless you're willing to see your girlfriend go to prison for the rest of her life, you will do exactly what I say.
Fiona: He'll keep forcing you to do his bidding.
There is no end to this.
We just delivered a couple hundred million dollars to a very dangerous man.
I am not losing you, Fi.
[ Grunts ] I know that you're trying to rebuild the organization that burned me! Aah! Congrats.
You're in charge of an official CIA team for the first time since you got burned.
That elite CIA team you've been running -- they're gonna be my new starting lineup because you're gonna burn them for me.
You want me to betray my own team? There has to be a line.
There is no line when it comes to you! We'll go to the FBI, I'll turn myself in, and we'll make them understand.
They won't understand us.
Michael!! Michael: Anson, it's over.
One way or another, it's over.
Nobody's getting burned today.
I'll see you in hell! Pearce, our team has been compromised! Things have changed.
There is a new plan.
Anson: Michael, that was quite a disaster at the airport today.
I told you what would happen if things didn't go well.
Fi, we got to leave.
We got -- Sam! Where's Fi? She clocked me with a bottle.
I tried to stop her.
She's turning herself in? Yeah.
Federal building.
She said she didn't want to let you keep working for Anson anymore.
She didn't want to run and let the bastard get away.
She left that for you, Mike.
I'm sorry, Mikey.
I'm so sorry.
Fi! I'm here to, uh, surrender.
Hands up! Hands up! Back of your head now! Do it now! Man: Back! Get back! Suspect is in custody, over.
Man #2: Suspect is in custody, over.
Woman: All personnel, proceed with caution.
Secure the halls -- now.
Suspect is considered extremely dangerous.
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Device warbling ] [ Beeping ] [ Handcuffs click ] Fiona: "I loved you.
"Before I should have, i trusted you "'Cause I've always known your heart.
You do what's right, no matter the cost to you.
" "And I've learned that when you love a spy, you have to be willing to make that sacrifice, too.
" There you are.
Been looking all over for you.
Is Fi? I was too late, Sam.
Look, Mike, you can't blame yourself.
I mean, there was nothing you could do.
It wasn't like any of us could stop her.
What about you, Sam? What are you talking about? You know exactly what I'm talking about.
[ Stammers ] I-I don't.
You expect me to believe she knocked you out? How is that possible? How is that possible? Mike, come on, man.
What do you want me to say? Okay, yeah, yeah, maybe I could have fought her off.
That's right.
But did it ever occur to you that maybe she was right? You were losing yourself, Mike.
You were selling out everything you ever fought for! I was fighting for her! By burning spies? Mike, you were betraying your friends.
You were about to betray your goddamn government.
[ Voice breaking ] What do I do now, Sam? What do I do? I've just been fighting for so long, Sam.
And she was all I had left.
Now you're just gonna have to fight a little more.
I got a call from the CIA team over at the airport.
They're working on something.
Let's go, Mike.
This may not be over yet.
Original Air Date on June 14, 2012 Yeah, yeah, yeah, got it.
Mike, that was Jesse.
I don't want to get your hopes up too high here, but, uh Sounds like he's got a lead on Anson.
What?! [ Tires screeching ] Where?! Mike, warn me when you're gonna do that? Where is he, Sam? Jesse's on the CIA system.
He's tapping the traffic cams, and he saw Anson leaving his apartment with a get-out-of-town bag and a fresh shave.
Goodbye, mustache.
As of 20 minutes ago, he was heading through midtown in a green Jag.
[ Tires screeching ] So, Mike, you know, not to get ahead of ourselves here -- I mean, what's the plan if we catch him? He's the reason why I lost Fi.
What do you think the plan is? Mike, I hate it when you talk like that.
You don't get to argue, Sam! Not on this, not after what happened today.
[ Cellphone rings ] See what's going on.
Jesse, what's the latest? You ask, I deliver.
I just spotted Anson's Jag on a traffic Cam in Brickell.
He's traveling alone.
Good news is, he's minding his red lights, he's going the speed limit.
You should be able to catch up to him.
He's heading south on 821.
You think he's going to Cutler Bay? That would be my guess, yeah.
With the explosion at the airport, all the flights in and out of Miami are grounded.
He's probably trying to hop a boat out of town.
Yeah, but there's got to be I mean, Anson gets there, he's gone.
He's not making it to Cutler Bay.
[ Engine revving ] Talked to my D.
Anson Fullerton is just a shrink who debriefs field operatives and treats PTSD cas-- Believe me -- he does a lot more than that, okay? Jesse, I have a rogue agent on the loose, a burning plane on the tarmac, and the F.
breathing down my neck to release air traffic.
I'm supposed to just forget all that and go after this guy? Yeah.
Look, I know how it sounds.
We're running out of time.
He's heading out of town.
You got to trust me on this one.
All right, let's just say I did.
What would you need, exactly? Mike and Sam are trying to cut him off.
As soon as they have him cornered, we'll take whatever resources you got.
Jesse, in case you haven't noticed, I'm spread pretty thin.
I'll do what I can, but for now, Michael's on his own.
Michael: The vehicle you want when hunting someone down depends on where you are in the chase.
If you're behind your target, you need a set of wheels that's fast enough to catch up.
If you're ahead and waiting for your target to come to you, you may want to think bigger.
Uh, Mike, the clock's ticking.
I mean, I thought the idea was to get ahead of Anson so we can spot him from the road.
There are no exits for 10 miles along that highway.
It'll be a lot easier if the traffic's stopped.
Oh, great.
Anti-theft devices, like transponder keys and transmission locks, make newer trucks nearly impossible to steal.
Hot-wiring an older truck, on the other hand, is still just a matter of shorting the terminals on the starter solenoid.
And, of course, dealing with whoever happens to own the truck.
Hey! What the hell are you doing?! Hey, I know this doesn't look good.
No, this guy's stealing my truck! Uh, yeah, he is, but, see, the thing is, it's kind of a long story, and trust me, pal, you don't want to mess with that guy right now.
Out of my way! Can't do that.
[ Gunshot ] Fight's over.
Walk away now.
Buy yourself another hot dog.
And, uh, you might want to call your insurance company.
I think you're gonna need a new truck.
[ Engine turns over ] Michael: Sam, I need you to slow down the cars behind me.
You got it, Mike.
[ Tires screeching ] [ Horns honking ] [ Honking continues ] Okay, Mike, whatever you're gonna do, now is the time.
Keeping a large truck stable is basically about keeping your speed low and your turns shallow so the center of gravity doesn't shift further than the vehicle can handle.
What are you doing? Oh, boy.
Oh -- On the other hand, speed and sharp turns are exactly what you need [ Tires screeching ] if you want the truck to jackknife.
Oh! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! [ Horns honking ] An abandoned semi truck will create an effective barricade.
But if you really want to tie up traffic, it helps to give people a reason to keep their distance.
That's a hell of a roadblock, Mike.
Just drive.
[ Tires screeching ] [ Door opens ] Ms.
Glenanne -- Agent Jason Bly.
I'm not sure if you remember me.
I had some dealings with you and Mr.
Westen several -- I remember you.
Yes, you clearly do.
I'm on loan here today from the CSS because of my, uh, experience with you and Mr.
Now, I assume you've been informed of your right to legal counsel.
I don't need a lawyer.
That makes things so much simpler.
I hear you want to confess to the bombing of the British consulate.
Not exactly.
I set one -- and only one -- charge in that building.
My target was a man named Larry Sizemore, a sociopathic CIA Agent.
As for the other bombs, I had nothing -- - Wait, wait, wait.
Slow down.
- Just listen.
The man you want -- his name is Anson Fullerton.
He planted all the other bombs in that building.
He framed me for it.
You have to go after him.
- You need to find him -- - Whoa, whoa.
I don't need to do anything.
Maybe you're not clear how this works.
You see how you're chained to the table? That's how you know that you're not in charge here.
So, how about this? I ask and you answer.
Are you even listening to me? Anson is getting away as we speak.
How many n's in "Glenanne"? [ Foot slams ] You see what you did? Now I have to start again.
You're sure Anson's in a green Jag? That's what Jesse said.
We'll find him, Mike.
He had to have been in one of these cars if he was headed to Cutler Bay.
You got to keep looking.
What the hell do you think I'm doing? Look, Mike, I know you're pissed, but you got to know that I didn't want to let Fi turn herself in.
But she was right -- things were getting out of hand.
You'll never convince me that Fiona giving herself up was the right thing to do.
Well, that's why we didn't ask you.
I mean, come on, Mike.
What's a guy supposed to do when he sees his best friend heading down the path to hell, huh? Help you pack? Speed you on your way? I knew what I was doing! What you were doing was lying to yourself, brother.
Why can't you see that? Stop the car! You spotted Anson's wheels? I think so.
Traffic here hasn't been stopped long.
He can't be far.
Hey, kid, the guy who was driving this car -- you see where he went? You know that dude? Yeah, he's, uh -- he's a friend of ours.
Well, he just, like, bailed on his ride, bro.
Headed over there.
Bet he's heading to that chemical plant, Mike.
Good cover for a guy on the run.
Let's check it out.
[ Cellphone rings ] Mike, who's calling? Michael: I think I can guess.
[ Beep ] Anson, where the hell are you? You find my car yet? What are you talking about? I'm at the CIA offices, sorting out the mission you just sabotaged.
Nice try, Michael.
I know you, remember? A massive accident stops traffic, a massive accident that miraculously injures no one? You might as well have held up a sign that says, "here I am.
" Anson, you are not getting away, and I'm -- Yes, yes, you're gonna hunt me down.
That's why I'm calling.
I'm not sure that that should be your first priority.
Oh? What should that be? Daryl Jordan.
He's a former patient of mine and an ex-army Ranger.
I treated him for paranoid schizophrenia.
He needed a focus for his violent impulses, so I suggested you.
He's on his way to address his issues.
Mike, what is it? He should be at Madeline's house in 20 minutes, so you might want to hurry.
I'd hate for you to lose Fiona and your mommy on the same day.
Pick up.
Come on mom.
[ Ringing ] Pick up.
Mike, hang on a second.
Madeline: You've just reached Madeline -- Damn it! [ Beep ] Anson just sent a psychopath to my mother's house, Sam.
I got to get back! Just think about it, Mike.
She's all the way across town.
You just turned this highway into a parking lot.
We'll never get there in time.
I have to try! Mike, that's just what Anson would want you to do.
Now, here -- I'm gonna call Jesse.
He can get to her a hell [ Speed-dialing ] of a lot faster than we can.
Mike, we finally got this cockroach cornered.
We're not gonna get a second chance, and you know damn well your mom would tell you the same thing.
Jesse: Hello? Jesse, it's Sam.
Listen, we got a situation.
What kind of situation? It's Maddy -- you got to call the cops and get over there now.
Woman: Coming up on "Miami News Live," startling developments related to last month's attack on the British consulate.
Homeland Security officials announcing the arrest of an Irish national earlier today.
Her identity is being withheld, but she did surrender to authorities at the downtown federal building on 23rd street.
[ Beeping ] It's believed that the suspect will remain in questioning for the rest of the afternoon.
No word on where she'll be held after that or even which jurisdiction will handle this case.
[ Pulsating tone ] Miami Metro Police, along with the federal government, expanding their search on those responsible for the bombing.
A number of extremist groups have been flagged for investigation, but authorities have ruled them out as far as involvement.
"Miami News Live" will report any new information as it becomes available.
[ TV chatter ] [ Knocking on door, doorknob rattling ] [ Thudding ] Michael: Hunting for a fugitive in a large area with a lot of cover is less about skill than it is about manpower.
It doesn't matter how good an operative you are.
When it comes to a manhunt, the more people you have on your side, the better.
Pearce, how long before you get backup here? Anson's in the area, but we have to move now.
Pearce: Michael, not only am I dealing with a burning plane at the airport, I'm dealing with an operation that went completely sideways.
It'll be hours before I can get a team to you, if I can do it at all.
We don't have hours.
If we lose this chance, we may not get another.
I can't just snap my fingers and make it happen.
As of this morning, no one at the CIA knew who Anson Fullerton was.
Nothing is more important than this! Just give me some support! Do whatever it takes! [ Beep ] Sounds like it's just us.
So, Mike, if Anson's in that building, it could take days to track him down.
If we wait for backup, we're gonna lose him.
If he was headed to Cutler Bay to meet a boat, chances are he's already redirected it here.
We probably don't have more than two hours, tops.
Your statement is interesting, Ms.
Some of it even fits with what we know.
Here's the problem.
Your story is missing a main character.
What are you talking about? Well, we both know that you didn't kill Larry Sizemore because you were suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to provide free security for the British consulate.
You wouldn't have killed Larry unless you had a good reason, like, say protecting your boyfriend, Michael Westen.
I'm not with Michael anymore.
Really? I'm surprised to hear that.
The two of you were quite the couple.
Not to mention the fact that I have documented cases of you two working together as recently as -- We have a-a business relationship -- nothing more.
Look, I understand your desire to protect him.
But I'm not sure that you understand the situation that you're in here.
You're going down for three counts of capital murder.
Now, that's a ticket to death row.
But you tell me truth about Michael, and it doesn't have to be that way.
Michael had nothing to do with this.
[ Pounds table ] Don't.
Don't insult my intelligence.
Look, this isn't personal, all right? I worked with Michael, and he has his moments.
I'm just here to get the truth.
Why don't you just tell me -- what's it gonna be? Fiona, trust me -- you need a friend here.
I have enough friends.
You have my statement.
Well, he's not outside the perimeter.
Safe to say he went in? It's his best move.
He'd have a place to hide and access to the waterfront.
But how did he get in? Anson doesn't seem the type to scale a fence topped with razor wire.
Maybe he walked through the front door.
Well, how's he gonna do that? Oh, you've got to be kidding.
Shot in the back.
He's dead, Sam.
He's got to be close.
Anson: I repeat -- shots fired at the main gate.
One man down.
There are two suspects, both armed.
- Mike, that voice -- is that -- - Anson.
Looks like we got company.
Freeze! Oh, crap.
Here they come.
Well, Mike, I guess the good news is, we found him.
Anson could see us at the gate.
He's got to be in one of those windows.
We got to get in there, Sam.
Oh, yeah? How do you propose to do that with our new friends outside? [ Gun cocks ] We're gonna have to go through them.
Oh, whoa, whoa! Mike, slow down.
I mean, I know you want to nail Anson -- I am not losing him, Sam! [ Gunshots ] They got both exits covered, and if this is gonna be a bloodbath, I'm out, because the guys outside are just doing their jobs! Even if they are a little trigger happy.
That's probably our best way out of here.
What, getting shot? Something like that.
Oh, Mike, no, no.
This is not a good plan.
I don't like this plan.
Well, get ready to like it even less 'cause I need you to play dead.
[ Gunshots ] I'm hit! I'm hit! Don't shoot! I'm coming out! Come out slowly! Hands behind your head! Don't shoot.
I need an ambulance.
I said, hands behind your head! I can't! It's almost impossible to escape when you're being handcuffed by pros.
They're trained to work in pairs when handcuffing a dangerous suspect.
Where's the other one? He's inside.
I think he's dead.
On the ground now! You killed him.
Arms out! I can't move my arm! One cuffs the hostile while the other covers them both.
Even if he can avoid getting cuffed, it only buys you a second before you get shot.
Let him go.
I will shoot you.
Drop the gun.
Please, I got -- I got kids.
And we want you to go home to them.
But sometimes a second is all you need.
Believe it or not, we're the good guys.
[ Rings ] Sam: It's Sam.
Leave a message.
Hey, man, I'm pulling up to Maddy's.
Good news -- the cops are here, so I'll call you with an update.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Officer.
Hey, you're probably here responding to my call.
Thanks for showing up so quickly.
Michael: Clearing a structure is ideally a team effort.
When you're forced to do it alone, you have to take special precautions, like using peripheral vision to check angles.
[ Police radio chatter ] But ultimately, no matter how careful you are, there's always one angle you can't see when you're alone -- the one behind you.
Don't move.
Gun down.
Where is Michael Westen? You go first -- the woman who lives here -- where is she? You have five seconds to tell me where Michael Westen is! Okay, just hold on.
I can help you 4 if you help me.
3 Hold on, listen to me! 2 Just listen to me! 1.
Hold on! [ Grunts ] Madeline: Jesse, look out! Are you okay? You let him count all the way down to 1? Seriously? Well, the more he talked, the better my chance of shooting the right guy.
I'm glad you got more than Christmas ornaments up there.
[ Chuckles ] Who is he? An errand boy.
Mike and Sam are closing in on Anson.
Guess he figured they'd call off the chase if they were worried about saving you.
What about Fiona? Is it as bad as the news is saying? It's worse.
You again.
Look, no matter how many times we do this, my story is not going to change.
I'm afraid you're wrong about that, Ms.
Your story has an ending now.
What is this? There was an accident.
A truck spun out of control on the highway.
The gas tank was punctured, and the fuel ignited instantly.
Michael was in the cab of that truck.
And he didn't make it.
You don't really expect me to believe you.
That's why I had the coroner's report expedited.
[ Sighs ] Look, I'm sorry.
I-I really am.
I wish that you didn't have to find out this way.
But I thought you should know before you throw your life away for him.
[ Sighs ] I'm gonna give you a moment.
And then we're gonna go through your story again.
The truth this time.
Okay? [ Handcuffs clicking ] Sam: All right, well, security is regrouping, and by "regrouping," I mean they're arming themselves to the teeth, so we've got to move quick.
I'm Michael.
This is Sam.
Now that we're all friends, I have a couple of questions I need answered.
I don't want to hurt you, but that doesn't mean I won't.
Stay quiet.
How do we get everyone out of this facility right now? The whole place is on lockdown because of what happened out front.
They're just waiting on the cops to get here.
Okay, okay.
Shut up.
What about a toxic spill? How do we trigger a full evacuation? An evacuation? Oh, God.
What are you guys, some kind of terrorists? Come on, it's like I said -- we're on the same team.
I'm CIA.
Sam here is former S.
Look, guys, see? All right? There's the good-guy patch.
So here's the situation -- the guy that shot your friend is loose in this building, and we got to flush him out before he hurts anybody else.
There's a switch for the toxic-spill alarm in the plant manager's office.
Hey! We have a winner.
[ Gun thuds ] You're gonna take us there now.
But first you're going to get all your friends out of the way.
You need to direct them to the farthest corner of this facility away from where we're headed, okay? [ Walkie-talkie clicks ] Attention all units -- we've got a visual on the shooters entering the southeast maintenance annex.
Requesting support.
Very good.
Let's go.
Now, sit tight.
Believe it or not, it's the safest you've been since breakfast.
[ Grunts ] When the alarm is triggered on the east side of the plant [ Beep ] everyone files out this door.
If I can get here, I'd be able to see everybody leave.
I like the plan, Mike, but you probably shouldn't go anywhere looking like the walking dead.
I need to borrow your uniform.
You got to be kidding me.
Ooh, you see that look? That look means he's not kidding.
I'll need five minutes to get into position.
[ Alarm blaring ] What? What? Nothing.
Wow, Michael.
Pearce, you made it.
Not sure why I expected anything less than world war III.
There were only so many options for Sam and me.
I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner.
You certainly didn't make it easy on the highway.
What's the situation? Anson Fullerton is in the area, and he's already killed one security guard.
And the air-raid sirens? We set off the alarm to clear the building.
Ma'am, I'm sorry.
We have a contamination zone.
You're gonna have to clear the area.
Dani Pearce, CIA.
Who the hell are you? He one of yours? Can we have a word? Let's just Mike, good news -- I talked to Jesse.
My mom? She's okay.
It was dicey, but she's okay.
Any sign of Anson? No, he wasn't with any of the employees who evacuated.
A lot of places to hide, Mike.
I mean, we're talking about a needle in a haystack.
What are the chances he's even here? I don't know, Sam! But you and I can try to clear the east side of the plant.
Pearce and her team -- [ Cellphone rings ] [ Whistles ] [ Beep ] Anson, we were just talking about you.
Anson: I'm flattered, but, really, don't you have better things to do? Go home, spend time with the family you have left.
Yeah, a CIA team has just arrived, Anson.
You're not getting out of this.
That's good, Michael.
Still thinking positively, still focused on your goals.
It's good to have a focus for all that anger.
But I'm afraid you're wrong.
Listen to me.
Oh, believe me -- I'm listening.
Coming after me is only gonna cause you more pain.
I know you think I'm a monster, but the fact is, I don't enjoy hurting you.
So do us both a favor and walk away.
Tell them you lost me and say -- I'm not going anywhere, Anson.
I'm gonna hunt you down, and I'm gonna kill you.
Oh, boy.
You're not gonna like the way this ends.
I'll take my chances.
[ Beep ] What was that about? What'd he say? It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter what he said.
What matters is that I heard a turbine in the background.
He's still in the building! Pearce: I don't see anything, Michael.
Are you sure? I'm sure.
He's somewhere in the building.
We have to keep looking.
[ Sighs ] The CIA is keeping the police clear until they know more about who Anson was working with.
We're on our own for now.
I'll get him alone if I have to.
So three guys? Seriously? That's all you got? To hunt a D.
psychiatrist on short notice? Yeah, Sam.
I had a hard enough time convincing them not to send a team after Michael.
You know, it's not lost on me, by the way, that nobody bothered to tell me about him until now.
No, no, Pearce, you got to understand -- this guy had us all over a barrel.
Why do you think Fi -- There! Right there.
We passed a door on the way to the alarm room.
It was open.
Now it's closed, Sam.
Maybe a worker closed it as they were being evacuated.
No, he's right.
Look at the monitor next to it.
It's staring at a wall.
Somebody turned that camera.
I heard those mixing tanks over the phone.
- That's where he is.
- Okay.
So how do we do this? I'm going after him.
Mike, you can't just barge in there.
Save it, Sam.
I'm gonna end this now.
You're not thinking straight! You didn't hear him gloating! Gloating about how he's gonna walk away from this, how he's gonna take everything away from me! I'm not letting this son of a bitch -- Mike, stand down! Not this time, Sam.
Not this time.
Put that thing down.
I can resolve this right now, Westen.
I'm not letting someone who's pulling guns on his own team anywhere near Anson Fullerton.
You'll stand down immediately, or you'll take it up with me.
I won't let him get away, Mike.
You man the surveillance cameras.
You see anything, you radio in.
Let's go.
An ultra-wideband frequency scanner is one of the newer devices in the toolkit of the tactical breaching team.
It's portable, requires little power, and can see through doors well enough to tell you if they're worth kicking down.
Hey, Anson, we know you're in there.
You know you're trapped, so you might want to do yourself a favor and open up this door.
It'll save us all a lot of headache.
He's probably waiting to take a shot at us when we go in.
Well, that's why God made flashbang grenades.
Open it up.
Under the right circumstances, stress can make you hyperaware -- alert to every detail.
It can also make you paranoid and prone to seeing what you want to see.
[ Beep ] Sam, you there? Yeah, Mike, we're cutting now.
Is everything all right? I'm just gonna check something out.
What is it? It's probably nothing.
[ Groans ] Surprised to see me, Anson? You don't want to do this, Michael.
Oh, yes, I do.
Aah! Enough! Any closer and your friends die.
It's a dead-man switch.
I rewired a detonator, just in case something like this happened.
Just in case you found me.
The whole building is loaded with explosives, Michael.
Not to mention the chemicals in the tanks.
If I drop this -- if I stop applying the 12.
5 pounds pressure required by the trigger -- [ spits ] -- you'll be scraping Sam and that pet CIA agent of yours off the walls.
You hurt my friends, you die.
You have a choice, Michael.
Capture me or save your friends.
Back up!! Part of growing up is learning you can't have everything you want in life, Michael.
[ Boat approaching ] That'd be my ride.
So, what's it gonna be? I thought so.
Sam, get out of the building.
Mike, what are you talking about? We're almost through! I just found Anson! He's wired the building to explode! Get out now! It's a trap.
Then who the hell is in there? Guys, help me knock it down! Oh, damn it.
Pearce, get out of here.
Go! Agent: Let's go, let's go! Back up, pal.
[ Clanging in distance ] Sam.
[ Static hisses ] Sam.
Sam! [ Static ] Sa-- [ gun clicking ] Michael: Hey, Ma.
How you doing? I'm fine, Michael.
Uh, the police are here.
Jesse told me what happened.
[ Voice breaking ] I never shot anyone before.
I'm sorry, Ma.
I'm really sorry.
[ Sniffles ] And you -- are you okay? Yeah.
What about Fiona? She's gone.
I got to go.
Ma, I love you.
I love you, too, Michael.
[ Beep ] [ Cellphone closes ] You wanted the CIA to go after Anson.
Well, he just hit the top of their "most wanted" list.
Now tell them that he framed Fi and get her out.
Michael, it's not that simple.
No, it is exactly that simple.
Right now, all we can prove is that Anson tried to blow up my extraction team.
Does it help her case? Yes.
Is it enough? No.
What if I caught him? Would that be enough? It's a start.
Well, a start's a start.
Sam, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too, Mike.
Come on, let's go.
We got work to do.
So, this outlines the basics of Michael's involvement.
You can fill in the details later.
For now, I just need your signature.
I want to see the photos again.
Why do you want to torture yourself like that? They were his last moments.
Michael lived a dangerous life, and it ended in tragedy.
But now you have a chance to live yours.
You said that the, um the fuel tank was punctured? Yes, it ignited, and that was it.
He never had a chance.
No, the sides of the -- the cab would have been blasted off in a pressurized explosion.
The, uh the doors are still on their hinges.
This wasn't an accident.
Looks more like a roadblock.
You're a liar.
Michael's alive.
How could you possibly know that from looking at a photo? I know explosions.
I know Michael.
And I know that we're done here.
I hope that this "business relationship" that you have with Michael is worth it.
Because from the way it looks, you're gonna die for him.
[ Door closes ]