Burn Notice s06e04 Episode Script

Under the Gun

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy girlfriend Should we shoot them? an old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
family, too Hey, is that your mom again? if you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
and a down-and-out spy you met along the way.
That's how we do it, people.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
Unless you're willing to see your girlfriend go to prison for the rest of her life, you will do exactly what I say.
Anson warned me you were good.
I guess he was right.
You were working with Anson the whole time.
You know how Anson is.
Once he gets his claws in you, that's it.
I'm gonna get you out.
Who sent you? I don't know! But they said they wanted you dead! Whoever it is tried to kill you is working with a dirty-ass guard.
Michael, what the hell is going on? You went to see Fiona, what? Uh, yesterday afternoon, and you never bothered to call me afterwards? I've been a little busy.
Well, how is she? She's, uh, holding up.
That may be the most evasive answer you have ever given me, and you can be pretty evasive.
Maddy, how you doing? Good to see you.
Mike, I'll, uh, meet you in the car.
She's important to me, too, Michael.
She's tired she's scared and she's not eating enough.
And somebody's trying to kill her.
Who? Probably Anson.
We found a middle man.
He's a dirty prison guard living down in the Everglades.
That's where we're heading to now.
Do you think he'll tell you anything? I know he will.
Wake up, Sammy.
We're here.
Okay, so, this guy is just a prison guard, right? So that's an hour to get the answers, four-hour drive back to Miami -- Sam, you got someplace to be? Yeah.
I'm taking Elsa to dinner tonight.
is on me.
When you need to capture a target in a building, one of the most effective techniques is known as the hammer and anvil.
First, your team surrounds the structure, sealing off all the exits.
Then you enter from all points at once, quickly and quietly.
The goal is to find your target fast enough to avoid a standoff or a fire fight.
It's hard to interrogate your target if he's dealing with a gunshot wound.
Of course, it's even harder if he's dead.
See anything? Nothing.
Sam, in the living room! We got a body! Rebecca.
Yell, and you're dead.
You win.
You first.
Sam! Rebecca, you don't need to do this.
Don't tell me what I need.
I'm calling the shots here.
Sam! Put your guns down now! Rebecca, don't do this.
I said guns down, or he dies.
Get in the car.
Original Air Date on July 12, 2012 When you're abducted at gunpoint, it's best to approach it like a blind date.
You want to be an active listener, you want to stay positive, and you want to make a connection.
Want to listen to the radio? You can pick the station.
No, thanks.
The more you humanize yourself in the eyes of your captor, the harder it will be for them to pu the trigger.
You picked me 'cause I'm the cute one, right? That's it.
Oh, boy.
It's my curse.
I'm just too handsome for my own good.
Where's your phone? We need to make a call.
Where do you think it is? I mean, I'd get it, but Sam, are you -- It's me, Michael.
Rebecca, you didn't want to stick around to chat? No.
Nothing personal.
And, uh, sorry about the Charger.
More concerned about my friend.
Yeah, about that.
I'm keeping Sam for a while.
I'll release him the moment I'm home free.
But until then, I don't want to see your face or any of your CIA friends.
You do anything stupid, I dump Sam's body in the swamp.
I like the part about letting Sam go.
Yeah, if you want to trust a woman who betrayed the CIA and tried to send you on a one-way trip to Liberia.
Good point.
What's the plan? There's only one way out of this area.
We hit the road, and we track her down.
Glenanne, it's chow time.
Let's get moving.
I'm not hungry.
Didn't ask you if you were hungry.
When you're marked for death in prison, you're always anticipating the next fight.
The earlier you spot a potential adversary, the better you can defend yourself.
Unfortunately, that's not always enough.
If you realize you have multiple attackers coming at you in a coordinated assault, just defending yourself won't work.
The only move is to attack.
Aah! What's going on down there? Keep the line moving, ladies.
Move! Vicodin.
I don't usually offer sale prices.
But for you, 10 bucks.
Looks like you need it.
What I need is to know how those women managed to get switchblades in prison.
The sisters can get their hands on pretty much anything.
They're lifers.
They do contract hits to pass the time.
Same way some girls knit.
Whoever's trying to kill you, they don't care about keeping it quiet anymore.
Not if they hired those bitches.
My friend is working hard to get me out of here.
But first, I have to survive.
You got to help me, Ayn.
Oh, sorry, criminal.
Not this time.
Not with those two involved.
I might die in prison, but I'd vastly prefer it be of natural causes.
I need the listing of a helicopter tour company near Flamingo.
Please connect me.
Good morning.
My husband and I are looking to take a helicopter tour.
Do you have anything this afternoon? Becky Buckner.
And where exactly are you located? Terrific.
We'll see you then.
Helicopter ride? That sounds fun.
Pull over.
Pee break? We need a ride your friends haven't seen.
I'm going car shopping.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Shooting someone on the highway in the middle of the afternoon? That's a bad idea.
I didn't ask for your opinion.
You drop a body on the highway, someone's gonna see it.
That means cops.
That means manhunt.
You want to get away clean, right? And what do you suggest? - Hey.
How you doing? - You okay? Yeah, well, you can see we got a flat here.
But wouldn't you know it, the stupid jack is busted.
And problem is, my wife has heat stroke, and the heat's getting pretty bad here, so I got a jack.
You can use mine.
Oh, great.
Thanks, man.
Appreciate it.
Thanks for stopping.
Ow! What the hell?! Stay quiet.
If you want my -- shut up.
We only have a few seconds, so you can't ask any questions.
Now, that woman over there -- she kidnapped me.
She's got a gun.
You gonna kill me? No questions.
Okay, now, there's a guy who's gonna find you.
His name is Michael Westen.
Got that? Repeat it.
Helicopter tour.
And I'll be taking these.
Do we have a problem? No.
We have keys.
I was just thanking our friend here for generously donating his truck.
We appreciate it, sir.
Was that really necessary? Shove him in the trunk of the car.
Let's get the hell out of here.
All right, figure we left the house 15 minutes after they did.
Sam's trying to stall.
You're drivingfast.
Just wish we had some way of knowing we were still on their tail.
Like Rebecca's car? That'll work.
She wanted to kill me.
I could tell.
There wasn't nothing behind those eyes.
Like a damn barracuda.
What about the guy with her? Did he say anything? Depends.
You Michael Westen? Yeah.
He said to tell you, "helicopter tour.
" She was closing in, and Did I mention her eyes? Yeah.
Like a barracuda.
You did.
Tell you what.
You sit tight.
We'll get you a cab.
Get yourself a steak dinner, okay? The closest helicopter-tour place is in Flamingo.
It's about an hour away.
An hour away? Take old Porter road.
You can make it there in 40.
Get some dessert, too.
Rebecca, I know you're not a big talker, but I got to ask.
Why you doing this? Mike showed me your CIA file.
You were a model agent.
Is this where you tell me that deep down inside, I'm just a girl scout? I just figured you were smart enough to realize that your buddy Anson is on the run.
He's out of strings to pull, and here you are sticking with the losing team.
Seems like you're forgetting who's holding the gun.
Honestly, I just don't understand the guy's appeal.
And what's the big picture here? You try and take out Fi -- Okay, okay.
Enough with the questions.
Step on it.
You sure? I said, "step on it.
" There's a reason spies try to stick to the speed limit in operations.
When the stakes are high enough, a simple speeding ticket can be a life-or-death matter for you or for the police officer who's just trying to do his job.
You said, "step on it.
" I knew I should have shot that fisherman.
If he reported this truck stolen -- We took his phone, and we left him in a trunk.
You think he reported us with telepathy? We'd know for sure if he was dead.
Just relax.
The officer's just making us sweat a little.
Either you get rid of him or I do.
Just let me deal with this.
License and registration.
Good afternoon, Officer.
How you doing? There you go.
Sam Axe? Yes, sir.
Can I ask why you're driving a truck that belongs to Edward Rousch? Oh, well, Ed's my boss.
I'm just borrowing it.
Then we need to give him a call.
Um Okay, well, that's a problem, see, 'cause if Ed finds out about this car, he'll know where his wife is.
Now, I'm sure you get an earful all day long about people's sob stories -- Don't bother.
You were driving What are we gonna do? Ed's gonna lose it.
Don't worry about it.
We will get you to your sister's or someplace safe.
Her husband has a horrible temper.
Not my concern.
He's gonna kill me if he finds me this time.
I'm dead! Look, I know it was a bad idea to take Ed's truck.
But mine was in the shop.
And, well, just seeing a lady like this, sweet and innocent getting knocked around like that, you think I'm just gonna sit on my hands? Officer, please.
Look, if this one time, if you could just look the other way, boy, would we sure appreciate it.
Just watch the lead foot, will you? Yes, sir.
I'm not the only cop on the road.
Thank you, Officer.
There you go.
Not even a ticket.
Now, you gonna go back to threatening the guy who just saved your ass? Stop fishing for compliments.
Let's get going.
I do love winning, but it's less fun if you aren't paying enough attention to notice.
The guards don't even look at those two.
The sisters don't get watched.
They don't get searched, either.
They could own the whole block with what they've got in their cells.
And those guards know it.
They're just too scared or too dirty to go looking for it.
And what if their cells would get tossed? What then? Those two would be getting their meals through a chuck hole for months.
But the only way that's gonna happen is a block-wide shakedown.
You get enough guards down here at once, all bets are off.
Sounds like I need a shakedown.
Can you arrange that? Could I? Sure.
Will I? Hell no.
No reason to lose everything in my cell.
I would compensate you for your losses.
Listen, criminal, I like you, but I like my business more.
Your move.
You have to have a price.
Maybe there is something.
You got people in Miami, right? My ex-husband has this package.
Need it picked up, delivered here.
A package? What's the catch? The catch is my ex.
Winner of biggest bastard in Florida 40 years running.
My friends are very resourceful.
My deliveries come in through the 9:00 a.
guard shift change.
If my package makes it here by then, you'll get your shakedown.
And the sisters -- they'll be on their way to the hole.
Hello? You have a collect call from an inmate at Allarod federal penitentiary.
This call will be recorded and monitored.
Press 1 to accept.
Fiona, honey? Madeline, it's good to hear your voice.
You, too! Are you okay? You know Michael.
I barely got two words out of him.
I'm fine.
I need to get a message to Michael.
It's urgent.
Honey, Michael's in the Everglades working on, uh, well, something we probably shouldn't be talking about on this line.
This has to happen fast, otherwise -- Okay, listen.
Give me the details, all right? We'll work it out.
He needs to pick up a package and bring it to the prison.
All right.
Swamp Hawks Helicopter Tours.
Looks like we got here first.
This place couldn't be worse for setting a trap to grab Sam.
Maybe if we hide behind that shack? Not enough cover.
Maybe those trees.
They won't pass close enough to the trees.
You're right.
We need to get to that chopper.
Okay, I think the pilot might have something to say about that.
I'll take care of him.
You hide the car.
How's it going? Can I help you? Yep.
Derek Huber, FAA.
Bill Padover.
What's going on? Some ridiculous complaints.
Thought I'd come down here and check it out in person.
Complaints? About me? Yeah.
Clipping trees, landing near power lines, that kind of thing.
What? I already pulled your file, Bill.
This doesn't sound like you at all.
I would never do that.
Who made those complaints? Oh, some folks last week from up north? Uh, t-the couple from Virginia? The couple from Virginia.
They also reported that you had booze on your breath? They -- they said I was drunk? Bill, I'm on your side.
It's their word against ours.
Help me fill out this report.
You got your Level Five? My Level Five? That's at home.
Oh, you better go get it.
Now? No, I have a tour.
Already postponed it.
Talked to the gal at the front desk.
Good news is she's got your back.
Disputed the worst of the complaints.
Worst complaints? What are you talking about? You don't even want to know, Bill.
These jackasses don't realize your career is at stake! Clock's ticking.
How long is it gonna take you to get to your house? I can be back in 45 minutes.
Let's do it.
Thanks for your help.
Thanks for driving.
Let's go.
Where we flying to? I'll worry about that.
First, we get out of here, then I'll figure out what's next.
You just smile and be on your best behavior.
Or you shoot me? Honey, you're learning.
Welcome to Swamp Hawks.
Y'all have an appointment? Yes.
I called earlier.
Becky Buckner.
Oh, sure thing.
Oh, this must be your husband.
Hi, there.
I'm Marydale.
I'm Chuck.
Nice to meet you.
Well, your copter is spit polished and all ready to go, so you just have to fill out a little paperwork, please.
Oh, uh, well, Becky just loves paperwork, don't you, dear? Oh, well, that's okay, Chucky.
You can just take care of this one for me.
Is the chopper fully fueled in case we want to stay out longer? Oh, okay.
Can do.
Costs a little extra, but you can't put a price on a memory.
Well, neither of us are gonna forget today.
That's for sure.
As any crisis negotiator knows, only about one in five hostages survives a rescue attempt.
If you're the hostage, you'd like to improve those odds, which means figuring out where your rescue's coming from and getting yourself out of the line of fire.
Of course, if your captor is every bit as trained as you are, even the slightest attempt to adjust your position might be noticed.
Don't you want to walk next to me, Chuck? It's such a special day.
Marydale, is there any chance we can get a photo with the pilot before we take off? You know, for the scrapbook.
Oh, of course, sweetie.
Bill, come out for a photo.
Bill, you got cotton in your ears? I don't know what's up with Bill.
I might have an idea.
You know the problem with our relationship? I hate your friends.
Come on.
Jesse, run! You trying to make me shoot you? All you had to do was get on that chopper.
Oh, yeah.
I'm supposed to trust you, right? Yeah, it worked out great for the prison guard, didn't it? Not to mention anyone who ran into your friend Anson.
He's not my friend.
Oh, yeah.
Your friend, your -- your partner, whatever.
We all know what happens when you're done with people.
I can be done with you right now.
Yeah, you know what? Maybe you should just go ahead and pull that trigger.
That way you won't have anything to hold over Mike anymore and you can just add me to that list of bodies you've been dropping -- Shut up.
How many is it, huh? Shut up! I said shut up! You think you know me? You don't know anything.
I never wanted any of this.
I work for Anson because if I don't, my brother dies.
I didn't know that.
Shut up.
Damn it! I'll see if I can slow her down.
Hold on.
Hang on.
Mike, this thing is held together with duct tape.
She's not getting away.
Rocks! Rocks! That doesn't sound good.
It'll be okay.
And there goes the radiator.
Damn it! Mike, seriously, it's time to call the CIA.
We're not calling the CIA! We're not calling the police! If she sees a road block, she'd kill Sam.
He's better off on his own.
Well, in case you hadn't noticed, right now, he is on his own.
That's why we need to fix the car and find him.
Well, the good news is we got her cornered in the world's biggest swamp.
A little help? I made the call.
You'll get your package.
Look at you.
A mover and a shaker.
I guess the question is, when's it getting here? Well, I told them about the shift change, but it may take a little longer.
Whenever's fine with me.
I got nothing but time.
But if it gets here after 9:00, you'll be spending another day dodging the sisters.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
I need the cell tossed as soon as possible.
If you can call for the shakedown first -- That's not how it happens, criminal.
Do you think I built this business by working on credit? We're only talking a few hours.
We're not changing the deal.
And a little free business advice -- never negotiate from a position of weakness.
I hope your friends are as good as you say.
This is Michael.
Leave a message.
You lost, grandma? Um, you don't know me.
Ayn sent me.
I'm here -- I know what you're here for.
Come in.
Thank you.
So, uh, do you have it? Oh, yeah.
Of course.
So, how you know Ayn? Oh, uh, she's a friend of a friend.
Would you mind? Could I have one of your cigarettes? Sure.
You can have a cigarette.
But you know what you can't have? You can't have the package.
What was Ayn thinking, huh, sending an old lady? She thought I was gonna feel sorry for you? Look, I can't leave here without it.
If you need money, I can -- Shut up! The last guy who came here for this package left here without his teeth.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna leave your teeth right where they are so you can give Ayn a message for me.
Tell that bitch if she wants her stuff, she better come and get it herself.
Now, get out of here.
Looks like we found a ride.
Uh, something tells me those airboats are not for sale.
I'm a pretty good negotiator.
Oh, boy.
What now? You see the industrial air filtration system? The chemical vats? That means our rednecks are either opening up a dry cleaners in the middle of fricking nowhere or they're cooking meth, which means after they shoot you in the face, they're not gonna be too friendly to the guy zip-tied in the truck.
If I'm shot in the face, I don't think I'll care too much how nice they are to you.
Okay, wait.
How about if we come up with a plan where nobody gets dead, okay? Just wait for the rednecks to go back inside their crappy trailer and we'll pretend that it's a police raid.
Actually, I got a better idea.
And you'll be happy to know it doesn't involve guns.
The standard M112 demolition charge contains 1.
25 pounds of C-4.
When the charge is detonated, the explosive is converted into compressed gas, and the shock wave rips through anything within 16 feet, which means that if five of those charges are in your backpack, anyone within a city block is in your blast radius, too.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Uh, guys, easy.
Don't shoot.
You see the sign? Oh, yeah, I saw the sign.
Guys, we need to talk.
You must have a death wish.
Uh, no.
Not at all.
I just think the best way to explain things to you guys is to look in my backpack.
And be gentle.
What the hell is it? Uh, well, that's five bricks of C-4.
That's enough explosive to make a very big crater right where we're standing and leave tiny pieces of us all over your property.
And you want to know the bad news? The bad news is, I don't even have the detonator.
Psycho woman over there in the truck, she decides when we go boom.
Think you can walk in here with that bomb and rip us off? No, see, here's the thing.
She doesn't want your guns or your drugs or your chemistry set.
She just wants an airboat and for you guys to clear out until after we're gone.
Sounds to me like you're giving us orders on our property! Oh, well -- Make her stop shooting right now! I can't! If she blows us all up, it's your fault 'cause I told you to run! Okay, you can stop with the shooting! No one got dead.
In retrospect, I like your first plan better.
Well, there's always next time.
I'm gonna go check on our ride.
Oh, and, uh, dear? Don't do anything stupid.
Hello? Yeah.
Mike, it's me.
We only have a couple seconds.
Are you okay? Where are you? Okay, listen real careful.
You take the first left past mile marker 17.
You go a couple of miles, and you take a right, then you take the third left.
You go down about a half a mile, and you see a no-trespassing sign on a property near the water.
That's your gate.
All right.
We'll find you.
Mike, we're not gonna be here long, so if we're not here, call the CIA, call anyone, but we're gonna be in an airboat.
No, Sam.
We make those calls and -- Mike, I'm gonna be dead either way.
Just get here as soon as you can, okay, brother? This is Elsa.
Get to it.
Hey, Elsa.
It's, uh, Sammy.
Listen, um I don't think I can get there for dinner tonight, so, uh I mean, I'll try and call you later, but in case I don't, uh I just wanted to say I-I love you, baby.
And now you're calling other girls? Here I thought we had something special.
You sure it was the third left? I'm sure.
Hang on.
Right there.
Right there.
Sam! Sam! Sam.
You okay? Oh, yeah, I'm okay, but Rebecca, she -- she started a boat.
You guys can catch her.
I'm on it.
I'm on it.
Where the hell's the -- what are you looking for? There was a backpack thingy.
It had a bomb in it.
She made me wear it.
She might have taken it with her.
Oh, crap.
Mike, how bad is it? Is Elsa gonna freak out? No, it looks fine.
Thank God she didn't hit my chin.
Airboats are built light with the least material possible, which is great if you want to skim quickly across the water.
But it's problematic in a gun fight when you don't have anything to hide behind.
You want to make sure you fire first and last.
Of course, there's no need to hide when you've been chasing a decoy.
Jesse? She's not on the boat.
She rigged it somehow.
Where'd she go? No idea, but she's not here.
Well, if she's not on the boat, how did she Mike, you there? Sam.
I think I found where the backpack bomb is.
Rebecca! Rebecca, you win! Putting the gun on the ground! Don't worry.
I wasn't gonna detonate it until you got a little closer.
Get a little closer.
I'm the one that you want.
Let Sam go.
No, Mike.
Stay there.
Rebecca, listen to me.
You're making a big mistake.
Sorry, Sam.
You're too late.
Just listen to me! You hate Anson.
You hate him at least as much as we do.
I saw it in your eyes.
But he's desperate now, so how's this gonna end? He's either gonna kill you or he's gonna keep using your brother to manipulate you.
Don't talk about my brother! He's got nothing to do with this! He's got everything to do with it.
Let us help you.
Help us take Anson down.
We'll keep your brother safe.
You think I'm gonna trust you? Come on.
You don't want to do this.
You didn't shoot me in the car.
You didn't blow me up an hour ago.
Enough! You don't know me! I do, Rebecca.
I know you better than you think.
I know what it's like to save someone close to you by selling your soul a piece at a time.
I know what it feels like to wonder if there is a way out.
You say you can't trust us.
You can trust us a hell of a lot more than you can trust Anson.
There's only one way to finish this for good.
We have to take him down together.
There's nothing you can do.
You're wrong.
There's nothing I won't do.
Well, that was easy.
Michael, you've been driving all night.
You haven't even changed your clothes.
Are you sure you want to do this? Knock on the door, let him see you, and step to the side.
Fiona said 9:00 a.
Even if we left in five minutes, it's not gonna be enough -- Knock on the door, let him see you, and step to the side.
Back again.
You must not like your teeth much, huh? Ohh! Aah, aah, aah! Where's the package? What package?! Aah! Where is it?! There! The left drawer! Aah! It's locked.
Where's the key? Okay, okay, okay! The jar.
Aah! I got it.
It better be the right key.
Aah yeah.
Is this it? Is this it?! Yeah! Michael, let's go.
Michael, we've got to go now! Aah! What the hell was that for?! That was for my mom.
Aah! Aah! There are certain fights you can't hope to win.
Your only goal is to not lose too badly.
Copy that.
Surviving a beating from multiple attackers is about avoiding the worst blows.
You protect your head, do your best to stay on your feet, and, most of all, you hope for a miracle.
We have lockdown.
That's a lockdown.
Cell check! Against the wall! Against the wall! Hustle! Everyone against the wall! Hustle! Hustle! Toss this cell.
Against the wall.
Against the wall.
Toss them real good, gentlemen.
Found a weapon.
Oh, you bitch! Don't do it.
Don't do it.
You bitch! Glad you made it, criminal.
Your people took their sweet time with my delivery.
And what were they delivering, exactly? It must have been important to be worth losing your stash.
It was.
You know, I've been thinking about that damn package for the last 24 hours.
The least you could do is tell me what was in it.
This was my mother's.
It's beautiful.
She died while I was in here.
Only person who ever really loved me, and I couldn't even go to her funeral.
This is all she had to leave me.
They gave it to Eddie since we never got a real divorce.
He wouldn't give it to me.
Blames me for his brother dying.
Why? Because I shot him.
I have one more question for you.
You're way past your quota for the day.
You said that the box had to arrive before the 9:00 a.
shift change.
There's no way it got here in time.
Maybe it did.
Or maybe I thought I'd see if I remember what trust feels like.
You guys wanted the impossible task, you got it.
This photo was taken six months ago.
It's my brother, Trent.
You have to find him.
And you can't tell the CIA about any of this because they're not my biggest fans.
All righty.
A little game of global manhunt.
Let's get started.
Who took the photo? No idea.
Anson sent it to me.
He sent me all these photos.
Trent lived in Miami until three years ago, and then he had to go off the grid.
And only that bastard Anson knows where he is.
I have tried every possible way of tracking him down, but if Anson even so much as sees me looking, Trent's dead.
We'll find your brother.
You better.