Burn Notice s06e13 Episode Script

Over the Line

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy girlfriend Should we shoot them? an old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
family, too Hey, is that your mom again? if you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
and a down-and-out spy you met along the way.
That's how we do it, people.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
Nate! Would you please say hello to the man who murdered your brother Nate -- Tyler Gray.
Thank you, Tom.
Go get 'em, champ.
Tom, I've apprehended Gray.
You will wait for backup.
Don't move.
Buddy, you got no clue.
This is supposed to be a suicide mission.
Card wants us all dead.
Please tell me it's done.
When we get back to Miami, I'm going after Card, and I'll need help.
You'll have to wear a wire.
We need Card's confession on tape.
He'd never suspect that I'm working with the man who killed my brother.
If I could take that shot back -- you can't.
Just help me get the man who gave you that order.
Okay, what the hell? We just lost him.
Frequency jammer.
That's not good.
Listen to me, Michael.
Gray killed Anson.
Gray shot your brother.
He murdered Nate.
You ordered him to! Guys like you and me -- we make calls.
We know the ends justify the means.
We can do things, Michael -- great things, necessary things.
Can we move into the future? I'm so proud of you, son.
Spies are trained to deal with catastrophic events.
They're taught to separate how they feel from what they need to do, but some circumstances are so extreme that the separation is impossible.
Then, even a seasoned operative will have the same response as everyone else -- horror, disbelief, shock.
What happened? Mike, what'd you do? I did what I had to, Sam.
"Had to"? How do you figure that? Card's gun is in the damn holster.
He killed my brother, Sam.
He was going to get away with it.
I had no choice.
I was right outside that door, Mike.
Why didn't you come and get me before you made that call, huh?! Because you know damn well I would've had something to say about it! Card's team is coming, Sam.
We got to go.
This isn't finished.
We need to go out through the balcony.
This just keeps getting better.
We're gonna need help getting out of here, Mike.
I'll call Fi.
First, let's get up to the next floor.
Fi, you outside? Yeah, we're here.
You want to tell me what's going on? Hotel security's buzzing around like bees.
And there is a CIA caravan rolling in -- two S.
s and a command van.
Michael, what happened? Card's dead.
They're coming for me.
Michael, why? I can't explain right now.
We need a way out of here.
We made it up to the 9th floor, but we don't have much time.
Got it.
I'll call you back.
I don't like that look.
What's up? Those suits are after Michael.
We need to find him a way out of here.
All right, you check the front.
I'll circle around the east side.
I want you to make contact with hotel security.
You get me the manager.
Fi, how we looking? Not good.
There's a full tactical support team on-site, and some heavy-hitter seems to be running the show.
Fi, I need a door.
Give me one exit they haven't covered.
There isn't one.
They got the whole place locked down.
Michael, you're trapped.
Original Air Date on November 15, 2012 If you need to escape a building that's being locked down, speed is key.
There's a small amount of time when the authorities coordinate their efforts.
Intelligence operatives are trained to take advantage of that window.
Of course, when the person in charge of locking down the building is also a trained intelligence operative, that window may get closed before you can use it.
Who authorized you to override fire protocols?! 'Cause I sure didn't! I did, Captain.
The elevators, P.
system, and security cameras belong to me now.
I want fire to fall back.
Get your officers on channel 3.
You're taking orders from me now.
What kind of control do they have on the east side, Fi? I'd say complete control.
Anyone who tries to leave isn't getting past the lobby.
There's no way out.
They're not guarding the 2nd-floor access to the garage.
If I can make my way down there, I should be able to get inside and find a way to the street.
It won't work, Michael.
They're stopping every car that comes out.
Okay, I need you to meet me in the north side alley.
There's no access from the garage to the north.
Just get there.
Riley, we have visual on all floors.
We found two bodies upstairs.
Gray? Who else? Tom Card.
I want a team outfitted and ready to sweep in five.
The son of a bitch who killed Tom is probably still in this building.
And he's not getting out.
Well, I thought we were screwed seven ways from Sunday, but you can go ahead and make it eight and nine.
They've got a guard on every floor, and they're recruiting hotel employees to help lock it down.
It's not just the guard.
They've got cameras outside the elevators on every floor.
If I can take out the guard -- Okay, whoa.
I'm not gonna kill him, Sam.
You sure about that, Mike? 'Cause last time I let you out of my sight -- I can get us out of here.
You can kick my ass or you can hear my plan, but you can't do both.
All right, let's hear it.
Attention, valued guests.
We are experiencing an emergency.
Please go back to your rooms immediately and await further instructions.
Once a location is completely locked down, the only thing hiding does is delay your capture.
To get out, you need to generate action to keep security off-balance and on the move.
And the only way to do that is to come right out in the open.
Norm, what's taking so long? I need you down on the mezzanine level.
I got six floors to cover.
I'm moving as fast as I can.
Where's the ice machine? Sir, you need to go back to your room.
Over here.
I have something.
Oh, my God.
I think that's -- that's Michael Westen.
He's one of ours.
I need that team on the 9th floor.
Move! Freeze! Hands up! Jesus! Don't shoot! I work here! What happened here? Some psycho just zonked Norm.
I came around the corner.
He was gone already.
Any idea where he went? Yeah, I heard him run down the stairwell.
Go! What -- d-don't try and talk.
Now, Norm, I don't know who did this to you, but don't you worry -- we're gonna get him, okay? Hey, come on! The guy's been injured.
Can we help him to the lobby? Once you get a security team moving, your best chance to escape is to move with them.
If they don't know your face, you can hide in plain sight.
If they do know your face, you have to get a little more creative.
You sure he said the north wall? Yeah, I'm sure.
I don't know.
They got all the king's horses and all the king's men surrounding that hotel.
If you need to escape a parking garage, the limited exit points can be a problem.
Of course, with the right large-body, older-model car, you can create your own exit point.
You know, I hate to say it, but if they're not out by now, then -- they're on their way? Mike, you all right? Where's Sam? We had to split up so he could make it out clean.
We'll meet him at the emergency spot.
Officer needs assistance.
I want make and model of the car, where it's headed, and who's driving.
Shut down every causeway out of Miami Beach.
We don't know how Westen got to the garage, but he didn't take the stairs.
Come with me.
Make sure he gets some oxygen.
He's a little delirious.
I don't know this m-- You're gonna be fine, bud.
Just hang in there.
Stay strong.
Excuse me, sir.
May I speak with you a moment? My name is Agent Riley.
I'm in charge of the investigation here.
Oh, boy.
You must have your hands full.
Yeah, we sure do.
First of all, I'd like to thank you for your bravery in there.
Well, look, I'm just glad Norm's gonna be okay.
Yeah, we are, too.
Unfortunately, the man who attacked him escaped.
No way.
He got out of there? His name is Michael Westen.
Look familiar? Uh, no, but look, it's like I told you guys -- I mean, by the time I came around the corner, he was gone.
And you said he took the stairs.
Yeah, but I didn't know if he was going up or down.
Well, thank you, uh, Mr? Finley.
Chuck Finley.
That better be the last time you lie to me today.
See, I know your real name Mr.
Mike, what the hell happened in that hotel? I killed Card.
We need to just take a second and think this through.
There's no time.
It won't be long before they set up a perimeter and block the causeways.
Right, and once we run it, we're gonna have to keep running -- forever.
Mike, you had a bug in that hotel room with Gray, right? We can -- we can use it.
Card had a frequency jammer.
There's nothing on tape.
Okay, forensics.
There's gonna be forensics from the scene.
I'm afraid not.
It'll look like Card killed Tyler Gray in self-defense.
And what? And -- and wh-- When I shot Card, it wasn't in self-defense.
Any more questions? Yeah, just one.
Can you make it to the 96th Street bridge in under five? Fi, they're setting a roadblock.
Turn around.
They haven't set it yet.
Are you out of your damn mind? Shh! If we're gonna do something, do it fast.
I got this.
For the record, Fi.
I see it, Michael.
Making an escape in an urban environment is as much about precision as it is about power.
Another cop, Fi.
You need a car that can make sharp turns and accelerate quickly.
Car just turned in behind us.
I repeat, 5-0 on our tail.
Let's go.
Would you keep it down back there? But even when you're in a fast car, if the numbers aren't in your favor, the focus has to change -- from outrunning to outsmarting.
They're gone, Fi.
Let's get out of here.
Anderson, talk to me.
Still no word, but I'll check with local traffic again.
Maybe they know something.
Forget it.
If they haven't been spotted yet, they've broken the perimeter.
You want to tell me where Westen's headed? Lady, I told you everything I know, okay? He asked me to drop him off at a meeting.
That's what I did.
I don't even know the guy that well.
Oh, really? From what I know of the Michael Westen dossier, if he got married tomorrow, you'd be his best man.
Michael Westen getting married -- boy, that's a good one.
You know, you really should finish reading.
Look, you're both trained operatives.
You have fallback plans, rally points.
Nope -- something goes bad, we all just go our separate ways, no looking back.
So as of this minute, Mike is long gone, and I'm just somebody he used to know.
And someone who lied to help him escape a murder scene.
I will catch Westen with your help or without it.
I wonder if that's somebody you used to know.
You ever seen this? It's a program that answers the phone so we can run a trace, but the caller still thinks it's ringing.
It is.
The trace is under way.
No answer? Still ringing when I hung up.
Probably hasn't made it to a safe place to call.
I'm sure he's fine.
We need to grab whatever we can at the storage unit, switch cars and find out where the hell Sam is.
You should call your mom first.
It might be your only chance.
Ma, I can't talk long.
I need you to meet me at 9:00 tomorrow morning at dad's old fishing spot -- the one we went to when I was 12.
Michael, slow down.
What? Ma, there's no time.
I'll explain it in the morning.
What -- you think they're tracing that phone? Just being careful.
Phone's dead.
You got a lock? Not enough time.
He was heading towards Homestead.
Well, then I guess we're headed to Homestead.
Let's go.
Get me an overhead.
And get a flag on that line.
If it goes live again, I want Westen in surround sound.
You really think that was Mike? Trust me -- he ditched his phone a long time ago.
You probably got pocket-dialed by some hobo in University Park.
It was moving east to west before we lost the signal.
Any idea where he's pit-stopping? All right, look, let's start at the motel on 9th, then go to Kehl's Self Storage, and then let's hit the surplus store on Palm.
No, check it.
Let's start at the storage units.
That means we'd have to backtrack.
Why not go to the motel first? 'Cause I've been watching Mr.
Axe, and the only time he flinched was when I mentioned the storage units.
Don't forget that six-pack.
Sam's gonna want beer, even if it is warm.
Sam would drink it if it was laced with cyanide.
Let's be honest.
I shouldn't have left him.
If he goes down for what I did -- Stop thinking the worst, Michael.
Maybe he just didn't want to risk taking your call.
Maybe he's in CIA custody, wishing he never met me.
Uh, I think we're about to find out.
The guy I paid off at the gas station just saw a van and two S.
s heading this way.
We got about two minutes until they're right on top of us.
Guess they got a bead off your phone after all.
Michael, what are you doing? If we're gonna get Sam back, this might be our only chance to get ears on them.
Look, if we don't get out of here right now, we're not gonna need a bug to hear what they're saying, Mike.
You said I had two minutes.
An R.
transmitter can broadcast audio up to 3 miles away.
But a bug with that range needs a steady power source, like the wiring from the lamp above a license plate.
Michael, come on! It takes a little longer, but when you're trying to save a friend, it's time well spent.
Michael! Mike, I will leave you here.
I'm not playing right now.
I'm almost done.
This is Glenanne's car.
Looks like we can officially add her to the list of accomplices.
Well, whoever Mike's with, they're long gone by now.
No, I don't think so.
I can still smell the burnt rubber.
They didn't even have time to lock up.
We must've just missed them.
I'm going to catch your friends, Mr.
So you need to decide exactly how you want this to end for you -- either with a slap on the wrist or with life in prison.
Should I assume Westen's armed to the teeth now? No, that's where Mike kept his, uh vintage-sneaker collection.
He probably stopped by just to pick up his lucky Chuck Taylors.
You know, the more I talk to you, the more confused I get.
You're a patriot, a decorated war veteran.
Why would you protect a murderer? Listen, Riley, I guarantee you -- Mike is not the bad guy here.
Oh, really? Were you there when he shot Tom Card? No, but I was there when we buried Mike's brother -- thanks to Card.
And I was there when that son of a bitch tried to bomb us to kingdom come in Panama.
Oh, so you're saying you would've done the same thing? I'm saying Mike had his reasons.
That's not the question, Mr.
Would you have shot Tom Card in cold blood? Yes or no? No.
Of course not.
That's what I thought.
He said "Riley.
" That must be the woman I saw at the hotel.
Olivia Riley.
You want to fill me in? She's a bit of a counterintel legend.
Half the case studies they use in training these days are written by her.
No one's better at hitting where it hurts.
Look, I know this thing can't be easy -- seeing a side of someone you didn't know.
It's not your fault.
Sometimes people just aren't who we think they are.
Mike is not a murderer.
Then he should just explain himself.
He's only digging his hole deeper right now.
And believe me, Mr.
Axe, if you don't help me find him, I will throw you in that hole right along with him.
So if you really want to help Westen, you'll help me.
So, how does this work, then? Did he just say what I think he said? It's simple, Mr.
I'm saying no jail time if you give me Westen.
I want your word that Mike gets a fair shake.
You got it.
We were supposed to rendezvous at the Copperfield Marina.
It's on Key Biscayne.
Mike's got a boat there gassed up and ready to get the hell out of Dodge.
You happy? You made the right decision, Mr.
Guy's got his neck on the line, and he's still taking one for the team.
Okay, sending Riley on a wild-goose chase to Copperfield Marina just bought us some time.
Well, he couldn't have picked a better place.
There are enough boats and buildings there to keep them searching for hours.
I'm gonna end this.
I'm turning myself in.
What, are you crazy?! Mike, what good is that gonna do? She's not just gonna let Sam go, and you know it.
I created the situation -- While sacrificing yourself might help you sleep at night, it's not gonna fix this, Mike.
Then you tell me what will! Because I'm not gonna let Sam take the fall for something I did.
Michael, I have an idea.
There's only one road into Copperfield Marina.
There's good cover.
If we hit them at the entrance, we might be able to split Riley's team and grab Sam.
You want to go to the one place we know they'll be looking for us? She's right, Jesse.
It's our best shot.
You know it.
All right, fine.
I'm in.
I'll drive.
There's a reason spies try not to involve family in operations.
The strain of waiting, worrying, and wondering can drive a trained agent to the brink, much less a civilian.
And, of course, no matter how bad a situation is it can always get worse.
Yes? Mrs.
I'm Agent Harper with the CIA.
Officer Castro here is Miami P.
What can I do for you? Have you heard from your son today? My son? Is there -- is there something I should know? No need to worry, ma'am.
We just need to know if you've heard from him.
Uh, h-he called, uh, just a while ago.
Really? What did he say? I-I wasn't able to hear him very well because there was a lot of static and noise.
Damn cells, you know? It sounds like he's underwater.
Frankly, my hearing is not what it used to be.
You're sure I shouldn't be worried? No, we just need to speak with him.
You would tell me if there was anything wrong? Wouldn't you? Of course we would.
Oh, do you have a card? 'Cause if he calls again, I can give him your number.
No need.
We'll be right out front.
All units, we have fugitive alert response from state police Uh, if you're waiting would you like to wait inside? I made lemonade.
Unless you'd rather sit in a hot car.
You're sure it's no trouble? No bother at all.
It's the least I can do.
Please, come in.
Thank you.
Please, sit down.
Oh, sorry.
I'll get rid of this.
Lemonade or iced tea? I have both.
Lemonade is fine.
I'm sorry -- which one? Lemonade is good.
Possible fugitive sighting -- state route 874, toll road 5.
Agent Riley awaiting confirmation of positive I.
Stand by for further.
Thank you very much.
During an operation, you never want to make a move until everyone's on the same page.
But sometimes, you have no choice.
Hey, hey! What's going on? This was taken six minutes ago east on the Shula Expressway, Copperfield Marina.
So, uh, what about me? You're headed to federal detention.
We'll discuss your situation later.
Get him out of here.
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait.
You're putting me on the bench now? When someone on your team gets a surprise, you have to hope they realize there's a plan in motion and they can find a way to be part of it.
I thought you wanted Mike alive.
I have cuffs, I have guns.
I'll let him pick which we use.
What about your men? What about their families? There's no need for bloodshed here.
And come on -- if anyone can talk Michael Westen down, it's his best friend, right? You're worried about my team? Look, listen, lady, I just don't want to see anybody else get hurt.
I've seen enough killing for one day.
Get him in the van.
The best place to rescue a prisoner in transit is at a choke point a place where you can force the action into a narrow zone that you control.
Well-timed, synchronized blasts on both sides of the choke point can separate the vehicles, isolate the person you're trying to retrieve, and create an effective barrier.
And when you add covering fire, your opposition will worry more about staying alive than stopping your escape.
Nice work.
Are -- are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
Just keep thinking what I could've done differently.
Michael, you made the call you thought you had to make.
And if I was wrong? If there was another way? Look what I've done to Sam -- to everyone.
There's a price to pay no matter what you do.
If it's a choice between betraying everything you believe in and pulling a trigger I'm glad you pulled the trigger.
Hate to interrupt whatever moment you guys are having, but I suggest you get moving.
Riley's coming around the mountain.
On our way.
Tell the Coast Guard to get us two defenders and a response boat headed our way now.
You get the first crack at Westen, but you better make it good.
I'd rather end this thing peacefully, but I'm prepared for any outcome.
Lady, I'm only here for one reason -- to make sure nobody else gets hurt.
All right, this is about to happen, people.
Remember -- first go is Fi, second one's Mike.
Come on, baby.
Come to papa.
Oh, and one more thing, Mr.
Axe, before we go in.
This is the most recent satellite image we have of Copperfield.
Where is Westen's boat? Oh, it's right over here.
Which one? Mm, that one right there -- the Mer-Mistress.
We can't afford any mistakes on this.
Are you absolutely positive? Yeah, 100%.
He took me fishing on it.
I had a two-hour slug fest with a barracuda.
Look -- you can see the mark where it hit the boat.
When was this? I don't know.
Couple weeks ago.
Stop the van! Now! They're stopping.
Something's wrong.
They're not coming in.
What the hell are you doing? Trying to figure out how that mark got there on your fishing trip When this photo was taken six months ago.
I gave you a chance.
I hope you remember that when they lock you up.
It looks to me like something was about to go down here.
I want to know what they were planning, and I want to know now.
Get moving.
Oh, damn it.
Let's go.
We got a device on the left.
We've got another device on the right.
As well as one at the base of the tower.
Mike, we got a problem -- they came in on foot, and they found all the charges.
We're gonna need a new plan.
Looks like directional charges with remote detonators.
Go get a look at those detonators.
Um, ma'am, these charges are live.
Shouldn't we wait for a bomb squad? Oh, I'm sorry, Mr.
I thought you were a field operative.
Will someone who remembers their job description go get a look at those detonators? I need a range.
Follow me.
It's tough to get good help.
Receiver's got a 5-amp relay.
Range can't be more than 350 meters.
That means your friends are here.
This ends now.
How the hell did she know what we were up to? Riley must've seen something, or maybe Sam didn't want to risk -- Guys, that couldn't matter less right now.
Riley's got us pinned down.
We can't save Sam.
Only real question is, what the hell do we do now? Secure the perimeter.
The charges have been defused.
's about 20 minutes out.
Okay, we've got them boxed in.
Set your team up to contain.
When the extra bodies get here, we move in and we take Westen out.
Uh, excuse me.
Don't you mean take Westen in? What happened to all this talk about not hurting anybody? Oh, this isn't a chase anymore, Mr.
This is a standoff.
And any hope for a peaceful resolution flew out the window once your friends set us up for an ambush.
Get him in the van.
Well, they're in position, but they're not moving in.
They got to be waiting for backup.
Then it's all over.
Maybe not.
I think this storm drain has sewer access.
We move now, we got a chance of getting out of here.
And Sam? Our best bet is to get out of here and try to find a way to save him later.
Uh, maybe not.
If you're right about the storm drain, we might be able to save Sam -- right here, right now.
Mike, you use that phone, Riley's gonna hear everything you say.
That's what I'm counting on.
If I can convince her she has no choice but to move in right now, she'll send her team after me, and you and Fi can make it back to the van.
We surprise Riley, take back Sam.
I like it.
Well, except for the part where Michael uses himself as bait.
How are you gonna fight her entire team? You take down Riley, I won't have to.
And if we can't get back to Riley in time? If you're wrong? Sometimes there's a price to be paid, Fi, no matter what you do.
Whatever we're gonna do, we got to do it now.
Let's go.
I don't even want to think about what's in this water.
This was your idea.
Let's just hope Mike's call makes this worth it.
Go for Sugar.
Sugar? It's Michael Westen.
M-dub! I'm getting suited and booted.
What's crackin', super spy? Our conversation is about to be recorded by the authorities.
Uhhh so should we be talking? It's gonna be fine.
Just say "yes" to every question I ask.
You got it? What? Not a good start, Sugar.
You have to say "yes.
" Do you understand? Uh, yes.
Once authorities have flagged a cellphone, they can access every relevant piece of information stored on the device.
Westen's phone is live.
Get me on that call.
Pinpoint his location now.
less than 10 minutes before they sweep.
Can you be here in five? Yes.
We're gonna need to slow them down.
Do you have C4 and phosphoflares on board? Yes.
And is the copter ready? It'll be ready.
Tell the chopper pilot we're not waiting for Sam.
We leave immediately.
All right.
You done drinking that? Who is Sugar? This time, I want the truth.
All right.
The truth is, he's a two-bit, drug-dealing loser who used to be Mike's neighbor.
You've got quite the sense of humor, don't you, Mr.
Axe? I do hope a life in prison doesn't beat it out of you.
Got that bastard.
Exact location? He's hiding in the second structure from the back.
Ground level, the entrance by the alleyway.
Reading should be accurate within 2 meters.
Tell Fuller to get his team ready.
We need to take Westen before his backup gets here.
Good luck.
Let's go! All right, target is located in the second structure from the back.
He's at the ground-level alley entrance.
We know he's armed.
Prepare for full breach.
And I want running updates on the fly.
Okay, looks like Mike pulled it off.
But she's still got one guy for backup.
This won't be as easy as we thought.
Target's location surrounded.
Preparing to breach.
Thwarting a breach attempt typically involves meeting force with force, but if you want to buy yourself time without hurting anyone, you don't need firepower -- you need a diversion.
Without a blasting cap, C4 is really just flammable clay.
Luckily, C4 doesn't have to explode to be useful.
When your goal is to scare people without killing them, a flaming block of C4 stuffed with bullets will do just fine.
Go! Go, go, go, go! Take cover! Take cover! Shots fired.
Shots fired! Where's Westen? Clearing the structure now.
Stand by.
Do not let him get away.
Target has retreated to second level.
Bradley, do you have a shot? Negative.
Target is in the room.
Awaiting clean shot.
Damn it, Fuller! What's taking so long? Get your team in there.
Take him down now.
Whatever it takes, I want it finished.
Do not hesitate to take a shot.
Fuller, do not take the shot.
I repeat, do not take the shot.
Agent Riley, confirm your order to stand down.
Please confirm stand-down.
Here you go.
You can have the honor of calling the rest of your dogs off.
All units, stand down.
Nicely done -- commanding, but not trying too hard.
I hope you realize this is the biggest mistake you've ever made.
Because it just became my mission in life to put you behind bars -- all of you.
Lady, you sure know how to make a guy feel special.
A spy gets used to having enemies.
It's just part of the job.
But you never expect to be hated at home.
When your own country thinks you're a traitor, everything changes.
Allies become enemies, and the people who used to fight at your side become the ones who want to hurt you the most.
We'll take you down, Westen -- sooner or later.
So, this is what becomes of the great Michael Westen.
Murderer, kidnapper, traitor.
There's more to this, Riley, than you know.
Card killed my brother, he tried to kill -- To kill you, too? Yeah, Mr.
Axe told me your sad story.
Unfortunately, the evidence in the hotel room tells a completely different story.
And then there's the fact that you ran.
I didn't know who was coming through that door -- somebody who wanted to know the truth or somebody working with Card.
What is the truth, Mr.
Westen? Card was running unauthorized Ops around the globe, and he wasn't going to stop.
He used Anson.
He used Gray.
He was trying to use me.
Now, I didn't betray my country.
I was trying to protect it.
Now that I know your side of the story, I want you to know I don't care.
You killed Tom Card -- one of our own.
And your friends helped you escape.
You are now enemies of the United States of America, and it's my job to make sure you face justice.
Should take about an hour to make it back to the road.
Good luck finding a phone.
I'll never stop, Westen.
I'll hunt you down to the ends of the earth if I have to.
Then I'll see you there.
Gee-- Michael! You scared the hell out of me.
Card's dead.
I killed him.
He deserved it.
It isn't over, is it? The CIA's after me.
Sam, Jesse, and Fi helped me escape.
They're hunting us all.
They'll be coming for you.
I already talked to them.
They came by yesterday.
It's all right.
Ipretended I was some helpless old woman.
I served them lemonade and pretended I was hard of hearing.
Anyway, eventually they started talking like I wasn't even there.
I wrote down as much as I could remember.
Thanks, mom, but they'll be coming back.
You still need to leave.
Yeah, I thought of that.
And then I came up with a better idea.
I'm staying right at home.
If all you guys are going into hiding, you're gonna need a lifeline to the outside world.
You wanted to leave.
I think that's the best thing to do.
And now you want to stay.
I was angry.
I still am.
There's a part of me that will never get over what happened to Nate.
If I don't forgive you, I'll lose you, too.
I'm staying.
This is a fight I can't win.
Well, you have two choices.
You can give up now or you can go down swinging.