Call the Midwife s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Oi! Slow down! Wake up.
Shirley Redmond's gone into labour.
I'm coming with you.
Best be safe, under the circumstances.
Come on! Don't leave me, Mum.
Where am I going to go? No-one's going anywhere.
All fine, love? Yeah, she's all right.
Going like clockwork.
Thank you.
Squeeze my hand.
Good girl All right, boy? Everything's perfect.
It's not going to be born dead like the last time, is it, Sister? You're doing everything you should be doing, so stop wasting all this energy worrying.
The head is crowned, so the next few contractions are really important.
I need you to do exactly as I say, all right? Keep panting for me, Shirley.
Lord, I'm coming, Shirl.
Hang on, love! Hang on, I'm on my way.
Here we are.
Shirl? You have a beautiful little girl, Mr Redmond.
Listen to her.
Listen to her! She's got a set of lungs on her, hasn't she? 'During my years in the East End, I cycled through sunny streets.
'Mothers were safely delivered of their babies 'and the whole world seemed to shine.
'It was easy to forget the sparks of darkness in the diamond, 'the shadows in the corners of the brightest day.
' You still managing to keep up, Nurse Lee? Absolutely, Sister Evangelina.
Oi! Watch yourself, or I'll shove that aspidistra up your So much space after our little flat.
Now, now, now, now, now.
If you go down there, we'll never get you back up again.
I am starting to resemble some sort of disgusting, beached mammal, aren't I? I don't know how you can bear to look at me.
I deserve the George Cross.
I suppose the thought of making love to me again is unbearable.
I couldn't even begin to explain.
Have you started to think about other women? Every moment of the day.
You regret ever setting eyes on me, don't you? Isn't it apparent? You're planning your escape as we kiss.
Why do you think I haven't unpacked yet? Jenny, are you naked and indecent? Yes, come in.
I've got lacquer in my eye.
Hurry up and get it out.
There's someone on the telephone for you.
Sympathy wouldn't go amiss.
You poor thing Everything all right? Just an overreaction to a teensy spot of hair lacquer.
Shall I take a peek? No time! She has an important call waiting.
How exciting! It's Jimmy.
We'd never have guessed.
Wouldn't a spot of privacy be more appropriate? It would, thank you, Chummy.
Right, well, I'll leave you to it.
Please hold the line for one moment.
Sorry, Jimmy, I was doing my hair.
'I just wondered if you fancied going up West tomorrow night?' We could go to the cinema, that Elvis Presley film is playing.
'Come on, what do you say?' All right.
What time? I'll call round about six.
Have a drink first.
How's that? All right.
Doesn't anyone else feel a bit childish? That's the point, Cynthia.
It's supposed to be fun.
We're trying to find out exactly what's going on with Jimmy.
What, alone? For the whole weekend? Jimmy, we couldn't! You are a terrible actress, Jenny Lee.
And you are all terrible spies.
Especially you, Sister Bernadette.
I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.
So apart from the tiredness I'm fine.
I didn't think it was possible after last time, but I've never felt happier.
Or felt better.
I'm glad.
I think you're well enough to visit us at the clinic from now on, Mrs Redmond.
I'm dying to show her off.
Something wrong? Ron's keen to know when we can, you know Resume marital relations? Things are different with this one.
Everything is new.
Last time I I wasn't myself, was I? Not for a while.
As long as there's no pain or discomfort proceed with caution would be my advice.
I'll use them exact words! Bring the baby through, Mum.
Nurse is ready for her now.
She's woken up in perfect time.
Doesn't she look lovely with her matching outfit? You won't get one of them in the shops.
Mum made it for her.
Wait! Wait! That was exquisite.
You should be in the Albert Hall.
I've told you a million times, I'm only average, David.
Always been too lazy to practise.
You all right, darling? Just a bit light-headed.
I stood up too quick.
Are you sure you'll be all right? I don't have to go.
Go and drink beer and talk cricket with your cricket bores and stop fussing.
We can always ring Dr Carlton, you don't have to wait for your next appointment.
It's just a slight headache, David, perfectly normal.
There's a National Health clinic at the Parish Hall tomorrow, if I still feel out of sorts by then, I'll pop in.
Promise? Promise.
Now do stop fussing and go.
How was Elvis Presley? Not my cup of tea, but I can see the attraction.
His moves are interesting, to say the least.
I know.
Marvellous, isn't it? He's absolutely gorgeous.
I'd die for him.
He's male and under 30.
An interest in the opposite sex is perfectly natural.
Sorry, Peggy.
I'd like to speak to someone in charge, please.
Nurse Miller, duty midwife.
How may I help? Would it be possible to see the doctor? Is this your first visit? Obviously not my first ever visit.
I'm registered with Dr Carlton, south of the river.
We recently moved here, but my next appointment isn't until next week and Name? Margaret Jones.
Mrs Margaret Jones.
Please take a seat, Mrs Jones.
I'll be back as soon as I can to take your details.
Don't worry, Mrs Blake, your turn next.
Marie O'Connor? She's adorable.
What's her name? Gillian.
You wouldn't say that at two in the morning.
I could throttle her then! How long have you got to wait? A few months yet.
It's lovely being a mum.
Stop it! Come here! Stop it! Patricia! Patricia, get back here now before I lamp you one an' all.
What you turning your nose up at? Excuse me? Did you see that? She was only having a gawp at her beads.
Just a little kid an' all, in't she? Eileen Blake, she lives in my street.
A right troublemaker! Just ignore her.
Here, what you saying about me, Shirley Redmond? Say it to my face.
Stuck up bitch.
I've got to go.
Margaret Jones? Fancy bumping into you.
Well, I was passing Nonnatus House earlier and I stole a glance at the rota.
I've been hanging around here for half an hour or so, waiting for you to come past.
I see.
Any particular reason? A most particular one, actually.
I was thinking what a nice time we had at the pictures and how it seems daft not to do it again.
Well, sooner rather than later.
So what do you say? I'd say it seems worse than daft.
It seems positively idiotic.
Well, there we go then.
It's only an early supper before the cinema, not dinner at the Dorchester.
But things are progressing, Chummy, so it may as well be.
You have to think strategically.
This could be a pivotal moment.
Do you really think so? Absolutely no idea.
Sit up and follow me.
Imagine you're at the Dorchester.
But we aren't going Shut up and do as I say.
Ready? Like this.
Excuse me! Remember, he'll be watching your every move.
So when he pulls the chair out for you, take your time.
When he sits opposite, lean in slightly and tilt your head so that you have to look at him through your eyelashes.
Hold that pose for quite a while.
It could give one's neck an awful crick.
Obviously, it's a pose you'll have to get used to.
Thank you! You are a woman comfortable with making decisions.
Look at him directly in the eyes and say it like it's the naughtiest thing you've EVER said in your life.
Fish and chips, please.
And can you put the vinegar on first? Chummy! Come out here for a bit, get some fresh air to her legs.
What's Mummy saying? What's Mummy saying? Shall we go and see her? Come on then.
Come on.
Stick with the job in hand, you me and my girl are having a little dance to ourselves.
Ain't we, sweetheart? All right now.
Gently does it.
You should have called my secretary, I'd have come home earlier.
I can't remember if I locked the back door.
Don't worry about that, darling.
We'll only be gone an hour.
Besides, it's a pretty decent neighbourhood.
Margaret? Margaret? Margaret! Ma? Help, help me! Help me, please! We were on our way to the doctor's, and my wife had a fit of some sort.
She's been complaining of headaches for the last few days.
When's the baby due? She's 27 weeks.
You need to get her to the hospital as soon as possible.
Will you be all right to drive her there? It'd be quicker than waiting for an ambulance.
Yes yes.
You carry on to Mrs Weston's and I'll stay to help.
All right.
You must hurry.
What's her name? Margaret Jones.
Is she going to be all right? Mrs Margaret Jones.
I'll warn the hospital that you're on the way.
Now, go.
Nurse, it was eclampsia.
Baby didn't make it.
Mrs Jones hasn't got long.
I see.
Mr Jones? I got here as soon as I could.
It was a little girl.
I'm so sorry.
She was too small.
They say her lungs weren't Is there someone you'd like me to call? There's no-one else.
Just the two of us.
Margaret and I.
We were going to call her Helen.
Thomas, had he been a boy.
What will I tell Margaret? The doctor did explain the situation? Your wife's condition? He said it's toxaemia.
It can also be called eclampsia.
When she's stable, I'll be able to see her.
Talk to her about the baby.
I need to be strong for her, don't I? Mr Jones We've only been married six months.
Barely known each other a year.
I don't feel strong at all.
It's a really good opportunity to have first hand experience, sister.
If you can arrange it, I could follow this case to its conclusion.
I'd learn so much by being there.
It will be distressing.
Are you sure you'll be able to handle it? Of course.
I want to be a good nurse.
Whatever it takes.
'Help had come too late for Margaret, 'so her eclampsia was a death sentence.
'All her husband could do was watch and wait.
' Ann Whelan's baby's an odd-looking little thing.
And Ann's quite pretty, really.
Well? Fish and chips, then High Society.
What did you talk about? Horses.
His uncle has a farm.
What else? We need details.
Preferably more exciting ones.
Grace Kelly.
She's awfully good.
And so attractive.
Stop teasing.
I've been working.
You've waited up especially.
I can't believe my intensive course in the art of seduction failed.
Sit down and have some Horlicks, Chummy.
He was the perfect gentleman, actually.
Damn! How disappointing.
Trixie! But you are a woman, Chummy, and Constable Noakes is a man.
So I imagine that the natural progression of this relationship Steady on! .
Will eventually entail some sort of flirtatious behaviour, outside the realms of what is considered gentlemanly conduct.
Were there any other future outings planned at all? He did ask if I'd like to accompany him to the dance next week.
But one has so many horrific memories.
I couldn't bear to embarrass myself.
I used to feel the same but I've been with Trixie a few times and I actually enjoyed it.
I think it depends on the company.
So why don't we all go? Yes.
Let's go dancing.
That's a splendid idea.
I promised Jimmy we'd do something together at the weekend.
He could come too.
You'll have a wonderful time! All right, I'll ask him.
Gosh, it seems I'm going to a dance.
"Look at me now, Ma.
" I take it Constable Noakes is the source of all this excitement? It's true what they say, then.
There is a sock for every old slipper.
How did you meet? She's a violinist.
Some friends of mine took me to a concert to hear her play.
I've always admired musicians.
The Swan, by Saint Saens.
That's what she was playing when I first saw her.
So? After the concert, you swept her off her feet? Hardly.
We barely spoke.
I've never been very good around women, I'm rather shy.
But that smile kept me going for weeks.
Look at me.
Headmaster, smitten with a woman half my age in less than a minute.
Ludicrous, isn't it? Obviously not.
When I saw her again, near Lyon's Corner House in Islington, I couldn't believe my luck.
The first thing she said was, "What took you so long? "I'm fed up waiting.
" We've been together ever since.
It's been glorious.
You all right? Aren't you attempting a medical and physical impossibility, Trixie? Just takes practice.
Aren't they terribly painful? Excruciating.
Why don't you try some of my new lipstick, Cynthia? My lips are too thin.
I'd look silly.
How civilised.
It's Pa's favourite tipple.
Maybe it will stop some of us from being so bloody miserable.
I'm not miserable, I'm tired.
I'll be all right once I get there.
Lawks help me.
Chin chin! Quick, the gin! There's a gentleman at the door.
You all look very nice.
Have a lovely evening.
Come on! Come along, Cynthia.
Good night, Sister.
Hurry up! Good evening.
We thought, we'd go down together.
Sorry I'm late.
I'd say your timing is perfect, Jimmy.
Aren't we the lucky fellows? Don't worry.
Gosh, they're terribly energetic! Excuse me.
More drinks, gang? Thanks.
Gosh, I've never seen anything quite like it.
Certainly not at any of the dos Mother forced me to attend.
This place is positively savage in comparison.
Well, how about a dance, then? Good gracious, I'm no dancer.
Neither am I, but I wouldn't mind giving it a go.
If you promise not to laugh? Well, if you promise not to arrest me for common assault when I tread all over your toes.
I might be some time.
TTFN! Don't look now.
Blond, six four, dark jacket, over by the door at ten to twelve.
I'm in love.
I'll be back in five minutes when I've seduced him into asking me out.
But you agreed to a date with that dark-haired chap you danced with.
Obviously I'll be careful not to overbook myself.
Come in.
I can't sleep.
The toxaemia case? I haven't mentioned it before but she came into the clinic, last week, before her regular doctor's appointment.
I was a bit short with her and she left before I had time to book her in.
That would have made no difference.
I know, but I can't help thinking Then don't.
Who knows why these things happen? Her poor husband, David.
He's so devoted to her.
You have to be brave to be in love, don't you? I mean, knowing your heart may get broken at some point along the way.
Yes, I suppose so.
He spent years being frightened and lonely because he's much older than her.
They hardly had any time together and yet he said that she made his life truly meaningful.
Love doesn't seem to adhere to time or boundaries, does it? It just is.
I didn't know you were such a romantic.
Neither did I.
Jenny What? We have a duty to live every moment the best we can.
I mean really live it.
Even if it means getting hurt.
Otherwise, what's the point? We mustn't let fear stop us.
I'm back, Shirl.
Where's my girl, then? Did you remember to get the milk? Course I did.
I called in at the allotments to say hello to Arthur.
How's he doing? Good.
He was asking all about the baby.
Where is she? Out in the pram in the fresh air.
You passed her on your way in, you great daft sod.
Mum, is she with you? Who? The baby, have you got the baby? What are you talking about? The baby, Mum! Have you seen my baby? She was in her pram.
No, love, sorry.
Please, someone help us.
Someone's taken our baby.
Gillian! Gillian! Police! Excuse me, stop.
Sorry, have you seen? I need to ask your thoughts on Shirley Redmond's mental state.
She's been ill recently, hasn't she? I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at, Constable? There have been a few questions raised, I'm afraid.
About what, specifically? Her behaviour as a mother.
According to a neighbour, she's been acting strange since she suffered a stillbirth two years ago.
Eileen Blake! If she's not careful, she'll feel the toe of my boot right up Sister Evangelina delivered that poor child.
Shirley suffered as any mother would.
She wasn't herself for a while.
I assure you, Constable Noakes, that you are wasting your time following that line of enquiry.
She was overheard stating she wanted to hurt her baby.
Rubbish! That's utterly ridiculous! You were heard at the clinic saying you wanted to throttle your child.
I didn't mean it! I love her.
I wouldn't hurt her for the world.
How are we? Bearing up.
Thank God Margaret's a fighter.
Could I ask you a favour, nurse? A favour? I need some things from home.
A razor, a few toiletries, a clean shirt, that sort of thing.
I don't want to leave her.
If I make a list and write down the address, could you? Yes.
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, madam.
Best get these out of the way before she wakes.
Are you sure you'll be able to carry them back to Nonnatus, Sister? I'll be absolutely fine, Nurse Lee.
When they're dry, Sister Evangelina will pick them up.
I've never seen her so upset.
You must remain strong if you're to stay here for the night and give some comfort.
The situation can only be served by someone with a clear head and an open heart.
You are a good nurse.
I trust you will rise to the occasion.
I'll do my best, Sister.
I have every faith in you.
If you hear any news, call Nonnatus House right away.
I will.
Ron? Have you found her? Have you brought her back? No, love.
I want her back home, now.
I want my Gillian back home.
She's alive.
I know she is.
Her milk.
Come with me, Shirley.
Come on.
Gladys, can you see that Ron gets a hot drink inside him? Of course I will.
Take it.
Take it.
The pains will stop if you take it.
I know how it feels, see.
You're not sick, you're just hungry! Now take the bloody milk, will ya! Peggy, is Fred here? I've got a ghastly puncture.
He's in the garden, I think.
Any news on the Redmond baby? I'm afraid not.
"The worldly life grows down apace: "But does the milk that's drawn from the cow go back to the bullock?" Sorry, Sister? Sister Monica Joan has been talking about the mystic poets.
What's all this for? People have been out searching for that baby the moment they get home from work.
We thought we'd offer refreshments.
"A barren cow gives birth to a bullock" Sister Monica Joan, please! They're all talking about me.
They think I've done something bad.
Let 'em.
We know the truth, love.
I don't know how much more of this I can take.
Try and stay with it, Shirl.
For me.
Thought you might need a few things.
You didn't have to go to all that trouble, nurse.
I didn't.
It was Sister Julienne.
Besides, I wanted to come.
She doesn't like it when I haven't shaved.
There, darling, smooth enough for you? Do I pass the test? They want your permission to take Margaret's wedding ring off.
I've already told them she'd never forgive me.
She swore to never take it off.
I can do it, if you prefer.
The doctor doesn't seem to think you understand the severity of the situation.
Please, listen to me.
We can only make her comfortable.
Nothing more.
She is dying, Mr Jones.
You don't know my wife.
You don't know her strength.
Her body is failing and it will keep on failing.
I'm sorry but nothing can prevent that from happening.
I want to look after her.
I want to do everything for her.
She's my soulmate.
That's why she's still here with me.
But she's suffering, Mr Jones.
Some people need permission to die from those that they love the most.
Do it now, then.
Cut the ring off now.
I've found something.
I've found something.
It's Gillian's.
I know it.
I'm sorry, but I need you to tell me.
Is it hers? It's the one you made her, isn't it? It's part of a matching set.
You've got to stay here for a while.
Mammy has to go to work, my angel.
Otherwise we'll starve, won't we? You looking for company, mister? I'm very reasonable honest.
Sorry to hear about your toxaemia patient, Cynthia.
It's an awful way to go.
How's the husband? As you'd imagine.
They were soulmates.
You don't actually believe in the notion of soulmates, do you? Yes, I think I do.
You are kidding me? What romantic tosh! Do be quiet! Not everyone feels as you do.
All right? Yes, we were just talking about soulmates.
" Rather like the sound of that.
Any news? No.
It's Shirley.
We've had the doctors out, but What's happened? Well, she's stopped talking again.
She's had a funny turn.
Just stares.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Blaming yourself won't do any good.
Now, listen to me.
Ron is not strong.
That's why he chose you.
You won't do anybody any good like this.
It was love that brought Gillian to you, remember? Whatever happens, you will only find peace by loving those that need you and Ron needs you.
Am I going to have to whisper in your ear until the sun goes down? Because my backside is starting to go numb.
Oi! Oi! Stop her! Oi! Oi! Stop her! Police! Police! Police! Don't you people have any sense of decency? Go away.
Go on, go away.
It's Nurse Lee.
Mrs Redmond, what can you tell us about the missing baby? I should take the dog out when your mum gets back.
Poor thing doesn't know whether he's coming or going.
I could stay for another ten minutes, if it's any help? I really can't imagine what you're going through.
If there was anything I could do You know, I didn't realise how much my mum loved me till I was a mum.
It's the kind of love that only goes one way.
Only realise that when you have your own.
When it's too late to change your mind.
I know what they mean now, when they say love hurts.
Can't have one without the other.
Not ever.
Yet we keep on doing it again and again.
I wonder why? Before you turn off towards Market Street.
That's where she is.
Come on.
We've got to stay strong now, Kathleen, it's the only way.
We've only got each other.
It'll be all right now we're together again.
She doesn't look right in the head.
How was the baby? I only got a quick look.
I don't know if it's alive.
There's one way to find out.
'I didn't know it, but as I walked into the warehouse, 'I stepped through a door into the past.
'There were ghosts in these shadows.
'The ghosts of an encounter 'where love had tried and failed.
' Hello there? Get away.
Don't be afraid.
I'm a nurse.
If you or your baby are hurt, I can help.
Get away.
My Kathleen is back safe where she belongs now.
(Oh, my God.
I know her.
) Stay here.
Who's there? Don't come any closer.
Mary? Mary, it's Jenny Lee.
Remember? You stay away from us, you hear me? I swear I won't get too close.
I'd like to see your face.
And the baby's.
To make sure you're both well.
Mary? I won't let anyone take her again.
I'll die first.
Let me see her face.
I'll stay right here.
Can you see how she's a little floppy in your arms? That's because she needs water.
We have to get some liquids into her very soon, or she might die.
I can take care of Kathleen better than anyone.
I love her.
I only want to be a good mother.
It's something I can be good at.
It's my real purpose.
I'm sure of it.
Mary, please listen to me.
That baby isn't yours.
Look at the way she looks at me.
Isn't that the way a child looks at its mother? Remember how much it hurt when Kathleen got taken away from you.
Stop saying such terrible things.
That baby's mother is going through exactly the same thing right now.
I'll kill myself, as God is my judge.
Mary, your baby is safe.
It's well looked after.
She's loved.
This baby could die now.
What's her name? Gillian.
Gillian Redmond.
She doesn't look like a Gillian to me.
And the mammy? Is she a nice woman? She is.
She's in a terrible state.
Does she have a decent husband with a good job? This "Mammy in a terrible state"? Yes.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, she's got it all, hasn't she? Lucky bitch! That baby's mother is pining after her child.
You know what a terrible feeling that is.
I knew all along this wasn't my Kathleen, I did.
I knew.
My Kathleen's prettier.
But this one's got something about her too.
Let me have her.
She needs water.
Just one more minute.
Let me take enough to help me through the rest of it.
Mary How is she? Pitiful.
I understand what Mary did was an awful thing but if she goes to prison she won't get any help at all.
And worse, she'll have never had anyone to speak for her.
Not in the whole of her life.
Let me get this straight, Sister.
You want us to ask for leniency for the evil that stole our baby? Mary is a very sick young woman.
Well, she'd swing if I had anything to do with it.
I'd put the noose around her neck myself.
She's barely 16.
Her own baby was taken for adoption and her mental health broke down.
I think you'd best leave before I say something out of turn.
Ron's right.
Of course it's only you here that knows the weight of such pain.
There's no words can describe it.
Some say it's a kind of madness.
And, I would have thought, worthy of anyone's compassion.
All right, that's enough.
Sister Evangelina? What do you want me to say to the police? Nurse Miller.
'Nurses often receive tokens of appreciation from patients 'or their loved ones.
'David Jones sent Cynthia a note 'and a long playing record.
' 'The exquisite music was heard throughout Nonnatus House.
'And its message touched our whole community, 'for just as the swan's last song 'is the sweetest of its life, 'so loss is made endurable by love 'and it is love that will echo through eternity.
' Fancy getting out of the East End for a bit? What do you think? You've got a lot more pig than you bargained for.
She's pregnant.
Give me strength, oh, Lord.
Frank? It's my Frank.
He's took bad.
Please, Sister, please come quick.
My mother insists on meeting the woman I can't stop talking about.
What do I do, Sister? How do I be without him? He was everything to me, except mine.
You look at me and there's someone else you want to see.

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