Call the Midwife s02e04 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 4

'By the time I'd been in Poplar for a year, 'I'd begun to see myself as rather bold.
' Coming to examine me?! 'Dank alleys did not frighten me, and neither did their occupants.
'But did I really take risks? 'Did I really look beyond the surface, 'to the darker things beneath? 'My uniform was my armour.
'And there was much about the East End that I did not need to know.
'Much about life I had yet to encounter.
'It was a safe bet 'that surprises lay in store.
' Teddy boys - what a state! I know women that spend less time on their hair than they do.
Ah, you're just jealous, Fred.
No, I ain't.
Men are supposed to be men, not wasting all their money on Brylcreem and fancy waistcoats.
It's, er, your go.
Ruby ready to drop? She is.
I'll have my handsome son by the end of the month.
Oh! Turned into one of those clairvoyants, have you, Dougie? She's given me two girls.
It's time for a boy.
What's the odds? Dead cert.
I'll give you 3-1 against.
Oh, I'll have a few bob on that! All right! Gin.
All boys! Could you excuse me one moment, please? Timothy! What happened? We were spinning around at playtime.
And school let you leave? Somebody should have come with you.
I told them I knew how to get here.
You're always at work.
What if I was away on a call? Is everything all right, Doctor? They just sent him here! Why can't they deal with that at school? It's only a graze.
Let me see here Well, I think we're definitely going to need a bandage.
We should clean it first, though.
Will you be all right with Sister Bernadette, while I finish seeing to my patient? You're very kind, Sister.
Let's get you sat down and we'll have that fixed up in a jiffy.
Afternoon, Jane.
Looking forward to tonight, Nurse Lee? Oh, yes, it's yonks since I've been to a fair.
What about you, Jane.
Are you excited? Yes.
We can tell.
They were filthy, the poor loves, they looked like bleedin' chimney sweeps.
All right, Rubes? Oh, hello, Joyce, how are you today? I'm quite well.
How are YOU today? Ain't nothing wrong with trying to better oneself.
Ain't nothing wrong with being what you are, neither.
Well, MY husband has been promoted to supervisor.
The youngest ever, they say.
You live on the same street as me! Your roof leaks as badly as mine, and your backside don't smell of roses, does it?! Quite right.
It smells of lavender.
And I'm very sorry to hear about your roof.
We can recommend a good man.
Good evening.
It is, indeed.
And you must beSister Julienne? I am.
And you are? The Reverend Applebee-Thornton.
Indeed! Erm, Nurse Noakes sent us a letter.
Oh, wonderful! Ha! Wonderful! Ha Now, er, I don't wish to be a burden on you, I simply couldn't take advantage of your hospitality without giving something back.
Now, I would like to offer chaplaincy to your patients.
We're very happy to shelter you, until your new parish Chummy spoke so fondly about everybody here.
What a wonderfully vibrant woman she is.
The tribes people were thoroughly fascinated on her arrival, you know.
I don't think they'd seen anything quite like her.
They refer to her as Boku-Uman, which translates as "a lot of woman"! Ha-ha-ha! One of the younger men challenged her to a wrestle - that fine fellow Noakes, he stepped in - I don't think she's quite recovered since! Reverend Y A friend of Nurse Noakes is a friend of Nonnatus House.
I believe your parish lodgings will not be ready for some time.
You're welcome, for as long as it takes.
Oh! Would you care for something to eat, before I show you to your room? Oh, very kind! I have been regaled with tales of Mrs B's prowess in the kitchen! II dare say that the language barrier will be less of a problem with the Cockneys, although I believe this rhyming slang How drunk are you, then? Oh Not as bad as Christmas.
You been gambling? Gambling?! Ruby, my love, I'm a reformed character! Yeah(!) I'm saving up to get us out of this pit.
Then why can I hear the jangling of coins, whenever you move? It ain't gambling if you know you're going to win.
Ha-ha! You are a bad man.
How's my boy doing in there? He's tip-top.
Not much of a mover, unlike the other two.
He's a cool dude, like that James Dean.
No need for carrying on, is there, boy? I was a lucky girl to land you, Dougie.
It was a movie kiss, through the wire fence, then he went to his plane, a cheeky wink, and he was off! Jenny's turn! We were playing sardines, there were six of us squashed into a wardrobe, someone kissed me and, to this day, I don't know who it was! Well, I do hope I'm not entirely surrounded by harlots! Cynthia? Well, I knew his name, at least, but it was nothing like a movie kiss.
I was eight.
Cynthia! I will never look at you with the same eyes again! Don't be silly! Oh, dear Jane, you must think us silly girls, to be excited about first kisses.
Not at all.
I know, let's name the goldfish after your first kiss.
That's a wonderful idea! Yes, spill the beans, Jane - what's our goldfish called? No, I It doesn't matter how silly the name is, we'll go with it.
Well, I'm afraid this goldfish shall be nameless, then.
Do you think she's all right, Sister? Jane is a quiet soul, not one for displaying her emotions.
It's hard to tell.
But to have lived her life without so much as a kiss.
You are speaking to a nun, Trixie.
Oh, yes, sorry.
I sympathise, I really do, but as Jane is practically silent around her colleagues, the ability to speak to men is probably beyond her.
Where did Sister Julienne find her? That wouldn't be for me to say.
Good morning, all! Ah, we have a fuller compliment.
Kushe-o! Which means "hello".
And it is my belief that Nurse Noakes' calling came from her humanity, as much as it did the Lord God Almighty.
Now, the humanity in this lovely bread! Oh, we had nothing this fine in Sierra Leone, although they do have Cassava Leaf Plassas, which is Chummy's favourite.
I'll tell you how we make them I'll get it.
She's about to pop.
Screaming the house down.
Told me to bring a midwife, straight away.
Phone's buggere-er, broken.
I'll fetch my things.
Not so fast.
Hello, Douglas.
I did both of Ruby's girls and they were beauties.
But I'm first on call, Sister.
Then you can assist.
She said to "try and get Sister Evangelina, if you can.
"She delivers 'em best.
" Mrs Roberts, Sister.
God speed.
So, Sister Julienne, which of your charges shall I accompany, hm? I promise they will receive exclusive stories in recompense.
You should accompany me on your first day, Reverend.
Start at the bottom and work your way up.
They're 'ere.
I'll put some more hot water on.
Good lad.
Hello there, Ruby.
Here we are again! Sister, I feel terrible.
Look at the state of me.
It's not a beauty contest, come on.
How are you doing? This is Nurse Lee.
Hello, Mrs Roberts.
This one hurts like hell.
No offence.
No, none taken.
There you go, on the edge, that's it.
They say you forget with time how much it did hurt.
Ooh! All right.
There you are.
That's it! There you go.
He's early, isn't he? When was the last pain? Just before you got here.
Heartbeat's strong.
I feel scared, Sister.
All be over soon.
My old matron used to say "You've had your sweets, now take your sours.
" All right.
We'll turn her on her side, have a look after this.
All right keep breathing, keep breathing.
That's a girl.
It's all right, Ruby.
Good girl.
That's it.
I told you it hurt more.
No one's doubting that now.
Baby's crowning, looks a big one.
They said I was on the small side.
They can't see what I can.
Nearly there, Ruby.
If Sister can see baby, we're not far away.
It hurts! Not long now.
It'll be as beautiful as its sisters.
Now, on the next one, I want you to give us a really big push, Ruby.
I'll buy him a blue bonnet.
Baby blue? Yeah, yeah, with little duckies on it.
Good girl, keep going! Keep going, good girl! Really big push.
Good girl.
Keep going, that's really good.
Good girl! Yes, come on.
The head's nearly out, we're nearly there now! Wait.
Stop pushing.
Short breaths.
When the next contraction comes, I want you to push hard, all right? Good girl! That's it.
Really big push, Ruby.
He's here! He's Towel? Nurse! See to mother, Nurse Lee.
Thank God.
Oh, thank God for that.
Sister? Let's have some gauze soaked in boiled water.
Nurse Lee, damp gauze.
It's a boy? Hey, hey! Daddy's here! It's a boy, Douglas.
Course he is.
I never doubted it.
We haven't quite finished yet.
I brought us a drink.
No-one in here yet please, Douglas.
Oh, he's all right, I want him here.
I'm sorry, I must insist.
The afterbirth hasn't been delivered.
The what? Please, Mr Roberts.
He's seen worse, after ten years of marriage! Let's get you neat and tidy first.
I love that sound.
Placenta successfully delivered, Sister.
That's good.
All done? Yes, all done.
Can I get you a glass of water, Ruby? What's wrong? What's wrong! Nurse Lee, would you ring for the doctor now, please? What's wrong? Sister Evangelina, what's wrong with him? You tell me what's going on right now! What is it? Baby's had some complications, Ruby.
There's a problem with his back.
And so I wrapped all the fruit in brown paper and used goat's wool as a beard.
And hey, presto, Christmas in Sierra Leone.
Of course, the nativity is no real surprise to the tribespeople.
A child born in a stable seemed perfectly reasonable.
I should Oh, yes, absolutely.
I don't believe I've had the pleasure? The Reverend Applebee-Thornton.
I'm sorry if I startled you.
Oh, my dear.
Oh no, your fish isn't that hungry.
No, we must rescue the poor fellow, before he eats himself to death, like a Roman Emperor.
Oh, no, no, the scales are too delicate to touch.
We must scoop him out gently.
Absolutely ideal.
Time is of the essence.
Yes, thank you.
And now we need to change the water in the bowl.
Now, let's put a tad more warm in there.
Needs to be room temperature, so the little one doesn't die of shock.
In Sierra Leone, you know, they had sharks in the river.
Huge beasts, apparently.
I was unfortunate never to see one.
Perfect! Apologies, ready when you are.
It's hydrocephalus - water on the brain caused by the break in the spinal cord.
That's what spina bifida means.
It's Latin for We're taking him to the London Hospital.
The medical advancements in treating this condition have come on leaps and bounds over the past few years.
The surgeons are second to none.
Your son will receive the best treatment in the world, Mr Roberts.
See to your ladies.
We'll take great care of your son.
Mr Roberts? One of the girls let me in.
I'm told baby's doing well.
He should be ready to come home from the hospital tomorrow.
How is Mrs Roberts? See for yourself.
Mrs Roberts? Nurse Lee.
You caught me red-handed.
You're out of bed.
Doesn't do no harm to look good, does it? Lifts the spirits, so they say.
I suppose.
Can't wallow forever.
Things to do.
I was just telling your husband, baby's doing well.
He should be back Oh, that's excellent.
Wonderful news.
We'll soon have him back, then? That's wonderful.
'She took it badly at first,' but now she seems in very good spirits.
I remember my first spina bifida birth.
It looked like a huge dollop of raspberry jam on baby's back.
Of course, back then, the humane course for treatment was considered to be chloral hydrate.
Let the child pass peacefully.
No! That was when there was little that could be done and it was considered a kindness.
There is much more to be done now.
But the child will, more often than not, have no bowel control, will have renal complications and a drastically reduced lifespan, and for the rest of that short life, it will be confined to a wheelchair.
Life is never without hope, Sister.
I know it won't be easy for the parents, but I'm sure they're capable of coping.
The mothers don't listen, do they? They're told again and again to avoid green potatoes.
Green potatoes no more cause spina bifida as the moon is made of cheese, Sister Monica Joan.
I read recently it is considered now to be a myth, although the actual cause is still unknown.
Therefore, the moon may yet be edible.
Good evening, one and all.
What a remarkable constitutional.
A balmy evening by the docks Reverend? Oh, thank you, Sister.
I have important administration to take care of tomorrow, so would you be happy to accompany one of our nurses? I'm sure any of them would be pleased to have your assistance.
Well, I've thoroughly enjoyed working with all your charges, Sister, I couldn't possibly decide Jane.
I mean, I believe Jane has rounds in the morning, and would benefit from an extra pair of hands.
Jane? That would be delightful, I look forward to it.
Shall we eat? Are the carrots yours, as well? Yes, the carrots are Here he is, girls.
Say hello to your brother, then.
We have to change the dressings every two days and keep using this antiseptic.
What's wrong with his legs? Right, come on, little monsters.
We'll come back up soon.
Should I perhaps tidy round a little? Would that be useful? No.
Does my house offend you, Vicar? Oh, it's Reverend, actually.
No, it does not.
Well, it bloody well does, me.
Ow! You hear that? I said it bloody well does, me.
I've been bitten! Be a sweetheart and shove him out the window.
May I say, I have spent the last year in Africa, in a society that did not produce William Shakespeare.
Nor did it produce Sir Isaac Newton, Isambard Kingdom Brunel I hope there's a point to this.
Well, we consider ourselves a civilised culture, and yet we allow our elderly to live in I'm sorry, I really don't wish to make judgements A flea pit? Surrounded by prossies? Not fit for a dog? Well, yes, and it saddens me greatly, both as a Christian and as a human.
At our age, we're grateful for the days.
Exactly, sweetheart.
I'll take what pleasure I can, whenever I can get it, because we're a long time dead, sir.
The tribespeople of Sierra Leone, they treat their elderly with the utmost respect, their wisdom unquestionable, having had the benefit of experience.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you, Jane.
A remarkable resilience about the Giddings, though.
Their love - triumphant still, despite the circumstances.
It swells the heart, does it not? 'Ere, love's young dream.
Hmph! Oh, he looks really well.
I think he may need feeding.
He's hungry, Mrs Roberts.
I ain't got none, it dried up! He has powdered.
All right.
I'll make up a bottle.
Will you hold him? Ruby Douglas told me to stop working, but I carried on, lifting them baskets.
I used to rest them on my bump when I was loading up.
What if that hurt his back? Lots of women work.
You can't blame yourself.
Why can't I? He came out of me like that.
Or was it God? He punishes people, don't he? Vanity is one of the deadly sins, they say.
Maybe it was Dougie's gambling.
Didn't Jesus hate all that? We did something.
One of them things made him like that.
What did we do?! I'll feed him.
Do you have the powdered milk, Mr Roberts? Thank you.
Do you think you could maybe take baby for a walk after he's fed? Perhaps you could take the girls? He needs sunlight, and it's a lovely day.
A man doesn't go about pushing prams.
Perhaps the girls could? No.
They're too young for this.
Neither of our mums are around anymore.
They'd have helped us.
Of course.
Would you hold him, while I make up a bottle? She even touched him yet? Your wife is a little under the weather at the moment.
No point then, is there? How are the Roberts, Nurse Lee? I think father is capable of seeing it through .
but mother has taken it very badly.
I do sympathise with her.
She has dreamt of a perfect, healthy child since the day she conceived.
I knew, one day, I would encounter something like this .
but I feel so under-prepared, Sister.
In what way? I don't know what to say to her.
How to help.
I don't even know what options are available.
Serendipity is a wonderful thing.
You must accompany Jane to St Gideon's.
Once again, we are much indebted to the Sisters of Nonnatus House.
The generosity they elicit is astounding.
Could I ask, Mrs Peacock .
how many of your patients, have families? All of them, technically.
We have a number who were abandoned, although that's reducing, thanks mainly to you midwives - not so easy to abandon a child when a nurse is coming round to visit.
How could they, though? Oh, often the mother feels guilty - was it something she did? Was it her fault? Can you stay for a cup of tea? I'm terribly sorry Cup of tea.
No, thank you, we must be leaving soon.
Hello, Jane.
You're looking very well.
Hello, Jacob.
Away with you, Jacob! I thought I was the only girl for you? I'm sorry, I couldn't understand.
Oh, it comes with time, but don't let it fool you.
he's as bright as a button and as cheeky as a monkey.
I have a family, at the moment.
I imagine their child would do well here.
Let me make it very clear, Nurse, this is a home by name only.
It is not "home".
If the child can stay with its family, I suggest you do everything in your power to make that happen.
It's lovely to see you again, Jane.
Still a chatterbox, then? Did you used to work here, then, Jane? I was a patient.
And then I became a trustee.
I met Sister Julienne here.
She's been very kind to me.
I won't say anything to the others.
Jane, would you say this is an adequate place for a child to grow up? They would do their best.
Well, it's been many years since I attended a dance.
Oh, but you must, Reverend.
I couldn't bear to see these go to waste.
I bet you're a wonderful dancer.
Oh, yes! Quite the opposite.
What a perfect opportunity to learn, then.
I'm sure Jane would enjoy herself.
In fact, I've got the perfect dress for her! Ah, well.
I must confess, it will be a wonderful way to spend the evening.
Is Jane agreed? Why me? Erm Well, you work so hard.
And I believe it will be fun.
Although, I must confess to not having danced for, oh, a number of years.
I don't imagine that the Waltz is de rigeur.
Although the, erm, tribesmen, they taught me one of their traditional dances and, um I-I won't embarrass you with that, though.
I'm sorry.
Please, feel free to decline, but I would, however .
very much like you to accompany me.
I'll stop talking now.
Though I think I could start talking again Yes.
Yes, thank you.
Is that Ruby's baby? Or is there something you haven't told us? I'm giving Mrs Roberts time to adjust.
We deliver the babies, Nurse Lee, we don't bring them up.
Sister Julienne has sanctioned my involvement.
Got it! Oi, little 'un, is that yours? Well, you move it, whatever it is.
I thought you were Douglas.
It's not like him to not be back by now.
Walk with us, Ruby.
I-I'm not up to it Nurse, please.
I'm trying, I really am.
What with Douglas behaving the way he is, I'm just beside myself with worry.
I can't do this for ever, Ruby.
You have to make headway.
Just a little for now? All I'm asking is that you walk with us.
Please? I do believe you may have left your baby outside, Ruby, dear.
Not that anyone would want to steal a cripple.
Get away.
Wondered why we hadn't seen you for a while.
Come on, Mrs Roberts, we must dash.
Oh, she's got her own nurse, as well.
Not so high and mighty now, is she? Hello, darling! Where you been? Look, she's going inside.
Come on, hurry up! You got your comb on you? Ladies.
What did he say? I know women who spend less time on their hair than you lot.
Now, get out my way.
Oi! Drunken idiot! What? Hold him up! Yeah, this'll teach you! Leave him, leave him! Unless you all wish to be tried for murder! That's sobered him up a bit.
Come on, leave him.
Oh, you poor man.
They were like wild animals.
He's my flesh and blood.
She's turned her back on my flesh and blood.
I believe the alcohol may work as an anaesthetic, in this situation.
It's a small blessing.
Come on, up you get.
It's hot.
I ain't bothered what people think, especially not Joyce.
That isn't it, Nurse.
I don't want you thinking that it is.
Then, what is it? If I hold him, I think I might die with the sadness.
I'm sure it'll get easier.
Try to eat something.
Why did they save him? Doctor said he'll be lucky to see his 16th and he'll need all sorts of looking after till then, so why did they save him? Life is never without hope.
This is wonderful news.
Your parish must be eager to meet you.
Absolutely, yes, it's a It's a blessing that the building was completed so quickly.
Nurse Lee, if this is how you are before work, I'll be interested to see what state you return in.
Sorry, Sister, didn't sleep too well.
May God give you strength.
Enough to put you off having children, eh? Working nights, too? I hope the Roberts pay well.
It's just until the parents come round.
How's that little miracle going to happen? Hmm? And how, pray tell, is you doing everything for the child helping the parents? Appeasing your own guilt, are you? I have no idea what you mean.
I saw your face when that child was born.
You were distraught, Nurse Lee, as every midwife has been before you.
God help us, we're only human.
But your guilt will not help the mother to bond.
What will? If I knew the answer to that, St Gideon's would be empty.
Sometimes, you have to admit defeat and let the world turn as it must.
Mrs Roberts? What? Look, we're here now.
I can't.
We're keeping him, then? Douglas, don't! It's like a train.
When I say I can't, I can't.
Wait here.
It's just me, then.
Hello again, Jacob.
She's waiting for you.
Thank you.
Did you have a fight with King Kong? What did he say? Say it again, please, Jacob.
Did you have a fight with King Kong? Oh! No, mate, just, er, half a dozen little monkeys.
It was in the silences at the dinner table that I felt my parents' hatred for each other.
So, I grew accustomed to filling them.
I know it can be difficult to bear.
At boarding school I was often without company.
I talk, so that I won't know what the silence holds.
Erm I No matter.
I didn't see you in service yesterday, or today.
I've been keeping up with my offices, whilst on duty, Sister.
Doctor Turner came by.
He dropped this off.
He says, his sincerest apologies for being so absent-minded, he's been carrying it around for weeks now.
It's charming.
We would ask that the parents visit as often as possible.
The bond needn't be broken, just because the baby's at St Gideon's.
a cup of tea.
Mr Roberts, did you hear? What happened to him? He was born that way.
Why? It happens.
Approximately, one in a thousand babies are born like Jacob, there, or like your child.
A thousand to one? Should've had money on it.
Thank you, Martin.
And Jacob.
It's not poisoned.
What's it like here? There's a biscuit factory next door.
We get the broken ones.
I need to talk to my wife.
My apologies.
Mr Roberts? I know my Ruby, Nurse, and I like a gamble.
We'll get back and pack its things.
What? The lady says she can take it.
They're pushed, but they can squeeze it in.
It's good here, there's a biscuit factory a few doors down.
But the nurse was helping.
Well, no, she weren't supposed to.
She can't do that for ever, can she? No, they should have taken him to the home straight away.
Right, is that everything? I'll take this.
You grab it.
Grab it then.
He's not an "it".
What? He's not "it"! He's a baby.
Yeah? Yeah, he's my baby boy.
How could you even think to send him away? Yeah.
What a bastard, eh? Change of plan, Nurse.
I'm sorry? Douglas Junior is going nowhere.
He's staying right here, with us.
You look like you could do with a kip, love.
Are you sure she's all right? We're going to be fine.
'It had been the biggest gamble of Douglas Roberts's life.
'The stakes had been high, 'but the dividend paid were permanent and beautiful.
' Reverend? Ah, Jane, I'm so pleased you It's my turn to talk.
I've always been scared.
As long as I can remember.
They say I used to sit bolt upright in bed and scream.
My parents sent me away.
I don't blame them, but for a long time, I was .
Your stories about Africa are like the picture books brought to life, and the way you saved that man outside the dance hall Oh, you were there? I Please.
Life, for me, is full of fear, but I want you to know .
I really wanted to come to the dance with you.
I was too scared.
I still struggle.
So .
I think you deserve somebody brave.
I've grown accustomed to the sound of your voice.
It's strange when you aren't talking.
Youare so brave.
Oi! Dougie! Long time, old pal.
Hello, Rube.
Hello, Fred.
'Sometimes in life, one has to take a chance.
'Without risk, there's no possibility.
'Without potential loss, no prize.
' Hello, fella.
Hey-hey! Blue for a boy.
Oh, it's all right, Fred.
No, a bet's a bet.
Handsome young man you got there.
Three bob.
We'd better be off.
'Ere, how about a little tickle on the World Cup final? Double or quits? Don't half fancy Sweden.
He's off the gambling, Fred.
Yeah? Your loss.
See you around, Doug.
'The Roberts' baby defied all odds' But, Rubes! I said no! '.
and thrived, and was cherishedalways.
' I have concluded that green potatoes are not the culprit.
And how did you reach this epiphany? I had one yesterday and felt perfectly well.
Huh! For you to have a birth of any kind, my dear, it would be a miracle surpassing that of the Virgin Mary.
'Jane, too, found acceptance in Nonnatus House.
' 'And she found more - she found love.
' 'The name of the goldfish she won at the fair provided proof of that.
' Hello, there, little one.
Hello, there, Reverend Applebee-Thornton.
We thought perhaps the Sisters could have a handicrafts stall and organise a baby show.
A baby show? Mrs Harding, There's only one way you can deliberately terminate a pregnancy.
And it's against the law.
That was unforgivable.
Who is it who decides what is forgivable and unforgivable? Anyhow, that's how I feel Wow, I feel Just like a Pollyanna I should worry Not for nothing Everybody loves me, yes, they do And I love everybody
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