Call the Midwife s04e02 Episode Script

Series 4, Episode 2

Spring is not the gentlest of seasons.
It is as though too much has been waiting to happen, too much suppressed, packed down beneath the earth or pinned above the sky.
Green shoots grow sharp and the clouds are unforgiving.
Ah! Spring can be brutal, breaking open secrets.
Dragging into light those things unseen and giving voice to words unsaid.
Stop the bus! Don't let it drive away! I have Terence's sandwiches! Mrs Bissette, you shouldn't be running! I always meet the 12.
Terence is the driver! You think I wouldn't have waited? It's public transport, Terence, not your own private bus, ~ you can't make the people late.
~ You go home, girl, and put your feet up.
Tomorrow, I'll buy myself a pie.
You can tell me, you know what the hospital said about your diagnosis.
Of course, and tell the whole of the Number 5 bus while I'm about it.
Little boy for Doreen Gibbs.
It was quite an afternoon.
She refused to lie down for the second stage and gave birth kneeling on the bedside rug.
Then there was no coal for the fire.
I had to bring the placenta back to put in our incinerator.
Oh, dear! No gardeners in the family? Erm a Miss Beatrix Franklin is wanted on the telephone! It's Claridge's calling about your engagement party.
I just want to get some ideas.
Dettol, please, Barbara.
The Woman's Realm might be a riveting read, but it certainly isn't absorbent.
Fibroids! Nothing more.
Inconvenient, but not in any way a threat to life or limb.
They're of the opinion that I need a hysterectomy.
~ That's a major operation.
~ I've said no.
~ But, Sister, you've been so unwell.
~ I'd be putting myself out of action! A full fortnight as an in-patient and then four to six weeks recovery.
We will manage, I assure you.
~ How? ~ We've had word that the board are sending a new midwife.
~ You never said.
~ It's only just been confirmed.
I've been asking for help ever since Nurse Miller went to the Mother House as a postulant ~ and they've finally obliged, which is really very timely.
~ Oh.
In which case, I will get myself seen to and arrange for it all to be done down near Chichester.
No need for any great fanfare.
It's just an old pocket in some apron that I'll never use.
Hmm! ~ Would you like some to take home? ~ Ah, thank you.
Hello, Mrs Hutchins.
Does she look better this morning? Let's have a look in those eyes.
~ Where did you get it from? ~ It belonged to Mr Hereward's grandmother.
You mean, it's second-hand? Where are we up to with the urine tests? All done, all clear, all logged.
Apart from Mrs Pisner's, which arrived in a condensed-milk tin.
I've sent her off to try and squeeze out another sample.
I'm starting to think people around here don't understand about antique jewellery.
We'd recommend you buy two dozen nappies to begin with, along with two lidded buckets for soaking and a deep pan for boiling.
Do they have to be boiled? I just bought a twin-tub washing machine and I'm worried it won't get hot enough.
Washing machine? Get you! I put my government maternity grant towards it.
Well, we all get the same, don't we? Yes.
And some of us get brand-new council flats to boot, but not all.
I think a washing machine is a very wise purchase, Mrs Bissette.
You cannot launder woollens using electrical apparatus! The fibres will become disordered and the very essence of the garment lost.
I reckon knitted stuff's old-fashioned, I want my baby modern.
I want my baby warm.
I swear, I haven't had warm feet since I came to this country.
Well, I reckon I could do with a pair of those bootees meself.
I'll show you those china catalogues later, Patsy.
News certainly travels, I was given free bananas when I cut through Chrisp Street market.
Well, there'll be no free bananas at the St Blaise Hotel, but there is a wonderful canape menu and only a guinea a head.
~ A guinea a head? ~ It was three guineas at Claridge's! It's going to be glorious.
I've got 63 people on the guest list.
Do we know 63 people? I mean, apart from parishioners and patients? It would be a sorry state of affairs if we didn't.
We're mature people, Tom, not teenage sweethearts.
Well, I feel like a teenage sweetheart when I look at you.
Pack! Pack! Pack! Lads! Now, this is Nurse Mount, starting next week she's going to be your new Akela.
Do you want them in a horseshoe or two straight lines? ~ I'm afraid the protocol isn't entirely clear.
~ Horseshoe.
If this is supposed to be a horseshoe, the poor horse has very strange feet.
Well done, lads.
Now, tonight we're going to be practising fire-lighting technique for the display at the district jamboree.
~ Now, Bruce, have you got the flints? ~ Yep.
~ Larry, have you got the sticks and the string? ~ Yep.
Righty-O, let's show Nurse Mount how it's done! You're still here, then? I'm not even due for three weeks and well you know it.
No! When I can't get out of a chair on my own, I will tell you.
You are magnificent, woman.
Come here.
The baby wants to dance.
You wouldn't be so keen if she was dancing inside of you.
See, calypso baby.
She knows where she come from.
This baby is going to be a Londoner.
I'm just going to make sure she has warm feet.
Come on.
Remember, boys, no getting your bandages wet.
And tell your mothers you're to come to Nonnatus tomorrow for me to reapply the burns cream.
Night, lads.
Really, Fred, it wasn't your finest hour.
I hope this is a safe place to park.
I don't want any footballs through my windscreen.
Phyllis Crane, SRN, SCM.
I am expected.
Oh, of course.
When I was in training, we were always taught to say good morning, good afternoon or good evening.
"Hello" would not have been permitted.
Unless we were talking to Americans, perhaps.
Lancashire hotpot! Do you know, I could quite fancy a portion of this.
After you, of course.
I shall content myself with bread and butter and some greens.
I'm vegetarian.
To whom should I give my petrol receipts for reimbursement? I'll see to all of that.
And, of course, I'll make sure that you're supplied with a new uniform, then everyone will know you're one of us.
I'm sure the gesture is kindly meant, but as this is a temporary appointment, I'd prefer to remain in my own clothes.
Is that cabbage in that tureen? Very well, ladies, I'm demob happy this afternoon, so there's nothing too arduous on your lists.
Nurse Gilbert, you're on the district roster with me, ~ haemorrhoids or insulin take your pick? ~ May I do the insulin rounds? ~ All yours.
~ Excuse me, do you think that's wise? Insulin injections are routine, she should be spending her time on midwifery, extending her experience.
We don't mix our district and midwifery rosters, we find it limits the risk of cross-infection.
Proper hygiene limits the risk of cross-infection.
I'd be interested to see your sterilising protocols.
~ And I'd be delighted to take you through them.
~ Thank you.
I've worked in very varied establishments over the past few years, I try to absorb the best aspects of each practice and take them forward with me.
For example, log books are becoming increasingly outmoded.
I'm of the opinion you ought to get a Rolodex.
A Rolodex? It's the thin edge of the wedge.
If Nurse Crane doesn't approve of the way we run this ship, we will end up sinking.
Nurse Crane is highly experienced, she's used to taking on quite senior positions, however temporary, perhaps we can learn from her in your absence.
Learn what? How to cobble a rag-bag of ideas together to come in temporarily and turn everything upside down forever? No! She'll be the one with things to learn.
Oh, I've seen her sort, they never display an ounce of compassion or or kindness or Nonnatus House.
Sister Julienne speaking.
Oh, Reverend Mother.
It's Mother Jesu Emmanuel calling from the Mother House.
Very well.
You remember what I've said.
~ Hello.
~ I refer you to our earlier conversation.
Sorry, good evening.
I asked that handyman to demarcate the bedside and dressing tables to head off any contention at the pass.
A nice strip of insulating tape down the middle of each of them.
One side apiece.
And then I had to change into my nightie in front of her! ~ What did she do? ~ Well, just carried on reading her Journal Of Nursing.
There's a glass of water by the bed, I'm scared she's going to put her teeth in it.
Trixie does that every night and I survive.
You can top up my Scotch by way of an apology.
Meanwhile, we bought some Tizer especially for you.
So a mystery benefactor.
There's no mystery involved.
He approached Mother Jesu Emmanuel and asked to meet with some sisters from the order.
Oh, that's nice.
If the meeting goes well, he'll arrange a legacy, which may in due course help us continue our work with the people that need us.
Good morning! The early bird catches the worm, ~ which means Nurse ~ Nurse Mount, Mrs Tucker's husband called.
She's of the view that things are on the move and as it's her fourth, we'd be foolish not to heed her.
Nurse Gilbert, you're back on midwifery, there are three delivery packs to be dropped off and a home inspection.
I beg your pardon.
Sister Julienne led me to believe the morning lists would be my responsibility.
And they will be, as and when I commence my sick leave.
~ Aren't you leaving for the Mother House today? ~ No, I'm not, my operation is postponed.
I'm turning into quite the gadabout.
Buses here, there and everywhere.
Although you can't help but wonder why this benefactor wants to help and give money to the East End when he lives right on the other side of London? When I first joined the order the Postulant Mistress used to say .
"When a prayer is answered, don't send a question back.
" It's very smart.
I think that's a Rolls-Royce.
Or maybe a Bentley.
I don't think they have a statue on the bonnet though.
I'm Anthony.
~ You must be Sister Julienne.
~ Hello.
It's terribly good of you to come at such short notice.
There was no reason to delay, especially after such a kind approach from Mr Newgarden.
You and Dad are old pals, in a manner of speaking.
~ Really? ~ Our families were friendly when our fathers were posted to Aden with the army.
~ We were very small.
~ I see.
I should take you through.
You may find he tires very easily, though he does a bit better now he has the oxygen.
~ Is Mr Newgarden unwell? ~ He's had heart trouble for a while and now it's failing.
That's why he's making his will.
Come on in.
I'm longer in the tooth than I was when I saw you last.
But I don't bite.
How many years has it been? I think not quite 30.
Oh, please.
Your blood pressure's a tiny bit higher than I'd like.
You aren't feeling dizzy or unusually tired? No, just too heavy to move around much.
But I reckon baby's starting to feel the same way.
~ What makes you say that? ~ She's been a dancer since the first day I felt her moving.
Feet tapping, knees jerking.
You could almost feel her fingers click in time.
But now she gone quiet, like she danced herself to sleep.
She's probably a bit too comfy.
If you have a nice big drink of cold water, you might find she gets her tap shoes on again.
You have a beautiful home and a lovely garden too - what I can see of it out of the window.
We lived rather more modestly than this until the National Health came along and changed the the world.
You tell her.
Mr Newgarden was an optician by training who became a spectacle manufacture.
Once the government made glasses freely available to all who needed them, business became very brisk.
~ Oh, I can imagine.
~ Quite.
And now it's time for me to share my good fortune.
~ Biscuit? ~ Lovely.
~ There are none.
~ Kitchen's at the bottom of the long passage, turn left.
In fact, tell the housekeeper I rather fancy some cinnamon toast.
Cinnamon toast it is.
Your wish is my command.
What a relentlessly good-natured young woman.
There are times when I'm very glad of it.
Are you glad of it today? Yes and no.
You haven't changed.
You know that's not true.
You're still the pale, sweet girl with the wave in her fringe who stood me up outside the Palais Cinema in 1932.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
I still haven't seen Charlie Chaplin in City Lights, and by all accounts it's a bloody masterpiece.
I should have done more than write.
You deserved more than a letter sent after the event.
I treasured that letter! Diddid youkeep a souvenir? It wouldn't have been encouraged in the religious life.
I saw the way it was going, you know.
I saw faith growing in you like like some flower whose name I'd never know.
I didn't ask it to.
There were times I didn't even want it.
You came to a decision, Louise, and I respected that.
It wasn't a decision, I was called to do something and I did.
Please don't call me Louise.
What a nice lady your housekeeper is.
She says she hasn't any cinnamon toast, but if you sit tight, she'll rustle up some drop scones.
Mr Newgarden's very tired, I think we should take our leave and let him have his tea at leisure.
The scones won't be long, she's already mixing the batter.
Don't be.
Sister Julienne! My father says you haven't discussed the matter of his legacy.
But he is tired and very unwell and I cannot take anything from him, least of all what strength and energy he has.
~ But, Sister ~ You must go inside and sit with him.
You need each other not the company of strangers.
How long has it been now? A little while.
Every other time I see a midwife, her heart is beating like a drum! Every other day, she's kicking up her heels like Fred Astaire! ~ Please don't cry.
~ Something isn't right, nurse! I need to see a doctor.
What you need is peace of mind.
I'm going to telephone the surgery.
'Fire, Police and Ambulance.
Which service do you require?' I can't get through to the doctor, I need an ambulance.
Thank you.
~ Is that your bike? ~ Oh.
I'm quite sure it will be fine till we get back.
It's a shame there's someone in the front seat.
You don't get so much of a view.
Excuse me? I came in with Mrs Bissette the West Indian lady.
Oh, yes.
We had no trouble locating the foetal heartbeat, but her BP's still raised so she's been admitted for bed rest.
She's worried her husband won't know where she is.
~ I'll tell him.
~ You're quite the guardian angel, haven't you got anything else to do? Oh, I love my teddy so much! Your bicycle was brought back by a black man.
And you're wanted in the dining room.
We thought he'd run you over with his bus! And what's more, you're not a member of the public.
Dialling 999! Sister Evangelina's right, unless a woman is in active labour, a doctor is always consulted before transfer to hospital.
If I may interject, that is not a universal rule.
~ Pass the sausage rolls please, Nurse Crane.
~ Gladly.
And you needn't pass them back my way, the smell of minced pork is almost overwhelming.
I suspect a phrenologist would make much of your physiognomy.
Your organ of alimentiveness is unusually pronounced, which frequently results in derangements of the appetites.
Your pinard technique was probably at fault.
After tea, you're to come to the clinical room with me and I shall remind you of the proper method.
After tea, you are to go to the clinical room with Nurse Franklin and she will remind you of the rules! ~ You smell different.
~ They made me have a bath.
I said, "I had one last night! I got hot running water at home!" ~ But there's no arguing in this place.
~ There's no arguing at home either, ~ now they locked you up in here.
~ No jokes.
I'm not in a joking mood.
Keep smiling, girl, it's good for the baby.
Visiting time is over! All visitors must now leave! I am relieved you've returned from your excursion.
I've just seen a rat in the bathroom.
A whole one or just some droppings? There was a dropping, singular, under the cork-topped stool.
~ The culprit was gnawing the soap.
~ Your soap? ~ No! It was Camay, I only use Palmolive.
These premises are not fit for purpose! Oh, and I have a petrol receipt with a record of the mileage I undertook today.
Back into bed, please, Mrs Bissette.
~ I was going to the bathroom.
~ You're a lady of leisure while you're in here.
Bed rest equals bed pans.
~ Bed pans? ~ I'll fetch you one in a few minutes.
Excuse me! Do you have permission to be up here? Yes, I do.
Patient attempted a termination and needs to be questioned.
They said it might still be alive! How the hell can it still be alive?! Patient should not be here.
This is an ante-natal ward! I'm not answering no questions.
I'm not! I've not done nothing wrong! Wheel her into this side room while I fetch sister.
You can wait out here.
And, you, go back to bed! What's happened? What's happened?! Abigail?! Shh! Shh! Hmm.
Your blood pressure's still slightly raised.
I don't want to go back to the hospital.
~ And I don't want her running through the street in her nightdress again.
~ No, neither do I.
You were booked in for a hospital delivery.
What happened? It was clean, it was efficient, it was everything I wanted it to be apart from safe.
The London is excellent.
I can promise you, neither you nor your baby were in any danger.
It didn't feel like that.
I didn't feel safe.
Where do you feel safe? Here in my home.
I offered her a bed in the maternity home but she wouldn't hear of it.
She's saying that she wants to give birth at home.
If that's where she feels comfortable that's what she must do.
Home delivery for Mrs Bissette.
I'll put it straight in the Rolodex.
No need, I'll adjust the log book.
You can put her on this morning's list.
It really does look wonderfully efficient.
Meanwhile, what about the patient's hypertension? I'm hopeful it might resolve.
It could just be the stress of an unsettling situation.
I hope you're taking note of this, Nurse Gilbert.
Come along, old thing, whistle a happy tune.
I make too many mistakes, Patsy.
Every day, I feel as though I'm failing.
Barbara, that's balderdash.
Nursing isn't easy, that's why there are rules and systems - things we can hide in and behind.
Sometimes one simply has to dust off one's brave face and crack on.
~ Do you ever do that? ~ Has been known.
I saw some shocking things while I was on male surgical.
Quite frankly, they're best not dwelt on.
Nest of brown rats underneath the bath, sister.
Couple of dead ones had foam on their whiskers.
I thought they were rabid until Nurse Crane filled me in.
Well, they're evidently hungry.
Perhaps you should put some poison down mixed with food.
Arsenic on a bit of Cheddar, no sooner said than done.
~ Well, that's that, then.
~ I only wish it was.
I went up in the loft to check for nests and I could see daylight through the roof tiles.
All the lead's been robbed off the roof.
Which presumably explains the leak on the landing.
Not half! One more storm, we'll be washed away like Jonah.
I love you with all my heart Only you do I adore Excellent! And to know Arcadia.
Anthony Newgarden speaking? This is Sister Julienne.
Only makes me love you more All I ask Pack! Pack! Pack! Thank you, pack.
That was very efficiently done.
Now, tonight, we're very lucky to have with us a lady who's going to help us with our display for the district jamboree.
Can any of you tell me which uniform Nurse Busby is wearing? ~ Dog warden.
~ No! Nurse Busby works at The London Hospital during the day and in the evenings she's a volunteer with the St John Ambulance Brigade.
So that means I know all about first aid and what to do in the event of accidents.
And, tonight, I'm going to teach you about burns.
We're meant to be doing lighting fires.
Both things are connected as you will see.
The name of our new display is When Lighting Fires Goes Wrong.
Look, another fond relation asking if we've chosen a china pattern.
I really don't think it is too soon to go to Selfridge's to pick one.
Do have a look at Melrose, it's got the prettiest gilded trim.
Well, is it terribly expensive? I just think we should think about other people.
Tom, I spend every waking hour thinking about other people and so do you! In fact, I strongly suspect we both think about other people in our sleep.
No-one's going to begrudge us a few plates.
Are you sure it'll be all right? Waltzing into a convent after dark with two haddock, chips and marrowfat peas? Well, we can't possibly eat in the street, we're wearing our uniforms.
I just think that if we don't arrange for a professional photographer, we will regret it.
This is a whole new chapter in our lives and it's a very important one.
Trixie, when you said yes to me, you made me the happiest man alive.
But I asked you to be my wife, not some sort of professional fiance.
I want to be married to you, I'm just not that interested in being engaged! Well, I find that rather unfortunate, given we've certain formalities to observe.
Trixie, please, don't bring up the party.
If you move on from the dinner service and the announcement and the photographer to the party, I'm going to have to leave! We need to talk about the canapes, Tom, and whether we're going to have sherry or champagne.
~ And if we want sherry, whether we're going to order sweet or dry.
~ Ah, enough! ~ Oh, dear.
Do I hear someone stomping off? ~ It doesn't bode well, does it? Do you suppose we'll go to hell? Sitting eating our supper in the house of God? Well, it's less of a crime than eating in the street.
~ Why have you put Nurse Gilbert up first? ~ Nurse Franklin delivered a baby at two O'clock this morning.
Meanwhile, Nurse Gilbert has had her full eight hours.
And I should know, I had to nudge her out of bed with my slipper this morning.
Is that true? Mark my words, the next time that phone goes it's going to be young Myra Wiggins at Quebec Street.
I was out to her at midnight.
Enema, shave and chloral hydrate.
She's only 16 and she will need an experienced hand.
If you're anticipating problems, she should be booked in at the hospital or the maternity home.
First summons of the day.
~ And is it Myra Wiggins? ~ No, it's Abigail Bissette.
So go on.
You go with her.
Couldn't have been easier to find.
Can I stay here? You won't make me go to the hospital? I won't and nor will Nurse Gilbert.
Doctor might breeze by just to check you over, but, look, I'm unpacking all our kit, so he'll know we've made our minds up.
Come on, children, treasure hunt in the garden.
I wouldn't have come if I'd realised it was someone's birthday.
I have two daughters, a son and eight grandchildren, it's always someone's birthday.
I still feel as though I'm intruding.
~ It's a family affair.
~ You're a family friend.
We exchanged a Christmas card each year.
Through Muriel.
You must miss her very much.
There are times when it seems she hasn't really gone.
You know, I see her in my daughters' faces.
Anthony's too sometimes.
It was yours I couldn't picture.
Until you came last week.
I shouldn't have left in such haste, it was impolite after such a generous invitation.
It wasn't a generous invitation it was a selfish one.
I I could've just written out a cheque.
Like I wrote out a cheque for the Masonic orphanage and the village hall fund.
But I wanted to see you.
I wanted to see you.
That's it, Abigail! That's it! Is the head born yet? Almost! You've been an absolute trooper, you really have.
Head's coming.
Head's coming.
~ Head's born! ~ Just take a breather, Abigail.
Yes! Well done! Congratulations! Come along, birthday girl! It's a girl? Oh, it's a girl? Patsy! ~ Get the clamps, nurse? ~ We need to cut the cord.
Why isn't she crying? Baby Baby must've been very poorly in the womb, Abigail.
She hasn't been able to breathe for us cos I think her heart stopped beating several days ago.
But we heard it today! Nurse Gilbert heard it today! Barbara, look after Abigail.
My baby! Come here.
My baby! No! Is that my little dancer? Boy or girl? Don't tease me now.
It was a little girl.
I'm so sorry! I need you to telephone Nonnatus House.
Tell them we've had a child that wasn't born living.
I need a more senior midwife to attend and the doctor too.
I have mislaid the rhythms of Morpheus.
I am sentenced to pace the passages, my nights punctuated by a bell that does not call me.
It's called me and I wish to high heaven it hadn't.
You are perturbed.
You strive to hide it, but you do not succeed This pain won't last, Abigail.
~ It won't last, I promise you.
~ It won't stop! I thought it would stop! ~ ~ May I come in? ~ Yes.
She's in acute pain, Doctor.
I'm concerned the placenta may be trapped in the cervix.
I need to examine her.
Oh! What are you doing downstairs? It's nearly midnight! I am invoking our patron, desirous of His aid and consolation.
Nurse Crane has the practicalities in hand.
What practicalities? What's happened? Undiagnosed twins.
Did you hear that, Abigail? You have another baby.
~ What?! ~ The reason you felt a change of movement in the womb was because your first little one passed away, but the second was still alive and genuinely kicking.
~ How long before it comes? ~ Already on its way.
Get out a fresh set of kit.
Use the ones in my bag.
And then we'll need some hot water.
~ I can't do it again! ~ Oh, yes, you can.
Because we're going to do this together.
Hear that? Nobody argues with Nurse Mount.
This woman can do anything, Doctor.
She's the strongest, bravest mother I've ever seen.
Is the doctor through there? You poor kid! First things first.
Don't hurt the baby.
You can hurt me, but don't hurt the baby! Abigail, I'm not going to do anything at all unless you're too tired to keep on pushing.
We're here to help.
That's all.
You can trust us.
You're safe.
Has another midwife just arrived? She said her name was Nurse Crane.
Oh, that's all you need, her galumphing about in her great size nines.
I'll send you out a cup of tea.
~ Oh.
~ This is for you.
It's been well sugared and I want you to drink it all.
There's been some developments.
That's the ticket! That's it! That's it! See, you don't need my help.
Hear that? Do you hear that?! Isn't that a beautiful sound? A little boy.
~ Is he all right? ~ Very much so.
I expected one child and I have one child in my arms.
And another over there.
I want to be glad, but I don't know how.
Let him hold your finger.
Let him know you're here.
Come along, Nurse Gilbert.
We've got a new mother to take care of.
And a baby when these men let it go.
I'll go through and assist Nurse Mount, if you're agreeable.
It's never easy, is it? No.
But we can show them how it's done.
Hello, Sister.
Shall I make a cup of tea? I saw the notes.
Get the directory and find out which Undertaker's on call for stillborns.
This poor little thing needs a resting place.
Delia Delia Pats? I've only ever seen it once.
In training.
I had to take charge.
~ I had to pretend.
~ Pretend what, Pats? That I was in control.
I couldn't let them see.
Oh, tell me, sweetheart.
Tell me what happened What time is it? ~ Early enough.
~ No-one'll see me leave.
No-one'll see anything at all.
You seek to depart for your surgery unnoticed.
But you cannot outwit me.
I might have known that was too much to hope for.
God speed, Sister.
There and back again.
Nonnatus House, Sister Julienne speaking.
My father wants to take you to the pictures.
~ The pictures? ~ 'The cinema.
The flicks.
' On the strict understanding that you don't stand him up again.
We could make it a matinee, if that would be persuasive? Morning, Abigail.
We've just come to do your routine checks.
You'll have twice daily visits from us for the rest of this week.
Do you have a name for Baby yet, Abigail? Terence Junior.
He hasn't slept.
We haven't slept.
It's like he's crying for two.
And Abigail crying for us all.
Father!> Come in.
Oh, you mustn't tire yourself.
It's a relief to be standing up, as opposed to being stood up.
Now, Anthony put a cushion on it, because Thank you.
last time I was intending to take you to the best seats in the house.
There are also choc-ices in the refrigerator, because I was intending to purchase your favourite refreshments.
I was intending all sorts of things.
~ I'm sorry.
~ Don't be.
You found a different happiness, you know, and so did I.
Louise it hasn't hurt you to see the road not travelled? No.
It hasn't.
Who's to say that we would have found so much together as we did apart? Who, indeed? When I go, how do you want to hear the news? I'm not sure I want to hear the news at all.
~ I could send Anthony.
~ No.
The old-fashioned way will suffice.
Just a letter.
I feel afraid to love the baby I have and guilty I didn't know the other was in trouble.
How can I be a mother and not know how many babies I was carrying? Abigail, I can't answer that.
But neither can I sit here and not say the thing that I believe most deeply.
Which is, that God knew.
Does God know how I will tell this one about his sister? How I will say what she looked like? Who she might have been? I didn't even see her.
Did you see her, Terence? I saw her foot.
It looked so cold.
The Church doesn't have a single ritual for this.
A stillborn baby can't have a religious funeral, it can't have a grave of its own.
There's just nothing.
~ There is prayer.
~ Private prayer.
These parents need more than that.
More than their baby being buried in a public plot, tucked in a stranger's coffin.
Sorry, Sister.
There's a letter for you here.
They need something to call their own.
Something to make a memory that they can file away.
I agree.
After all, what is love, if it cannot be acknowledged? Who could I turn to, if not you? Who would console me, if not you? You don't need me to console you.
The words are in here and you know them in your heart as I do.
The money he left us, will restore the building to such good order our clinical certificate will be renewed without question.
We can carry on serving the people who need us.
Do you not believe that it was meant? That the chance you didn't take was intended all along? I don't know.
And I don't know how to not know any more.
I have so often had to be the wise one.
It's in here, Sister.
Just as much for me as it is for you.
"What? Do you wish to know your Lord's meaning in this thing? "Know it well, "love was his meaning.
" Now, Sister Monica Joan's going to help you by finishing this bootee and you and I are going to unpick where this one's gone wrong and you can knit the last few rows again.
I was a different woman when I started making these.
I seem to recall it was Mr Coleridge who opined, "A mother is a mother still, The holiest thing alive.
" Well, he hit the nail on the head there, didn't he? Then, I'm going to help you concentrate on casting off.
The Church doesn't have a baptismal rite for babies who die without drawing breath.
But, in my view, we don't need one.
In the book of Isaiah, there is a beautiful verse in which God says, "I have called you by your name, you are mine.
" But Terence and Abigail will think of their little girl often, and if they are as wise and as loving as I believe them to be .
they will speak of her too.
And for that reason she will need a name and the name they have chosen is April, after the month in which she came to us and left.
Her parents have brought something very special with them today.
Thank you.
One of these shoes will be taken to the undertaker who is looking after April.
It will be placed on her foot as an emblem of the love that goes with her.
The other .
will remain with Terence Junior .
as a reminder of the twin he lost.
When you're ready, Abigail.
And may the Lord bless you both and keep you both.
And May the Lord make his face to shine upon you.
I'm happy to take it.
I've already spoken to the undertaker.
Let me go.
I've spent too much time looking at you and seeing my fiance.
Today, I looked at you and saw the man I love.
And I don't need a party in a grand hotel to tell the world how wonderful you are.
I've a funny feeling that the world already knows.
MUSIC: Hello, Young Lovers by Keely Smith Hello, young lovers Whoever you are I hope your troubles are few All my good wishes Go with you tonight I've been in love like you Be brave, young lovers And follow your star Be brave and faithful and true All my good wishes Go with you tonight Tea's ready.
It's true then? You are staying on permanently? I will see how you all do.
Be brave, young lovers And follow your star Be brave and faithful and true 'Not every love is given voice.
'Not every flower comes to bloom, 'and their folded petals must be frozen in the green.
'Others unfurl and flourish, 'turning their faces to a light they do not doubt.
'Questions are best asked silently 'and sometimes, not at all.
' ~ How do you stay so clean in here? ~ He don't do nuffin', that's how! Organising the Rose Queen? It's been part of Poplar for generations.
You'll do all right, you know.
Keep it simple, son.
Life don't get any better.
Oh, lads! You treat us like animals and I'm starting to believe I'm no better than one.
I don't want him near my garage.
I'm starting to wonder if I imagined Delores McEvoy.
I can't find her anywhere.
Fogged or not, this place is not suitable for a new mother and baby.
I've had a love of my own I've had a love of my own like yours I've had a love of my own.

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