Cambridge Spies (2003) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode Three

- Hello.
- Hi.
- You're English.
- It shows? You say hello with the letter U where the letter E oughta be.
- You're American.
- You noticed.
You say hello with the letter I where the E, L, L and O ought to be.
I hate America.
Are you gonna tell me why? For the way you treat workers, black people, and the way you mutilate perfectly good English words.
Cigarette? Are you trying to be nice to me? - Jesus Christ! - You all right? - He stole your bag.
- Who? That man.
He's got your bag.
I saw him.
Aren't you going to go after him? He's gone.
- Go after him.
- It's only work.
I won't miss it.
Nobody will.
If I went after him, I'd have to stop talking to you.
- What's your work? - British Embassy.
- Secrets.
- That kind of thing.
Secrets, lies and propaganda.
Don't tell me - the Germans are about to be driven back out of France.
We're evacuating tomorrow.
There'll be Nazis here in a month.
- God, it's - Appalling.
An abomination.
- Where do you live? - Here.
- I meant where in Paris.
- Here.
- Upstairs.
- Oh.
Do you wanna see it? - My apartment.
- All right.
Nice place.
I feel like skipping the nice place bullshit and cutting straight to the chase.
Chase? Alternatively, we could drink tea, clear our throats a lot and have a long conversation about the weather while we wait for Herr Hitler.
So What do you think? Overcast? Some light rain? Sunny spells? Are we in for a spot of high pressure? Wait.
You're not - What? - You know.
No, I don't know.
Am I a prostitute? Is that what you're asking? Oh, my God, no.
I am not a prostitute.
I'm a lapsing Catholic, but I haven't lapsed that far.
I'm sorry.
It was I thought I'm so sorry.
Do me a favor Shut up and kiss me.
Hi Hello.
- You're leaving.
- Seems like the smart thing to do.
Yes, of course.
I'm gonna try and get to England.
With no gas and no trains running, it won't be easy.
What about you? We're evacuating the embassy tonight.
We've hoarded enough petrol and a couple of trucks.
- We'll make a run for the Channel.
- That's good.
You have to grab it when it comes along.
Grab it and hold on for dear life.
- What? - The thing is Come with me, Melinda.
I'll get you to England.
On the back of your white horse? Donald, it's easy to confuse things at moments like these.
Everything is crazy.
- You might think I'm the real thing - You are.
I don't think you can trust your feelings now.
I've never been clearer about anything.
I'm not letting you go.
You don't have a choice.
- What is it you have to grab? - Happiness, of course! Happiness.
Good morning.
Here are my papers.
You wait here.
My orders are embassy staff and dependants only.
There isn't room for anyone else.
There's no way for her to get out of the city.
- That's not my problem.
- What's happening? - He wants to bring his friend.
- Not unless you're married.
That's ridiculous.
- How long have you known her? - Not long.
- How long? - Two days.
I love you.
I think you're beautiful and funny and clever.
And beautiful.
- I understand.
Thank you for trying.
- No.
That's not what I'm saying.
- What are you saying? - I'm asking you to marry me, actually.
- I don't know.
- You have to decide.
- Now? - Now.
Yes actually! If any man can show any just cause why Donald and Melinda may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak or else hereafter forever hold his peace.
I pronounce that Donald and Melinda be man and wife together.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost - Amen.
- Amen.
You may kiss the bride.
Allons enfants de la patrie Le jour de gloire est arrive Contre nous, de la tyrannie L'etendard sanglant est leve L'etendard sanglant est leve Entendez vous Thank you, Jack.
- To Donald's new wife.
- Cheers.
Why do you want a French letter? Why do you care where your emissions end up? - Amazing what you can get in this.
- Anything I need to know? About things? Anthony's got himself into MI5 and I'm now Head of Soviet Counter-Intelligence.
So I'm the man in British Intelligence in charge of making sure people like us don't become people like us! No Soviet mole will get past Kim Philby.
Welcome home, Donald.
- Are you happy? - Yes, very.
That's what I thought.
- I have to go.
- Back to the wife.
- I'm off to the lavatory.
- Which one? Hyde Park Corner, I think.
- You're very quiet.
- Who's Colonel Winter? - The Chief Vet.
Why? - Vet? - Head of Vetting at MI5.
- I've been summonsed.
I think they're onto me.
How? Wait.
They told you? They told you to see him? If they were sure, they'd pull you in, they wouldn't tell you in advance.
Or they warn the suspect and watch how he behaves.
- You waited? - What? You wanted until Guy and Donald had left before telling me.
- Yes.
- You're listening.
- Servants have ears.
- You're not a servant.
I cook, I clean, I fuck Guy Burgess.
Or rather he fucks me.
What else am I? - You changed the subject.
- I want to protect them.
You tell each other everything.
- They're out of kilter.
Donald is - Happy.
Happiness is unreliable.
It's the worst thing that can happen to an agent.
- And Guy is - Deeply unpredictable.
It's best they don't know.
He does things with cigarettes.
It's to see if the hand shakes.
And he'll know you smoke, so don't say no to one.
You'll be fine.
Cigarette? Thank you.
- It doesn't work.
- Sorry, old chap.
Kim, this is James Jesus Angleton.
He's from American Intelligence and he's here to learn.
He's going to be shadowing you.
You were a Communist.
I had sympathies, yes.
Leanings, in fact.
At Cambridge.
As a lot of Cambridge men did.
- I'm getting over it now.
- You're not there yet.
I was leaning a long way and correcting the lean is a bit of a process.
- What do you think of that? - The painting? It's terrible.
Unforgivably bad.
- Art is very close to your heart.
- Yes.
"If a picture has no social function, it has no value.
" "Spectator".
Do you believe that? - I wrote it.
- It sounds very left-leaning to me.
I suppose my art criticism is the last to stop leaning.
Be best if it did, old chap.
- Are we finished? - Yes.
- May I ask who? - No.
Of course.
- Are you OK? - Fine, fine.
- You're Anthony Blunt.
- Do I know you? I'm over here learning how to do things.
We're babies at this game.
- I'm - Game, yes.
Like cowboys and Indians.
- Will you excuse me? I have to get home.
- Sure.
Perhaps if you Americans had the courage to join the war, it wouldn't be a game.
Guy Liddell is his name.
Cheer him up, Jack.
Go on.
His wife, Calypso, has just run off with his step-brother, which is a bit upsetting.
If he's married, what can I do? I think he's been looking in the wrong direction all his life.
And he's something important in Intelligence? He's very important in MI5 and we'd love him to be our friend.
- Off you go, Jack.
- You treat me like a tart.
Do stop whining.
There's a war on.
Kim looks pleased with Donald's new wife.
What's your name, ducky? Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov.
Don't tell a soul.
I'm Stalin's man in Soho, ducky.
Stalin? Hitler's friend? - Kim's new girlfriend? - No.
- Soon will be.
- Why do you say that? She's a helluva lady and he's a helluva guy.
- This isn't an American musical.
- She'd be a great catch.
She's my wife.
Excuse me.
All right? - It was all about art.
- No mistakes? They think Communism is like undergraduate measles.
A rash in one's youth.
I slipped in a stupid question - who'd pointed out the left-winger in me.
No real Soviet agent would ever be so crass.
I'd still like to know who it was.
Who is that? James Jesus Angleton.
My new shadow.
He's young, keen.
Easy enough to handle.
No one's remembered it's my birthday.
Nobody move! Nobody leave! It's Anthony's birthday! The Luftwaffe can go to hell! Hooray! I saw you.
I'm not stupid.
You were touching him.
- You're drunk.
- Doesn't make me wrong.
Touch of the arm, a whisper in the ear.
I saw you.
Where did you learn that? The American way of adultery, to go with American arrogance and - I'm pregnant.
- What? I'm pregnant.
Whoopsy! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Happy birthday, dear Anthony Happy birthday To you! This was delivered this morning.
- It's from Queen Mary.
- What is it? It's a reticule, obviously.
- What's a reticule? - It's a handbag.
The Windsors have given Anthony a handbag! "Now that you have hurdled the Colonel, we're expecting you soon.
" - Windsor.
- What? My God, it's the House of Windsor.
You saw the Vet because the Windsors want to give you a job.
Of course.
Anthony Blunt, By Royal Appointment.
Where is it? Who's stolen my present? There wasn't anyone before you, Melinda.
You're the one.
When I see you not being with me I feel scared.
It all comes out.
I want to tell you everything.
If I feel jealous, I want to tell you.
No secrets.
No secrets.
Christ! Come on.
- We're safe here.
- Melinda I'm cold.
Better? When I was five, my father took me to the cathedral at Orvieto in Italy.
I asked him what the boxes with curtains were and he explained about confession and sin.
I asked him how long it would take to confess all your sins.
About two days? He laughed.
A big laugh.
I thought he meant two days wouldn't cover it.
All the sins.
- There's something you need to know.
- What is it? - Donald, what? - It's It's It's what I do.
What? Donald, don't scare me.
I'm just going to say it.
I'm a spy.
- You're laughing.
- It's a war.
People work in intelligence.
I knew.
It's obvious.
You silly man.
I knew.
But it's good work.
I'm proud of you.
Melinda I don't want to know any more.
It's important and it's secret.
- Let's keep it simple.
- It can never be simple.
Let's talk about it later.
I'm so tired.
I work for someone else.
Who? Moscow.
What? I work for Moscow.
- What are you doing? - I don't think it's funny.
It's a wonderful thing to get a present from her.
I've had enough of tarting for Guy.
I'm tired of cheering up important men.
Particularly when there's somebody close to home who needs cheering up.
Do you mind if I sit down? - What are you doing? - I want to be in a safe place for the baby.
I'm going home.
New York.
When will you be back? Melinda? You will come back? I don't know.
Yesterday I saw a man walking his dog.
Man and dog walking.
Very moving, frankly.
Routine, you see? Structure, order.
In the middle of all this war horror.
Comb your hair, clean your teeth walk your dog.
- That's my tip.
- Yes, sir.
It's what I want this nation to understand.
Of course, I can't say it.
It would sound so banal next to him.
Churchill? Fight them on the beaches clean your teeth.
People always need a straight man alongside the comedian.
- What is your relationship to us? - Queen Mary and my mother are cousins.
- What does that make us? - The sons of cousins and a bit German.
You know what I can't understand? How the German people cannot see it.
- Sir? - The little Austrian corporal.
Can't they see how ludicrous he is? He's so preposterous.
Anyway It's a mess here.
Needs cataloguing - all the art.
Can you fit it in with your hush-hush work? I could put in a word if you find the hush-hush gets too onerous.
I love this country.
I did not realize how much I loved it until now.
We're going into the East End this afternoon - the Queen and I.
We're going to pretend to be ordinary people.
Her idea.
Betty Windsor for the afternoon, mucking in with the Joneses.
The Germans have moved four divisions to the Polish-Russian border.
- They're about to invade? - Yes.
My God.
How did we get this information? Our infiltration of the army is non-existent and there's no air reconnaissance.
- We've decided not to warn the Russians.
- What? Why not? - We have to protect our source.
- What source? Wait.
Is it the codes? It's the German codes.
My God, we're breaking Enigma! That's all, Kim.
Thank you.
- Breathtaking.
- What? Why is he telling you and me? It's so slipshod.
We don't need to know, so we shouldn't.
Take the rest of the day off, Angleton.
What have we got? "Classified.
" "Secret.
" "Top secret.
" "Most secret.
" Very good.
What a hard day at the office.
- It's going to happen.
- What is? - At last.
- What? Germany is going to invade Russia.
Great Britain and Russia - allies against Hitler.
Born again.
Born again! Thank God.
- On the side of the angels.
- The bulldog and the bear.
This means we're double patriots.
Born again, Anthony? Is that how you feel? Or is it too late for you? Eton old school.
- Sir was at Eton? - Trinity College? - Sir was at Cambridge? - And something red.
Sir is a very happy Communist.
Which tie would sir like to wear now? Spoilt for choice.
So bloody wonderfully spoilt for choice.
HANDEL'S "MESSIAH") Missing Melinda? Yes.
- She didn't go home to escape the war? - No.
You were too much in love.
No one steps back from love.
Not even if there's a war on your doorstep.
It was something I told her.
What did you tell her? I told her about me.
About what you do? Yes.
I don't want you to tell anyone else about this.
Don't tell Moscow.
We can deal with this.
Can't we? Can't we? This is highly irregular.
What is it? - Has something happened? - Yes.
You seem a little nervous.
One of our mutual friends in trouble? I just wanted you to know there are no British agents working inside Russia.
Anything else? I want out.
I want to stop working for British Intelligence.
I'm more tired than it's possible to be and my nerves are shot.
- Moscow doesn't let well-placed men leave.
- Unless they're better-placed elsewhere.
- For example? - The royal family, chatting with the King.
We've lost a man, or rather, he's in limbo.
He worked for us, then he went quiet.
You've changed the subject.
We think he may have access to very important secrets and the responsibility has affected him.
It can happen.
A weaker man than you.
Where is he? His name is Cairncross and he's working in Bletchley Park.
I wonder if you might dig him up and see how he's feeling.
If you did a good job, Moscow would look favorably on your request.
I'm getting nods and winks.
I think promotion is in the air.
- Anthony? - I'm being followed.
- Are you sure? - No, not entirely.
Will you do something for me? Moscow wants me to visit a friend who's gone quiet.
- Where? - Bletchley.
I want you to follow me.
And see who else is forming a queue behind Anthony Blunt.
Mind the doors! Stand clear! Mind the doors! - I know who they are.
- Is the game up? Are they MI5? They're Soviet, Anthony.
They're Soviet.
Bletchley is half a mile from here.
Is there anything you said that could have been misinterpreted? - No.
- I don't understand.
Why? - The look on his face.
- Who? What? Henry.
When I told him Britain had no agents inside Russia.
His look was disbelief.
- But it's true.
- I know it's true.
But Moscow has an ego that doesn't believe that Britain isn't paying them attention.
- They think we're lying? - Feeding them disinformation.
- They think we might be - Double-crossing them.
Moles? What do we do? Tell them we're not? No.
We'll make sure we get the biggest secret there is and pass it on.
If a gift is large enough, it always comes with love, and they'll see that.
I know why you're here.
It must be a lonely life.
12-hour shifts of code breaking and then back here to the gas fire and the crossword and damp bread for tea.
You won't get at me.
I've made my mind up.
Are you thinking straight? Codes, codes, codes.
It must dominate the mind.
It's very simple.
The Red Army is hopelessly infiltrated by German spies.
If we tell the Soviets what we're getting from Enigma, the Germans will pick it up.
Have you seen the casualty figures? 30,000 a week on the Eastern front.
30,000 Russians every week.
I think there's a moral obligation to help them.
But I understand.
Your world is small.
I don't blame you for not seeing the moral perspective.
It's winning us the war! Breaking the code.
We know so much about what the Germans are doing, and if the Germans find out and change the code that would damage us very, very badly.
Us? The 30,000 are us too.
Aren't they? If the average Russian weren't prepared to die fighting the Fascists, Hitler would be in Downing Street now.
Churchill doesn't mind if Russians die in their millions because they're not "us".
That's his moral perspective.
"Let the Reds die.
" The answer is no.
I won't do it.
That's my choice.
The answer is not no.
The answer is you made a bigger choice some time ago to work for Moscow to fight Fascism.
And that doesn't go away ever.
I hope you understand that.
- Are you threatening me? - Of course.
Of course I am.
Not tonight, Jack.
- It used to be so exciting.
- Sex? - Spying.
- I don't like that word.
It's so underhand.
Excitement was one of the main reasons for doing it - apart from the good reason.
The whiff of danger, all that.
I think I've been running away from boredom all my life.
A flight from ennui.
- It's funny - Funny? You, I talk to.
Is it getting too much? Anthony Is it? Look at me.
Look at me.
I lost the baby, Donald.
He died.
- He was born and he died.
- He? - We missed you yesterday.
- I went to see an old friend who's unwell.
Would you mind, Angleton? Walter Krivitsky.
He's with the Soviet Embassy in Washington.
- Or he was.
- Where is he now? He's coming over to us and we've got a taster.
We've got a mole inside the British intelligence services.
Does he give a name? A tall, fair Scot with bohemian tastes from a well-to-do family.
- No name? - Not yet.
- Is he the real thing? - We're checking.
We have Krivitsky holed up in a hotel in Washington.
A tall, fair Scot.
Bohemian tastes.
Any ideas? Can I have a look at the file? Krivitsky.
To D-Day - the start of the end of the war.
- I didn't know you two knew each other.
- Americans in London.
We're a couple of swells, we stay in the best ho Hello, darling.
- Drink? - Uh-huh.
Happy again.
Dangerous thing - happiness.
- We should have dinner.
- Donald's very busy.
- Just the two of us.
- He's the jealous type.
So tell him you're meeting a woman.
How about it, Melinda? A couple of swells and a hell of a dame.
Excuse me.
What was all that about today at the office? - It's secret.
- Secret? It must be something big if the Yank is not permitted to know.
But not so secret that Mr.
Blunt can't hear it.
- A tall, fair Scot with bohemian tastes.
- Donald.
Krivitsky will have to be taken care of.
Few people know of his intended defection and I'm one of the few.
If he is "taken care of", some others - not many - and me.
We have no choice.
If he identifies Donald, we all go down.
We're like skittles - one goes, we all go.
- The domino effect.
- Dominoes, skittles - we fall together.
No choice, Kim.
We're in this together.
Moscow will have to be told.
And don't tell Donald.
You look like a ghost walked through you.
Cheer up, Anthony.
It could be worse.
I need to pass water.
Shut up, can you? Just shut up.
You always kept parts of your life in separate compartments.
Painting, spying, sex royalty.
You can close a compartment down and it's as if it's never been there.
But this time it's your friends that you're trying to close down.
And they don't belong in one of your compartments.
They're your heart.
You're closing down your heart.
That's the end of life.
- Guy - Top secret.
- Guy - Quick.
Whelk? Don't you Soviets understand English any more? Would you like a fucking whelk? Do you know what that is? A list of agents we're dropping into Albania by parachute.
Where, when, who.
And it's all yours, Boris.
So Moscow can arrange to catch them as they fall.
Bumpy landing, eh, Boris? Out of the sky and into the arms of death.
Bump 'em off, Boris! Bump-bloody-bump! Walter Krivitsky, Washington.
Your embassy thinks he's on leave, but he's in a hotel.
If the Americans think he's the real thing, he'll defect.
You know which hotel? Yes, I do.
We're grateful.
Moscow is grateful.
Thank you.
There is something delicate we would like you to undertake on our behalf.
It's a retrieval job.
And it concerns the Duke of Windsor - my fool brother - and some letters he wrote to a relative in Germany.
What kind of letters? Letters that speak of his love for Germany and his fondness for Herr Hitler.
Letters we should like to have under our control.
It would be an honor.
Here's a note authorizing you to take possession of the letters.
I know that we can rely upon your finesse in retrieving them and your tact once you have brought them home.
- The hush-hush work - If you do this for us it will be the last hush-hush thing you do.
I shall see to that.
I don't care if the Queen of Sheba has given you authorization.
This castle is American territory in Germany and we decide what stays and what goes.
- Would you at least call your HQ? - This is my HQ.
Then call your commanding officer.
Wait there.
- Head for the attic.
- Why the attic? Aristocratic families are all the same - secrets at the top of the house.
Bad news, I'm afraid.
My CO says nothing leaves.
I understand.
I quite understand.
Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are? We are very grateful.
We should like you to accept a position.
Surveyor of the King's Pictures.
Welcome to the family.
- Did you manage to? - No more hush-hush.
Thank you, sir.
- Safer life in art.
- Yes, sir.
Much safer.
You heard? - Suicide.
There was a note.
- Three young children left.
- You should have looked after him better.
- What? He was in Washington.
He was your man.
You let him slip.
You Americans have got a lot to learn.
- James Jesus Angleton.
- What about him? - Haven't you noticed? - What? - I think he's keen on Melinda.
- Aren't you becoming a little paranoid? I've got something to tell you.
- I've made us safe - all of us.
- What do you mean? The one thing about this country of ours is that we have a royal family who are loved and cherished by all.
Nothing can be allowed to tarnish their image.
Windsor cosying up to Adolf? The nation couldn't bear it.
The Duke and the Fuhrer cheek to cheek would break our heart.
What are you getting at, Anthony? I went to Germany and I took photographs of some letters - letters that suggest the Duke and the Fuhrer were very good friends.
If someone were to suggest that any of us might be traitors I'd be perfectly happy to whip out the photographs.
I think they'd dissuade any prosecution.
We're safe.
Brilliant! Come on, you.
I'm in with the King.
- The Kremlin's interested - Tittle tattle.
They want me to spend more time with the Windsors.
How much more time? All of my time.
My God.
My God, you're backing out, aren't you? You've lost your nerve, haven't you? Anthony? - Anthony.
Tell me I'm wrong - I've made you safe, Kim.
Safe?! You've left me in charge of two mewling infants! I trusted you.
I gave you all my trust.
We trusted each other.
I had a man killed to keep us safe and what have you done? You've smashed it up! One fucking skittle has taken a walk.
You bloody fool.
You bloody, bloody fool.
For he's a jolly good fellow For he's a jolly good fellow For he's a jolly good fellow And so say all of us