Camelot s01e06 Episode Script

Three Journeys

Previously on Camelot - Are you really a sorcerer? - I don't care what you believe.
But I've sworn off those powers a long time ago.
- Why? - Because they cost.
It's over.
This was it.
The once.
Now we must never talk of it.
I have to get ready for my wedding.
Every woman in this village is protected.
By my men, by my flag.
Exham is now part of Camelot.
We understand he is your brother, but the land moves further into chaos every day.
Everything that was once so secure under my father's reign is now under threat.
When Zeus asked his daughter, Artemis, what she would like for her third birthday, she requested that he grant her 6 wishes.
The first wish was that she be allowed to live her life without the distraction of love or marriage.
The second wish was to be the bringer of life Guinevere! There's a messenger here to see you.
He says it's urgent.
Coming, Bridget.
- Come on! - Up! Come again! - Camelot! - Come on lads, put your backsides into it, would you! King's orders.
Push! - Bloody hell, it's a big territory.
- Stick it well in, now.
- You really think these will make a difference? - The King does.
Well, they look good.
Until they're pulled out of the ground and used for firewood.
These banners push our message further.
They tell people they're in King Arthur's land That they're protected.
On your horses, all of you.
We've work to do.
What do you mean? We're doing the work.
We've a higher priority.
We're going to your old home.
Why? For the library your father put together.
That doesn't need all of us, Sorcerer.
Books are as valuable to us as gold.
- Oh, he knows that.
- We should have done this sooner.
We have an armoury, we need a library.
So, let's go.
Are you all right? Yes.
I just never thought I'd be going back there.
We're moving too slowly.
The floors need to be made safe.
More rooms cleared for living space.
Strip out the plants and overgrowth.
Oh, and we'll need, uh, rafters to repair the roof in the Great Hall.
Your Highness.
Guinevere's gone! What do you mean, gone? She rode out just now by herself.
I'm sorry, I didn't know who else to talk to.
Where did she go? You should talk to the messenger.
Her father, Leodegrance, he's sick.
He has only a few days to live.
He sent me from the Fenlands in the east to summon her.
But with the length of the journey, he may be dead already.
Can we send some men out after her? No, most are already out marking the territories.
- She's not safe out there on her own! - I'll go.
Make way! Make way for the King! How long have they been waiting? They started coming at sunrise.
They all want the same thing to have the ear of the King's sister.
I told you they'd come.
Your influence can only grow from this.
Don't kneel.
Tell me why you're here.
It's about my boy.
Me and his father, we haven't been together for 7 years He went off with another woman.
Now he wants the boy to help with the labour on his farm.
But his father didn't raise him, I did.
He should stay with me.
And you came to me so I would settle your feud? some milk from my herd.
You're the father.
Why should you have him? She's always kept him from me.
I need help with the work.
He's old enough to be called on.
And he's the only family I have.
Do you both swear to abide by my decision? - Yes.
- I do.
Then I'll buy the child from you.
What?! For a good price.
He can live here as a servant.
Five goats in exchange for him.
That's not why I came! Five goats and 2 sheep.
Ten goats and 5 sheep.
He's young, but he'll grow strong.
You'll get good work from him.
- Seven goats, 3 sheep.
- You can't do this! - Nine goats - Eight.
And 3 sheep.
The boy's yours for that.
Immediate payment.
No! Good! The child stays with his mother! What? We just made a deal! You bartered your son for nothing.
You're not worthy to be called a father.
Get out.
Go on! Out with you! Thank you.
You have a good mother.
Treasure her.
Next! Whoever attacked them could still be here.
It's all right.
- My wife - Don't move.
Did they spare her? Whoever they were, they've moved on.
Am I dying? Yes.
Whatever you believe in, now's the time to make your peace.
- Can't you help him? - Can't you? You have powers, don't you? What exactly do you think I'm capable of? A man needs your help here.
We each have our time.
His is done.
What are you saying? Help me.
Your wounds are too great.
We'll pray for your soul.
Can I help? Yes.
I'll dig a grave.
- Guinevere.
- What're you doing here? You rode off on your own.
My father's dying.
I heard.
I'm sorry.
He's been living with his sister, out east, since the wedding.
It's not safe! What would you do if you were me? Thank you.
Where you heading? - Out east.
- Not through the forest.
There was another attack last night.
That's no place for your wife.
- I'm not his wife.
- None of my business.
- How long has it been like that? - Oh, since always.
We get people through here, they're wounded, and they're scared.
They're just trying to make a living.
People said it would be it would be different with the new King.
But no.
He's done nothing for us.
Maybe he's doing his best.
It's a big task.
But he wanted it.
You'd think he'd be better at it.
- I'll accompany you.
- You're in more danger than I am.
The King travelling alone? No banners, no seals.
Outside of Camelot, hardly anyone knows what I look like, apparently.
If you get hurt because of me We'll take the coast, not the forest.
Leontes saved my life.
The least I can do is guard my champion's wife.
I'll take you to your father.
For Leontes.
- For both of you.
- No other reason? The past is done with.
Thank you.
Ya! she's done to my family! She's resting.
Where are you going? Where is she? The King's sister.
I need to see her immediately.
She sees people in order.
And she has more than enough to see today.
The gates will be open again tomorrow.
She needs to see us.
You've hardly said anything since we set off.
Is it what that woman said? How do I make it work? We stake our territory to the North, people to the East are vulnerable.
I tackle the valleys in the East, we face incursion from the South.
Every time I fail, or make an omission, or prioritize, I'm responsible for a death somewhere else.
Everyone looks to me now.
I saw how you handled the hearing with Katelyn's father.
You listened and you questioned.
Even the fact you convened it in the first place.
You understand the people, and you care.
Well done.
Family disagreements, territorial wrangling You handled them all superbly.
And when the time comes, all of them shall owe you loyalty.
But now you must apply yourself to your new powers.
You asked for them, and yet you shy away from using them.
Why? You know why.
Because I can't bear to be in her skin.
Not good enough.
You've been given a gift.
Use it.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
There's a woman in the hall insisting on speaking to you immediately.
Tell her to wait her turn like everyone else.
I did.
It's just she says you're in terrible danger.
Are you thinking about your father? Last night I dreamt of him as if he was calling me.
I never dreamt of him before.
We'll get to him.
If you could have your old life back, would you take it? If I said yes, it would mean my parents would be alive.
But I'd be back there and know none of this, and the thing is, I love it.
You say that like you should be ashamed.
I didn't realize it until just now.
Who has summoned me? We need to speak alone.
I have nothing to hide from my people.
You may not, but the woman at your side does.
Do you know each other? I can't tell.
Take off your veil.
You don't order me.
Have you told her? Does she know? I don't know what you mean.
The King's sister harbours a devil.
What? Why do you keep your face covered? May I see? Yes.
Maybe then you'll understand.
How did it happen? My daughter was in the building.
She'd sent a message for me to come.
I got there too late.
I was inside when it started.
The flames spread like the devil himself Across the doorways, the floors.
And then I heard her.
Where was this? The nunnery across the sea.
I know you were there once.
Is that why you allowed her here? I came to be at her side.
She needed me.
Of course.
You thought no one would find you.
But I've made it my mission.
You lit that fire.
The nunnery burned because of you.
I pulled myself out, and I saw you, hiding as my daughter died screaming.
It can't be! What do you want? - Retribution.
- To what end? For the daughter I lost.
You must sit in judgment on the woman you've been harbouring.
She must be executed.
How was your swim? Was the water cold? Freezing.
But I have to swim.
Why? To forget myself.
To lose the world for a moment.
The King's feast.
Thank you.
Why didn't you save him? I can't stop people dying or bring them back from the dead any more than you can.
So you're not a sorcerer.
The word's an insult.
Did you study magic, or were you born with it? - Neither.
- So where does it come from? Thought made manifest.
That doesn't make any sense.
Would you be happier if I said it was a gift from God? It would be clearer to me.
Listen, there are forces in the fire, wind, water, the earth.
I can shape these elements to my will In some small degree.
- No, that's God working through you.
- Unlikely, given there is no God.
Merlin, I followed you from Uther's deathbed to Camelot.
I'm the King's most loyal knight.
All that I ask is that you respect my faith.
Like you respect mine? I don't understand it, but I don't disrespect it.
You don't hear me call you a devil for what you do.
Then what would you call me? Hmm? An angel perhaps? I've been called a lot of things, but never that.
So you could summon a storm to blow all this away? No.
Too big.
The cost would kill me.
What sort of cost? On the body.
The soul.
And those around me.
It's an addiction.
One which I deny myself every waking hour.
Not now.
Of all the times, not now! Is there anything I can get you? And in front of all those people! Think of what they'll say.
Imagine how fast this is spreading That Morgan judges others, but keeps a murderer close! There were only a few people there That makes no difference! They'll gossip! They love to gossip.
What we are doing must not be undermined.
It's too important.
How could she do this to me? How could she not tell me? What will you do? I don't have a choice.
I must have a public hearing.
The facts must be heard.
Do you think it's true? I don't need you questioning me too, Vivian.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean anything by it.
Why now? When people were starting to believe in me.
Sybil asked if she could see you.
So she can lie to me? Talk me round? Ha! Tell her I'm indisposed.
Are you sure? I can arrange it so no one would know or see.
Tell her I'll see her tomorrow at the hearing.
And we shall uncover the truth.
If it's true, what will you do? That will be all, Vivian.
Help me! Help me! Help, somebody! What do you think they are, up there? Maybe the eyes of the gods keeping watch.
Or the many eyes of a single God.
Spread across every land, seeing everything.
I don't know.
I'm sorry for everything that's happened.
I'm sorry for it all.
There's nothing to apologize for.
Thank you.
- Take that.
- Arthur, - Mm? - There's somebody here.
And the other one.
Come here, you! Come here! - No, please! - Put it down, or I put your face in the fire.
Are you all right? It's been plundered.
Your really think they left the books? I'm hoping a barbarian's thugs didn't realize the treasures that lay here.
Are you ready? This feels another life away.
I'll go in first.
I've been kidding myself I could walk back in and my parents would still be here.
I know.
The books are gone, Merlin.
No They have to be here! They're not.
It doesn't make any sense.
Maybe someone took them, or used them as fuel for their fires.
Come and be judged.
You've heard the accusation.
What do you say in response? First of all, I come to ask forgiveness.
Forgiveness? You killed my daughter! Let her speak.
Did you burn the nunnery? Yes.
Tell us what happened.
There are forces in this world which must be satisfied if they are to be kept at bay.
There was a ritual.
Every year, one girl was selected.
Embracing God did not mean we abandoned the old ways.
What did you do to my daughter? Nothing.
I swear.
- You offered girls to the devil in a nunnery! - No.
Not the devil.
Only a few understood the necessity of the ritual.
Many did not.
That night, the priests came, looking for evidence of the ceremony.
So I burned it.
But the fire spread.
I couldn't stop it.
I only survived by jumping from a window.
Every night I hear her screams.
And see her face.
It haunts me like a demon.
Is that everything you wish to say? This changes nothing! An execution is the only just decision.
A woman's life is at stake.
I shall take time to consider.
When I'm ready, you shall hear my decision.
Now clear the hall.
That's his shield.
He's already dead, isn't he? Whatever you find here, you can face it.
You came! He'll be so pleased.
Aunt Sara.
He said you'd come.
He was so sure.
How is he doing? In a lot of pain.
He's holding on for you.
Go on through.
You came.
I missed you, Alice.
No, Father.
It's me.
Is there anything else we can do for him? Just be with him.
When Zeus asked his daughter, Artemis, what she wanted for her third birthday, she requested that he grant her 6 wishes.
The first wish was that she be allowed to live her life without the distraction of love and marriage.
Here's what I don't understand Oh, this could take a while.
Very funny.
You bring Arthur to Camelot.
You recruit warriors from throughout the realm.
You tell all of us to use our skills to serve the new King.
And yet you won't use yours for the same end.
It's different.
Why? Because you're better than us? Because I loathe this power inside me.
Because it terrifies me.
Because you deny it.
Because it controls you.
Because it pulls me to the dark.
Then don't let it.
You think this is any different than any of us learning combat, learning to suppress rage for greater skill? We all struggle, we all fight, and we all learn to control.
You have a raw power, Merlin.
But instead of denying it, learn to love it.
Imagine what you could be capable of then.
What you could bring to Camelot.
Why didn't you tell me? I was ashamed.
You came here because you thought you'd be safe.
I came here to help you through your sickness.
And look at you now.
On the verge of the throne.
Look at what you've got.
So much strength.
You're so close.
You mustn't let this this misunderstanding push us off course.
As the King's sister, I can't ignore what I've been told.
I understand.
Don't abandon me.
Morgan, please! Good night, Sybil.
This was his cloak.
He said I was to make sure you had it.
Thank you.
Would you say something? Thank you all for being here.
I'm sure it meant a lot to him.
I'm so glad he came to be with you here, and that you could be near him at the end.
We all have our own ideas of what death might be.
For all we know, Death could be the greatest good that could happen to us.
Cicero said, "The life of the dead is placed in the memories of the living".
The love we feel in life keeps people alive beyond their time.
There isn't a day my parents aren't with me.
In my memories, and in who I am.
Anyone who has given love will always live on in another's heart.
All is change.
All yields its place and goes.
To persevere, trusting in what hopes he has, is courage in a man.
Only the coward despairs.
Come on.
Good night.
Are you ready? We could stay longer, if you want.
Let's go home.
So many books.
And they're all different.
All human experience is here.
- Why did he hide them? - Because he knew their value.
Because he thought we'd come back for them.
How did you know where to look? Well, we got what we came for.
Shall we go? Yes.
Let's go home.
- Ha! - Ya! Are you all right? It's colder tonight.
I'm an orphan now.
Will you hold me? Nothing else.
I just don't want to feel alone.
They're not the eyes of the gods; they're the eyes of those who've passed watching over us.
I like that.
Leontes! What's the hurry? - What happened? - A deer ran in front of my horse.
It frightened the life out of it it threw me.
The King's champion, wounded by a deer.
Your shoulder's come out of the socket.
- I'll do it.
- I'm fine.
Don't touch me.
Better think of something else.
Just try and pretend like you're not going to enjoy this, all right? Leave it! Leontes! Look.
Now! Ahhhhh!! There we go.
So you can control it.
See? You are an angel.
I've considered all that's been said.
There has been enormous suffering.
There shall be no favours.
The punishment must be both fitting and appropriate! Morgan, please! Quiet.
You need to accept this.
Burn her! Burn her! Yes! Vengeance! That is your retribution.
It is not enough.
She must be executed.
- I've given my decision.
- My daughter died! - That was a mistake! - What about the rituals? The other girls who died? - No girls died.
- She said they were chosen! You have no idea what it means to be chosen.
I will not be challenged! You want her to feel your pain? She will now.
Every day.
You want her life for your daughter's? I don't accept that.
She has her punishment.
You have your retribution.
Now go, or face my guards.
Does anyone else wish to dispute my decision? It is beautiful.
We'll make it more than that Make it a place to be proud of, I promise.
I believe you.
Thank you.
Well done.
It's exactly what we need.
A place to think.
The whole nation will be that.
What was it like? It was beautiful.
Thank you for taking such great care of my wife on the journey.
If it had to be anyone, I'm grateful it was you.
It was my honour.
I'm sorry it wasn't for a happier occurrence.
Right, well, we've still got a lot of work to do.
Gawain, Brastias, take 30 men out to the valley in the east.
Plant banners every mile.
When you stop in the woods, let everyone know what you're doing.
Tell them to spread the they are protected.
- We've only just got back.
- The King gave an order, Brastias.
Gather up the banners.
We're moving east.
Did I hear of plans to rebuild the roof? No, I've changed my mind.
That roof must never be sealed.
Never built over.
If we look up and see the sky, we'll never forget who we're serving.
Never be disconnected from the world outside.
I like that.