Candy (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Cover Girl

What am I looking for, buddy? Monsters.
Well, just don't hang anything over the side of the bed, and they can't get you.
Everybody knows that.
But Mama scares them away.
Oh, well, she is scarier than me.
Look, if I see them, I'll tell them that Mom gets home from her retreat tomorrow, so they're gonna have to get you tonight.
No! Come on, your sister's asleep.
I'll tell them to go after her, okay? - Good night, bud.
- Good night.
I'm home.
Where are my rug rats? - Where is - Mom! Oh, there you are! Hello, my loves.
I missed you.
You found out about her affair, and you bought her a card and flowers? I blamed myself.
I think I still do.
I think that a big part of her relationship with Allan was one of just having a friend, someone to talk to.
I feel that in my own relationship with her, perhaps I wasn't open enough.
Perhaps after ten years of marriage, that she thought that I was taking her for granted and that I wasn't sharing myself with her enough.
But we worked our way through it, and I think it was a positive working through.
Well, in those Those ten years of marriage have you ever seen your wife involved in any verbal altercation, any physical violence, of any kind? No, never.
No, I love my wife and I stand by her.
She's a nonviolent person.
What? Yup.
All right.
Got here right around the same time.
- Same time? - Pretty close after.
- Diffy.
- Diff.
Denny, Dave.
Gentlemen, I'm Deputy Steve Deffibaugh.
You are? I'm Richard.
I live across the street.
Down the street.
Down the way.
We're the ones that found her.
Allan, the husband, called us and asked us to have a look, and we took the baby next door too.
- There was a baby? - Yeah.
Little Valerie, She she cried so long that her voice went hoarse.
Where'd you say the husband was? Uh, St.
Paul, for business, I think.
All right, well, thank you for your, uh, attention to this matter.
- You got their information? - Yup.
Probably best you boys go on and get home and leave the rest of it to us.
Yes, sir.
Did what we could to help protect any prints.
This is, uh shoot, I wish I'd have brought more than just one roll of film.
Look at that.
You see that one right there? Different.
Oh, yeah.
This here, this is our guy.
Now, when we get done, I want you to cut this here square out the linoleum.
We'll take it with us.
Go on and get you some air.
Hey, hey, hey, look.
Sunglass lens.
Look what I found.
Dang it, Dave.
Now look, I know you got the best of intentions, but you don't go picking stuff up from a crime scene.
Now go on and put it back just where you found it.
- Show me.
- Well, it was in the garage.
Well, go on.
All right.
Just like this here.
There's more blood in the bathroom.
So they half-assed the cleanup, left the murder weapon behind, and took the time to take a shower.
All while a baby cried in the background.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Allan Gore? - Yeah.
I'm Deputy Steve Deffibaugh, the Collin County Sheriff's Department.
Pleasure to meet you.
Gore, I know that your neighbors told you that your wife had been shot, but, um, well, there's more to it than that.
Now, you, uh you left in the morning, right? And, uh, she seemed just fine.
Can you tell me what the rest of your wife's day is like? Well, I don't know much.
She called my boss at one point.
Called your boss? What for? Oh, she was trying to convince him not to send me away for the weekend.
She didn't like it when I went on work trips.
What happens on these weekend work trips? Nothing much, just work.
I am sorry, I gotta ask.
Has there ever been anyone outside the nuptials? Uh she did have a one-night stand.
A few years ago.
We worked that out.
Ancient history.
Mm-hmm, and you? You ever stepped out? Me? No, never.
Gore, is there anyone who could've seen your wife yesterday? Somebody we could talk to? Friend, family member, a neighbor? Yeah, Candy was here in the morning.
She said everything seemed fine.
- Candy? - Montgomery.
She's she's a friend.
Candy Montgomery.
Who who could've done this? I mean, some maniac? Well possible, I guess.
Uh but seeing how there's no forced entry or break-in, most likely, it's, uh, somebody she knew.
Somebody that, uh, didn't like her much at all.
Does that ring any bells? I can't think of anyone.
Now, you were out of town.
That is an alibi.
But, uh, as a formality, I'd like to see your bank statements.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
Did you know that we're magnetic? Yeah, our whole family, we're magnetic.
Yeah, we are.
I'll prove it.
Is that a real penny? You don't know? Okay, well this is how you find out.
Go ahead, put it in your mouth.
There you go.
Does it taste kind of weird? Yeah.
That's because it's real.
All right, take it out.
Put it on your forehead.
What'd I tell ya? - What? - Yeah.
Oh, my gosh.
Yeah, yeah.
It's incredible, right? Has something to do with where the house is on the Earth.
I don't know the science behind it, but I don't know, we're all magnetic.
Spend enough time here, you turn into a magnet too.
Either that or you're a robot.
I don't know which.
I don't know which one.
Try it.
Do you want me to get it? Oh.
No, no, no.
I'll get it.
Okay, let me try this one more time - just to make sure.
- Okay.
Montgomery residence.
Oh, Lord, Candy.
Did you hear? What kind of maniac is in the neighborhood? I'm scared to even be by my windows.
Did you hear she got shot? She wasn't shot.
It was an axe.
Mommy! Hey, over here, babe.
- Oh, nice to see you.
- Where's Mommy? Well What is it? Um something's happened, baby.
Uh, something terrible has happened.
And I want you to know that I love you and I'm gonna take care of you no matter what.
But your mom, she sh-she's gone, baby.
She went to heaven, and she ain't coming back.
Oh, baby, I'm so sorry.
Please don't cry, baby.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Don't cry, baby.
I am so sorry.
I love you, I love you, I love you.
I'm so sorry, and I wish I could tell you something different.
I am so sorry, sweetheart.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Come here.
Come here.
I love you.
I'm gonna take care of you, okay? I promise.
My sweet little girl.
Thank you.
It was a real comfort knowing Christina was with you.
It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Look, I'm gonna go around the house and just check all the locks, every door, every window.
- Hon? - I'm sorry.
I'm just so glad you weren't there.
And that's when I knew I should just come on back.
After Dave and I's second divorce, I know how hard it can be to try to go on.
And I thought, "I don't know that Allan even knows how to cook, "and now he has a daughter to feed, and I just can't abide by that.
" And since I'm single again, I knew that I could make dinner at the drop of a hat.
You'll thank me for that later, pumpkin.
Thank you for this, Elaine.
I didn't even think about Hush.
You don't need to worry about any of this.
But in the long term, you're gonna need somebody.
That sweet baby's still in diapers.
Do you know how to change a diaper? I don't, but I am an engineer.
Well, I can show you.
I changed her before I got her down, and I'll check on her again after dinner.
Christina, if you chew more, you'll eat less.
You'll thank me for that when you get older too.
Dad, uh, can I go to my room? Yeah, just say thank you to Miss Elaine, sweetheart.
- Thank you, Miss Elaine.
- You're so welcome, puddin'.
You need to speak to a lawyer.
I read a lot of Robert Parker, and I've seen a lot of Columbo, and they always look at the husband first.
Sometimes it's insurance or another woman, but it's always either love or money.
You didn't take out any large sums of money for any reason recently, did you? Because they might think, contract killer.
- This is Diffy.
- This is Allan Gore.
Um, I just felt like you should know because, uh, you asked me about the bank statements that I took out a large sum of traveler's checks yesterday.
My wife and I, we were we were going on vacation to Europe.
Thank you for that.
Because I heard that you look at the husband sometimes for love or for moneys.
So I just wanted to tell you about the money.
I still have them, by the way, if you, uh if you want to see them.
I'd appreciate that, yeah.
And well, I wasn't exactly truthful with you earlier, but, um I did have an affair with Candice Montgomery.
The one that was with your wife at your house yesterday morning? Yes.
I didn't mention it because like I said, it was it was over a long time ago.
Can I ask you why it ended? Well, Candy was in love with me.
And things were going so well with my wife that I just I just felt like I couldn't share myself anymore.
I see.
Okay, then.
I do apologize.
All right.
Have a good one, Mr.
Good night.
Montgomery residence.
Yes, this is she.
Oh, I-I want to be as-as helpful as I can.
Well, I will see you tomorrow then.
Bright and early.
Okay, good night.
It was the police.
Y'all should know I did have an affair with Allan Gore, but it well, it has nothing to do with all of this.
I-I ended it.
I ended it a long time ago.
- So you ended it? - Yes.
It had run its course for me and Allan.
So you don't have any feelings for Mr.
Gore? Oh, only friendly ones.
Only friendly ones.
Ooh, you broke a fingernail there.
- Uh - Oh, a couple.
So brittle.
- I try to grow 'em, but I can't.
- Yeah.
Let me know if you have any tips.
Well, all right, we're gonna need to take a few pictures of you, just for our records.
You're okay with that? I would love to help anyway I can.
All right.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Got something on your shoe there.
I keep kicking my storm door, and I can't seem to get my husband to fix it.
You mind if I get a picture of your cut? Just to have.
Well, sure.
Thank you very much.
That's some pretty nasty bruises you got there.
Oh, yeah, I got those playing with my kids.
I bruise if the wind hits me wrong.
- That'll do.
- All right.
Montgomery? Did you kill Betty Gore? No.
And you'd be willing to take a polygraph test to that? Yes, of course.
"Just to tell you something, and it's no exaggeration, "there's just no greater pop than you in all the pop-ulation.
" I love it.
Thank you.
Here you go, Daddy.
Come on.
All right, let's see.
"Dad, everything you do is magic.
" You know, that's how we got you.
We pulled you out of a hat.
- What? No.
- No, we did.
Where'd you get me? Oh, we got you under a rock in, uh Tennessee? - Tennessee.
- Tennessee.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
All right.
Fried spaghetti and scrambled eggs.
My favorite.
Must be my day.
It is.
Oh, did y'all say, "Happy Father's Day"? Happy Father's Day! Thank you.
- Aww, you too? - Of course.
"My sweet honey, happy Father's Day from your queen bee.
" Buzz, buzz.
Yeah, you are.
You are, hon.
Love you.
Love you, Daddy.
I love you guys too.
Thank you.
I'm the luckiest dad in the whole world.
Comfort and luxury with the convenience of four-wheel drive.
There's more to an AMC.
This is Action News.
New information has come to light in the grisly axe slaying of Betty Gore.
Sources report a female friend of the family was brought in for questioning.
The female's identity and exact relationship to the Gores remains in question.
Authorities say Mrs.
Gore was struck 41 times with an axe Oh, God damn it.
Hi, Bob.
It's me.
Uh, Allan.
Look, before you guys get down here, I just there's something that I wanted to tell you, and Look, Bob, the-the local news is really heating up down here, and so it's only a matter of time, I imagine, before you're hearing it up there in Kansas.
There's a woman who the police questioned, and we know her.
She was the last one to see Betty.
Uh that's not everything, though.
I had an affair with her, Bob.
That was my daughter, you son of a bitch.
With everything else that she had to put up with for you, and Hey, did you tell the kids I was questioned? Well, when you say it like that, it sounds so sinister.
You just went in to help, right? Of course.
Well, that's what I told them.
You know, that they don't have to be scared and we can protect them.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know, they were fine.
Montgomery residence.
Did you hear? They found a footprint.
What brings you here? I spoke to the police.
- A polygraph? - You've got to be kidding me.
When you supposed to go in for that? - Well, I'm supposed - Hold up.
Udashen! Candy, you got a dollar on you? Uh, well, I think I think I do.
Udashen! I'm officially retained as counsel.
Anything you tell me falls under attorney-client privilege.
We're in the middle of a murder investigation, the whole town is rattled, and they think they can call a lady in for a polygraph and her nerves won't be shot to hell.
Please! You'd probably set the damn thing off within just a minute, and from pure feeling alone.
You're not doing it, Candy.
You're just not.
There you are.
Axe murderer.
Her? Mm-hmm.
Horse hockey.
Didn't you throw Betty a baby party? Mm-hmm.
What were you doing Friday? Well, I was at Bible school.
- Uh-huh.
- And then I went to Betty's and I got Christina's bathing suit, and then Betty and I got to talking, and then I went to Target and well, when I got there, I realized my watched had stopped and I was way later than I thought, so I didn't go in.
I just went back to church.
But you didn't go back to church covered in blood, did you? What well, of course not.
Yeah, what they're looking for is some kind of crazy drifter.
A real psycho.
Big, tall, strong man.
Swinging an axe 41 times? That ain't easy.
You know, could be the same guy who did that axe murder over in New Mexico.
I mean, that can't a coincidence, right? Or a transient, like I said.
Now, everyone knows that you didn't do it.
I mean, look at you.
And the sheriff's got nothing.
If they did, there'd be a warrant.
Okay? They are out of their element.
Don't you worry.
I'll give them a call.
- You'll be fine.
- Okay.
- Hi.
Thanks for coming.
- Oh, of course.
Oh, what a nice color that is on you, pretty girl.
But darling, I think you need to get changed for the funeral.
I want to wear this.
Well but, uh, sweetie, on days like today, we wear black.
- Yellow's a happy color.
- I don't care.
Everyone will be wearing black.
That's just how this is done.
Now, what will people think of you in yellow? Mommy made it for me.
That's so sweet, and you can wear it all day afterwards.
I want to wear this! Christina.
Let her have a lie down, cool off.
We ought to leave some of these ready.
People will probably come by after the service.
- I'll take them over here.
- Okay.
- Which one's that one? - That's the macaroni.
Oh, the macar okay, the noodles.
- The house looks nice.
- Mm-hmm.
Elaine cleaned up this morning.
Wasn't that thoughtful? She's coming back later.
She's gonna watch the baby while we're at the funeral.
Well, the neighbors have you in casseroles till Christmas.
Oh, there's another freezer in the other room.
Oh, boy.
Uh Maybe she needs a change? Oh I'll handle the food, and, uh, Sherry, go ahead and help Allan.
All right, come on.
Ooh, somebody's up.
Hey there, baby girl.
What seems to be the matter? Sorry.
I have no idea what's gotten into them.
I mean, dogs.
And they just bark at every little, tiny noise, you know? I mean, they're awfully cute.
Guess we ought to head off.
- We should.
- All right.
It's okay, Grammy.
It's okay.
Bob, I'm I'm so sorry.
She was so beautiful.
Loving, smart, college educated, and so full of life.
She had her pick, and she chose you.
Think she's sleeping with him too? Yeah, all right now.
Just saying.
Once you sleep with one of your friends' husbands, what's to stop you from sleeping with all of them? - Hon.
- Hmm? They found a fingerprint.
- Fingerprint? - Yeah.
That's it.
God, they are gonna nail this guy.
We're gonna be able to put this all behind us.
Why don't we have a family night this weekend? Yeah, it's been a hard week.
We can go to Sizzler, go see a movie.
Becky's been asking to go see Herbie Goes Bananas.
That's a great idea.
Yeah? Yeah.
Don? Candy? - All right, yes, sir.
- Hug your kids.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
She did it.
No shit? You're not gonna believe this.
Oh, yeah? Try me.
We got ourselves a self-defense case.

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