Cannes Confidential (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Love and Let Die

EMILIE: This is Emilie.
Who is this?
Whoever you are, please help me.
Please help me.
Oh, my God.
For fuck's sake!
How you doing?
I'm fine.
The girl, who is she?
I saw the drawing on your boat
"Best dad in the world."
She's my daughter.
That's why you're here?
I'm sorry. Do you know where she lives?
What about her mother?
Enough with the questions, Camille.
Listen, he won't hurt Emilie.
Using fear is part of
Boire's tactics, okay?
Harry, I'm worried about you.
Don't be.
I can look after myself.
ZINA: Celeste.
What is that?
Your goody bag's here.
It looks smaller this year.
I'll call them.
[LAUGHING] No, no, no.
I was just joking.
Take whatever you want.
Um, try the perfume.
I'll prepare lunch.
Then I'll try the perfume.
All right.
Sorry, I dozed off.
How were the goodies?
Did you like them?
Did you try the perfume?
[GASPS] Aaah!
LEA: Oh, no. I'm turning into Ramzy.
CAMILLE: No movie trivia, please.
Oh, Wicked Witch of the East in now.
Celeste Badeaux.
What about her?
You know her?
Oh, of course you do.
- No, her assistant.
- What's going on?
Assistant's dead. Zina Lellouche.
Zina? Dead?
NINA: Is there an echo in here?
Wait, uh, who was Zina?
She was found dead
in Celeste's rented villa.
God, I want you there now.
The festival starts today.
So what? Afraid of paparazzis?
I would like to remind you
that the Festival of Cannes
is one of the largest
media events in the world.
- This is a big deal.
Yes? Nina.
Go! Now!
Uh, Earth calling.
Zina was a blogger.
She was around my age.
An important voice.
Now silent.
I'm sorry.
Look, why don't you
take the lead on this one?
I have to meet Geneviève
about my father's new hearing.
Go. Take Ramzy.
I'll catch you later.
[ECHOING] Whoever you are,
please help me.
And cut!
Like I told you.
Two seats.
In the front row. For your troubles.
You're one sick prick.
No, no, it's, uh, it's for a friend.
I know he's gonna flip for this.
Harry, any news?
Not on the phone. We need to meet.
Did you see her?
Yeah, she's fine.
Uh, Harry, I'm sorry.
Today is a hectic day.
we're preparing for Dad's new hearing.
Okay, well, maybe later?
Yes. I'll call you.
- So that was Harry Harry?
- Eh? Yes.
Something going on between you two?
What? Heh. No, no.
- I'm done with the pics.
- RAMZY: Thank you.
Okay, so, what do we have?
Okay, let me see.
Yeah, that's what I thought,
Okay, so, tongue is swollen.
See? Blood vessels burst.
I'll need to analyze
the bottle for that.
But from what I can see,
it could be as simple
as an allergic reaction.
No EpiPen.
We'll need to wait for the autopsy.
Establish the cause of death.
This is not a crime scene yet.
Major Robert.
May I ask you some questions?
It feels surreal.
We were just enjoying a normal morning
before the premiere tonight.
The usual festival madness.
When did you get into town?
I got in late last night.
Zina was already here.
Walk me through your morning.
I took a morning swim.
We received the goody bag
from the arrangers,
and I told her to try the perfume.
LEA: I'm sorry.
It could be an allergic reaction.
The autopsy will tell us.
Did you know if Zina had any allergies?
She was always very careful
what she ate.
She was always very picky.
She prepared her own meal.
Did she have an EpiPen?
Of course.
Excuse me.
It seems she suffered
a massive cardiac arrest
following anaphylactic shock.
So maybe food allergies?
Or the perfume. Other theories?
I'll need to analyze the perfume
and any food
or drink she might have had.
So this could just be an accident?
The amount required to trigger
a heart attack, let's just say,
is way more than you'd normally
find in a bottle of perfume.
She said she was going to prepare lunch.
Make sure you got everything.
Somewhere else we could talk?
I need to know, just for ruling
out the possibility
of this not being an accident,
have you received any threats lately
or anything unusual
on your social media?
Well, Zina handled all my social media.
There were always the trolls and
the blabbermouths, the haters.
But nothing specific?
There's this guy, a paparazzi.
He's been chasing me ever since
I ridiculed him publicly.
And then I sued him, and I won.
Or should I say we won.
The LGBTQ community.
We think our society is free
and open-minded,
but we still have a long way to go.
Tell me about it.
Did Zina have any immediate family?
We need to contact them.
There is a girlfriend.
- Eloise.
- Eloise, last name?
Eloise Gans.
I don't know her very well,
but I have her address.
I'll look into the threats.
Do you have the name of that paparazzi?
Miko Zajac.
I've already seen him outside
among the other vultures.
No restraining order?
No. It's a free country, they say.
And if there's anything else
you need, please let me know.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute.
That was Celeste Badeaux.
Can you believe it?
Yes, it was. And still is.
But I'm afraid she's
not into boys, Ramz.
I didn't mean it like that.
She's a great actress, is all.
Here's the question.
Why would somebody want Zina dead?
Or was it aimed at Celeste?
Zina, a blogger for LGBTQ rights.
And Celeste, a famous actress,
also involved in the movement.
- A hate crime?
- Would it have to be murder?
It could be a tragic death
due to anaphylactic shock.
Like that horror movie
Thank you, Ramz.
I hope you're right, man.
I just hope you're right.
Is that her?
So far we have only one
connection to Zina's death.
Celeste accuses the paparazzi.
One suspect.
Want to fill me in?
Looking at everything
at a glance, it's a closed case.
A tragic death. An accident.
No ifs or buts.
- But?
- Well, this guy.
He threatened Celeste
after losing a court case
for slander and trespassing.
Zajac was ridiculed
and lost a lot of photo ops.
He was heavily fined.
Swore to get back at her,
and has chased her ever since.
He's staying at some seedy hotel.
Okay, that's motive.
Do we know what triggered
the allergic reaction?
Not yet.
Celeste received a goody bag
with a perfume
we found next to the body,
but Ramz said it could be
any kind of different drink or food.
He ransacked their kitchen.
Goody bags.
Supplied by a company called Swag Bags.
Promotional merchandise.
I called them, and they said
all the bags are sealed
and delivered separately.
We'll have to wait
for the autopsy report.
I need to see that joker.
Celeste was here to promote
a new movie, right?
So maybe Zina wasn't
the intended target.
The bag was delivered to Celeste, right?
So maybe it wasn't an allergic reaction.
Maybe it was a reaction to poison
all made to look like an accident.
LEA: Hmm.
If you take the paparazzi,
I'll talk to Zina's girlfriend, Eloise.
We also need to check Zina's blog.
She was an official
pain in the ass for many people.
Could be a motive.
Sounds like a plan. Keep me posted.
- Any news?
- Oh, yeah.
Um, Durham's Ben Stokes continue
his charmed life
as England's latest
men's test captain
the 81st, to be exact
convincing us all
we've been playing the game
the wrong way
for the last 150 years.
You're so British it hurts.
How's your daughter?
Oh, well, you know, she's being
followed by Julien Boire,
or one of his henchmen.
But don't worry.
I tracked down his I.P. address
using the video he sent.
That's illegal.
Yeah, so is threatening me
or my daughter.
I know.
Hi, Eloise.
Long time.
Can we talk inside?
Listen, I spoke to Geneviève.
She told me this stooge's financials,
The Aloysius accounts
and Boire's threats
will make a difference.
Good for you.
They're ready to hear us out.
This will be solved.
Yeah, and I'm delighted for you,
but we still don't have Boire.
Let justice run its course.
Boire will get his eventually.
[LAUGHS] Justice. Tricky little word.
Matter of interpretation, I suppose.
My father will be set free.
And you'll get your passports back.
We had a deal, remember?
And I will honor that deal.
But Boire crossed a line.
Please don't do anything stupid.
Whatever gave you that idea?
Harry, stupid blows up in our faces.
Stupid gets us killed.
Goodness, Lieutenant.
You actually care about me.
LEA: We need to know which kind
of allergies Zina had?
She had a congenital heart
condition and serious allergies,
in particular to peanuts.
Which was all
in the public domain, right?
Absolutely. She made everyone
aware, for obvious reasons.
We didn't find an EpiPen.
But she never leaves home without it.
It's a lifesaver.
Do you think it was deliberate?
We're looking at all possibilities,
for the time being.
The autopsy report isn't ready yet.
And you've been together how long?
Four years.
But we've known each other almost seven.
She was my inspiration, my
It's an immense loss to our community.
Miko Zajac. Do you know that name?
He's the creep that threatened Zina
for destroying his new camera.
He was stalking Celeste,
and Zina attacked him,
trashing the camera.
LEA: Hmm.
- What?
- It's so good seeing you.
I wish under different circumstances.
I'm sorry for your loss, El.
Hi. I'm looking for Miko Zajac.
- Room 4.
- Thanks.
Mr. Zajac? Police. Open the door.
Mr. Zajac?
Police. I'd like a word.
Why do they always have to run?
- Oh!
- Whoa, whoa!
- WOMAN: Yes?
Hello there.
I have a delivery
for Guillaume Marketing.
I'm afraid there's
no other name on there.
That's all there is.
- Yes, come in.
Thank you.
BOIRE: You listen to me.
I will never owe, and it's
your job to deal with it.
Okay, Julien.
Let's see who you've been dealing with.
- Zajac?
- He did a runner.
Got these, though.
Celeste's photo and Zina's address.
Yo, Ramz, what do you got?
So, autopsy showed that Zina
died of a heart attack,
caused by an allergic reaction.
It's now been confirmed
it was not poisoning.
And we found nothing in the perfume.
See, anaphylaxis often begins
within minutes
after a person eats a food or beverage
that contains an offending allergen
- LEA: Offending allergen?
- Well, for instance, peanut.
If you have peanut allergy.
Then say peanuts. Zina had
a serious peanut allergy.
Okay, go on, Ramz.
If you have a peanut allergy,
your body will be put
in attack mode to protect itself
from the protein
causing the allergic reaction.
The immune system simply overreacts.
Symptoms ranging from hives, nausea,
facial swelling, to anaphylaxis.
And in worst cases
Death. In worst cases, death!
And Zina didn't have her EpiPen.
And a weak heart on top of that.
Wait, we still need
to find the allergen.
Okay, you inform the girlfriend.
We need to know who else
knew about her condition.
Zina was always so careful
about what she ate.
Had all these special menus.
She would never have
forgotten her EpiPen.
Did she write about her heart condition?
No, just her allergies.
She didn't want anyone to know
she had a weak heart.
- So nobody knew about it?
- Very few.
Her closest family.
She wanted everyone else to see
her as this strong superwoman.
Now all that's left of her are these.
Of us.
They're your memories.
How do you put your arms
around a memory,
touch it, feel it?
Do you ever think about us?
Don't. I have to go.
Do you?
I do.
You broke my heart.
Eloise, please. Stop.
Stop, stop.
I'm an investigator,
I can't get involved.
I'm sorry. I don't know
what I was thinking.
I lost my head. I just
Please forgive me. Please.
I'm just so confused, and I
I miss her.
I know.
It's okay.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Camille.
LEA: The allergies were no secret.
They were official through Zina's blog.
So maybe Zina was the target all along?
A hate crime.
That leaves us once again
with the paparazzi.
You mean the vulture?
MARGAUX: What vulture?
Uh, just dealing with a case.
What are you doing here?
I've finished the den.
Everything's ready for Dad's homecoming.
Oh. Court still has to decide, mm?
That's why I stopped by.
Geneviève called. It's official.
Dad will be released tomorrow.
Bring it in. Come on.
This time everything's gonna be okay.
- Oh, sorry.
Delmasse. Yes?
- I'm happy for you.
- Thanks, Lea.
Copy that.
Miko Zajac has been spotted.
No way.
Who the hell is he waiting for?
Incoming. Two o'clock.
I'll be damned.
Have you no morals?
Everyone hold. Stay alert.
Morals don't pay the bills.
I really hope you burn in hell.
Come, now, you brought it on yourself.
Fuck you!
Sorry for your loss.
I'll see you at the premiere.
Get lost.
Okay, move in, move in.
Oh, no.
ZAJAC: You bitch.
LEA: You are both under arrest
for the murder of Zina Lellouche.
You're barking up
the wrong tree here, Lieutenant.
Who pays your wages?
The local clown association?
Why did Celeste pay you money?
For some photos I took.
I'm a photographer.
I take pictures for a living.
Dirty pictures.
That's up for interpretation.
You invade people's privacy,
sell intimate photos just for profits,
not giving a damn about how many lives
are destroyed in the process.
The fans want to know
what happens in the bedroom.
In explicit details.
They want skin. It's human nature.
What was your arrangement with Celeste?
Why did you meet?
I was being blackmailed by Zajac.
He had pictures.
Of you?
Of me and and Zina.
He threatened to leak them
on all the porn sites.
ZAJAC: Well, they were
a really cute couple.
My lucky day.
You wouldn't believe the quality
you can see everything.
I mean everything.
- What the fuck?
- Breathe.
You can think of me whatever you like.
I don't care.
But why would I kill this Zina
over a lousy camera?
Over my livelihood?
Celeste paid me to get rid
of the pictures.
You would make a great model.
If you're interested in making
some extra cash,
I can give you my card.
Knock it off.
I had no problem of us going
public, but not like that.
He threatened to defile
something beautiful
for profit.
And even after Zina was dead.
I'm sorry.
What about Eloise?
Did she know about you and Zina?
Zina didn't want to hurt her.
She wanted to wait to tell her.
I loved Zina deeply.
She made me feel like
no one ever had before.
So, Celeste and Zina
were having an affair.
Question is,
who besides Zajac knew about it?
And why would Celeste kill her lover?
You mean, did Eloise know?
Eloise was my high school crush.
I was madly in love.
Pure passion and sex.
We were young.
Oh, details. Why not?
I should have told you about her.
It came as a shock for me too.
Oh, no worries.
I I just realized
that my high school experience
really was not the same.
- Never too late.
- This just came for you.
- Thank you.
What is this?
Dinner invitation.
Do you know, I was beginning to wonder.
Normally, a handwritten
invitation gets a reply.
In my experience.
Well, I took some time
to make up my mind.
Do you mind, Captain?
No. Glad you did.
Welcome aboard.
Thank you.
After you.
This isn't a date
- Uh
- is it?
No, no, it's, um
Why can't a man and a woman enjoy dinner
without it being called a date?
No, t-this is a friendly bite
between friends,
This is a meal between colleagues.
This is a supper for kindred spirits.
Mm. More like partners in crime.
Um, yeah.
That reminds me. We had a deal.
And I believe you held up
your end of the bargain.
Dad's being released tomorrow.
It's still considered an offense,
using fake credentials.
Now, please, sit.
I hope you enjoy these humble offerings.
You look very nice.
As opposed to
As opposed to nothing. You look nice.
Thank you.
I guess.
Tell me, you don't have a string
quartet hidden somewhere,
ready to jump out.
I'm not really the romantic type.
I knew you weren't the romantic type.
So, no. No string quartet.
But you are starting to sound
like it's a date again?
And it isn't.
- No.
- Definitely a "no" in that box.
I mean, a "no."
- No.
- In that box.
- RAMZY: Where's the lieutenant?
- On a date.
Oh, nice.
Well, so, I found the offending allergen
that triggered the anaphylactic shock.
So, Zina was a devout vegan, right?
And in the salad we found large
traces of peanut extract.
Someone knew Zina to be allergic.
The peanut extract was mixed
with balsam vinegar.
Do we know who prepared the lunch?
Was it Zina or somebody else?
I know who. And I know why.
- We need a search warrant.
- Oh, I'll get one.
Oooh ♪
Hoo-ah-oooh-ooh ♪
Oooh ♪
This invitation was an odd touch.
Mm? Why?
Is this your way of trying
to mix business and pleasure?
There's something I need to tell you.
If this was a date,
I would probably want to kiss you.
If this was a date,
I probably couldn't resist.
But this isn't a date, is it?
No, this isn't a date, is it?
I've tracked down Julien Boire.
Okay, mood killer. What?
I'm sorry, I have in my
possession certain documents,
evidence, all his dirty little secrets.
Aloysius. You remember the name?
Of course you do.
It's your grandfather's name.
Why didn't you say what the name
meant when I asked you?
This all concerns a power struggle
within a criminal network,
sending one of their own to prison,
and using one of their fixers to do it.
And that's why Julien Boire
has been in Cannes.
Your father's not innocent.
He's guilty.
This is bullshit.
Philippe was in too deep.
He couldn't get out, and believe me,
I know what that's like.
Oh, I bet you do.
Listen, you have no idea
who you're dealing with here.
It's a hydra.
You cut off one head,
and two more grow back.
If your father is released
from prison tomorrow,
trust me, Camille,
they will track him down
and they will kill him
because he knows too much.
I'm sorry to break this to you,
but you are just
you're a small-town cop,
and this is beyond your pay grade.
Thank you for the dinner.
Well, that went well.
I'm sorry, but I have a search warrant.
What's happening?
There it is.
Got it.
Please, put on something
and come with me.
- Coffee?
- Thanks.
How was your date?
It was definitely not a date.
She's in there.
You're too emotionally involved.
I'll handle the interrogation.
I wanted to punish her
for making me feel so needy,
so jealous, so angry.
It felt like I couldn't
breathe without her,
couldn't live without her.
Have you ever loved someone so much,
you'd throw yourself off
a bridge for that person
without the slightest hesitation?
That's why they call it crazy in love.
When did you find out
about Celeste and Zina
having an affair?
Zina had many affairs.
But this was different.
How so?
Celeste could make Zina feel
in a way that I never could.
And you resented her for it?
Zina was about to leave me.
She loved Celeste, not me, so
I took her EpiPen before she left.
CAMILLE: Her lifesaver.
And you prepared her lunch.
If you couldn't have Zina,
then nobody would.
I'm sorry.
The things we do for love.
Feelings aren't logical.
I have to go to the courthouse.
- Yeah.
- Time for my dad to come home.
I'll always have your back,
no matter what.
You know that, don't you?
CAMILLE: I know. Me too.
Thank you, Geneviève. Thank you.
Oh, my darling Margaux.
- I'm so happy you're back.
- Margaux.
So happy to see you again.
MARGAUX: I just can't believe it.
PHILIPPE: You know Geneviève.
Here to crash the party?
Philippe isn't the man you think he is.
This is a defining moment
for you, Camille.
So I should take advice from you,
a con man, a common criminal
hiding from the law?
The "con" comes from "confidence."
The confidence a daughter
owes her father,
a city its chief of police.
That confidence gives
the magician the power
to deceive his audience you!
He's coming. I better go.
- Dad.
- Camille dear.
- Finally.
- Camille.
Hi, Emilie.
Who are you?
Do you remember this?
You drew it for me a long time ago.
After I'd been away on a trip.
I promise I won't leave it
so long again next time.
I'm here now.
Welcome back.
Oh, boy.
No need to cry.
But, Dad, there is.
I saw the lines in your bank account.
I'm everything you taught me to be.
So, I need to know
as a former chief of police,
what would you have me do?
WOMAN: You had one job, and you blew it.
Failing on such an easy target.
BOIRE: I won't disappoint you again.
Well, we'll see if you deserve
a second chance.
Don't trust anyone, Cami.
This leads much higher.
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