Cannon (1971) s01e03 Episode Script

Call Unicorn

Listen, Steve, I tell you what.
If I get back early enough, let's go to Jamaica and we'll bowl a few frames.
Want to? You owe me 5 bucks from last time.
Oh, big deal.
Hey, Charlie, what are you stopping here for? Go on, take it forward.
Charlie, you hear me? What are you stopping out here for? What's the matter with this guy? Charlie, you're 30 feet away from the hole.
Now, take this rig on in there.
Good evening, Dan.
Webster, you're a little early, aren't you? You told me 9:00.
Charlie, why don't you see if you can find yourself some coffee.
I'll, uh I'll go punch out.
It will only take me a few seconds.
No, there's no need for that, Dan.
You're so important, we thought we'd bring the head man to you, right here.
Steve? You look a little surprised.
You never had an inkling after all the months we've been working together? I didn't have any idea.
It's a beautiful cover.
Listen, Dan, we think you're doing very good work, terrific.
And we think you deserve a raise.
Marty, how much are we paying him? Hundred dollars a week, plus 2 percent of everything he helps us hijack.
Well, that That hardly covers the cost of living, doesn't it? I mean, you know, inflation and all.
Now, I want you to be fair with me, okay? You tell me, how much you think you should get? Oh.
Oh, I don't know.
Uh, I'm not complaining.
It's a good deal.
Suppose we start you off with a bonus, huh? Say, a hundred thousand dollars from the insurance company that you work for? Death benefits? I think I'd better punch him out.
Hey, Charlie.
Dan had an accident.
File a report.
ANNOUNCER: Starring William Conrad.
With guest stars: Wayne Rogers, Patricia Smith, Charles Cioffi, Joe Maross.
ANNOUNCER: Paul, pick 701 up here and put it in Waldek's truck, will you? Heh.
Some other time, huh, Lyn? I've got a busy day, baby.
I'll leave you alone as soon as I get an answer.
Doesn't "no" qualify as an answer? You need a driver, Ted, and he's good.
Of course he's good.
He's terrific, terrific.
Is Ed back from Fresno yet? Yeah, they're unloading him now.
Push it, will you? Then run it through service and get it loaded up for Tucson.
Steuben? Oh, Lyn, come on, have a heart, huh? Don't go bugging him about it.
What? Oh, she wants us to hire her blushing bridegroom to replace Dan.
Look, honey, I'd love to, but I got a drawer full of applicants.
Just see him for a few minutes.
He's good.
He's qualified.
He's He's driven semis, heavy equipment, all of it.
Please, Mr.
Steuben? Okay, I'll see him, but no promises.
Steuben, I'd like you to meet Frank Pulaski.
You kn Ha, ha, ha.
You know the trouble with us? The trouble with us is, we never got past the tenth grade, right? You know, we were too busy chasing chicks and joyriding in somebody else's car, huh? Speak for yourself, buddy.
Listen to this guy.
He's a perfect angel now.
Frank? Huh? Oh.
Hey, you guys leaving already? Well, you know, Frank, tomorrow's a work day.
Yeah, it sure is.
Thanks, Lyn.
We had a lovely time.
Oh, I'm glad you could come.
You have a wonderful girl, Frank.
Take good care of her.
I'm gonna do the very, very best I can.
Good night, now.
Good night.
Good night.
Night, Ted.
Thanks a lot.
Our pleasure.
Gentlemen, how about another drink? No more for me, thank you.
I think you'd better cut him off too, way he's been driving lately.
Hey, would you listen to this guy? I've been pushing rigs for him for over a million miles, and I haven't dented one fender yet.
You gotta remember that, Frank, 'cause tomorrow I'm gonna put you through your paces.
Then have a little mercy, will you? Let him get some sleep.
Right, right.
Oh, right, right.
Here's to the two of you.
Thank you, Steve.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night, Steve.
Good night, Lyn.
Listen, it was terrific.
I loved it all.
Too much, but Good night.
I didn't think it would be so difficult.
You were both great.
Just one thing: the next time I ask for a martini Oh, gin, I know.
I'm sorry.
I forgot.
How do you think she'll do? Ah, it's just the beginning, Dave.
But if this thing works, they'll put us under a microscope.
Ah, I wish there was some way you could work alone.
But after what's happened, this is the only cover I could think of.
Coming in as a stranger now would be suicide.
And I don't know what else to do.
This keeps up, I'm wiped out, same with every other trucker around here.
Last eight months, over a million dollars, and three professional investigators killed, along with Lyn's husband, one of the best drivers I ever had.
The police were never able to prove they weren't accidents.
Pretty soon there won't be an insurance company in the whole country that will touch us.
Well, I'd I'd better go.
Uh, have you made up your mind about which way to go? Well, we'll play it your way for a while, see if we can get 'em to come to me.
I want to thank you both.
I really mean that.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night, Dave.
I'd better fix you a bed.
I'll set the alarm for 6, okay? Oh, yeah.
That's fine.
What's the matter? It's me, isn't it? Do you have any idea what will happen if this thing backfires? I'm one of the casualties, Frank.
I'm a widow.
you're in this because your husband was killed.
That's emotional.
That'll trip you up faster than anything in the world.
I promise, Frank, any time I feel like I'm coming apart, I'll let you know, okay? Okay.
What do you say, Frank? You ready? Ready as I'll ever be.
Let's go.
Hey, nice rig.
Let's see what you can do with it.
What do you say you back it in there.
Okay, take it out.
All right.
Hey, where are you from originally? Frisco.
Yeah? Is that where you learned to handle one of these? Yeah.
New York, Chicago, Detroit, you know.
Me, I was born in Jersey, but I was raised in Sacramento.
I think of myself as a hometown boy.
You been with Steuben long? Oh, right from the start.
Tell you, that Dave, he's a winner.
Got a lot of brains and guts.
My trouble is, I guess I don't have either.
You know, you look to me like a guy who wouldn't take a desk job if it was offered to him.
You're right, pal.
No ulcers for me.
I like it right up here, lots of fresh air, sunshine, and not too many worries.
Let me see you make a U-turn.
Well, how'd I do? I'll tell you.
You got a job.
For that I'll buy you a beer.
Come on.
You know, you had me hooked there for a minute.
I thought I'd done something wrong.
Well, the way you backed in, you know? You're late.
Anything happen? Yeah, I had a flat in Bakersfield, and that's all that happened.
Four days.
I thought we'd get a nibble by now.
The waiting game isn't gonna work.
I gotta get 'em to come to me.
Well, uh, I don't know, uh I just can't afford to lose a shipment like that.
I don't think you've got any choice.
Now, we've gotta give 'em something juicy enough that they can't afford to pass it up.
Yeah? This is Frank Pulaski.
You've got a run to Glen Beach today.
There's a diner on that route, the Caravan.
Stop there.
Take a long lunch.
Sit with your back to the parking lot.
It's worth 500 to you.
Oh, hey, Frank, you're all loaded up and ready to go.
Where am I headed? Uh, a little town up the coast.
Uh, Glen Beach.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Uh, how would you rate your cheeseburgers? How would you rate your appetite? Heh-heh.
In that case, I'll have two of 'em.
Coffee black.
Ah, that looks beautiful.
Thank you, dear.
How'd it go? No sweat.
Looks like we've got a nice, cooperative boy.
Where's the other guy? Where are the cameras? You're playing a dangerous game.
Number one, I don't work for 500 bucks.
Number two, I don't talk to pipsqueaks.
If you insist.
Well, gentlemen, I can't tell you how pleased I am to see you all.
I suppose you wonder why I've asked you here this evening.
Your sense of humor is as ill-timed as that little stunt you pulled this afternoon is dangerous.
Yes, somebody did mention that to me.
Now, if you have any intention of going into business for yourself, I might point out that, uh, the accident rate among independent contractors is pretty shocking.
Come on, there isn't gonna be any accident.
000 worth of cameras.
Not a damned thing is gonna happen to me, and you know it.
I must say, Mr.
Pulaski, I admire your initiative.
Thank you.
All right.
Five hundred dollars a week, permanent.
And 10 percent off the top, all right? Uh, shall I stay? I say dump him.
Yeah? Throw away all the cameras? So, what do you wanna do, give him 10 percent of the action? Maybe.
But you can't, because then every driver on the dock will want the same thing.
Don't worry about it, huh? We can take care of them.
Besides, I kind of like this guy.
He's almost as smart as you are, Marty.
We'll think about it.
We'll let you know.
Thank you.
That was just a warning.
So is this.
I still think you should see a doctor.
No, you're doing very well, Lyn.
Maybe your terms are too rough, Frank.
Why not take their offer? Wouldn't that accomplish your purpose? I don't think I'm gonna accomplish anything until I get to see the head man.
Now, I've got to get him to come to me, otherwise I'm just gonna be spinning my wheels.
Well, aren't you going to invite me in? Oh, Sharon.
Come on in.
I shouldn't speak to you for the rest of my life.
I can forgive not being invited to the wedding, but But, wow, you didn't even tell me you were married.
Well, um Lyn.
I'm so happy for you.
This is him.
This is the man.
Frank, I want you to meet my sister Sharon.
Hello, Sharon, how are you? I've heard so much about you.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Well, Frank what? Who are you? Mrs.
who? Oh.
Well, okay, Mr.
and Mrs.
Pulaski, here's to a happy, wonderful and glorious marriage.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, Sharon, thank you.
I'll open it when I get over the shock of you being here.
Where did you find out? Hey, come on.
Let's don't stand around.
Here, sit down, sit down.
Darling, open it.
She's gonna think you're rude, otherwise.
Well, you haven't answered my question yet.
Well, yesterday I called the office and you were at lunch, and I got Patti.
Well, she told me.
I got this great idea to come and surprise you.
I made her promise not to tell.
Hey, I hope you're not cutting any classes to do this.
Oh, no, it worked out perfect.
I'm between semesters.
Oh, well, don't look so grim.
I'm just staying the night.
Far be it from me to break up the honeymoon.
Oh, hey, it's lovely.
Look, Frank.
Well, it's beautiful.
Thank you.
It's for your wedding picture.
We were in such a hurry, we almost didn't get one.
I'll get it.
Well, so fill me in.
When did you get married? Well, where did you meet? How? I don't understand Hey, hey, hold up.
One question at a time, okay? Um, all right, let's see, um We were married five days after we met Oh.
I'll get it.
in San Francisco.
It was raining.
We got trapped in a cab.
How romantic.
Yeah, it was, kind of.
It's for you.
Uh, excuse me, will you? Get rid of her.
We flew to Vegas.
Believe it or not, we'd only known each other five days.
Hello? Did you get our warning? I assume that wasn't your toughest boy.
In case you can't find him, he's draped over the hood of his car.
All right, final offer, You know what I think the trouble is? I've been dealing with a middleman.
You tell your boss that he and I have a talk or he's got competition.
Now, listen, Pulaski, if it was up to me, you'd be dead right now.
So, what's it gonna be? All right, 500 a week and 10 percent of the action.
He goes.
Hey, I'll tell you.
You've gotta admire that guy's style, huh? Yeah, you laugh, Steve, and he'll end up destroying you.
Hey, where are the brains you're supposed to have, huh? I mean, here's a guy, bends us out of shape a little bit, gives us a little lip, and all of a sudden you're ready to walk away from $150.
000 worth of cameras? What's the matter with you!? Marty.
Hey, look.
Marty, we've known each other a long time, yeah? Right? Huh? Look, this guy gets too big, too far out of line, I take care of him myself, okay, huh? Yeah.
You got everything you need? Oh, stop making such a fuss and go back to your husband.
He's nice.
Yes, he is.
Good night.
Lyn, why didn't you tell me about it? We've never had any secrets before.
It's a long story.
I'll tell you about it someday.
Good night.
I almost told her.
I didn't and I won't.
She's gotta be out of here by tomorrow morning.
Don't worry.
She's going to La Jolla.
She's got friends down there.
Look, Lyn, she's liable to get in the way.
Now things are coming to a head very fast.
I'm very close now.
Are you sure you're comfortable? I'm just fine, thank you.
Good night.
Come in.
It's open.
What do you say, Frank? Good morning, Steve.
Sit down and have a cup of coffee.
How about another cup of coffee, huh? So, what happened? What? You know, about the hit? Hi, Lyn, how are you? I talked to Dave this morning.
He tells me that you got knocked over yesterday for a whole load of cameras.
Uh, not much to tell.
I was having lunch when it happened.
Matter of fact, I wasn't even aware it had happened.
Sharon? I don't believe it.
Well, I mean How long has it been? Well, I guess the last time I saw you, I was in high school.
Well, I mean, you're all grown.
She looks terrific.
Doesn't she look terrific? Sure does.
Don't get any ideas, Steve.
She's too young for you.
Oh, that's her opinion, not mine.
Say, uh, you gonna be around for a while? Oh, a few days.
I I may go down to La Jolla.
I'm not sure.
I'd better go get my stuff.
Hey, what kind of school is this you're going to? I'm going to college, up north, in San Francisco.
Yeah? What do you study there? Well, I'm majoring in music.
What is this two-day business? I thought she was leaving this morning.
She was.
I I think it's Steve.
She's always had a crush on him, ever since she was a kid.
She's gotta be out of here today.
Hey, Steve.
Come on, let's get rolling.
So I'll pick you up about Okay, fine.
And don't you worry, big sister, I'm gonna take very good care of her.
See you tonight.
So, what run you got today, Frank? I don't know yet.
I haven't been assigned.
Is this the stuff going to Fresno? Yeah.
Who's got the run? Pulaski.
He's on the way.
They've got him routed up 99 through Merced and Modesto.
Reach! To the back.
Start getting the stuff back in the truck.
Okay, let's get it rolling.
Thought it was over, didn't you? Close it up.
All right.
I told you it was stupid, going into business for yourself.
I also mentioned something about the, uh, accident rate among independent contractors.
Yeah, you said it was shocking.
Say goodbye to your bargaining power.
Do you really thinkyou'd have had this stuff if I hadn't wanted you to? I led you right to it.
Sure you did.
You know, this stuff is a gift, and it's small pickings compared to what I've got in mind.
I'm truly impressed.
One million five, my friend, right here on the docks.
You hardly need us, Mr.
You've been so resourceful on your own.
I'll tell you what I need.
I need manpower.
I need a place to store the merchandise, somebody to fence it for me.
To get away with this, I've gotta have a first-class organization.
Why don't you try convincing Rettig? No.
Hold it.
What'd you do that for? I want to hear what he's got to say.
You're crazy.
You hold him and you check him out, okay? I already have.
I don't mean the surface stuff.
I mean from A to Z.
Strike! I did it.
I told you I'd do it.
Well, that's it.
I owe you a beer.
Oh, that was too easy.
I think you let me win.
Hey, no, believe me, I tried.
Two beers.
You know, between you and your new brother-in-law, I've been picking up the tab all week.
Sam, him I could beat, but I'm telling you, this Frank, he's tough.
He seems like quite a guy.
Yeah, I guess he must be.
Tough to figure, though.
You know, uh I mean Lyn falling for a guy so fast.
Five days, it is pretty fantastic.
Hey, Steve, was anybody from around here invited to the wedding? Nobody I ever heard of.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Want to hear something weird? She never even told me about it.
You know what your trouble is? Here you are all grown up, right? You're a good-looking girl and finally giving me a chance to go out with you, and you start up with me about your sister and all.
But, Steve.
Yeah? Lyn's still wearing Sam's wedding ring.
What'd you find out about Pulaski? He's clean.
I let him go.
Yeah? Well, I've got something's gonna make you very happy, Marty.
He's a phony.
A cop? I don't know.
The whole marriage is a cover.
So, what do you want me to do? Nothing.
I told you if anything like this ever happened, I would take care of it.
Now, you got that? Charlie, I'm taking your place.
Okay, sport, whatever you think.
Never had you figured for a relief driver.
Oh, I like to take it easy every now and then.
Yeah? I thought maybe Steuben had asked you to come along because I've been hit so often.
Well, after all, you've only been here two weeks, and you are getting a reputation.
You know, you missed a great time last night.
That Sharon, quite a girl.
Well, I never got a chance to see too much of her.
Too busy getting hijacked, huh? Yeah.
Where'd you two go? Oh, nowhere special.
We, uh, went over to Jamaica, bowled a couple of lines, had a few beers, talked over old times.
Funny thing, uh, you know, she said that Lyn never told her you two were married.
Well, you know how those things are, always hectic and everything.
Actually, though, she was pretty upset about it.
Oh? About what? Oh, I guess it's about the ring.
You see, Lyn's still wearing Sam's wedding ring.
Now, I don't know how that makes you feel, but that makes me feel very suspicious, especially since you want to go in the hijacking business with me.
Now, you're about to get hit again, only this time you're gonna be a real hero.
And, Frank, you know what happens to heroes.
Now, I want you to pull over, very easy.
Ah! Stop it.
Can't believe it, can you, Dave? Are you all right? You? It's funny.
I thought finding out who killed Sam would put everything back together again.
Give it time, Lyn.
Thank you for everything you've done.
Soon as I get time, I'll come over to your house and get my things out of your way.
I'm gonna miss you.
I was kind of getting used to the part.
I know what you mean.