Cannon (1971) s01e10 Episode Script

No Pockets in a Shroud

Come on, Tucker, you're wasting my time.
You know our price.
Meet it or forget it.
That guy.
Hello? This is Morgan, Mr.
-Yeah, Morgan.
Who? Blake Nolan? I never heard of him.
What sort of papers? Well, you'd better get out here and see for yourself, Mr.
They don't look like good news to me.
What is it? I'll tell you on the way out.
ANNOUNCER: Starring William Conrad.
With guest stars: Arthur O'Connell, Linda Marsh, Roy Scheider.
ANNOUNCER: Oh, uh, sir, excuse me, could you tell me where I could find Mr.
Cannon? They told me I'd find you here, Mr.
Excuse me just a moment.
Yes? I'm Eve Nolan, Mr.
I I'm from Denver.
Now, I don't have a lot of money, and I know what a busy Yes? It's Blake, Mr.
Blake? My brother.
He's registered at a motel here in Los Angeles, but he isn't there.
Excuse me.
Now, nobody has seen him, and And I haven't heard from him.
Well, have you called the police? Yes.
They turned me over to Missing Persons.
And? And they told me how busy they are.
Well, that's true.
Well, that's why I've come to you.
Please help me, Mr.
Cannon! I'm sorry.
It's just that I'm very tired and I'm frightened.
No, I'm sorry.
I was rude.
Forgive me.
Would you like a drink? I don't drink.
Well, don't worry about it, I do.
Come on.
Who is he? If these papers are right, he's Haskell's grandson.
Get him up.
He's dead.
Get rid of him.
Now, let's see if he put in my one drop of Scotch.
He did, beautiful.
Thank you, dear.
Shall we? You sure you don't want a cup of coffee? Well, perhaps, thank you.
Uh, darling, one cup of coffee downstairs, please, thank you.
Uh, tell me more about your brother.
When did he last call? Hm? Uh, last Tuesday evening.
Thank you.
From Los Angeles? Yes.
What exactly did he say? He told me that I should get copies of our birth certificates and that I should meet him here at the Mission Garden Motel.
That's all? Mm-hm.
He, uh, didn't tell you why he wanted these? And you didn't ask him? Well, yes, but he said he'd explain when I saw him.
Talk to me about your family.
My mother and father are dead.
Relatives? Uh well, there's an uncle on my father's side, but he lives in the East.
What about your mother's side of the family, the, uh, Haskells? No, there's nobody.
What was your brother doing here in Los Angeles? He was on vacation, and he decided to pick up some things of my mother's that were left at a friend's house after she died.
You say he's registered at the Mission Garden Motel.
All right, I'll tell you what we'll do.
You finish your coffee, and then we'll go take a look around, okay? Okay.
You know nothing about this guy, Blake Nolan, huh? No.
You're a liar.
Now, I want it straight.
Are these papers phony or aren't they? No.
Guthrie was married.
That was a long time ago, back in the '20s.
Go on.
The marriage only lasted a couple of years, ended bitterly.
His wife left him and Yucca Wells, and was never heard from again.
But there was a rumor, one I later verified, that she had a child six months after leaving Guthrie.
It was a girl named Ann.
Ann Haskell.
Ann married a man by the name of Nolan when she was 18.
Blake Nolan is her son.
Why didn't you tell me this before? Well, I didn't think it was important.
You didn't think, period! Where is Blake Nolan? He's dead.
Dead? And before you start falling apart at the seams, old man, you'd better think how lucky for us that he is.
Now, you get out of here.
I don't like the way he took that about Nolan.
Don't worry about him.
He's old, but he's not senile.
He knows enough to keep his mouth shut.
Besides, what difference would it make? As long as he's got Haskell's power of attorney, we're stuck with him.
This all the luggage he had? Yes.
What is it? Look at the bottom line.
But it could be a coincidence.
No, I don't believe in coincidence, not in my business.
But let's say I'm reaching out for it.
Can you think of anything better to grab onto at the moment? Well, that's why we're on our way to Yucca Wells.
Cannon, when I started looking for a private detective, they told me that you were the biggest, the best Well, certainly the biggest.
and the most expensive.
Now, all the money I have in the world is in here, uh, $26 and some change.
That would buy, what, about ten minutes of your time? Well, give or take a minute or two, yeah.
Well, then, why? You ever hear of a man by the name of Guthrie Haskell? You mean the man whose name was on the brochure? That's the man.
Well, he's intrigued an awful lot of people for an awful long time, including, and maybe especially, me.
He's a very old man now, I think he's past 80.
He started out as a rancher, ended up with oil fields, hotel chains, shipping lines, owns a fantastic amount of land throughout the Southwest.
They call him the "Millionaire Hermit.
" Hermit? Yeah, for the last 25 years, he hasn't set his foot outside the house.
He's cut himself off completely from the world.
Why? Oh, I don't know.
He probably doesn't know himself.
Maybe it's personal tragedy, maybe fear.
People fear so many things.
But to answer your question, no, you keep your $26 and some change, huh? Because I'm delighted to take the case just to get an opportunity to meet Guthrie Haskell and to help you.
Okay? Okay.
Western hospitality seems to be slightly overrated.
Well, let's see if we can find some other place to get in.
There's no one here.
Haskell's here, he's got to be.
Here, let's try this.
Come here! Hold it! You're a little sudden with that gun.
You're trespassing.
Beat it.
Look, we came here to see Guthrie Haskell.
Now, mister.
Now, I'm aware of the fact that your charm is exceeded only by your good manners, but we've driven all night Please, Mr.
Cannon Go.
I guarantee you Please, let's leave.
Good idea.
And to think I was just discussing western hospitality.
You folks should have talked to me first.
I'd have warned you against snooping around out there.
Even I wouldn't set foot on the Haskell property without an engraved invitation from old Guthrie himself.
I'll talk to Morgan.
You do whatever you like, sheriff.
We'd like to talk to Guthrie Haskell.
Well, I'm not the man to see about that.
Who is, Mr.
Sykes? Dan Bowen, he runs Haskell Enterprises.
I'll phone him and tell him you're coming.
Why don't you do that? Shall we? You should understand that Morgan was only obeying Mr.
Haskell's orders on how to deal with intruders.
And when you get an order from Guthrie Haskell, you obey it, or else.
As for seeing him, I can only wish you luck.
Even I haven't seen him for months.
How can you run a business like this that way? It ain't easy, Mr.
I get my orders on the phone from Mr.
Haskell, or from Judge Garvey.
He's Mr.
Haskell's attorney and old friend.
He's the only one who ever sees Haskell, outside of Morgan, that is.
Sorry, I just can't help you.
What about this Judge Garvey? He could answer your questions if anyone could.
No, Miss Nolan, there is no possibility that you are Guthrie Haskell's granddaughter.
Tell me, judge, did you know Haskell during the time of his marriage? No, I arrived in Yucca Wells a few months after she left him.
But had there been any children from the marriage, I'd know about it.
I've been his friend and legal advisor for nearly 50 years.
Now, Judge Garvey, you know, here is a man who's cut himself off from the world.
He doesn't see anybody, he doesn't go anywhere.
Now, you can't tell me that he might not have some secrets.
Even from you.
I appreciate the anxiety you have, Miss Nolan, for your brother, but I'm sure there's no connection between his disappearance Just let me get one thing straight with you.
We're going to see Haskell, whether you like it or not.
I don't like threats, Mr.
And I don't like runarounds, Judge Garvey.
He won't see you.
Ask him.
Please, Judge Garvey.
I'm leaving early in the morning for a cabin I have in the mountains.
There's still tonight.
Very well, I'll see what I can do.
We're staying at the Yucca Wells Hotel.
We'll be waiting for your call.
Operator, I'd like to make a long-distance call, person-to-person to Detective Sergeant Lou Micheli of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Yes, that's right.
"Blake Nolan.
" When was the missing persons report filed on him, Frank? Right.
Okay, I'll check with Missing Persons and get back to you.
Yeah, thanks, uh, do me one more favor, though, would you, Lou? Uh, take the name Dan Bowen and run it through that computer of yours and see what you come up with, huh? All I know is that he's an executive vice president of Haskell Enterprises, who have their home offices here in Nevada.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, how long has it been since you had any sleep, huh? Heh.
I've forgotten.
Well, then I suggest that you Hello? This is Matthew Garvey.
I'm with Mr.
Uh, y-yes, uh, will? Will he see us? Under no circumstances.
However, he has agreed to speak to Miss Nolan on the phone.
Is Miss Nolan there? Yes.
Just a moment.
This is Guthrie Haskell.
Matt Garvey tells me you want to see me.
Well, it's impossible.
I see no one.
I am sick and tired of people pretending to be related to me.
I have no living relatives.
I demand that you leave me alone.
I will not tolerate this invasion of Mr.
Haskell? Mr.
Haskell? Mr.
Haskell can't talk anymore.
He's a sick man.
You must leave him alone.
Well, looks like you were wrong, Mr.
Apparently there are coincidences in your business.
You, uh You want to give up? You want to go home? I want to find Blake.
Okay, in that case we're gonna stay right here.
Now, shut up and deal.
Hello? Lou Micheli, Frank.
I hope I didn't wake you up.
Wish you had.
I could use the sleep.
What have you got for me? Well, nothing on Blake Nolan, but the Intelligence Unit knows your Dan Bowen.
Well, tell me.
Well, no convictions.
In fact, no arrests.
But he was once the front for an eastern Mob in a Vegas gambling operation.
Supposed to be a pretty tough hombre.
Okay, thanks, Lou, and, uh, keep on that Nolan thing for me, will you? All right.
This is Guthrie Haskell.
Matt Garvey tells me that you want to see me.
Well, it's impossible.
I see no one.
I have All right, all right, so you said it wouldn't work, so what? What should we have done, invited Cannon and that Nolan woman for tea with Haskell? I wish I never listened to you, Bowen.
Listen to you, the kindly old judge.
You've been stealing your friend blind for years before you even met me.
I intended to return every cent of Guthrie's money I used.
"Used"? It was only a few thousand.
You stole millions.
We, judge, we.
And don't you forget it.
Get yourself up to that mountain place and stay there until I whistle for you.
And what about Mr.
Cannon and Miss Nolan? I'll take care of them.
How, Mr.
Bowen? Are you going to kill them too? Only if I have to.
It's just a roll of tape.
No, it isn't just a roll of tape.
Look, see the splices? See, apparently what happened was that every time Bowen talked to Haskell on the phone, he'd tape the conversation.
Then he and Garvey got together and they took pieces from those tapes and spliced them together to make this one.
What are you gonna do with it? I'm gonna take it to Garvey and let him know that his phony phone call didn't work.
I'll come with you.
No, no.
You're gonna stay here and keep the door locked.
You know, if they've gone to all that trouble to keep you away from Guthrie Haskell, then maybe you are his granddaughter.
You don't let anybody in till I get back, okay? He left an hour ago for his place in the mountains.
Where is it? I can't tell you.
You mean, you won't tell me.
Look, Mrs.
Wills, I think the judge is in trouble.
Trouble? What kind of trouble? The kind that's gonna get a lot bigger if you don't tell me where he is.
Now, Mrs.
Wills, I'm not kidding you.
I'm perfectly serious.
If you want to help the judge, please tell me where he is.
Lake Madre.
Thank you.
No, no, Mrs.
Wills, you didn't make a mistake.
Now, now, now, don't worry.
Everything's going to be all right.
The judge is gonna be fine.
Get Bernie and Norman in here.
There he is.
That's him! Hold it! Hold it! I could deny that I had anything to do with this tape, Mr.
However, I'm not going to.
Yes, Mr.
Bowen and I did put it together.
What are you and Bowen hiding? Nothing.
Why the tape? To get rid of you.
That I believe.
I went to see Guthrie, as I said I did.
I told him about you and your client.
I asked him to see you.
He said, since there was no possibility of Miss Nolan being his granddaughter, he saw no point to it.
I asked him to talk to her anyway, to settle any doubt in her mind.
He still refused, and there was nothing I could say would change his mind.
So then Mr.
Bowen and I thought of the tapes we had, and, uh Uh Well, that's all there is to it.
Is it? Yes, Mr.
I admit Mr.
Bowen and I tried to deceive you.
We've done nothing criminal.
Two guys in a helicopter tried to change that, didn't they? I know nothing about that.
What do you know about Blake Nolan? Nothing.
You know, judge, you're playing with killers, and I don't think you belong in that league.
Get out of here.
Is Blake Nolan dead? No! Oh, really? You don't know him, you never heard anything about him, and yet you know that he isn't dead, is that right? Get out of here! How do you square that, judge, tell me.
Leave me alone! Will you answer me? What do you know about Blake Nolan? Get out Judge! Judge? Uh, Mr.
I got a phone call from the sheriff's substation up at Lake Madre.
It's about Matt.
The judge is a friend of mine.
What happened to you? I have a feeling you wouldn't be interested, sheriff, since Garvey's a good friend of yours.
I got some news about Blake Nolan, thought maybe you'd want to break the news to his sister.
He's dead, huh? Found his body in his car at the bottom of a canyon up by Timber River.
Where's Timber River? Northern part of the state.
More than 500 miles from here.
I want to know any change in Judge Garvey's condition.
Thank you.
You really blew it, didn't you? Stop worrying, will you? If Garvey spilled anything to Cannon, Walt Sykes would be down here right now climbing all over us with questions.
Get over to that motel.
I want to know every move that Cannon and the Nolan woman make.
And, Bernie if you get them out in the open again, don't miss.
Well, I guess we were wrong.
Blake was never even in Yucca Wells.
No, that's what Chief Sykes thinks anyway.
But you don't.
No, I don't.
I think he was killed here and then his body driven to Timber River.
That's where they wrecked his car to make it look like he died in an accident.
And I'm not going to leave here until I can prove it.
Why, Mr.
Cannon? Oh, I don't know.
Perhaps for the same reason that I go around straightening pictures on walls, I guess.
And how are you gonna prove it? Well, if Garvey lives, he may talk.
And if he doesn't live and doesn't talk? Then that leaves Guthrie Haskell.
I was in the neighborhood.
I thought I'd drop by.
I hope you don't mind.
Now, get inside.
Where's Haskell? He's not here.
I said, where's Haskell? I told you, he's not here.
They hauled him out of here in an ambulance about two hours ago.
Oh, to where? They flew him into L.
to a hospital.
The old guy's real sick.
Yeah? Who's "they"? Haskell? Haskell? Get up.
Come on! Where's Haskell? Right over there.
"Right over there"? Show me.
There he is.
He died about a year ago.
Send him in.
What's this all about? I've got something I want you to hear.
It's a statement Matt Garvey made to me implicating you.
Implicating me in what? Embezzlement and murder, Bowen.
How do you like that for openers? Dan Bowen came to me about a year ago, just a few days before Guthrie died, said he had an idea how we could make a pot full of money.
Well, I didn't think there was any harm in listening.
How about that? I think that's the only unspoiled thing in this town.
Hey, don't knock it.
You own a great big hunk of it now.
Plus everything that Guthrie Haskell had.
That is difficult to believe.
But it's true.
I know, but I'd rather have Blake back.
I know you would, but wishing won't achieve that.
Ah, Eve, you're such a pretty young lady, and you've got so much money.
Of course I haven't sent you my bill yet, but even after paying it, you may have enough left over to bring some happiness to a lot of people.
It's up to you, but my guess is, if you do that, you may just bring some happiness to yourself.
Okay? Thank you.