Cannon (1971) s01e12 Episode Script

Death Is a Double Cross

Come on, kids.
The Super Chief, Car 176.
Ma'am, you got about four minutes.
Roger, Amy, stop that.
We'll start ahead.
You catch up with us.
Come on, kids, we've got to hurry.
Hey, Eddie, how are you, man? I haven't seen you in a long time.
How are things going? Pretty good for you, huh? Good talkin' to you again, Ed.
See you later.
ANNOUNCER: Starring William Conrad.
With guest stars: Ed Nelson, Marianne McAndrew, Simon Scott.
ANNOUNCER: This is either the world's most expensive elevator, or the world's smallest museum.
I'm not sure which.
This is Mr.
London's private lift.
After you.
Thank you.
After you.
Hello, Mr.
I'm Andy Carver, chief security officer of the corporation.
Top cop, huh? Well, hardly that.
Thank you, Miss Leslie.
Come in.
London's waiting for you.
Cannon? James London.
How are you, sir? Anxious, very anxious.
I don't mean to be rude, but, well, time is running short.
I need your help on a matter of urgent personal business concerning my daughter, Cynthia, whom I've neither seen nor spoken to for eight years.
Well, if you've been out of contact that long, why is it urgent all of a sudden? Well, I can explain that.
We had a falling out over her choice of a husband.
It was a very bad scene.
His name is Swanson, Carl Swanson.
Would you like to sit down, Mr.
Cannon? Thank you.
Now she's leaving him.
He's very unhappy about it, huh? Possibly.
We don't know.
I do know that she's on a train right now coming back to Los Angeles with her two children, whom I've never seen.
This is a picture of Cynthia Swanson.
These are her two children.
I want to know where I can reach her when they arrive.
Well, I have a simple suggestion.
Why don't you go down to Union Station and be waiting for her when the train pulls in? I don't think that would work.
As far as I know, Cynthia still hates me.
Once I know where they're staying, I can contact her with a greater chance of reconciliation.
Look, Mr.
London, if all you want is somebody to follow her, why don't you put one of your own men on it? I mean, you're gonna save yourself an awful lot of money.
We tried that.
That's why it's no longer simple anymore.
Now I'm concerned for their safety.
We sent a man named Harris.
He was knifed in Chicago.
We don't know why Harris was stabbed, but we need a man to take his place on that train and make sure they arrive here safely.
A professional.
Someone who's aware of the risks that we know nothing about.
I contacted a friend of mine in the department here, a Lieutenant Egan, and asked him to recommend a private detective.
Bill Egan, he's an old friend of mine.
That train is now three hours out of Chicago.
We want you to join it at Kansas City and stay close to them.
You can make a report to Carver here on the trip and where they're staying in Los Angeles.
Your fee can be whatever you think is fair.
Have, uh, you a photograph of Swanson? Here you are, sir.
Are you working for the wire services, young man? What? I just couldn't imagine why anybody would want a picture of me.
I've taken everybody's picture in this car.
You have? Yeah? The porter too.
And you've just go on.
I have, eh? Roger.
I told you, it's rude to take someone's picture without asking.
Now you apologize.
I'm sorry.
That's perfectly all right, Roger.
As a matter of fact, I'm a little flattered.
That's very kind of you.
I just don't want Roger making a nuisance of himself.
You know, it's a long ride to Los Angeles, and I appreciate the company.
Hey, that's where we're going.
It is, eh? Well, so long as he's a good boy.
I'll see that he is.
Thank you.
Sit down, Roger.
Ah, let's see.
Did you see the cows? Cows? Yeah.
The cows out there.
Can you see cows from out there? Yeah.
Well, they were there a minute ago.
Uh, you can move the two of clubs on the ace.
Two of clubs on the ace.
Very good, Roger.
On the four.
Roger, the four is covered.
Thank you, Roger.
Now, uh, do you see any other brilliant moves? No, but I can play gin rummy.
Hey, kid, come here.
What are you, a shark? A shark? A shark, a card shark.
Come on, now.
What are you? A rummy hustler? You workin' the rails, kid? Come on, level with me.
I just want to know if you want to play a game of gin rummy.
I'd love to, Roger, but I think maybe you'd better check with your mother first.
I'll be back.
Hey, Mom, can we play cards with that man over there? Okay.
Wanna, Amy? Can I, Mama, can I? Okay, if you behave yourself.
This is my sister, Amy.
Can she watch? Hello, sister Amy.
Yes, you can watch.
My name is Frank, but I think maybe you'd better call me Mr.
Cannon, because I got a couple of years on you.
Okay? Okay, Mr.
Uh, sister Amy? Would you like some of that, because if you would, go ahead.
I'm on a diet anyway.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Uh, Roger, uh, would you like that card? No.
Oh, good.
I'll Yes, Roger.
Yeah, I'll take that card.
Kibitzer in the crowd, huh? You don't look like you're on a diet.
That's why I'm on a diet, dear.
Gin! Aw, come on.
Let me see that.
Gin? Wanna play another game? Yes.
I'd love to play another game.
All right? We play, loser deals.
Oh, well, all right.
If that's your attitude, that's exactly what we'll do.
You know, when I was a kid, I used to love sleeping in Pullmans.
I'd peak through the curtains and watch the night rushing by.
Oh, I forgot what time it was.
Porter, would you see that their berths are made up? Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Is that why you still take trains? Ah, one of the reasons, I suppose.
I like the scenery.
I have had a consuming passion for dining cars most of my life, and a train is a nice place to sit and think.
Like you're doing, hm? Yes.
I'd like to thank you for giving Roger and Amy such a good time.
They're wonderful kids.
They made the good time.
And they are wonderful.
That's why I worry sometimes.
About what? Oh, all that darkness rushing by out there.
It's still there when you get off the train.
Well, I suppose, that depends on what you're looking for.
Some people look out of a window and they see cemeteries and empty boxcars.
And other people see the moon, the warm, wonderful light in farmhouse windows.
Ma'am, your beds are ready.
Oh, thank you.
Roger, Amy, wake up.
Hey, come on, kids.
Here we go.
Come on.
We've got to wake up so we can go to sleep.
I know that doesn't make too much sense, but that's the way life is sometimes.
My, what a sleepy couple.
Good night.
Good night.
And thank you.
Oh, be sure and have the Iowa sausage for breakfast.
It's beautiful.
I'll let you know if I see any warm lights in farmhouse windows.
You do that.
Daddy! Ah, thank you.
I'd like you to meet my husband, Carl.
How do you do, sir? Mr.
Cynthia's been telling me how very entertaining you've been.
Well, I'm everybody's funny uncle, you know.
You're joining us for the last part of the trip? Only as far as Flagstaff, Arizona.
I see.
Time for us to have a drink together once we're underway.
Thank you.
I'd love it.
It'll be on me.
We'll see you later, then.
Andy, I'm calling from the station in Albuquerque.
Uh, Swanson just joined the trip.
He said he was getting off at Flagstaff.
He gave her some kind of an envelope she doesn't seem to be too happy about.
Do me a favor, will you? Uh, will you have my car waiting for me at Union Station? Okay.
Thank you.
Who are you muscling for? Hey, officer.
You better check that guy.
I was just down here washing my hands and he keeled over.
What happened to him? I don't know.
Must be the altitude, I guess.
Oh, the train for L.
pull out yet? Left ten minutes ago.
To the airport and hurry.
Here you are, sir, your flight leaves in 15 minutes, Gate 3, have a nice flight.
Excuse me, miss.
When's your next plane to Flagstaff? Our next flight to Flagstaff, Arizona leaves at 7:30.
Book me on, will you, please? Okay.
I can't do it, Carl.
What made you change your mind after all? I'm sorry, Carl.
Don't give me that.
We had a deal, baby, a closed-end bargain.
You want a divorce? Yes.
You don't get something for nothing.
I'm asking you to deliver.
"Asking"? No, my love, I'm telling.
You deliver.
Are you all right, Mrs.
Swanson? I thought you got off at Albuquerque.
Well, I did.
I almost didn't make it back on.
Are, uh, you seeing something better out of your window now? There are four bags just like this one up there.
I was just wondering I want to thank Go ahead.
I want to thank you for your kindness to the children and to me during this trip.
Kids, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
I also want you to know that you've helped me see some other things differently.
Oh? Such as? Oh, such as the happiness I want for them instead of the things I'm afraid of and coming home, instead of running away.
You know, I have my car here.
I would be delighted to give you a lift, if I could.
Oh, no, thank you.
You've done enough.
We're staying with friends in Malibu.
I see.
Malibu? Dad said we're staying at the Brentwood Park Hotel.
Daddy was mistaken, dear.
Mommy? Oh.
When can I? The children wanted to say thank you.
Aw I don't know what to say, except thank you, Amy.
Thank you much.
That's Amy's ribbon.
It is? Well, that's the most important part.
The candy I need like a hole in the head, right? Well, you could save it for when you're over your diet.
That's a very good idea.
I'll do that.
You don't have to wait.
All right.
Thank you again.
My pleasure.
Hey, come here.
Come here, won't you? Now, look, I got a secret for you, see? Be very good to your mother, because she's a very special person.
Probably the most special person you'll ever have in your whole life.
Okay? Yeah.
Mom, look at the big trees.
Hey, yeah.
They're big.
Aren't they really neat? Yeah.
Come on.
Get in.
Hello, Andy, she's here.
She's at the, uh The Hollywood Center Motel on Sunset, just off Highland.
Okay, Cannon.
Hey, look, is she alone, I mean, beside the kids? Swanson got off at Flagstaff all right, but not before he bumped me in Albuquerque.
One of his men tried to knife me.
Okay, Cannon, your job's finished, so we'll watch for your bill, huh? Thanks.
Hey, I'm not about to leave her here alone.
Well, I mean, you weren't supposed to babysit her.
Your job was to see her to her destination safely.
Now, you've done that.
You've finished your job with our thanks.
Let me tell my story to London.
Well, look, I'll tell him and then I'll let you know when London wants your report, huh? Well, what about Swanson? What about him? Well, I just happen to have this strange quirk in my personality.
I don't like the idea of somebody trying to cut me up.
Look, I don't blame you for that, but that's what you get paid for, isn't it? I suppose it's police business now.
We'll fill out a report form.
Welcome home, Mr.
Hello, Dave.
Cannon, you, uh, forgot your candy.
Yeah, well, what's another pound or two? A gift from a beautiful admirer.
Swanson? Roger? Amy? Deliver me from the death of young mothers.
You know, she'd be alive today if they hadn't bumped me off the case so fast.
Well, now, that's London's responsibility.
Yeah? Well, finding her killer and those kids is my responsibility.
Lieutenant, this bond's an almost perfect counterfeit.
The tip-off's in the registration number, the same number as on a bond being held right now by the, uh, Mutual Fund of New York.
Thanks, Larry.
I'll follow it up and get back to you.
You know, Swanson picked those bonds up in Albuquerque.
My guess is the engraver works out of there.
I've run down Swanson's dossier.
He's indicted twice for phony bond manipulations and he's investigated by the SEC for unethical practices.
He's currently on probation, suspended sentence for a conspiracy to embezzle.
Wait a minute.
Probation? Look, he could have mailed those phony bonds to himself in L.
, couldn't he? There's got to be some other reason.
He didn't need Cynthia to transport them across the state line to keep his hands clean.
Clean, except for murder.
But he didn't know where she was.
Anybody else know she was in the motel? No.
I was the only one until I called and told Lady, I would have been happy to have Cannon? Look, I I just heard about it.
It's horrible, isn't it? The police told me.
Come on around back.
Were you over at police headquarters? That's right.
What can I do to help? I mean, what are they gonna do about the kids? Didn't you ask them? At the moment, there's an APB out for them and Swanson.
Swanson? For murder.
One thing at a time, Andy.
At the moment, the charge is conspiracy to transport fraudulent bonds across state lines.
Remember the envelope that he gave Cynthia in Albuquerque? Yeah.
It contained $600.
000 in phony water-and-power bonds.
You don't seem surprised.
Well, I'm not, you know, not at Swanson.
I wouldn't put it past him, you know? Look, how did you find out the bonds were phony? Oh, come on, Andy.
It's my profession.
I had the police lab check with the SEC.
Ah, yeah.
Look, uh, want something to eat? No, thank you.
I just can't figure Cynthia out in this whole thing.
How do you figure? Well, she was a very nice lady.
Maybe too nice.
That's probably why she couldn't go through with it.
So she gave the bonds to me in a box of candy.
That's it.
What's so funny? It's just that nothing's what it seems, you know? A box of candy with something else in it, bonds that aren't real.
Do you have any real ideas who killed her? Well, it seems like an open-and-shut case to me.
Swanson probably killed her when he found out that she double-crossed him.
When you find Swanson, you find the kids.
But how did Swanson find her, since you and I were the only ones who knew she was staying at that motel? But we weren't the only ones that knew.
I mean, you knew because you followed her there, huh? Right.
And Swanson probably followed her too, or else he followed you there.
And then, of course, Mr.
London knew.
And anyone he told, right? Yeah.
Look at this picture.
Cynthia wasn't much older than the children are now when this was taken, She was an expert skier.
I realize now that I was to blame.
After Cynthia's mother died, Cynthia was all I had left.
When Swanson came into her life, I objected strenuously.
He was a man lacking in all humanity.
He was only interested in getting his hands on the London money.
I didn't allow Cynthia to discover that for herself.
My disapproval only heightened the excitement of eloping with a man I forbid her to see.
He was using Cynthia to carry counterfeit bonds.
California water-and-power bonds.
Oh, you knew about them? Not about these.
About six months ago, my firm discovered some counterfeit bonds of that issue in our inventory.
Just a few thousand dollars' worth.
With a lot of embarrassment, we covered up the scandal and absorbed the losses.
Gave Swanson a green light.
How do you mean? I mean, that initial batch of phony bonds was just a dry run to see whether it would open the gates for a really big caper.
You know, Cynthia was carrying $600.
000 worth.
I can't believe she hated me that much.
If it's any consolation to you, she was trying to come home.
That was the price she had to pay for a divorce: Deliver the bonds.
And she couldn't go through with it.
So when we arrived at Union Station, she gave me the bonds and she went to that motel to hide from Swanson.
How do you know that? Your grandson said it.
He said, "Mom, aren't we supposed to go to the Brentwood Park Hotel like Daddy said?" Then you've met the children, and they know you.
Sir, I lost in gin rummy to those little monsters halfway across the United States.
Who's this? That's my present wife, Alicia.
She's very upset by the news.
Quite attractive.
You will help me find the children, won't you? Yes, sir.
You'll be hearing from me.
Thank you.
This is Mrs.
London's car, isn't it? Yes, sir.
She must be home.
Yes, sir.
I think she's out at the pool.
Ah, good.
Sir Never mind, I can find my way.
Thank you.
What do you think this is, backstage Vegas? Oh, you've been there.
If you haven't, it occurrs to me you should have been.
I don't know who you are, but get out of here.
May I? Have you ever considered taking driving lessons, Mrs.
London? What do you want? I was just wondering what you were doing at Andy Carver's house, that's all.
Are you going to tell my husband I was there? You haven't answered my question, have you? Andy? I've known Andy for years.
How well have you known Andy for years? You're very impertinent.
Only curious.
Are you going to tell James? Relax, darling.
I'm not that kind of a detective.
Take him away, boys.
Nasty fall from the tenth-floor window.
After the neck was broken.
Any trace of the children? No children, and there goes your prime suspect.
Your prime suspect.
Hello, Andy.
Hello, Cannon.
Am I interrupting anything? Why, no.
What do you mean? Like bedtime stories? What are you talking about? Kids, Andy, kids.
I know you've always wanted a couple of kids, and you'd make a model father.
Now, where are you keeping them? Oh, the kids? Well, I got them hanging from the chimney on a big balloon.
Go on up.
Come on, Cannon.
I'll fix you a drink.
You're gonna make me laugh.
You can skip the drink.
How about this for a joke? Thou shalt not covet thy boss's wife.
How am I doing? Better? Now, if you want another laugh, what about the deal you and Swanson had to sell off counterfeit bonds in London's brokerage house? You, uh You really been busy, haven't you? Oh, I can top that.
When Swanson double-crossed you, you killed him.
About two hours ago.
Am I losing my touch? Roger? Amy? Mr.
Cannon! Uh Now, why don't you leave the gun in your coat? Now, who's up there with them? I said, who's up? Now, hold it right there.
I'll just take this.
Mel? Fellow stockholders.
That's right.
You're good, Cannon.
I knew you would be.
Let me congratulate you on your insight.
You know, it's funny.
You're really responsible for me killing Swanson.
You know that? Really? How did I do that, Andy? You showed me what kind of a double-crossing partner I was dealing with.
You spotted Swanson slipping those bonds to Cynthia in Albuquerque.
See, that's what he was trying to do: Run them in behind my back.
Well, I knew he stayed at the Brentwood Park Hotel so I went by to have a little chat with him.
He denied the bonds even existed.
So out the window with him, eh? Was that any reason to kill her? Well, I figured she had the bonds.
She was working with him.
So I went over there.
She didn't even have them.
So Swanson double-crosses you and you kill her, right? No.
That was That was an accident, you know.
She put up a fight when I tried to take the kids away from her.
I wasn't about to lose the money from those bonds.
I figured the old man would pay that much in ransom to get his grandchildren back.
Your phone's ringing.
Yeah? Andy, James found out about us.
Well, how did he find out? He caught me telephoning you before about the fat man.
Look, does he know about the kids? No.
No, just us.
He left.
He's on his way to your place.
All right, then I gotta get them outta here before he comes over.
Where? I don't know.
I don't know.
Look, I'll meet you at the shipyard.
We'll keep the kids there with Toby and Mel until the old man pays off.
Now I've got to congratulate you, Andy.
You are the model employee.
Look, Mel, go get the kids and don't scare them, huh? Your plan showed sheer brilliance.
If you can't defraud the boss, then you kill his daughter and you ransom his grandchildren so that you can finance your love affair with his wife.
That's beautiful, isn't it? -Shut up! This is his gun.
Use it on him.
As soon as you get him away from here.
Go for a ride.
Okay, move.
Move or I'll do it right here.
Come on.
How do you figure on lifting me? You want to find out? Where's Carver? He just left here with your grandchildren.
What's this? It's Amy's.
Amy's? Your granddaughter.
Get in.
I'll drive.
He's headed for a shipyard.
I'm banking on you to know which shipyard.
Keep straight ahead to the Coast Highway.
Hello, operator, this is an emergency.
Get me police central.
We have four freighters in berth.
One's being refitted.
Two are going to be scrapped.
The Sonoma's the only one they could be using.
She's ready to be replaced.
So is my wife.
There's a car coming.
Egan, there's a car coming in.
We'll keep him in our sight.
That's my wife.
All right, Egan.
It's Mrs.
She's headed for the Sonoma.
We're gonna go in after her.
No, no.
You stay here.
Wait for Egan.
Help! Help! Let him go.
It's all over for you, Alicia.
Now, let him go.
Come on, Roger.
You too.
Where's my sister? Don't worry.
I'm gonna find her.
Where's Amy? I don't know.
Roger, see that man down there? That's your grandfather.
I want you to go to him right now.
I'm gonna find Amy.
Go on.
Come on.
Carver, hold it.
Amy? Amy! Amy! Amy! Amy! Help, Mr.
Over here.
In the window.
You Mwah.
Can you open the porthole? Look.
There's a bolt That's it.
Turn it more.
Good girl.
Now, lift it.
There we go.
Come here, you.
Come here.
Oh, goodness' sakes alive.
Oh! Where's my brother? I'm gonna take you to him right now.
Come on.
Look what we've got here.
Hi, Roger.
-Hi, Amy.
Here's our new grandpa.
Hi, Grandpa.
-Hi, Amy.
Come on down.
Why don't we, huh? Hello, Amy.
-Hello, Grandpa.
Here's an old friend of yours.
Snoopy! Oh! Cannon It's okay.