Cannon (1971) s01e14 Episode Script

Flight Plan

Good evening.
Buenas noches, señor.
Buenas noches.
Hey, Dave, you take this one, okay? Yeah.
This man, you tell me to call next time he come in.
He's here now.
Didn't you notice? That look on his face? I don't look at parking attendants.
Darling, after two attempts on my life, I look at everyone.
But we've been here before and nothing has happened.
But that doesn't mean that something can't happen now.
Something's come up.
We won't be ordering now, thank you.
Come, darling.
I think you're being ridiculous.
This is all in your imagination.
Well, just in case it isn't, let me go out first.
If there is any trouble, you get in the car.
I thought so.
Ah! ANNOUNCER: Starring William Conrad.
With guest stars: Cesare Danova, Barbara Luna, Joaquin Martinez, John Fiedler.
Cannon, are you? Yes, I am.
Frank Cannon.
I want to thank you for coming, Mr.
And also apologize for the secrecy.
Well, we seem to be alone now, Mr? I prefer not to give my name, if you don't mind.
Unless you decide to accept this assignment.
Well, what's the nature of the assignment, or is that a secret too? Let me put it this way, Mr.
Have you in your career as a detective ever been called upon to find missing people? Many times.
And you found them? More often than not, yes.
Including those who didn't want to be found? Most of them didn't.
Would you say that you are an expert in this field? Who do you want me to find? Find? No one.
Lose someone.
I want to become a missing person.
I want you to show me how to disappear so completely that no one, but no one, will ever be able to find me.
Wife? Ex-wife? Creditor? No, I'm not running away from any one of those.
The police? No.
I assure you.
We have company, that Do you know either of them? No, just being careful.
Well, Mr.
Cannon, will you accept the assignment? Surely it's the same expertise, only in reverse.
You must know the reasons why missing people are located.
Ah, because of amateurish mistakes.
People cling to old habits, they follow familiar patterns.
What mistake did I make? Well, you want to set up a secret meeting, right? So you chose a public place, that was very good, but then you reverted to type.
Because you're of Spanish-speaking origin, you chose a Spanish mission, and that's exactly where any expert would look for you.
Of course.
Stupid, just stupid.
That's exactly why I need your help.
Permit me to introduce myself.
I am Dr.
Nicosio Sandoval.
I'm a Cuban, Mr.
Refugee, defector, a traitor to the revolution.
For which crime I've been condemned to death in absentia.
You think they'll try to carry out the sentence here.
They've already tried three times.
In Miami, they placed a bomb in my car.
It went off prematurely.
I moved to New York and I was attacked on the subway platform and almost thrown into the path of a train.
No, I smoke a pipe, thank you.
May I keep these? By all means.
So I came to Los Angeles.
Three nights ago they found me again.
Would you like a light for that? What am I doing? Not here, thank you.
That was thoughtless of me.
By now, it was painfully obvious to me that I needed professional help.
At the risk of sounding melodramatic, Mr.
Cannon, I must tell you, my life is in your hands.
Is this what you drive around in? I've always had this make of car.
Not the most difficult car to spot on the road, you know.
It's what I'm used to driving.
All right, where can I get in touch with you? Uh, I don't stay too long in one place.
Let me call you.
Well, it's gonna take me a couple of days to come up with some kind of a plan.
Are you, uh, sure you can stay alive that long? I'll try.
Uh, but please hurry.
After three narrow escapes, my luck may have run out.
Nicosio Sandoval is not in our files, neither are his fingerprints.
License number 247 PC is registered to a leasing company and is leased to one Anacita Cardoza.
Nothing on her, either.
Charlie, boy, I'm much obliged.
There's only one other thing you can do for me.
Yeah? Return my lighter.
You're welcome.
Who is this guy to you? Well, as of now, a client.
Oh, incidentally, I owe you a bottle.
We don't accept gratuities.
A bottle of what? All right.
Coming, coming.
All right.
Well, I'm glad to hear from you.
I was getting worried.
I hate to think I did all that work for nothing.
You finished? Oh, Mr.
Cannon, let me tell you how delighted, how excited, how tremendously relieved I am.
You know, for the first time in over a year, I feel there's a chance for survival.
Look, I've got two letters to write and then I'm gonna have a bite to eat, uh Just a bite.
Uh, where will I meet you this time? Well, actually, I think the house I rent is quite safe.
It's in the hills behind Malibu.
Ah, rather difficult to find, fortunately.
Let me give you directions.
Cannon? I'd be a little difficult to impersonate, don't you think? Eh, good morning.
Just making sure.
Would you like to come in, please? Thank you.
"Every animal leaves a spore.
And man is an animal, "though a thinking one who can conceal, "camouflage, or erase his spore.
"To accomplish this, "we must make certain calculated moves, "which will have the effect of closing doors behind him.
"When all moves are made and all doors closed, the trail will no longer exist.
" It sounds like poetry, Mr.
Well, the rest of it is your itinerary.
Come here, let me show you the map.
Okay, first you head south to Tijuana, right? From there to Pescado.
It's a little village where they catch mostly shrimp.
Shrimp? Oh, yes, it's a very good low-calorie food.
"Pescado" means fish.
Well, they have very good sport fishing there too.
As a matter of fact, I caught a tutoilla there once.
It was bigger than I am.
You don't say.
Well Ha-ha-ha.
Uh, at any rate, tomorrow night, Pescado, and the next morning across the gulf to Lobos.
Under what name? No name, you don't need a name yet.
All right, Lobos to Hermoso.
Now, Hermoso is the key point.
That's the top of the mountain.
Hermoso is where you become a different person.
From there on, it's downhill all the way.
Hermoso to Mexico City, Mexico City to home free Manila.
All the arrangements have been made for you, and if you follow this schedule, Dr.
Sandoval, the Lord won't find you on Judgment Day.
Or the devil.
Well, you know the state of your soul better than I.
Cannon, I know you are a pipe man, but may I ask you to accept this cigar, and on the day when your copy of the plan tells you that I am, what you call, home free, light it up.
Thank you.
You remember me telling you about how people hang on to their old habits, hm? Well, this happens to be a glaring example of that.
You see, you insist on smoking Cuban cigars, right? Well, unfortunately, in the United States Cuban cigars are illegal, you have to smuggle them.
Now, that would make you a very easy man to trace.
You are right, Mr.
You are absolutely right.
You do have a copy of the plan, don't you? No, only in my head.
But don't worry about it.
There's no possible way anybody could trace the connection between us.
Oh, splendid.
I have your fee in cash for the same reason.
Let me get it.
I would like to add a little bonus.
That's not necessary.
Oh, just to make sure that nobody will ever get it out of your head.
Is he dead? Not yet.
Nicky! Did you leave some of the lights on so the house won't look deserted? Yes.
Did you pay the rent for the rest of the month? Get out of here, okay? Oh, don't worry.
Don't worry.
No one will come around before then.
And even if they do, I'm still the only one in the world who knows the plan.
This beautiful plan.
Cannon, you were a genius.
Step one of the flight plan: A car can remain in an airport parking lot for weeks unnoticed.
When it is finally discovered, the pursuers will have a very difficult job determining which flight or which airline we left on.
Which airline is it? That's the beauty of the plan, we don't leave in a plane at all.
What? Let's go.
The commonest carrier of all.
No first or second class, no reservations.
Just nameless, faceless people going somewhere.
Where? Across the border.
It closes the door.
How are you feeling? Wha? I'm the one who found you.
My name is Ruben Letter.
And you brought me here? My friends and I, yes, sir.
Well, I appreciate it, thank you.
Oh? We think you owe us a little more than that.
Yeah Well, I'm in no shape to argue.
If I had my wallet We know who you are, Mr.
We don't want your money, we want a favor.
Well, I think I know what you want.
You want, uh Sandoval, huh? Why did you say that? Oh, I don't know, delirious, maybe, but If your name and accent are Chinese, I apologize.
You're right.
We got to find Sandoval.
Well, I'll find him, all right.
I may even kill him for you.
No, no, you can't do that.
Everything will be lost if he dies.
I don't know what he told you, but this is the truth.
Sandoval is a Cuban refugee like us.
He was a very important man in Cuba.
So we made him treasurer of this organization of exiles we have in Miami.
We raised a lot of money.
Mostly small contributions because our people lost everything, you know? So, what happened? Sandoval stole the money.
With all the wisdom of hindsight, I'm not too surprised.
Can the police help you? No, they couldn't.
Cannon, please, help us to find Sandoval.
We'll give you anything you want.
Well, you can start by giving me my clothes, huh? Ah.
Hold it.
Two-four-seven, PCE.
Well, that's it, all right.
Well, that's one thing for sure that I know.
He's following the plan.
Ah! Oh.
Are you all right? Yeah, I just wonder how long I'm gonna have this head.
Well, let's see.
He's following his plan.
That's, uh, Pescado tonight, and across the gulf in the morning.
That's one thing I know.
There's one thing I don't know.
What's with you people and the police? The police were never notified.
Why not? If the police could handle everything, how would the private detectives earn their living? Aw, come on, you can do better than that.
What does your organization really want to do with the money? All right.
We want to bring freedom back to my country.
Before dictator Castro, and dictator Batista, there was a democracy in Cuba.
You forget that here.
Now, if it's going to take violence to bring democracy back, that's something you'll also want to export.
Everybody's against violence.
Only when men have strong feelings about what is right and what is justice, they have to let themselves go.
You know what I mean? Amigo, don't ever ask a man who looks like me if he knows what it means to let himself go, heh.
How much did Sandoval steal? Two hundred thousand dollars.
Cannon, please, help us.
We'll pay you anything you want.
All right.
I want to get to Pescado tonight.
So you can give me a lift in my car.
If only you kept the car.
Oh, Anacita, please don't mention the car.
It makes me sick just to think how far we have to travel without a good car.
You know I get sick on buses.
It would attract attention.
Oh! How long do we have to be on this bus? Oh, just a few hours.
And then what? Then we'll be on a boat.
-On a boat, why? Because the boatman by the name What's his name? Uh, uh, Vicente.
Yes, Vicente, he's been paid to keep his mouth shut.
That closes another door.
And if anyone does succeed in picking up our trail, it disappears again, discarded.
Do you know where Vicente is? Sí.
Well, where? Arnold's Cafe.
Today is his birthday, señor.
Ah! Muchas gra cias.
Muchas gracias! Oh, yes, yes, I know.
Beautiful, beautiful.
Hey, look, look! Oh! Oh, hello, Frank-o.
Qué tal? I didn't know that you were coming too.
Why does she turn white when she sees you? Why don't you ask her? Everybody, everybody, the party is over.
Uh, we'll eat the cake later.
Come on, come on, up, up.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hup, hup, hup, hup! Hup, hup, hup! Is Sandoval here? Sure.
An hour ago, with her.
He wanted to sail as soon as it was dark, but how can I leave my own birthday party? Anyway, the later the better.
Fewer people around.
The trip is off.
Where is he? I don't know.
I want him, Vincente.
He should be back any minute now.
He just went for a walk to kill time.
Keep it running, keep it running! Ah, Sandoval.
Oh, no.
Cannon, this girl is How long have you been in town? About half an hour, but listen, this girl You mean you've been driving around here with California plates? Yes, my car overheated, but listen All right! All right, you're here.
Just stay here, do you understand? Stay right here! Let's go.
Come on! My boat! My boat, they took my boat? Yeah, it looks that way.
And who to run it? Well, there was a man mending nets down here before.
Well, at least Tomas can run a boat.
What are you talking about? Look, I don't understand.
This may take some getting used to, but your friend left without you.
Where? Do you know where? Huh.
Of course I know where, I wrote the book.
There's still no phones in town, huh? Next year.
Next year for sure.
No other boats? No boat here can catch my boat.
You'll do better to drive onto San Rafael and catch the car ferry in the morning.
I'll borrow a boat and search along the coast.
Well, I guess there's nothing left to do but for me to buy you a drink for your birthday.
Come on.
Hey, Cannon? How do you know he won't come back for me? Well, let me explain it to you this way, darling.
Uh, I didn't make arrangements for you because he didn't tell me about you, because he wasn't planning on taking you very far anyway, okay? Cannon.
Look, I I don't I don't know anybody here and I don't have any money, I I don't know what to do.
That's tough.
Cannon? Uh From one sucker to another.
Where's Lobos? It should be dead ahead.
I don't see it.
Behind that point of land there's a village, you'll see it then.
Oh, yes.
You are a good navigator, Tomas.
How am I gonna explain that to Vicente? You won't have to.
What's wrong with the boat? I don't think nothing, señor.
They say she's a real fine boat.
Now, who said that? Herme and Pablo.
Now, who are they? There're the ones who went out to see what was wrong with the boat.
And what was? She don't belong here, señor.
She don't belong anywhere around here.
Anybody on board? Nobody on board, señor.
Who says? Herme and Pablo.
I, uh I'd sure like to meet those two fellows.
Okay, I'm Herme, and he's Pablo.
Yeah, I kinda had a feeling.
That's a pretty good routine you got there.
Ah, did you muchachos find anything on board the boat? Yes, señor, Blood on the deck.
Look, uh Is there a telephone A telefono in Lobos? No telephone, señor.
You can send a telegram through the, um Correo.
Oh, the post office, huh? Okay.
Uh, tell you what, would you do me a favor? Swim back out to the boat and anchor it for me? Appreciate it, huh, okay? Okay.
Thank you, señor.
De nada.
Wait, we want to talk with you.
No, not now, please.
Not now, not last night, You wouldn't talk to us on the ferry.
Why? You want to know why, gentlemen? All right, I'll tell you why.
Because you are a bunch of foul-ups, gentlemen.
That's why.
Yeah? Well, you got to Pescado first, and still he got away from you.
We are novices, but you are getting paid for this.
You haven't paid me anything yet, have you? And Sandoval? How much did he pay you to let him go? I'm on my way to send a telegram, and to try to save somebody else from getting killed, but as soon as I've finished I'll come back.
And I want you to say to me, once more, that I take bribes, just once more.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Mr.
It was very foolish for me to say that.
All we really want from you is to let us come along with you.
All right, I'll take one of you.
On one condition: that the other two stay out of my way.
Grant, Calle Nina, "Plans changed.
"Supply no assistance.
Repeat, "no assistance to anyone.
Extreme danger.
Arriving today.
" Don't you want to sign it? No, just translate it and send it, he'll know.
That'll do it.
How long will it take you now? The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.
Ah, Mr.
Cannon wrote to me about changing your appearance, and, uh, getting you some new identification.
But he didn't say anything about a new passport.
Cannon has scruples about what's legal and what's illegal.
I don't.
And I'm glad to see that for enough money, you don't either.
But there is no escape for Sandoval.
Whatever he does, wherever he goes, you already know it.
Well, the chances are Sandoval already knows that I'm still alive.
If he changes the plan, it's a whole new ball game.
This man Grant, what is he? He's a photographer and a makeup man.
He works locations for a Hollywood movie studio.
Before he went to Mexico.
That's how I know him.
He's supposed to do what, change Sandoval's appearance? And give him a whole new identity.
But of course you knew all the details of this new identity.
You would have to ask that question.
Ah, no, I, uh I left that all up to Grant.
Lorenzo Quiroga.
Is this the name Mr.
Cannon picked for me? No, uh, Mr.
Cannon didn't pick any names.
In his letter he told me to pick one myself.
There's no need for him to know your new name.
It's much better for you if I'm the only one.
Very considerate of him.
So here we have a temporary driver's license, insurance receipts, business cards, and more credit cards.
All in the name of Lorenzo Quiroga.
All perfectly legal.
A man has a right to change his name.
I'm glad you told me.
And, uh, here we have a passport, which is something altogether different.
I have to make an extra charge.
All right.
And an airline ticket to Mexico City.
That's my only complaint.
Why did you book me on such a late flight? It's the only flight and always full.
Without an advance reservation, you probably wouldn't get on.
Oh, uh, excuse me.
I-I've gotta go see Certainly.
Uh, I'll be with you in a minute.
No problem.
Read your telegram.
Um, uh, let me figure up your bill.
Uh, I-I don't want to keep you waiting.
Who sent it? Heh.
T-There's no signature.
Say it.
Grant? Grant? He might have gone home.
Nah, without locking up? Sandoval did this? Sandoval doesn't exist anymore.
Sandoval is now someone else.
And we don't know who.
Uh, excuse me, sir.
Uh, are you the gentleman that was told he's on a standby for Mexico? Yes, but I won't be able to get out today.
Well, I was going, but something's come up.
Uh, would you like to have my ticket? Yes, certainly, if you're not expecting too much.
Oh, no, no, just the regular fare.
Thank you, thank you very much.
Nothing, for nothing.
It is easier to sell it to you, than stand in line for the refund.
Have a good flight.
So you worked out a method whereby he would vanish.
And this hiding place you selected for him, somewhere in South America, of course? No.
Ah, yes.
A Spanish city which a Cuban could melt into, and yet far enough away for safety.
Ah, very clever.
Well, if you could withhold the applause long enough, captain, to call the airport like I've suggested He told you already.
The next step is from here to Mexico City by plane.
I know what he told me, but that plane took off an hour ago.
All right, captain, I'll tell you the truth.
Now, uh, my suggesting that you call the airport was just playing it safe.
Actually, there's not much chance that he's on that airplane.
Really? You see, he received a telegram and it was read.
Now Sandoval knows for sure that I'm alive, which means that he's gotta change the plan.
Why should he? You can't give us his name.
You can't even tell us what he looks like now, so why should he change? Yes, but from what I've told you already, captain, you can check every male passenger when that plane lands and find one whose ID doesn't check out, right? Call the airport.
You think he's smart enough to work that out? Well, I wouldn't bet against him.
You say you instructed Grant to reserve a seat for him? That's right.
Ask if anyone cancelled.
The plane was full.
Not one single no-show.
Looks like you overestimate him.
Well, I like to check out all possibilities, no matter how slim.
I'll have the Mexico City police check every man on that plane.
He won't slip through.
How long you think it'll take? I should hear by 5:00.
All right.
Ruben, arriba.
We'll be in touch.
And one more, Señor Quiroga.
That's fine.
Where are you going on your trip, señor? Oh, I really don't know, no place in particular.
I think I'll start just driving and see where the highway takes me.
That's the way to live.
I'd like to do that.
Your car will be here in a moment, señor.
Is it him? Can you tell? I don't know.
If it is, Grant did too good a job.
Well, what are you going to do? Well, I'm not gonna go up and ask him, that's for sure.
This is Mexico, I haven't got a license to ask the time of day.
Well, you better get out.
Out? Yeah, I'm counting on you if anything happens, to call our friend el capitán.
Anything like what? Heh.
When you see it, you'll know.
Go on.
Oh, here it is now, señor.
Oh, finally.
Let me show you how Oh, I know them very well, thank you very much.
Thank you.
Have a good trip.
Thank you.
What's wrong? Look out! Damn it! How did you figure me out, Cannon? You told me you wanted professional advice, yet you wouldn't take it.
I told you to kick your old habits, like smoking Cuban cigars and driving Jaguars.
That's true, you told me that, all right.
Well, you told me something true also.
What? That you're no good driving any other kind of a car.
Huh? Gracias.
Well "The time has come, " The walrus said.
So you'll be going home through Lobos? Yeah, the same way I came.
My friends are still there.
Could you tell them I have to stay here by the money.
I have to find out what the government is going to do about it.
I am, uh Sweating it out.
Amigo, we don't get the money, we cannot pay you anything.
Amigo, so it shouldn't be a total loss, I'll sweat it out with you.
Vaya con dios, amigo.