Cannon (1971) s01e16 Episode Script

Treasure of San Ignacio

No, no, no.
No, seƱor, no.
Come on, move it.
ANNOUNCER: Starring William Conrad.
With guest stars: Tab Hunter, Alejandro Rey, Victoria Racimo.
ANNOUNCER: Father Joseph.
How are you? Thank you for coming.
I I know you are very busy, so I want you to consider this case like any other.
Whatever your fee Oh, forget my fee.
Don't argue.
Please, this time you are here as a private detective, not officially.
How's your head? Fine.
No problem.
The police come up with anything? Well, that is a problem.
So far, nothing.
What about the insurance investigators? -We have no insurance.
The relics were displayed only once a year.
Two hundred thousand dollars' worth of insurance.
I let it lapse.
I thought I could use the money in better ways, but even if they were insured, how will you replace San Ignacio's rosary? A simple string of wooden beads, but to the people of Los Posos, a vital link to God.
I don't know.
Somehow I have a feeling I didn't do the right thing.
Well, you did everything you could.
Yeah, except control myself.
I shouldn't have used violence.
You had every right to.
The worst of it is a part of me agrees with you.
Father, how about the three men? Is there anything about them that you remember at all? Yeah, they were not Mexicans.
One of them spoke in English.
One, when we were fighting, I saw he had only one arm.
Yeah, the right.
Really? Well, that's certainly a good enough start.
Frank now, you know I trust your judgment.
Now, tell me the truth.
Is it hopeless? Only if you have no faith, Father.
As you can see from the wheel marks, it was a plane with a tri-cycle landing gear.
By the time we caught up with them, they were taking off.
Did you see what make the plane was? No, we fired a few rounds, but impossible.
It was too dark.
How many feet did it take for it to clear the ground? Oh, 780.
We estimate the plane weighed about 2.
200 pounds fully loaded.
That certainly narrows it down, doesn't it? They stole, uh, Manuel Santana's truck, ditched it over there.
Any prints? No, no prints.
Same as with the altar.
You know, Father Joseph thinks they were Americans.
Well, then how would they know about the relics? Which are not famous, you understand.
Only on display once a year.
No, at least one of them had to be from around here.
But not all three.
I devoutly hope you are wrong.
Why devoutly? Because if I admit to myself that they were Americans, then I have to face it: That the relics could be anywhere by now.
You check out all the one-armed thieves in town? My most likely suspect is doing eight to ten at Chino right now.
No, my man is either an amateur or a professional without a record.
Frank, it looks like you might have just lost a long-standing championship.
You need a bull's-eye to tie me.
Eh, congratulations, Mike.
I guess I've got my mind more on Los Posos than I have on the match.
You want your old favorite? Set 'em up.
I tell you, Mike, it's a very rough case.
I, uh, think I'm gonna need a little help.
You know anybody? Frank, it won't work.
What? What won't work? You forget that I was in Bunco for six years.
I know all the cons.
Cons? Yeah, first you kind of fill me on the details, then you shoot good, but not quite good enough.
And now you're plying me with booze.
Oh, come on, you know I wouldn't do a thing like that.
Frank, I'm retired.
Look, retirement is a state of mind, Michael.
Not when you get to be my age.
You need reading glasses and you start to doze after 8:00 at night.
Reading glasses Oh, Frank, I know what you're trying to do.
What? What, do you think I'm trying to offer you a job as charity? Exactly.
Well, you're wrong, Mike.
I don't need a millstone around my neck for this case.
You know, I need somebody who has what you have: as a hard-nosed cop.
Somebody who's got a reputation for digging, that's what I need.
All right, forget it, never mind, it doesn't matter.
I know a couple of guys anyway Where the devil is? How much you say this plane weighed? What? The plane, how much did it weigh? Oh, here it is.
Uh, 2.
200 pounds.
And the only plane that matches that weight with a tri-cycle landing gear is a Skyhawk.
How far will it go? What? The plane, what is its cruising range? Uh, about 750 miles, I guess.
Los Posos, 750 miles.
That means that somewhere within that circle, they had to take off or land to refuel.
Uh, yeah, that's right.
How many airports in that area? There are nine major airports and, uh, 36 air strips, mostly in the L.
You want another drink? No, thanks.
Uh Mike, you know, I hate like the devil to, uh, ask a favor of anybody, but, uh, would you? Hm? That is the oldest con of all.
But it usually works, and it just did.
Well, what did you find? Bullet holes.
That's one of them.
Ah, Frank, I almost missed it.
I happened to see a scrape on the tail strut, another bullet could have bounced off there.
That's seven millimeters in diameter, the same size hole that a slug from a Mexican Mendoza Bren gun would make.
Reading glasses, huh? Sam Henderson's the manager here.
He says that's a rental.
Anybody take it out last Wednesday night? According to the FAA report, it never left the ground, but Henderson wasn't here.
His chief mechanic, Peter Farrell, was minding the store.
I wish I could help you, but the only plane that left here that night was Bill Heatherford's jet.
You can check the roster if you want.
When was the last time the plane was serviced before Wednesday? Uh, I think it was Tuesday.
Let me check for you.
I remember I, uh I went over it from top to bottom.
Let me see.
Yeah, Tuesday.
Tuesday afternoon.
Did you notice any bullet holes? Bullet holes? Yeah, three of them on the right side of the fuselage, all patched up.
Oh, there There weren't any there on Tuesday.
But you said the plane didn't take off after that.
Look, man, I don't know anything about any bullet holes.
I'm telling you that plane stayed on the ground all Wednesday night.
Okay, thank you.
Did you believe him? What do you think? I ask him a lot of questions.
He doesn't even ask me who I am.
Would an honest man do that? Alex, you're wanted on the telephone.
Hey, Alex, the phone.
Oh, it's your brother.
Hi, Pete.
Hey, listen, some guy was just around here asking about that plane you and your buddies took up Wednesday night.
Oh, yeah? Who? I don't know.
Some big fat guy.
Hey, listen, you told me you were just going on a joyride.
This guy found three patched-over bullet holes.
Now, what happened? Hey, come on, nothing happened.
Alex, I checked the plane the day before and it was clean.
Look, you said it was patched-over bullet holes.
You must have missed them.
I'd have told you if anything would have happened, honest.
There you are.
Cottage cheese? I thought you were supposed to be some kind of cook.
Well, you're looking at the proof and the consequences.
Must we all suffer? Here.
Juan Alex Farrell.
He rent a plane there? Could be Peter's brother.
That time he rented a Skyhawk.
Earlier in the year he rented a Cub.
If you multiply the cruising speed by the number of hours logged, you get about 700 miles both times.
Let's see.
From here, roundtrip to Los Posos is over 700 miles.
He could have been scouting a place to land there.
You, uh, still have a friend in Motor Vehicles? Alex Farrell's home address and where he works.
Bob Neal? My name is Frank Cannon.
I'd like to talk to you for a moment if I may.
Yeah? About what? Well, I have a business proposition I think may interest you.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, you must have had quite a career.
I never made Indy, but, uh, I did all right.
Yeah? What, uh, happened? Crack up? Yeah, something like that.
You mentioned a business proposition.
La Paz 300.
La Paz, that's, uh That's right near Los Posos, isn't it? You know Los Posos, it was in the paper a few days ago.
Three men robbed a mission there of religious articles.
So? So I represent the owners and they'd like the articles back.
There's sentimental reasons.
Then go find who's got them.
Mister, you're in the wrong place.
The owners are offering $50.
Look, I don't know who you are .
or why you came here Hi, honey.
Hi, Bob.
I called the car wash, but Alex said you'd left already.
Excuse me.
Can you get dinner going, honey? I am starved.
Who's that? Uh, nobody.
He's He's just leaving.
Uh, Mr.
Neal, just a word of warning.
You plan on doing business elsewhere, it might get rough.
Not that I know what you're walking about, but I'd change my approach if I were you.
You know, you catch up with these guys, you could be making a big mistake coming on with that rough business.
They could get scared.
They could even decide to get rid of the evidence.
All they'd have to do is rent an airplane, fly out over the ocean and dump it.
Then your Your sentimental friends would never get it back.
Father Joseph.
Father Joseph.
Hello, Frank? Yes, Father.
How's your head? Fine.
What's happened, Frank? Have you had any luck? Ha! More than our fair share.
I'm beginning to think that fellow you work for has become our silent partner.
We're pretty certain who two of the men are.
And the relics? Well, that could be sticky.
That's why I called you, Father.
I think maybe you could be of help.
Tell me what to do.
I need information on a girl, a Los Posos girl.
Uh, she may have gotten involved with an American racecar driver some time ago.
Uh, yeah, she's 23, uh, brown eyes and overall pretty features.
Does she have something to do with the case? Well, somebody must have tipped those men off to the relics.
Look, Father, I don't want you running all over Los Posos now.
Uh, just a few inquiries, understood? Understood.
Okay, goodbye.
You know, pushing Neal might scare him into getting rid of those relics.
Maybe the girl we can use as leverage against him, huh? What did you come up with? It's amazing what twisting a few arms and a couple of cases of scotch can get.
Of all the fences in the area, these seven are the only ones big enough to handle the relics.
Very good.
Ah-ha, and your reward is just about to come out of the oven.
A nice chocolate cake.
Chocolate cake.
Yes, artificially sweetened.
Oh You, uh, interested in religious items? Hm? Anything catch your fancy? Oh, uh This is more what I had in mind.
"Ruby-encrusted chalice, gold communion tray " This is a pawn shop, mister, not a church.
Really? My name's Frank Cannon.
Now, if you haven't been contacted about handling these relics, you will be.
"Handling"? Yeah, that's a polite word for fencing.
Look, mister, I run a legitimate business here.
You can ask the cops.
I have.
I want those relics, Vetter, and if you handle them, I'll find out and I'll be back.
And I'll be back angry.
So why don't you do yourself a favor? If anybody contacts you about the Los Posos relics, you, uh, tell them to get in touch with me, hm? That's a lovely cigar.
Father Joseph.
Come on in.
Uh, excuse the mess, please.
Sit down.
Can I get you some coffee? Oh, no, thank you.
I just dropped in for a minute.
I saw your sister yesterday.
She told me you were here.
What brings you to Los Angeles? Church business.
Hey, this must be the young man who took you away from us.
What's his name? Bob.
How long have you been married? We're not married, Father.
Well, I suppose I should deliver a sermon, but I won't.
Sit down.
Are you happy? Oh, nothing's perfect, but I'm much happier than I was in Los Posos.
How is that? Well, when I first met Bob, I knew it was a temporary thing That he didn't need me.
But then he had a terrible accident and he lost his arm and And now he does need me.
We really love each other now, Father.
What's wrong? Last Wednesday, we celebrated the feast day of San Ignacio.
During the celebration, the mission was robbed.
All of the relics were stolen.
How could anyone do such a thing? The bandits were American.
Rina, have you ever talked to Bob about the relics, how much they were worth? No.
You never talked to him about it? I mean, just innocently? Father, I said I didn't.
Rina, the reason why I'm here is because a private detective believes that you are mixed up in the robbery.
Whoever he is, he's crazy.
If you know anything about this, you have to tell me.
Father, I want you to leave.
Rina, let me finish.
If you know anything about this, you have to help me to get the relics back.
I will see that you get full credit.
Father, I want you to go.
Rina, one of the men who robbed the mission had only one arm.
What do you mean, You offered us And today it's 18.
Look, this ain't no auction.
Eighteen's my top.
Look, your market's crashed.
Cannon's hit every fence in this town.
You're lucky anybody will talk to you.
You're talking to us.
Yeah, and I ought to have my head examined.
You know how long it takes for this stuff to cool down, huh? A year, maybe two.
Do you realize how expensive and risky it is to hold this stuff that long? I know what I think, Vetter.
I think you want to buy it from us for 18 so you can turn around and sell it to Cannon for 50.
All right, if you think that, then you sell it to Cannon for 50, why don't you? Go ahead.
I'll tell you why.
Because Cannon won't give you a dime.
Cannon will blow the whistle on you, and all you'll get is a stretch in prison.
Look, trust me.
I'm giving you the best deal I can possibly make.
What are you smiling at? How much did you think you were going to get for this stuff in the first place? A hundred thousand.
A hundred thousand? Amateurs.
Always with amateurs.
Well? Now what? I don't know.
I don't know what to do.
Well, I'm for giving the stuff to Vetter.
And split 18.
000 three ways? Forget it.
Then give it to Cannon for 50.
Have him blow the whistle and we all go to jail? Maybe we can work out some sort of a deal with Cannon.
No way.
Maybe there is a way.
Let's go.
Good afternoon, Father.
Get in.
Right on.
Can we dispense with the small talk? You made an offer the other day.
Still stand? Fifty thousand.
You'll be contacted when and where to bring the money.
Oh, uh, it almost slipped my mind.
Small thing, but, uh, how do I know the money drop won't be crawling with cops? You'll have to take my word for it.
Sounds fair.
Sound fair to you, Alex? That's far enough.
Father, are you all right? What'd you do, go visit the mission again? No, he He fell right into our hands.
A godsend.
You know, you have very little, Neal, and you keep finding ways of subtracting from what you do have.
You've got no one to blame but yourself, Cannon.
You forced me into it.
You froze my market, remember? Now, you foul up, you can see what'll happen, but if the, uh The money drop goes smooth, no one gets hurt.
How do I know I can trust you? You'll have to take my word.
You'd better keep it.
How could you rob from a church? Answer me.
Well, what do you want me to say? I'm sorry? Those were relics.
You stole from God.
If I did, he can spare it.
Stop that.
That makes it worse.
I did it because there's no other way out.
Out of what? Out of the car wash.
Out of any other crummy job that I might be able to get.
Out of thinking about all the things I know are never going to happen for me.
Out of this This garbage life, that's what out of.
And I did it for you too, Rina.
If you really did it for me, then you can give those things back.
And then what? Go to jail? Maybe not.
And if you did, you know I'd be there when you got out.
Oh, sure, Rina, sure you will.
After After 20 years in a Mexican prison? And what do I do then? Sell pencils on a street corner? I don't care.
It's a sin.
Nothing is a sin if it works.
And this will work.
Listen to me.
I want you to pack a couple of bags.
Stay here.
When I'm ready, I'll call you.
You understand what I'm saying? I want you to come with me.
I love you, Rina.
I love you.
Neal call? You got everything all set up? Lieutenant's got a special detachment all ready to go.
He's just waiting for you to give him the location.
I knew him on the force, Frank.
He'll carry out your instructions to the letter.
Hello? Yes, I have the money.
All right, I'll meet you there.
When? All right.
Third Street Garage, within an hour.
Look, you tell Lieutenant Wharton to hold back.
I don't want to see a brass button within three blocks of that place, understand? What about the money? You gonna give him a briefcase full of paper? No, I can't take a chance on that now.
Whose money are you using? Does it matter? So you're using your own.
Where's the priest.
Where is he? Where is he? Hey, just hold it a minute.
Hello? Yeah, he's here.
Hello? Cannon? Hand the money over to Alex, he'll give you the relics.
Where's Father Joseph? He's safe.
That isn't what I asked.
Just calm down and listen.
Hand over the money.
Cy and Alex will get it to me Shortly after that, you'll be told where you can find Father Joseph absolutely unharmed.
No deal.
Cannon, you're in no position to bargain with anyone.
Now, just make sure everything goes smooth, because if they don't get to me with that money All All right, all right.
I'll turn the money over.
Hey! What's going on? Cops.
He set us up.
Stop! Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Alex! Let's go! You would have to come along.
What happened? Where's Father Joseph? With Neal, waiting for two guys who aren't ever gonna show up.
Got an APB out on Neal and the truck.
What did the doc say about Farrell's condition? Not good.
Mike, I think you'd better stick with him.
Now he's the only one who can tell us where Neal is.
All right, let's go.
Frank, listen, what do you figure Neal will do when his boys don't show up? Oh, he's been mad at the world ever since he lost his arm.
This was his way of striking back.
Well, he's a loser again.
And now he may not care how hard he strikes back this time.
He'll take it out on the priest? It's anybody's guess.
But he might hold off just long enough to get in touch with someone.
No, I won't do that to him.
You've got to help us, Rina.
You may be the only one who can help us find Neal.
Why? Why should I? To save the priest's life.
Neal didn't tell you about that, huh? He kidnapped Father Joseph.
No, I don't believe it, you're lying.
You'd better pray to God that I'm lying, because if I'm not and Neal kills the priest, what does that make you? I swear I don't know where he is.
Now, this is what I've been planning on, Neal calling you.
Now, listen to me.
Get him to tell you where he is.
If he won't, at least keep him on the phone long enough for us to have the call traced, you understand? Rina, please? Hello? Yes, he's here.
Hello? Mike.
How's Farrell? I see.
Thank you.
Farrell died without recovering consciousness.
Hello? I told you not to foul up, Cannon.
Neal? I told you if everything went smooth, there'd be no problem.
Listen to me, Neal, I gave them the money.
Then why didn't they show? Well, they're not coming, Neal.
Uh, but there's been an accident, a shooting.
You set them up.
No, it was no setup.
There were two security guards.
What do you mean? What do you take me for? Now, Neal, will you listen to me, please? Look, I still have the $50.
We can still make a deal.
Just tell me where.
Do you think I'm crazy? No deal, Cannon, no deal.
Neal, will you listen to me, please? You crossed me, Cannon.
Now that priest is gonna pay.
Uh, operator? Operator, this is Frank Cannon.
I've requested that all my calls be monitored.
Now, I want to know where the last call originated from.
Yes, uh-huh.
I'll hold on.
Uh, oh, all right, thank you very much, right.
Well, the call came from a public phone on the beach at Playa del Rey, and wherever he's got Father Joseph, they can't be too far away, because he wouldn't leave him unguarded too long.
I'll dispatch units.
How did he sound? Oh, he's wild.
I think going in with a fanfare would really trigger him.
Look, I tell you what.
I'd like to take Rina with me, because if he's gonna listen to anybody, it would be her.
Okay, sure.
That's Bob's car.
Wharton, this is Cannon.
We found Neal's car.
It's outside the Hyperion Sewage Plant.
I'm going in now.
Rina, you stay here, all right? That's far enough.
Give it up, Neal.
It's over.
Wanna bet? Neal? Shut up and listen.
Father Joseph and I are gonna take a plane ride together.
Anyone interferes, the priest gets it.
I'm not particular what airline just as long as that plane gets me to Brazil.
Rina, get out of here.
You have to listen to me.
Get out! That day in the ambulance, right after your crash, remember how you kept looking at me, kept telling me how much it hurt.
You asked me, you begged me not to go.
And I said I wouldn't.
Well, now it's my turn to ask, Bob.
It's my turn to beg.
Rina, it won't work your way now No, Bob.
Now, get out.
Cannon? Are you gonna get that plane or not? You'd better do it.
Have you recovered the relics? Yes, Father.
I said, move.
No, I am not gonna help you.
I am not going to let you endanger the lives of others.
Cannon, talk to him.
Father No, Frank.
I've done everything wrong so far.
This I'm going to do right.
Take him off this side.
Come on.
Riding in an ambulance with me is getting to be a habit.
Doctor says you're going to be all right.
It's a bad habit, Rina, it's a bad habit I'm breaking.
Thank you, Charley.
Now, Father, this is the police property receipt for the relics.
Uh, clark's holding them at headquarters for you.
Well, I hope I don't lose them again.
Not a chance.
How can you be so sure? Easy.
We're giving you an escort.