Cannon Busters (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Grifters gonna Grift

That was fun! For something extremely dangerous.
- Philly, are you okay? - Yeah, l didn’t die.
I dunno what this is, but it's as stubborn as a roach.
If it interests you, more will come.
They’ve been following us for days.
Is your head okay? I said I don't wanna play tag with my life! It was quite thrilling.
How'd things end up this way? Anyway, it was truly lucky we met you.
Do you believe in fate? I’m not really programmed for it, but the more I experience the more I feel its influence.
What do you think? - Philly, what's this button? - Quit it! Pretty! Again! No! Not again! Unusual device.
Do you roast meats with it? Funny, you don’t seem the type to cook.
But traveling alone, you likely have to make your meals on your own.
- What's this button? - I said stop touching! Enough! You with the touching and you with the talking.
Sorry, but go to Gara’s Keep on your own! That's not fair.
We helped you escape danger twice now.
Not fair? You won't survive in this world saying that.
You should walk the earth with your own feet first! Go! I’m awfully sorry you feel that way.
But as your friend, I should honor your wishes.
Let’s go, Casey.
Finally, some quiet.
Click click click! Ain’t that a bitch.
Hey, you two! I thought things over! Maybe you can hang with me a little longer.
I mean, I gotta push Bessie and could use some help Please? We’re friends, right? Good, that's it That's the way! You guys are a huge help! Pushing might be useless.
I took her out of neutral.
- There, that’s better! - Radio makes the car move? It doesn’t, but I work better to music.
This was a piece of cake! I'm gifted, though sometimes forgetful.
Good girl, Bessie.
Hang in there.
There's an outpost ahead.
If we can somehow reach it What’s going on with her? I think she’s asleep.
You kidding? I rarely sleep.
You can't drop your guard on the road.
That's basic.
And since when do robots sleep, anyway? Odd.
Her eyes are moving like she's in REM sleep.
Like she's dreaming.
Dreaming? Kelby kebabs! Golden Jubilee waffles! Buy a souvenir calendar! - There he is! - The king! All hail King Bulgher! Hail Botica! Citizens of Botica, it is my great pleasure to welcome you on this the New Deal and the liberation of the five kingdoms' 50th anniversary! Hail King Bulgher! And it is my greater pleasure to celebrate the birthday of my beloved son and heir, Prince Kelby! Highness, the prince cannot be found.
Begging your pardon.
This is troublesome.
Find the prince! As you wish.
A slight miscommunication.
Please, go on with your reveling! Come on, Sam.
The fireworks are starting! Right! Now this is more like it.
I've many fun memories atop this old tree.
It’s a precious friend, right next to you.
That’s sweet of you to say.
But it's your birthday.
Shouldn't we return to the palace? King Bulgher must be worried.
I'm safe.
We have our army, Odin, and Gara’s Keep.
Gara’s Keep? Right.
I've never been there, but it's an ancient stronghold.
Odin says we would evacuate there if we were attacked.
Still, it’s nice the kingdom is throwing such a grand party.
It's a party for my father.
I wasn't born on the anniversary.
"The day we conquered magic," etc.
It just celebrates the Botican ego.
And your birthday.
I’ll say this.
I won't be my father.
I'll treasure family when I'm king.
You mustn’t say that.
King Bulgher is a glorious leader, stalwart, brave, and true.
You were created to think that, Sam.
Anyway, I think spending the holiday here with you is the best.
Oh, that reminds me.
I made you a present! Wow, you didn’t have to do that.
Is that your programming too? No, I did it because I wanted to.
Wow This is wonderful! Thank you! Why are there two chains? That’s perfect! But pendant or no pendant let’s promise to always be together no matter what, Sam.
Yes, I promise! Damn, that hurts! I dunno what you've heard, but I don’t ambush so easy.
Shit, that was my ball-scratchin’ hand.
I oughta kill you now for that image.
- Don't! - Please wait! Don’t shoot.
Them boys meant no harm! No? Then how about you? Come on, would you hurt a defenseless old woman? Please let it go.
I'm Mama Hitch.
These are my boys, Joe-Bob and Bob-Bob.
They’re sweet kids.
Ain't no way they'd commit theft or murder.
I dunno Pleased to meet you, Mother Hitch! I’m Sam, Special Associate Model from Botica.
These are my friends Philly and Casey! Seriously? This again? She's programmed to be friendly.
Why not watch and learn? Pleased to meet you, Sam.
Me and my kin have been stranded here a spell.
The boys thought you were marauders coming for a raid.
Can’t be too careful ‘round these parts.
You guys are fishy.
This here’s my daughter, Syrena.
Say hey.
- Hey! Real nice to meet you.
- Hello, Syrena.
I'm Sam, Special Save that for later, hon.
Tell you what.
How about my boys help your robots fix that car so we can send for help? In the meantime, Syrena can take you inside and make you more comfortable.
More comfortable? I do like the sound of that.
I reckoned you would.
Careful, she’s a hellcat.
I’m Philly.
I'm all yours.
Joe-Bob! Bob-Bob! Get to fixin’ that car! Yes, Mama.
Um, which Bob is which? I’m Sam! I don’t think they're up for handshakes right now.
Have mercy So how long you been stranded here? Couple weeks, give or take.
So where you from? Here.
Cool leather.
Where’d you get it? Mama Hitch made it.
Don't get too full of yourself.
You really are a hellcat.
More hell than cat.
Don’t forget it.
Drink up or it'll get cold.
Sure, but I’m not a tea kind of guy.
This is a bar, right? Isn't there something stronger? All cleaned out by the time we got here.
But this might help some.
You're finally getting it.
Not well, but whatever.
Well, cheers.
What did you You fell for it.
I hope you’re ashamed of yourself, creep.
You little Good work, Syrena.
Go through his things first then prepare him.
The guns and car alone will kill on the black market.
And the robots? They're fine.
The Bobs are on it.
You sure? Those two are useless.
Hey, they're your brothers! And maybe your uncles.
Your robo-eye is intriguing.
The cyber-optic nerve links straight to the visual cortex via synapses? You mean I pop it in my head and can see shit? More or less All good! You’ll be scratching balls in no time.
I don't know sports well.
What type of game is it? Ball? Scratch? Where? In your pocket! It feels great! - Shut up, Joe-Bob.
- Make me, candy-ass.
If I may ask, where exactly are we going? An old warehouse that way.
Got a bunch of car parts in it.
To fix Philly’s car? Thank you for being so considerate.
Oh, but I don’t see any warehouses.
Or anything else around here.
Casey’s right.
There's nothing ahead.
Except this big, deep hole.
Yeah! Hey! What was that for? The prince isn't in his quarters.
Probably off larking about with that friendship bot.
Find him! Name yourself! King Bulgher, your day of reckoning is upon you.
If you wish to be spared, lay down your sword and kneel.
Our king bows to no one! If you wish to challenge him, defeat me first! Stand down, Odin.
I don’t know this foe, but this is my fight.
- Majesty - Find Kelby and flee to Gara's Keep.
I'm fine.
Protect the prince.
I'm captain of the guard! I can't leave your side! Are you saying you'll disobey my order? Go! We should go to the king.
No, it's too risky.
Prince Kelby! Odin! What’s going on? Someone is attacking.
We don't know whom.
By king's order, I've come for you.
We head to Gara’s Keep at once.
No, I will not go! And neither you nor my father can make me.
I had a feeling you’d say that.
Release me! Sam! Prince, wait for me! Sam! Sam! Magician, heed me.
I know not your identity nor your provenance.
But many a man has stepped to my saber, and many have fallen! Prepare yourself.
You insolent Impossible! The dark arts are extinct! Foolish old man.
Magic never dies.
It’s the antithesis of death.
S-Stop this! W-Who are you? My dear King Bulgher The fact you have to ask me that makes me very sad and very angry! Secure the prisoner.
Prince? Prince Kelby, where are you? I’ve lost the trail.
Kelby Casey.
Casey, are you okay? Philly? Anyone? I’m not sure what kind of game this is.
Could we play chess instead? Or charades? Hello? - Good work with the robots.
- Thanks, Mama.
- I did most of the work.
- Don't lie.
You didn't do much! - Shut up! - You shut up! Both y’all shut up! Before I tan your hides.
Strip this car down.
When you're done, pull apart them bots for parts.
Yes, Mama.
It stinks Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d say it’s time you got a new skirt.
Maybe something with numbers on it.
Mama, he stinks worse than the renderin’ barn.
It's work.
Don't complain.
This’ll teach you to show up uninvited and hurt my boys.
Remember, Syrena.
To survive here, never let your guard down for a second.