Capitani (2019) s02e08 Episode Script

The First One to Fall

what the hell are you doing?
Sorry, what?
Everybody is trying to get a hold of you.
We're waiting at the Mont Blanc.
Er, for what?
I don't know.
Something has happened.
- Come on, hurry up.
- Hmm.
Your plan was a shitfest.
- What?
- They found Arthur on the pavement.
Somebody just left him
by the front door, like rubbish.
- And Abder.
- No idea.
Probably dead.
The prince is dead.
I'm so sorry.
I assure you, I'll find out who it was.
We shouldn't have got involved
in the drug business.
- Lucky, it's me.
- Grace?
Hey, sister.
Where have you been? Huh?
Shut up.
Listen to me, stop looking for me.
I will not come with you.
But you have to.
You're the successor. I can't do it.
I don't care.
That is your problem.
I've left Luxembourg.
God. Stop lying to me, Grace.
I'm not.
I saw something I shouldn't see.
What are you talking You talk too much.
And you don't respect the rules.
Please answer, Lucky.
No, no, no! No, please!
Please, stop.
Stop, I need to call my sister!
Hey. I beg. Please.
Open up. Open the door.
Monday? Monday!
About time.
What happened?
I don't know.
Do you?
The truck never crossed the border.
Yeah, I thought as much.
You know, Arthur is dead.
Multiple shots.
- It was a trap.
- What a mess.
The attorney general
won't be happy, I can assure you.
Gibbes is inconsolable.
It's likely that he'll retire.
That's going to reshuffle the deck
in the underworld.
That's not good for us.
Bonsoir, Bianca.
So, are you joining us?
Be right there.
- Go over. I'll follow you.
- All right.
- Two, please.
- Okay.
I want you and the clients to be over.
I'm getting new responsibilities.
I want us to take these on, together.
As a team. As a
- There you go.
- couple.
That is my wish, Bianca.
We're a team.
I do love you.
But this works well
between me and you. Hmm?
I want to climb to the top,
but together.
What are you afraid of?
The disappearance
of my independence perhaps.
You'd rather sleep with
other men, would you?
I pay for my life, without dependence.
Don't forget, you work here for us.
My choice, yeah?
That's all good for me.
Let's get on with it, Valentina.
I have a lot of things to do.
We'll negotiate with
the Nigerians.
The sooner we begin
the discussions, the better.
I don't think that we're in
a good position to negotiate with them.
My mother understands that you've been hit
exceptionally hard by Arthur's murder.
He certainly didn't deserve that.
That doesn't mean
the Nigerians have won yet.
She's decided to fight to the end.
With, or, if you should prefer,
without you.
The Nigerians are well aware
that the King of Mont Blanc
wanted to trick them.
Keeping you out of the line of fire
would be the best thing,
by transferring to Valentina
your businesses all at once.
What on earth?
Don't get me wrong, we'd pay you for that.
An ongoing pension.
You're not being serious, are you?
This is dead serious, Gilbert.
All those years,
you had the power over me.
We say goodbye.
I'm not sure about your hound.
Is he carrying a gun?
But this could end very badly for him.
Your bulldog's only got one shot,
but we got one each.
Decision's over to you.
You can start a bloodbath here and end up
kneeling to the Nigerians anyway,
or you can retire with dignity.
So which is it?
Long live the queen.
feel free to start a fight
with whomever you want.
Your lifeline, however though,
has just become a lot shorter.
- That was some bluff.
- For me too!
- You're gambling at a high level.
- I have nothing to fear.
I'm grateful you're by my side for this.
I know you understand me well.
What was it that Koenig said? Hmm?
"You must try to make yourself at home."
There were two victims.
Every shot taken hit its victim.
The flower truck was used
to transport the drugs.
It immediately continued driving
and took the first exit off the motorway.
It hasn't been seen since.
One body was put in a stolen van
and abandoned in front of the Mont Blanc.
We received information
that it was Arthur Koenig.
The other one was found in a river.
We can't be 100% sure who tracked who.
We can only hope that this is not
the start of a war between the gangs.
It's possible the truck was heading
towards Luxembourg.
That's something else we don't know.
You're the first to notice any changes
on the streets, if new players appear.
Our focus is still on the Nigerians.
- Understood?
- Yeah.
Okay. Back to work, everyone.
Attorney general is livid,
he's been going mad.
- He got Arthur, didn't he?
- We're no further than where we set off.
The murder of Arthur is not
worth anything, judicially speaking.
- We need a flagrant offence.
- Koenig's retiring.
Other players are arriving.
Make new contacts happen.
This will make us lose weeks of work.
"Us"? No, not us.
You, not us. We had a deal.
If Valentina becomes queen bee,
the prosecutor will need you even more.
You promised,
after this mission I could go.
I'm after results before you go anywhere.
That wasn't the deal!
I'm done!
Come back.
Or you'll get 20 years in prison.
And not in block Echo.
I'm sorry, that's how it is.
How could I ever trust you again?
I don't approve of
the attorney general's methods either.
That is blackmailing!
All over again!
I'm counting on you to be here!
What is that?
What's going on?
I'm wallowing in self-pity, as ever.
Do you mind if I join the club?
What's your problem then?
Dominik said I should quit.
You love your Domo,
so that should be fine.
Well, yeah.
But he wants us to work with each other.
Side by side.
And you don't want that?
You know what I'd really want?
To be far away from here
and away from The Carat,
to live a life that's normal.
He doesn't even know what that is.
I'd help with that.
And you?
I just want to be gone from here.
- You as well? The same as Grace.
- Hmm?
And who'd be in charge of your search?
Who is your Lucky?
Are you all right?
Too many have died.
And now Arthur as well.
Well, I'm not gonna miss him.
You know, er,
you shouldn't like people
just because they're nice to you.
They always have their reasons.
But we're always nice to each other.
Well, yeah.
We probably have our reason.
Er, you have to excuse me.
But why?
Because I haven't been
looking for Grace recently.
I was only defending
my interests, you understand?
Arthur's death is horrendous.
But I'd rather stop breathing,
than give up the fight.
I'm prepared for the inevitable.
And I will fight to keep my freedom.
You have it now.
I don't know if I'll be leaving.
You have enough cash already.
You could just go.
I'm offering you to share my freedom.
It will be a life
full of everything you wanted,
at my side.
The only thing I demand of you
is loyalty.
- Hmm?
- Diederich needs you in his office.
Elsa Ley?
Could you finally tell me
what this is about?
Thank you, you've done enough.
This is a special commission,
we've got a lot on our plate.
- Your boss know you're here?
- You're welcome to call him.
He's got nothing better to do, after all.
Pascale Cojocaru.
Why are you making internal searches
about Luc Capitani and Carla Pereira?
That's not part of your job here.
Mm, I had to look up
Three years ago, you worked with Capitani
on the Jenny Engel case in Manscheid.
- Yes.
- Why so?
- I come from Manscheid.
- I know.
Was he the only one
from the police judiciaire there though?
Did he try to work alone?
I don't think he did.
Did you spend time together
outside of the work environment?
We were so busy at all hours.
Do you know if
he and Pereira were in contact?
He stayed at the Auberge, I think.
You're not from
the general inspectorate, are you?
What do you want from Luc?
We're trying to understand what the
relationship was between Luc and Carla
at that specific time.
Carla didn't feature
in the report about Jenny Engel.
She had nothing to do with it.
She just happened to live there.
So you believe it was a coincidence
they re-met each other?
I guess so. Why not?
I mean
I've just remembered
he told me the Engel case
wasn't the only reason he was there.
It's likely therefore that he was
in Manscheid by coincidence
when the body was found.
But it was no coincidence
that Carla was also there.
He was looking for her.
And she was found.
The same day in the Minett region
Da Costa's body was found.
Was he trying to warn her?
But why?
He's in deeper shit
regarding this case than she is.
I don't understand. Is he the murderer?
That wasn't proven, was it?
It was his service weapon
that Da Costa was shot with.
The murder weapon, of course.
Remember the weapon was never
officially found for that case.
Okay. That's why there was
an absence of proof.
- Mm. Merci for your help.
- Hey!
Does that mean that he's innocent or not?
- Did you find the medicine?
- Yeah.
Be careful.
You shouldn't take too much.
I'm a grown-up.
I'm doing much better already.
We could see each other at home next time.
The kids would be happy.
- I don't know how long
- My life's complicated again.
I know.
- You wouldn't understand.
- Then explain it.
There's no need for you to suffer.
Not anymore. Like with Pap.
What does Pap have to do with it?
I don't understand.
Why are you still angry?
- It was so long ago he died.
- Why are you? What's your excuse?
Do you never miss him then?
Didn't you feel abandoned?
Yeah, there's anger. It's utter shit
that no one understands that!
- What?
- I can't get the image out of my head.
Of Pap on the stool.
His hand was like a vice.
I couldn't get the weapon out of there.
Why does that not make you angry?
It's not anybody's fault.
Yeah, it is.
We both
We both should have done something.
Would you help me please?
Do you have work tonight?
I should go and check
if they still need me.
I still expect an answer from you.
Are you going to stop?
For me?
I want a better life for you. For us.
Your mother wouldn't like it.
And I can't betray her.
Oh, really, fuck that.
Think about yourself,
not my mother.
Look, I'll stay in my place, Dom.
Your place is in my heart.
We're going to be richer than Koenig.
And then you'll be my my queen.
I'll take care of you, Bianca.
I swear to that.
I'll give it up.
- For you.
- Ahh!
Oh, come here!
My queen.
I'm glad you
made your mind up so quickly.
It was the right decision.
I can understand your anger.
Stop beating around the bush, will you?
Why bring me here?
To give you something.
As a sign of goodwill.
These are the things
you had to give up in prison.
I would have preferred
something else for me.
The weapon with which
you're being blackmailed, I know.
So, you do believe me now?
It changes nothing.
You're bound to your deal with me.
And you can't help me then?
Not even if I wanted it.
Go fuck a bomb.
Monsieur Koenig, is everything all right?
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Bianca, it's me, Grace.
What is it? What happened?
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