Carol & The End of the World (2023) s01e05 Episode Script


- [man 1] Are you ready?
- [man 2] I'm ready!
[man 1] Again?
[man 1] We gotta get it this time, man!
[rock & roll band strikes up]
Oh, Carol ♪
Carol ♪
Carol ♪
Carol ♪
Oh, Carol
Don't let him steal your heart away ♪
I'm gonna learn to dance
If it takes me all night and day ♪
Climb into my machine
So we can cruise on out ♪
I know a swingin' little joint
Where we can jump and shout ♪
It's not too far back off the highway
Not so long a ride ♪
You park your car out in the open
You can walk inside ♪
A little cutie takes your hat
And you can thank her, ma'am ♪
And every time you make the scene
You find the joint is jammed ♪
Oh, Carol ♪
Carol ♪
Carol, Carol, Carol
Carol, Carol, Carol ♪
Don't let him steal your heart away ♪
I'm gonna learn to dance
If it takes me all night and day ♪
[music halts]
[heartbeat thumping]
[thumping continues]
[whooshing sound]
- [thumping stops]
- [crow squawking]
[keyboards clacking]
[Luis] Discreet, Velcro, and soft.
What's the wrist hug on that?
Like sticking your hand in a couch.
I'm telling you, it changed my life.
Do you guys ever wonder
about the other people here?
- Not really.
- I got over it.
But isn't it weird
that we don't know anyone's name?
No. Before you came along,
I thought Luis' name was Roy.
Roy? I like that.
But how can you know someone
without a name?
- What'd you think my name was?
- I didn't really think about it.
I just thought, "There's that
intense Black lady who takes me to work."
[soft string music playing]
People aren't here to socialize, Carol,
they're here to work.
I know. I just wish I knew
who everyone was.
Let it go, Carol.
You hear me? Let it go!
[music fades]
["Largo" from Vivaldi's
Mandolin Concerto in C Major playing]
[printer whirring]
[engine starts, revs]
[engine sputters, stops]
[inaudible conversation]
[coffee maker percolating softly]
Eleanor, but I prefer Ellie.
[classical music continues]
[distant crow squawking]
[elevator bell chimes]
Thank you, Nicholas.
Nicholas Prestwich.
[keyboards clacking]
- Morning, Mark.
- [Mark] Huh?
- Doing well, Jennifer?
- Huh?
Tea, Tom?
Wait, what?
- ["Allegro" from Mandolin Concerto plays]
- Hi, Amanda.
How's it going, Brian?
Hey there, Casey.
Good morning Monica?
- Anthony. John.
- Uh
Margaret. Ashley.
- How did you
- Tyler. Barb.
Jason, Caryn, Ernie,
Emily, Davy, Michelle.
What you got there, Lisa?
- A granola bar?
- [coughing]
- Sharon.
- What the
- Joshua.
- Huh?
- Andrew.
- [gasps]
Sandra. Edward.
Caroll, right?
I'm Carol.
- Hey, Mike.
- How did you
How's your wife, Stacy?
And your two little boys, Jake and Frank?
Mister [bleeped]
[classical music continues]
[man in wingsuit] Fuck yeah!
- [toilet flushes]
- [Carol] Sarah.
- [toilet flushes]
- [Carol] Vanessa.
- [toilet flushes]
- [Carol] Francine.
Doris, Jalil, Paulette, Amaya, Suzette.
- Leonard.
- [Leonard] Huh?
[Carol] Jasmine, Worrel, Doug.
- Hi, Donna.
- Carol, what is this?
You know what.
Hey, Jocelyn.
[water cooler bubbles]
Terry. Terry.
See you tomorrow, Amanda.
Good night, Brian.
Have a good night, Luis.
- Tim.
- [coughing]
Alyssa, James, Kathy.
[both] Manager.
[music fades out]
[vacuum whirring]
[somber ambient music playing]
[somber music swells]
[keyboard clacks]
[music fades]
[computer powers down]
Good night, Dave.
Uh, David?
David? Hello?
[ominous music playing]
David Seaver!
David Douglas Seaver!
Oh God.
[music fades]
But you need a finger dampener.
Luis, stop. I'm not trying
to add more shit to my desk.
Seriously, Donna.
- It's like gliding on ice.
- [elevator bell chimes]
- Feel my fingers.
- No.
- Just the tips!
- Gross.
Guys! Guys!
There's [sighs] Um, I think, uh
- Getting in?
- It's David.
- Who?
- David Seaver.
He's, uh
- Who?
- David Douglas Seaver!
Am I supposed to know who that is?
Maybe if we had
some sort of physical description?
It's just [scoffs] I need
He's [sighs]
Like husky?
David Douglas Seaver!
Slim? Is he Is he slim?
He's [sighs]
[Donna] Yeah, that's a dead man.
Do we give him CPR?
Sure. If you want to blow
into a dead body, be my guest.
What do we do?
We go home.
- But it's David.
- Yeah, and this ain't our problem.
I don't know this man, and shoot,
before yesterday, neither did you.
But he's our coworker.
We can't just leave him here.
What did I say?
I told you to drop it.
Now we dealing with dead bodies.
See? That's how it starts.
You learn a name and next thing you know,
they're going in your trunk.
Sorry. It's just
We couldn't leave him. Not like that.
Just make sure he's on the bag.
Now what?
I don't know.
Oh, hell no! We not just leaving
some dead dude in my trunk.
You gotta do better than that.
Oh wait. I know.
I thought it would feel weirder.
I mean, emotionally.
Where is that woman?
He might as well have been
a sack of potatoes.
Am I losing my humanity?
She better bring Lysol.
I got it, I got it!
I know where to take him.
[pensive electronic music playing]
I've never had to, you know,
give bad news like this.
It's easy. Just give her the facts.
"Ma'am, your husband is dead."
What if she cries?
Then pat her on the shoulder
and just be there for her.
That's all they ever need.
After that, we drag her husband
out of my trunk and get the fuck out.
Maybe that's it.
I haven't seen anybody grieve over him,
so it doesn't feel real.
How 'bout that?
That feel real enough for you?
[music fades]
[eerie stinger plays]
[Donna] You sure this is it?
I think so. It's the address he put down.
[doorbell chimes]
Twenty-three! Twenty-four!
- [dramatic stinger plays]
- 25!
- Sorry.
- [man 1] Twenty-six!
We're looking for Nicole Seaver,
wife of David.
[man 1] Twenty-eight!
- Hi. How can I help you?
- [man 1] Twenty-nine!
- Thirty! Thirty-one!
- Uh
- We're here about David.
- [man 1 continues counting]
- [man 1] Thirty-five!
- Oh, David!
- David! Guests!
- [man 1] Thirty-six! Thirty-seven!
Come on in. He'll be right out.
- Oh. Okay.
- [eerie music builds]
- [man 1] Fifty-one!
- [stinger plays]
Fifty-two! Fifty-three!
- David! There are people here!
- [man 1 continues counting]
He'll be right down.
[man 1] Fifty-seven!
- No problem.
- [man 1] Fifty-eight!
It's actually been weeks
since I've seen David.
It's been so busy here
with all the renovations.
It's stressful, you know,
but thank God I have Robert.
[man 1] Sixty-three! Sixty-four!
He's just so supportive
and so much fun to shop with.
[Carol] That's nice.
- For Christ's sakes! You have guests!
- Sixty-eight! Sixty-nine!
- I'm so sorry. I know he hears me.
- Seventy-one! Seventy-two!
[Nicole laughs sharply]
Well, that's what we wanted to
Mommy! Mommy!
Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Look!
[Nicole] You made this?
That's so beautiful.
Did Peter help?
- [Nicole murmurs, laughs]
- [man 1] Eighty-one!
Uh ma'am?
Um, David is
- [man 2] Hope everyone likes smoothies!
- [man 1] Eighty-five!
- Eighty-six!
- [music intensifies]
Can someone check if the TV works?
Enjoy. I used fresh açai berries.
[man 1] Ninety! Ninety-one!
Honey, I'm home.
How was work? Any breakthroughs
with Keppler in the lab?
Not today, honey. Guests?
- Oh, they're just looking for David.
- [man 3] Who?
[music fades]
What was it
you wanted to say to him anyway?
Nothing. Sorry. We should go.
Wait. Hold on.
Thank you for the smoothie.
- [engine turns over]
- [Donna] Carol, what the hell?
[Carol] Sorry.
- We were supposed to give them the body.
- I'm sorry. It didn't feel right.
I can't be driving around all night
with some dude in my trunk.
Donna, those people
didn't care about David.
You don't know this man.
Maybe he liked being the seventh wheel.
He has his uncle as his emergency contact.
We could go there tomorrow.
Fine, but that's it. After that, I'm done.
You think that lady
sleeps with all those men?
No. That's what Muscle David is for.
And maybe Smoothie David now and then.
But Trunk David
sure as hell wasn't getting any.
[Donna laughs]
[soft music playing]
[music fades]
[faint birdsong]
- How's it going, Brian?
- Pretty good, Jim.
- [Luis] Oh my
- [Donna retches]
[Carol sighs]
[peaceful electronic music playing]
Anyone home?
But there's an address.
I think I see something.
[Luis] You think he's somewhere over here?
[Donna] He better be.
What's his name again?
[mournful piano music playing]
Charles McGraw, or, as he was known to
members of this community, Uncle Charlie,
is finally laid to rest today.
You gotta be shittin' me.
He is survived by his only nephew,
David Seaver,
who unfortunately
couldn't make it here tonight,
but what Charles lacked in family,
he made up in friendships.
I can't believe it.
Out of all
the fucking people in the world!
I think it's hitting me.
- [sobs]
- What are you doing?
I think it's all hitting me.
[priest] Charles built a beautiful
community around his happy, joyous life.
If you knew Uncle Charlie,
you knew his big heart and bright smile.
[sobbing] Oh God! We're all next!
Frickin' Uncle Charlie.
What are we supposed to do now?
We move on.
But we never forget.
Get your hand off me before I flip you.
[Luis continues sobbing]
[mournful music swells]
[Donna] David can't say we didn't try.
Who was he to you anyway?
[car engine idles, stops]
[neon sign buzzing]
[elevator bell dings]
[spray paint can rattling]
[spray paint can hissing]
[panel beeps]
[tap runs, stops]
[energetic string music playing]
[string music intensifies]
- [music fades]
- [phones ringing]
[printer whirring faintly]
Luis Felipe Jacinto.
How's it going?
Excuse me. I have something to say.
Can I get
Sorry, Heather?
Uh, Mark?
[shuffling noise]
Um I regret to, uh, inform you
that David Seaver has passed.
Two days ago
at his desk
over there.
[soft piano music playing]
And seeing him
alone there
I don't know
He came here,
to this place,
every day,
Monday to Friday, like all of us.
Because he didn't have a, you know
But we spend more time here th-than
S So he wasn't
[Carol clicks tongue]
Because he came here, right?
Like we did.
You know?
So, in honor of David,
I would like to do something
on the roof here.
Hold a ceremony with everyone.
The people he spent time with.
Like a proper send-off.
Like right now.
[din of office sounds resumes]
Okay, I'm done now.
[somber music playing]
That was good.
Lost me at some parts, but good.
So, how should we do this?
[gulls squawking]
I guess we go around
and each say something nice?
Carol, maybe you should start.
You at least knew his name.
Uh, David was my coworker
and my colleague,
and I know he loved this place very much.
He had a mustache.
A black one.
And he was heavy to carry.
David was a good man!
Look, I didn't know the man or anything,
but I'm sorry he's dead.
David, I met your wife. She was no prize.
You're better off wherever you are.
- I like that. That's nice, Donna.
- Thanks, Carol.
He liked cereal?
All right. Maybe we should
just get on with it.
- Okay.
- See you soon, David.
[door opens]
- [man] Uh, hi, Carol.
- [door closes]
We wanted to pay our respects.
Yeah, I didn't really know him,
but he sat next to me.
He, uh, always kept
at least one urinal away.
Even when there was a line.
That was the David I knew.
David was a good employee.
He used to borrow my stapler all the time,
but he always gave it back.
I said "excuse me" to him once.
And he moved.
[Mark] His lunches smelled good.
Paul, Steve.
I didn't know him,
but your speech moved me.
- And I wanted to stretch my legs.
- Same.
Okay. I guess that's it.
David Douglas Seaver,
your body is gone,
but you were more than that.
You were a coworker,
and you will forever be a coworker to us.
[wind blowing gently]
See you later, Donna.
Paul. Chloe.
- See you later, Carol.
- Bye, Carol.
Sorry, I don't think
we were ever introduced. I'm Bruce.
Nice to meet you, Bruce.
[motorcycle engine revving]
[orchestral music swells]
[electric guitar riff playing]
[singer] We gotta get it this time, man!
[rock & roll band strikes up]
Oh, Carol ♪
Carol ♪
Carol, Carol ♪
Oh, Carol
Don't let him steal your heart away ♪
I'm gonna learn to dance
If it takes me all night and day ♪
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