Carol's Second Act (2019) s01e11 Episode Script


1 316 is stable, 405 was discharged, no one pushed an ultrasound machine down the stairs That was one time, and it was an accident.
So it looks like you guys might actually get out on time.
Yes! Caleb got us an invite to go drinking with the OB-GYN interns.
You can imagine the possibilities.
Well, I'm leaving this conversation.
This is great news I'll be able to make my date with Jenny.
- It's finally happening.
- Mm.
What's finally happening? Yeah, Daniel, what's finally happening tonight? Um, I'm finally going to a basketball game.
- I've never been.
- (GASPS) Really? Oh, it's fun! You drink beer and try to get on the jumbotron.
Ooh, you should do the floss.
It's really in right now.
Yep, that's exactly how you do that.
Thank you.
So, you going with friends? Yeah, yeah, an old college buddy.
Big beard.
(CHUCKLES): Carol, however big you're picturing this beard, I promise you, it's bigger.
You know me well, Daniel.
I was picturing a small beard.
DENNIS: Hey, guys? You might want to cool it on the evening plans.
I just got a call from the ER.
Jake's on his way up.
(FRUSTRATED GROANS) No! He always does this.
Just as we start to think we're gonna have an early night, Bad News Jake shows up with a buzzer-beater patient - and we're here for an extra two hours.
- (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Be nice to Jake.
He's just doing his job.
- Hey, Jake! - Uh-huh.
How's our favorite ER doctor? ALL (FLATLY): Hey, Jake.
You don't have to do that.
I know no one likes me.
Even my dog looks disappointed when I get home.
Just a heads-up I'm sending up a patient, 24-year-old female with sepsis due to a UTI.
When you evaluate her, see if you think she'll need the ICU.
I could take her, but then I'd have to miss my basketball game.
Oh, don't do that.
You haven't been.
Yeah, send her up.
- I'll admit the patient.
- JAKE: Thanks.
Thank you, Jake, for all your hard work.
Oh, no problem.
It's all I have.
All right, bye, everyone.
Bye, Jake.
Always great to see you.
(SIGHS) That's the size of beard I was picturing.
(BEEP) I'm glad you decided to come in, Amanda.
People don't take UTIs seriously.
But nobody can stop talking about gluten.
I can't believe I let it get this bad.
My roommates just told me to drink cranberry juice.
Your roommates don't sound like doctors.
One of them teaches hot yoga, and one of them's a witch.
You'd think a witch would come up with something better than cranberry juice.
She's not a great witch.
Well, you're stable at the moment, but I think you would benefit from a little closer observation, so I asked Nurse Dennis to call up and have you transferred to the ICU.
- Uh, Dr.
Kenney? - Mm-hmm? - Can I have a minute? - Sure.
Bad news.
I spoke to Dr.
Mehta in the ICU.
She won't accept your patient.
She said they don't have space.
Well, that's weird, 'cause we took one of their patients this morning.
Maybe they got some more admits from the ER.
Or maybe she's blocking.
Blocking? What's blocking? Blocking is when doctors try to keep a patient out of their ward because they want to avoid the work.
That's a person in there, not an extra unit of work.
I don't believe that our ICU is capable of blocking.
It's in their name not only do they care, they care intensively.
And I'm telling you, blocking is real.
Really real.
Friday at 5:00, Carol, it is block o'clock.
I'm gonna talk to Dr.
There must be some miscommunication.
I'm really happy we're finally doing this.
It was worth the wait.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Okay, it's a big restaurant.
He probably won't even see us.
Hello, you two.
(BOTH): Oh, hey, Dr.
Frost! I love this place.
It is cozy.
Um, I'm waiting for a friend, but I brought a book so don't mind me.
Fun fact for the future: this place is very popular with senior doctors.
Well, I'm glad I know that.
I'm looking for Dr.
- You found her.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Cute earrings.
- Oh, thank you.
Family heirloom.
I stole them from my ex-husband's mother.
Can't beat that price.
(BOTH LAUGH) - How can I help you? - Well, I'm Dr.
I called about a patient.
You refused to accept the transfer.
Female, 24, septic.
Oh, yes, I remember.
She was hypotensive but saturating well on room air.
In my opinion, she doesn't require intensive care.
Yeah, well, in my opinion, the way she's trending concerns me.
Well, she's still borderline.
Have you given her more fluids? Yes, of course.
And I know I'm just an intern I'm sorry.
You're an intern? (CHUCKLES): Yeah.
I know.
I look a little older than your average intern.
You look decades older.
Which is why I thought you were an attending.
And normally, an intern wouldn't have the audacity to come up here and argue with me.
Well, I'll take that as a compliment.
- Well, don't.
- Well, I already did.
Thank you.
We're full.
We don't have any beds to spare.
Now, why don't you get on that elevator and hippity-hop back down to your patient like a good little intern.
"Hippity-hop"? Yes.
Boop, boop, boop.
Off you go.
What if he tells someone he saw us on a date? Should we ask him to keep it quiet? (QUIETLY): Hey.
Frost? Your secret is safe with me.
Wait, how did you know what we were gonna say? I was in my 20s once.
Also, we're sitting two feet apart, and the music's not very loud.
- Well, thanks for being so cool.
- (CHUCKLES) You'll have more privacy once my colleague shows up.
He was so nice.
Should we invite him to sit with us? At least until his friend gets here? You're sweet.
Do you want to tell him, or me? No, you go ahead.
Well, it was your nice idea.
I'd be delighted.
Oh, no.
This feels like a thing.
Jacobs, it weighs heavily on my heart to levy an accusation such as this.
But I believe that Dr.
Mehta is putting her own workload over the welfare of my patient.
I don't know if you're familiar with this term, but she is blocking.
I know Dr.
We were in the same intern class.
And that is a serious accusation.
I doubt that it's true.
But when I went to speak with her, she You did what? Interns do not go over their chief resident's heads and run around the hospital questioning other doctors' decisions.
Of course.
I would never question her.
I just asked her some questions.
If Dr.
Mehta refused to admit, I'm sure she had her reasons.
Well she did say there weren't any beds.
Well, that strikes me as a good reason, Dr.
You need to apologize to Dr.
I have some very nice stationery, - and I will write her - In person! Hi.
I'm, uh, looking for Dr.
She just left for dinner.
- Would you like to leave a message? - Yes.
Tell her Dr.
Kenney sends her apologies.
I'll follow up with a note.
I have some very nice stationery, but nobody seems to care.
Is that a spare bed? There are two free beds in here.
What is this, a mattress store? The ICU isn't full! No.
We have lots of beds.
(GASPS) Okay, then.
Well, I'd like to make a little amendment to my message.
No message.
Tell her I apologize for nothing! Who are you? (SIGHS) Well, the rumors are true.
There are beds everywhere.
Mehta is blocking.
(GASPS): Oh, it is on.
No one doc-blocks Carol.
Ooh, are you gonna tell Dr.
Jacobs? I already talked to her, and she told me I'm not supposed to question another doctor.
So what, y-you're giving up? My hands are tied.
How can we even do our jobs when the priority isn't the patient? What's the point of even being a doctor? DENNIS: But, Carol, never giving up, seeing the best in people, even when it's sort of annoying is your whole thing.
Yeah, you're always willing to do something crazy to do what's right.
I am, aren't I? And that's why you're part of the Greatest Generation.
I am not part of the Greatest Generation.
Aw, don't put yourself down.
How old do you people think I am?! Even today, Dr.
Mehta thought I was a senior attending.
(GASPS SOFTLY) I have an idea.
Now, I wasn't sure if the Heimlich maneuver would work on a dog, but that meatball shot out of Barney's mouth like a T-shirt out of a cannon! - (LAUGHTER) - (PHONE VIBRATING) Oh.
Looks like Darnton won't be able to make it to dinner.
Darnton as in Dr.
Andrew Darnton? He's my medical hero.
FROST: I didn't know you were interested in cardiology, Dr.
That's what I want to specialize in after I finish my residency.
Oh, well, I'm meeting Darnton at the hospital for a cigar on the roof.
He's gonna tell me all about the surgery.
It took him 18 hours, and he sweated his way through his lucky Yankee scrub cap.
I follow him on Twitter.
I'm kind of a Darnton-head.
(CHUCKLES) You should join us.
Oh, my God, really? FROST: What am I saying? I've already taken up too much of your time.
Of course.
(CHUCKLES) No, not to worry.
He passes through here every decade or so.
You two have fun.
Oh, and dessert's on me.
Try the soufflé.
It's like a kiss from a chocolate angel.
He's on his way to see Andrew Darnton.
Can you believe it? I mean, yeah.
But I didn't know who he was to begin with, so (CHUCKLES) You don't know the man who perfected the endoscopic coronary artery bypass and has two labradoodles named Chamber and Valve? Again, Darnton-head.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Daniel, do you want to go meet him? What? No way.
We're finally having our date.
Because it kind of feels like you maybe want to go.
Come on.
You heard Frost.
I'll get a chance to meet him in another decade.
All I'm saying is, if you want to go to the roof, then you should.
But what about our date? (CHUCKLES) We've rescheduled, like, six times already.
We can do it again.
This seems like a really big opportunity for you.
You should go.
Thank you so much for understanding.
You are the best.
- Can I help you? - Yeah, um, I'll take the soufflé.
And a side of two more beers.
Yeah, you.
(EXHALES) I have a patient that needs to be admitted to the ICU, and there seems to be some sort of a problem.
Are you that problem, Meghan? I'm sorry, is it "Mee-ghan"? Yes.
It's a lovely name.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) But I'm a senior attending, so I'll say it whatever way I want.
This patient needs to be admitted immediately.
Mehta is gone for the night.
I could page her.
Mehta? I outrank Mehta by a mile and a half.
This patient's life is at risk.
So I'm not asking for your permission or for Dr.
And you said you're an attending? I did.
Because I am.
Can I see your I.
? It's just, I don't recognize you.
I don't have time to show you my I.
I have a patient who needs help.
Kenney, is there a problem? Actually, if you can believe it, this intern is questioning the fact that I'm an attending.
Well, you're one of the most respected attendings in the whole hospital.
What does she think, you're some sort of 60-year-old intern? Early to mid-50s, but, yeah, ridiculous.
I'm so sorry.
I'll go initiate the order.
(WHISPERS): Thank you so much.
This ICU's Block City.
It's nice to have someone who always tries to do the right thing for her patient.
Besides, you're always nice to me.
Aw, Jake, that means a lot.
You're my best friend, Carol.
Well, I owe you one.
Really? Not to cash in the favor immediately, but any chance you could put in a word for me with Dr.
Gilani? Like, romantically? Oh, Jake.
You don't make things easy for yourself, do you? And that's when the anesthesiologist turns to me and says, "Darnton, that's not a mitral valve!" (LAUGHTER) Long story short, don't operate in Moscow.
- No.
- (LAUGHTER) It's an incredible story, sir.
Oh, you'll have 'em someday, too.
- Mm.
- If you're up here with Frost, - you have what it takes.
- Mm.
That means a lot coming from you.
I'm actually a little surprised to see you up here, Dr.
Looked like you were having a very nice time with Ms.
I was.
But she totally got that joining you was a real opportunity for me.
She was very cool about it.
It's all good.
(BOTH LAUGHING) What did she say when you dropped her off? Uh, I, um (STAMMERS) I left her at the restaurant.
You said to try the soufflé.
Try it, not eat it by herself like a sad accountant on her first trip to Europe.
How long have you two been together? It was a first date.
Yeah, we've been trying for a while, but we keep postponing because of my work schedule.
I shouldn't have come here, should I? Well, that depends on what you want.
You can prioritize your career, but you can't expect someone else to stick around if they're always coming in second.
Take it from two men who have been divorced three times.
But i-it's possible to have both, right? (BOTH LAUGHING) Well, I think so, but I haven't managed it yet.
I think I should go.
Were we ever that young? Hey.
You got my text.
Thank you for waiting.
Oh, don't thank me.
Thank the soufflé that took 30 minutes to come out.
I am so sorry.
I shouldn't have left.
But I'm back.
Can we finish our night? Daniel, it is finished.
Look, Jenny, I-I know I messed up.
No, you didn't.
Your career is important to you, and it should be.
You're just starting out.
That's why I told you to go.
But I don't want to just be all about my career.
Okay, but you're gonna have to keep making that choice over and over, and, honestly, I don't want that pressure on me.
So that's it? Maybe now just isn't our time.
I don't want to spend my Friday nights eating a soufflé and two beers by myself.
(SIGHS) I mean, I do, but, like, at home, on the couch, like a normal person.
Can I, uh, get you another beer? Oh, no.
It's tequila time.
Amanda's in the ICU now.
Safest place for her.
And justice is restored.
- (LAUGHS) - Whoo! Someone get this lady a jumbotron! Ooh, boy.
Let's hide.
Let's watch.
I hope you know where to buy a bunch of tiny water bottles, 'cause you'll be driving an Uber by the end of the day.
Well, I would be a great driver, because I would take every passenger.
You'd be blocking every request and driving around by yourself, listening to music and vaping.
What brings you down here? Your intern impersonated a senior attending to trick one of my doctors into accepting a borderline patient.
Kenney, is this true? Yes.
A-And it worked.
Amanda's in the ICU, where she belongs.
She's in the ICU? But I thought the ICU didn't have any beds.
That's not the point.
I'm gonna run this issue up the hospital chain of command and make sure that Dr.
Kenney is severely reprimanded.
You could, but then I would have to inform everyone that you blocked.
Oh, my God, she's on Carol's side.
Mehta, my intern may have skirted the rules, but she did so with the best of intentions.
Can you say the same thing? Oh, boy.
Here we go.
Oh, boy.
Here we go.
Half-Assed Hanita.
(SCOFFS) Excuse me? You were a half-ass intern, a half-ass med student and a less than half-ass study group member.
And she's rude.
Tell her she's rude.
I was giving you the benefit of the doubt as a professional courtesy.
Clearly, that was a mistake.
I should have listened to my intern.
Now, this is my floor.
Would you mind returning to yours? Boop, boop, boop! That was incredible.
Oh, thank you for having my back.
Kenney, some people think the ends justify the means There's my girl! Same page! No.
Different pages, different books.
(CHUCKLES) You're a doctor, not a vigilante.
Impersonating an attending is a serious offense with serious consequences.
Um, I don't know what they are, because this has never happened before.
(CHUCKLES) So, for now, I'll leave you with a stern warning to stay in your lane.
But never stop advocating for your patients.
You were right.
Amanda crashed in the ICU, but, because she was there, they were able to treat her successfully.
She's gotten so much better, they're going to transfer her back to us today.
Oh, that is great news about Amanda.
- And about me being right.
Mehta, you don't usually bring patients down yourself.
No, I don't.
But Amanda had something she wanted to say.
Kenney, I can't thank you enough.
For sending me to Dr.
She saved my life.
Amanda! (EXHALES) I told her to leave me out of it.
Just doing my job.
Bye, ladies.
She's the worst.
- Her boyfriend tried to kiss me once.
- (GASPS) Really? You didn't hear it from me.
You can't leave me on that!