Case Sensitive (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Geraldine? (SIGHS) Christ! Oonagh's meant to be having a play day with Lucy.
Well, Geraldine's car's here.
I thought you were supposed to be away.
I managed to get back early.
Coming in? (LOCKS CAR) Geraldine? (WATER DRIPS) Four Seven Run! Coming, ready or not.
"It's Proust.
Are you there yet?" Yes, I'm at the house now, sir.
"Well, you're late.
" "The pathologist is already there.
" Yes, sir.
I know.
"This one's down to you, Zailer.
" Thank you, sir.
DC Waterhouse.
Just down the corridor, on the left.
Pathologist's already here.
Didn't think you were on today.
No, they called me in.
It's not a problem.
No, of course not.
The inspector's already called me.
Didn't even give me time to (DOOR CLOSES) .
get here.
Morning, ma'am.
Dr Chaudry.
Charlie Zailer.
DS Zailer.
Good to meet you, finally.
I'm sure you've seen worse at the Met, but for us this is a rarity.
The woman died of blood loss, deep cuts to the right wrist.
The girl apparently drowned.
I won't know until the postmortem.
Could anyone else have done this? There are no marks to suggest it's anything other than self-inflicted.
They've just found this in the other bedroom.
Thank you, Sellers.
Thank you, Dr Chaudry.
Are you Mrs O'Hara? Oonagh's exhausted, can I take her home? Of course.
I just need to take a quick statement.
I've already spoken to the other detective.
Erm, well, can we drive you home? No, thanks.
Is that your cat? It's all right, darling.
We're going to go home now, OK? Geraldine adored Lucy.
She wouldn't have done this.
She couldn't.
I have to ask, sir, if your wife had any history of mental illness? No.
Were there any marital problems? No! This was a business trip you were away on, yes? Yeah.
Just a couple of days.
I was in Switzerland at a scientific conference.
We make lasers.
When did you last speak to your wife? Yesterday.
When? Lunchtime, around 1:30.
Was there an argument, anything the matter? No! No! However trivial.
I've said, no! She was fine! Somebody must've broken into the house - We're checking for forced entry now, sir.
Detective Sergeant Zailer.
I'm in charge of this investigation.
Thank you, DC Waterhouse.
I'm very sorry about this, Mr Bretherick.
Thank you for letting us do our job.
Is this your wife's handwriting? "I'm sorry, but I have to do what is right for Lucy and me.
" Do you have any idea what she means? No! I thought everything was fine.
If you can think of any reason at all.
II don't know if there's anything to tell you.
Is there anyone we can call to be with you, sir? No, it's just Geraldine.
There's only ever been Geraldine.
I'm very sorry, sir.
Poor bloke.
By all means, commit suicide, but don't take the kid with you, it's so bloody selfish.
We don't know all the facts yet.
Listen, Friday night The erm, the end of the evening's a bit hazy.
We don't have to talk about - We're working together, so I don't want it to be a problem.
It's not a problem.
No problem.
That's good.
One more thing Would you mind not going ahead with interviews without consulting me first, please? Sorry - I'm not being difficult, it's just it confuses things and since I have to make a judgement on the case, I need to be involved at all stages.
No problem.
Anyway, this all looks pretty straightforward.
Every time I stay at this hotel, you mess something up.
What's wrong with you? I know that I booked.
Do you expect me to drive back to Manchester for five hours? Here you are, you're booked in for the 7th.
See, I told you.
It's the 6th today.
I'll cancel your booking for tomorrow and I'll put you in our annexe.
They're lovely rooms.
Have a nice stay.
Silly cow.
She probably had a long day.
Hello? Hello? Nick? Jake? Zoe? (CHILDREN SCREAM) Hi, guys.
How was football? Did they win? 3-1.
Don's dropped by for a beer.
He's brought little Matt.
Don't worry, Sal.
I'll cook.
(CHILDREN SHOUT) Sal, grab us a couple of beers, will you? TV: "The bill goes before Parliament next week.
In further news, the mother and daughter found dead in their luxury home this morning have been named as Geraldine and Lucy Bretherick.
They were found by Geraldine's husband, Mark Bretherick, when he returned from a business trip.
The police are looking into the possibility that Geraldine Bretherick killed herself after taking the life of her daughter.
" (DISTANT SIREN) I don't suppose you could translate that for me, could you? What do you mean? The sentence where you move from Aramaic to Sanskrit.
When did you last see Mrs Bretherick before today? Cordy O'Hara: Last Friday, picking up Lucy from school.
She seemed fine.
" Oh, really? It says that, does it? Hm-mm.
Anything in here that seemed at all helpful? Yes, there is.
Cordy O'Hara makes a point of saying Geraldine was "the perfect mother.
She was happy and she would never have done this.
" People who commit suicide don't always advertise the fact.
But this is her best friend.
Says they shared everything.
It's a fallacy women share everything.
Is Cordy O'Hara married? (SELLERS LAUGHS) Divorced, I think.
Single mother.
Geraldine Bretherick has wealthy husband, great kid, designer house, maybe she felt she'd no right to complain.
Am I interrupting something? Nothing at all, Sergeant.
A five-year-old's in a morgue, DC Sellers, I'm struggling to find what's funny about that.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Pathology report's ready.
That was quick.
Yeah, well, they fast-track it.
Coming? Wo-ho! Go get her, tiger! (OFFICERS LAUGH) Wo-ho! Hey, Sal.
Are you all right? You look awful.
You know that story in the news about the woman killing herself and her daughter? Horrible, isn't it? I mean, I know kids drive you mad - Her husband Esther, I know him.
What do you mean? That course I went on a couple of months ago in Leeds.
Yeah? He was staying at the same hotel and I can't stop thinking about it, Esther.
His wife and his child are dead.
He must be in such a state.
Sally, you didn't? I did.
I slept with him, Esther.
Oh, come here.
We have received a toxicology report, Mr Bretherick.
Were you aware of your wife taking any medication for anxiety? Benzodiazepine? No.
but I I have a prescription.
Could she have been taking your pills without you knowing? Yeah.
I suppose so, but I don't know why.
The bottle's in the drawer in the bedroom.
Do you want me to get it? Please.
So his pills ended up in her stomach? It doesn't mean he force-fed them to her, does it? These are all Geraldine's paintings, yeah? Looks like it.
What do you think? Too chocolate-box for me.
I meant as evidence of her state of mind.
Not exactly depressed, are they? What do you expect, The Scream? It's empty.
Do you, er do you think Lucy was asleep when she Would it We really can't be We're pretty sure she was unconscious when she died.
You were abroad a lot, Mr Bretherick.
Could your wife have been lonely? She had friends.
She painted.
Did she have male friends? She wasn't having an affair! OK? I'm sorry to have to ask this, Mr Bretherick, I'm sure you'll understand.
Was there anything of that nature on your side? No, I loved my wife.
Did your wife use this computer, sir? We all used it.
I'd like to check her correspondence, if that's OK? Do you have to? Yes, please, sir.
I think we'll leave it there for today, thank you, Mr Bretherick, when DC Waterhouse has finished.
Did you do any interview technique training? He wasn't very keen on the idea of us taking the laptop, was he? His wife has just killed herself and their daughter, I'm thinking that's making him a little bit tetchy.
He was in Switzerland.
His alibi's solid.
(CAR STARTS) I was at the hotel bar and we got chatting.
Talked about Nick and the kids, how it wasn't always easy.
Talked about you.
He understood.
You look like her, you know.
Who? His wife, Geraldine.
Do you think so? It is over, isn't it? (LAUGHS) Course it is.
I haven't seen him since.
And you're not going to contact him, are you? No.
Esther, I thought I might drop him a line, just to say how sorry I am.
As a friend, nothing else.
Don't get involved, Sal.
Honestly, for both your sakes.
See you back there.
Anything? "Lucy would like to continue with ballet this term.
" "I will be attending parents' evening this Thursday.
My husband's away on business.
" The life of a happily married housewife (!) Probably killed herself out of boredom.
Seems perfectly contented to me, which would corroborate Cordy O'Hara's statement.
All my married friends swear they're happy, but they're bloody miserable.
Doesn't make it the case here.
Well, it wouldn't, except she was found dead in the bath! It was all going so well, Friday night.
Say that again.
Nothing, Sergeant.
PROUST: Zailer? (KNOCKS) Carol's away on a trip with her mum.
Which one? What's the event, sir? Charity lunch.
Police rest home.
I'd go for the blue silk.
Hm? I think the pattern.
Progress? Still looking for a motive, sir.
What does Waterhouse think? With respect, I'm in charge of this investigation.
Yes, you are.
To be honest, I find him - Here we go.
Carry on.
Well - If you're going to say undisciplined, I agree.
And arrogant and humourless, and useless with paperwork.
Bloody good copper, though.
I'm not asking you to marry him, just to iron out his creases.
I'm sure you can make it work.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Sorry, sir.
Sellers has found something.
"I held her bedroom door closed tonight.
She was trying to get out, screaming, 'Mummy!', whimpering at the keyhole, crying.
" This is Geraldine talking about her daughter, isn't it? Yeah.
"Then he came in, said he couldn't stand it, so he let her out.
I feel like I am suffocating.
" So, not quite the perfect mother we've been led to believe.
Sir, I've been contacted by a criminologist at the university.
He says this is a typical case of family annihilation.
With your permission, I'd like to show him this material.
Get it wrapped up.
Sellers, can you get this copied for me? I'm going to head down to the university.
Want me to come? No, thank you.
If you can crack on with the paperwork.
He's very prolific, isn't he, Professor Harboard? Two books a year.
That's quite an achievement, that level.
What about you? Oh, I've had a few articles published.
In fact, it was one of mine that got him interested in family annihilation.
Publish or die? Are you an academic? Briefly.
My goodness Here you are Woke one morning, realised I was very, very bored.
Signed up for the force the next day.
No offence.
None taken.
It's not for everyone.
Steve Harboard.
Charlie Zailer.
Detective Sergeant.
Lovely to meet you.
Dr Hey, remind me to get arrested more often.
Shall we? "Tonight I let her read in the bath.
She balanced the light on the edge like I do.
I was willing it to to fall in.
I knew it would destroy him, as well.
" It's almost a confession.
And she's giving the motive.
The husband's clearly done something that's incensed her.
Oh, my soul.
Force not the mother's hand to slay the child.
Medea? You're saying she had some kind of Medea complex? The mother wants to cut the umbilical cord, but she can't, and yet she finds the all-consuming needs of the child destroying her.
Read your Freud, DS Zailer? I've read his works on narcissism, yes.
Quite an achievement, for a police officer.
It needs updating, but you're welcome to keep it.
There are two motives for family annihilation - revenge and the desire to protect.
Either Mark Bretherick did something terrible to Geraldine or she feared he would do something to the child.
I'm going to need a detailed report on this.
Would you be interested in doing a case study? It would be my pleasure.
Would it be possible for somebody to be in this state and for nobody around them to notice any change in their behaviour? In my humble opinion, the clues are always there, DS Zailer.
It's whether one chooses to see them or not.
Hi, Oonagh.
Mrs O'Hara, could I have a few more moments of your time? Yeah.
Mind if I come in? Sure.
Lucy Did Geraldine ever describe Lucy as being particularly demanding, having to lock her in her room? No! Geraldine was THE most together person.
She happily gave up a brilliant career to raise Lucy, she was an amazing artist, she spoke three languages fluently.
She took it all in her stride.
Are you a mum? I'm having a few problems locating Mr Right.
What about Mark Bretherick? He was very possessive of her.
Her wanted their family to be the focus all of the time.
How did Geraldine deal with that? She seemed relaxed about it.
Don't punish yourself.
People hide things.
"Family annihilation is becoming increasingly common" "bedroom door closed, whimpering" "She finds an all-consuming need The husband has clearly done something that's The clues are there, DS Zailer, it's whether one chooses to see them or not.
" Come on, darling.
Leave that.
Come on, you'll be late.
So how do you spell 'apple'? A-P-P-L-E.
Good girl.
Give me a kiss.
Mwah! Hey, Esther, it's me.
Look, I've got a stomach bug, I'm gonna try and sleep it off.
I'll be in later this afternoon.
That's for Sellers.
He'll forgive you.
I made some progress yesterday.
So did I.
Take a look at this.
"Home Wreckers: Murder In The Family.
" Chapter two.
A woman kills herself and kids in almost the same way Geraldine Bretherick did.
Drowned the kids, slashed her own wrists.
Her husband was having an affair.
You're saying Bretherick was playing away? No, just that all was not right in the marriage.
I went to see Cordy O'Hara and she admitted Mark Bretherick was intensely jealous.
I went to Mark Bretherick's office yesterday.
You did what? I went to Mark Bretherick's office yesterday.
I wanted to double-check his alibi.
He had a first wife who died.
Who told you that? His assistant.
So? Right He didn't make a speech at the conference in Switzerland until Saturday morning.
Time of death is presumed to be sometime Friday evening.
I think his alibi is shaky.
Go on.
So I went and saw him.
You cannot re-interview sensitive witnesses without consulting me.
He attended events on Thursday and something early Friday.
He'd time to get a plane, come over, kill Geraldine and Lucy and make it back in time for his speech on Saturday.
You were too busy feeling sorry for him to know it's the bald facts.
He could've done it.
You check the airlines? Yeah.
His name doesn't come up, but I applied for CCTV footage.
I spoke to his bank manager.
He's got huge cash flow problems.
He started his business using his first wife's money.
Geraldine has a life insurance policy.
I think, if nothing else, that merits an investigation.
This is my first case for Proust.
I know I'm screwing it up, but you can't wait to tell him, can you? What? No.
I'm I'm not like that.
What are you like, DC Waterhouse? Gossiping about me behind my back to Sellers? No! I'm You've gone out of your way to make me look like an idiot! Now, look, this is not This is about the case, OK? And I'm - I don't think I gave anyone permission to use my office.
Been rifling through the paperwork, have we? Sorry, sir.
We're done.
Geraldine? Ah Hi.
I'm I'm looking for Mark.
Sorry, for a moment I thought you were Sorry, I'm looking for Mark.
Is he here? What do you want? It's a card for Mark Bretherick.
I'm Mark Bretherick.
No, you're not.
What are you talking about? Well, I know Mark.
He isn't you.
He doesn't look like you.
I OK, get off my property.
He's 39 years old, birthday's on 30th November and he likes malt whisky and Eric Clapton! How did you know all that? Mark Bretherick told me.
But I've never seen you before in my life! I thought you were this man.
So what did he look like? When did you meet him? I've got to go.
Please, please! I want to go.
Come into my house.
Please, I just want to prove to you who I am.
Thank you.
If he wasn't Mark Bretherick, then who was he? He described this house.
He talked about Geraldine and Lucy.
Where did you meet him? At a hotel in Yorkshire.
I was on a management course, I work for a hotel.
You were involved with him, weren't you? No.
No, we were friends, that's all.
He had this photo.
What do you mean? He showed it to me.
The man had this? This man is pretending to be me and he's got photographs of my family? We have to go to the police.
I can't.
But they think she was murdered.
I know they do.
They think it was me! The police think you killed her? Yeah.
You have to come with me.
What's your name? What is your name? Esther.
Esther who? Esther Taylor.
I'm going to get my car keys.
You have to come to the police! Please! Esther, please! (ENGINE STARTS) Esther! Esther, look at this.
Where did you get this? Mark Bretherick's front room.
You have to give it back! You don't understand.
The other Mark had this.
The frame, I'm sure it's the same.
It was on his dressing table in the hotel we stayed in.
How did it end up in Mark Bretherick's house? Maybe there's something on the back.
You have to go to the police.
What'll Nick say? It'll kill him.
Anyway, I don't want to get my Mark into trouble.
For God's sake, Sally, you have no idea who he is! Who are they? I don't know.
In my opinion, the diaries are authentic.
Do they corroborate murder/suicide? They express an intense uneasiness about the maternal role.
Professor Harboard thinks Geraldine's motive was revenge.
Bretherick has withdrawn his love from Geraldine and transferred it to Lucy.
Geraldine wants to get even.
The problem is we have a conflict between the diaries and what her friends say.
According to them, she was the perfect mother, but Professor Harboard believes the diaries are genuine and written by a woman in despair.
There is another possibility and Detective Constable Waterhouse is going to take us through it.
Mark Bretherick had a first wife, who drowned.
He gained financially from her death, as he is set to gain financially from Geraldine's.
He likes blondes, doesn't he? Have you got hold of the detective who was on this? He's retired.
I've left messages.
Mark Bretherick could have set this up to look like murder/suicide.
I don't think that's very likely.
Those diaries do show that Mrs Bretherick was very disturbed.
(DOOR BUZZER) Boss, Mark Bretherick's here - There's a man claiming to be me! You lot, you don't have a clue, do you? Mr Bretherick - You come round to my house, accusing me! Look, a woman came to my house.
Esther Taylor.
She said she'd met a man called Mark Bretherick at a hotel in Yorkshire.
Now, he had a photograph of Geraldine and Lucy, the same one that I have at the house! She stole it! I'm Det Chief Inspector Proust.
Sounds to me like you want to make a statement, sir.
Yes, I do.
Look, you've got to find this Esther Taylor.
She works in a local hotel.
Don't worry, Mr Bretherick.
Here we go.
(SIGHS) So is Mark Bretherick delusional, or do you think he's telling the truth? The truth being Esther Taylor exists and she met a bloke claiming to be Mark Bretherick? It's possible, yeah.
Listen I need to know what you told Sellers about Friday night.
He saw you getting into my car outside the bar and he knows that I drove you home, that's it.
That's it.
I keep things to myself, I Even if I didn't, Sellers is the last person I'd confide in.
I'm sorry.
No, no, it's not a problem.
I apologise for anything untoward that might've happened after you dropped me off.
We don't need to talk about it.
We do.
I drink too much when I'm nervous.
With it being a new job, I had a few too many.
It's not a problem.
Anything inappropriate that did happen was because of the alcohol.
No problem.
Well, erm We need to find Esther Taylor.
(MOBILE RINGS) Esther, it's Sally.
I think both these photos were taken at the bird sanctuary.
I took Jake and Zoe there last year.
I'm going to go there now.
If I don't find anything, I'll go to the police.
I promise.
VOICEMAIL: "If I don't find anything, I'll go the police.
I promise.
" Oh, Sally! (SHRIEKING) Mrs O'Hara? Can I have a word? I'm looking for someone.
An Esther Taylor.
Does that name mean anything to you? I don't think so.
Are you sure Geraldine never mentioned it? No.
Maybe - Mrs O'Hara, I wanted to catch you.
Oonagh's had a very good day.
Oh, Mrs Brett, this is DC Waterhouse.
He's on the - (SCREAMS) He's not going to arrest you, Oonagh.
I'll just take her home.
Thank you so much.
Poor Oonagh's had a rough ride.
She and Lucy were very close.
Traumatic for anyone to find something like that, but a child Doesn't bear thinking about.
Have you heard of an Esther Taylor? (SHOP BELL) Hello.
Would you mind signing the visitors' book? Thank you, dear.
It just helps with our funding.
I know this is a silly question .
but these photos were taken here.
Do you recognise these people? Hang on.
Let me put on my glasses.
No, I can't say I do.
Never mind.
Isn't that the little girl that died? Are you a reporter? No, no, nothing like that.
Then why are you asking these questions? I just need to find them.
If you know anything important about this little girl and her mum, you should go to the police.
I will.
Maybe I will.
OK? Why? Do you know something about them? Right, I'll call the police myself.
Give me the police, please.
Simon, it's me.
Someone rang in, saying there's a woman acting suspiciously.
She has pictures of Geraldine Bretherick.
" Her name is Esther Taylor.
I'll meet you there.
Where is it? She might still be here.
Blonde, early thirties.
Excuse me, madam.
Is your name Esther Taylor? Esther Taylor? Esther Taylor? Esther Taylor? Is your name Esther Taylor? Esther Taylor? Esther? 'Esther?' 'Esther?' So, Esther Taylor.
She was gone by the time we got there, sir.
CCTV? That's a little advanced for the bird sanctuary, sir.
But she did a runner and left these photos behind.
And? It seems she did go to the Bretherick house and steal this photo of Geraldine and Lucy.
She turns up at the bird sanctuary.
Shows this to the woman at the door.
Who are they? We don't know, sir.
Nor did she.
She was trying to identify them.
What's the connection between them and Geraldine Bretherick? We don't know that either, sir.
Why not tell me something you do know? We do know we need to find Esther Taylor.
According to Mark Bretherick she works at a local hotel.
We're checking everyone within a 20-mile radius.
Waterhouse? I went to a seance with my Aunt Ruby once.
It was just like this.
Excuse me.
I thought you were gonna whip him into shape.
I do my best, sir.
Well, do better.
Let me know what transpires, won't you? Yes, sir.
(CROWS SQUAWK) Sarge, got something for you.
Can you address me for once without a ham and cheese bagel in your mouth? It's tuna mayonnaise.
Anyway we found Esther Taylor.
Oh, thank God! Where? We've got a positive ID.
It's definitely her.
Esther Taylor.
35 years old.
Junior manager at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
She lived on her own.
So I sent Sellers round to the flat.
You need to get over to the hotel.
What have you been doing? I had an idea.
You'd have told me to stay put and check hotels.
I would.
So I went to Lucy's school.
This is Maria Olivia and her daughter Amy, who is one of Lucy Bretherick's best friends.
Go on.
The family moved back to Spain about a year ago.
I checked their flat.
Some big, knobby Georgian number, but no forwarding address.
Dead end.
Thank you for sharing, DC Waterhouse.
We need to know why Esther Taylor was looking for them.
Blimey, home baking.
I use my oven for storage.
These are for Oonagh's school.
If you don't bake cookies, you get your tyres slashed by the yummy mummies.
So down to business.
Do you know these two? That's Amy and her mother Maria.
The girls were friends for a time.
They moved back to Spain a while ago.
Maybe a year.
It was quite a relief.
Amy was a bit of a nightmare.
One of those kids when you see her your heart sinks.
But Oonagh and Lucy were really fond of her.
The mother.
I wasn't keen.
She had some high-powered job.
I don't think she really wanted children.
I'd say motherhood bored the pants off her.
What about the dad? I never met him.
Maria was gonna organise a dinner party.
Never happened - thank goodness! Why the interest? We're just trying to join some dots.
We need to get hold of them to be honest.
I'm pretty sure the girls swapped email addresses.
They were gonna stay in contact, but you know.
I'll dig it out for you.
Amy! Hey, Oonagh.
Why do children run away from me? She thinks you've come to arrest her.
She convinced herself Lucy's death was her fault.
Why? Amy told her a secret apparently.
Made her promise not to tell.
But she told Lucy.
Now Lucy's dead, so it's all her fault.
Perfect logic when you're six.
(BANG FOLLOWED BY FLUTTERING) Help! Thank you for your time.
Blood tests show benzodiazepine in her blood stream.
Same as Geraldine Bretherick.
They've recovered her handbag.
Mobile phone's missing.
Have you got anything? Mm.
I spoke to most of her colleagues.
Just two outstanding.
One on holiday.
One called in sick.
And? Esther was divorced.
Well liked.
No regular boyfriend.
I have names.
Sellers is checking them out.
Yesterday afternoon a man came in looking for her.
Hold it.
Go back.
Bloody hell! I knew it.
Interview with Mark Bretherick in the presence of DC Waterhouse and DS Zailer.
Mr Bretherick, where were you at 5pm yesterday afternoon? I was at the Crowne Plaza Hotel looking for Esther Taylor.
Why were you looking for her? She came to my house and said she worked at the local hotel.
And she stole a photo of my wife and child.
Then she vanished, and you don't believe she exists.
Did you find her? No.
Went home.
You have witnesses who can corroborate that? No, because my house is completely empty these days because my wife and daughter are dead.
Do you remember? Is this the photo Esther Taylor stole from your house? Yeah, except it was in a frame.
Where did you get it? Is this from your house, too? I think that's one of Lucy's friends.
But I've never seen the photo before.
What have they got to do with Geraldine's death? What about this? Why are you showing me this? Come on! But I've never seen it before.
This is Esther Taylor.
No, it's not.
This isn't the woman who came to my house.
Look, are you gonna charge me with anything? Because if you're not, I'm gonna leave.
Is it your intetntion to sabotage every witness in this case? What is the matter with you? So you buy that? They're off again! Why say Esther isn't the woman who saw him? Because he doesn't want to be in the frame for her murder.
He was the one that brought us to her in the first place! Sarge.
You're not listening.
If he plans murder, why go in a police station and annouce he's looking for her? Exactly.
What? There were four men in Esther Taylor's life.
All four have been alibied.
Two by their wives.
We showed her photo to the woman at the bird sanctuary - She's never seen her before.
How do you know? Wild bloody guess! If there's anyone in her life we haven't spoken to, JFDI now.
Come again? Just fucking do it, Sellers.
No, sir.
I'm afraid not, sir.
I just got an email from Maria Olivia in Spain.
She and her husband are devastated by the death of Lucy and Geraldine, but they have no idea who Esther Taylor is.
Thank you, sir.
Up your arse, sir.
The problem is, Jonathan, I was convinced Geraldine and Lucy was a straightforward murder-suicide, and then another stiff turns up.
I see how this complicates things.
Professor Harwood says a crime scene says as much about a criminal as your home says about you.
You should see my flat.
It's not an exact science.
We can't identify individuals, only types.
But we're happy to take credit when the killer is caught.
Familiar! If the cases are linked, what I can say is the perpetrator is most likely an ultra-controllong, high-functioning man.
Jonathan was just telling me what an amazing mentor you've been to him.
If you've come to see me, sorry.
I've got a TV thing.
It's a distraction from my work, but it is interesting.
I can imagine.
I'm free later if you fancy chewing over your fascinating case.
I'm really up against it.
Well, pity.
I'll call you.
Sorry, he's a bit of a Yeah, he is a bit.
So what are we talking? A stranger killing? No.
I'd say someone intimately connected with the family.
Mark Bretherick? (DRIPPING) I didn't get you anything cos I didn't know what you'd want.
I'm fine.
Have something.
Don't make me eat on my own.
I make my own food.
Like to know what's in it.
Who does that look like? A young Geraldine Bretherick.
That's Sally Thorne, Esther's best friend.
They work together at the hotel.
She's not off sick.
She's missing.
Since when? Yesterday afternoon.
Come on.
This is her.
This is the woman who came here.
Who is she? Her name is Sally Thorne.
Have you spoken to her? Unfortunately not.
She went missing yesterday morning, sir.
Do you think something's happened to her? All avenues are open.
Is there any possibility your wife knew this woman? It's unlikey, but I have no idea.
I'm sorry, Mr Bretherick, but we must search your house again.
Do what you need to do, Sellers.
Do you need me to stay? No, sir.
I'm home! (DOOR SLAMS) Sorry.
Really bad joke.
Mark! Why did you say you were Mark Bretherick? I couldn't think of any other way to do it.
To do what? To protect you, Sally.
That's all I was trying to do.
I dreamed about you for months.
I fantasized about running into you, but Jesus Christ! I never imagined this.
I know.
It It must seem bizarre.
It is bizarre.
What am I saying? You must have been petrified.
It's It's just I had to weigh one thing against the other, and it seemed to me better you were terrified than dead.
Dead?! What do you mean dead? Mark Bretheridge is trying to kill you Sally.
I don't even know know him.
I've hardly even met Why does he want to kill me? Esther! I'm so sorry.
Mark Bretherick killed her.
He must have thought she was onto him.
Oh, my God! I told him my name was Esther Taylor.
Is that why? It's my fault.
It's my fault she's dead.
Stop it.
Listen to me.
It's I-It's not you fault.
It's my bloody fault.
I told you I was Mark Bretherick.
If I hadn't made up that stupid lie, you wouldn't have seen him, she'd still be alive.
He killed her.
And now he's looking for you.
(GASPS) How do you know these things? This is horrible.
Who are you? I'm Jonathan Hey.
I know because I'm a criminologist, and I'm making a study of Mark for the police.
But he's a psychopath.
You're not safe till he's off the street.
The only place I could think of that was safe was here.
Looking sharp, boss.
Commissioner's retirement do.
What are we looking at now, Zailer? From Bretherick's house.
There must be a link between all the women - I hope we find it in this lot.
And Sally Thorne? We found her car and registered her as missing.
We think she's been abducted, sir.
Started an appeal.
I think he likes you, Charlie.
Well, thank you, Colin.
Where did this lot come from? That came from .
the shelf in the kitchen.
It's all written in Spanish.
Written by Geraldine? Not her handwriting.
That needs translating.
Do you like basil? I don't mind.
I really ought to call Nick.
He'll be going out of his mind.
Let him sweat.
He deserves it.
You told me he treated you like a skivvy.
Remember that morning we stayed in bed and ordered room service? You said he was so useless he didn't know how to use the washing machine.
I didn't mean it.
I - Anyway I texted him.
What?! I used your phone.
Don't worry.
Who did you say you were? You, of course.
You sent him a message pretending to be me? You can't do that! What's the matter? You trusted me before.
Why don't you trust me now? I do trust you.
I was just wondering about your plans.
What are you - we, what are we gonna do? We're gonna have supper.
Then we'll work out a course of action.
OK? OK? Thanks for coming.
No problem.
Sorry about the mess.
Just sit down.
Listen to this.
'I slammed the door on her and held onto the handle.
She kept saying, 'Mummy, let me out! Then he came upstairs and said I was being cruel.
' Geraldine Bretherick's diary.
No, it's not.
It's written in Spanish and it's a translation of this.
See the handwriting's different.
Look at the suicide note.
Where did you find this? At the Bretherick house.
The kids' names are different.
Amy instead of Lucy.
Olivia? This is Maria's diary.
Yes, it is.
It was altered on Geraldine's computer to make it look like she was disturbed enough to kill Lucy.
What do you think? And this? 'I'm sorry, but I have to do what is right for Lucy and me.
' This isn't a suicide note.
No, it's not.
Forensics say it's been torn from a longer letter.
I knew this was never murder-suicide.
Yeah, well.
you were right and I was wrong.
Anyway thanks for coming over.
Sorry to bother you.
No, no, no.
No, this is great.
This is great really.
Well done.
It's brilliant.
You're brilliant.
Don't get carried away, will you? So you speak Spanish, then? Si.
Dos sangrias por favor.
I forgot you don't drink.
We need to find these Olivias, don't we? Yes, we do.
So you're saying you knew the Brethericks.
Geraldine Bretherick would have married me, if she'd been free.
How do you mean? I have family of my own.
And our children were friends.
After my wife took ours back to Spain .
well, I bought one of Geraldine's paintings.
She was a wonderful painter.
A wonderful mother.
So what happened? She ended it.
Said she felt uncomfortable.
But she'd never have left her husband.
Why do you think I used Mark Bretherick's name when I met you? He had everything I wanted.
Do you think he found out about you and Geraldine? Well, he must have done.
Why else do you think he killed her? When we were at the hotel you had a photo of Geraldine and Lucy.
Mark Bretherick had the same photo in his house.
Geraldine gave it to me.
When things were going well Then she asked for it back.
She said she thought it might look compromising.
So when you saw me in the hotel in Leeds you you must have thought I looked like Geraldine.
I thought that ages before I saw you up there.
It was uncanny actually.
What do you mean? I saw you one night getting out of your car.
Geraldine's doppelganger.
A couple of weeks later I saw you at the station.
You looked so sweet struggling with the .
wheels on that little case.
I don't understand.
How did you end up in the same hotel as me? Because I knew I had to meet you.
I followed you, Sally.
I never believed that it was Geraldine's diary.
She'd never have written those things about Lucy.
She adored her.
I am very sorry about that.
Is there any reason you can think of why your wife was translating Maria Olivia's diaries? I didn't know they were so close.
Geraldine was so clever.
She was brilliant at languages.
Why not ask Maria Olivia? We are trying to.
But we need any lead you can give us about the Olivias.
Anything at all.
They buoght my favourite of Geraldine's paintings.
Just come back from a bloody trade fair in Munich, and it was gone.
Geraldine said the husband came round to collect it.
When? When was this? Er Munich was about three months ago.
Three months? Are you sure? Thank you very much, sir.
Sally! Sally! Come down.
I've got something to show you.
It's a surprise.
I don't like surprises.
You're gonna love this one! Do you remember when you bunked off that conference in Leeds, and you said, 'Wouldn't it be great to run away to a Greek island and live in a white house?' Yeah, that was just talk.
A daydream.
It was then, but it doesn't have to be now.
It's for sale.
We can make our dreams come true.
We're gonna raise our little family in fresh air by the sea.
What's that mean? What are you talking about? Don't you think we should have a little baby of our own? I've already got the family, Jonathan.
And I want to get back to them.
Oh, Sally! You really don't know what you want, do you? We really need some more information on the Olivias.
We need to trace them.
Did you try the email address I gave you? I did, and I got a reply.
But when I asked for a phone number nothing.
We think they've been in the UK recently.
All I'll have is an old address.
Whatever you have, please.
Hi, Jess.
It's my turn tomorrow.
That's a nice picture.
Did you do this? Yes.
Who are these three? That's me.
That's Lucy.
And that's Amy.
Did you do this bit here? That's Amy's other house.
See you later.
Good luck.
' Yeah? I think I've got a lead.
'The Olivia's owned a second home.
Cordy's given me directions.
' 'Did you get an address?' Not an exact address.
But it's outside Ettington, and I've a description of sorts.
What have you got? 'We're speaking to Maria's last employer and the Inland Revenue will send what they have.
' Great.
I'll keep you posted.
Oonagh, you shouldn't be out here.
You must go back inside the gate.
Is there something wrong? Amy, gonna come play with us? Come on.
Amy! Amy! I told you before, out! Amy, no! Can I tell you a secret? Of course you can, love.
What's that? Nothing.
Give it to me.
It's a letter from Geraldine.
Shall I read it to you? 'You stole that photograph from my house, Jonathan.
When I walked in and I saw it on your desk I felt sick.
It's not healthy, Jonathan, this obsession you have with me.
It has to stop.
' There was no relationship with Geraldine, was there? You were stalking her just like you stalked me! I fell for your lies, but she didn't, so you killed her! And you killed Esther! I want to go home.
I want to see my husband and my children.
Please I won't tell anyone.
Just let me go.
Jonathan! Jonathan! Open this door! Oh, no! Sally! Sally! Sally! Sally! Sally! Sally! Agh! Bitch! (MOANING) Come here! (KNOCK AT THE DOOR) 'Charlie.
' Hi, Simon.
I'm at the house.
Culver Farm, Ettington.
It's all boarded up.
There's a car parked outside.
Can you run a PNC check on Hotel, 8-4-8 Kilo, Golf, Mike? You need any help out there? No.
I'm fine.
I can handle it.
'Hotel 8-4-8 Kilo, Golf, Mike: green Saab 900.
That car belongs to Jonathan Hey.
' Jonathan.
This is the Olivias' old house, right? Yeah.
I'm renting it.
I look a bit of a mess.
I'm renovating.
Please, come in.
I'll make some tea, shall I? Thank you.
Is there someone there? Please help me! I'm a police officer.
My name's Charlie Zailer.
Are you OK? He's trying to kill me.
What's your name? S-Sally.
Sally Thorne.
OK, Sally.
I want you to stay there.
Everything's going - Is this the room they died in? Amy and Maria died in here, didn't they? I killed them.
No, you didn't.
I know you didn't, Jonathan.
Amy told Oonagh her secret.
That she planned to kill her mother.
Your daughter killed your wife, didn't she? Couldn't make them love each other.
Maria liked to .
read by lamplight in the bath.
Then one evening .
Amy pushed the lamp into the water.
When she .
realised what she'd done she .
tried to pull Maria out.
She died trying to save her mother.
I couldn't stop her.
Maria never wanted children.
She constantly punished Amy to get at me.
She only meant to hurt her a little bit.
She didn't know what she was doing.
Of course she didn't.
She was six years old, Jonathan.
I couldn't tell anyone what happened.
You were protecting your daughter.
I can understand that.
But why Geraldine? Why Lucy? After er Maria and Amy died I asked Geraldine to translate Maria's diaries.
I wanted to know what happened, so I could do better the next time.
I wanted a family.
I needed a family.
I thought Geraldine could be the one.
She I would have .
looked after Lucy.
But Geraldine wouldn't.
She So I All I ever wanted .
was a happy, loving family.
Jonathan, shall I take that? (CRASH!) Jonathan! Jonathan! Now take it easy.
Sally, tell me where you are! Take it easy.
Charlie! Stay calm.
Don't do this.
Simon we're fine.
You're not a bad person, Jonathan.
What happened here would have destroyed any man.
But it's over now.
I always liked you.
I liked you, too.
Where are Amy and Maria? Where are they? Under the olive tree in the garden.
Yes, sir.
Sellers is on it now, sir.
He'll do it, sir - take care of it.
Yes, sir.
Will do.
Are you OK? I'm very sorry.
I just want to get back to my family.
I can imagine.
You'll be fine.
Thank you for rescuing me.
No problem.
Actually you nearly got me killed.
I told you I could handle it.
I thought - I was trying Sorry.
It's OK.
Simon .
can you do something for me? Yeah.
Can you stop doing that? No problem.
Thank you.