Catching Killers (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Body Count: The Green River Killer

1 Good evening, Seattle.
An international manhunt for the so-called Green River Killer.
Not just America's most wanted, but perhaps the most dangerous single killer in the world.
Dave, I know you have something that, if this Green River Killer is watching, you'd like to say.
You know, I've worked this case for over six years now and I feel very confident that someone will soon be leading us to you.
This nightmare will not end.
It still haunts you during every waking hour.
It's time for us to talk.
The shock in this neighborhood continues.
The three latest victims were found yesterday.
Police have been combing the banks of the Green River looking for any clues as to who may have killed five women in the last month.
Our modern-day paradise has a serpent.
A serpent in human form, the Green River Killer.
Somewhere in our midst is a cold-blooded killer.
For nearly a month now, undercover officers have been stationed in this area keeping a 24-hour watch on Melvyn Foster, who lives just up the road from here.
Are you scared at all? Scared? No.
Fright is for the guilty.
What's the bottom line here? Did you kill all those women or what? No, but I wish I did.
I wish I did know who did.
Because, uh I'd put a stop to him.
It's been over one year since investigators found the first skeletal remains of the Green River murders.
Last night, an elderly man picking apples in this field found bones scattered over a 20-foot area.
Three skeletons have been found on port property.
Possible victims of the Green River Killer.
The Green River Task Force now includes another possible murder victim, discovered near 54th Avenue and Star Lake Road.
The Green River Task Force will be expanded next month.
Fifteen officers and ten detectives will join the case, more determined than ever to catch the killer.
People are frightened, and we open the paper, and all we see are bodies and bones being found.
Once again, there is speculation that investigators on the Green River case are back to square one.
How close are you to catching this killer? Um, that's kind of a hard question to answer right now.
Um, we're still working on it, and until we catch him, we really won't know how close we are.
Is there any reason to believe that this person may kill again? Um, in serial investigation, we find that the serial killer continues until he's caught.
- We got light - Over there, come on! Take back the night We got light A coalition of prostitutes and women's rights organizations claim the search for the killer wasn't given immediate attention because the victims were prostitutes.
In Seattle, another grim discovery today that could be connected to the string of Green River murders, which have shaken that west coast city.
Explore, Search and Rescue members joined detectives with the Green River Task Force to search the densely-wooded area near Star Lake.
One skeleton was found here on Saturday, two more on Sunday.
And this morning, it happened again.
There was a flurry of activity, and that same sickening feeling pervaded the area.
The Green River Killer has taken at least 20 lives in 21 months.
That gruesome total, putting it among the largest mass murders in American history.
The Green River Task Force believe the new reward may bring them the tip they need.
$100,000 was offered to end the nation's worst unsolved serial killings.
Someone out there knows something.
Being able to get some money may overcome their fears about coming to the police.
In November of 1982 were you driving on Pacific Highway? And did you pick up a young lady? Yes, I did.
What happens when you got down to the area of 22nd South and South 24th? She gave me head.
She bit me, and I, uh, choked her.
How long did you choke her? Ten, 15 seconds or so.
According to neighbors, police went over every inch of the house inside and out.
All afternoon, police hauled out carefully-wrapped items from inside the home.
In the midst of a brand-new apartment complex, construction workers unearth the skeletal remains of the Green River Killer's latest victim.
Despite 60 detectives assigned to the murders and the expenditure of $15 million, there's no arrest.
Now, the trail is cold, and hope is all but gone.
Detective Thomas Jensen won't give up.
I believe we'll catch him.
I wouldn't be here if I didn't.
Operation Desert Storm.
office of President of the United States.
Terror rocks Oklahoma City.
Simpson not guilty of the crime of murder.
People mourn the death of the Princess of Wales on the streets of Paris.
His wife, Julie, pinned on the badge, and Dave Reichert became the new King County Sheriff.
I'm so proud of you.
This is wonderful.
A revolution of technology has changed DNA testing.
Just a spot of blood or a dab of semen can nail the criminal beyond a reasonable doubt.
Investigators connected to the Green River murder case believe it may finally be solved.
During the course of the Green River investigation, police found some 10,000 pieces of evidence.
The culmination of two decades of work.
Do you care if we call you Gary or - Gary's fine.
- Fine? Yeah.
Why did I hate them? Because I They, uh Women had control of me, and I don't like being controlled.
I always thought I was doing you guys a favor.
Killing prostitutes here.
You guys can't control them, but I can.
Yeah, slow down here.
Could we walk down there? That tree looked familiar.
State of Washington versus Gary Leon Ridgway.
How do you plead to the charges? For the death of Marcia Chapman? Guilty.
- for the death of Cynthia Hines? - Guilty.
- Terry Milligan? - Guilty.
- Debra Estes? - Guilty.
- Giselle Lavorn? - Guilty.
We turn now to breaking news in the Green River Killer serial murder investigation.
Tonight, we've learned that the youngest victim has finally been identified, decades after her murder.

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