Catching Killers (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

True Lies, Part 1: The Happy Face Killer

I'd like to ask you, do you know Taunja Ann Bennett? Not not to my recollection, sir.
We have been to your apartment and retrieved various things, one of them being a piece of paper with the name "T.
" Is that your printing? I cannot answer that in full honestness.
Okay, then once again, I'll ask you, and this will be the final time I ask you.
Do you have any knowledge of the death of Taunja Bennett? No, sir.
I make the above statement freely and voluntarily.
I have been advised of my rights, which I understand.
I have seen T.
Bennett at JB's truck stop on several occasions.
The last time was 21 January, 1990.
I was visiting with Chuck, who was playing darts.
Later on in the evening, Chuck left, and T.
Bennett left shortly after.
I believe she left to go to a motel room to have fun with Chuck.
Later that evening, I saw Chuck and asked him for a ride home.
I believe I saw a body in the back of the car.
I got into the front passenger seat.
The body was wrapped in a blanket.
The body was one of a white female adult.
During this ride home, the dead female was in the back of his car.
What happened during the evening hours of January 21st, 1990? The phone rang.
It was John Sosnovske calling to tell me he was in trouble and to come fast.
And to bring bring something large to wrap something in.
What did you take with you when you went to see John at the J&B Lounge? A blue shower curtain.
When you arrive there, Laverne, what did you find? A female.
She was lying, uh, on her side, very prone, very quiet.
And John Sosnovske came up to the window, and I asked if she's sick.
He says, "Worse than that, she's dead.
" I said, "I think we need to take her to a hospital.
" "We need to report this, John.
" He says, "No, no, I'll go to death row.
" "You will not do it, because I will kill you and harm your family and your grandchildren.
" He opened the back door on the passenger side and pulled her out.
He went off into the woods and he was gone about 15 minutes.
When you drove over to JB's from your daughter's house and you pulled into the lot what did you see, if anything? Um, I seen John standing with the young lady, and they appeared to be arguing in a playing way.
He said to her, "Get in the car, it's cold.
" And as you continue to drive, there was a point that Taunja Bennett apparently agreed to have sex with John.
Yes, she did.
We arrived at Crown Point.
They got out of the car.
I remained in the car.
I understand that a short period of time went by, and John came back to the car.
- Is that true? - That's true.
He went to the trunk, and there was rope in there.
And he took the rope.
I asked him, "Why do you need the rope?" He says, "I'm gonna tie her up, it's more of a thrill this way.
" So at that point, you walked with John to where Taunja was? Where did you see Taunja? She was laying in a doorway, and she was laughing.
He told me to take the rope and, uh put it around her neck.
What happened then? Did Did John have sex with her? Yes.
And I had my eyes shut because I knew what he was doing, and I didn't wanna observe it.
And he kept saying, "Hang on, hang on.
" I must have tightened it as I was hanging on.
He was hitting her in the face.
- What was he hitting her with? - His fists.
And then Then she became limp.
Did you realize that Taunja Bennett had expired? Yes.
Pavlinac, let me ask you a question.
Do you believe, sitting here today, that by pulling that rope tight, that you caused the death of Taunja Ann Bennett? Yeah.
You do? I I feel like it's my fault.
Pavlinac, let me ask you a question.
Do you believe that, by pulling that rope tight, that you caused the death of Taunja Ann Bennett? Yeah.
- You do? - I I I feel like it's my fault.

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