Catching Killers (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Bind. Torture. Kill: BTK

The victims had been bound, gagged and strangled with a cord.
A plastic bag over her head, and a cord looped around her neck.
The daughter was found hanging from a pipe in the basement.
What leads do you have? Well, very honestly, we have no solid leads at all.
The BTK story goes back to January of 1974.
Wichita Police Department, on Friday, received a letter that most likely came from BTK.
This is one of the most challenging cases I've ever been involved with, and I find the individual that is doing this would be very interesting to talk to.
A serial killer apparently has resurfaced.
The killer breaking his silence after 25 years.
Maybe he's a little closer.
It's stressful.
Could be the guy next door.
I You know, I have no clue.
Good evening.
We have exclusive details on new communication that could be from the serial killer BTK.
When we opened it up, we weren't sure what we'd find.
The contents looked very suspicious.
The police were called, and in no time, a detective arrived to retrieve the letter, to see if it contains the clues needed to track down BTK.
If you have any information that can help police, you can call the BTK tip line.
The number, two-six-eight-four-one-seven-four, open from 8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday.
DNA technology is a huge asset to investigators.
Police say they are still receiving tips and want the public to continue to call the BTK tip line.
The number, two-six-eight-four-one-seven Another possible communication from BTK, a suspicious letter left at the downtown library.
Now, would this latest letter be a warning? Wichita Police seem concerned BTK might strike again.
This is KAKE News.
It appears BTK is communicating again.
KAKE TV receiving another mysterious message today.
Investigators arrived minutes later to pick up the postcard and evaluate it.
As a suspect, I assume you have something on me, otherwise you wouldn't have brought me in.
Things have occurred medically with your children, and those samples are saved.
That's what brings me to you.
That's why I know your your DNA is gonna match BTK's.
So, why don't you just say it? Say say who you are.
Then I whispered in her ear a little bit.
You know, I told her BTK was a bad guy.

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