Caught (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Just Trust Me

1 [KC]: So the plan was for Slaney to lead you to Hearn? - Why? - I just want to nail him so I could have a decent night's sleep for once.
[HEARN]: Jennifer? Hahaha! After all these years, you gotta be kidding me.
Slaney, you go to her, you could blow this whole deal.
How far the drive to Montreal? Oh, gee! Do you mind?! Lefevre is gonna give us the money.
Slaney's gonna pick it up.
I don't like me being here any more than you do, but I need that money.
I was at a party and I was drunk, and I woke up with Hearn on top of me.
[SLANEY]: You mean Crystal, don't you? [KC]: Does this look right to you? That's Tommy Gabriel.
- - [BIRD CAWING] Why is Tommy Gabriel here? [SLANEY SIGHING] Tom-Tom.
Nobody calls me that anymore.
- Just Tommy.
- Yeah, I heard.
Hey, hey, hey! You're responsible for that.
- How much is in here? - It's not your money.
[MAN]: It's heavy.
Four? Five? It's not even close to what you owe me, Slaney, but it's a start.
- This has nothing to do with - Gonna cut my losses by half.
- Don't do this.
- And in lieu of the rest of your debt, maybe Jennifer Baker and her little munchkin I'll kill them.
Is he one of yours? [OMINOUS MUSIC] [TOMMY]: Of course he's mine.
Just relax.
Get up! Come on! Go! Move! Move, Tommy, move! [GUNSHOTS] Hey! - Wait! - [DISTANT POLICE SIREN] Go after Slaney, I'll get Lefevre.
Get in the car! Get in the car! - [CAR DOORS CLOSING] - Drive! - [TIRES SCREECHING] - [POLICE SIREN BLARING] - Raise your hands! - Relax.
- I'm a cop.
- Ugh! [TIRES SCREECHING] Everything changed when you dragged Jennifer into this! [TOMMY LAUGHING] Oh, you wanna save Jennifer? Then you let me go right now.
It's the only way out of this.
- Not an option.
- Make it one! - Huh? What else you got? - [GUN CLICKING] Are you gonna kill me? Tommy, you are gonna listen to my proposal or I'm gonna have to blow your brains out.
[ROCK SONG UP AROUND THE BEND] [BY CREDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL] Come on the rising wind We're going up around the bend Yeah Lefevre's alive, for now.
He's messed up, but he's breathing.
Hey, you could have made some more noise.
[PATTERSON COUGHING] I wasn't counting on Tommy Gabriel showing up.
The locals get to O'Neill yet? I tried explaining this was a high-level operation, need to know, and to be kept hush-hush, But their inspector's calling O'Neill to confirm anyways.
Should be here in a couple of hours.
Or sooner.
Listen, appreciate you getting down here and having my back, but as far as O'Neill goes, this is just my thing.
You're not involved officially, so you might want to clear out before he shows up.
I'm retired in six months, Roy.
- What's he gonna do? Fire me? - No.
We go back too far, you and me.
Besides, you need me out here.
The uniforms are hitting the airports, trains, buses, everywhere looking for Slaney.
We gotta find him before he's brought in.
I just hope KC is still with him.
You come clean with her yet? Meaning? Right now, she thinks you got a tip Slaney was gonna escape, and you just let it happen, right? Yep.
What do you think is gonna happen when she finds out that you're the one that helped him bust out? [SLANEY]: I think I got a solution for all this.
A solution?! I'm taped to a chair, Slaney.
The only solution I see is my brothers feeding you to some kind of zoo animal.
[SLANEY]: Just listen.
You promise that you leave me and Jennifer alone, and I mean forever, - clean slate - [TOMMY]: And? And then, you and I, we don't have to kill each other.
Do you really want me dead? [TOMMY]: After what you did to my nose? OK, yeah, you were right.
Hearn got away, OK? He got away, and he never even reached out.
Not so much as a phone call to either of us.
He never paid you back.
He never made it right.
- It was very inconsiderate.
- It was.
And I had nothing to do with that.
No? You would never give that piece of shit up, huh? The whole time you were inside, you made me take it out on you.
All you had to do was tell my guys - where he was.
- I.
Know where he was.
And now you do.
That's what you're saying? Yeah.
Look, I'd tell you whatever it is you wanna hear, but you're smarter than this, Slaney.
We both know how this is gonna end.
I'm offering you Brian Hearn's head on a silver platter.
And I'm gonna cut if off myself.
You're gonna kill him? 'Cause I want him dead.
I'm gonna kill Hearn whether you want him dead or not.
Either way, he is finished.
So finally starting to see what a backstabbing piece of shit your so-called friend is, huh? I want half of everything you make, Slaney.
- [SLANEY SCOFFING] - Call it interest.
Let's not forget how this whole thing started, - shall we? You owe me.
- [CHAIR CLANKING] We got a deal or not? Me and my brothers' reach goes a long way.
You of all people know what we're capable of.
If I even hear that you've mentioned Jennifer's name in conversation, Tom-Tom Give me what I want they'll never even know their consideration.
You'll get what you want.
Not real big on second chances, David.
Don't make me regret this one! You hear me? [KC]: Slaney got away.
I was pinned in.
My boss, O'Neill, he's headed over.
He's gonna shut us down.
We're running out of time.
No, no, no.
We don't give up now, Roy.
We use this.
Let's make the play official.
I'll call my boss, we'll get him on board We don't have anything.
Slaney's gone.
Listen to me, Slaney made a deal with Tommy Gabriel.
He is going after Hearn, for sure.
We can't give up, not now! I assume Slaney didn't see you.
Lefevre is still alive, so if we want to stay in this, we need to talk to him, now.
Maybe he's getting a little too much oxygen in that little brain of his.
[LEFEVRE COUGHING AND GASPING] How do you make contact? Brian Hearn is in Mexico.
The prick is in Mexico.
[LEFEVRE COUGHING] Cancun! All right? That's all the hell I know! Uh O'Neill's here with your boss, Avery.
They're pissed.
It was very nice talking to you.
[FESTIVE MUSIC PLAYING] Well, look it is! Mi hombre! Hugo here was gracious enough to set up a meeting with his contacts in Colombia.
Attaboy! See? Loyalty has its privileges.
[HUGO]: They've taken my word, you know? We'll make good on the deal, they trust me.
Let's treat these people better than maybe you treated some of our other suppliers.
'Cause I hear these guys are like super-heavy players.
Am I right, Hugo? They smell something's off? So is your head.
Yeah, rest assured it won't be my head on the block.
You just set up the meeting, I'll deal with them.
Oh, and, um, would you please pass along our regards to your sister? I trust she's still doing well.
So whose head is on the block? Keep that chick of yours in line.
'cause she's all about the questions.
And stop talking about me and Slaney and the deal.
- I wasn't.
- Keep that coked-up mouth of yours shut.
[FESTIVE MUSIC PLAYING AGAIN] - [PHONE RINGING] - Why am I here in Canada? BETTER QUESTION: why are you here, - in Canada? - I was following something on my own time.
I wanted to make sure it was legit before I called you.
- And? - It's huge! John Barlow, we got him.
Everything we've been doing How long have we been chasing him? And a Mountie led him to our laps? And even if we're led to him, to Barlow, we still can't connect him to any of the things that we want him for.
We'll end up with Brian Hearn, a guy who skipped an arraignment in Canada.
We'll be there when he's delivering $500,000 worth of product.
That's enough to nail him and shut down the entire - operation he's been running! - You sound insane.
When have I ever been wrong, Ward? You had Slaney directly in your sights and you didn't take him down! I gave you a direct order to stay away - from this case altogether! - Look, I was and I am trying to do something here, something big, and I knew you'd just be too afraid to even hear me.
You have done some stupid things in your career, Roy I mean, you're one screw-up after another, but this this is by far the stupidest! Just hear him out.
I will deal with you in a minute.
This could be the biggest takedown of our careers.
[SCOFFING]: Careers? When this is over, you won't have a career.
You're through! Done! - We know Slaney's in Mexico.
- Or he will be, soon.
Him and Hearn are working on a big deal.
We could take 'em all down at once.
You, out now.
Stop, please.
Walk me through this.
So far, I like what I'm hearing.
[SONG JUST ONE LOOK] [BY DORIS TROY] Just one look And I fell so hard Oh-oh oh-oh Well the cops are looking for him.
I actually spoke to him.
He was really nice, polite.
He helped me do up my wedding dress actually.
- Continuing coverage - What can I do for you? - on the breaking news - I'd, uh Escaped prisoner David Slaney - I'd kill for a cup of tea.
- You got it.
- Feels to have your love - Authorities have posted a reward for anyone with knowledge that would lead to the apprehension of Slaney.
Oh-oh oh-oh Say you will will be mine I have a way in Hearn's operation, but I'm not willing to share it at this, uh exact moment.
- Excuse me.
- Not until we have your and the DEA's commitment.
And the resources of your department at our disposal.
- Just one look - O'Neill, your boss, describes you as a tragic asshole.
- Guess he was half-right.
- No, he's fully right, he's just not very polite.
There isn't going to be a joint task force.
We're taking it from here.
- This is not what I meant.
- [LAUGHING]: He's taking it.
You don't have the authority.
I have jurisdiction.
The operation's moving to Mexico, and I've got a year-long file running on Hearn a.
So hand over all your contacts, your sources and everything else you've got on Hearn by end of day.
If this pans out, I won't be the only one of us getting a promotion.
[INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO] The guy on the TV, the guy that - You escaped.
- You should go, now.
Your love Oh-oh oh-oh - Say you will - DEA thinks it's worth it, so it's your call.
Or are you just gonna let him take it from you? You're always dragging me into this shit, Roy.
Look, if I may, sir Patrol officer thinks he's got Slaney.
I've got an officer on hold.
Tell him to stand by, wait on Kyle's instructions.
- So you see - Hey.
- Stand by.
- I really care OK, with respect, Patterson is right, this is your operation.
My boss is bluffing.
He can't take any of this from you.
He knows that.
He pulls this hierarchy bull all the time.
If he wants in, - tell him you'll think about it.
- [SIRENS BLARING] [INDISTINCT TALKING] You remember your first day as a detective? Scared out of your mind, but that didn't stop you from going on that first call.
Do you remember that? Yeah.
Yeah, I remember you wanting to go to the bar instead of chasing down the witness that we needed.
I was trying to teach you a lesson in patience.
- You wanted a drink.
- And I wanted a drink, that is true.
My point is you were right.
We needed to take action right then, right there.
And you knew that biker was our guy, and we got him.
[SIGHING] What the hell is this, Roy? It's your first day on the job, and your gut was on target, so what does your gut tell you now? That you should have brought me in on this - from the start.
- I should have.
I overstepped.
- You're damn right you did.
- But that shouldn't stop us from finishing this.
The building is surrounded! Either you come out or we're coming in! OK, look.
You stay in here, they're gonna storm this place, and things are gonna get really, really bad quickly.
OK? So go, now.
Sorry, I can't move.
It'll be fine.
Don't worry.
Kyle, come on.
- This is your call.
- I'm not armed.
[CUFFS CLANKING] Other hand.
There we go.
Officer Kennedy, come in.
Officer Kennedy, come in.
Is there a problem, Officer? We got the wrong guy.
Uncuff him, - let him go! - All right.
[EXHALING] All right, assholes, what's the rest of this plan of yours? You had to know, That Tom-Tom would find Slaney.
I didn't set you up.
[LAUGHING] Really? 'Cause I just woke up out of a coma with the cops all over me.
Cops, huh? Yeah, what did you tell 'em? Who do you take me for? Cops got nothing on me.
They don't even know you exist, relax.
What about Slaney and the money? Hearn, listen to me, I do not trust that you're actually gonna pay out to me, so I am sending insurance.
[MENACING MUSIC] Excuse me? My brother-in-law, Roy Brophy, he's in on the deal and every detail, and he is gonna be there for every step of the way.
Should have sent him in the first place.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
We had a deal.
And all you gotta do is you gotta let my brother-in-law in to watch everything and then then, Tommy never hears the address of your little Cancun hacienda.
He's already coming to you.
So just treat him with respect, and you should be OK.
I love you.
[HEARN LAUGHING] - [PEOPLE CHATTERING] - Whoo! [HEARN LAUGHING] Everyone, this is my best friend, and he's home.
Someone, get this arse a drink.
I won't be staying long.
Thank you.
Mmm! I was I realized in all the excitement going on, et cetera, I didn't get a chance to welcome you to our country.
- My country.
- Where is everyone? - What is this? - My country meaning not yours.
This is my jurisdiction.
All right.
I get it.
You tell Williams to get her ass home now.
This is over.
Agent Williams and Detective Patterson are already in the field.
- Come again? - They're under a secure cover.
They're en route to Mexico.
They'll be at Hearn's compound in a few hours.
Why is my agent undercover? I'm allowing you and your agency to come outside with us.
The choice to comply, that's yours, but this this is my operation.
Since it's just you and me, there's not gonna be anybody listening on the other end.
So, we're recording.
Well, Hearn's place has got a little beach, so I'll find a place to stash, and we can access the gear from Hearn's house later.
You're looking good, partner.
- You look hot.
- I'm fine.
[ROCK MUSIC] [WOMAN]: Come on! - [MAN 1]: You better not finish that! [MAN 2]: Do it, man! What the hell?! - [MAN 3]: Go for it! - [WOMAN]: Oh, come on! I thought you said we have enough gas - for the entire trip.
- I got turned around, alright? Look, we have plenty to get there.
I don't even know where we are, man.
Oh, great! So we're lost and we got no gas.
We just radio for help, all right? There's a million dollars' worth of weed down below; I know you're high, but you're not that high.
Hey! Hey, look at that.
A skipper.
Uh, they gonna tow us in.
There's something wrong here, I can feel it.
Look, either he tows us in or we drift around with the icebergs here all day.
Look, we're not gonna have any problems.
- Where did you get a gun? - Just relax.
We're only gonna use it if we need to.
Come on! Alright, can I get everybody to just uh quiet down for a sec.
Thank you.
After me and Slaney's little dip in the pool here, I guess that means you're starting to figure out that this party - is his homecoming, of a sort.
- [INDISTINCT ROCK SONG] Now, I learned a long time ago that for the most part people hide who they really are.
You know? They lie.
They cheat.
They deceive you.
But every once in a while, life grabs hold of you and squeezes, like a vice.
That's when you find out what a man is really made of.
Now, five years ago, in the dark waters off the coast of our beautiful home, Newfoundland life tested me and Slaney.
I was lucky, I got away.
[SIREN BLARING] Hearn! Hearn! But Slaney, he wasn't so lucky.
But it was that day, every day in the five years since, that I met the real David Slaney.
Every day that he was locked up on the inside, he could have ratted me out.
Got a reduced sentence, put me in there right beside him, but he didn't.
'Cause that's not the kind of man that he is.
He's loyal.
He's brave.
He's a stubborn, stubborn ass.
He is a man that can't be broken.
- Ugh! - He's the best man I know the only man I trust.
- To David Slaney.
- [PEOPLE CHEERING] Welcome home, brother.
If we still had time, we might still get by Every time I think about it I won't cry With bombs and the devil Wow! Aren't you a stand-up guy! He left out the part about me not knowing where he was the entire time, but you know Details tend to get in the way of a good story.
[SLANEY CHUCKLING] That they do.
It's good to see your old friend again? There's nothing left to do - at night - [CLEARING HIS THROAT] - But go crazy on you - Who are you? Ada.
- Crazy on you - That's your name but who are you? Let me go - Crazy, crazy on you - Oh, you're a big boy, you can figure it out.
My love is the evening breeze - Touching your skin - Hey! The gentle sweet singing of leaves on the wind You're, uh, traveling light.
Lefevre's money, I suppose you're looking for it.
- At a safe? - Seems like the best place for it.
It's safe.
You'll get it when I give it to you.
And you don't need to wonder, you're doing fine - My love, the pleasure's mine - Beats to his own drum.
Man, you haven't changed one bit.
Crazy on you - Pardon me.
- Let me go crazy Crazy on you Ohhhhh - Who's this? - Roy Brophy.
Lefevre didn't actually trust that I would deliver on his investments, so he sent me this little prick.
I'm just here to make sure there aren't any surprises.
- I'm Dawn.
- Pleasure.
There's no way Roy was going to Mexico without me packing a bikini.
You in a bikini, huh? Maybe you coming here wasn't - such a bad idea after all.
- Go get us some drinks.
Crazy on you - Crazy on you - We need to talk plans, drop-off point, contacts.
- [HEARN LAUGHING] - Maybe I should take, uh - Brophy.
- Brophy here to see your boat.
Yeah, yeah.
Less I see the little prick, the better.
- Brophy.
Right this way.
- And you kept me alive With your sweet flowing love [INDISTINCT CHATTER] What the hell are you doing here? You don't think that's kind of obvious? This wasn't part of the plan.
Well, you trying to kill me wasn't part of the plan.
I was just trying to get the hell away from you, which is exactly what I'm gonna do now.
You don't really think you get to just walk off into the sunset with Jennifer, do you? - How did you know about that? - Because, asshole, I've been on you every step of the way.
Jennifer, the cemetery.
How do you think you got let go by those patrol cops? That was me.
And you're never getting away from me.
You understand that? [KC]: What is this? He's not what I expected.
Yeah? What did you expect? I'm not sure.
By the look on his face, in the pool, I thought he was gonna kill you.
- [CHEERY POP MUSIC] - [INDISTINCT CHATTER] I hear you know your way around a boat.
Yeah, I put in some time.
Carter said you, uh, you raced them.
I crewed on a boat that did an America's Cup.
You know, I should go along.
On the big trip, you need a real sailor, and from what I can see, you don't have one.
The balls on her, huh? This just keeps getting better and better.
Your long-lost buddy Slaney, you don't trust him as far as you could throw him.
And he sure as hell doesn't trust you.
I'll keep an eye on him.
Win him over, make him mine, know what he's thinking before he does.
Then he's all yours.
Don't bullshit a bullshitter.
You don't believe me? OK.
You report back to me.
Yes, sir.
So you weren't just tracking Slaney? Oh, my You helped him escape, didn't you?! - Who is she? - KC, look, I-I-I You are reckless! And insane, Roy! You seem to know him pretty good - whoever the hell you are.
- Avery finds out about this, my career is over.
There's no retirement, there's no demotion.
Just some DEA outpost in Rapecity, Kentucky.
It is over! - You brought the DEA?! - After that shit storm in Montreal, the operation got a little wider.
You used me.
You lied to me.
He used you.
I used him.
He used me.
This is not the time for you two to be hashing this out.
He's right.
Look, we should talk about this another time, OK? Oh! - Everything OK here? - Mm-hmm.
- It's fine.
- Yeah.
Look, he was just being a.
Being a jerk to his lady here.
Hey, you mind your house; I'm fine with mine.
All right, well, why don't I give you all - a tour of the boat.
- Yeah.
You know I'd tell you to take it easy with that stuff, but a little more paranoia might do you some good.
What are you getting on about now? I mean, how much do you know about your little girlfriend? She's an ambitious one, that's for sure.
- [PEOPLE CHATTERING OUTSIDE] - [MUFFLED ROCK MUSIC] I got a problem, and it's not Ada.
What I can't believe is that you just welcomed Slaney back like nothing happened and then, like, all the trust in the world.
Always had a blind spot for him.
It's the way it is.
You know your girlfriend, she wants to get on the boat with you and Slaney.
I'm thinking about letting her.
You're gonna take her away from me, are you? OH! Ugh! Get.
Your shit.
Together! We need this deal to work.
Do you understand that? All of my money is tied up in that hotel.
This deal goes down, say goodbye to this house, to your future, to everything! Sayonara! Do you understand that?! Of course, I can't trust Slaney! I know that.
And I'm gonna use her to watch him.
Because if he's coming for me, I need to know from as many places as possible.
40 feet, and she can move And how long 'til we get to where we're headed? That depends on where that is.
- Hearn hasn't told us yet.
- Looks like he's got what? Seven days' worth of supplies? I know we're headed south according to Lefevre.
Six, seven days would give us Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador.
Only an idiot would try smuggling through the Canal.
Hearn will tell you when he decides to.
Supplies could be in case of bad weather.
Yucatan current is brutal this time of year.
What about the cargo? The wall's being refitted, so even if we get searched, we're golden.
Didn't you know? I'm going with you.
No one knows this boat better than me.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Missed this? The open air? Yeah, I guess you could say that.
I meant the deal, man.
Yeah, I know what you meant.
I'm just saying, you've got a pretty sweet thing going here.
I mean, you've done well for yourself.
- Yeah, I was - I just Ha! All right.
You, please, go.
I, uh I was gonna ask you, uh You wanna know what it was like for me in there? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
Prison freaks me out, man.
It should.
So we're fine.
- [MEN SHOUTING] - Drop him! Haha! Yeah, I just imagined it as this stripped-out social experiment with everybody trapped in there like animals.
You feel different? We're going to Colombia.
[HEARN LAUGHING] So, you and me sail to some place that might get us killed.
Just like old times.
No, no, no.
This time, it's different.
Sure 'cause Carter and his, um his gal are sailing too.
Anyone else? The asshole Brophy? The pope? No.
I'm not letting Brophy within five miles of my supplier.
Is he aware of that? You just let me worry about Brophy, all right? It pops out and the gap is here in the wall.
[PEOPLE CHATTERING OUTSIDE] I'll leave you lovebirds some time.
You got a hell of a right cross.
- You're lucky it wasn't harder.
- I was trying to protect you.
- The less you knew, the better.
- You busted that man out of prison.
You're insane, Roy.
This whole thing is insane.
I knew I shouldn't have gotten - into this with you.
- However it is we got here, fact remains we're in the middle of an active operation.
You might not give a shit about your life, but I care about mine.
What do you mean, I don't care? Of course I do.
We've got something we have to finish; - are you with me or not? - You held out on me, which makes you no better than the rest of them.
[ROCK SONG SUSY Q] [BY CREDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Oh, Susy Q Oh, Susy Q Oh, Susy Q Baby, I love you Susy Q Just what kind of volume are we looking at here? 1500 kilos weed? Are you sure I can't get you a change of clothes? I'm hot just looking at you.
Buddy shows up here like he thinks - he's still in Montreal.
- My clothes are fine, but your ship won't hold that kind of cargo.
He's right.
You're moving coke.
Drug of choice these days, Slaney.
Takes up a fraction of the space, nets you eight times the profit.
- Eight times the prison sentence.
- OK, stop.
Everybody, just stop and chill.
We'll stop as soon as we talk through the details, and I got a handle on 'em.
[HEARN SCOFFING] What's your poison, Brophy? You look like a tequila man to me.
I don't drink poison.
Oh, your lady wasn't kidding, you're a you're a walking party.
No mistake.
[CHUCKLING] Cyril, a couple of ice teas.
Rum in mine.
Make his a virgin.
Say that you'll be true Well, say that you'll be true How long have you known Lefevre? Susy Q Test.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Say that you'll be mine There you are! You don't want to sail with me.
Uh, I wouldn't take it personal.
I just like to know what's going on.
You and Hearn, you're so much alike.
I wouldn't say that.
Well, neither of you trust the other.
So, what? You meet some strung-out dentist on a beach somewhere and now suddenly, you're a drug smuggler? Well, it doesn't look that hard.
Oh, Susy Q Baby, I love you, Susy Q Nothing shaking on Shakedown Street Hmm, I found you.
Hahaha! Hi, Slaney.
So so how was prison anyway? You know, you never really you never really told me about that little adventure, you know.
Did you meet someone nice? Hey, Carter.
Something something different about you.
I-I can't quite place it.
Oh, we're not supposed to talk about the jail stuff? - 'Cause it's a little too heavy.
- I know what it is now.
Your wife isn't with you.
Or your family.
How are they? You think you've seen this town clear through Why are you grabbing my arm? You go to Hearn and you ask if you can come without checking with me? Oh, was I supposed to check with you first? No, but - [CARTER SIGHING] - You're jealous.
Should I be? Well, I'm just doing what your buddy Hearn told me to do.
So take it up with him.
Or just overplayed your part What do you have? Hi.
Forgot to give you this.
This is the good stuff from home.
Not a bad gift for an escaped con, right? Come on, crack 'er open! You don't take it with mix; I remember that much.
What you did took guts.
Busting out? Let's, uh let's make a toast to that.
Why don't we wait until we finish the deal.
OK? We'll open it then; we'll have something to celebrate.
You know, uh I'd feel a lot better if I knew where Lefevre's money is.
Since I'm passing your way today Half-a-million dollars.
Under a mattress is no place for a half-a-million dollars, man.
Yeah, I'd feel a lot better if I knew what your plan was, this whole thing.
Sit tight, relax, and, uh, I'll tell you the whole thing in, um 7 to 15 minutes.
Hey, Brophy.
Did you know that Slaney and I, we used to be altar boys? Literally.
Up there with the priest handing out the sacrament.
I was an altar boy; you used it as a way to skip school.
So you admit it.
I've always been the brains of this operation.
So you two have been friends forever, huh? [MOONLIGHT SONATA BY BEETHOVEN] [PLAYED ON PIANO] Joy? Couple of ice teas.
Rum in mine.
Make his a virgin.
Joy? [BUZZING] - [INAUDIBLE] - The cops found the body.
Ian fixed it.
I told everyone I She was only 14, and I lied, I lied! I lied! I lied! What did you do to me? Oh.
Ho ho! - [GASPING] - Oof! Now that we've dealt with the little prick, you and I, we can talk about our epic deal.