Caught (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Bone Dog

1 The future will absolve us of all our sins.
Oh, I'm going to see Hearn, believe me.
- We got a lot to talk about.
- You set sail in the morning.
- You're not coming with me? - That's the beauty of this deal, Slane.
We need each other.
What about Hearn? What do you think he's after? This will track you.
It will let us know where you're headed.
I don't like the way he's looking at your girl.
Slaney's sailboat is closing in on the coast of Colombia.
All we gotta do is wait here 'til it gets back.
We got a body.
One of Hearn's generals.
They're gonna link us to it.
Hugo's not gonna be much of a witness, he's got a icepick in his head.
Hey there, party girl! If you could go anywhere, anywhere to live, disappear, start over, where would you go? Tropicana hotel is filled with cops, and your picture is the centrepiece to whatever sting they're running there! She's a cop.
You gotta go.
I'm telling you, she's undercover.
Found it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Ramirez, are you sure she's a cop? - Uh-huh.
Then why don't you tell her how you know that.
I saw you at the hotel with my unit, and what it seems to be a bunch of gringo DEA.
Drop the gun, please.
We're all friends here, all right? Moreno will see you soon.
With all the bodies we found at that construction site, we can take Hearn down now for a long time.
And we get in there, we take him down quietly and alive.
I'm gone, amigo.
And I suggest you do the same, hey? All right.
I'm gonna make this real simple.
You have five seconds to tell me everything you know or this death is gonna be as painful as possible.
Who are you and Brophy working for, huh? Police, you idiot! And there's a lot of us there, right outside your door.
Oh yeah? If there's so many cops on the horizon, then why did you walk in here by yourself, sweetheart? Huh? Slaney lead you here? LOOK AT ME! I want you to think very carefully about how you're gonna answer this question.
[TENSE MUSIC] Is Slaney in on this? [HEARN GRUNTING] [GUNSHOTS] - KC? - Don't fucking move.
Where were we, huh? [ROCK SONG UP AROUND THE BEND] [BY CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL] Come on the rising wind We're going up around the bend Yeah Moreno.
David Slaney.
Espresso? - I wouldn't say no.
- [MORENO SPEAKING SPANISH] Uh, my boat has 500 grand worth of your product.
All I gotta do is just, I give you this cash and then, me and my people, we can be on our way.
Oh, you don't wish to sample first? - No.
- No? No? And I'm supposed to trust a man who does not wish to sample first.
If I sample, maybe you're not gonna like me so much anymore.
Who "say" I like you? [CHUCKLING] That joke.
OK, business.
You know, I miss my wife.
- I really do.
- Carter, why is today the day you decide to be the least sober person in the world? - I am done with all of this.
- Oh no! I'm serious.
The first port we pass, - I'm gone.
- You're just here to sail this ship to Cancun, and then I don't give a shit what you do.
What? Slaney can sail the boat back; you don't need me.
- You don't understand.
- Cyril, just get it together.
Once you cross this line, there's no coming back, right? And I don't know why I care, because he stole you from me.
What are you talking about? Slaney's not coming back.
You understand? Amigo, you are mistaken.
It is $450,000 worth of product.
All due respect are you trying to lowball me here? OK.
One second, sir.
Anna Maria, bring Mr.
Slaney a good biscuit.
[MORENO SPEAKING SPANISH] You have an agreement with my friend Hearn.
I I expect you to honour that agreement now.
Si, Si, Si, Si.
Your friend and I, we did have an agreement, and I do intend to honour it.
450 for Los drogas and 50k - to cut your head off.
- [ORDER IN SPANISH] I'm sorry, Roy.
[TENSE MUSIC] Put the gun down.
Put the gun down! Don't do it.
Don't listen to him.
Put The gun Down! Have a seat.
SIT DOWN! You can just walk out of here, you know? Oh, I've got your permission for that, do I? Thanks.
We're gonna find you eventually.
OK, come on.
Let her go.
[TENSE MUSIC] [GUNSHOT] [SOFT MUSIC] [CARTER]: Because he knew that Slaney was gonna come for him eventually.
So Hearn hired Lopez and Gopez and all the Sanchezes to kill him.
[MUSICAL INTRO TO ROCK SONG] [MISSISSIPPI QUEEN] [ BY MOUNTAIN] [MORENO]: What have you got to say? Ha! I'm fronting the cash for my own hit.
You bet on the wrong horse.
- Hearn's poetic, - Mississippi Queen I'll give him that much.
For whatever it's worth, I didn't want this, but it's already done.
She taught me everything Went down around Vicksburg - Here.
- Around Louisiana Bay It'll be over soon.
The Cajun lady Aboard the Mississippi Queen You know she was a dancer She moved better on wine Yeah, yeah, yeah! - [EXCLAMATION] - Boy, I beg your pardon - Now I'm getting mine - Now, who is this now? Mississippi Queen If you know what I mean Mississippi Queen - How much for his life? - She taught me everything - How much? - This lady she asked me If I would be her man I think maybe we should have a drink.
[PA SYSTEM MESSAGE IN SPANISH] You got a cigarette? Anything? No, I can't get anything out of those doctors, but, uh, I don't speak Spanish.
- She's hanging in though? - Yeah, for now, she seems to be.
The signal from the tracking device, it's gone.
Lost it somewhere around Colombia.
There's a massive storm heading right toward their last known location.
It's bad.
[SIGHING] I'm sorry, Kyle.
Don't be sorry to me.
Williams is in there hanging by a thread, and it's your fault.
I know it's my fault.
Are you drinking? We get Hearn; we'll turn this whole thing around.
We can turn it right around so we gotta get Hearn.
- We have to get Hearn.
- It's over.
You lost.
You lost an escaped convict.
You lost a drug lord.
You've messed this thing up right from the start.
The DEA's already packing up to leave.
No, I can't.
Can't let Hearn get away with this.
Not now.
Especially not now.
You're suspended 'til I see if I can actually fire you.
Go home, Roy.
I need a cigarette.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
Ah, forget it, Kyle.
Go home, Kyle.
It's all fine.
It's fine.
It's fine.
It's good.
Just gotta go.
It's all fine.
Haha! Fine, fine.
[FAINT BEEPING] Oh, please, please, please.
Tell me you got cigarettes.
Yeah, I know it's really wrong to go through a woman's handbag.
Oh, bingo! [EXHALING AUDIBLY] I thought I was having a heart attack.
Kind of hilarious that you wake up and you find me lying dead next to you on the floor.
[CHUCKLING] I need to tell you something.
If you don't pull through this, it's my fault, and O'Neill was right.
I know what you would say, but it is.
It's my fault.
It is 'cause I dragged you into this.
I misled you, I lied to you, I made you vulnerable, and I don't I'm not at all sure I got the strength to deal with the enormity of that.
[MACHINE BEEPING] You know what you said about Joy, about my daughter, how she could be out there, she could be out there living? Well, she isn't, 'cause she's dead.
Now I know this.
I have known this for a long time.
I was called to the morgue one night.
They'd found a young girl.
She'd been killed and dumped by whoever, and and wherever it is they dragged her body out of It was basically unrecognizable.
[BUZZING] I was never really there for them.
For her, for my wife.
[WOMAN]: Minus the hideous tattoo of course.
That's her.
I'm sorry.
When she disappeared, I just dug down deeper into the job.
I just shut myself off.
I should have been out to try and find her, find my little girl, but AAAAH! it was too late.
[EXHALING] It's not her.
- Hey, Patterson, I - It's not my daughter.
I didn't come, all right? You just tell me.
You say the words right now: "It's not my daughter! It's not Joy!" It's not.
OK, it's not it's not Joy.
So I made a choice.
I don't know whether it was the booze or the pills, but I had made a decision that she wasn't dead.
She was doing exactly what you said.
She was out there.
She was reinventing herself.
She was living life to the top.
And it was really simple.
It was like I'd found her.
And I wasn't about to let her go.
I was not ready.
I wasn't ready.
I wasn't ready to admit that I'd failed.
I wasn't ready to look my wife in the eye and say that I'd I'd lost I'd lost I wasn't ready for any of that.
And I'm not ready to lose you, so you better just get with my program.
You better wake up.
And there's a lot of us there, right outside your door.
[HEARN]: Oh yeah? If there's so many cops on the [TAPE REWINDING NOISE] [RAMIREZ]: I'm gone, amigo, and I suggest you do the [TAPE REWINDING NOISE] [HEARN]: Ramirez, are you sure she's a cop? Then why don't you tell her how [TAPE REWINDING NOISE] Ramirez, are you sure she's a cop? Ramirez, the federale.
I'm gonna go get Hearn.
- [MAN LAUGHING] - It's a good deal.
You bought his life.
Yeah, he'll owe me.
You know, my men wanted to keep you, kill your Slaney.
[CHUCKLING] Thank you for not doing that.
Lucky I'm in charge.
[MORENO SPEAKING SPANISH] You, both of you should relax tonight.
Huh? You sleep here as our guest.
So please have another drink.
- Oh no.
I I don't think I - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I've had too much.
- [THUNDERCLAP] - [SOFT MUSIC] Get the feeling that if we sleep here tonight, - we don't wake up? - Yeah.
He'll be passing out soon.
What did you do to him? One of them had a pharmacy in their bag.
Tranquilizers, the works.
They'll be out for a while.
We gotta get those diamonds back.
- [THUNDER RUMBLING] - When this is over, they might be all we have.
You've got some scheme happening inside that head of yours, don't you? Me too.
[FAINT CLINKING] Remind me never to mess with you.
Never mess with me.
Ah Ah.
Let's go.
Raise the anchor.
Get the main sail.
I'll get the engine, get us a head start.
[CARTER]: Slaney.
What are you doing? She called me baby.
That's nice.
What's your big move here, Carter? Um I am the failsafe, the backup in case you were able to weasel your way out with the Colombians.
That was Hearn's words.
So you're his executioner now? Hearn, what to do, it was either you or him.
Any idiot could see that, Slane.
So I'm just making the first move.
This does NO have to play out how Hearn wants, all right? We can make our own decisions! I make my own decisions, except my loyalty is to Hearn, not to you, and he needs you gone.
For good this time.
Cyril, why don't we sit down DON'T! THIS IS REAL, SLANEY! We'll just have, we'll have a drink, OK? We'll sit down.
We'll have a drink.
We'll have a chat.
What do you say? Come on, buddy.
Come on.
You know I could have loved her.
You are not a killer, Carter.
You're not.
What's wrong with me? She was so special.
[TENSE MUSIC] Do not let Hearn push you to this.
Slaney, you have no idea where I've been pushed how hard Hearn and I fought.
And then you stroll in to take my place?! [THUNDERCLAP] [THUNDERCLAP] [MAN WHISTLING] - Hey, watch out! - [MEN TALKING IN SPANISH] We have to go.
Hmm The serum.
Get the sails up.
If we sail into it, we'll we'll lose them.
[MEN SPEAKING SPANISH] [THUNDERCLAP] [THUNDERCLAPS] [WIND BLOWING] OK, uh, with everything tied down to a float, all we gotta do is just wait for it to hit us.
- You saved my life.
- Yeah.
Come here.
I said, Come here.
[SOFT MUSIC] [THUNDERCLAPS] [SEAGULLS SQUAWKING] Are you OK? I can't get his face out of my mind.
His eyes and the way he looked at me.
You want to do this to yourself? I took a man's life.
You did what you had to.
You made the only choice you could.
One I'm very grateful for.
That doesn't make it any easier.
I can't just turn it off, how that feels, what I did.
My first night inside it's all starting to sink in.
That the whole thing's real.
I'm a pot smuggler; I'm in there with murderers and rapists and and worse, and I look around at these guys, and I'm thinking "There are the people I'm gonna spend the next 15 years of my life with.
" So, my first night I made a pact with myself.
Anyone comes near me comes at me.
I'm gonna do what I gotta do to survive.
And yeah things happened.
They happen when we don't have the luxury to control things.
They just happen.
[SOFT MUSIC] But you got you gotta keep going.
And you gotta keep moving forward.
If you didn't do what you did last night, I'd be dead.
We're in this together.
You and me.
Are we? [RAMIREZ WHISTLING A TUNE] I need to talk to Hearn.
I think you want to help me, so how about you put that gun on the trunk there.
You're making a big mistake.
No, I don't think so.
See, Hearn shot my partner in the back 'cause you told him she was a cop.
What do you mean? I'll take my chances with my own people.
Well, that's not really an option.
You're wasting time.
Time is not something I have much of.
So tell me where he is and tell me what's going on with this dead body.
Time for me to get a promotion, and my boss, Carillo, was standing in my way.
Uh-huh? [SHOVEL HIT] [RAMIREZ CHUCKLING] [RAMIREZ WHISTLING A TUNE] Seems, uh, you got the sail up.
It was mostly minor damage.
I checked it all out.
We're good.
I, uh, found this.
It's turned off.
Are you working for the DEA? Am I part of that? No.
Are they coming for me? It has nothing to do with you.
I can't say that I was expecting any of this.
You, us.
[LAUGHING]: Well, I guess I know what your big play was this whole time.
I am sorry.
- I'm sorry - that I didn't tell you, but both of us both of us were keeping things from each other, from everybody else.
But I I don't I don't want it to be that way anymore.
So you're setting Hearn up? The cops think I am.
And I'm gonna need you.
I'm asking you to take a leap of faith with me here.
So this trust, this leap that you're asking for it's more than a leap for me, you know? Just tell me you understand.
I understand.
I really understand.
OK then.
The storm took us a long way, and my guess is that it's Mexico.
Well, we better get moving.
[RAMIREZ]: Slaney call in on the number.
He said he has your product and your diamonds on top.
He's on his way here now.
And you're sure it's safe for me to be out in the open like this? [LAUGHING] I'm in charge now.
Carillo is out of the picture, OK? Any evidence we had on you, on the bodies that we found on the construction site, they have, uh mysteriously disappeared.
My department is ceasing to cooperate with the DEA and the RCMP.
They already packed up all their toys and went home.
Heh! Oh, oh, and that other cop, uh - Roughy? - Yeah, Brophy.
He's no longer gonna be a problem.
Nobody can touch you.
[SPLASHING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Ugh! [COUGHING] And I thought you left with the others.
What the hell are you doing out of bed? Doctors cleared me, said I could go.
And when did you pick up Spanish? My shoulder's not gonna be right for a while, but how are you? I had a little dust-up, but I'm still here.
The question is where the hell is everyone else? Your boss left a few hours ago.
His clean-up crew is coming back to pick up this gear.
My boss left yesterday.
And I've just been in here looking for Lieutenant Carillo so I can tell him about his man, Ramirez.
Unfortunately, I think he knows 'cause Ramirez got to him and his body's lying in Hearn's pit.
Hey! We're all set? - Is this our ride? - Yeah.
What are you doing? You're not coming with me.
Slane, I'm coming.
Crew up the boat, take the diamonds, and get as far away from here as possible.
Hearn will kill you.
Well, there's some optimism.
You think you can do this without me, you're wrong! Right now, nobody knows that you're involved in any of this.
And I gotta take Hearn down by myself.
Who's gonna have your back? Just promise me that wherever you go, you'll let me know somehow.
I better see you again, David.
You will.
[BEEPING] [BEEPING] They're on land? Slaney's sending the signal he's come back here to Cancun.
Back to Hearn's? Slaney.
I'd offer you a drink, but We're done having drinks.
And what happened to Carter? What was supposed to happen to me.
I should have known, but but honestly, I never thought you'd go that far.
[HEARN LAUGHING] Did you get my message? Oh, the diamonds? Yeah.
Haha! That was a nice touch.
Where are they by the way? Oh, I'm gonna hold onto 'em until I get my end of this deal.
But at least, you got my cocaine, right? - [HEARN SNIFFLING] - It's all there.
You really want to finish this? Why don't we just do the deal and then we never have to see each other ever again.
[MUSICAL INTRO OF ROCK SONG] [NO TIME] [BY THE GUESS WHO] - [GUNSHOT] - Ugh! [GUNSHOTS] - No time left for you - Help me.
- And why would I do that? - On my way to better things - No time left for you - I found myself some wings - I'll talk.
I know everything.
- No time left for you - I know everything! - Distant roads are calling me - No time - No time - No time - No time - No time - No time - No time - No time - No time - No time - No time - No time - No time - No time No time I got, got, got, got no time I got, got, got, got no time [HEARN PANTING] We were never much for mass, but look at us now, huh? [HEARN GRUNTING] I never understood how you could do the service with Father, uh - Barf.
- Barf.
Father Barf.
That's what you used to call him because every time you looked at him, he made you want to barf.
[LAUGHING] I did a couple of times.
The whiff of him Haha! Oh, he had a hum that's for sure.
Always the altar boy.
You know, I never understood why you hung out with me.
I had to hang out with someone.
You knew who I was, what I was all along.
Not until very, very recently.
You know why I left you on that boat? I did leave you, you were very right about that.
I could have warned you, I could have said something, but no, I left you there, holding the bag, so I could get away.
I did it because I knew that you would be OK.
Haha! - That is fresh, that is.
- No.
No, no, no.
I don't mean it like that.
I knew that on the inside, you'd make the most of it.
You would read.
You'd meet people.
You'd get tougher and harder, and you would come out the same or different, but you you, David Slaney, you would be OK.
I'd be dead.
I'd have come out an absolute monster.
Turns out it didn't take prison, Hearn, to make you a monster.
I suppose Jennifer told you? Yeah.
[SINISTER MUSIC] I was shit to you and her and everyone.
And look at me now.
Haha! I'm even worse.
[HEARN GRUNTING IN PAIN] You and me we had a real shot, right? [PANTING] Right? Nothing you can say changes what happens next.
[PANTING] You should do it.
I should.
I should.
Oh, God, you have every reason.
I do.
I should have known.
You always gotta be the better man.
You're the only friend I ever had.
Ugh! Oh! No! [HEARN PANTING] No! Ride's over, fellas.
- [ROCK MUSIC] - [BUZZING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Slaney, you got a visitor.
Nice to see you again.
Crown prosecutor the judge, everyone; they all know you were working with me and what you did.
Did you tell them that you broke me out of this prison? Nah, I left certain minor details out.
Bottom line is you're free.
Smart work on that tracker by the way.
I guess I'm just lucky you were there to see it.
You know about this? Who she really was? It was Lisa Ada Nicholson.
She was born in Nebraska and for the last 10 years or so, she made a living bilking old white guys out of their life savings.
You're a little young for her usual mark.
Are you even aware of what happened when I took both of you down? [ROCK MUSIC] What are you talking about? Ada ripped all of you off.
[ROCK SONG FUNK 49 ] [BY JAMES GANG] I sleep all day out all night I know where you're goin' I don't think that's acting right What I can't figure out is why you showed up at Hearn's with 24 kilos of sugar.
She stashed the real cocaine, I'm guessing, in the boat, and she sailed off into the morning with whatever was left of the money and all of Hearn's diamonds.
And she's gone.
Any idea where she is? A'jumping up, falling down Don't misunderstand me You don't think I don't know your plan What you tryin' to hand me She played you too.
Looks like it.
Did she make contact? Even if she did, I couldn't tell you.
But I'll be honest, I had no idea about any of this.
Well this showed up in my mailbox.
It's addressed to you.
Out all night, sleep all day I know what you're doin' If you're gonna act that way I think there's trouble brewin' [BUZZING] [BUZZING]