Chambers (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Into the Void

1 - ["Love On The Brain" playing on radio] - [shower running] - [thunder rumbles] - [shower stops running] Must be love on the brain That's got me feeling this way It beats me black and blue But it me so good And I can't get enough Must be love on the brain, yeah And it keeps cursing my name What are you doing, kid? I'm going out.
I thought we agreed that when I cooked, you were gonna eat.
And I thought we agreed we weren't gonna drink soda on the weekdays.
- Put your dish in the sink.
- Thank you.
[indistinct chatter over TV] Hey, Cheddar.
[car approaching] [engine revving] I'll be back by midnight.
- Don't do bad things.
- I'm gonna study.
- No study, no drugs.
- Love you, Uncle Frank.
["Still Ill" playing] Am I still ill? Does the body rule the mind Or does the mind rule the body? I dunno Ask me why, and I'll die For there are brighter sides to life And I should know Because I've seen them But not very often [boy] I was thinking, shall we get some Four Lokos first? [girl] Maybe we should do it sober.
[boy] Yeah Well, we'll feel everything you know? I used to think that losing your virginity meant a boy touched you for the very first time.
Like, even if it was just your arm.
Thought I lost my virginity back in kindergarten, swear to God.
We don't have to do this if you're not ready.
Oh, am I still ill? [thunder rumbles] [boy] I stole my dad's keys Take your virginity in a California King.
Lay something down on you.
Pick any one you like.
I'll set these up.
[thunder rumbles] [boy] You know how special you are to me, right? [girl] Come here.
You smell really pretty.
[heart throbbing] [rhythmic beating] [rhythmic beating continues] [rhythmic beating continues] [staticky rumbling] [staticky rumbling continues] Stop.
Stop! [distorted audio] [high-pitched ring] [gasps] [echoing] Somebody, help me please! Anybody? Help! I don't know what's wrong.
Please, somebody help me.
- [man] How about her history? - [boy] Stay with me, please.
[man] Is she on any medication? [flatlining] [silence] [children chattering indistinctly] - Rise and shine! You're late for work.
- I am awake.
- It's 7:30.
- Oh, shit.
[teacher] A legendary landing site, the only English settlers in America [girl] Hand to Allah, nobody even noticed you were gone! [phone chimes] What? What happened? "Waddup, Frankenstein? Good thing they didn't have to cut your tits off too.
" - Oh, hell no.
Have some respect! - [shushes] You just had a freak heart attack out of nowhere.
You got your insides all cut out, some dead girl's organs are put inside you [coughing, retching] [door opens] [girl] Sasha? [girl] Hey, Sash.
Sasha, you okay? I didn't mean to bring all that shit up back there, I just I don't like people messing with you.
That's all.
Hey, can I ask you a question? Um Does it feel any different? Like, can you tell it's someone else's? Fine, don't answer me.
I'm gonna stand out here until you come out.
- [coughing, laughing] - Hell, no.
Beat nasty Gimme that, gimme that Gimme that beat I'm on the track And I'll bring it back Gimme that, gimme that Sasha over here Trying to buy some snack You know The longer you stay a virgin, the longer your tits don't grow.
It's true! You saw what happened to me the summer after seventh grade.
[Sasha] We got a free Sonic burger every time you wore a tight shirt.
Hell, yeah.
Do you have a quarter? Nah.
I really wanted those Flamin' Hots.
And it's not me.
I'm ready to lose it.
I've been ready.
It's TJ.
He's been avoiding me and every time I hang out with him, he just treats me super [softly] soft.
Whoa! [TJ] I'm sorry.
Did I hurt you? [chuckles] No.
You scared me.
Don't be scared.
Come here.
Yo, do you mind? My girl just had heart surgery, bro.
What are you doing? See? A little bit of smoke isn't gonna break my heart and neither is you touching me again.
What are you talking about? I'm talking it's been three months and you haven't even kissed me yet.
I just Frank's doing inventory Monday.
He's gonna be gone all night.
Are you sure you're okay to? I guess Monday is my new favorite day of the week then.
[whistle blowing] I gotta run.
- Hey, TJ? - Yeah? You might wanna take a cool-down lap first.
What are you talking about? - Oh.
- Yeah.
[shopkeeper's chime chimes] [Sasha] Hey, Puffer.
[Frank] Sasha, come over a sec.
This is Ben Ben LeFevre.
- He's the father of the girl who - Your heart donor.
Oh, okay.
Her name was Becky.
Well, Rebecca, but She hated being called that.
She said it sounded like an accusation.
And that's her when she was little.
Huh, her cheeks.
[chuckles] I know.
Kinda look like pears, right? Look, I know there's all kinds of strict rules about this but sometimes rules only exist to keep us from feeling exactly what we need to feel.
And maybe us meeting like this skin to skin is what was supposed to happen.
I thought maybe we I don't know what I thought.
But it means something seeing you.
Meeting the girl with our daughter's extraordinary heart.
[Frank] Okay.
Okay, thank you.
How would you guys feel about coming over to ours for dinner this Saturday night? My wife, Nancy It would mean the world to her.
To both of us, really.
We'll We'll give it some thought, okay? Yeah, absolutely.
Here give you a card.
Our home address is right there on the back.
Crystal Valley.
Believe me, I didn't get to grow up there.
Thanks for coming by, Ben.
- Appreciate it, man.
- Thank you, Frank.
I appreciate you seeing me.
[chime] [sighs] Can't nobody do it like me I be all over from the land to the sea And my own world is The land of the free I'll be so gone You can't get ahold of me And when I'm leaving home I hope y'all can hold it down I ain't need 'em Asking how I got the crown Hit 'em with the flow real quick [music stops] That was weird, wasn't it? I'm not going to that dude's house.
Do you have any idea what strange series of events had to happen in order for you to get that heart? In four hours, the entire universe had to conspire together to save your life.
Hey, Sasha.
Please, Frank.
As if I don't have enough to feel guilty about already.
Is that how you've been feeling? I was trying to lose my virginity the night it happened.
Did you know that? My heart was beating so fast right before, I thought it was nerves, or the Dr.
Pepper or something normal, you know.
But now I have to repeat a grade take pills for the rest of my life, like I'm 60.
And if everything goes according to plan, I'll probably die a virgin.
I just want everything to go back the way it was before.
I love you, Sasha.
You know I do.
But I think that ship has sunk.
- Really? - Yeah.
Well, what can I say? All I'm saying is Maybe we owe him dinner.
Just think about it, would you? Okay.
I'm gonna go back inside and let you get back to it.
Can't nobody do it like me I be all over From the land to the sea And my own world is The land of the free I'll be so gone You can't get ahold of me [crickets chirping] [heart beating] [heartbeat intensifies] [heartbeat increases rapidly] [heart throbbing] [truck horn honks] [guitar music playing over radio] - [woman] Dust mask, $1.
- [Frank] Just ignore her.
Come on, it's only a dollar.
You need.
Here you go, ma'am.
Taking that out of your next check, I hope you know that.
[woman] You don't want it in you.
You don't want it in you.
You don't want her in you.
You don't want her in you.
[water trickling] [sniffles, chuckles] Jacket or no? A T-shirt.
A jacket makes you look too rich.
Shit, you're right.
[rock music playing over radio] Turn that shit off and come down.
[loud music playing] [Frank] Are you gonna be okay? [Sasha] Yeah, let's just get it over with.
[Sasha] That's a big-ass house.
Sasha! Do not talk like that in front of these people.
- Shit.
That is a really big-ass house.
- Be nice.
- Welcome.
- Hey! - How are you, Frank? - Doing good.
- You found it.
- Thanks for having us.
- Yeah.
Hi, Sasha, how are you? - I'm good.
[woman] Hello.
I'm Becky's mom.
- Nancy, this is Frank.
- Hi.
Very nice to meet you.
And this is Sasha.
Look at those bad boys.
- Gotta be ten pounds, easy.
- [Nancy] I'm so glad you came.
Actually 15.
I got them from this man when I was in Japan.
A friend of mine from Bermuda.
[heartbeat echoing] Frank? Who's hungry? - [Ben] I can eat.
- [Frank] Yeah.
Let's do it.
How old were you when you moved to Cottonwood? I'm not sure Mm, two? [Frank] I think maybe two, two and a half.
I know she was teething like a motherfucker.
This food is amazing.
How about school? What sort of extracurriculars are you into? [Sasha] Type of what? You know, extracurriculars, like sports.
After-school clubs, student council, that sort of thing.
Oh, um I dance sometimes, kind of just in my room.
And I used to help my friend TJ practice for track.
Becky ran too.
We used to go together every morning.
It's the best part of my day.
She was a long-distance girl, how about you? Uh, just a couple times around the block.
About eight times 'cause that equals about two miles, so medium distance.
Medium distance? She is funny.
So what are your favorite classes? You keep good grades? Jesus Christ, you wanna see her birth certificate, too, Nancy? Don't hijack the conversation, Elliot.
Come on, the poor girl hasn't had a chance to eat under such intense interrogation.
I'm not hijacking anything.
I'm just expressing my empathy.
I pay 500 bucks a week for a therapist that teaches me how to be a human being.
Damn it, boy, stop it.
Can I propose a toast? Sure.
I can't even begin imagining what you all have been going through.
But I just want you to know that your daughter she's still here.
I mean, she saved Sasha's life.
That's something that I can never repay you for.
I think I can speak for Sasha here, too, when I say that we're gonna do everything we can to keep her memory alive.
Thank you both.
And amen.
I mean cheers.
- [Ben] Cheers.
- Cheers.
That was very moving.
What? Can I not be moved? You wanna see something cool? I thought you guys might enjoy the view of the haboob.
[Frank] Damn thing came out of nowhere.
- [Nancy] Bipolar Arizona sky, right? - [Ben] Yeah.
- Pinot? - Oh, yeah.
Frank what you said about keeping Becky's memory alive it's like you were reading my mind.
Are you guys familiar with Crystal Valley High School? I know Cottonwood always kicks their ass in basketball.
- Yeah.
- [Frank laughs] We're not very good at conventional sports, no.
But we are good at getting kids into college, which admittedly isn't cheap.
And that's why Nancy and I have endowed a scholarship in Becky's name.
That way what happened to her won't be for nothing.
Full tuition and expenses.
Anyway, we thought Sasha might be interested.
What he means is we wanna offer the scholarship to Sasha.
- And only Sasha.
- Wow.
The decision is entirely yours.
If you don't wanna do it, - you don't wanna go.
- Of course she wants to go.
[scoffs] It's one of the top schools in the state.
- Isn't it a little far, though? - You can take the bus.
There are few other "at-promise" kids who take public transportation.
What? There really has to be somebody else.
I'm not good at school.
Grades and stuff, I can't do that.
No, no.
She's just being humble.
Her teachers suck.
[emergency alert beeps] [beeping continues] Dust storm warning.
Avoid travel.
Looks like we're having a sleepover.
This sucks, I know.
But we have a really great guest room, I promise.
[ominous ambient noise] [loud whoosh] Could you imagine if I went to that school? Yeah, actually I can.
You'd be the first person in our family to go to college.
- Who said I wanted to go to college? - I did.
Yeah, well.
Me and Yvonne have other plans.
What other plans? The nail salon idea.
The one in the laundromat.
Mannimat? [scoffs] I didn't think you're serious about that.
Well, we were.
You didn't go to college and you turned out fine.
I want better than fine for you.
And so did your mother.
I'm not going to that stupid school - and these people don't get to save me.
- Sit your ass down, now.
We've come close to losing a roof over our heads more times than I've More times than I've told you about it.
That's for sure.
You and Yvonne, you got this little nail salon dream that's fine.
But you take this scholarship and you learn some shit.
And maybe that dream becomes a reality.
I know this is gonna sound crazy but I think that one day, we're gonna look back and realize that this whole heart attack thing was the best thing that ever happened to you.
[door opens] [door closes] [wind whistling outside] [indistinct argument] [Becky] You don't get to tell me how I feel.
[Sasha] Is that Cookie Crisp? [Elliot] Couldn't sleep either? The bowls are in the cupboard.
Hey, look.
A tattoo.
There you go.
To cover up your track marks.
What happened to your heart? It stopped.
At 17? I'm an old soul, what can I say? Undetected echovirus.
Will you stop grilling me like your parents? It's gonna be nice having someone like you in Crystal Valley.
[dark piano music playing] [mouse squeaking] [heavy wind blowing outside] Poor baby what happened to your tail? [loud crash] [horror strings playing] [whoosh] [wind blowing] Becky? [gasps] [thunder rumbling] [snores] Hey, man.
You don't have to do that.
I'll take it to car wash.
[Ben speaking in Spanish] [Frank] Thanks for letting us crash.
[Nancy] Anytime.
Is there something you wanna say? Thanks for letting us stay the night.
Nice meeting all of you.
If you're ever in the market for some exotic marine life, I'm your guy.
Nice to meet you, Sasha.
You, too.
[engine turns over] I tell you that I found a camera hidden in this girl's room and you say nothing.
But them not eating meat, that's messed up? Whatever.
You know how bilagaanas like to spy on the "help.
" I had these weird-ass dreams.
I know it sounds kinda crazy, but it all felt so familiar.
Like I've been there before.
[TJ] Look, you've been through a lot, okay? You're still the same girl - I fell in love with.
- Yeah? - And that's all that matters.
- Maybe.
If you want, I can check to make sure! Look.
Same, same, same.
[Sasha giggling] Do another inspection another time! [Sasha] Why wait? Frank doesn't get off for another hour or two.
Wait, really? All right.
[Sasha laughs] You're an idiot.
[TJ chuckles] [Sasha] Aw.
[chuckles] Oh, shit.
I'm about to cum.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
[panting] You think my mom would have wanted me to do it? Yeah.
I mean We're in love, right? Not that, stupid.
I'm talking about the scholarship.
My mom did.
She was the one who pushed for me to go to Cottonwood.
Track team at the rez school sucks.
You wouldn't miss me? For sure I would.
But I mean, I'd be super proud of you, too.
A girl like you showing all those rich bitches who's boss.
[Sasha laughs] You'll probably get better weed too! ["I Like You" by Liv Dawson playing] I like you, I like you I like you, I like you What you say, what you say What you do, what you do Make me feel Like I'm the only girl in the room So what you think about me 'Cause I've been thinking about you To be honest, baby It's the only thing I've been up to [music fades] Hi, Cheddar.
- Missed you, little guy.
- [mouse squeaking] [gasps] [phone buzzing] Hello? Mrs.
LeFevre? Oh, hi, Sasha.
Thank you again for having us over.
I want to accept the scholarship.
That is great news.
Yeah, we're excited here, too.
We'll make sure Elliott's there to show you the ropes on Monday.
Like tomorrow Monday? Yes, this Monday.
Bye, honey.
I knew she'd take it.
I knew it.
I mean, this is gonna change her life.
[falters] I am so, so happy.
Right? Becky would be proud.
[alarm chiming] [coyote barking, howling] [indistinct chatter] [man] Let me be the first to welcome you to Crystal Valley High.
I'm Coach Jones.
Coach, like sports? No, I don't coach football or field hockey or anything like that.
I coach life.
Yeah, I know.
It makes me wanna puke a little too.
If it helps, you can just call me Jones.
How about Mr.
Jones? Old school, I like it.
Inside you'll find your schedule along with your gym uniform, meal card and laptop.
Holy shit.
Do I have to give this back? Oh, no.
Laptop is yours to keep.
It's all included as part of the very generous scholarship package provided by the LeFevres.
Don't be! I should apply for this scholarship myself! This brings us to phase two of your onboarding process.
Come in.
So this is your transitional partner, Marnie.
She'll be showing you the ropes as you ease into life here at Crystal Valley.
What's up? Becky was one of my closest friends, so getting to meet the girl with her scholarship, it's an honor.
- Cool.
- Let's get started.
[Marnie] Both my parents went here, too.
I basically know everything about this place.
[girl] Wrap it before you tap it.
Free condoms? Dope.
Everybody is super-chill about everything here.
[girl] Wrap it before you tap it.
Oh, I started a petition to get that taken down, by the way.
[Marnie] This is our dining hall.
They give you a meal card? Unlimited! Nice! Does that mean I can get whatever I want? I'm good? This is our nap room.
Feel free to come here if you ever get stressed out, overwhelmed, or God forbid, triggered.
[Sasha] Okay.
[Marnie] Up ahead is the gym.
That's where we do sports, gym classes, et cetera.
[Sasha] I know what a gym is.
Cottonwood may not have a nap room, but we did have one of those.
You're funny.
Becky would've liked you.
- Really? - Yeah.
And you would've liked her too.
Everyone did.
[Sasha] I looked her up online.
But there wasn't much.
I don't even know how she died.
All the articles just say "tragic accident.
" [Marnie] Electrocuted.
In the shower.
She always used to listen to this old FM-radio when she was getting ready.
Her mom gave it to her.
Super vintage.
And one night, the radio fell into the shower.
And Fuck.
Come on, let's get you to your first class.
We were dying.
We were like girl, it's [laughing] Oh, okay, I get it.
You're reliving that night of passion with TJ, huh? Don't think I didn't notice you weren't wearing jeans today.
- What, he gave you that big dick wobble? - No.
- I mean, yeah, he did, but - He did.
- [both chuckle] - [Sasha] That's not I talked to one of Becky's friends at school today and - Yeah? - she told me how she died.
I mean, I knew she died, obviously, but I don't know.
Hearing it made it seem more real.
And now I can't get it out of my head.
Well, how did she die? Electrocuted in the shower.
Are you sure? That's what she said.
Why? I mean You can't donate organs if you get electrocuted.
- Says who? - Books.
[chuckles] You were in the hospital for a while and I did all the research I could on transplants I mean, with electrocution, everything just just gets fried, you know? So I'm the exception here or what? Hey, I just Forget I said anything, to be honest, 'cause I was probably high when I read it.
Are you hungry? I've got some cheese back at the place.
We can make cheese fries.
With all these Flamin' Hots you get from the school.
Come on.
Come on.
It's gonna be good.
[washing machine rattling] [thunder rumbling] [shrieking] [thunder cracks]