Chambers (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Trauma Bonding

1 [monitor flatlining] [muffled, indistinct speech] - [heart beats] - [woman] We have a heartbeat.
[Frank] This food is amazing.
Can I propose a toast? [Frank] I just want to thank you both for taking Sasha off my hands.
She has been a huge burden to me ever since her mom ditched her.
And to be honest, she's much better off growing up as Becky anyways.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
[Nancy] You're safe here, Becky.
Don't worry.
Sasha's starting to look more and more like you every day.
- Becky would be proud.
- Blond hair, creamy skin, pink nails.
[Elliot] You figure out why my sister killed herself yet? [Sasha] Linziin.
- [Elliot] What? - [Sasha] She was bad inside.
[high-pitched droning] [laughter] [Nancy, distorted] What about school, Sasha? [laughter] [overlapping indistinct speech] [Elliot] I know this place.
What did you do with your hair? You looked so peaceful.
Peaceful? If you need some clean clothes, just take anything you want from her closet.
I'll leave you.
[groans] [Ben] Did she say anything? Becky didn't speak to me.
Did you try asking Sasha about it? No.
I want her to be comfortable here.
I think Becky needs time.
You know she can't stay here forever.
Hey guys, morning.
Where's Elliott? He left early.
He said he had to help Ravi with a class project.
Why? I was just gonna hop in his Uber for school.
I'll give you a ride.
Get something to eat first.
It's cool.
I have some Pop-Tarts in my bag.
It's Frank.
I'll take care of it.
I'll talk to him.
We don't wanna fight.
Sasha! Sasha! Look, I'm taking her home.
Good morning, Frank.
May I respectfully ask you please not to shout? This is our home.
You're gonna have to get the cops out here because I'm not leaving without her.
Actually, maybe I'll get them out here.
I'm her legal guardian and you can't keep her from me.
Your Crystal Valley cops You just think they'll side with you, right? Because you got money and solar panels, and a fridge full of LaCroix? This is not going to heal your relationship with your niece.
She needs a good uncle.
Parenting is patience.
I don't think you're in any position to be giving me parenting advice.
- Why not? - 'Cause one of your kids is a junkie - and the other one is dead.
- Frank! Nancy.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
You need to go.
He shouldn't have said that.
I'd rather he bully me than bully you.
He's ashamed and shame turns to anger.
He said he was sorry.
He'll come to it.
What you thinking? Huh? [chuckles] So doggone cute.
I know.
He's getting so big.
Oh, and you went and got thicc on me.
How's Aunt Trace been? Um My dad took her to the doctor, so she'll be fine.
We haven't seen you at church lately.
I don't have time for a holy roller intervention today.
Ooh, now girl, I was just saying, it's just been a while.
Baby Elijah has been a lot of work.
- Is he, like, one of those storm babies? - Yeah.
Elijah couldn't wait to join the party.
He came two months premature.
Jamie, 58 women gave birth that night.
- 58.
- That place was packed.
Mothers screaming, babies crying, everyone yelling "Push!" Shit was insane.
But the Annex has a word for what happened.
- The Annex? - Look, I prayed to Jesus every night Elijah was in that incubator and all he got was pneumonia.
Then the Annex came by to see us who gave birth early and offered financial assistance and a holistic way of helping our babies.
I took Jesus' picture off the wall the very next day and never looked back.
You think I'm nuts.
No, girl, I think you're a good mom.
Oh, oh [panting] [indistinct chatter] Hey.
I know your secret.
I know you have Becky's heart.
- Who told you? - Doesn't matter.
But I knew it the moment that we met.
It's like we'd known each other forever.
- I remembered you from one of her dreams.
- Shit.
- You have her dreams? - I had another one last night.
I was with Elliot out in the desert somewhere.
I'm trying to find him, see if he can tell me what the place was.
There was some red canyon and a stone table, but It's Divinity Rock, it's in Antelope Valley.
We used to take like a million trips there.
Smoke weed.
Hook up.
Do you know if Could you tell me if Did she love me? Yeah.
[panting] You let me win? Evan, with all the love in my heart, I would never let you win at anything.
I know it.
My mind's just not in it today.
You thinking about Sasha? How long is she gonna be staying with you? I have no idea.
Then I should tell you that a bed just opened up at the Annex Detox Center.
- Don't.
- She shouldn't be around Elliot.
- He's not dangerous.
- I think Becky might disagree with that.
- I'm not sending him away again.
- Look Ben, you took him out of rehab early when Becky died, that's okay.
- Don't you want him to finish treatment? - What if your father had given up on me? All the fights I got in, all the shit I was into? What if he'd sent me away instead of steering me onto the right path? Why are you resisting this? We're not asking you to do anything that isn't in Elliot's best interest.
Or in Sasha's.
You know how important she is to us.
[door bell chimes] [door closes] [man] Hello? [glass shattering] What the fuck, Johnny? Your choices have consequences, Frank.
Especially the dumb ones.
That GPS stunt cost Gary a hell of a lot more than that car was worth.
So I'm passing the savings onto you.
I figure a fair price is You ever fuck with my fish again, I'll kill you with my own two hands.
We need to talk about Sasha.
I don't know about that.
We broke up.
So now you don't care if she lives or dies? What happened? Is her heart, like, okay? She's not in the hospital if that's what you're asking, but no, her heart is not okay.
There's something really strange going on.
Like, the night Becky died a whole bunch of women went into labor.
My cousin was one of them.
She said there's this place called the Annex Foundation They, like, stepped in to help and maybe they can tell us something to help Sasha too.
Those guys had a booth at the Job Fair.
I'm telling you, these guys are a bunch of clowns.
Any dude in a romper doesn't have any kind of answers.
"We are limitless.
" Now, I guess I gotta freshen my resume.
[woman] Okay, everybody smile.
One, two, three.
Okay, let's go.
Elliot? You had the same dream? So her dreams her memories, like you have them just because you have her heart? I don't know how it happens.
I just want it to stop.
[sighs] That's how you knew what song was playing - the night she died, isn't it? - Yeah.
Becky and I used to have shared dreams sometimes.
Whenever we'd share dreams, I used to scratch the shit outta my arm.
And Becky would grind her teeth.
[Sasha] How about the dream we had? How do you even know what this place is? It's a vortex of energy.
We used to come here a bunch when we were kids.
That's all I know about it.
You know, I don't even remember the last time I saw her.
Ben and Nancy took me to rehab the night I blacked out and attacked her.
She was suffering and I made it worse.
I just wish I knew why I did what I did.
Maybe we can figure it out.
So you're going to stab me? Do you want to find out how it happened or not? These are what she cut you with, so I'm assuming she was cutting something over here.
- I guess.
- Is that the shirt you were wearing? Nancy saved it.
A reminder of what was at stake with my sobriety.
Where'd you come in? Uh I mean, I was I was pretty screwed up, so backdoor? So, go out there do everything you can to remember that day.
- [Sasha] What did you eat for breakfast? - I don't know.
- [Elliot] Eggs? - What was the weather like? - [Elliot] Hot.
- What was the last thing you did before she stabbed you? [Elliot] I don't remember.
[Sasha] Come on, Elliot, think.
What about Becky? What was her mood like? Was she happy? Confused? Worried? Suspicious? Was she scared? [Elliot] Holy shit.
[girl humming] Becky? Is that you? Becky.
I miss you so much and it sucks that you're not here.
Becky? Becky [groans] [groaning, panting] [mouse squealing] [garbage disposal grinding] [groans] Mom, Dad! Elliot attacked me! Elliot.
Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Jesus Christ.
I saw everything.
She gaslit you into thinking you attacked her - when she was the one - Stop it.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know what I saw.
Maybe it was maybe it was a dream or a delusion.
It wasn't a delusion.
Jesus Christ.
Locks from the outside.
Well We know what this is, but do you know what this is? No.
I know where she got it from.
Coach Jones Are you in a habit of giving jewelry to underage female students? Whoa.
I don't give out jewelry, I give out worry beads.
Well, from where I sit, that's a difference without a distinction.
I understand how someone could come to that conclusion.
But, look.
It's a trick of the trade okay? Kids come in here stressed out about being kids, I give them something they can hold onto.
Well It doesn't seem Becky was able to hold on to them.
She was going through a rough time, she needed someone to talk to.
She never said anything to me.
Sometimes it's easier for a kid to talk to me than it is to talk to a parent.
Tell me about this rough time.
She was having trouble sleeping at night, getting angry at the people in her life.
Feeling like nobody understood her.
She had a bad case of being 17 years old.
That could be signs of a specific trauma.
I'd like to see the notes on your sessions.
Absolutely, yeah.
Let's see.
Hopefully you can decipher my handwriting.
Thank you.
What? He might not hear us.
Sam hears everything.
Tell that to my parents.
They say I only hear what I want to.
[Sam] So We're doing the usual or you want to think ahead for once and buy in bulk? Elliot.
[clears throat] I don't want any drugs.
I mean, I want them, I'm just not going to buy any.
So you just missed me? Is that it? No.
I want to know what this is.
I don't know shit about shit.
I found it in Becky's stuff.
I just want to know what happened to my sister.
She made me promise not to tell you but I guess that oath expired when she did.
She came to me looking for ayahuasca, but I told her to look somewhere else because I don't sell that "Burning Man, do it once every ten years" crap.
So when you didn't have what she was looking for, you just sold her crack? It's not crack, it's DMT.
It's fucking amazing.
She said that she was trying to remember something, and I told her this would help shake it loose.
- Could it make her violent? - Violent? No.
With this drug you're lucky if you can even talk.
It mimics the chemical your body makes when you die.
Opens up your mind, taps into hidden parts of your brain.
Your soul will reveal its deepest truth, et cetera, et cetera.
- So you didn't sell her anything else? - [Sam] Nothing.
And that baggie you've got is still full, so she didn't even do the one I cashed her out on.
If I take this, it will show me the truth.
Show me why she did it.
Your mother was an addict, you recently just had a heart transplant.
When Becky tried to do the same thing - Sasha, you could die.
- [moans] Sasha.
My teeth have never been ground down before.
What are you talking about? When we trigger those memories, like back at your house, I think it lets a piece of her through.
- How is that even possible? - I don't know, but it's happening.
Fuck, Sasha.
You want to trigger another one with DMT? - What the hell is wrong with you? - She's what's wrong with me.
I want her gone before I hurt someone I love, too.
Ayahuasca is a natural drug, right? Okay.
When we were trying to trip on shrooms, salvia, that kind of stuff Marnie would get it for us.
Isn't she like super straight-edge? Not when it comes to that "of the earth" shit.
I mean, she would party harder than the rest of us.
Look, before you do something stupid, just talk to her, okay? Maybe she knows something.
Maybe you can get her to open up.
How? Beautiful boys and beautiful girls Get in the car And let's see the world Okay, ladies.
Back in 20.
Thank you, Alaska.
- So, I was - Nope.
- I was just going to - Play detective with me the same way you've been doing with everyone at Crystal Valley.
I know you don't like me.
The only reason I accepted this invitation is because I have questions for you.
So, whatever it is you think I have to tell you, I'm not saying another word until you tell me what happened between Elliot and Ravi in that trailer.
Don't tell me.
I'll just enjoy my free blowout.
Elliot found out that Ravi and Becky were hooking up.
Do you not believe me? No, I do.
[chuckles] Forgive me for not bursting into tears and slashing his tires.
I I'm not an idiot, Sash.
I saw what was happening between them.
- Do you not care? - Of course I cared.
It killed me, but That's in the past and so is Becky.
And he is still with me.
This is a waste of time.
[bell rings] Alaska, I'm ready to be beautiful.
And see what you can do with my friend here, too.
[electricity crackling] This looks like standard teenage girl stuff.
Really? Even this part? "Becky feels that her sessions with Aunt Ruth at the Annex Foundation have been helpful.
" What kind of sessions were you doing with my daughter without telling me? Compulsion reduction.
What compulsion? For some it's smoking, bulimia, biting their nails.
We make it a point not to ask.
Do you make it a point not to tell the parents either? She asked me to keep it between us.
The idea that your daughter could go through something and not talk to you about it is hurtful.
But that's the nature of every mother-teenage daughter relationship.
It's not easy finding out that you weren't as close as you thought you were.
She was in her own little world those last few months.
She was pulling away from me just like I pulled away from my mother at her age.
This hunt for blame, for some hidden trauma.
Maybe what you're looking for is for something to explain that distance away.
[knocking] [both speaking Navajo] I'm glad you called.
That friend of yours sounds like she's in a lot of trouble.
I thought I could chop some wood and then maybe hear what you think.
That's hers.
- You remember where I keep the ax? - Yeah.
That's a lot going on with your friend Sasha.
It's complicated.
I didn't want to be all Indian and run right to the medicine man, but I didn't know where else to go.
Do we go to the hogan now? [man speaks in Navajo] Remember when your parents split up, and you moved in with your mom? You came to me and asked if I had some kind of medicine that'd make things better - with you and your dad? - Yeah, I remember.
I cleaned the barn, I washed your truck.
And you gave me a stupid Star Wars DVD.
I gave you Empire.
It's about a boy and his dad trying to stop fighting.
- And they did.
- Not 'til the movie with the Ewoks.
Your dad was still okay with your choice, right? Yeah.
You know Not everything gets fixed with a ceremonial in the hogan, Shiye'.
Your friend I prayed about her.
Somethin' bad there.
Really out of balance, but It's not from here.
I don't think our medicine can take care of all of it.
She needs to be around the people that love her.
After a heavy rain, you walk outside to see a little boy stomping on all the worms that have come up to drink the water.
He seems to be taking pleasure in crushing them to death.
What do you say to the little boy? Uh I tell him to stop? Are you stating that because you think that's what I want to hear, or because you truly believe in the sanctity of all life? Both? I mean, both.
I like you.
Oh, I like me too.
[chuckles] So are we gonna talk about the qualifications, or nah? Nah.
I know everything I need to know about you from our brief conversation.
And we'd love to offer you a position in our greeting crew.
Greeting people would be a total waste of my skills.
I mean, did you check out that resume? The awards section? I have citations on citations on citations for my coding and all-around technological know-how.
Come on, I'm here for an IT job.
Or internship or whatever.
Something that can work around my school schedule, but IT, not greeting.
I'll have to run this by my supervisor.
Everyone's got a boss, so.
I can wait.
[Sasha] Marnie.
Marnie, wait! Hey! Marnie.
- Oh, God.
- Marnie, stop! - Just go home, Sasha.
- Just listen to me! I'm trying to tell you something.
Just two seconds.
- God.
- Marnie, just Becky killed herself.
What? That's why Elliot was yelling.
Because Ravi was there when it happened and he left her.
Becky took ayahuasca that night because there was something she was trying to remember.
She killed herself on ayahuasca? I - I'm the one who - I know.
There was some other drug that she wanted to take.
That she said she was worried that it would be too intense.
She said if there was any other way to find out that she would have Find out about what? I asked, but she wouldn't tell me.
- She wasn't making any sense.
- What else did she say? [phone rings] Well? She doesn't know anything about the repressed memory.
[sighs] Shit.
But there is something else you might want to hear, though.
Becky told your parents to put you in rehab.
- Why would I want to hear that? - Because she wasn't trying to hurt you.
She was actually trying to protect you.
From her.
I mean, your sister might have been messed up inside, but she still loved you.
Becky didn't want to be bad.
What if that's why she killed herself? Because she couldn't stop hurting the people she loved? I don't want to be like that.
I'm sorry [wavering] I made it bad.
[shuddering] What are you doing in here? [chuckles] Is it okay that I still hate the smell of her perfume? Yeah.
It's okay.
I can't imagine how rough this has been on you.
You know What happened with you and Becky was awful but you took responsibility for your actions.
Got clean stayed clean.
I'm proud of you.
Thanks, Dad.
If you ever wanna talk about her or anything I'm here.
I'm fine.
[sniffles] Okay.
What are you doing here? - Research.
What are you doing here? - Got some research of my own.
Look, I'm sorry about what happened last night.
But it doesn't mean I can't help you.
I think something weird happened the night you had your transplant.
What are you wearing? What the hell did you do to your hair? - [Yvonne screams] - [horns honk] [Yvonne screaming] No, no, no! Yvonne, I'm sorry.
No, no! - Are you okay? I'm sorry - Just go! Who are you? [Sasha] Becky is bad.
I'm seeing things.
The heart.
She took over my body.
I can feel her emotions.
The pain, it was suffocating.
It's making me do things.
I just want it to stop.
What if something happened to her that's making her stay? Her ghost is sticking around.
I want her gone before I hurt someone I love, too.
I'm not letting Becky ruin my life anymore.