Chance (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

The Coping Mechanism

1 - Previously on "Chance" - HYNES: Hey.
Woman found with her throat cut, a kid shot in the head breaking into a car registered to Ryan Winter.
I'm gonna need you to get into Ryan Winter's head for me.
You were attacked by a stranger, targeted for whatever reason.
Rear choke like that for longer than 40 seconds, and you wouldn't be here.
Winter is here in my office.
Change rattles him.
If I keep him here, can you get into his house? - Already out the door, Doc.
- You spread that shit around about me and John.
- Chill out.
- And then just sit here.
You are not my friend! Whatever, stalker freak.
WINTER: Someone's broken into my house and taken things, moved things.
What they stole has no value other than to me.
- Did you call the police? - He is the police.
Detective Kevin Hynes.
It really freaked him out, what you did.
Look, I don't give a shit, but I can't lose this job.
- In case you get hungry.
- Why didn't you scream - when you saw me in the house? - 'Cause you're not scary.
When I was 8, I was standing on a train platform.
This woman had come out of the crowd, grabbed him, and tossed him in front of the train.
I found a way to cope.
There's this asshole bullied me or whatever.
D: Anytime somebody bullies you, you should thank them every day.
Learn to stand up for yourself now.
Anything can be a weapon.
- Oh.
- Oh! - Thank you.
- Hey, take a bow.
- For what? - Your good work made this happen.
Ryan Winter just donated $1 million to the unit in Josefa's name.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] Pinch me, right? This is too good to be true.
CHANCE: I agree.
What? Come on.
I don't think you should take this money.
What do you mean, don't? Based on what? Well, he's a patient with head trauma for one thing.
We've accepted money from victims and families of victims before.
I mean, not this much money, but they donate all the time.
It's not unethical.
It's what helps keep our doors open.
Will you will you just listen to me for a second? I'm just concerned that this donation is gonna come with strings.
This is not the type of guy who can give a million dollars and just leave it at that.
He can have my parking spot.
I'm serious.
So am I.
Do I really have to tell you what a million dollars means for this unit? I know, I know.
I just - [CELLPHONE CHIMING] - I just don't want him to distract from the people who actually need us.
Yeah? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Christina, s-slow down.
Is she with you now? Okay.
Uh, I'll meet you at my place in 20 minutes.
- Nicole? - Yeah.
I got to go.
I'll call you later.
This money, it'll be a good thing.
[BELL DINGING] [INDISTINCT TALKING] WOMAN: Jesus, carryout check stand 2.
Folic acid and iron and a stool softener for the iron side effects.
You know they have flowers here.
Folic acid helps protect your baby against birth defects, and the iron prevents anemia.
What's your name? D.
I have a doctor, D.
An O.
For the baby.
She tells me not to eat raw fish and weird cheeses or whatever.
And she tells me to take vitamins, so I do that.
But thank you.
Okay, then.
So, you're stalking me at the supermarket because of birth defects? Hmm? Then why? Your boss, he's a very bad man.
That's all I know is bad men.
You're gonna have to say more than that.
He kills people.
- What people? - Women, mostly.
So, he's gonna kill me? Doubt it.
That'd be too obvious, although I guess you never know.
- You a cop? - No.
You ever kill anybody? Nobody anyone would miss.
So, what do you want from me, anyway? I just figured you should know.
Yeah, that's an answer, but it's not the whole answer.
You like Chinese food? Sure.
Golden Pagoda, tomorrow at 2:00.
You can take me to lunch.
The baby likes the chicken in black bean sauce.
WOMAN: Price check in produce.
Price check in produce.
Cashier 2.
You can tell me the rest of the answer then.
CHANCE: Nic thanked Pepper? Right after she broke her nose.
And that Pepper is a piece of work, just pretending to be her friend so she could humiliate her? So, what now? Expulsion, possibly.
I don't know.
I'll know more when I talk to the dean tomorrow.
What time? I'll come with you.
There's another shoe.
Of course there is.
Her parents are pressing charges, aggravated assault.
Aggravated? They're saying the book was a weapon, a blunt instrument.
The hospital's holding her overnight for observation.
That's standard concussion protocol.
Okay, well, I guess I'll go talk to the parents.
And then I'll handle the dean? Eldon, she's going to be charged with a felony.
Is there a scenario where she goes to jail or some kind of, like, juvenile detention center? No.
That's not gonna happen.
I really thought that we were over this.
I She was doing so well.
I'll go talk to her.
Do you ever think that maybe this is our fault? I mean, she's so bright and beautiful and young and unjaded and unspoiled.
I don't know where this is coming from.
I mean, the stalking last year, and now? I-I keep thinking that the only common denominator is is us.
You had nothing to do with this.
[DOOR CLOSES] Pepper humiliated me in front of basically everyone, so forget putting anything behind me or starting over.
Not to mention ruining any chance I had at making any other friends besides her.
And the rest, as they say, is history.
Look, I I understand the impulse, I do.
I just You ever feel like your life is just some ride? You're at a carnival, you strap yourself in, and then somebody else decides how fast or high you go? But you do have control.
It might not always feel like that, but Yeah, but even before this.
Too many times I'd get up in the morning and think, "Here we go again.
" Walking the school halls, worried, wondering what's next, what's out there waiting for me now? But today with Pepper? I was what was waiting.
And to be honest, it felt awesome.
Look, after what Pepper did, you had every right to be upset.
This is not the way to deal with it.
Really? You tried "walking and reading" at the same time lately? Look, do me a favor.
In the future, will you talk to me first? Well, I tried, and I could not find you anywhere, so I talked to D.
D? Yeah, he thinks we should thank bullies.
What? We should Thank them for what? Well, he says everyone else just wants to keep us weak and calm, but bullies challenge us, show us how to handle adversity and give us insight into who we are.
So this is who you really are now? Mm.
I don't know.
I just know that whoever I was today, I like her way more than who I've been.
] This is not smart, you being here.
You got no way of knowing whether you're gonna run into him.
I wouldn't have had to come if you'd answer your fucking cell.
Besides, you said you were gonna keep him out of here.
He noticed and wrote a check so big, no one cares what I think.
So, his story about a kid being throw on the train tracks? The woman's name is Amy Debbs.
Has a history of mental illness, in and out of psych wards until July of '82, where she tossed this kid on the tracks at the Emeryville train station.
So that really happened.
Winter was telling the truth.
And there's more.
The kid, [GROANS] with the grace of fucking God ends up under the train or beside the train and survives.
And Debbs was arrested on the scene and brought straight in to be processed.
But no one ever claims the kid.
In 1982, Winter would have been 6 or 7.
Yeah, I could never get anything on Winter's childhood.
I mean, the things I did get, I couldn't be sure it wasn't some revisionist history done after he shot into rich people stratosphere.
And I don't even know where he was originally from or if Winter was even his name.
Where is Amy Debbs now? Do we know if she's still alive? Patton State Hospital.
All right, well, I know one of the deputy chiefs of psychiatry down there.
I'll give him a call, see what kind of cocktail they've got her on.
If she would talk to me.
About? About why she tried to kill her son.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] WOMAN: Thank you so much.
I'm one of the schedulers.
I thought what you did was pretty cool.
What I did? I've done a lot of things.
Oh, right.
The donation the ginormous amount of money.
I thought it was pretty awesome.
Oh, yeah.
Well, thanks.
That was pretty awesome, wasn't it? [CHUCKLES] Have you worked there a long time? The unit? Uh, no, but I used to work with Dr.
Chance when he had his own practice.
No kidding.
You know, I'm working with Dr.
Chance right now.
Yeah, I know.
- You do? - I mean, I don't know-know.
I mean, I know you are.
I do the scheduling.
I don't know anything else, so don't worry.
Oh, wow.
It literally sounds like I've never had an adult conversation before.
So, how long have you known him? A couple of years.
Um I used to run his practice.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that what you did was amazing, and we all really appreciate it.
What is your name? Lucy.
I'm Ryan Winter, but you know that.
Not just because of stalky scheduling weirdness.
Also because I'm kind of a tech nerd.
Well, those and "Star Wars" are my two favorite kinds of nerds.
[CHUCKLES] You know, I'm actually speaking at a thing - Oh.
- that you might like.
It's a conference on mixed reality.
Oh! Um, yeah.
Uh It's just with work and my kid, it's a little hard to get away for last-minute stuff.
You're a mom.
Yeah, the single kind.
Well, listen.
If you can get away Mm-hmm.
here's the information.
I it could be interesting, too.
So, bye.
I'm Nicole's father, Eldon Chance.
I just wanted to check on Pepper, tell how sorry we all are that this has happened.
Not as sorry as you're gonna be, pal.
- It's okay.
- I understand your being upset.
Oh, do you? Because I didn't see you sleeping in a plastic chair - Hey, hey, hey.
- all night while nurses came in to check your daughter's pupils every hour.
MOM: Bob.
Pepper has a nasal fracture.
Thankfully, there's no sign of concussion.
Just spoke with the attending physician.
What? You talked to her.
I'm a neuropsychiatrist.
I work with a lot of head trauma patients.
Yeah, it figures, huh? It's always the shrink's kids that are the fucking Stop it! Just take it outside, okay? Both of you.
Maybe this is not the best time.
What was your first clue? Bob, please.
Once again, I'm so sorry that this has happened.
And maybe when you're ready, we can all sit down and talk about what to do next.
Your daughter fucking broke our daughter's nose.
There is nothing for us to talk about.
At all.
Okay? That's what lawyers are for.
Okay, come on.
Get your stuff.
Let's get out of here.
[DOOR SLAMS] WINTER: Lyndsay! - Lyndsay! - Yes? - Where is the briefc - Right here.
Thank you.
Listen, a talk and a lunch, too, is too much for me.
I'm not gonna be able to d it.
I'm sorry.
I told them that you probably wouldn't be staying to eat.
Did you call them yet? No.
Do you want me to do it? No, I will, but just not right now.
- Is the car here? - It's out front.
You know, trespassing is a crime.
Yeah, I know that.
What am I gonna tell 'em? That Detective Hynes broke into my house and rearranged my shirts? I wouldn't even have known he was here except he stole my rock.
I would tell me to fuck off.
- Be that as it may - I hate when people say that.
Why is he doing this? Why is he doing it again? It's been four years.
Why is he doing it? Because he wants to torment you, and he is, and you can't let him get away with it.
We can't.
We have to deal with it.
Okay, but not right now.
I can't think about this right now.
And you don't have to.
I'm here for that.
[BEEP] AUTOMATED VOICE: Kitchen door open.
Don't schedule without talking to me first.
ALVIN: You act like you didn't start this whole shit here.
Like you didn't just wake up one day and say, "Fuck them, this is how it's gonna be.
" Yes, one day I woke up.
But I never said fuck you or anyone.
And you know that.
Don't you put that on me.
I guess you could just remember it however you want to remember it, huh? Huh? What I want is for you to tell me what else I can do to help you.
Carl still jawing at that guy in the alley? - Yeah.
- God damn toyboys.
What the fuck were you doing, talking to Nicole like that? What the fuck were you thinking? Careful, Doc.
Lacquer's wet.
Fuck the lacquer.
She broke a girl's nose.
I didn't tell her to do that.
Just showed her how.
Yeah, you showed her how, all right.
How to get fucking suspended and probably expelled from a public school.
How to go to prison for assault.
She's 16, D.
She's a child.
A confident member of the tribe who isn't afraid to stand up for themselves.
Who's ready to deal on her own with the reality of the world.
What are you, a life coach? Listen to yourself.
This isn't a half-empty glass.
This fucking glass is full.
If she was my kid, I'd take her out for fucking ice cream and nunchucks.
She's not your kid.
She's mine.
Think of it as a brush-back pitch.
At the very least, Nicole showed this Pepper to herself.
Oh! Showed her where that road leads, and I bet Pepper will give her a wide berth from now on.
Pepper spent last night in the hospital.
She's a mess.
Parents are on the warpath, and I don't blame them.
I do.
She's a piece of shit.
Pretty sure they had something to do with that.
You don't start worrying about their child's morality - until she's a teenager? - Oh, Jesus, will - They're already broken.
- Will you stop talking to me about parenting?! It's a good thing, Doc, Nicole wanting to stand up, face her struggle with honor and dignity.
That's badass.
I don't want my daughter to be badass, not the way you mean, not the way you are.
If she ever comes here again for advice, you better go deaf.
You're welcome.
AMY: He sent me signs.
I didn't recognize them at first, but when I did, they were everywhere.
What was the first sign you saw? Do you remember? I had the dishes in the sink.
The TV was on.
And a child had been mauled by a lion at a zoo in Milwaukee.
And what did that tell you? That He was coming, and I had to prove myself.
So, what did you do? I told Matthew.
Told him what? That the Lord wanted me to kill him.
How old was he when you told him that? His eyes were like stars.
I would look in them and I just couldn't.
You couldn't you couldn't do what the Lord was asking? No.
Did He stop asking? I thought so.
But then I went into Matthew's room in the morning, and Matthew rolled over on his bed, and he looked at me.
And there was a spider on his pajamas.
So that night, I did it.
You you tried to kill Matthew.
But it didn't work.
The way He wanted me to do it after that was so much worse.
Because I was fighting it.
He wanted Matthew strangled, stabbed, cut up because I wouldn't listen.
Is that when He told you about the train? That's not exactly what he said.
What did he say? Metal.
Metal was His message.
I couldn't put my hands on my baby.
Not like God wanted me to, not like that.
Not cut him and stab him and beat him to death.
But when I stopped fighting, I knew.
[TRAIN RUMBLING] I stepped out in faith.
The train would fulfill him.
It would be quick.
It would be enough.
[SIGHS] People thought I was crazy, too.
I mean, not Amy Debbs crazy, but they washed their hands of me pretty much.
I guess I was glad when the brass shipped me to Fremont after I, uh I told myself, hey, that's just what I needed was a clean slate, you know? That didn't fucking last.
I mean, Winter for me is like the princess and the fucking pea.
No matter what I do, that piece of shit keeps me awake.
Why do you think that is? I mean, to that extent.
Is it Travis? - 'Cause you and he were - What? Us two were what? Forget it.
You know, we weren't if that's what you were thinking.
It wasn't like that.
I've only been with women.
Almost got married, even, twice.
I took the road I knew, and once I got going, I ended up where it took me.
Till Travis.
I told myself it was just a mentor thing, a parental, like a dad and a son.
You know, but inside, it all just felt like a load of shit.
Everything felt like shit.
And so, one day, I just I just stopped fighting, and then I said to myself, I'm gonna just feel what I'm feeling.
Secretly to myself.
In case I was wrong.
What happened? [SCOFFS] I guess that's what happiness is.
Got a glimpse of it.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] D: Barrio Cazadores.
Your tattoo, the hunters, Tijuana gang.
You affiliated? It was another life.
Is that where your baby's daddy is? You don't take girls out a whole lot, do you? No.
How'd you become a murderer's maid? I was a coyote.
Just outside of Tecate.
I would take people 10, 12, 14 hours, on foot, through the mountains, until they were picked up outside Highway 94.
I'd smuggled so many other people across the border, I figured I could go ahead and smuggle myself over.
And I did.
I stayed with a friend.
She would clean houses under the table.
And she couldn't make all of her jobs, so I started to fill in for her, and that's how I met Mr.
Ryan's assistant, Lyndsay.
So, what's it like? It's pretty boring.
There's cleaning, errands, and Mr.
Ryan has talked to me maybe twice.
He talks to himself a lot, though.
What do you mean, like, he mumbles? No, more like full-on conversations.
- With who? - Nobody.
There's nobody there.
It's passionate, or he just yell, or maybe he's crying, but there's nobody there.
Ryan is not all there.
He has his ways.
He hates certain plates, so a salad plate he hates, and he has, you know, this beautiful swimming pool, but he never uses his swimming pool.
Except maybe one time.
One time a man came over, and teached him how to swim.
To swim? LORENA: Mm-hmm, and he's never been in it since.
[CHUCKLES] You like pie? I don't like it.
I love it.
I'm gonna make a quick phone call, and then let's go get some pie.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] [SIGHS] What is this? Pretty awesome is what it is.
Ryan Winter replaced the whole unit's computers for free.
When? Why why would he do that? Apparently, he heard someone say something about our computers being slow and shitty, and he just, you know, made the call.
No biggie for him.
Huge deal for us.
I'm excited, too.
Listen, I have to cancel group tonight.
I got a family issue.
Wondered if you wanted to get together this afternoon.
The two of us? If that works for you.
I wanted to continue with what we discussed the other day, but I don't want too much time to lapse between sessions.
Do you like to walk? Sure, what did you have in mind? Beach.
Dune Point, just north of the old baths, you know it? I know of it.
So, in about an hour? Sure, fine.
I hope everything's okay? What do you mean? With your family, with your family issue, I hope it's okay.
Thank you for saying so.
You're welcome.
[CELLPHONE CLATTERS] [WAVES CRASHING] [CELLPHONE RINGS] CARL: D? Is that you, D? You're calling my phone, Carl.
I need you to come, son.
There's, um, trouble brewing.
I bought a lot of drinks for a lot of people.
Bring money now.
Where are you? I'm at the Admiral's Arms.
Quickly, D.
from a friend.
You game? Okay.
[WAVES CRASHING] WINTER: How do I cope? You said that after you saw the boy being thrown in front of the train, you found ways to cope.
I just wondered what they were.
Back then, it was school.
How about now? Work.
I run sometimes.
Nothing too unusual.
For me, it was work, and then drink when work wasn't enough.
What are you talking about? I had a fall.
Actually in a place not very different from this.
- You fell off a cliff? - Uh-huh.
How? One moment I was walking.
Next thing I knew, I woke up in an ambulance with my head in a cage.
My PET scan was not very dissimilar to yours.
Way to bury a lead, Doc.
Yeah, well, protocol is, we're not supposed to share personal details with patients.
Did you feel different after? Besides the physicals effects? Double vision, memory loss? I find I am more prone to anger.
And it has been pointed out to me that I have grown reckless.
Okay, okay, but you you must do something to to cope.
Not really.
I just embrace.
[WAVE CRASHES] Whoa! I think the tide's coming in.
So, I mean, what the fuck are we supposed to do now? Wait it out? Not with this swell.
This whole place is gonna be under water very soon.
I hope you can swim.
You're kidding me.
[LAUGHS] - That's not funny.
- I It's That water is freezing! It's 56.
I caught the surf report driving in.
Just never thought to actually check and see what the tide was doing.
It never occurred to me.
But you can swim, right? Yeah, I can swim, but I'm not going in there! Okay.
Come on! This is just, like, five minutes.
Go out around the point, swells from the north, that'll help, easy.
You know, I told Dr.
Clayton we should have a sign emblazoned over the door saying, "Life begins when things go wrong.
" [COUGHING] [PANTING] [GURGLING] Eldon! Eldon! [GASPS] [COUGHING] [GASPS] [COUGHING] And who, may I ask, is this lovely young lady who came to my rescue? Lorena.
- Lorena.
- Why this, and why today? Have something to do with that new boyfriend of yours? The guy I saw you talking to in the alley? All amped up? That was my son, Alvin.
My son.
The last time I saw him, he was just a little boy.
What happened? I'm gay is what happened.
Carl came out, they cut him off his family.
Wanted him out of their lives and said so.
She's sick and dying, Olivia, my wife.
Had insurance from a job, but the out-of-pocket expenses crippled them.
That's what the fucking stolen Mayan shit is about? They needed my help, D.
They're so broke, it forced them to come to me.
You risked your reputation, your business.
No more than what you and I have done together.
Yeah, it is.
We may fudge names and dates, but the product is all top drawer.
You start letting in hot shit, third-party assholes, risk it all for what? People who dumped you out like a dirty ashtray.
He's my son, D.
My first son.
When I left here today, I had no idea what would I almost didn't come back here.
[SNIFFS] I almost died.
You had a limit experience, swim philosophers call it.
It's a near-death experience, that point of living that lies as close as possible to the impossibility of living.
It can give you knowledge about yourself that you can't get any other way.
Whether you like it or not.
Like when you fell off that cliff.
Going beyond without actually going beyond.
How'd you feel? You saved me.
You would have done the same.
I would like to think so.
But I don't think so.
I've done some things that I know are bad, and I don't think I would take them back, even if I could.
How do you feel about saving my life now? Maybe you should tell me about those bad things.
Because you can't decide how you feel unless you know? Fine.
Tell me something else, then.
Something else that I've wondered for a long time.
You remember the story that I told you about the boy on the train platform? If I hadn't seen that, I mean, if I hadn't had to explain that to myself, like you said, would I be the person that I am now? Would I do the things I do now, be whatever it is I am, if I hadn't been there? You want to know what I think? I think it might be the reason why we met.
I'll tell you what I think when you tell me the whole story.
I don't follow.
The whole story about why you were there.
Who you were there.
That woman on the platform was your mother.
The boy was you.
I knew that when you were telling it to me.
I could hear it in your voice.
You were testing me to see if I could really hear you, and I can.
That's why I saved you.
And that's the reason we met.
I still need you to trust me, and you don't.
Until you do, I don't think we can keep doing this.
Don't forget to have someone go to the beach, pick up your car.
[WINTER SCREAMS] [GLASS SHATTERS] LYNDSAY: I filed it this afternoon.
They promised to look into it further.
The sergeant seemed to already know something about your history with Detective Hynes.
Why did you do this? We had to.
No, I said I said not right now.
I said I wanted to think about it.
I'm sorry.
No, no.
[LAUGHS] - Oh, God.
- But if Ryan, if you could see you the way that I see you.
How upset you are by all this, how hurt.
I couldn't wait.
I couldn't let him do that to you again.
You are too good of a man to have to deal with this.
I had to do something.
Because we're a team.
Aren't we? Aah! [GRUNTS] [WHIMPERS] [SIGHS] [SOBS] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You are not her.
You will never be her.
Be glad about that.
I am.
I'm sorry.
I should have called ahead, but I was hoping maybe we could talk.
Uh, look, my husband's not here, okay? He's at a work dinner.
Okay, well, I can talk out here if it's more comfortable.
How's Pepper? She's asleep.
I was just wondering if you and your husband would be open to sitting down with Nicole's mother and me and just talking about what happened.
[SCOFFS] No offense, but don't you think the time for that would have been the moment before your daughter decided to break my daughter's nose? Pepper humiliated Nicole in front of the entire school.
For no other reason apparently than a sadistic enjoyment of her own power and moral bankruptcy.
A less charitable person might call your daughter broken.
Wow, this is what you call civility, huh? You know how many kids kill themselves over things like this? I'm sure you could imagine an alternate landscape in which Nicole takes a handful of pills instead.
I don't know why Pepper did this, okay? I have no idea.
Maybe it's me, you know.
Maybe I'm I'm the reason.
Maybe I'm the broken one.
I don't really care what I am anyway because I know that she knows that I've got her back.
Want to try it? - No, I'm good, thank you.
- [LAUGHS] What's wrong? Listen.
There's something I want to talk to you about.
It's something I've been putting off for a long time.
But so much has happened.
It's time you heard the truth.
About what? You're kind of scaring me.
The reason I think the reason that frightening things feel good to you, I think it's because I had a version of that myself.
What are you talking about? When I was in my 20s, I was doing my residency, and, uh, I met a girl.
And it was, uh it was serious.
I thought it was serious.
And she broke it off.
I didn't take it well.
I did not take it well.
And she moved to San Diego, and I followed.
I followed, and I followed, and She took out a restraining order.
Which I broke, I violated.
Many times.
So eventually I was arrested.
And I was hospitalized, and I was on suicide watch for 28 days.
I could just feel my life unravel.
And I was powerless to stop it.
And when I got out, I had no money for med school.
I had I had nothing left.
So, what are we? I mean, is it some kind of brain disease? No, it's, uh It's a propensity to compulsion.
Think of it as a genetic predisposition.
To being fucked up? Nic, it's Does mom know? About what happened, about everything you said? No, she does not know any of this.
Oh, my God.
Here I've been thinking I'm crazy, and now you're telling me I am.
No, you're not.
That's what I'm saying.
You're not crazy.
We are not crazy.
We just we just have to figure out a way to make this work for us and not against us.
You need to learn how to recognize the triggers and how not to act on them.
- Trust me.
- Why? You didn't trust me.
Letting me go this long, thinking that it was me, that I was nuts.
Every time you talked to me about what I did, you were lying.
Why? I don't know.
I was reluctant to admit the possible - I don't know.
- Well, how can you not know? - Because I - You're a neuropsychiatrist! You should have told me.
You should have told me.
I'm telling you now.
Well, now is too late.
HYNES: You call that a fucking plan? You trap him on the beach, and you force him to swim, and you count on yourself to be able to save his ass? Yeah, and he's starting to break.
It's working.
Because you knew everything was gonna play out just like it did.
You were sure.
As opposed to, he drowns, or he pulls you under, and you both drown, or you drown, and he makes it, or you get eaten by a fucking shark.
Listen to me, Detective Hynes.
Winter is about to talk.
He's already admitted to doing bad things because he was pushed to a place of extremity.
Somewhere he never would have gotten if he'd been sitting on a couch.
I don't know, Doc.
But what I do know is that you just put everything we've been toward to at risk.
This hump at the bar of justice, facing a reckoning before this world for what he's done.
What the fuck? What? You're at home, right? Turn on your TV now, local news.
ANNOUNCER: And it looks like they're gonna substitute him.
REPORTER: This morning, a couple was hiking with their dog when they found a body.
All this a week after the body of Travis Webber was found buried.
Causing the excavation that led to HYNES: Tell me you're seeing this shit.
I'm seeing it.
REPORTER: Now, police are saying that as many three bodies have been found HYNES: You forced this guy to a breaking point, Doc.
Pushing him to an extremity like you said, and he may tell you secrets because of it, but but what else? What else might you have pushed him to do? Do you even know? Sorry this was last minute.
I'm glad you could get free.
You ever have one of those weeks that kind of turns you on your head? It's sort of an hour-to-hour proposition for me.
I feel like we're getting away with something.
I mean, you're sure this is okay? Us going out like this? I'm actually not sure because it isn't.
But if we just keep this on the DL, we should be fine.
I mean, it's not like we're hurting anyone, right? ["LAST ONE DIES" BY BLINDNESS PLAYING]