Chance (2016) s02e10 Episode Script

Especially If You Run Away

1 Previously on "Chance" The connection between us and these assaults is a fact.
We haven't gone after anyone since that Pitt guy.
Sir, I'm Detective Lacey, San Francisco police.
I got arrested aggravated battery.
I'm guilty of it.
I'm going to take responsibility for it.
What we did you were just trying to help.
You know deep down what side of the line your mother lives on.
Thank you, Lucy.
It means a lot just knowing she's here with you until she figures stuff out with her mother.
This guy who's looking for you.
Hector Ibarra.
He wants the baby.
I can take care of Hector.
This is crazy.
I don't even know what this is.
It feels like a story or something, it's not even real.
It's as real as it gets.
Think I don't know how to plan for contingencies? If there's one thing that I've learned from my job, it's how to play the long game.
Jakes, have you heard from your client? JAKES: I have tried to reach him repeatedly, Your Honor.
Then I have no choice but to suspend my decision, levy a fine of $10,000, and issue a bench warrant for Dr.
Chance's arrest.
[GAVEL BANGS] D: So you finally skipped bail, huh? You figure out a way to get it right? Lambert, he's not gonna stop.
You got any numbness in your tongue, in your mouth? Any tingling in your scalp, fingers, toes? The blade was poisoned.
With what? Rattlesnake.
Hector used to milk rattlesnakes for their venom.
He thought that it was his spirit animal or whatever.
That would wear off.
It would lose its potency.
Drilled some holes in the blade, pack it with sawdust.
It'll hold the poison.
Jesus, is there any fucked-up thing you don't know about? - This thing is stupid, pointless.
- [DOOR OPENS] You got a blade, you want to kill a person, cut a throat end of story.
And you need to stop talking.
And how is our patient? - Good.
- Terrible.
CHANCE: He's got, uh, weakness in all four limbs, he's got sensory and motor neuropathy, he has edema in the right arm, his pulse is 180, his breathing is irregular.
[CHUCKLES] I take it you're a doctor.
Eldon Chance.
I-I'm a neuropsychiatrist and, at this moment, right out of my depth.
- [CHUCKLES] May I? - Sure.
But apparently, the only person here who's never heard of a poisoned blade.
Uh, open your eyes, please? Anti-venom is most effective given within four hours.
We administer the solution slowly.
One, uh, vial at a time over several hours.
At the first sign of any adverse reaction, we, uh, stop.
And then if you stop, then what? Poisons are tricky things.
Danger if we proceed, but in my estimation, more danger if we do not.
Given the severity and progression of symptoms, it would be good to know the overall condition of the patient.
I'm good, Doc.
You can talk to me.
No, he can't talk to you.
His condition is horrible.
His diet is horrible.
I have witnessed him in a diabetic coma.
He puts salt like, tons of salt on everything.
And even though I'm a doctor his doctor he doesn't listen to a word I say.
And yet you are here.
A long way from home.
For such a patient.
There must be a reason.
Now that's that's more the kind of thing.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
You got a thing for gingers? No, fuck, I don't give a fuck about the hair.
Reminds me of my ex.
She's bony, jumpy.
Where'd she end up? She moved around too much.
I got tired of keeping track.
[SCOFFS] Well, can you blame her? Blame her for what? She probably keeps running because she's afraid you want to finish the job.
Yeah, well, she doesn't know that I know you now and all the things that you know.
I do care about what color their hair is.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I don't like blondes.
I'm good with whatever.
You're the boss.
NICOLE: I don't even know what to say right now except that I'm pretty sure this is probably a terrible idea and that I'm going to do it anyway.
And that you're a good person and a good friend.
He asked you to keep me safe, and you tried to.
You were awesome.
But I don't want to be safe.
I want to be with my dad.
So please don't be mad, and this isn't your fault.
And thank you so much, Lucy, for everything.
[PILLS RATTLE] Pregabalin.
For the nerve pain.
It'll help you with your rehab, if that's what that is.
D: Best way to build your grip bucket of fuckin' sand.
- What about the right? - Fuck the right.
Galindez says time No, D, that's that's not a given.
Anti-venom might've saved your life, but the nerve damage from poison, that can that could take months.
Just take the pills, please.
What about your tactile sensations, hands and feet? [SIGHS] Broke a glass last night in the bathroom trying to piss.
Stepped on a piece of it this morning, I felt that.
[WOMAN SPEAKING SPANISH] - Strength? - You did help.
At the warehouse, you said you tried to help but didn't.
That's bullshit.
Predators are off the street because of you.
How many more women would Matty Willis have raped? Or Wade Pardo? Maybe Josefa Pefaur would still be alive.
To act is to risk.
And Josefa's not on you.
That was Winter.
- Because of what I did.
- Okay.
You say all this shit, and you still want to go back for Lambert? You're the head expert.
How is that not schizophrenic? I don't know.
Maybe it is.
What I don't get is why you're not on board for him the way you were with Blackstone.
Then's not now, Doc.
Then, you were jammed up, needed help.
Now you're home free, livin' large in T.
- We both are.
- Yeah, but Hynes trusted Lambert.
Thought he was his friend.
You don't think Lambert had a hand in killing him? Think about that.
You think I haven't? Oh, no.
What is that? Aloe vera.
Lorena made it herself.
From plants.
[SLURPS] Palatable? If you like plumber's paste.
Past what happened when I was little, I never had a health issue till this diabetes shit.
Left home, lived on the streets, started to fight.
I was all about facing fear.
And after a while, it was like I kind of immunized myself against it.
I wasn't afraid anymore at all, ever.
Until now.
I'm afraid she'll need me and I won't be here or I won't be ready.
Now, I know you know what I'm talking about because you've always had people who needed you, and you're willing to risk all of that Lambert is not gonna be expecting this.
- [DOOR OPENS] - He thinks I'm out in the wind.
He doesn't even know who you are.
You can't fix every fucked-up thing you see, Doc.
- [MAN SPEAKING SPANISH] - Now, I've said that before, but you should know it, if anybody does.
I don't think Galindez is here.
I'm gonna see if I can help.
Take the pills.
How can I help? Is there? Uh, he is saying that she thinks that her daughter is possessed, and he thinks his daughter is dying.
Uh If I talk, can you translate? - Of course.
- Why don't you sit down? [SPEAKS SPANISH] ¿Como se llama? Catalina.
Me llamo Dr.
[CONVERSING IN SPANISH] Can you, uh, ask them to describe the symptoms? [SPEAKING SPANISH] [SPEAKING SPANISH] LORENA: Uh, she fell down and was shaking, and she couldn't hear and didn't respond.
And then, when she came to, she said that she saw things that weren't there.
Give me your hand.
Has this happened before? Push up, push up.
- This was the second time.
Patty cake? Here we go.
Here we go.
Oh, oh, oh! Oh.
Has she ever been, uh has she ever been injured, been hit on the head or lost consciousness? [SPEAKING SPANISH] BOTH: No.
What about the birth? [SPEAKING SPANISH] [BOTH SPEAKING SPANISH] Uh, he said there was no injury, but the cord was wrapped around her neck.
Well, I think you can tell them that she's not dying.
What probably happened was a part of her brain was deprived of oxygen, and that could cause some problems, but it's treatable.
So, they have insurance? [SPEAKING SPANISH] Thank you.
- [SPEAKING SPANISH] - [CHUCKLES] Muchas gracias.
- De nada.
- There is public healthcare in Mexico.
Pero it is a lot of paperwork.
Um, I can help with that.
What do you need? Uh, temporal-lobe epilepsy would be my guess.
Uh, she probably should have an MRI and EEG to confirm.
- [CONVERSING IN SPANISH] - I'll tell them.
[CONVERSING IN SPANISH] Lorena can get us out through the river valley.
It's what she did before.
If we're gonna do this, we need to fly under the radar.
What? "What?" First of all, what are you wearing? Secondly, you just told me that you weren't going.
And now y what, you're gonna fly under the radar? - What is that? - Lorena got it.
It was the only thing in grande.
And number two, I didn't say I wasn't going.
I said I didn't want to.
Besides, you're fucking crazy enough to go alone.
Also, you probably don't know where this fucker lives.
I know where he works.
Yeah, the Hall of Justice, where you ditched your sentencing, where you're a wanted man.
What were you gonna do? Go there, hang out, and see who spots who first? You need rest.
You need a couple of days, at least.
We're doing this for Hynes, and then we're done.
- You need rest! - A couple of days, I'm gonna change my mind.
Okay? And here's the deal.
Comes to strategy, I'm the doctor.
You do everything I say.
You go pulling some fuckin' headless-chicken routines this time, I might not be able to bail you out.
I mean, really, physically might not be able to, at which point, I wave goodbye and catch the first bus south of T.
You down with that? I am down with that.
Lambert not knowing about me's at least one tactical advantage.
How do you plan on fuckin' that one up? [SIGHS] Dry mouth, blurred vision, and constipation.
LORENA: Change your clothes in the America's Plaza on the other side.
Get rid of all the stuff you're wearing.
Use the bathroom at Everest Burgers.
The owner is expecting you.
I thought you were taking us across.
It's never just me.
There will be a distraction when you get closer to the water.
Okay? Four guys who are willing to get caught and brought back.
They're gonna warn against the scoot jocks.
Scoot jocks? The border patrol.
ATV crew.
Those are the ones you need to worry about.
[MAN SPEAKING SPANISH] I agreed to move them, also, all right? It's the price I had to pay for using this place.
We're taking a bus? This connects to an old storm drain.
That empties into the river valley.
Almost no one knows about it, including Hector.
All right, grab a seat.
Get comfortable.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] Okay, so, the spotters are gonna give us a go when the fog is right, all right? Distraction in play, um Basically, the trick is to go through the America's Plaza with the morning rush, all right? There's gonna be a blue cab car on the opposite side of Everest.
The fare is already taken care of.
That's gonna take you into San Diego.
My guys will meet us in S.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] How do I say, "Give me a pound, big dawg," in Spanish? [CHUCKLES] [SPEAKING SPANISH] [SPEAKS SPANISH] [CHUCKLES] - CHANCE: You all right? - Yeah.
Ignore the smell.
Stay close.
We'll be in America within an hour.
[BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY] - [SIGHS] - 11565 Richland Avenue, Bernal Heights.
Where Lambert lives.
I had the guys put eyes on him, follow him from work, started lining out a map.
When did you do that? [SIGHS] [GRUNTS] While you were dicking around at the clinic.
Soon as you feel up to it, let's see what else you got.
I was not What do you mean s-soon as I feel up to it? MAN: We saw Lambert with him in the Loin three times.
First, here in a car, and twice here at the café on Hyde Street.
Definitely an ex-con.
I checked his tattoo standing behind him at the counter.
Did you get a name? Not yet, but he washes dishes every day at this Vietnamese restaurant on Ellis.
You can't fix every fucked-up thing you see, but if you know that and you're gonna try anyway, it's good to have a plan.
Eldon Chance? Uh [SPEAKING SPANISH] Dr.
Eldon Chance? Too many people.
Me? Sí.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] Um, I know him.
Big bald, el gordo.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] [DISHES CLATTERING] Oh, sh The fuck is this? You need to come with me.
What, are you part of the health department? 'Cause if something's not clean, it's the machine's fault.
That's good to know.
Hey, hey, hey! [GLASS SHATTERING] Ah, shit! Fuck! Fuck.
Ah, shit! Hey, no! Okay! Okay! What, are you guys cops? Huh? 'Cause I didn't do shit.
All right? And I'm not in violation.
You can call my P.
No, we're not cops.
So then what is this about? You and Frank Lambert.
You guys know he's the law, right? I mean, you better, because he is the law.
And, I mean, he can fuckin' work you, too.
I mean, he can he could fix your life with a piece of paper and a phone call.
He can make it all go to shit.
Is that what he did for you? Fixed your life? I'm sorry.
Who Who the fuck are you guys? You're gonna tell me about you and Lambert, or I'm gonna leave you alone in here with my friend.
Um Say I do tell you everything.
Then what Then what happens? We leave.
We leave? Like, you guys, or we leave, like like me, too? Okay.
All right, there was a charge voided a couple months back.
Uh, I got arrested for, um hurting a woman.
But then, all of a sudden, they just let me out on some technical shit.
I don't know what the fuck it was, and I wasn't gonna stick around to ask.
So then, uh, you know, the next night, he comes by my work randomly you know, uh, Frank and, uh, you know, I was hinked at first 'cause I thought the fix was in.
I didn't know I didn't know what he was doing there.
Then he started talking, and turns out that, you know, he's the one who got me off.
Well, I mean, sprung out.
You know, off the charge.
And, uh, you know, then it also turns out he did it because, uh we have some, uh, things in common.
What kinds of things? Like, um, you know I like to play rough with women.
And he likes to watch you do that, Frank? Yeah.
And have you? Have you done it so he can watch? Well, no.
Uh no, I haven't.
But you're going to.
Right? You're going to.
You're gonna tell us where and when right now.
[MAN SINGING IN SPANISH] I'm Lorena, D's friend.
What can I say? It's a small town.
And you are? Oh, sorry.
I'm Nicole, Dr.
Chance's daughter.
Daughter? [CHUCKLES] Yeah, you look like him.
Do you know where he is? He and D went to San Francisco.
What? I've come all this way to find him.
H-How can he not be here? I can tell you what happened, but not here, okay? Come on.
I'm not gonna beg.
[SIGHS] So, you went to the warehouse to look for D? Yeah, and Carl was there.
He said D and my dad went to Mexico but didn't know where exactly, just Tijuana.
You're very brave.
I like it.
Or I'm pretty stupid.
Well, you really want to be with your dad.
Oh, um Carl said D left this.
Gave it to me to give it to him.
So Now what? Well, I'm not going back to Clearview.
And I can't deal with my mom after what she did.
And if I can't be here, well I guess I don't know.
Why'd she do it, you think? My dad and I, we're alike.
He understands me more.
My mom just thinks I'm broken, so she sent me someplace to get fixed.
No one tries to fix something that they don't care about.
They do if it embarrasses them, if they think it's a reflection on them or whatever.
I'd be grateful if the worst thing my mother ever did was not understand me.
[CHUCKLES] [DOG BARKS IN DISTANCE] D: Where are these fuckin' scumbags? CHANCE: Maybe Pruitt lied.
Maybe he got cold feet.
He didn't lie.
Can't speak to his feet, though.
[RATS SQUEAKING] You ever heard of the Temple of Karni Mata? It's in Rajasthan, India.
They worship rats.
'Cause they think the rats are the holy descendents of the warrior goddess Durga.
So the temple is just home to rats thousands of rats.
They feed them milk and candy, and if you step on one, then you have to replace it with one made out of solid gold.
You're babbling, Doc.
Yeah, I know.
I'd like some fuckin' candy.
This okay? Yeah, it's fine, I guess.
[SIGHS] Buddy system's gonna cost you more.
You'll get paid.
Where we doing it? Upstairs.
Watch your Watch your step there.
There's a loose floorboard.
You know, believe it or not, there's actually a room with a halfway decent mattress up here.
PRUITT: You didn't tell her about me? [MUFFLED CONVERSATION] Here we are.
What did you do? Hey, hey.
What the hell did you [BOTH GRUNT] [GRUNTING] [GUNSHOT] Aah! [WINCES] [GUNSHOTS] [GRUNTING] [ENGINE STARTS] [ENGINE REVS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Aah! [GRUNTS] What do you think? Do you think he You think he had an accomplice? I don't know.
What the hell.
One for the road.
That DNA shit that started with you, right? The DNA started with Hynes.
I just wanted to finish it.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] All right, so that's two keys, and here's your I.
and your credit card.
- You're all set for the week, Mr.
- Thank you.
Wi-Fi password? On a card next to the bedside table phone.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's Frank.
Hey, buddy, could you, uh, put, uh Can you get Chang to do that corroborating affidavit? I don't know, man.
I just feel like shit.
Should've gotten the fuckin' flu shot.
[CLEARS THROAT] And, uh, just so you know, I'm gonna be out of the office for the next couple days.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Don't want to bring anybody down with me, right? And, uh, transfer me to the [CLEARS THROAT] the investigation bureau.
Thanks, man.
Yeah, it's Frank.
Is, uh, Gilyard around? [CLEARS THROAT] Hey, Barry.
Hey, man, it's Frank.
Listen, buddy, guess who I saw in Mission last night.
Yeah, Dr.
Eldon Chance.
I know.
The guy fuckin' didn't blow town after all.
I mean, he hasn't done anything to change his appearance.
Do you, uh Can you Do you have a couple guys maybe to put on rounding him up? Shouldn't be too hard of a grab.
Hey, thanks, Bar.
You're a lifesaver, man.
Chance? - Yes.
I'm so sorry to bother you at home.
I'm, uh, Frank Lambert.
I'm with the San Francisco District Attorney's office.
Oh, my God.
I Okay.
I I know she's somewhere in the Bay Area.
I-I don't know where, but I am tracking her down.
I'm sorry.
I don't And I told Clearview that I would tell the probation officer, and I didn't, but only because I was hoping if I was able to find her first, I would make her go back.
Is this your daughter we're talking about? Yes? Okay.
I'm not here for that.
Uh, although, given your daughter's probationary situation, I would highly recommend that you do make that report for her own good, for your own peace of mind.
I know, I know.
I'm actually here to see if you've heard from your ex-husband recently.
If I've heard from him about what? He could've gotten two years, but now the judge will go for the max, which is four.
Plus, he's gonna get another year for skipping, plus fines, plus his bond will be revoked, so It's actually a good thing that you didn't pay it.
Anyway, that's, uh that's where we're at.
[SIGHS] What is he thinking? We were hoping that you would be able to tell us.
Me? I have no clue.
Do you think he might reach out to contact you? If Nicole was here, definitely.
But you don't know where she is.
I don't know where my daughter is.
I don't know where her father is.
I don't know too much, do I? Huh.
That's pretty pathetic.
What is? If I can't even answer the simplest questions about where the people in my life are who are supposed to be the closest to me I mean, if I can't even do that Then what? I don't know.
I'm a failure? - I don't know.
- Why? Because a relationship doesn't mean anything unless it's perfect? And they're not successful unless they last forever? I don't believe that.
I think a relationship ending, it's not a failure.
You know, you take what works, and you move on.
Doesn't matter how it ends.
I think the only real failure is if you stop trying.
So I'm gonna stop talking.
I'm gonna shut up right now.
[CHUCKLES] No, please.
Seriously, I reframe my life for me more.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] [INHALES SHARPLY] - Are you okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm just a little sore.
Uh so, it's just you and your daughter, live here alone? [CELLPHONE RINGS] Um - Yep.
- Hold on.
Let me just Ah.
Uh, no, I didn't go.
The only thing on the list was tonic water, and that didn't really seem like an emergency.
I just thought we'd order out.
Mom, I'm busy.
I'm talking to someone.
No, someone who's here, from the D.
's office.
Frank Lambert.
Do you know him, Mom? It's about Eldon.
I know, Mom.
I-I know.
That was my mother, and she's on her way back now from pool yoga, and I I would suggest that you flee.
Otherwise, we're gonna have to peel her off of you.
Well, [CLEARS THROAT] That's too bad, 'cause she sounded delightful.
Oh, someday, scientists in a laboratory may reinvent shame, and then a doctor could prescribe her some.
- [CHUCKLES] - But until then, um, this is for your best interests.
Yeah, okay.
And you will tell me if Dr.
Chance gives you a call? Oh, I promise.
I-I will call you immediately.
Ah, just keep looking, Barry, okay? He's gonna turn up someplace.
The guy doesn't have unlimited resources.
He's not even a fuckin' doctor anymore, okay? Oh, you think I sound like shit? Hey, you sound like shit, pal.
Also, I feel like shit.
I think I'm gonna go AWOL tomorrow, just sleep.
What do you think of that? - [GRUNTS] - [KNOCK ON DOOR] MAN: Maintenance.
[SIGHS] [KNOCK ON DOOR] Yeah, hold on.
[GRUNTING] What was he going for? Aah! Fuck! God [GRUNTS] Aah! I followed you from my ex-wife's house.
I knew that you'd go digging into my family.
We lost you this morning when you took off.
We knew we just had to go somewhere where you'd show up.
Aah! Took a hit last night, huh? Ah, yeah.
And it hurts like fuck.
You want to take a look at it? I don't even care that you're not a doctor anymore.
Maybe after.
After what? That's up to you.
What do you want? You to come clean.
Well, that makes sense.
What's the plan? You're gonna videotape a confession.
Sounds good.
Where you want me? You go there.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Well [SCOFFS] I hope your phone has enough juice in it, 'cause, uh I got a lot to say.
Well, you're gonna do this on your phone.
You're gonna film yourself, and you're not gonna give a-any sign that there's anyone else in the room with you.
What's your password? 0-5-2-3-9-0.
[SIGHS] Can I at least have a drink, please? That's the date that you killed Stevie Benjamin.
It's actually, uh It's actually the date that I watched Matthew Debs kill Stevie Benjamin.
You want me to tell the truth, right? Well that's the truth.
[SIGHS] Put it in the glass.
How's that? [SIGHS] All right, you ready? Yeah.
My name's Francis Xavier Lambert.
I am an Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco, and I've been haunted by the things that I've done and I want to confess.
In Mendota, California, in 1990, I held a friend of mine named Stevie Benjamin down while another boy that I didn't know as well, named Matthew Debbs crammed rocks into his throat until he choked to death.
I reconnected with Debbs in 2006 [CLEARS THROAT] When he had changed his name to Ryan Winter, in the Bay Area.
Later that year, I helped Winter dump the body of one Annie Michaels in the Niles Canyon ravine.
In 2007, I brought a woman named Ramona Marquez to Winter's house and I watched him kill her.
In 2008, I watched Winter murder a woman named Dominique Bradley.
And then I drove her body to Sacramento, and I left it in the trunk of her own car up near Fish Head Beach.
In 2009, I helped Winter bury the body of a Noelle Campbell.
Su Yee Lin Leigh Ann Lukasian Monica Featherton Ivy Maitland.
There's things that I'm forgetting.
But I'm of sound mind, and I confess to these acts of my own free will.
It's all there.
I'm not gonna tell you guys how to, uh, do your job, but Sid Velerio's contact's in there, if you want to shoot him an e-mail right now.
Just blow his fuckin' mind.
What? I wanted to do this right.
But you didn't confess.
I I just I've been confessing for the last 20 minutes.
No, no, no, no.
You didn't confess to murder.
You confessed to watching.
You confessed to being an accessory after the fact.
As you know, any half-decent professional could tell from your body language that there's other people in the room.
Which makes this whole thing open to accusations of coercion duress, threat of violence.
Listen, you have got so much on that goddamn tape.
You've got enough to get the ball rolling, okay? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
There's enough.
There's enough for you to be able to say that you were joking or that you were drunk.
The whiskey was a nice touch.
Or you were high, you were pranking.
The names of those women you gave us I don't know maybe they weren't your victims.
Maybe they're not even dead.
Maybe they don't even exist.
You gave us enough for you to game your way out again.
I don't even know what the fuck you're talking about.
I wanted this to be right.
I wanted to do this right.
I don't know what the fuck you're talking about! I wanted to do it for Hynes! So you would stand in front of the bar of justice and let everybody hear.
I didn't want to believe that I had to do this your way.
- What are you doing? - Deleting.
No, no, don't! But there is no other way to do this.
Look, j-just give me the phone, okay? Just give me the phone, and I will do it again, okay? I will confess to whatever you want.
Please, let me do it again.
I will tell you anything you want to know.
I'll talk about I'll talk about Hynes.
I will say what I did to him, okay? I wi Let Let [CHOKING] [CLOCK TICKING] Remember to time your chokes.
4 to 5 seconds, he's out for 20.
Hold him for 20, he's out for 40.
Hold it for 40, he's dead.
You sit.
What is? [CHUCKLES] Forget it.
Doesn't look like nothing.
Is this what you do to Carl just keep talking and annoy him when he doesn't want to be talking? More like he would do it to me.
But it worked.
You want me to guess? I mean, if you think that you can guess, then go ahead.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, well, okay, asking if a person is worried about money, that's like seeing if Also, I heard you yelling at that guy Nando before about rent.
[HORN HONKS IN DISTANCE] I thought you don't speak Spanish.
Pretty much everybody knows - at least a couple of those words.
- [SIGHS] I know his family, and he was being a little shit, you know, thinking that because I've been in America, that he's gonna charge me twice as much.
[SIGHS] What's that? - Money.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
That my mother left me in a trust.
Minus what I take out for Carl to pay his debts, it's, um it's ours.
[SIGHS] Ni madres.
Enough so that nobody has to do anything they used to do.
They can just think about what comes next, about all the things they've never done and what that might be like.
And what will it be like? Hmm? - Scary, probably.
- [LAUGHS] Scary? Who cares? Right? Everything is scary.
Especially when you run away.
You know what? I better start sanding this crib, get it ready for the baby.
You know what I was thinking the other day? That, um the baby is gonna call you "D," also, you know? But "D" for "Daddy.
NICOLE: Hey, this place could actually be cool if you let me help you fix it up, which you're going to.
Like I said, you can do whatever you want as soon as you get off probation.
And have my GED.
Blah, blah, blah.
That's a year from now, tops.
And then, I'm packing like three changes of clothes and my laptop and a surfboard, and I'm getting right back on the bus.
So, be ready.
Yeah, no, you should definitely do that.
You should bring a surfboard all the way down from San Francisco on a bus instead of getting one here.
It's - [CHUCKLES] - I could get a futon.
[SIGHS] You like it here, don't you? Yeah.
I do.
And D likes it here.
He does.
Hey, and the place that he and Lorena are getting has three bedrooms.
Now, where are you going with this? - [CHUCKLES] - [HORN HONKS] Okay.
You ready? The reason you have to stay here that guy you beat up you were standing up for someone when you did it, right? That's kind of how it started, yeah.
And I was standing up for myself with Pepper.
She made me the joke of my new school, just like I was at my old school.
And then I broke her face.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, you did.
She hurt me.
For no reason.
And then I hurt her worse.
And because I did that, now she doesn't ever have to think about what she did to me and why it was wrong.
How's that make you feel? I don't know.
I kind of wanted you to tell me.
Well, as soon as I figure it out, I will.
[HORNS HONKING] Okay, well, goodbye, sweetheart.
[GRUNTS] Text me videos of the baby.
As soon as I can work out how to do that, I will do that.
[CHUCKLES] All right.
Thank you.
For what? I came for the Percodan at a 60% discount.
I was so mad.
I still am.
I know.
But if I'm honest, it's it's not at you.
You don't have to say that.
It's not all at you.
A lot of it is just where I-I thought I'd be by now or who I thought I'd be and how I might have to just let a lot of that go and just being afraid to do that.
Me, too.
I know you didn't mean to hurt me, Eldon.
And that should count for something.
It should.
And it does.
I Do you remember that weekend when we went to Monterey when I was pregnant? You got so drunk at the hotel bar, and then there was a guy from Michigan, the philosophy professor.
He was an adjunct in ethics from Ohio, but, yes, I-I [CHUCKLES] I did get very drunk.
And he picked a fight with you about the religious hypothesis, and you finally started shouting back at him.
Oh, you call it "shouting.
" - I call it "speaking with conviction.
" - Yeah, right.
And you said, "What proof is there that dupery through hope is so much worse than dupery through fear?" I never forgot that.
Probably 'cause "dupery" is such a ridiculous word.
That is a That is a direct William James quote.
I really want you to be okay.
I really want us all to be okay.
I really want to choose to believe that we can.
[CHUCKLES] All right.
Good luck, Eldon.
Try not to get extradited.
It's good to have goals.
[ENGINE STARTS] - [VEHICLE DEPARTS] - D: You got another wrench? - Y-You got to l - You got to do the top one.
Yeah, that's the one.
[GRUNTS] Are you going the right way? You need to go All right.
[DOOR OPENS] Buenos días.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] I'm afraid my my Spanish, uh, es pobre.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] You work here? A doctor here? Yeah.
[SCOFFS] Identification.
Medical license.
I-I have a board-issued certificate, but I'm afraid it's not here right now.
A problem, then.
[D CLEARS THROAT] D, no, no, no.
It's okay.
It is okay.
Put your wallet away.
He can call this number.
My mistake, sir.
I hope I have not, uh, kept you from your work.
Buenos días.
No, no.
That's, uh That's fine.
- Okay.
Buenos días.
- [DOOR CREAKS] Guy named Cesar.
It's a good town to have a friend in a high place.
[ENGINE STARTS] [WOMAN SPEAKING SPANISH IN DISTANCE] [MAN SPEAKING SPANISH] [CHATTER IN SPANISH] [GRILL SIZZLING] Looks like that epilepsy family might've told some of their friends about the magical brain doctor.
Or maybe the, uh, the word's got out you're looking to do some penance.
Either way Gear up, Doc.
I'll get you some water.
- You're gonna need it.
- Hola.
MAN: Hola.
CHANCE: Angel is a geriatric Latino male who worked for 30 years spraying pesticides.
He presents with a resting tremor in both hands.
Gait is short-stepped, the classical marche à petits pas.
The patient is a 22-year-old, right-handed female with a family history of "sick headaches" on her mother's side.
Likely ophthalmoplegic migraine.
The patient is an 8-year-old girl born with occipital encephalocele, a neural tube defect characterized by a lack of bone fusion in the skull.
Patient is six months post-cerebral concussion.
Symptoms suggest a post-traumatic stress disorder variant with mixture of anxiety and social Patient is a 29-year-old female factory worker whose chief complaint is chronic fatigue, paired with memory loss and disorientation.
Patient is a 33-year-old right-handed Hispanic woman with an 8-year history of Patient complains of neck spasms with force, turning his head as if responding to some command or hallucination.
But after extensive evaluation I am very optimistic.
[NOAH GUNDERSEN'S "HONEST SONGS" PLAYS] As we gather 'round the table To say a prayer for those we love All the words that will be spoken will never be enough To encompass all the feelings That our brittle hearts can bear All the storms that rage inside us Fill our organs up with air That our trouble's never over And work our work is never done But with the turning of the season We will always see the sun And the sound it makes Is an honest song Our hearts sing an honest song