Channel Zero (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

You Have to Go Inside

1 Mike Painter is here with me.
He's called "America's child psychologist," and his new book is "Shaping the Past.
" I'm happy to have Mike Painter back on the show.
Thank you.
Thanks for having me.
So did becoming a father change how you look at childhood? Yeah, I think so.
You know, at the same time, adulthood is just a mask, a sophisticated mask, for sure.
But behind it, we're all still the kids we were.
Now, in the book, you talk about your childhood.
Uh, you lost a twin brother when you were 12? [fly buzzing] In 1988, in Iron Hill, Ohio, where I was born, um, five kids went missing.
The Iron Hill murders.
Never solved.
The last victim, the one they never found was my brother, Eddie.
You were identical twins.
Losing a twin is like having a A phantom limb.
How does a family deal with something like that? My father was out of the picture.
My mother couldn't cope.
Um, I was sent to live with relatives.
I've never been back to Iron Hill.
I want to do something unusual.
[static hissing] I have someone on the phone.
12 years old.
His family's gone through a tragedy as well.
I'd like you to talk to him.
Show us what you do.
[ominous tone] I don't know if that's appro Are you there? [static hissing] Hello? My name's Dr.
I'm a I'm a doctor who kids like you talk to about stuff that's on their mind.
[clears throat] Is there anything you want to talk to me about? [static hissing] [light chuckle] Can you tell me your name? [static hissing] What is this? [laughing] [calliope music playing over the phone] Is that your TV? [laughing] Turn it off.
[laughing] Turn it off.
[calliope music continues playing] Mike.
Why are you scared to come home? [ominous tone] [telephone ringing] Mike? [telephone ringing] Why are you scared to come home? [flames whooshing] [birds chirping distantly] [toothbrush buzzing] [ambient music] American goldfinch.
Now he's just part of the yard.
I wanted to surprise you.
You sure know how.
[gentle piano music] Miss Marla, who is that? Hi, I'm Mike.
What's your name? This is Katie.
Miss Marla? It's my son.
He is a lurker, this cat.
I swear, he kills for sport.
So you're a vegetarian, then? Well, I-I don't eat songbirds.
What? No pictures of me or Eddie or Dad.
Well, don't take it personally.
It's just a matter of managing intrusive thoughts.
Thanks a lot, Mom.
It really is, um Why have you come? Just tell me.
No, I I'm so happy to see you.
You are welcome here.
It's just I hope you haven't come to rip open a wound.
Once every two years, someone turns up in Iron Hill to solve those murders.
I've always been afraid that one day it would be you.
[ambient music] Yeah, but nothing was stolen? Okay, uh, Bob will take your statement, Mr.
Hey, Bob! Line one.
Yes? Can I help you? Hi, there, uh, my name is Mike Painter.
Oh! Hi.
Uh my mom saw you on Dr.
Phil and got very excited.
I-I mean, I saw you, too.
So, uh, what brings you here? I was actually wondering if I could Holy shit.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Mike Painter.
- Gary.
- It's good to see you.
Actually, uh, I was hoping we could have a quick word.
- Absolutely.
- Yeah.
We'll go to my office.
Nice to meet you.
It was a pleasure to meet you, too.
[phone ringing, keys clacking] - Right? - Yeah, it's [both chuckle] Okay, so Billy Reese was on first.
And then, uh, there was someone some kid on second, and you were on third.
Yeah, and you don't remember.
No, no, no, no, I-I remember.
So they went and elected you sheriff.
- This is - Yeah.
Look, it's not exactly the wild west.
I mean, we got drunk people doing drunk things, and Right now there's some mystery man He's, uh he's going around breaking into houses without stealing anything.
I don't know.
it's just Didn't the Manson Family do that? Uh, past troubles aside, we're a little bit more "Partridge Family" than Manson Family around here, but enough on all that.
What about you? We've w-w-we've kept on you.
I-I even read your book.
Oh, man, that's, um That's kind of you.
Well, speaking of past troubles, you know, Gary, I was hoping I could take a look at those files.
Do you mind if I ask why? I mean, it's been, uh 28 years since they dragged those kids out of the woods.
Yeah, minus their teeth.
Look, Mike, all All I'm saying is that, uh, a lot of folks, just like you and your mom, lost people back then.
So I'm not saying no.
I guess I'm just saying, why now? I'm writing a book.
Really? Is it gonna be a good book? I hope so.
What I mean is, is it gonna be a respectful book? Above all else.
Mike, you know that I-I didn't get stuck here, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, that's But did you know that I married Jessica Hale? I did hear that.
She would be right annoyed if I didn't invite you for dinner tonight.
- No.
- No, no, no.
No, no, no.
There's a lot of people coming, and, uh and I think I can help you with those files.
But I need your expert opinion on my kid.
Yeah, I-I-I think he's growing up a little bit strange.
- [polite laughter] - Do we have a casino? Weren't we supposed to get one, a casino, in this town? We don't build anything here.
- Well, whose fault is that? - I'll tell you.
- Oh, here we go.
- Steam to diesel.
When the railroad switched from steam to diesel, - that is what killed us.
- No.
How kids are raised.
Now everything's all disconnected.
What? Now everything's all connected.
Now any perv can reach through the Wi-Fi and grope my daughter.
We don't even keep a TV in the house.
I'll tell you something else.
This is not even a town.
It's a museum.
But you got to modernize.
Take the station.
[chuckling] If the county gave us funds, what we could do with that.
Well yeah, and when you're sheriff, - I think you should do that.
- Oh.
When I'm sheriff, the first thing I do is take down that stupid painting in your office.
- She's got you there.
- I know.
- Dad? - I love this town.
I absolutely love it.
I love it just the way it is.
And you know that Hey, buddy.
Katie's been watching TV forever.
I want to watch "Labyrinth.
" - It's a tough life, bud.
- Dane, honey, you tell your sister it's time for bed.
And you too No more TV.
[groans] Good night.
I mentioned this earlier.
That kid is obsessed with David Bowie.
- [snickers] - [scoffs] That's strange, right? You're lucky it's not ABBA.
[laughs] I wouldn't worry about it.
See? I mean, we were pretty strange, remember? We had our own imaginary kingdom.
You and Eddie made it up.
And you were the kings, both of you.
And the card game that never ended.
What's that? Well, me and Eddie started playing cards one day Uh, War, and this one game just went on and on.
There was no winner.
So, um, we picked it up the next day and the next.
And after a while, I think we just wanted to see how long it would go on.
How long did it? Well, I guess technically it still is.
And every Saturday Every Saturday, me, you, and Eddie would watch hours - of TV.
- Of TV.
- Oh.
- Hours Oh, see? You turned out fine.
- There you go.
- She turned out fine.
- Yeah.
- Well, Mike's the expert.
[clears throat] Why don't we ask him? What do you think? Too much TV bad for kids? Of course it is.
Where's the bathroom? Down the stairs, just to the left.
[rock music playing on stereo] [calliope music on TV] [creepy music] [static sputters] Katie? Hey, guess what.
You're friends with my mom, and I'm friends with your mom.
[laughs] Shh.
Why are we being quiet? [eerie music] It went away.
Katie, what were you watching? [suspenseful music] Right out in the middle, there's this piece of luggage I don't know, it's one of these fancy labels, right? Something Whatever, it's nice.
And she goes, "It's stuck," right? And I just said, "Hey.
How'd it get there?" [laughs] - You did not say that.
- I did, I did You guys remember "Candle Cove"? That show? Right? It was on for, like a couple of months Two months.
September, October, '88.
I remember.
Did you ever tell your kids about it? Oh, hell, no.
Well, Katie told me she just saw it.
- What, just now? - What? No.
I mean, why would they re-air that? What are you guys talking about? That show used to give me the worst nightmares Those puppets.
I used to have this really weird recurring dream.
They would just be screaming.
No, that was an episode.
No, not possible.
It was a nightmare I had.
Remember Jawbone? What is Jawbone? Jawbone He was this, this old skeleton thing in a robe and a black hat.
[ominous tone] And he'd always be chasing around Pirate Percy, right? And he'd say, "When I catch you, I'm gonna skin your hide" - [chuckling] - [dishes clatters] Oh, easy there.
Easy there.
Had a had a little bit Little bit much to drink, Mike? I'm fine.
Um, thanks for dinner.
You guys keep walking down memory lane with this shit.
I'm gonna go home.
- You brought it up.
- It's just a TV show, Mike.
[door opens, closes] What was that? Mm [ominous music] Eddie, let's go around.
Eddie! He's just gonna do it again! [indistinct chatter and laughter] [dog barking] Eddie! Pay the toll? Shove it up your ass.
Little bitch.
Just like your dad.
- Shut up.
- [dog barks] How come he left? Fu you.
'Cause he doesn't love you? Rather have no dad than one like yours.
Whoa! - Hit him, Gene! - Yeah, get him! [children clamoring] Let him go! [children shouting] Stop, Gene! Get off me! Gary! Get over here and get his arm! Do it! - Help! Stop! No! - [shouting continues] - Yeah, Gene! - Aah! Can he feel it if I hurt you? Aah! - Let him go! - Stop! You feel that? Does that hurt, Mike? Mike, does this hurt? [fingers crunch] [screams] [dog barking] Oh, my God.
[crying] Get out of here! [Eddie crying] - [indistinct talking] - Good job.
- Good job, man.
- Yeah.
Eddie? Sorry.
Don't tell Mom? I won't.
[static whirs on TV] [calliope music playing through static] [calliope music playing on TV] [ominous music] Ahoy, mates.
What adventure awaits? Do you sense it? Something is coming.
A stray vessel headed for the cove.
Welcome to Candle Cove.
[door opens, closes] [footsteps ascending stairs] [static whirring on TV] [static stops] [eerie music] Mike? [suspenseful music pounds] [ambient piano music] You sleepwalked.
Old habits die hard.
Your brother used to do it more.
I've been having nightmares.
So that's why you came back.
Well, I hope it helps you sleep.
I'm gonna be back in an hour or two.
What? [ominous music] There's someone in the woods.
People walk in the woods.
But he was standing still.
Maybe he had a stray thought.
My boys are up early.
Well, I rise with the sun, baby.
S-U-N or S-O-N? Buddy, where's your sister? I don't know.
Still in bed, I guess.
[dishes clattering lightly] [footsteps approaching] Good morning, honey.
Katie? [eerie music] Katie? Katie? Honey? Katie? And now back to more great music on this beautiful morning on WKRP - Thanks, Daphne.
- You got it.
[door opens, bells chime, door closes] - Another refill on your coffee? - Yeah.
I'll have some.
The women have walked in the woods.
The women have walked in the woods.
[chuckles] Past participle.
In? Present perfect tense.
Indicating something both: That started in the past but continues until now.
You always were a studious kid, Mike.
Well, you always were a grammar Nazi, Mrs.
[bells chime] Mike? Katie! Honey, where are you? - Katie! - Katie! [ominous music] Katie! Katie! Sweetheart! Katie! [ominous music builds] Katie! - Sweetheart! - Katie! Katie! Sweetie? Come on, let's go another way.
Don't! What happened to your hand? Your daddy kiss it for you? Oh, right.
What, Eddie? [ominous music] You want something? What the hell's wrong with you? Come on, Tim.
Something's up with that kid.
[foreboding music] Shit.
Run! [dog barking] [dark intense music] [dog whines] [dog whining] [dark intense music flourishes] Katie! So that show? Did you bring it up, or did Katie bring it up? She did.
Why? Katie! Oh, it's just, uh weird they'd just air it again.
[ominous music] Right? Нeah, yeah, I-I yeah.
Katie! Did she say what channel it was on? Um no.
I need to talk to you.
Katie! [sighs uneasily] Marla told us that she heard you come in at 3:00 a.
last night Five hours after you left our house.
I I-I mean, I walked around.
I I'm asking you, parent to parent, what are you not telling me? This will sound irrational.
Say it.
That show may have something to do with this.
What show? "Candle Cove"? Yeah, listen, in '88, the only time the show ever aired was during the murders.
When the show stopped, the murders stopped.
And and and and and now it just shows back up again.
I just need you to tell me where you went last night after you left.
I know how it sounds, but I'm not crazy.
You're not crazy.
Believe me, it's not just a television show, okay? It did something to my brother, and it can make people do odd things.
And and I seem to be the only one that's putting this I know about Stovington.
I'm I'm not crazy.
I-I had a, um You were released from a psych ward three days ago.
I mean, you must have come straight here after the hospital.
No, I-I went home the first night.
My wife let me stop by to get clothes.
That doesn't matter.
Listen, um, I had what's called an acute stress reaction.
They say you had a psychotic episode, Mike.
You're a doctor.
Tell me what that means.
[ominous music] No, I-I committed myself voluntarily.
I'm asking you one last time.
What did you do, and where did you go last night? Listen, it is not me, Jessica.
It's connected to that show.
Now, whoever made that show Oh, my God.
Gary! [sighs] Mike? Shit.
Gary! Amy! Jess? Jess! - Gary.
- Jess, do you have her? - No, no.
- Hey, babe, what's wrong? It's Mike.
I think I think he knows something.
I think he knows where she is.
- Okay, we'll find him.
Spread out! Hit the tree line! [suspenseful music] - [ominous music] - [sprinkler clicking rapidly] [footsteps approaching] [door creaks open] [footstep] She said you'd come talk to me.
Do you know where she is? Dane, do you love your sister? Do you want to see her again? Did she tell you where she was going? What's the Crow's Nest? [intense music] [brooding music] Where's Dad's gun? What do you want a 30-year-old gun for? Just in case.
I got rid of that gun years ago.
Tell me what's going on.
There's no time.
It could already be too late.
Gary called.
He said you're sick, Mike.
They didn't understand in 1988, and they don't understand now.
And you do? Just just get me a chance to try to get her back before it's too late.
Where are you going? [eerie music] Out there.
Out past the woods, where the signal tower is.
Out where they found the bodies? I have to go.
Let me go.
Katie! Katie! [insects chirping] [ominous music] [suspenseful music] [dramatic music pounds] [knife slashes] [dramatic music] [eerie music] [bird cawing] [panting] [rapid footsteps] [brooding music] Who's back there? - Mike? - Hey.
[breathing heavily] Are you okay? Are you okay? [leaves rustling] Come here.
[ominous music] [footsteps approaching] [creepy music] [cell door closes] [footsteps approaching] She says the TV told her where to go.
How'd you know to find her out by the signal tower of all places? I just needed a place to think.
Me and Eddie used to call that spot the Crow's Nest.
And you just happened to find Katie there.
I brought your daughter back, man, you know.
Yeah, minus a couple teeth.
[cell door opens] Let's just say that I still have questions.
You learn to live with those.
[ominous music] See you, buddy.
I'm out of here.
- All right.
- See you later.
"America's child psychologist saves little girl," is that it? Katie's gonna be okay.
Just don't let her watch TV.
Spare me, okay? Just put it in your book.
There is no book.
There never was.
Then what are you doing here? [eerie music] It's been calling me.
[sighs] Packing up? You don't have to leave.
Yeah, yeah, I do.
Out of sight out of mind.
Do you remember "Candle Cove"? Yeah, of course.
After I left, did you ever see it again? What? Um, never mind.
Forget I mentioned it.
Who made it up? Made what up? I'm talking about the show we watched, the TV show.
[ominous music] Oh, no, it [chuckles] The show I'm talking about wasn't real.
[laughs] You used to sit, watching the TV just watching the static.
[eerie music building] It was just in your heads.
[thunder rumbling on TV] Oh, no, Laughingstock.
That's a whale of a storm.
We better find someplace to hide.
Oh, look, it's Bravery Cave.
You have to go inside.
[laughs] Come inside, Percy.
There's a new friend in there.
And he wants to play a game.
But I don't know how to play.
He'll show you exactly what to do.
Come on.
I'll hold your hand.
[ominous music] [static sputters] [eerie music] [cell phone vibrating] Mike, where are you going? We're just getting started again.