Charmed (2018) s01e18 Episode Script

The Replacement

1 Previously on Charmed Niko is investigating the Sarcana, so if she's digging into something, it's better if I know about it.
There's a war brewing.
Sides are being drawn.
You're supposed to understand.
You're one of us.
Maybe I'm not, and maybe this isn't what I thought it was.
ELDER SILVER: Due to the serious breach of trust, we simply cannot let you continue as a Whitelighter.
My body is in the process of deteriorating.
And given the average life expectancy, I'm I'm afraid.
I want to save Harry's life.
I'll bring him back when he's well.
I don't know when that will be.
Oh, Harry.
I know how to help you now.
He has to find some agoraphobic shaman on an unchartered island and prove he can face evil.
I'm scared you might get hurt.
Yeah, I'm scared of getting hurt, too, but it's worth it to me to try, because I love you.
- Something is haunting my room! - Demon in the house! - What do we do? - We need The Book of Shadows.
- [GASPS.]
MEL: Move, I got this.
Not impressed, ladies.
Not impressed at all.
Who the hell are you? I'm Tessa.
Your new and improved Whitelighter.
You're our new Whitelighter? - So this was a test? - MACY: And you thought it necessary to scare the crap out of us in the middle of the night? Pretty sure I heard Harry kidnapped you and tied you to chairs when he introduced himself? Well, we had a rocky start.
But he learned to respect us.
And who the hell are you, coming in here criticizing him when he just died? Thanks to the Elders.
MEL: We miss him.
It's really hard to believe he's gone.
- [SIGHS.]
- TESSA: I'm sorry.
When they stripped his powers, I felt it.
Whitelighters are all connected.
Our powers are derived from a single source.
I felt his light extinguish.
But it doesn't change the fact that you three are sadly, sadly underdeveloped as witches.
- Uh! - Oh, wow.
- Excuse me? - Harry spent a lot of time teaching you to believe in your sisterly bond and not enough training you and enforcing the rules.
The Elders sent me to change that.
We're not just gonna listen to you.
One thing to know about me: I don't like interruptions.
This is the nightmare version of Harry's opening monologue.
MACY: At least he made his fun, and Shakespearean.
You three seem blissfully unaware of the apocalyptic consequences of your laissez-faireapproach to this gig.
Your entire purpose is to fight the Source.
So, sorry if I'm not super fun.
Wait, the Source? Has there been another sign of the prophecy? Hello? Charity killed all those Elders right under our nose.
"The movement's great sages fall" Not to mention a Vortex Viribus just appeared under this house.
These are all signs that something's coming.
"Something's coming"? How conveniently vague.
TESSA: Let me be clear.
I'm here to prepare you for battle.
Because things are about to get really real.
Which reminds me.
Your demon side? We will need to get rid of that ASAP.
- Well, we think I can utilize - We? Who-Who's "we"? I discussed it with Charity.
TESSA: Uh-huh.
So, yeah.
No, we'll be getting rid of that.
In the meantime, you need to be able to fight the Source without relying on this Book.
That means memorizing spells, keeping an eye out for demon activity, and more pop quizzes.
Just like this one.
You've been snoozing all semester, now it's time to cram for the final exam.
- [SIGHS.]
- Wow.
Oh, I totally overslept.
Me, too.
I was up the rest of the night waiting for Anne Hathaway-from-hell's next psychotic training exercise.
Remember? We can't talk smack about the Elders in the open anymore.
We have to light the Anti-Surveillance Candle first.
I hate all of this.
MEL: It's bad enough we have to assume the Elders are watching our every move, but now Regina George is our Whitelighter? [CHUCKLES.]
Regina George.
Much better nickname.
Anne Hathaway does not deserve that.
MACY: She kept mentioning the Source.
The Elders must be worried.
- Or trying to manipulate us.
- We can't go on like this.
Our fate is in the hands of a group of people - we know we can't trust.
- But we don't have enough power yet to get out from under them.
MAGGIE: Uh Guys? What the hell is a bursar, and why does she want to take $30,000 from me? Oh my God.
I have to pay tuition.
You two were faculty kids.
So that's not an urban legend? Professors' kids - get to go for free? - MAGGIE: I'm screwed.
- $30,000? - [PHONE CHIMES.]
Oh, my.
Galvin's back tonight.
His flight lands at 8:00.
Aren't you excited to see him? Of course.
It just means I have to find a way to tell him I don't want to cure my demon side.
So that's, like, a done deal? Despite what Regina George said? I feel like I can manage it.
It's the reason we defeated Medusa, and Found out who killed Mom.
Any additional tools in our arsenal could be helpful.
It's time the Elders really understood who has the power.
Well I'm gonna start memorizing spells.
Just in case.
You know until Harry gets back.
We need to talk.
Niko, you scared me.
Why so jumpy? No reason.
I'm just at work, so Where's your tattoo? It was temporary.
Have you been to the Sarcana lately? I'm not really a member anymore.
- Uh, Jada and I broke up.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
So I'm no longer a good source for any Sarcana info.
Why do you ask? Oh, they've just been quiet lately.
I considered going over to check everything out in person.
But maybe everything would be magically wrapped up.
I'm at work.
I don't need you showing up to interrogate me.
That's not why I'm here.
Greta and I rented out the place for our bachelorette party.
We're just picking out the menu.
- You're the private event? - Mm-hmm.
I'm working that shift.
Then I'll see you there.
- Hey.
- Hey, you.
I can't believe you're really here.
It feels like years.
Uh, wait.
Um, is the candle lit? MEL: We're good.
We felt the need for enhanced privacy.
Especially for topics like my human boyfriend going on a dangerous magical quest.
- Nice magical quest stubble.
- Uh, thanks.
- You're laughing.
Does that mean you're okay? Yeah, well, I mean, I won't pretend it was easy, but it was worth it.
You are worth it.
I'm sorry.
I probably need a shower.
- Being stuck in the jungle was bad enough, - add seven hours in coach.
- Galvin! - You're back! [LAUGHS.]
- Hey.
What's up? MAGGIE: Ah! I can't believe it.
What the hell is that? GALVIN: I know that man.
He was the customs agent who checked me at the airport.
Dead body on our table.
And our new Whitelighter likes to show up announced.
You can't be here.
What was that? We have rats.
So I see you got my message.
- MEL: You sent this?! - There was a demon attack.
Why'd you cast a privacy spell? Because we we always assume demons are monitoring us.
So, yeah, we use it whenever we talk about defeating the Source, which is exactly what we were just doing.
That's actually smart.
Not so smart, your failure to monitor demonic activity in your zip code that got this man killed.
So What kind of demon did this? MACY: No marks or lacerations aside from those dual punctures, so a vampire.
Nailed it.
You've seen Twilight, I'm sure.
If he bolts upright in the next 48 hours, stab him.
You two need to go find this vampire.
And get a new coffee table.
I hate Regina George.
MACY: Hey.
Really sorry about that.
Uh, so, what can you tell us about the customs agent? Well, he detained me for a while.
He questioned me about the artifacts in my bag.
Could I have Could I have brought something back? That's what I'm thinking.
Why do you even have these? These are Yoruba instruments to cure Macy's demon side.
MACY: Well, um I think you should go home and take that shower.
And, uh, and we'll look at these.
All right.
And, um - I'll see you later, okay? - Yeah.
MACY: These are the artifacts Galvin brought back.
MAMA ROZ: Mm-hmm.
These are Yoruba, child.
Are they dangerous? Mama's gonna find out.
Show me again.
The spirits need to speak over this.
If this is what I think it is, things are gonna get dark.
I'll call you soon, baby.
In the meantime, I'll check nighttime police reports, see if our vampire has struck anyone else.
Good idea.
Sun's almost down.
Let's see if you move.
Why do I have to watch you? Didn't even like Twilight.
"Sumerian Shroud.
"Traps an opponent in the astral plane for 30 breaths.
She can't seriously expect us to memorize all these.
I'm special.
- What determines - [KEYS CLACKING.]
blackness? [LOUD CLATTERING.]
Ew, do we actually have rats? [WHOOSHING.]
- Ow! Harry! Tessa! What's up? - Do you hear that? - Hear what? It's gone.
There was this weird scratching noise and it was getting louder and louder like it was Coming from everywhere and then I heard this, this voice calling out in agony, but I couldn't make out the words.
There's a dead man in your house, you're an empath; what you're hearing is probably coming from him.
I didn't touch him.
And he's dead.
Are you saying I'm hearing his soul? Bingo.
When a body dies, sometimes it takes a while for the soul to cross over.
This incident was your powers trying to expand And you should have been able to recognize that.
I see what you mean.
Keep trying to hear the soul.
He might be able to help you track down this vampire.
Thanks, Tessa.
We left your artifacts with Mama Roz.
She's confident she'll know which demon killed the customs agent within a number of hours.
Thank God for Mama Roz.
- We need to talk about that cure.
- Uh, we just have to wait for the full moon tomorrow night.
I've got the spells, the totems.
I'm ready.
Problem is, I'm not.
Are you scared? I-I promise, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
No, it isn't that.
I don't want to cure my darkness Anymore.
I know before you left, I was desperate to, but it's helped me save lives.
Even find my mom's killer.
My demon side, it scares me but it's part of who I am.
Well, if you don't want to do the cure We won't do it.
Do you mean that? You didn't ask me to go off on a quest for you.
Matter of fact, you tried to convince me not to, if I remember correctly.
I don't deserve you.
MACY: Galvin wasn't mad.
- Not even for a second.
- But you didn't go back to his place to thank him personally? That is for tomorrow night.
We are having dinner under the full moon instead of a ritual to cleanse me of my darkness.
- Tomato, to-mah-to.
Still waiting to hear that voice again.
Until we hear back from Mama Roz, I don't know how else we're gonna find this vampire.
I still can't believe you asked Tessa for help.
I was scared.
And she's who we're supposed to turn to, that's how this works.
Plus, she did help me.
Sorry, I'm just super stressed with everything that's going on.
I'm going to bed.
I have to work Niko and Greta's bachelorette party tomorrow.
Oh, right.
It's friggin' awful.
Yeah, night, Mel.
Good night.
You said you wanted to talk to me about something? Yeah.
So, um When I found out that we share a dad I was so caught up dealing with that, I didn't even process the fact that there's this whole other culture I belong to.
Well, it's it's understandable.
It's a lot to take in.
The thing is, for 18 years, I have Always checked the same box on every form.
And now, I'm Eligible for All these scholarships for black students.
Uh, is it I don't know, is it messed up for me to apply? Our dad is black.
Well There's a group interview For the scholarship tomorrow at the Black Student Union.
I don't know, should I go? - Do you want to go? - [GROANS.]
I'm really just looking for a clear, "Yeah, do it, Maggie, no big deal.
" Or a, "You're the worst, that money's not for you.
" You could never be the worst.
Do I get to be considered a part of a culture that I didn't grow up in? Ooh Hmm.
You know, I would struggle with that, too.
It's a hard question.
Heavy I'm sorry that I can't answer it for you.
Hi there.
Get away.
I know what you want.
Old woman, you're confused.
I just came to check in on Macy.
You stay away from that girl.
Lots of wisdom in a place like this.
What does the witch know about Yoruba? [GASPING.]
What does She know? Nothing.
She knows nothing.
- Good.
So, I could have gone to an HBCU, but it felt important to me to thrive on a mostly white campus.
Because my existence in certain spaces is, after all, an act of resistance.
MAGGIE: Well, um I actually just found out that I'm, um That, uh that my dad is-is black.
And to be honest, I'm At somewhat of a crossroads.
- Ow.
You good? Yeah, I just Sorry, I I I'm sorry.
I'm relaxed, in love with you And the half steps of bubblegum Glass of pinot grig? You know my order by now.
Are you all right? I went to a wedding once the day after a breakup.
It's no fun.
Oh, no, I'm fine.
- Niko, babe.
Time for toasts.
- Break a leg.
- Thank you.
I hate public speaking.
I know.
NIKO: I'll make this quick [QUIETLY.]
: Mel.
We need to talk.
I heard that voice again at the BSU, except this time it was louder and more desperate.
- And you weren't even at home.
- Exactly.
Look, I know we don't trust Regina George, but I don't know what to do.
And Mama Roz never got back to us about whether or not Galvin's artifacts are demonic, did she? - Not yet.
- All right, let's go.
We'll figure out if the voices are from a demon or a ghost or whatever it is.
MAGGIE: The lights are on, but she didn't answer all three times we called.
Something doesn't feel right.
Mama Roz? [SCREAMS.]
Oh, God.
She has the same puncture marks as the customs agent.
Whatever these artifacts summoned must have come after her.
Yeah, and it destroyed any info that could have been remotely helpful in tracking it down.
Nice job finding the next victim before I did.
Would've been nice if you'd gotten to her - when she was still alive.
- We don't need your help.
- We got this.
- Wait.
Tessa? What you said yesterday About a soul lingering after the body dies.
Do you think I could still reach Mama Roz's soul? Possibly.
Try it.
Your sister doesn't mind my help.
MAMA ROZ: It's an Abiku! Take my dagger, find the lost soul at the threshold.
The Abiku seeks the threshold.
Something called an Abiku killed her.
And Mama Roz said we need to find the lost soul through a threshold.
Where are you going? A door is a threshold, right? What if the voice I've been hearing is the lost soul? I mean, the first time I heard it, I was home alone at twilight, which is A figurative threshold between day and night.
Same thing at the BSU; I think my powers want to expand.
I just need to let them.
GALVIN: Maggie, help me! Oh, no.
It's Galvin.
I'm so glad you're home.
There's nowhere I'd rather be.
I love a full moon, the threshold of the lunar cycle.
I love it when you talk nerdy to me.
Let's go to the attic.
We'll be able to see it much better from up there.
Oh, come on.
Spring has finally sprung.
- Let's-let's stay here.
- No, really, it'll be better.
Oh, oh, you're hurting me.
Let go.
Galvin! What the hell is wrong with you? Busted.
Your magic won't work on me, witch.
- What did you do with my boyfriend? - Don't worry.
I won't be in here for long.
It's your body I really want.
The lost soul is Galvin's.
Mama Roz said to find her dagger and save him.
Galvin? Macy's human boyfriend? This says that "Yoruba demons of the Abiku family" are 'disease demons' who move from host to host.
" The Abiku must have taken over Galvin's body in the jungle.
Found it.
"But their taste for a permanent host is specific.
"Abikus prefer to prey on the souls of dead children.
" Galvin's a grown man.
But Macy was stillborn.
The Abiku is using Galvin to get to Macy.
Oh, God the woods.
ABIKU: Oh, Macy Where are you? It's your boyfriend.
: Oh, my God [SCREAMING.]
Oh, my God.
Oh - Thank God.
- Don't get too excited.
This won't last long.
It's really strong.
No, no, no, we-we can't use that, - there's something wrong with him.
- We know.
It's an Abiku.
- A parasite demon.
- It possessed Galvin, and now it wants you.
We got this from Mama Roz.
This is how you destroy it.
- But won't that hurt him? - We don't know.
Oh, God - [GROWLS.]
- [GASPS.]
Stop wasting time and stab him! - I can find you another boyfriend.
- MACY: No.
There is always another way.
You said the demon was like a parasite.
If that's how it operates, then it can't survive without a living host.
- What are you saying? - I think I can use my dark side.
If I can telekinetically stop his heart, the Abiku won't be able to survive.
Once it's out of his body, I'll restart his heart.
Tapping into the darkest part of your magic is dangerous beyond measure.
I know you would prefer I just let him die, but I'm the Charmed One, I will decide.
Nig igi nu-gub-a e-gar e-gar duma.
- Maggie, where did that come from? - TESSA: Let me out! MAGGIE: I've been studying new spells.
Hurry, it only last 30 breaths, whatever that means.
Okay, now.
Okay [GRUNTS.]
Okay, Macy, it's done.
MACY: Okay.
Now restart his heart.
Oh, come on.
Oh, this has to work.
Galvin, come on! - Oh, God, what have I done? - MAGGIE: Wait! [GASPS.]
Galvin! Thank you.
- Macy! - Oh, my God! [GALVIN GRUNTING.]
Why can't we get in? Orbing is a type of Western magic.
I can't penetrate a Yoruba barrier.
He must need her in the house for the ceremony for some reason.
Mama Roz said the Abiku seeks the threshold.
Maybe the attic? That's where Mom brought Macy back to life.
The threshold between life and death.
We have to get in.
I got this.
Come on.
- MEL: Macy, we're coming.
- MAGGIE: Hold on.
Oh, my God.
- Are you okay? - U-Uh, I'm fine.
W-Where'd he go? Well, how do we vanquish what we can't see? I don't know, but we need that dagger.
- What are you doing? - The Abiku wants you, but it'll have to get through me first.
Now would be a really great time for that dagger.
I'm looking.
I'm looking.
Oh! Oh, my God, that hurts.
- Got it! - MAGGIE: Hurry! - [SHOUTS.]
- Macy, extinguisher! Uh [ABIKU WAILING.]
: Oh, my God.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
TESSA: You never should have told him about magic.
He sort of figured it out on his own.
And Harry should have wiped his memory as soon as that happened.
MEL: Harry didn't expect us to be robots.
He let us have personal lives, and he trusted us to know how to manage them.
I don't have a problem with your relationships, unless they interfere with your duty.
This Galvin-Abiku incident came with a body count.
And this demon side of yours? It's a ticking time bomb.
So far, you've gotten lucky, but given the right circumstances, you will lose control of it, and we can't rely on luck in the battle against the Source.
Or, my demon side will be what we need to fight the Source.
Well, for now, I'll take care of this dead customs agent.
Now that we know he's not gonna turn into a vampire.
You're welcome.
MACY: I'm really sorry for everything you've been through.
All to save me.
Well, w-we can still do the cure.
I just got to go back to my apartment N-No, Galvin, I I'm not taking the cure.
How could you not? That Abiku thing, I-it made me It made me kill people.
Admit it, Macy, even you were scared of me.
Yes, I was, but that is how I knew something was wrong on our date, because you weren't yourself.
It wasn't you, it was the demon.
And yet, you want to keep the demon inside of you.
It's not the same.
I can control it, and Harry taught us It is my actions, not my nature, that defines me, and I believe that.
Look, Macy, I know that you are not evil.
But something inside you is.
You really feel that way? Macy, please.
Tonight, w-what I saw when you I can't unsee it.
Not if it's still there.
So what are you saying? I'm saying I-I don't I don't want anything to do with any of this stuff.
Ever again.
But this stuff is It's who I am.
I know no, I know.
I know.
It's I love you.
I love you, too.
But I guess there's other forces out there that are more powerful than that.
You okay? I don't know.
Was Tessa right to call me a ticking time bomb? No way.
- She's such a bitch.
- Galvin agrees with her.
What if it's true? What What if I can't control it? [PHONE BUZZING.]
Oh, it's Niko.
Do you mind? - Go ahead.
- Okay.
It's so easy when you try at all Hey, uh, I know you're feeling in between the witch and demon of it all right now, but I want you to know that the goodness inside you isn't going anywhere.
And feeling split between two parts of yourself doesn't make you any less-than.
: Thanks.
I wish you'd be just as kind to yourself.
What do you mean? With the scholarship thing.
I know it's all new for you, and it's probably gonna take some time to figure it out, but Whenever you want to talk about it, I'm here.
Thank you.
But I don't think I'm gonna apply for any of the black student scholarships.
It just doesn't feel right.
But I am gonna check out the BSU again.
: Even though I Totally embarrassed myself last time I was there.
- Oh - [BOTH LAUGH.]
To dream I want to figure out this new part of myself.
I'm excited for you.
Come here.
Hmm Mel, this place has been ransacked.
- What's really going on? - I don't know.
I told you, I'm not a Sarcana anymore.
I don't believe you.
I overheard you at my bachelorette party - talking about demons and ghosts.
- Shh I've been in multiple situations with you where reality feels altered, somehow, - by you.
- Keep your voice down.
Why should I trust you? Tell me the truth.
You're hiding something from me.
You're right.
And I'm not going to anymore.
- I'm a witch.
- [GASPS.]
Did you just do a spell? Is this a coven? I will tell you everything, but right now, you have to go.
No way.
I-I want to know what this all means.
Niko, look around.
Whatever was here may come back.
I need you to go, now.
Okay, but this isn't over.
Descubre el camino secreto.
Oh, God.
Jada Thank God.
Oh, you're alive.
Who did this? Fiona.
She's she's lost her mind.
I think I survived her power surge because I'm half Whitelighter, I - Why would she do this? - I don't know.
And Mel, she has Harry.
Is he okay? He looked like his old self.
Uh It looked like Fiona had him against his will.
Oh, no.
Mel, I think this is it.
The prophecy.
I think it's a sign.
"With the blossoming of death "brings the rise of the Source of All Evil.
" I'm gonna get the hell out of town before she finds me.
You and your sisters should, too.
We can't.
We have to stay and fight.
Be careful.
Fiona is one of the only witches alive that can match the Charmed Ones' powers.
MAGGIE: What if he left it for us? Like a Bougie British breadcrumb to follow.
Remember what Tessa said.
All Whitelighters are connected by their magic.
We don't have to trust her.
We use her to help us find Harry, the same way the Elders have been using us.
They've taught us their game.
Now it's time we beat them at it.

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