Charmed (2018) s01e21 Episode Script

Red Rain

1 Previously on Charmed HARRY: That black ooze is the Harbinger of Hell, and its arrival heralds the third phase of the Prophecy.
With the blossoming of death comes the rise of the Source of All Evil, and then We fall.
That whole apocalypse thing.
Magic ruined my life.
I don't want to control magic, I want to destroy it.
HARRY: If you want to destroy magic, why are we here? We're trying to find the Origin Dagger.
The dagger that controls the Flame? Using the Flame to control magic is not gonna change what the Elders did to you.
If you're looking for the Origin Dagger You're too late.
FIONA: Well, if you have the Dagger, then you must know that the prophecies speak of a Steward who will activate the Source on your behalf.
I was told the Steward would make his way to me in the final days.
I'm your damn Steward.
Evil is upon us.
Another Elder has been murdered.
Someone else is trying to complete the Prophecy by killing every last Elder.
Miss me? HARRY: No! [ALL GASP.]
The last Great Sage has fallen.
There's one thing Alistair didn't know when he dispatched Hunter to kill those sages.
There's one more left.
I'm still a sage.
The Prophecy can't happen until somebody kills me.
MACY: As the ancient text states, the Source will be brought about by the Harbinger of Hell, who will tip the scales of evil with a deluge of blood and the deafening screams of human torment.
: Maggie.
Maggie! Help me.
Parker? Are you there? Parker, I'm here.
Guys! Parker called out to me! Just like Galvin did when his soul was trying to reach me.
What do you think it means? Well, there's no way to know.
But it's promising he's still - Human.
- He was.
He was himself.
He was Parker.
We have that address from Niko.
The one she got when she was tracing those video calls from Lucy's cell.
What if Parker's there with his dad? We should go.
- Now.
- Maggie, we've talked about this.
We need a game plan first.
We risk cocking it all up if we burst in unprepared.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I just can't believe it's come to this.
The great sages All gone.
The blossoming of death.
There's a clear path for the Source to rise.
If Alistair or Fiona get the Harbinger out of Tartarus and work out how to open - its sacred vessel - You mean "paint can.
- Yes.
It's Galvin.
That's weird.
Hello? What? Wait, these are all Kappas and Phi Deltas.
Come here.
In here.
You got to see this.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, it's really bad.
They called me in for my epidemiology background.
- They think it's a virus? - Honestly, they can't even come close to a diagnosis.
The symptoms don't track with any of the usual suspects.
Ebola, Marburg, Lassa.
There have been four patients so far all bleeding - from the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.
- What about the patients in the waiting room? All the ones I saw were at the Cinco de Mayo party.
I'm hoping to find a scientific explanation for this, but honestly, I'm-I'm afraid it might be, um Demonic.
It has to be.
I'm, uh, gonna need to get a blood sample.
Already done.
Burdette, we need you.
GALVIN: What do we got? - What if we're too late? - Too late for what? You think the Harbinger's released.
MAGGIE: You think the Cinco de Mayo party was infected by the Harbinger? It's possible.
Alistair must have found a way to get to the paint can and open it.
The Harbinger virus is lethal.
It cannot become airborne.
I need to get to the lab and test this.
- MALE NURSE: Bay 2.
- All right, watch your back.
- MALE NURSE: Coming through, please.
- MEL: Oh, my God.
: Charge nurse, call admitting.
Charge nurse, call admitting.
Let's go.
She looks different from other patients.
She's not bleeding from her eyes or ears.
This doesn't appear to be the Harbinger virus.
Well, whatever she has, it's resistant to my healing powers.
According to this, a C scan revealed swelling in both the hippocampus and amygdala.
Well, those are both areas of the brain associated with memory.
I have an idea.
- MEL: I love you, but - NIKO: Because you made choices for me.
It sounds like her memories are flooding her brain or something.
Oh, no.
Could I have done this to her somehow? By telling her the truth about her past? A complication of the history rewriting spell.
Her brain is trying to make sense of it all.
She's at risk of an aneurysm.
We have to help her somehow.
There has to be some kind of spell.
What the hell are you doing here? Greta.
Um, we were here visiting someone else, and we saw Niko, and we just wanted to see how she was.
Yeah, well, only close friends and family are permitted, so Excuse me.
MAGGIE: Oh, my God, everyone's getting so sick.
- What do we do? - We find Parker.
If we can't stop the Harbinger from summoning the Source, then preventing Parker from becoming the Source's vessel is our last, best option.
He doesn't know he didn't kill his mother.
I can convince him he's still good.
Just because he's a demon born of human doesn't mean he has to take on the Source.
Do you really think you can get through to him? - Yes.
- That address from Niko.
Let's go find Alistair now.
- You said we needed a plan first.
- That was before we knew the Harbinger was out.
Let's go.
I'm here to help.
Y-Yeah, you don't have to do that.
GALVIN: Who else are you gonna get to be your lab assistant for a demon virus? Well, I thought you were leaving town to get away from all that.
I was leaving town to help save lives, but if I can save them here, I I can't turn my back on that.
Besides, leaving won't do me much good if we don't get this contained.
Fair enough.
They match.
It it's the same virus that killed the rat.
It-it it's it's the Harbinger.
: I I can't believe this is happening.
: Oh, my God.
This can't be the place There's nothing here.
I fear Alistair's moved on.
He must know we're on his tail.
This really feels like a dead end.
Wait, what's that? Those look like burn marks.
: Maggie - [GASPS.]
I need you.
Um God, what is the name of that spell? The one where an empath sees a past event by touching an object? - Psychometry.
- Yes, that's it.
How do you know that? Tessa's aggro study plan.
You know, I suggested studying spells many times when Never mind.
Your powers may well be evolved enough to make this work.
I can do this.
Parker wants me to reach him.
Ostende historiam tuam mihi.
What happened in this room? [MAGICAL CHIME.]
ALISTAIR: You are so close.
Soon the dagger will take your humanity and the power of the Source will be yours.
Parker's in pain.
And his dad said he's close to taking on the Source.
So it's all the more urgent we find him before he's too far gone.
GALVIN: We got to call the hospital and quarantine the patients.
This is not a normal virus.
It's demonic.
It wants something, and it will change tactics to get it.
A virus that thinks? - Holy - Yeah.
I know.
I don't even know if I want to know the answer to this, but What does it want? To tip the scales to evil.
To-to tip the scales to evil W-what does that mean? DOCTOR: His symptoms are progressing quickly.
MACY: It means we fall.
The Harbinger's back.
It's infecting all of Hilltowne, and I think It's our fault.
MAGGIE: Our fault? What do you - What do you mean? - The Harbinger was inside Hunter.
That's why he was so powerful.
When we vanquished him, the Harbinger spread as an airborne contagion.
We fell right into Alistair's hands.
He set up his own son to die.
- It's Galvin.
The first patient they diagnosed just attacked a doctor.
The Harbinger is infecting everyone with evil.
To summon the Source with a deluge of blood.
MACY, MEL AND MAGGIE: And the deafening screams of human torment.
Oh, my God.
Niko's in that hospital.
Well, they've quarantined the patients, so And she's wearing the witch hunters' rosewood ring.
She'll be protected from any magical disease either way.
I should've never broken Elder Bari's needle.
If I'd used my evil sight on Hunter, we could've known all this.
We could've stopped it.
Macy, we can't be sure of that.
Maybe there's a way for me to use my evil sight without the needle.
I could use the Vortex.
I-I could use the voodoo again.
I-I have the remains of the Harbinger rat.
I could use them to reach the Harbinger and-and control its thoughts the way I did with Fiona.
- Macy, that's way too dangerous.
- No.
No way.
I agree.
Your mind may be split into fragments, rendering you insane, or you could fall to the dark side or be killed.
MAGGIE: It's just too many "ors" where we lose our sister.
You're right.
There will be another way.
Well, I'm gonna go back to the hospital and see if Galvin's made any progress.
MEL: I will come with you.
I found a memory restoring spell that might help Niko.
And we'll keep up the search for Parker.
I have an idea.
Keep us posted.
Ma'am, you can't be in [GASPS.]
No, no, no.
How did She took off the ring.
Damn it, Greta.
With your ever-expanding powers and your new weapon, you may be able to connect with Parker on an empathic plane.
That may be what he's summoning you to.
It's worth a try.
PARKER: Maggie.
Oh, thank God.
You found me.
I knew you would.
You're okay.
You're you.
Parker, listen, I have to tell you something about your mom's death.
Maggie, you have to find Charity before my dad can kill her.
She's the last Great Sage.
We stripped her of her powers.
She can't be.
My dad thought so, too.
But when he couldn't complete the prophecy, he realized We didn't strip her of her Elder status.
- I have to go.
My dad thinks I'm on his side.
Find Charity.
Keep her alive, and the prophecy can't be completed.
You can stop all of this.
Parker, wait.
I love you, Maggie.
We have to find Charity.
She's the last Great Sage.
She's lost her powers.
But not her status as an Elder.
She's on the run.
Harry, do you know where she may have gone? [SIGHS.]
I might.
The Gardens of Latebra.
What's that? A safe haven for all who need shelter.
Very few people know of its existence.
Years ago, Charity and I used to dream about escaping to a place where no one could ever find us.
Just the two of us - Forever.
- Harry.
If she's there, who knows what she's capable of.
I'm ready.
Let's go.
What if we gene edit a retrovirus? - It won't work fast enough.
- Hey.
Niko's infected.
Greta took off her ring.
Her eyes were totally bloodshot, and they were restraining her.
It's infecting their brains.
Science isn't the answer.
I remember something from the Yoruba texts when I studied to be a Chiriji.
What is that? The deafening screams of human torment.
The infection.
It's spread beyond the hospital.
Get off me! Get off me! Hold him steady! WOMAN: Stay down! Stay down! [THUNDER RUMBLING.]
We're running out of time.
What if I can save the people that are already infected? Would that help tip the scales back? I'm not sure.
What have you got? The spell I was gonna use to remove the Ibi from you What if we could use that to remove the evil that's infecting everyone? I-It might, but your grandmother lost a finger, and she was only helping one person.
- I can't let them just die.
- Guys, we don't have time to debate this.
If there's a shot, we have to take it.
Let's head to the roof.
- The infected can't reach us up there.
- I'm gonna head home, see if I can find anything in The Book of Shadows in case it doesn't work.
- Be careful.
- Mace, let's go.
There has to be another way.
I know what I'm doing, okay? I trained for this for months.
Remember? Just give me a chance to show off my shamanic skills.
Just trust me.
Okay? Okay.
- There she is.
- Charity.
- [GASPS.]
- Wait.
Listen to me.
- Inciti! - [SCREAMS.]
What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to help Alistair? He's trying to kill me and fulfill the prophecy.
We know.
We're here to protect you.
Even though you make me sick.
Well, if you really want to help, this plant contains the key ingredient for the Akkadian Smokescreen, the only spell that can keep me permanently hidden.
But it takes years to bloom.
I need a witch willing to speed up the plant's growth cycle.
BOTH: Orb and get Mel.
While we're having this moment, can I just say you can burn in Hell forever, you absolute evil MEL: You want my help so you can perform the Akkadian Smokescreen on yourself? The same spell I could have used on Niko instead of erasing her memory? - How about I take you out right now.
- Mel! HARRY: No, no, no! The prophecy.
Give it to me.
Thank you, Mel.
I know none of this is easy.
: Oh, Charity! I've been looking everywhere for you.
- Parker? - Oh, Maggie, I'm so scared.
Just find Charity for me? Pretty please? You set me up.
You called out to me so I'd lead you to Charity.
It's the end of the world, babe.
Get Charity out of here.
We'll take care of Parker.
Be careful.
You're gonna regret that.
Mel! [YELLS.]
Don't make me do this.
I know you're in there somewhere.
Parker, this isn't who you are! You didn't kill your mother! That was your brother and your father tricking you! You're in there somewhere.
I know it.
I can feel it.
Parker, I love you.
Please come back to me.
: Do it, Maggie.
Vanquish me.
What are you waiting for? Kill him! - [GRUNTS.]
: Parker, I love you! PARKER: Do it, Maggie.
Vanquish me.
Never send a boy to do a woman's job.
ALISTAIR: The Source can't rise until that witch is dead.
Don't worry.
I know how to find Charity.
And you won't hesitate To kill your own sister? Oh.
I thought you got me.
Save your doubts for your son.
His weakness is a problem.
No, his weakness is gonna prove an asset.
Once the Source has risen, Parker's taking it on.
It's just you and I.
I control the demons, you control the witches.
We're on the same page Aren't we? Yes, of course.
MEL: You had him.
Why didn't you vanquish him? He was in there, Mel! The real Parker.
I could feel him, like I felt Angela Wu.
Are you sure that's not what you want to feel? He begged me to vanquish him.
Parker's still human enough to understand he'd rather die than do the bad things he's being forced to do.
I hope you're right.
You really think this is gonna work? And you're still gonna be okay? I know it will.
I can feel my grandma guiding me.
I'm ready now.
Uh, well, just before, I-I wanted to say Um, that I'm sorry for getting you involved in all of this.
If there's one thing I regret Hey.
There's no regrets.
I mean, I don't have any.
Even after that Abiku possessed me, I It just made me realize how grateful I am to be human.
And since then, I've been thinking How How much of a burden that must be for you.
- And your sisters.
- [SIGHS.]
I want to help you carry it.
What does that mean? Y You're not leaving? [THUNDER RUMBLING.]
That's tomorrow's problem.
: Great.
CHARITY: We can't be here.
She can find me.
This-this room It's here for her.
Fiona has a connection to it.
We don't have a choice.
I need the power of the Vortex to complete the Akkadian Smokescreen.
Please, just hurry, hurry.
She can find me.
When my sister's right, she's right.
Fiona! No! See you soon, Har.
Hold still.
I'll try to heal you.
Aw, come on.
Oh, Harry You know, I always loved you.
No, no.
No, no, no.
What's going on with the sky? [WHIRRING.]
Fiona found us.
Charity's dead.
Does that mean [THUNDER CRASHING.]
The deluge of blood.
Macy and Galvin are our only hope.
If they can stop the infection, stop the patients from attacking, the scales may tip back.
Either way, we should go to them.
If this really is the end, we must face it together.
Let's bring The Book of Shadows just in case.
: Parker.
If you're out there If you can still hear me I love you.
And I know you still love me.
That's what I'm counting on.
Hey, Mags.
Steal you for a moment? - Mel! - Let her go! ALISTAIR: Oh, we'd love to stay and chat, but we got some hell to raise.
Map invokè Oranyan, Blan é Nwa.
E Obalu Aye, guerisè é moun ki pran Pox la.
There's one more step to complete the ritual.
Sacrifice?! No Galvin, stop! Please! You can't! You were right all along.
Sometimes You got to lose one to save the many.
No, no, no, no.
Harry! Macy, there you are.
Maggie's been We have to stop him.
I can't! Oranyan! Obalu Aye! Pranm nan plas moun sa yo.
Se on sakrifis ki pou fèt lot yo sovè.
K li fet! - [GRUNTS.]
- Galvin! - [SOBBING.]
: No! - [GRUNTING.]
: No.
- Galv - Macy! I'm so sorry.
He's gone.
And your sisters need you.
Alistair has Maggie.
Thank you.
I just called the hospital to check on Niko.
All the victims of the Harbinger have been healed.
She's still in a coma.
We may have saved her from the virus, but her memories are still messed up.
Where's Galvin? [WHISPERS.]
: Oh, my God.
No, no.
The storm is growing.
Galvin saved those people, but the scales had already tipped.
It seems the portal, once opened, cannot be closed.
The Source is rising.
So Galvin died for nothing.
Not at all.
Had Galvin not cured the infection, it would have spread throughout the world Infected humans turned evil, killing their fellow humans, a world laid out precisely as the Source wants it.
Macy, now that he has stopped the virus, he's given us hope.
The human spirit is far stronger than any prophecy.
We're too late.
We can still stop the Source.
Alistair needs a vessel.
He must be using Maggie to draw out Parker.
We'll never find them.
We're in the eye of the storm now.
Are you all right, Macy? If I had used my evil sight, we wouldn't have released the Harbinger.
Galvin would be alive and Maggie would be okay.
This isn't your fault.
FIONA AND ALISTAIR: Ora culum perficiatur.
Tenebrarum luminisque potestas, Ars magica omnium, Oraculum perficiatur.
Guys, help! Maggie! Let her go! Don't take another step! Or Fiona will kill poor Mags.
MEL: You won't win.
You don't have a willing vessel to take on the Source.
- She's right.
- Oh, yes, he will.
That's why I needed you.
- Light the Flame.
Wha What What's happening to me? HARRY: You're dying, Fiona.
- Macy stripped you of your immortality.
- No.
Let Parker take on the Source - [SHUDDERS.]
- So I can kill him.
Please help me.
I need to destroy magic! [CRYING.]
: Please.
Harry, look what it did to me.
Heal me.
You know I can't.
Good-bye, Fiona.
I'm sorry I failed you as a Whitelighter.
MEL: Where did she go? Uh, guys? [WHIMPERS.]
MEL: Fiona ignited the Flame.
Maggie! [GROANING.]
Right on time.
As always.
I believe you were born exactly on your due date.
Too bad we can't ask your mother.
Shut up! Let her go! I can't.
But you can.
If the flames reach Maggie, then she dies.
But if you step in, you take on the Source, you can save her.
Parker, don't.
The Source will destroy you.
You are the only one who can save her, Parker.
A demon born of human.
Accept your destiny.
I can't watch you die, Maggie.
You're not the only one.
Macy, wait.
- Macy - Don't worry.
I can control the darkness.
I know it.
Macy! PARKER: Maggie.
Oh, my.
I exist to serve you.
I am yours.
Command me as you wish.
Well, then [GROANING.]
Parker, are you okay? You need to stay away from me, Maggie.
But everything's okay.
Your dad's gone.
But the demon inside me is still here, and I don't think I can control it much longer.
You are the Source.
I can't believe it.
Let's go home.
Niko is going to be fine.
MEL: What? How? I just made it happen.
You did? Like, right now? Oh, and I wiped the memories of everyone in town.
According to them, none of this ever happened.
Macy, perhaps we should discuss No time, Harry.
There is one more thing I have to do.
Macy, this is important.
We really should talk about - these new powers that you have.
- HARRY: Yeah.
There's nothing to discuss.
And, like I said, there is one more thing I have to do.
Should we be worried about her? [EXHALES.]
Don't worry, Galvin.
I'm going to fix you.
I'm going to fix everything.