Charmed (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Safe Space

1 - Last season on Charmed - I have three! - Mom! Mom.
- No! I think I'm your sister.
HARRY: You are the Charmed Ones witches who are destined to save the world from impending doom.
I am an advisor.
They call me a Whitelighter.
It's all here.
The Book of Shadows.
MACY: I have demon blood in me.
Welcome to the Council of Elder Witches.
- (GRUNTS) - (ALL GASP, SCREAM) - No! - No! HARRY: Now that the Elders are gone and Macy defeated the Source of All Evil you're the natural choice to take over.
I guess we're in charge now.
- PARTY GIRL: Happy birthday, Mags! - I got a smile - Happy birthday, Mags! - Hey! Oh, my God! (SHRIEKS) PARTY GUY: Happy birthday, Maggie.
Oh, my God, so good to see you guys.
All right, Maggie! - Happy birthday, Mags.
- Oh, my gosh, thank you, Kels.
- I will see you in psych on Monday.
- Hey, Mags.
- Yeah? - Come dance with me later? Yes.
And that's Roger.
Roger that, Roger.
Isn't this party just blazing? On fire.
What are you doing? Pouring out the exact number of shots I can take - before I say something I'll regret.
- Oh.
I don't need drinks for that.
Oh, what the hell.
I got offered a job.
What? A dream job, actually, at a genetics lab doing bioethical research, and, um, I'm taking it.
Oh, my God, that is amazing.
Why Why didn't you say anything? It was a long shot.
And it it's at the University of Michigan.
Ann Arbor.
Two hours away.
(GIRL WHOOPS, LAUGHS) She's not going to understand.
Honestly, I think we could both go AWOL for a month, and Mel wouldn't notice.
She's gone full boss.
- She really has.
- Yeah.
And, you know, I I can come back on weekends.
It's just after everything that happened Yeah.
You need a fresh start.
Will you not say anything? I I want to tell her.
You just said that we're nirvana, slice I'm sorry to bother you with all this.
You must have your hands full now that you're in charge.
(PEOPLE YELLING, WHOOPING OUTSIDE) (CHUCKLES) Never too busy for a fellow witch.
Great party, Mel Sorry.
Didn't realize you were in a meeting.
This is Anya.
Her Whitelighter has gone missing.
Angus Glohr.
Angus? That's unlike him.
Did he mention where he was going? Something about a distress call from a fellow Whitelighter who needed help.
Help with what? We'll dig into this first thing tomorrow.
Harry, can you make sure Anya gets home safely? Yes.
Yes, of course.
- Where to? - Wine country.
Very nice.
You know I got the call, the great wide open You know I live my life the way that I've been scopin' - Knuckles on the handle, bust out like a scandal - (LAUGHING) Oh, finally.
All work, no play makes Mel a very dull witch.
- Who are all these people? - Who cares? Where have you been? We have a job.
- (MUSIC STOPS) - We have a job, in case you've forgotten.
The Elders are gone.
- The magical community is relying on us.
- Mm, yes.
But it has been three weeks and all is oh, so quiet on the demon front.
We have prevented the Apocalypse, defeated the Source of All Evil.
Everything is finally back to normal.
So, if ever there was a time to party and celebrate, it's now.
One drink.
One, one, one drink.
Okay, one drink.
For you.
A toast.
To getting back to normal.
To fresh starts.
- To being in charge.
- Mm-hmm.
- You want it, you got it - (CHARMED ONES WHOOP) Do what you do - You want it, you got it - Aah! Oh, my God.
I love this song! (WHOOPS) You unbelievable It's undeniable.
(EXHALES) (CLATTERING NEARBY) (GROANS) Either I'm in the bubble ball or the room is spinning.
MAGGIE: That cute guy Robert already texted me.
Or is it Ronald? Can you put your phone away for, like, five seconds and help me out here? MACY: You don't waste any time killing the buzz, do you? Yeah, why are you going into bummer mode when we haven't even had coffee yet? Because I have a list on my desk that needs attention.
- We're supposed to be in charge.
- So, what so we're just never supposed to have fun, ever? No wonder Macy's bailing.
What now? I'm not bailing.
Uh I got a job.
My dream job.
- In Ann Arbor.
- But we have a job.
- Here.
- No.
You have a job.
You love it, you're good at it, you're happy with it.
But I'm a scientist, and being in charge of magical creatures was never part of my plan.
- So you're bailing on us.
- No.
Not bailing.
Just living my life.
You know what, me, too, Mel.
I'm sorry, you do you.
But I refuse to just spend the rest of my days sitting around waiting for trouble to barrel through that front door.
(RUMBLING) - What's happening? - Earthquake.
(GASPS) (ALL EXCLAIM) Run! (ALL EXCLAIM) Who the hell invited him? I don't know, but the party's over.
(GRUNTS) MEL: This guy is getting on my last nerve.
Huh? Power of Three.
Potentia trium! (GRUNTING, STRAINING) Harry! Rise and Sh Hold on.
A spell to seal the door, quickly.
Sigillum Ianuam.
Et Oblinito Ibud.
The Power of Three didn't even slow him down.
- What kind of demon is that? - No idea, but we can't wait around to find out.
- (RUMBLING) - (GASPS) Oh, my God, no.
No way.
We are not leaving our house.
The captain does not abandon ship.
Grab the Book of Shadows! (CHARMED ONES EXCLAIM) - Harry, what's happening? - It's a portal.
- To where? - I'm not sure.
But you need to jump, now! Macy, jump now, think later.
Oh, crap.
- Harry? Come on.
- No.
- I'll hold him off.
- No! I'm not leaving you.
Go! Go now! (ECHOING): Do it! (GRUNTING) Nice knowing you, Harry.
CHARMED ONES: Oh! (PANTING) Is everyone okay? Alive? Yes.
Okay? Not so sure.
Yeah, this is this is why I don't leap before I look.
- (LOUD SHRIEKING, RUMBLING) - (ALL EXCLAIM) (SHRIEKING, RUMBLING STOPS) What just happened? MACY: Where on earth are we? Who says we're on Earth? RECORDED VOICE: Greetings.
Protocol 38 has been activated.
Welcome to the command center.
If you are here, it means an existential threat has made emergency extraction necessary.
In compliance with Elder Order 257 your auras have been stripped for your protection.
Please wait for further instructions from your Whitelighter.
ALL: Harry! Does anyone uh, anyone have a phone? I'm sure he made it out okay.
This book is written in the language of the Elders.
MAGGIE: Great a language we don't understand and can't translate.
Maybe this is some sort of safe haven created by the Elders.
Like witness protection.
MACY: Or, in our case, witch-ness protection.
Witness protection? As in going into hiding and leaving our lives behind? No.
No, I did not sign up for this.
Look, there has to be a way out of here.
Maggie, there is protocol.
The instructions said to wait.
For our Whitelighter, who may or not be coming.
That portal could reopen any second and that assassin could be right behind us.
MEL: Or he could be behind that door - that you want to go through.
- So what? We just sit around and wait here until we turn into a bag of bones? MEL: We should've never thrown that stupid-ass party.
MAGGIE: Oh, so this is my fault? Forgive me for having a birthday.
- MEL: This is our fault, Maggie.
- Guys We were hungover.
We let our guard down.
- We are supposed to be in charge.
- Not anymore.
We are in witch-ness protection.
We're nobodies.
Nobodies are in charge of nothing, and this nobody is out of here.
MACY: Guys! (PANTING) It's the assassin.
He shot me with some sort of dart.
We're gonna need help for whatever that is.
We have no idea what's on the other side of that door.
MACY: It's the only way out.
Unless you've got any better suggestions.
Ready? (EXHALES) (DOOR CREAKS) MEL: I can't see anything.
MACY: Yeah, me either.
MAGGIE: Uh, guys, I found a doorknob.
Okay, I'm gonna open on the count of three.
- Ready? - Uh-huh.
One, two, three.
(DOOR CREAKS) (GROANS) (GROANS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Where are we? Are we dead? If we are, is this heaven or hell? (SNIFFS) MACY: I I don't think they have weed dispensaries in hell.
Hold up.
It's locked.
Mel, do something.
- What's happening? - Nothing.
Miss? That's a restricted area.
Orange keys only.
My bad.
Right you are.
(CHUCKLES) We're just lost.
Where where are we, exactly? Oh.
- You're here for the tour.
- MAGGIE: Yes, we are here for the tour.
Follow me.
Greetings, all.
Welcome to SafeSpace Seattle, the premier communal workspace.
- Seattle? - My name is Swan and the preferred pronouns are she, her, and hers.
And rest assured, you're in a safe place for your dreams to flourish.
We welcome visionaries of all kinds.
From tech start-ups to pop-ups My powers aren't working.
Mine, either.
- Nothing.
- SWAN: a lot of great people and enjoy a lot of social activities.
Now, if you'll just follow me, I'll give you the full tour.
Come on up.
We're open to the public during regular business hours, but our membership does have Why would the Elders put a portal in a closet to here a and take away our powers? There must be a reason.
Yeah, so we can abandon our lives and become - baristas at SafeSpace? - Guys, I need a bandage.
I'm a walking crime scene over here.
MEL: All right, Mags, see if you can track down a first aid kit.
I'm going to try to reach Harry and see how the hell we get back into that switch room.
Mace, hang tight.
We meet back here in ten.
- Okay.
- SWAN: Our core values are sustainability, community, and collaborations.
This is where the magic happens.
(QUIETLY): Magic Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Excuse me? It was a joke.
Wizard of Oz? - And then you say - BOTH: "Why, I'm not a witch at all.
" (CHUCKLES) Just so you know, we're doing 15% off on the Goddess Peace altars.
Looking for anything in particular? Actually, yes.
- A phone.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
I misplaced mine, and I'm supposed to meet a friend.
Could I Yeah.
(LINE RINGING) HARRY (ON RECORDING): You've reached Harry Greenwood.
Leave a brief message at the tone, and I'll get back to you posthaste.
(BEEPS) Harry, where are you? - The portal took us to this place in - (BEEPS) AUTOMATED VOICE (OVER PHONE): The mailbox is full.
- You cannot leave - SWAN: So this just might be the most perfect place for you.
We have great people, and you'll get to enjoy a lot of social activities at our SafeSpace Seattle.
Everything all right? Oh, it's great.
Um Thank you, and I promise to buy something next time.
Yeah, no worries.
I I know this witchy stuff isn't for everyone, but there's more to the universe than we can explain.
(CHUCKLES) True that.
Oh, Swan! Hey, would you happen to know where I'm doing a slow pour.
I'll be with you in one minute.
I really, really need Asylum? Oh, my God.
"The goal of 'ridding the ladies of their evil magic'.
" WHISPERING VOICE: Macy Macy, it's me.
Wh who who said that? Macy, it's me.
What is happening? Come home.
Where are you? Uh-huh, all right One, one, two.
One, one, two, three.
Stay centered.
It's hard to stay centered around you.
(CHUCKLES) - All right, Candace, take ten, hydrate, yeah? - Yeah.
Can I help you? Yeah Um, I I couldn't help noticing your bandages.
Yes, uh, it's a boxing gym.
No, right, I I know that.
I'm just - I'm looking for a first aid kit.
- Oh.
My sister, she was on her phone, she wasn't looking where she was going, and she, uh, she tripped and scraped herself up pretty badly.
How big a bandage do you need? Uh bigger.
Um Uh Yeah, I'm just Um Uh, also gonna need some some tape and, uh, scissors and disinfectant and gauze.
You know what, maybe I should just I'll just take the whole thing and I can bring it back when I'm done.
- Maybe - (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Who's that? Oh, that's that's my sister.
She doesn't look so hurt.
No, that's that's our other sister.
Ah, okay.
Bye, girl.
- What? - First, you need a bandage for your sister.
Next, you'll need to borrow money for the medical bills.
Okay, this is not a scam.
My sister is hurt.
I'm telling the truth.
Are you in some sort of trouble? 'Cause I'm a medic if you don't want to call the cops.
Look, um - Jordan.
- Jordan.
I can tell you mean well, but you can't help us and that can.
So are we done with this interrogation? Otherwise, I'll just find another Good Samaritan who doesn't need my Social Security number for a freaking first aid kit.
Um, sorry.
I, uh, don't trust many people.
Me neither.
MAGGIE: Sorry.
- What did you find? - Harry's MIA, kombucha tastes like barf and our new friend Swan isn't very careful with her keycard.
Macy? Macy? Mel.
- Macy.
- Macy? WHISPERING VOICE: Macy Macy, it's me.
Macy, it's me.
Come home.
Come home.
You need to come home.
I'm on my way.
(TIRES SCREECHING, HORN HONKS) MEL AND MAGGIE: Macy! DRIVER: Get out of the road! (PANTING) Look at this.
There's something wrong with me.
There is a voice in my head.
Oh, that's not all that's wrong.
- You're burning up.
- That guy Jordan.
- He's a medic.
- We don't need a medic.
We need magic.
(MOANS) Harry, where are you? (BEEPS) That's the way we came in, right? Through that wall.
It must be a security measure so no one can open it.
Yeah, including us.
The Desenmascarar spell.
Reveal what is not apparent.
Macy? Macy.
(ECHOES): Macy.
Macy, wake up.
It's me.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) (EXHALES) Where have you been? I've been so worried.
It's a long story.
Are you all right? Where's Maggie and Mel? You were out for several hours.
And they tracked me down, went back through the portal.
They're home.
I I am sick, Harry.
Can you heal me? Yes.
Yes, of course.
Huh You You seem different, Harry.
I am different.
Do you like it? Yes.
(WHISPERS): Let's go home now.
Macy? Macy? - MEL: Macy.
- Macy? Where's Harry? He was he was here.
I saw him.
Come on.
(GRUNTS) MEL: Descrube el camino secreto.
Descrube el camino secreto.
Descrube el camino secreto.
I can't read a damn thing.
If there's a spell in there to help Macy, I have no way to decode it.
"Jump through a portal.
When you get there, there will be no one to greet you and the instructions will be in gibberish.
" Great planning, Elders.
Thanks for thinking ahead.
Those lights just turned red.
(BUZZES) Maybe it's for emergencies? We don't know that.
You said the Elders did everything for a reason.
Well, then, there's a reason for this, Mel.
Seriously? Another portal? Maybe help is on the other side.
But what if it leads to something worse? Is there anything worse than sitting here, watching Macy die? Hang on, Mace.
We got you.
This must be important for something.
- (HORN HONKING) - (SCREAMS) - - (PANTING) Where are we? Vermont? Seriously? Okay, the Elders officially suck.
No, I have to believe we were deposited here for a reason.
That's the only thing in sight, so that's where we're going.
Let's go.
That symbol was in the Elders' book.
MAGGIE: The portal took us to witches so that they could help Macy.
MEL: Hello? Is anyone here? (SQUEAKING) Ugh (CHITTERING) (CREAKING) What was that? Um Mel? (CREAKING CONTINUES) Oh, my God.
Two red lights, two dead witches.
The witch board must be an alarm system.
Witches in trouble.
Well, the lights must be red again, because now we're the ones in trouble.
They must have a healing potion or something to help Macy.
MEL: Look.
The assassin must have been here.
(DOOR CLOSES) (FOOTSTEPS) Hello? We ordered room service an hour ago.
- (SQUEAKS) - (GASPS) (CHITTERING) That's it! We are gonna Yelp you so hard, your own mother won't even stay here.
Yelp this, bitch.
(QUIETLY): Holy crap.
Macy, can you make it to the door? No.
You two go.
- Save yourselves.
- What? No.
We're not leaving you.
But we don't have any magic.
Then we'll make our own.
Where's a big-ass cleaver when you need one? WHISPERING VOICE: Macy Yes? You need to come home.
I'm on my way.
(GRUNTS) Macy.
- (CLATTERING) - Shh (PANTING) - (SCREECHES) - (GASPS) So long, witches.
Bye-bye, vermin.
That vermin was my cousin.
No! Let go of her.
(CHOKING) Let go of my sister! (SCREAMING) (PANTING) How did you do that? I don't I don't know.
- (GRUNTS) - Macy.
Macy! Macy.
Macy! - Oh, God.
- Get her head.
Come on.
Damn it, Harry, where are you? Harry.
Oh, thank God you're alive.
- Where have you been? - I couldn't find you until seconds ago when I felt Macy use her powers.
The assassin's dart poisoned her.
Do something, Harry.
It didn't work.
- Oh, God.
- No, no, no, no.
Come on, come on.
- Macy.
- No, no, no.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
- Come on, Mace, come on.
- Oh, God.
What do we do? - What do we do? - HARRY: No, no.
(LAUGHS, SNIFFLES) Is it really you? - Who else would it be? - (CHUCKLES) Now let's orb the hell out of this rat's nest.
- Okay.
- (GRUNTING) All right.
- Harry? - I'm trying, obviously.
Whatever that poison was that I absorbed, it seems to have weakened me somehow.
(CREAKS) (SCREECHES) - Are you sure you can't orb? - Yes.
Oh, no.
- Are you sure the portal landed you here? - BOTH: Yes.
It was right here.
(ROAR IN DISTANCE) MEL: Oh, uh MAGGIE: Macy, that, um, fire finger power thingy? Uh I'm trying.
- I don't know how to control it.
- We're screwed.
(GROWLS) Not yet.
(WHISPERS): Macy, wait.
What are you doing? Bluffing.
Find the portal.
(SCREECHING GROWL) - (GROWLS) - Hold it right there.
Unless you want to be barbecue meat like your friends back there.
Now, there are only two outcomes here.
We both eviscerate each other, or we both just go home.
HARRY: The Elders would have devised a mechanism, something to usher you back.
As in, you've lost yours? - Au contraire.
- MACY: So what do you say? We put down our weapons and call it a day.
Afraid I can't do that.
Haven't you heard there's a war going on? There's a war? What kind of war? We're coming for you, witches! Macy, now! (SCREAMS) So, this map is a monitoring system for witches.
Those lights represent all the witches left in the world.
Every century, a new Whitelighter is selected to watch over them.
Yeah, well, there was no welcoming committee for us.
Oh, this explains a lot.
That portal you went through back at the house, it was designed for the Elders in the most dire of situations.
"Break glass in an emergency" kind of thing.
It was for Mom.
HARRY: It was activated when The Book of Shadows went up in flames.
- Going through it sent you into - Witch-ness protection.
That much we know, but what does it mean? Your aura was stripped, as were your powers, leaving you untraceable.
Macy seems to have retained her demon capabilities.
MEL: Can we get them back? Our powers? Somewhere in that book of Elders there are answers, but the idea was, if you came through here, it was a free pass.
A chance to leave your life as witches behind.
So we can't ever go home? No.
Not at the moment.
It's not safe while that demon-like assassin is still out there.
Did you get a good look at him? Any clue on who he might be? No.
He was cloaked.
Harry? You, uh, you still haven't told us what happened to you, after we went through the portal.
I died.
Nice knowing you, Harry.
HARRY: Whitelighters, when they die, return to the grave.
It should've been a fatal blow, and yet, I came back.
(GASPS) When I couldn't find you, I sought assistance from my fellow Whitelighters.
But they were of no help at all.
Why not? Because they're dead.
All of them.
That's why Anya, those other witches, couldn't find their Whitelighters.
The Elders created us.
Evidently, we were tethered to them in life and in death.
Except your connection to them was already severed.
Uh, which is why I'm still here, apparently.
But that means I am the last Whitelighter.
If one of those lights turns red There's no one left to protect witches.
It's just us.
MEL: Guys, real talk.
This is a chance for a fresh start.
We can just walk off into the sunset with new identities.
No more fighting demons, just normal, regular folk.
Isn't that what you wanted? Mace? Mags? A captain doesn't abandon ship.
And witches out there are in danger.
MAGGIE: It's time for us to step up.
After all, we are the ones in charge.
If not us, then who? What do you say, Harry? There's a chair in a dusty command center with your name on it.
We can't do it without our Whitelighter.
You had me at "dusty command center.
" (CHUCKLES) To the Power of Three.
MEL: Mm.
Four, actually.
Thank you.
This is the magic right here.
Cheers to that.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Oh Life will knock you down more times HARRY: This way.
MEL: I thought you said you had a place for us to live.
I do.
Um, Harry? There there's nothing here.
Or looking for yourself You're sure? Found The house.
It went through the portal, too.
As a security precaution, it's cloaked, but it's bound to you, forever.
Calling out your name Can you hear them? Calling out your name Can you hear them? Calling our your name Can you hear these dreams? (SIGHS) Today was a bad day.
Tomorrow will be better.
It has to be.
MAGGIE: It will be.
It will be, because we're not gonna sit around waiting for trouble to blow through that door.
That assassin, whoever he is, he's not coming for us.
We're coming for him.
Nice knowing you, Harry.

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