Charmed (2018) s02e13 Episode Script

Breaking the Cycle

1 Previously on Charmed MEL: An upside-down tree In the command center.
Black amber.
This must be it.
The source of our powers.
MAGGIE: For some reason, the black amber hasn't restored your witch powers.
What if my demon powers are displacing my witch powers? You want your demon powers stripped? I'm taking you to the one person who can help you do it.
He's alive? - Parker? - Macy.
- What's this? - It's a letter.
To Maggie.
I want her to know I'm still alive.
MACY: She's finally starting to move on.
PARKER: I don't want her to move on.
Darklighters can't kill Whitelighters.
And Whitelighters can't kill darklighters.
But that means My darklighter's still alive.
Hello, Harry.
I've been wondering when you'd resurface.
We've traded enough killing blows, you and I.
I thought it was time for a civil chat.
About what? The truth.
What's really going on.
The truth? Foster Island, Maine.
Be there within the hour.
Or I could come to you, of course.
Harry? [GASPS.]
It's all right.
I, um I had a dream or, um a premonition.
The darklighter's back, isn't he? [HAMMERING.]
I thought I was done [SIGHING.]
With loving you Mmm.
GIDEON: Rubes! Wake up! Give me a sec! Sorry.
It's not even 7:00 a.
Yeah, but it's almost 3:00 in London, and I've got the only TV in the house.
- Hey, guys.
There you go.
- This is Mel.
- All right.
- Morning, Rubes.
- Hey-ya.
Hi, Mel.
- Gideon.
Good to meet you, Mel.
- Hi there, Mel.
Unless you're a Chelsea fan like Rubes here.
- I can't say that I am.
- Keeper.
- RUBY: Mm.
I should have warned you.
No, it's fun.
I I don't really get a lot of time off to hang.
Most of us work days and nights just to make rent.
Which is why we like sports that kick off before 8:00.
Apparently that hamstring was still an issue during warm-up.
- Instead it was William taking his place in the midfield Hey, Ruby, I've got to go.
It's family stuff.
This was fun.
It was.
Where have you been? Sorry.
I went for an early run to clear my head.
- [SIGHS.]
- What's the big emergency? The darklighter's back.
He invaded Harry's mind in a dream.
But why would he wait until now to reach out? What's changed? I don't know.
But Harry says he has a plan.
That's a terrible plan.
Harry, you can't go alone.
Let us come with you.
Out of the question.
That's exactly what he wants.
To lure you all out of hiding.
It's a trap.
And what do you expect to do by yourself? You and your darklighter can't destroy each other.
Perhaps not, but maybe I can put the genie back in the bottle, so to speak.
He was inside my head.
He may know our whereabouts.
He insinuated as much.
If I don't stop him He'll come for me all of us.
Which is why I need you to figure out how to get your powers back.
It's your only defense.
I've been trying, believe me.
MAGGIE: Harry? Are you sure about this? Going it alone? It's for the best.
They're nowhere to be found.
We've looked everywhere.
Not everywhere, because clearly they're somewhere, Godric.
I suspect they know you're searching for them, and so they made a point of going deep under [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS.]
See yourself out.
All of you.
Not a social call, is it, Harold? I'm afraid not.
What do the Charmed Ones need now? So you can't kill him and he can't kill you.
Sounds like you'll have to kiss and make up then.
Except if either of us is killed, we both die.
Which is where this comes in.
Do you even know how to use that thing? [SCREAMING.]
I think I have a pretty good idea.
Okay, well, let's assume you can figure out how to work your little bottle.
What do you need me for? Why not take Grumpy, Bouncy and the one you can't bring yourself to bang? Because I can't be sure this will work, and if it doesn't, there's only one path left.
You want me to kill you? Destroying him in the process.
- It's the only way to stop him.
Obviously, that's not plan A, but if it comes to it How dare you ask that of me.
I may be half-demon, but I'm not a monster.
Look, I'm sorry, I just didn't think you would Oh, please.
Spare me.
Presume the Charmed Ones already told you to piss off? They don't know.
I trust them with my life, but I trust you with my death.
- Look, I know this is a lot to ask.
On one condition.
Name it.
You and me Alone, unencumbered for one night.
Call it a devil's bargain.
That's what you really want? What, you think I'm in it for the white picket fence and brood of little Abigarrys? Come on.
It's a small price to pay for saving your life and putting mine at risk, don't you think? After all, he came for me, too, Harry.
If we catch him One night.
This is crazy.
This can't be the way the Elders intended witches to get their powers back.
There has to be something else in the Book, Macy.
- There isn't, at least that I can see.
But the black amber worked for you, it worked for Maggie.
We just need more of it.
Who-Who's that? Uh, nobody.
Oh, no.
I just hit something funky.
GUARDIAN: Lockdown protocol has been activated.
Please stand by.
Lockdown? What did you do? I didn't do anything.
I just I was digging like you told me to.
What about the door? What the hell? The board it's dead.
My powers aren't working.
Neither is my phone.
I knew we shouldn't have been digging in here.
We're trapped.
We just broke the command center.
Stay sharp.
Keep your wits about you.
It's more than likely a trap.
Jimmy? What's wrong with him? Whatever it is, he's not alone.
The town is frozen.
It's like time has stopped.
I've seen time magic before.
This is something very different.
Seems the darklighter's learned a few tricks since we last danced.
You hear that? Yeah.
But those temperatures could drop down to around 36, 37 as a large low-pressure system moves in from the west over the next 24 to 36 hours.
That front will bring heavy cloud cover and a 70% chance of rain through the weekend, so be sure to grab an umbrella.
Overnight temperatures should dip just b [EXHALES.]
Harry, there's blood.
Some florist.
What's that? What? [RAPID BEEPING.]
It appears to be some kind of Magic detector.
Could explain how the darklighter's been able to find so many magical creatures.
Harry, look.
We're not alone.
For the last time, will you please stop trying to break the invisible force field? The only thing you're gonna break is your shoulder.
Well, we have to try something.
We're trapped.
There must be something in the Book to help us undo the lockdown.
What did we do now? Nothing.
We just touched the Book.
All three of us did.
It's the first time that's happened.
All right, Elders, - what are we supposed to do now? - [SIGHS.]
Any-any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hello? GUARDIAN: Greetings.
H-Hello? Greetings.
Yeah, hi.
- Who are you? - I am not.
Not what? A who.
Okay, then what are you? A guardian.
A guardian of what? That information is restricted.
Restricted to whom? Those with access.
Oh, my God.
Of course the Elders would leave Siri behind - to guard their magical secrets.
- [SIGHS.]
- Excuse me, uh, uh, Guardian, do you know how to lift the lockdown? Yes.
C-Can you tell us how? No.
Why not? That information is restricted.
You have five questions remaining.
There's a limit? Are you serious? Yes.
You now have three questions remaining.
Shh! Guys.
These pages aren't written in code.
They're in plain English.
Whatever's here was meant for us.
NARRATOR: During the mid-1800s, whaling was the dominant industry throughout New England, but it wouldn't remain that way for long.
Demand for whale oil began to decline [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Something about all this doesn't add up.
Well, we could always call off this wild goose chase, - come back to my place.
- Mm.
- There.
Abigael, wait.
No, no, no! Wait! [PANTING.]
It's-it's names.
Maybe it's people who have gone through the Witch-ness Protection before? Why is the third name always written in red? Uh, listen to this.
"When the way of the Charmed Ones is blocked, "speak the unspoken and all shall be unlocked.
" Speak the unspoken.
Any ideas? Maybe, like, a password? A test, like in the astral plane? Wait.
When we tried to dig our way to black amber, the most powerful substance known to magic The command center locked down to protect it.
So, to prove we don't have evil intentions for the black amber, we have to speak the unspoken.
Secrets? Oh, great.
So we have to spill our guts to get out of here? Correct.
Just as before.
Before? We've never done this before.
No, but this is our symbol.
What's with all the names? MACY: Look at the last names.
MEL: Uh Sisters? Three of each.
"Just as before.
" We're not the first Charmed Ones.
It's okay.
We're not gonna hurt you.
My name's Harry.
This is my friend Abigael.
Perhaps you'd like to tell us your name.
Nice to meet you, Cassie.
I-I don't understand.
Why aren't you frozen like everyone else? We were hoping you might be able to tell us.
I I don't know.
Yes, you do.
And if you want us to help your town, you're going to tell us exactly what happened, and you're going to do it now.
What are you doing? I believe it's called "bad cop.
" She's just a child.
She's much more than that.
Cassie, you're a witch? No, no, it's okay.
I'm a Whitelighter.
We protect witches.
All gone.
I didn't mean to freeze everyone.
It was you.
I was going to meet my dad after school.
This van pulled up.
A man grabbed me.
I screamed for him to stop.
And everything did.
I got in the van.
I tried to get away.
But Driving's harder than it looks.
Cassie, this man, did you freeze him? I need you to take me there.
MEL: This makes no sense.
How could we just be finding out about this, now? Clearly, the Elders didn't want us to know.
But why? [EXHALES.]
Okay, Voiceover Lady, you like the truth so much? Then how about you give us some? Mel, what are you doing? [EXHALES.]
Have there been other Charmed Ones? And if so, what happened to them? I'm sorry.
Question limit exceeded.
Security measures activated.
What the hell? What is that? [YELPS.]
- [GASPS.]
- Oh, Mel.
You were right.
This is a test, like the astral plane.
Some kind of escape room.
An escape room with no way out.
Yes, there is.
Speak the unspoken.
Somebody better start talking, fast.
There they are.
That's them.
So this was all you? Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Where'd you learn all this, how to use your powers? M-My mother.
Before she died.
I just didn't know I could do this.
It just happened.
Sometimes survival instincts kick in, show us what we're really capable of.
For better or worse.
Cassie, these men, did they say anything? Any clue as to who they were, what they wanted? Extraction.
That was the word they used.
Harry, it's a trap.
They're going to extract us.
Hold on! Sophomore year I borrowed your favorite crop top, and then I accidentally ripped it and threw it out.
The army green one? I knew it.
Uh, I was the one who told Mom that you were sneaking out to see Brian.
- Narc! - [SCREAMS.]
The lasers are closing in.
Okay, this-this is not working.
Fine, then you say something.
You're the one with all the secrets in your journal.
Which you both read.
So they're not secrets anymore.
MACY: Okay! I had sex with Ruby last night.
- What? - What? - It just happened.
- Well, Julian.
It didn't "just happen.
" I made it up.
Well, so much for the no-relationship rule.
Well, it's unrealistic.
We deserve love; everyone does.
Yeah, the healthy kind.
Marrying Parker would have been a mistake, and I know that now, but there's a part of me that still blames myself for his death.
You can't.
And we can't blame ourselves for wanting to feel something.
Anything anyone else has to say before we get sliced up by laser beams? Yeah.
You don't have to feel guilty about Parker being dead.
He's alive.
How could you keep this from me? I'm sorry.
I was trying to protect you from more pain, more heartbreak.
You finally seemed happy.
I-I didn't want to be the one to wreck that.
Is there anything anyone else has to tell me before we die? Uh Dad knew you weren't his biological daughter.
I just found out.
I'm sorry.
Why the hell wouldn't he say anything? I guess he thought keeping Mom's secret was the best thing to do.
Sometimes trying to do the right thing ends up being the wrong thing, and I should have told you the truth about Parker.
I-I feel horrible.
: The truth.
The truth is, I actually Felt relief when Parker died.
Because of the person he became and the things he did, it was just too hard to reconcile with With what we used to have and who he used to be.
It was almost easier when it just all went away.
So you don't have to keep horrible things and horrible people from me anymore.
Turns out I'm pretty horrible myself.
Oh, my God.
Maybe that's it.
It doesn't want the secrets that we're keeping from each other.
It wants the things that we won't even admit to ourselves.
Speak the unspoken.
Uh I am sick and tired of being the responsible one.
MACY: The picture in my journal I-I told myself it was the darklighter, but I think it was Harry.
I only stepped up to be in charge because neither of you wanted to be.
I'm terrified of breaking someone's heart, having my own broken.
I put up these walls to keep people out, including you.
I feel pushed in a corner to be a certain person, and I I want out of that corner.
I'm used to being alone, going it alone.
I'm trying with the sisterly stuff, but Honestly, sometimes I-I feel like the third wheel.
And, you know, I know you two, you share a lifetime of memories.
And I know we need the Power of Three to come back, but Sometimes I just I just want to be myself.
Not one of three.
Just-just one.
GUARDIAN: Lockdown disabled.
Access granted.
Access to what? [RAPID BEEPING.]
They've got the darklighter's poison.
But he's not here, Harry, so why are we? [PANTING.]
Go after her.
I'll hold them off.
The tree.
From The Book of Elders.
MACY: It's incredible.
It's the green poison from the darklighter's arrow.
And the stuff they used at the rave To raise the corpse.
MACY: This is it.
The source of black amber.
And the green substance, apparently.
MEL: What if this is a power source, like the Sacred Grove, where ley lines intersect? MACY: And the answer to getting my power back.
: Stop.
What now?! Don't worry.
I'm here to help.
So you don't make the same mistakes we did.
What? "We"? My sisters and I.
Sisters? You're one of the names from the Book.
A Charmed One.
We need to go.
- Now.
- I'm not leaving without him.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
Your father works here.
That's why you were here.
- I can't unfreeze him.
- We'll come back, I promise.
: Stand back.
Don't come any closer.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
That's close enough.
We're just here for the girl.
Well, you've got me.
Last warning.
We're gonna do what we have to.
As will I.
Have it your way.
Shoot her! - Abigael, no.
- Come on! HARRY: No, don't do it.
Don't look.
You died? Because you were a Charmed One? No.
Because of the Power of Three.
What are you talking about? Since the dawn of time, the Power of Three has come to sisters of great promise In times of great need, to save the world from its own destruction.
But the power is too great.
No matter the time The place or the realm it always ends the same.
How? The destruction of the sisterhood.
Destruction? What do you mean? [ECHOING.]
: One of you Will die.
What? No.
I I don't believe you.
MEL: Then why are you here? Why the questions? The truth tests? Why tell us anything if it all ends the same? Hope.
Hope that someday Somewhere A sisterhood will come along whose Bond is strong enough to break that cycle.
The Power of Three can set you free.
Or it can weigh you down.
There can be no secrets, no resentments Nothing unspoken.
Or it will destroy you.
So if I if I drink that, will I get my power back? And the Power of Three? That is a separate journey.
The sisterhood is being tested.
You must discover who you are alone before you can come back together.
MEL: Is this our destiny? To end up like you? My destiny is to guard the past and to protect the future.
Your destiny is your own.
Good luck.
Okay, I'm ready.
Here, reach out your hand like this.
Close your eyes and listen for them.
For their energy.
Feel Their hearts beating.
Hear their breathing.
Hold them Right there in your hand.
Now Just let them go.
Well done.
Can we see you back to your father? I'll be all right.
Thank you.
HARRY: If you're in trouble, you have my number.
Good luck.
She's afraid of me.
Well, we didn't catch the darklighter.
In fact, he was a no-show, so you're off the hook.
No night of hot, unmitigated passion.
You can go home and do the crossword puzzle.
Abigael, I really do appreciate - your willingness to - To do your dirty work? - What? - Oh, enough, Harry.
We're trapped in this vicious little cycle, aren't we? Where you come to me whenever your dark work needs doing, and then you push me away once it's done as if you had no hand in it.
I've never asked you to be more than you are, so don't ask me to be less.
I'm sorry, but darkness isn't in my nature.
Maybe not.
But if you want to be the last Harry standing, you'd better find a way to let some darkness in.
Is it worth it? Knowing what we know now? If I never get my powers back, we never have to worry about the Power of Three destroying us.
- We can just - MAGGIE: Wait for trouble to blow through that door? No.
I-I'm all in.
There's no going back now.
Uh, do you really think we can do this? Succeed where so many others have failed? We just made it through laser beams and confessing our darkest secrets.
I'm pretty sure there's nothing that can destroy us.
Our destiny is our own.
Macy, this is your decision, not ours.
It's okay if you need time alone to think about it.
Plus, I I bet there's a certain bartender who would love to pour you a drink of your own.
Ah, she's off tonight.
So are you.
There she goes She fades out fast In morning glow [SIGHS.]
Just breathe right now The light is at the edge - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- Yo.
It's open.
Uh, Gideon let me in.
I hope that's okay.
No worries.
I was just signing up for the LGBTQ color run.
- What's up? - I just wanted to apologize for earlier.
- Uh, my sisters needed me.
- No apology necessary.
: This is fun and casual.
Yeah, I just I don't really know how to do that.
Well, maybe I can help you out with that.
And we'll say - - That all we have Is all we know We have the future [PHONE CHIMES.]
Now we have the whole We have the day, the night - Mm.
- Everything okay? Yeah.
I'll be back.
Against the odds To breaking the cycle.
To breaking the cycle.
To breaking the cycle.
This is strong when all is low And I say oh Oh Oh oh Macy.
Anything? Oh oh Oh oh And we'll say that all we have Is all we know [CHUCKLES.]
We have the future, now we have Wow.
We have the day, the night The warmth, the light We have the love which grows Against the odds.
Welcome to my mind, Harry.
I knew you'd find the way.
Enjoy your trip? I went where you sent me.
I saw what you wanted me to see.
I'm done playing games.
What do you want? For you to understand what's really going on.
I already knew you and your sycophants had been kidnapping magical creatures.
But I want you to know why.
And I think you'll find you already know.
Come on.
Have a go.
It appears to be some kind of magic detector.
Would explain how the darklighter's been able to find so many magical creatures.
He came for me, too, Harry.
- CASSIE: Get away from him.
You aren't taking magical creatures.
You're taking their magic.
Oh, bravo, Harry.
You're not as dumb as you look.
With one minor detail.
It's not me.
It's them.
You do their bidding.
Your precious Elders didn't give me much of a choice, did they? Whoever has the talisman controls my fate.
You asked me what I want.
I want out.
Why would I ever help you? Because I know what's coming.
And if you want any chance stopping it, you're gonna have to set me free.

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