Charmed (2018) s02e15 Episode Script

Third Time's the Charm

1 Previously on Charmed Whoever has the talisman controls my fate.
The Power of Three has come to sisters of great promise.
It always ends the same The destruction of the sisterhood.
Restitue potentiam trium.
MAGGIE: It's Abigael.
When she stripped Macy's demon powers she did something to block us.
It's not me.
Which means The Power of Three problem is you.
I guess the sisterhood has some issues to work out.
No hesitation Don't ever waver Not a moment too soon.
Ruby's messing with my circadian rhythms.
Is that what the kids are calling it these days? - Stop.
It's the soccer obsession.
We were up at 2:00 a.
watching some Australian match.
Are you with us, Mags? Yeah.
I can't stop thinking about what Abby said.
The Power of Three.
That the problem is us.
Who gives a damn what Abby says? It's not a problem.
It's a journey.
It's our destiny to get it back.
Our destiny is our own.
That's what the Guardian said.
And I'm tired of letting others dictate what we do and don't do.
Plus, we already have kick-ass powers.
That is true.
Why risk the destruction of the sisterhood if we don't have to? Show up, show it off Work it, bring it on Louder, turn it up " a man must spend his life "only to leave such traces upon earth "as smoke leaves in the air" [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING.]
MACY: Dante.
Very apt.
And very frustrating.
Harry, are you crafting? I'm trying to make a duplicate talisman, and failing.
Now, the darklighter's in there, along with many of the answers to our most pressing questions, like who's running that Faction of zealots, and how did they create that monster? Harry, I thought we agreed to keep this genie in the bottle.
While he's in there, you're safer.
We're all safer.
If he's out and gets killed, so do you.
It's too much of a risk.
The greater risk, I fear, is that something terrible happens and we could have prevented it if only we'd known what he knows.
MEL: Portland.
Let's go.
That's Bruce.
The guy from the zombie rave.
And he's got a witch here.
MAGGIE: Good morning.
Or at least it was.
I wouldn't do that, Bruce.
Who's gonna stop me? MEL: I am.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! How did you Do that? Do what? MAGGIE: Where is she? The woman you kidnapped.
You don't know what you're up against.
Which is why you're gonna tell us.
All right.
But I believe in showing, not telling.
I see you brought a friend.
Why is his friend shrieking like a Kyon? Let's not wait to find out.
Huh? A little help here? [GROWLS.]
Seriously? [PINGS.]
You idiot.
What have you done? [SNARLS.]
That "Manster" had demon powers.
They've created monsters they can control.
Weaponized green goo and God knows what else.
And we have no idea how to stop them.
That's it.
That's all that's left of Bruce.
Rest in peace, asshat.
Well, he was a bad guy, but He was still human.
Who tried to kill us.
Well, if we're fighting humans, are we prepared to kill them, too? [THUMPING.]
There's someone in there.
Or something.
Oh, my God.
Oh! Oh, please get this damn thing off me.
Who-who the hell are you? We're, uh, we're here to help.
Are you all right? Oh, well Well, I've just been hogtied and Gagged in the back of a trunk I've been better.
Are you a A what? - [VEHICLE APPROACHING.]
- Shh.
Major diesel engines.
Bad guy cavalry? We got to go.
- We can't leave her.
- Sorry.
- What? - Security precaution.
What's this? Or should I say, who? COMMAND CENTER VOICE: Welcome back, Elder Celeste.
Elder? Celeste.
I'm Home.
MACY: The Elders are dead.
CELESTE: So I heard.
Then how did you manage to survive? Well, I walked away from all this a long time ago.
Revela daemonem inimicum.
That's how you put it in demon-spotting mode.
- That is useful.
And and that? The watch? Just a little invention I came up with a few hundred years ago.
It stops time.
Or should I say, my time.
It slows aging.
Leo and I worked on it together in the 1500s.
Leo, as in? Da Vinci.
You've heard of him, I presume? Y-Y-Yes.
He provided me cover during the Inquisition.
He also took credit for some of my greatest work.
Big ego, that one.
He helped me build this stopwatch.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work on humans.
Probably for the best.
That's incredible.
Yes, it certainly is.
Quite a lot of demon activity up here in the Pacific Northwest.
If I were you [SIGHS.]
: Mm.
Actually it's none of my business.
I'm done with all this.
Or at least I was until that goon - threw me in the trunk.
- HARRY: Hold on.
I think we've met somewhere before.
I don't think so.
Harry? It was you.
You did this to me.
You made Whitelighters, didn't you? Answer me.
Harry, where are you going? Anywhere she isn't.
That woman's a monster.
My own personal Dr.
She needs to go before I do something I'll regret.
I know this is hard for you But she could be a real asset to us.
We need to know everything she knows About the Faction, the command center, maybe even the darklighter.
I understand that.
It's just, I'm not accustomed to these feelings.
What feelings? Rage.
CELESTE: Ad cottidianum.
So you're saying you created Whitelighters after Salem to protect witches? Noble intentions gone awry.
I regret the pain that it caused.
This can't be a coincidence! The people who kidnapped you, they're transferring magic into resurrected dead bodies.
Just like you did with Whitelighters.
The Faction.
They were looking for you specifically, but why? Damn it.
They must've found it.
My how-to manual.
Uh, how to what? Transfer magic.
This codex contains all my research.
I made a copy, as any good scientist did before there were computers.
And I hid it, but somehow they managed to get their hands on it.
Hid it where? The Castle Breithe.
But they would need a powerful magical creature to help them break this code.
Powerful like a darklighter? They have a darklighter? Had.
We Kind of stole him back.
That book references me, the author, as being timeless.
Some expert detective work by the Faction tracked me to my vineyard in Sonoma.
But not to worry.
Whatever those humans cook up, they are no match for the Power of Three.
Oh, yeah, we kind of don't have it anymore.
Uh, uh Power stripping as you came through the portal? Right.
- Have you - Talked to the Guardian? Yes.
And you still didn't get it back? Mm-mm.
All right, no problem.
I can help.
What do you mean "no"? We don't need it.
Or want it.
She told you about the "destruction of the sisterhood.
" But if human beings acquire magic for their own gains, we are in for an epic battle, ladies.
And the Power of Three may be the only thing that can save us.
We can't get it back.
We tried.
That was before you met me.
Somnium unum, formidines tuas - opponere, somnium - Wait, no.
She said wait.
MEL: I know this is a bizarre concept to you Elders, but no means no! Sacrifice is part of the job description.
That the same job you walked away from when it got too tough? Harry was right about you.
Harry? Harry? Macy? I'm sorry.
You were right.
She is a monster.
Who's here? Come here.
What-what's going on? We weren't expecting you.
Now, no more spinning.
Remember what Mummy told you? If you get sick to your tummies, I get all your cake! - GIRLS: No! - Yes, and your ice cream, too! GIRLS: No! What-what the hell's going on? You're pretty who are you? This is Macy.
Mummy and Daddy's friend from a long time ago.
I can't believe it, you're here! Macy.
If you're happy and you know it What's going on? Oh, we're-we're getting ready for their anniversary party.
Isn't that why you're here? I invited you.
She invites you every year, and you send your regrets.
It's kind of a fun tradition at this point.
If you're happy and you know it Mmm it's perfect! - As usual.
- Thanks, Mel.
Macy? Ma Maggie, Mel? Can I speak to you? It's Celeste.
She did something to us.
Some sort of spell.
- Celeste? - Uh, yeah, the, the Elder who created Whitelighters.
Locked in Bruce's trunk? Uh Macy, sometimes it's hard to accept that things have changed.
You went off to work with Julian, and we were happy for you.
We were.
It was your dream, but we needed another sister for the Power of Three.
What? But she's not your sister.
She-she can't just sub in for me.
She's a demon.
She stripped her demon powers.
She's one of us now.
MEL: You made your choice.
We moved on.
This is not real.
- HARRY: They're ready! - Harry? Harry! This is not real.
Celeste did something to us.
You were right about her.
She's doing some crazy experiment.
Maybe temporal displacement.
Macy, listen GIRL: Daddy! - Yeah? - Scone, please! - With clotted cream! - [LAUGHS.]
Of course.
Oh, boop.
Not real.
I can prove it.
My journal.
I keep track of everything.
I hope you don't mind what we've done with the place.
I-I don't mind.
Because it's not real.
Don't you think it's time you accepted reality, Macy? I mean, you got what you wanted.
I, um, I'm sorry your marriage to Julian didn't work out.
But your career flourished.
You won awards.
And you never wanted all of this anyway.
No, here's what I think happened.
An Elder witch created this Obscene reality for Obscure and infuriating Elder reasons unknown, but I intend to figure it out.
Macy? I'm sorry.
Mags, Mel and I just want you to be happy.
You know what is funny? No matter what the reality, you are always the devil.
Nothing will ever change my mind about that.
I thought you stripped your demon side.
You think I'd ever do something that stupid? Like you? There she is.
Same old Abigael.
Kicking your ass is gonna be my very best anniversary present.
We'll see about that.
Happy anniversary.
Harry, help! She's gone mad! [PANTING.]
Macy, no No.
No! Maggie?! What have you done?! [CRYING.]
: You killed my sister! I killed my sister? Harry, Harry, heal her.
Heal her, please.
It's too late.
Oh Oh, God, no.
Oh, oh Please Please, somebody wake me up from this nightmare! [LOUD GASPING.]
Macy, thank God.
Are you all right? Yeah, I just I had the craziest dream.
Harry and Abigael were married.
That is crazy.
Well, then, the worst part was What? Um Where-Where's Celeste? We asked her to leave after she put that spell on you.
And that's when you fell asleep.
She's gone? And you didn't get any more information out of her? She can tell us how they're transferring magic.
- We need her.
- MEL: No.
We will figure this out ourselves.
We have her codex.
Harry will help us translate it.
Right, Mags? MACY: Maggie? [GASPS.]
The creature from the waterfront.
It's here in the building.
MEL: Really? Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.
Jordan? Jordan, we need to evacuate the building now.
Are the monsters attacking again? Yes.
Come with me.
Come on.
We can build a fort To keep the monsters out.
What? Come on.
Why are you treating me like a child? [GASPS.]
What is happening? Celeste she put a spell on me, just like she did Macy.
None of this is real.
Look, I can't play your games anymore.
I'm sorry, Maggie.
You're on your own.
: What? Jordan, don't bail on me.
Isn't that what we men do? [BREATH CATCHES, PANTS.]
Oh, this isn't real.
The monster it's here.
Celeste she did something to me, like she did to Macy.
Maggie, you're acting out.
You need to go to your room.
Mel, do you see me as a little girl? Maggie, sweetie.
I'm guessing that's a "yes.
" Mel, look out! Oh, no.
Oh, no, no.
Oh, my God.
Mel? Mel.
Why didn't you listen to me? Maggie what did you do? I didn't do anything.
It was the monster.
What monster? It was right there.
She's dead.
Oh, no, no.
No, Macy, listen.
She's not dead.
This is a dream, or-or a spell or something.
It's the same thing that happened to you.
We're in a dream together? I killed you in my dream.
Then I got Mel killed.
How the hell do we wake up from this nightmare? CELESTE: Somnium unum, formidines tuas opponere.
MACY: Help.
CELESTE: Somnium unum, formidines tuas opponere.
MAGGIE: Please, help us.
Somnium unum, formidines tuas opponere.
Somnium unum, formidines tuas opponere.
- What are you doing? - What needs to be done.
Wake them up now! Somnium unum, formidines tuas opponere.
Somnium unum, formidines tuas opponere.
What the? [PANTING.]
Where? [PANTING.]
- Go back to your room.
Macy? Mags? Help! Somnium unum, formidines tuas opponere.
- Stop.
- Let me explain.
Let me explain.
Whitelighters are supposed to protect all witches, as you know.
Now, I've been through quite a journey since the day you made me, and I'd happily end your life in the blink of an eye to protect them.
It was just a basic dream casting spell.
I was trying to get them to face their fears, to accept the Power of Three, but I may have miscalculated.
How? They should have woken up by now.
The dreamer always wakes when they die, but they haven't.
You fool, their worst fear isn't dying.
It's losing one another.
They're too connected.
They won't leave each other, even in their dream state.
Macy, wake up.
Wake up.
Maggie? Maggie? Mel? Mel, wake up.
Two of them have already died in their dreams.
If all three do What happens? They won't wake up.
No, no, no, no.
You and your damn experiments.
No accountability for the consequences.
You need to get me inside their dreams.
Do it! Somnium unum, formidines Te liberare.
Let's not do this the hard way.
Mel! Melanie! No.
Mel! Wake up! [DOOR OPENS.]
Thank God.
I was afraid I'd never find you.
I don't know how I got into that cell.
And there's other witches here.
I know.
And I thought I I heard Harry's voice.
Mel, we have to get you out of here now.
- Maggie and Macy are waiting for us.
- Maggie and Macy are here? Take me to them.
MAN: Get back in your cell.
That way.
I'll hold them off.
Please? For your sisters.
MAGGIE: Mel? - No, no, no.
Go back! Go! - Go! MEL: Oh, my God.
MACY: Stay away! It's a trap! Mel! Told you your sisters were waiting for you.
What? What is happening, Jordan? Name's Lawrence.
Lawrence Mortimer Chase.
The Witchfinder General.
Mel, none of this is real! It's some sort of simulation.
- It always ends - In death.
I will not let you kill my sisters or any of those other witches.
You can't protect them.
When are you going to realize you can't save the world? [LAUGHING.]
- Harry? - Mel.
We can't let Macy die in this dreamscape.
Otherwise, you'll all die for real.
We need to get out of here now! MAN: Right there.
- [GASPS.]
- Come on.
- Catch me.
Come on.
MAGGIE: No! Wait! If Macy can't die, then we have to sacrifice one of ourselves.
I will.
Mel, let me do it.
No, I'm the Whitelighter.
It should be me.
What if this is not a dream? I can't let any of you do that.
MEL: No.
It's okay.
If this is real, there's no way I'd rather go.
Have it your way witches.
Oh, my God.
That was the worst dream.
It really was.
You all saved me.
And I Well, I killed you, Maggie, in my dream.
Well, I got Mel killed.
It was HARRY: Your worst nightmares.
Courtesy of Celeste.
Where the hell is she? [CHIMING.]
Trouble in Portland again.
Wait, this is how it all started.
How can we be sure we're not still in a dream? Well, there's only one way to find out.
Harry, find Celeste before she gets away for good.
Back to the scene of the crime.
Sure sounds real.
This poor witch.
Just a scratch killed her.
We have to take that monster down, one way or another.
But how? It could be anywhere.
Mel! Run! Screw taking him out.
We have to portal out of here pronto.
Oh, no.
The marble was in my jacket pocket.
We could call Harry.
He could orb us to safety.
Or We can't run away.
We have to face it.
If not us, then who? We're all gonna die.
That's not what matters.
It's not about how we die.
It's about how we live.
Sacrifice this Is our destiny.
Fear can't define us.
Time to take the power back.
Potentia Trium.
Potentia Trium.
Potentia Trium.
Behind us.
Three, two One.
SISTERS: Potentia Trium! [GROWLS.]
That was, that was pretty intense.
We just Power of Three'd his ass.
We're back! - Yeah.
- We're back! We're back.
We're back! Yeah! We are back.
MEL: What did you do to us? Since when did we start serving tea to evil people? H-Harry, what are you doing? Forgiving her.
For warping our realities - and making us feel insane? - No.
For what she did to me In the name of trying to protect witches.
I wasn't trying to force the Power of Three on you.
I just hoped my spell would help you avoid the real danger.
And what's that? Fear.
I didn't want it to dictate your choices.
Like it did with us.
Fear is a powerful North Star.
A long time ago, we witches lived in a perpetual state of it.
After Salem.
It caused us to make some decisions that were morally Questionable.
Some of which can't be forgiven Or forgotten.
But the magical kingdom is facing its greatest threat yet.
And they're pretty good at destroying things, as we know.
MEL: You were right.
We were afraid.
But we aren't anymore.
Greatness requires sacrifice.
MACY: We may not always be on the same page, but We're prepared for whatever comes.
Stronger together.
Our differences are our strengths.
I don't know what the Faction is planning, but I'm here to help.
In whatever way you need.
Thank you, Celeste.
But we've got this.
Yes, you do.
HARRY: Now the question is, how do we keep you safe? The Faction still wants what's in there.
Well, if they grab me again, I'll just smash this.
And whatever's in this head will be just a handful of dust.
You'd do that? Ladies these humans are on the verge of claiming magic for themselves.
And that could mean the end for everyone.
It's time for me to go.
I hear Mykonos is nice this time of year.
I am definitely sleeping in tomorrow.
Everything feels so normal.
It's hard to believe that things could go wrong.
Or that we're sitting on a porch where we're invisible to the entire world.
Oh, I Got us something.
When did you have time to shop? It's from the warehouse.
It's not exactly Tiffany's, but I wanted us to remember the moment we got the Power back.
How that was a choice we all made.
No matter what happens We started this together.
And we'll see it through together No matter what happens.
Sisters para siempre.
Danger in the distance [CHUCKLES.]
Now, who wants to take these new powers for a test drive? Hell yeah.
Nothing's gonna take me down I'm a rebel on a mission Oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh I'm a rebel on a mission Oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh I'm a rebel on a mission.

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