Charmed (2018) s02e17 Episode Script

Search Party

1 Previously on Charmed Ladies, these humans are on the verge of claiming magic for themselves, and that could mean the end for everyone.
When his body went unclaimed, it was donated to a medical research facility in Idaho.
I'd like your assistance on a mission.
I got you a little something.
- I thought you liked Julian.
- I do.
It's just, when I think about telling Harry Now we're finally friends again.
I-I don't want to mess that up.
Still no word from Harry? He left to go check out that clinic, but that was hours ago.
The boss will be happy to know you're safe.
No Julian.
You are a wonderful guy.
So kind and smart.
Genius, really.
I mean, who hybridizes stoma cells from rutabagas? And cut.
- That bad, huh? - Mmm Too much science.
And flattery.
Y-You're ending things.
You're not proposing.
I mean, do we not have, like, a breakup spell so I can avoid all of this? There is.
It's called ghosting.
No, Julian doesn't deserve that.
He's a good guy.
It's not his fault.
That you're finally feeling your feels for Harry? You know, I don't know what I'm feeling.
I'm just not feeling this.
Well, it's a shame you have to give it back, because It's gorge.
But she does.
I do.
Wish me luck.
You can do this.
We're gonna need some tequila.
Industrial strength.
Jordan? What's the matter? I need you to come get me.
Where are you? Idaho.
We've got trouble.
Flores? Mr.
Shea is waiting you.
Right this way.
Flores? Frank Warren.
Julian Shea's office.
Wha? No, don't panic.
Just clarify the strategy on the advisory statements that show as VC, and And we can skip the registration.
Lilies or orchids? Uh, go with the orchids.
Okay, uh, those napkins are not compostable.
So we're not gonna use them.
Yeah, hit me back when you get the "all clear" from the SEC.
- But Vivienne wanted - Final answer.
You can tell her I said so.
Finally, a face I actually want to see.
You are early for lunch, though.
I was hoping to, uh, talk.
- First.
- Yeah.
But it-it looks like I came at a bad time.
Did I come at a bad time? No.
W-Which reminds me.
What time do you want the car to pick you up tonight? Your charity event is tonight.
You didn't forget, did you? No.
No, no.
Because there's gonna be, like, three Nobel Prize winners there and the algae protein sliders are supposed to be bomb.
Sir, Vivienne's on the line She says it's urgent.
I actually do have to take this.
I'm sorry.
- Um, five more minutes? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Yeah, no, I-I mean, I talked to Oh, man.
Okay, so, just to clarify, last time you saw Harry, he drove away with Nadia.
And did you get any clues? Like signs, names Anything? All I got was the license plate number that I already gave you.
She was calling him "Jimmy.
" She thinks he's the darklighter.
He played along, to infiltrate, I guess, but if you haven't heard from him by now He's probably in trouble.
It's ChooChi.
He ran those plates you gave us.
Mel? What is it? Where's Macy? Macy, I'm sorry about that.
It's just, a lot of important donors coming tonight and Everything has to be perfect.
Of course.
Now, I made us a reservation at this place called Café Flora.
They have this mean vegan pâté.
Julian S-Sorry.
It's my sister, I-I should take this.
It's okay.
Yeah, Maggie? What is it? Macy, are you still with Julian? Yeah, why? Okay, do not react to what I'm about to tell you.
The Faction has Harry.
What? How? It's a long story.
And it gets worse.
Jordan last saw Harry driving away with Nadia.
We had ChooChi trace the plates.
The car is registered to the Shea Group.
Macy, Julian's the bad guy.
I don't believe this.
How could I have been so wrong about Julian? The plates were registered to his company, but we don't know to what degree he was involved.
He knows what napkins they're using at his cocktail party.
- He knows.
- Maggie, any luck having a vision? No.
I have all of this stuff of Harry's and nothing yet.
Well, look, if Julian's behind this, try something of his.
I-I ran out of there so fast I didn't have a chance to give it back.
Or break it off.
I have an idea.
What if you try a Julian/Harry mash-up.
Julian's necklace and Harry's teacup.
He's there.
At the Shea Group.
- Where? - I just Like a basement.
No windows, high security.
I saw the logo on a door marked "Test Room.
" How are we supposed to break into one of the most heavily guarded buildings in the city? We don't.
We're going to a party.
What does this one do? Cloning spell.
That's how Harry and Macy stole your ring.
Just putting together a little care package.
Never know what you're gonna need, or when you're gonna need it.
Right on, Sarge.
How long were you in the military? Long enough to know you gotta have every variable accounted for.
Didn't Macy say there was a voice-activated elevator? Got anything in your magical bag of tricks for that? No.
I don't.
But there is a potion in Abby's mother's spell book, a mimicking potion I think it was called the Nightingale.
We can replicate Julian's voice.
Damn it, I don't remember all of the ingredients.
We need the book.
It's always dangerous to ask a demon for a favor.
Tell me about it.
- So, uh, Julian was okay with all this? - Yeah.
He said he'd "love to meet my sister.
" I think he takes it as a sign we're getting serious.
It's just hard to believe he's behind everything they've done.
Releasing the darklighter, hurting magical creatures, creating monsters.
How could I have been so blind? You got swept up in the relationship.
It happens to all of us.
Not to me.
What, you mean you're not some silly empath getting dragged around by her heartstrings? Like me.
M-Maggie, that's not what I said.
Emotions aren't a liability.
Sometimes, they tell you what hard evidence can't.
I could use a hand with the rest.
Uh, one potion does not require this many ingredients.
What is this? This is what it looks like when your demon-owned companies go belly-up, your credit cards are frozen, and the Four Seasons won't take Bitcoin.
Not happening.
You need a potion and I need a place to crash.
Let's call it quid pro quo.
Uh, hang on a second.
Quid pro no.
This is literally my worst nightmare.
Well, that's not very Charmed Ones of you.
I'm a fellow witch in trouble.
Isn't that your mission? To help witches in distress? We're done playing dungeons and demons.
Harry's life is in danger.
And so is mine.
Because of you ladies, I have a target on my back.
My apartment's been overtaken by hostile demon forces.
And I have nowhere else to go.
And, anyway I can be useful to you.
This is great.
I have all of these ingredients.
So, one more thing.
They're almost certainly going to be doing bag checks at this event, and I'm guessing security is not going to be fond of a purse full of glowing, combustible liquids.
Jordy, you lack imagination.
And a magic touch.
What is this? This gonna turn me into a pumpkin at midnight? As much as I'd like to see that - Voilà.
- Okay.
That was cool.
So what's the plan, girlfriends? Abby and Mel will stay behind to make the voice mimicking potion.
Meanwhile, Maggie, Jordan, and I will head into enemy territory.
A who's who of CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, and tastemakers.
We must not be fooled by their titles or diamonds.
Any one of these people could be a member of the Faction.
I got these from city hall.
And look at this.
Every level is accounted for except sub-basement level 3.
As in S3? I saw that in my vision.
That must be where Harry is.
On your six.
Do it.
Do it now.
You look spectacular.
Oh, thanks.
- You must be the mysterious Maggie.
- Hi.
I was starting to think you didn't exist.
Yet here I am.
Just like magic.
Poof! And the star law student.
- Jordan.
- Pleasure.
Oh, um, this is, uh, Julian's aunt, Vivienne.
Oh, no introduction needed.
I am a huge, huge fan.
- Is that right? - Mm.
Wait, so how does this potion work? The mimicking potion lasts about ten minutes, and it requires a kiss to seal and steal the deal.
Oh, um, would you excuse me? I'm just gonna run to the ladies' room.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
You all right? Julian.
So, I was reading about crops, and I was wondering what Julian Shea.
Look at us, two fierce, fabulous witches casting on a Friday night.
Being a witch is an incredible gift.
Witches use their powers for good, to empower themselves, help others.
And to rescue kittens from trees and soothe frightened children.
Blah, blah, blah.
What's so wrong with doing good? You're a powerful woman, yet you're wasting your gifts on the demon world.
I am what I am.
What the hell? Sorry.
Required extra heat.
Every time I think that there's hope for you To do what? Put on my goody two-shoes and prance around, saving broken-winged sparrows like you and your judgy-Judy sisters? I'd rather have a stiletto in my eye.
Happy to help.
Find me a stiletto.
Misery doing business with you.
So, you served in the military, you run your own business, and now you're in law school? Is there anything you don't do? Ooh.
Well, you're a very lucky lady, Maggie.
No, no, we're not Together.
Just colleagues.
Is that right? Mm-hmm.
Well, I happen to know a number of very prominent federal judges.
So if you're ever interested in a clerkship, I'm happy to make - some introductions.
- Wow.
That is a very generous offer.
I know.
Well, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to go mingle with some far less fascinating and Far less handsome people.
Where'd you go? It's her.
Viv is the woman in my vision.
She knows where Harry is.
This must be it.
I'll finish this up and head up.
Julian Shea.
Too many doors, not enough time.
Need faster way to find Harry.
I've been looking all over for you.
Where you been? Hey.
What the hell do you think you're doing? We need a quicker way to find Harry.
Where's that magic detector you found in Maine? It's at my apartment.
The one overrun by demons? Oh, no.
It wasn't enough that they took my crown.
They had to come for my castle, too.
So forgive me if I only had time to pack the essentials.
Well, that magic detector is an essential.
So we need to go get it.
- We? Not a chance.
- Look, I know it didn't work out the way you wanted with Harry.
But I know you still care about him.
So I am appealing to that little speck of light in your otherwise dark demon soul to stop being an ass and help me.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So, cluster migraines? Mm.
I've suffered from them my whole life, unfortunately.
What were you doing in the elevator? Uh, I started getting dizzy on the way to finding the bathroom.
So I thought I'd come up here and lie down.
Obviously, ended up in the wrong place.
But how did you get downstairs? It's all kind of a blur.
But, uh what is all that, downstairs? Those test rooms.
You Um Look, I wish that I could tell you.
I - I want to tell you.
- Well, Julian, if we're really moving forward in this relationship, you know, we-we can't Keep secrets.
You're right.
The night of the accident from my childhood, I told you that there were things that happened that were unbelievable.
But what I didn't tell you was that my sister was also in the car.
Somebody help! Somebody help me! She was ejected on impact, but I could see that she was still breathing.
Rosemary! And then this man appeared out of nowhere.
Or m or maybe he was a a ghost or an angel.
I-I don't know, but And I saw him heal these two women from the other car with The wave of his hand.
And then he was gone.
I know I know that it defies science and logic and everything that you and I believe in.
But I also know that what I saw that night was real.
I've spent my whole life trying to figure out how that man did what he did.
And that's what those rooms are about downstairs.
Shea? They're waiting for you downstairs.
It's time for your speech.
To be continued.
Ivan, I'm so happy you could join us this evening.
I didn't come for the canapés, Vivienne.
The other investors and I are beginning to doubt your ability to deliver.
Oh, I can assure you Ev No more assurances.
We need to see results.
After all, we've given you access to sites otherwise off-limits to you and your people.
I'll tell you what.
I have to make a little speech.
You know, the whole dog-and-pony show.
- Mm.
- Afterwards, why don't I walk you down to the lab and show you just how far we have come.
Your timing's perfect.
We have acquired a new specimen, something truly unique.
A new specimen? Harry.
No, no, no, no.
Those beasts.
What have they done?! Nasty.
Oh, vile vagrant demons.
I don't mind a good bacchanal, but for devil's sake, clean up after yourselves.
I do not want to meet the demon who ate this.
The magic detector It was here.
I could swear it.
Well, wherever it is, we need to find it fast.
The Shea Group, together with our partners across the globe, we're committed to building a better future for generations to come.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Welcome! I like seeing all of your faces very much, but I love seeing your checkbooks even more.
I want you to think about the last 24 hours of your life.
How many times did you drink a glass of water and think, "Is this my last one?" So, the women in the other car were probably Witches.
Sounds like he saw a Whitelighter healing them, and leaving his sister for dead.
That sounds like material for an evil origin story if I ever heard one.
Yeah, well, it runs in the family.
Viv is doing some sort of magical demonstration after her speech, and we think Harry's involved.
We have to get back downstairs with or without the magic detector.
But your mimicking potion has worn off, and Julian's lips are kind of busy.
So, before I bring up my Aunt Vivienne, I just want to tell you a real quick story.
It better not be the one where I told MIT that you were too good for them.
Well, it was true.
Vivienne's voice can get us downstairs.
But that means someone has to kiss her on the lips.
Me? Oh Thank you.
Walk up to a total stranger and kiss her? Even white dudes can't do that anymore.
I know.
I know.
I feel dirty even suggesting it, but we are desperate.
If the mimicking potion requires a kiss, maybe the transfer of DNA from saliva could be enough.
You're making it even worse.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I like where you're going with this.
Do you have that potion? and a beautiful pair of shoes so that wherever their dreams took them, they would be ready.
That, ladies and gentlemen, - is the kind of altruistic heart - Wish me luck.
and giving spirit my Aunt Vivienne has always had.
In case you're wondering, Elena's dreams took her all the way to Boston, - Do you get stage fright? - Massachusetts.
There are only two things that scare me in this world.
One of them is taxes.
And what's the other one? Wouldn't you like to know? Without further ado, the legend, the icon Vivienne Laurent.
Let me take that for you.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you, Julian.
Our organization is about to spearhead a new revolution in the way people see the world.
So, did it work? Wouldn't you like to know.
Ah We promise, you're gonna love what we have in store for you.
Oh, it could be anywhere.
Those savages could have eaten it for all I know.
We should try a locator spell.
Do you have cat's claw somewhere? I'm perfectly capable of finding it without witchcraft.
Why don't you go search the desk? Remind me again why you're so loyal to your demon side? Your family rejected you, your father tried to kill you.
I mean, if I were you, I would have run to my mother's side.
Well, you're not me.
Did it ever occur to you that my mother might have rejected me, too? Demons are cold and selfish by nature.
At least my father had an excuse.
My mother chose to hate the parts of me that were like him.
She shoved witchcraft down my throat with her spell books and potions, always trying to fix me.
She never let me forget for one second that there was something Deficient in my soul.
So forgive me if I'm not all gaga over broomsticks and cauldrons.
Not all of us had the perfect mother like you.
Found it.
See? No witchcraft required.
Magic detector acquired.
Our houseguests are back.
In here.
Daddy's home.
This is it the place in my vision.
- About time.
- Okay.
This way.
Hey, Macy, it's me.
Where'd you go? Was my speech that bad? Call me back.
Will you find out if somebody has eyes on Macy Flores, please? Yes, sir.
Oh, the code.
There was a code.
Oh, Maggie, please, please hurry.
One-five-seven, four-three-eight, pound.
Good job.
This is some Dr.
Frankenstein level of Cray.
But, like, for real.
That was weird.
That's a Kadal Demon.
And a Banshee.
Oh, my God.
They're utter brutes.
We use them as guards and enforcers.
I bet we could take 'em.
They'll call for reinforcements.
It's too risky.
We could be seriously outnumbered if Godric shows up.
I knew we should've portaled here.
Uber was faster, frankly.
Except now we've got no marble, and we're stuck.
Although you can just phase-shift out of here.
And leave you? Don't tempt me.
About what I said earlier.
Go on.
I didn't know all that stuff about your mother.
Maybe I was being a little judgy.
That's very big of you to admit.
But you were wrong about one thing.
My mother wasn't perfect.
She lied to us about so many things, including having an affair and breaking my father's heart.
So, complicated mums.
Something else we have in common.
Yeah, baby! Okay, these guys are getting on my last nerve.
We have to move.
I have an idea.
- Something demony? - No.
Something witchy.
What the hell? - I can't see! - You little Oh, for God's sake.
Abby, come on.
Blinding spell.
Not bad.
Yeah, I used to play pranks on my mum with it.
That's dark.
Human beings have been denied this kind of power for tens of thousands of years.
We're talking discovery-of-fire level stuff here.
Spare me the TED Talk.
My plane leaves in two hours.
All right.
Let's get on with it, then.
I'm sure it's just a little technical glitch with the control panel.
Get this door open.
Now! Ah! Uh That should take care of the door.
There are no handles, locks, latches.
You're gonna have to use your powers, Macy.
But the pods are pressurized.
The whole room could explode if it goes wrong.
Hey! What about these computers? Don't worry, Harry.
We're gonna get you out of here.
They're drilling the lock.
Sounds like they're moving fast.
Uh Oh, my gosh.
There's a million safety protocols here.
Macy, you have to do something.
What did you do? What you told me to do.
Looks like you started the demo.
Oh, this is bad.
Holy crap.
This is how they've been transferring magic.
It's killing them.
Macy, Harry's next.
We have to do something! Can't you break the glass? It's pressurized.
It could explode.
Uh, okay, I-I have an idea.
Pressure sensors are wireless.
If I can reduce the pounds per square inch by half, then Oh, I-I don't know.
That still could not be enough time.
They're gonna be in here any second.
Macy, hurry.
If this goes wrong, I could kill Harry.
Well, we don't have time.
Just trust your gut.
Two red dots.
That must be Macy and Maggie.
Maggie says, "Catch.
" What the hell does that mean? Mel, duck! Nice catch.
Harry? Everybody, stand back! Harry.
Harry! Harry.
Harry! He's he's alive.
The transfer was only partially complete.
We have the creature on lockdown.
Put it on ice along with the rest of them.
I don't think we're gonna need them anymore.
To Harry.
To teamwork.
- You all right? - Yeah.
It was nice to hear you talk about the law and your career aspirations.
I haven't even been allowed to think about that stuff since All this.
Well, you'll get back to it.
I keep thinking that, and then there's another crisis.
Well, crisis, by definition, is a temporary state.
And when this one abates, you will get your life back.
Mm, I'm sorry I was gonna force you to kiss Viv.
That was out of desperation.
So far, I have almost died twice, been chased by a witch-ghost, sucked into a trance by green goo to bring back a dead corpse, and nearly burned alive by the demon overlord.
Kissing Viv wasn't nearly the craziest thing that's happened.
Never a dull moment with the Vera sisters.
Mm, a dull moment or two wouldn't be so bad.
I should head out.
There's a training session at 6:00 a.
See you around, Mags.
Jordan? Thanks.
Hey, Jordan.
Have you seen Abby? Her bags are gone from the house.
Lucky us.
You almost sound disappointed.
It's totally illogical, but I thought being around us would be a good influence on her, that she could change.
You're right.
That is illogical.
How's Harry? Still sleeping.
Probably from whatever sedatives they gave him.
Macy's with him.
Should we go relieve her? I think it's time they have a moment alone.
Y-You're awake.
Gosh, I was I was so worried.
I feel okay.
I There's something I have to tell you.
I-I've been thinking about this for a long time.
Growing up, as you know, I was alone a lot.
So I had to learn to take care of myself.
Protect myself.
And so I put up walls.
I'm talking triple-layered, solid-granite barriers to any kind of feeling whatsoever.
I guess I thought it would make me feel safe.
But now I-I realize I was just lonely.
No, no, please, Harry, just let me Let me get this out, all right? I may never say it.
Oh Right, so then you came along.
With your tea and cardigans, and-and your relentless loyalty.
And that little wrinkle in your forehead when you're thinking really hard.
And you know, I tried, I really tried to ignore the way you make me feel.
The way I feel every time I look at you.
But I can't ignore it anymore.
Because the truth is, you You didn't just break through those walls, you you melted them.
And I'm almost finished.
What I'm trying to say is that I'd gotten so good at not needing anyone, I forgot what it was like to want someone.
But I do.
I want you Harry Greenwood.
That-That's it.
That's it.
That was a lovely speech.
And you're such a beautiful woman, but Who are you, exactly?
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