Charmed (2018) s02e19 Episode Script

Unsafe Space

1 Previously on Charmed Castle Breithe.
That's me.
The darklighter has a master.
- Perhaps there's fingerprints.
- No, no, wait.
The jars were never meant to leave this place.
Welcome back, Elder Celeste.
You did this to me.
You made Whitelighters.
Harry, what are you doing? Forgiving her for what she did to me in the name of trying to protect witches.
Maggie, when you were letting out all of that anger, it's like your powers expanded.
The darklighter's in there, along with many of the answers to our most pressing questions, like who's running that Faction of zealots.
I got you a little something.
You know, I don't know what I'm feeling.
I'm just not feeling this.
So what do you want? For you to get your ass over here and dance with me.
Nobody move! Maggie? What are you doing here? I'd ask you the same thing, but Everyone knows the handsome billionaire's always the bad guy.
- Macy.
- Now he knows what we are and where we are, which means SafeSpace is no longer safe.
Excuse me.
Excuse me! What-what is happening here? Updating security.
We need to clear the area until further notice.
Uh, as assistant manager, I must tell you that hidden cameras are a privacy violation, not to mention microaggression.
New security measures? Yeah.
But look.
There's a magic detector attached.
Mel, they're looking for us.
Where's Macy? I haven't seen her yet this morning.
Me either.
Macy? Macy? What was that? Macy, are you okay? Macy? I should go.
No, no, no, no, no.
Let me go.
What-What's up? So, if Julian knows I'm a witch and he's putting up magic detectors, then it's only a matter of time before What? Are we gonna talk about the elephant in the room? The one that orbed out of your room.
Goes by the name Harry! Good morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
So, listen, uh, there's a uh, a new development at SafeSpace.
Magic detectors? They cleared the place out.
They're going ahead with digging underneath here, here and here.
He's not just looking for us, Harry.
The Sacred Tree.
Julian's underground farming project was all a ruse to get to the black amber.
And if they plow through the command center, find the Sacred Tree, gain access to the most powerful substances on Earth, the results could be cataclysmic.
Well, how are we gonna stop them if we can't get anywhere near SafeSpace? There's only one person who can help us right now who's been on the inside.
My darklighter.
We have to release him.
It's too dangerous.
He knows everything we need to know Their plans, their endgame.
He's our most valuable asset.
We don't even have the talisman to open the jar.
And the jar is in the command center.
Let's solve one problem at a time.
I'll be right back.
Where are you going? Mykonos.
I know that this is so hard for you, but Macy and her sisters They're too dangerous.
Too powerful.
We've seen what they're capable of.
I just can't imagine that Macy is A threat to anyone.
Well, she manipulated that darklighter the same way she manipulated you.
You had that darklighter out there hunting them.
Like they were prey.
Well How do you think we've been able to procure all these magical creatures? Make all these medical advancements? Look, this work was never gonna be easy, it's not for the faint of heart, but we knew that going in.
But it will help the human race.
Where is he? Jimmy.
I want to talk to him.
Well, I'm afraid that's not possible.
As soon as it was clear he had his own agenda, I had to put him back in his jar.
For our own safety.
And then the bottle was stolen.
Most likely by them.
What? Sir, new security sensors have been installed.
So far, nothing out of the ordinary's been detected, except in one area.
We've hit a stumbling block with the digging.
What kind of stumbling block? Well I think you both need to see this.
There you are.
Just as I was getting settled in on Mykonos.
So, - the darklighter's jar.
- Yes.
We don't have the talisman.
Is there any other way to To open it? Yes, of course.
A skeleton key I created, as a fail-safe.
Great, can we have it? Oh, I don't have it about me, but it's in a safe and secure place, - of course.
- Of course.
And where might that be, exactly? The Castle Breithe.
Where you created darklighters - and Whitelighters.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, no time to waste.
- Well - Right.
Uh, well, H-Harry, I don't know if you should be going.
Do-do you-do you think you should be going? Could be traumatic for you.
Well, this is important.
I'll be fine.
In the meantime, you ladies retrieve the jar from the command center.
Small-to-medium problem.
Big problem.
We don't have a marble to portal.
And we can't get in through SafeSpace.
Because it is no longer safe.
You need to find another witch who has been through Witchness Protection.
Another witch? Well, under normal circumstances, each witch who's gone through the program was given a marble, which she would use if and when she wanted to reenter active service.
Find one such witch and have her bring you through.
Wait, so what, we're supposed to put up flyers? "Looking for a retired witch with a marble in her pocket"? Don't be silly.
Retired witches in Seattle have a subreddit, posing as fans of some mid-aughts witch show.
They meet up frequently.
Should be a breeze.
No matter how much we drill through this wall, it repairs itself.
And the tunneling underground? No, we keep hitting some sort of invisible roadblocks.
But X-rays and soil boring indicate there is no physical obstacle.
Well, then, you keep trying.
Every artery, duct and capillary that leads underneath this building, and you don't stop until you break through these walls.
Understood, Mr.
Julian this is lunacy.
You and I both know that that obstacle isn't physical.
It's magical.
We have to find her.
We don't.
Retired witches hang out at Sleet? According to Reddit, they'll be here tonight.
Closed for a private event.
Uh, we're here for the private event.
We're huge fans of Dirty Little Witches.
Got your million-dollar home But you're soulless You're freaking out 'Cause you can control this Open the door, and it's calling out Okay so, who do we start with? We need to find a witch who will give us her marble.
Yeah, yeah, we'll just we'll just break the ice.
In a room full of strangers.
Are you afraid You can't run from all the youngest days Not everyone is a stranger.
You're a witch? So, single mom.
Dad died before I was born.
Mom always told me I was "special.
" She never hid anything from me.
How'd you end up in Witchness Protection? Um, when I was 16, Mom brought a man into our lives.
She had no idea he was a demon.
And he nearly killed us.
It shook Mom to her core, so she wanted out.
And when I was 18, she said it was my choice.
That I could do whatever I wanted.
But what I wanted was A normal life.
And now I realize Why we were drawn to each other, Mel.
Because we want the same things.
Uh, not exactly.
My sisters and I we're not looking to retire.
We're in trouble and we need your help.
Somehow, somehow Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Proverbial skeleton key in a rubble stack.
Harry? Harry.
I'm here.
I'm sorry.
No, I am.
It was a mistake, bringing you here.
Orb yourself back, and I'll let you know once I find the key.
No, I'll be all right.
There's no time for that.
We need to start looking.
Somewhere in this mess is An ancient Babylonian idol that holds the key.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Mel, no one here wants to get involved in magic, least of all me.
I don't need you to get involved.
When you came through Witchness Protection, did the Whitelighter give you an amber marble? In case I wanted to come back.
Ruby, I need to borrow that marble.
Finding out I was a witch It saved me.
Gave me purpose.
Isn't there any part of you that No.
You keep it on you.
Mom always said, just in case.
Never know when you might need it.
I never have.
Good luck, Mel.
We've tried to access from every possible entry point.
Still, no progress.
And we're getting dangerously close to collapsing one of the city's waterways.
Thank you.
Can you please give us a second? Certainly.
It's time to reach out.
You have a personal relationship with her.
And you want me to exploit that? Has it never occurred to you that maybe Macy is the one who was using you? Who's to say that she hasn't known who you were all along? No.
I don't believe that.
And this What we're doing here We've gone too far.
No, Julian.
We haven't gone far enough.
Well, if you won't believe me perhaps this will convince you otherwise.
She's awake? Since when? Last night.
Julian, I've always tried to do what's best, for both of you.
Or have you forgotten? Where are they? Please, Aunt Viv.
I want to see them! Julian, honey I'm afraid that's not possible.
She's dead, isn't she? They're all dead.
Julian, I am so sorry.
But you're gonna be all right.
You'll come live with me.
Why didn't the magic man help them? - Magic man? - Yes.
There was a magic man there.
Dad? Mom? Rosemary! I saw him.
He could have saved them, but he didn't.
Honey, you're in shock.
Doctor says you need to get some rest.
Please, sweetheart.
It's all right.
I'm here.
I will take care of you.
I know what I saw, Aunt Viv.
I know what I saw.
Nobody believed you.
The things you saw that night.
But you did.
And we have spent the last 30 years putting the pieces together, uncovering the secrets of the universe, and we are on the brink of some of the greatest medical breakthroughs humanity has ever seen.
But we need that black amber that lives under this building, to push science forward in ways that were once thought unimaginable.
Julian, our mission isn't over.
This is the beginning.
Don't lose sight of what's important.
Let's hope this works.
- That was weird.
- Hurry, it's closing.
What the Oh! Hey Where's Mel? And-and where the hell are we? Oh, my God.
This This isn't getting us anywhere.
It's curved.
Kind of feels like Stone.
Agate, maybe.
Are we in the marble? - Mel! - Mel! Mel? Can you hear me? Help us! - Help! - Hello?! Help! You're right.
This is Neo-Assyrian, not Babylonian.
What? You and Macy.
I'm not sure I follow you.
It's as plain as day, Harry.
The way you look at each other.
You know it's forbidden.
Yes, by the Elders, who no longer exist.
We made a lot of bad rules.
I'll grant you that.
But this one is a keeper.
Your relationship with Macy compromises your duty to serve and protect.
I would never put my own needs ahead of theirs.
What about Charity? That was a mistake.
From which I've learned a great deal.
Clouded your judgment, Harry.
And it almost destroyed the Charmed Ones.
We can't have that happen again, not when What? What aren't you telling me? You've heard of the Conqueror? Are you serious? That old fairy tale? According to legend, magic existed everywhere.
And there was an ancient being called the Conqueror who tried to steal it all for himself.
Three sisters The first Charmed Ones Stood up against him using the Power of Three.
Do I need to spell it out for you? Julian? Are you saying you believe he's some kind of second coming of the Conqueror? The signs are all there.
If he is, and if he succeeds The magical world will be destroyed forever.
Macy and her sisters are the only thing that stands between us and total annihilation.
I understand you have feelings for her, but those feelings could be our downfall.
I assure you, I will never let my feelings get in the way of my duty.
Hang on a moment.
Now, this is Babylonian.
Now let's get out of this cursed place.
This is getting old.
I mean, I have to say, Julian, I'm getting tired of all these international goose chases.
This time is different.
The holy grail, Viv.
Vivienne, this is Dr.
Tanaka, one of the most celebrated archeologists in the world and an expert on the occult.
My Aunt Vivienne is a bit of a skeptic.
In our business, that's always wise.
But today, I think we are about to make history.
Experiments were done on magical beings here.
And if I've interpreted this section correctly, that bottle contains one of those actual beings, intact.
Disembodied, but alive.
And this talisman controls who or what is released from that bottle.
This is what we've been looking for Proof that magic really exists.
Let's see it, then.
That is remarkable.
What's happening? Who are you? Your new master.
Now get up.
I am your master now.
Julian? The day we found magic I thought we were gonna change the world.
I was so full of hope.
And you should be, still.
This was never going to be easy.
But we are so close, Julian.
You and I are the only ones who can save the world from itself.
Think of what you've seen.
The progress that's been made.
We can save lives.
I want to see for myself.
In person.
Take me to see her.
I said to find a witch with a marble and have her take you through the portal.
You can't just use her marble.
You need the witch, too.
Harry, these millennial witches do not listen.
Too much screen time has made them distractible.
I was not distracted.
You were not clear with your instructions.
Well, you need to go and find that witch and get her to give it to you, because if you don't, your sisters are stuck, indefinitely.
What? Stuck? Inside the marble? Celeste, there's no oxygen in there.
Yes, Harry.
The situation is rather urgent.
Party's over already? Let's just say the appearance of the Charmed Ones killed the vibe.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
And? Okay, I need your help.
One and done, Mel.
I would never ask you to get involved again, but my sisters are stuck, and you are the only one who can get them out.
H-Headaches and-and increased breath rate come first.
Which which I'm experiencing.
Macy, I think you should sit down.
Oh, gosh, you're right.
You're right.
Exercise increases CO2 production, which-which would poison us faster than we could run out of oxygen.
Macy? Hey.
Look at me.
Let's talk about Harry.
What? Now? Yeah.
Well, I I wasted so much time.
It's okay.
You're together now.
- Yeah - Hey.
Just breathe.
Yeah, but I just I don't want to waste any more time not being with him.
I know.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Maggie, you're really brave.
For the last 30 years, it's been nothing.
No communication, no signs of life, no brain activity.
Every doctor telling us we should just pull the plug.
It's the black amber.
All the experiments we did on resurrecting dead tissue cells It occurred to me to apply the same technique to reversing brain death.
It really works.
We can bring her back to us, Julian.
But we need more black amber from that tree.
And that means we need Macy.
Julian You had the vision.
You never gave up, even when I doubted you.
You can fulfill that vision now.
Save the world.
Save Rosemary.
There's only one thing standing in your way.
In our way.
This is up to you.
We have to capture the Charmed Ones and get to that tree.
By any means necessary.
Mags? Yeah? I love you.
You know that.
L-Love you, too.
What's happening? I don't know! Hold on.
- Aah! - Aah! What was that? We needed Ruby, not just the marble.
Luckily, she was available.
- Macy.
- Ah, all good.
Oh, thank God.
But, you know, we need to get this darklighter out, since people are trying to kill all of you.
We need to hurry.
We have no idea if the command center is even safe anymore, or if the Faction is about to blow through the wall.
What do we need to do? Nimue's circle of entrapment.
Magic's most powerful circle? I've only read about it in books.
Now, listen closely and do exactly as I say, or the consequences will be dire.
Distilled salt from the Dead Sea to solidify a boundary.
Titania's orgonite prism from Ireland, for energy entrapment.
Consecrated Elder candles of green, yellow, red and blue for north, south, east, west points on the circle to fortify the boundary.
Guardian Nimue, using the elements of earth, air, fire and water, I call upon thee to bless this ritual.
Now, here's the deal.
Once I insert the key, releasing Jimmy, Harry will act like a magnet, entrapping Jimmy into the circle.
Now, whatever you do, do not leave this circle.
What happens if he does? Nothing good.
Now, be prepared for anything and everything.
Damn it.
Take cover! - Macy.
- Harry, no! Missed me? Indra, God of storms, aid me to conjure weatherly forms.
Winds that sweep, - make them swarm! - No, no Oh, bollocks.
You know, for a moment, I was worried I wasn't gonna see you again.
And then I realized how Right all this feels.
What? What is it? I found you today.
What do you mean? We got him.
We got Jimmy.
I left the circle when you got hurt.
No, you were acting on instinct.
No, I was acting on emotion.
And that almost cost everyone their lives.
Won't happen again.
So, what's gonna happen to the darklighter? We're gonna contain him and find out how to stop the Faction.
Thanks for saving us.
And watching you do that storm spell was pretty hot.
Yeah, well It's my best pick-up spell.
So how did it feel to do magic again? Mel, nothing has changed.
But look at what you're capable of.
Even without your powers, you-you saved us.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean I want to be a witch.
I didn't want to before, and I still don't.
Look, I I know.
It's a stressful life.
It's easier to walk away No, Mel, you don't get to control how I feel about this, and-and you don't get to judge my decision.
I did the spell because I care about you.
But this life It isn't for me.
But what does that mean f for us? Well, I still want to be with you, Mel.
I just don't want to be a part of your witch life.
This witch life is Who I am.
Hey, Harry.
I got your text.
You want to talk? Your new power to change people's feelings Do you think you could use it on me? What's it gonna be, Julian? We have the power to change the world.
So it's time to move forward.
For humankind, for Rosemary.
Whatever it takes I'll bring you Macy.

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