Charmed (2018) s03e02 Episode Script

Someone’s Going to Die

Previously on Charmed.
You have blood on your hands, Julian.
I haven't murdered anyone.
And what about those magical creatures you captured? Stealing their powers, killing them in the process? I know magic isn't the solution to us.
I don't want a solution to us, Harry.
I just want us.
This life it isn't for me.
But what does that mean f for us? Jordan, you need to stay clear of us until this dies down.
What if I could help you, Jordy, with your curse? I'd be forever grateful.
I need to get a message to someone.
- Who? - My sister.
My entire life, I always thought that magical creatures were the enemy, except The enemy was in your own home.
Vivienne's been doing horrible things.
You were her accomplice.
But you have the chance to make things right, Julian.
Help us before it's too late.
Finally, magic will belong to humans.
Magic will belong to us.
No! Mags.
What's wrong? What is all that? Stuff from the pod, where the Faction was keeping Harry.
I was I was just trying to get a vision - to see what's coming next.
- And? Maggie, what did you see? Someone's gonna die.
Dona addetum.
Hello? Guardian? Hello? We need to talk to you.
Is it possible she's gone? Maggie, any more clarity on who or what you saw in your vision? Just, it was dire.
Someone took their last breath.
The Guardian said "The Power of Three ends "with the destruction of the sisterhood.
" What if that's today? I wish I could assure you it's not.
But I'm afraid I've detected an imbalance in the magical world.
That's why we're here.
To warn you.
Humans have acquired magic.
We think the tree's in danger.
Because a new Conqueror has risen.
- A Conqueror? - The myth Celeste told Harry about.
Humans have been trying to acquire magic since the dawn of time.
Throughout history, Conquerors rise and attempt to steal the power for themselves.
Only the Charmed Ones have stood in their way.
Viv is the Conqueror? Or Julian.
The name does not matter.
What happens next does.
If a human touches the black amber in this chamber, it will poison the magical world, destroy the balance on Earth.
The last time it happened, it brought on the Dark Ages.
There's a powerful sealing spell in The Book of Elders.
We'll secure the door, protect you and the tree.
The spell is powerful because it is permanent.
If you seal that door, you will no longer be able to seek my guidance.
And black amber will no longer be accessible to power the command center.
So, the-the witchboard will go dark? And we wouldn't be able to portal anymore, to save witches.
It's a last resort.
- We understand.
- We, um W We won't, um Maggie? We won't let Maggie, what's going on? We are very close, Ivan.
You can share that with your partners.
Are we? Because all I've seen is failure.
Well, progress takes time.
If it's progress at all.
My partners are becoming Restless.
You need proof.
- Mm.
- Understandably.
The Prism.
An acquisition and retainment device.
Not only does it allow us to wield the powers contained within, it actually siphons magic directly into the device.
I thought you and Julian decided to hold off on demonstrations until you ironed out the safety protocols.
Well, if Ivan needs an assurance, I am more than happy to give him one.
What what are you doing? Stop.
- Please! - Why? You only need one hand to write a check.
Probably better to conserve our resources until we get the rest of what we need.
Get me out of here.
After tonight, there will be no reason to hold back.
Tonight? Once we accumulate the raw material and we become fully operational.
What about Julian? Julian has gone missing.
Which leads me to believe he's either been captured or switched sides.
Either way We can no longer trust him.
Hey, I'm s-sorry about before.
A panic attack in front of the Guardian.
Don't apologize.
I mean, after the vision you had, I-I can understand why you'd be Totally freaking out? It's chamomile and honey.
Even stirred in a little bit of cardamom and cinnamon.
Mom's favorite.
Mel someone is gonna die today.
But you've had visions of the future before, and we've changed it.
We've got the Power of Three back.
We are going to beat this.
And beat them.
Hey, how do you do it? How are you everyone's rock all the time? You've been there for me plenty.
Mel the prophecy, destruction of the sisterhood I can't bear the thought of anything happening to one of us.
It won't.
I won't let it happen.
This was a mistake, trusting Julian.
Harry, give the man time.
That's the one thing we don't have.
What if he's double-crossing us? I don't think he'd do that.
Not after all this.
It's him.
Hey, Julian.
What-what's going on? Everything okay? The plan worked.
Viv doesn't suspect a thing Yet.
Viv petrified a human being? Started to.
Said the power came from some creature found in the Russian mountains.
- Likely a basilisk.
- Look, Viv only has enough amber to power one working device.
But she's on the hunt for more and she knows where to get it.
The tree.
She's making her move.
We need to destroy that Prism.
We're on our way.
No, you can't come here.
After your sister's last surprise visit, Viv installed a Faraday perimeter, blocking magical creatures from getting inside.
Not to mention there are guards and magical detectors everywhere.
So we're supposed to just believe you're gonna save the magical world out of the goodness of your heart? Seriously?! I let you turn me into Nadia.
Why would I agree to that? Because Viv no longer trusts you, and you no longer trust her.
This will give you the time to steal the Prism and get away.
How do I know you're not the one double-crossing me? That the real Nadia's not gonna come around the corner any second now? Well, you don't need to worry about that.
We took care of her.
You're back.
Well, what can I say? I really missed you.
Do you think I'd fall for that again? Furtum nominis.
After we did the impersonation spell that turned you into Nadia Whoa.
we incepted Nadia with the idea that the Faction never existed.
Orbed her across the globe.
By the time she figures out how to get home, this whole thing will be over.
How long does this potion last? A few hours, at most.
I'll capture the Prism.
You'll hear from me when it's done.
An-And if we don't hear from you? It means something's gone terribly wrong.
Julian specifically told us not to show up there.
It's too dangerous.
My gut says we can trust him.
Well, my gut remains concerned.
What if this Faraday cage is just an elaborate ruse on his part? Harry, you're letting your feelings cloud your judgment.
- My feelings? - Okay.
I I'm sorry, Mace, but I have to agree with Harry.
Julian is a wild card.
We need a backup plan in case he fails or double-crosses us.
And they still have a basilisk and all those other creatures trapped in Fort Easton.
That's a lot of potential power at Viv's disposal.
Macy, if Viv is able to produce more of these Prisms, put them in the wrong hands, we are in for an epic battle.
But orb to the dam and verify that the Faraday perimeter is real.
And if it is, we need to figure out a way to deactivate it so that we can get in there ourselves.
Harry, wait.
What's this? Something I've been working on.
Place it on your arm, and don't get too close.
There might be feedback.
Feedback? Cimices loquantur.
Magical headphones.
I really should patent these.
So you're inside my head and I'm inside yours.
It's a bit of a mess in there right now.
Whoa, feedback.
Macy, I know things are at a bit of a pause between us.
But when this is over We will finish that sentence.
Good luck.
To all of us.
You looking for this? Yes.
The Charmed Ones are coming for it.
And I have a plan to stop them.
All right, here goes nothing.
Macy, we're locked out.
Harry confirmed.
Julian was telling the truth about the perimeter.
Well, it doesn't mean he's telling the truth about everything.
It's been over an hour, Macy.
Still no word from him.
Harry, hold on.
We're working out a way in.
Stand by.
I'm not going anywhere.
Turn the Tide.
What? That's the name of the spell.
It turns the tide on magical currents.
So the wall that was keeping us out will instead let us in? Hopefully.
Hold up.
The spell requires a sagenite crystal.
Makes sense.
Certain crystals generate electrical currents under pressure.
And a coven to hold the spell.
Three witches is enough for a coven.
Are we enough? Mags Mel, I have to put it out there.
Like, what if I-what if I can't perform the spell because I'm having one of my own spells? What if What if I faint again? I mean, I-I Someone is gonna die today.
I don't know how, I don't know who, but I know that I am right.
There are no witches more powerful than the three of us.
We got this.
We do.
I'll get ahold of some sagenite.
Let's set up the spell.
Um, I'll be back in five.
Hey, where are you? Um Staying away, like you told me to.
What's going on? Um I had another premonition.
I saw someone dying.
Was it me again? I don't know who it was, but I just I need you to be careful, okay? Well, you know me.
How-how did you do it, when you were in Afghanistan? How did you Prevent yourself from panicking when there was death everywhere? Uh Don't focus on the future.
Just focus on the-the task in front of you.
Stay in the moment.
Stay in the moment.
Be safe, Jordan.
You too.
Got here as fast as I could.
I can't believe you remembered I had that.
I saw it on your nightstand the first night we were together.
Mel, I don't hear from you for days, and then suddenly you need my crystal, pronto.
What's going on? I need it for a spell.
That much I figured.
Um, I'm just surprised you came to me for it after how we left things.
And it's not like sagenite's that rare.
You could have gotten it anywhere.
What's going on? Hey, talk to me.
Some very bad people have found a way to harness magic.
They're creating their own army.
My sisters and I have one last chance to stop them.
Right now.
Sounds dangerous.
Maggie had a premonition.
Someone is gonna die today.
And-and you think that might be you.
I got to go.
Let me help.
You just did.
Th-This isn't goodbye.
I'll see you soon, Ruby.
Should I be worried? According to my intel, Julian's told them everything.
They're coming for the Prism.
We need to safeguard it immediately.
Oh, of course.
I have a question for you.
Do you remember last year when you accompanied me to Luxembourg for the genetics convention? What's the hotel that we stayed in? Chateau d'Urspelt.
Where you always stay.
Yes, yes.
Yes, I do.
But you did not go with me to Luxembourg last year.
So who the hell are you, really? Now, you can tell me, or I can do to you what I did to my friend Ivan.
Turn you into a piece of rock.
Viv, don't do this.
We designed this technology to help humanity, not destroy it.
You fell for her.
You let her manipulate you.
No, Viv, that's your playbook.
I know you lied about Rosemary's magical recovery.
This was supposed to be about healing the world, curing disease.
There is no healing.
There is no helping humanity unless humans are the apex predator.
Will you listen to what you're saying? This is my project.
And I am pulling the plug.
Afraid I can't let you do that.
Viv, no, please.
No! Macy.
Still no word from Julian? Nothing.
We need to do the spell and lift the perimeter so Harry can get inside, now.
Harry, you still in position? Yeah.
Ready when you are.
Calling on the power deep inside.
Draw from our coven side by side.
Transform the current, turn the tide.
Macy, it's working.
Harry? The wall should be down! Go! I'm in.
He's in.
Dear God.
The creatures They've been drained of all their powers.
They're dead.
- All of them.
- Oh, my God.
They've collected the powers of the entire magical kingdom.
If Viv has access to all this She's more powerful than we ever imagined.
Harry, get out of there.
No, I have to find her.
And get that Prism.
Not alone.
No, I'm coming to you.
Macy, this won't work.
We can't get inside unless we lift the Faraday perimeter again.
With just the two of us we won't have a coven.
Mel, I'm not losing him to this-this madwoman.
We do have a coven.
If we start the spell all together, Macy can hand it off to us.
Will it work? It has to.
Well, you're gonna need this.
Calling on the power deep inside.
Draw from our coven side by side.
Transform the current, turn the tide! Macy, go.
Now! We got this.
Mel? It's something about my powers.
It's like it's like my insides are burning.
Mel, you're-you're bleeding.
It's killing you.
Step out.
Damn it, do it! Mel! Oh, God.
Stay in the moment.
Stay here now! Macy, you didn't have to come.
Harry, we're in this together.
No, we're too late.
Julian? Julian, what happened? It's Viv.
She has the Prism.
They know we're here.
I got to find Viv.
I'm sorry.
For everything.
Me too.
Harry, stay with him.
Descubre el camino secreto.
Dona addetum.
You ruined him.
And now you'll pay the price.
Viv's gone.
Julian? He was too far gone.
I'm sorry, he didn't make it.
Macy, Harry? Can you hear me? I I can't hold it much longer.
Hold on, Maggie.
We're on our way.
Hey, you! Stop right there or I'll shoot! Mel.
Please tell me you have the Prism.
You were right.
Someone did die today.
I'm so sorry he didn't make it, Mace.
Julian was on our side, to the end.
And you both saved us.
We got out of there in the nick of time.
It was all Maggie.
She held the spell.
It was pretty badass, Mags.
Command center? Is that us? Viv.
But w-we're safe here, right? She can't get in to the command center, right? Harry, the mind-meld.
She knows where we are and how to get in.
You need to seal the tree room.
Seal the path.
Block the way.
Secure its hold till end of days.
Seal the path.
Block the way.
Secure its hold till end of days.
Seal the path! Block the way! Secure its hold till end of Black amber.
Ah At last.
Oh, no.
Mel? Macy.
We're too late.
Oh, you are too late.
You destroyed Julian, and now I will destroy you.
Power of Three.
I cannot wait to add it to my collection.
Come and get it.
Potentia trium! She's siphoning all of our powers.
Trust me, give her all that we got.
Potentia trium! Well done.
Oh It worked.
The Power of Three.
It's too much power for one person to hold.
It's over.
We defeated the Conqueror.
It's finally over.
Tech and financial sectors were rocked this morning by the death of inventor, entrepreneur and humanitarian philanthropist Julian Shea.
Shea was apparently killed in an accident at one of his labs.
The only other casualty was Mr.
Shea's aunt and Shea Group board member Vivienne Laurent.
Stocks reacted to the news Goodbye, visionary.
So tragic, right? Yeah.
Oh, my God, where have you been? Not here.
He was a decent man.
He was.
Macy, if you want some time, I understand.
Whatever you need.
What I need is a night alone.
With you.
That can be arranged.
What kind of an errand? The kind that might end my curse for good.
I'll be trading this for the list of witch descendants I need to make amends with.
What is that? I don't know.
Something Abby wants.
Abby? You're joking.
You don't have to worry about me all the time.
But you're-you're cursed.
I Yeah.
I'm working on that.
And the last thing I want is To be a some kind of burden on you.
Jordan, you're you're not a burden.
Even if you weren't cursed, I Maggie.
I'm just glad you're okay.
Me too.
About you.
About both of us.
You were right.
I'm often right.
You're gonna have to be more specific.
The crystal.
I could have gotten it from somewhere else but I wanted to see you.
And I wasn't sure I'd get that chance again.
So, now that you have the chance, where does that leave us? Here.
Ruby, are you okay? Uh, I I-I don't know.
It's not working.
Whatever this is, it's clearly magical.
And it seems to be going around.
Every light on this board is red.
Which means every witch is in danger, including us.
Revela daemonem inimicum.
Demons, too.
The Guardian's warning.
If a human touches the black amber in this chamber, it will poison the magical world.
Oh, my God.
Like Ruby was coughing up.
It's not over.

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