Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

(Episode 1)
Until the day I turned 30, I had no idea
that my ordinary life
no, that I myself
am capable of such magic.
By the way, this is me at 29 years and 364 days old.
I've finished the data for the new product.
Can you take a look?
I'm sorry.
What the hell am I doing?
Hey Adachi!
I heard you haven't dated anyone before
Is it true?
Why are you suddenly asking this?
So is it true?
Well yes.
What? So you are a virgin?!
You're too loud!
Really? I see
That's sexual harassment.
Then, how old are you?
I'll turn 30 tomorrow.
- Oh, Fujisaki-san.
- Yes.
His birthday is tomorrow.
Oh, is that so? Happy birthday.
Oh, thanks.
What do you think of someone like Fujisaki-san?
What, you say?
From my research, she doesn't have
a boyfriend at the moment.
I see.
Shall I act as a go-between?
You don't have to do that.
Have a greater sense of urgency!
Don't you know?
If you're a virgin when you turn 30,
you'll become a magic user.
Magic user? Do you believe such urban legends?
No, but if it's true, won't it be interesting?
I get it already.
Please get back to work.
It's not like I want to be a virgin.
I've fallen in love before.
I also feel that Fujisaki-san is a nice girl.
But yeah, I only feel that. That's all.
There's no way I'm gonna make a move on her.
It won't go well anyway.
It would be so awkward after that.
Then I can't work here anymore.
Kurosawa-san, you like wine, right?
Then, shall we go for a meal one of these days?
Shall I ask Chief to organize a get-together?
Can't just three of us go?
Kurosawa Yuichi.
I'll present the award.
He's the ace of our Sales Department,
the top achiever for five consecutive years.
The bosses love him, the girls love him.
He's the most refreshing handsome man.
During his school days too,
was it swimming, soccer or baseball?
I can't remember, but I heard he was
active in some inter-high school thing.
Apart from being males and joining the company
at the same time, we have nothing in common.
Good job.
His smile is blinding.
No nothing.
Kurosawa-san, there's something wrong
with my computer. Can you take a look?
Which one? This?
If I have just one of Kurosawa's talents
- I don't know how to input it.
- Which one?
I want this to be inside here.
Let me see.
No, let's not ask for the moon.
- Bento, please.
- Sure.
Then, at least
If I find out that someone really likes me
from the bottom of their heart
Thank you very much!
Yeah, right.
How absurd.
Goodbye, me in my twenties.
Good morning, me in my thirties.
(Tsuge Masato: Happy Birthday)
(Mom: Happy Birthday. Take care of yourself.)
Two birthday messages from Mom and Tsuge.
(Tsuge Masato: Happy Birthday)
(Mom: Happy Birthday. Take care of yourself.)
(Adachi Kiyoshi: Thank you, Tsuge, good luck at work too)
With this, my birthday celebration is over.
(Adachi Kiyoshi: Thank you, Tsuge, good luck at work too)
(Tuna Mayo)
(Karaage Mayo)
OK, that's 280yen.
Even in my thirties, every day starts
the same as it did in my twenties.
I'll take 500yen from you.
Here it comes! Double mayo!
Here's your 220yen change.
He doesn't get sick of eating these every day, huh.
- What?
- Yes?
Thank you!
So slow!
- My stomach hurts
- Will he be fired?
- I don't wanna go to work.
- I feel blah
What the hell.
Whawhat's going on?
What the hell is going on?
Are you alright?
Are you drunk in the morning? Give me a break!
You're in the way!
Out of my way!
Are you blind or what?
What the hell is this?
Good morning!
Enjoy your thirties!
Man, he looks gloomy so early in the morning.
- Morning!
- Good morning!
Don't tell me
He doesn't get my joke.
Ah, but Adachi is a nice guy.
He's willing to help even if it's too much work.
Is this for real?
What's the matter?
Magic user!
If you're a virgin when you turn 30,
you'll become a magic user.
No way!
No way! I can really use magic now?
(One week after his birthday)
I'm scared of using my ability.
I started using electronic money.
I woke up early to avoid the rush hour.
Now hardly anyone bothers to touch me.
Whether this ability is magic or just a delusion,
my life doesn't change.
If that urban legend is true,
once I lose my virginity, I'll lose this ability too.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
That's next to impossible at this point.
Good morning.
You're early today.
Oh, yeah.
We just missed it, huh.
Wanna take the stairs?
But our office is on the tenth floor.
It's good exercise, though.
He's blinding.
Good morning. Good morning.
A guy like him must have lost his virginity in his teens.
I'm sure he's enjoying a life of extreme popularity.
Good morning.
Oh, shit!
I'm so lucky. I didn't think we'd run into
each other first thing in the morning.
I can't stare too much or I'll look suspicious.
Woah! He likes someone in the office?
Oh, what a cute bed head again.
Bed head? Which girl is it?
Who's that lucky girl that our
extremely popular Kurosawa likes?
Sorry, I'm getting off.
Sorry, are you okay?
Shit! He's so close!
It almost feels wrong that I'm this lucky today.
My heart is beating so damn fast!
Anyway, I wonder if Adachi can hear my heartbeat.
Well then, let's do our best today too.
Maybe everything that happened so far,
like my ability to read minds, is just a delusion,
and those are auditory hallucinations.
There's no way that Kurosawa likes someone like me.
Chief, as I recall, the deadline is next week.
Huh? I need it tomorrow morning. Get it done.
My wife is going to be so mad
if I were to cancel our wedding anniversary celebration
Well, I can do it if you don't mind.
Thanks for always helping me. Thanks.
Ah geez, this is endless!
I ended up taking the job. Damn!
You're still here?
Here you go.
Oh, I bought some for my juniors; this is an extra.
Actually, I bought this just for Adachi.
Don't panic.
This must be a hallucination.
I'll end the conversation normally
and get back to work. That's it.
Well then, see you.
Is this Sajima Stationery's data?
Yeah, he told me to compile their past transactions.
For this, you will need more than just
data from the past five years.
- Yes, but
- I'll help you.
Let me get the documents.
We are alone after all.
a capable man says and does things differently indeed.
What's the matter?
Oh, nothing.
I was just thinking, you are kinda amazing.
What's that?
I mean, you are so good in your work,
and everyone trusts you.
You're suddenly praising me.
Come on, let's focus on work.
Eh? Where were we again?
Hmm, this one, I guess.
Oh crap.
What is he saying?
I had always thought so,
but Adachi smells so good.
Shampoo? Fabric softener?
I wonder what he's using.
Alright! I'll check out the drugstores.
It's this one, right?
Oh yes.
Also, the mole on the nape of his neck is soooo sexy!
Ohhh crap!
Am I the only one who noticed it?
Crap! Crap! The mole on his neck! The mole!!!
It's really there.
A mole.
I didn't know that
I wasn't hearing things
In other words, his thoughts.
are real.
Sorry. This is too much for me to handle.
It got cold all of a sudden.
I wanna run away.
I wanna go home and sleep!
In the first place, why does he like me?
Has this guy gone nuts from overworking--
Are you okay?
Ah, yeah.
It's really getting cold.
I'll lend you this.
No, use it yourself.
Everyone will be in trouble if you fall sick.
Someone like me doesn't
Just use it.
Adachi thinks too lowly of himself.
He's always reading the atmosphere,
always taking a step back
He lets others use the elevator in the mornings.
He doesn't get offended even when
his senior pushes work to him.
He's actually an extremely kind and nice guy.
Besides, he is careful and meticulous in his work.
All those things about him I
I'm sorry for saying you've gone nuts.
Looks great on you.
didn't think anyone would be watching me like this.
Crap! I feel like crying.
Well then, let's go home.
Do you still have a train back?
Ah no, I've missed the last train.
I knew it.
Ah, but it's fine.
I'll sleep at an Internet cafe or something.
Thank you for your help today.
See you.
Why don't you stay over?
Stay over at my place.
It's near, within the taxi's base fare.
It's tough if you don't get enough sleep, right?
But I don't want to bother you.
It's not a bother at all.
I'd feel safer if you did.
- But
- Let's do that!
Come on, let's go.
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