Chesapeake Shores (2016) s02e06 Episode Script

Grand Openings

1 Previously on Chesapeake Shores.
I think the Trace-Riley band is gonna be movin in another direction.
- Hey - Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too.
Hi, I'm Bree O'Brien Hi.
What do you think of my book Bree? Oh uh well um Oh! I'm just so close to having the career I've always wanted.
Thanks for sticking by me.
But in order to get it I gotta lose something I'm not ready to let go of.
Tomorrow night.
It's you and me against the world.
[smooch on cheek] She's good for you.
Country rock music Boy you ain't seen nothing yet I can ride the wind, walk on water leap tall buildings at a single bounce Whatever comes, it don't matter because I can fly Abby, hey! Hi.
You're early or we're running late.
I think you're running late.
We're running late, got it.
Excuse me guys, one second.
Hey So Leigh and John decided to come back with me.
Help me open the club.
Considering everything, it was the least we could do.
Abby, meet John Rawl.
Hi, John.
- Leigh.
- Hey.
We'll set up to do Freefall next.
Sounds good, thanks.
I didn't know they were going to be here.
After everything that happened in Nashville, with the Showcase and Mark Hall, everyone needed a break.
Since I was opening the club The band came with you? Yeah.
Hey guys, what do we need, another 20 minutes? 30? 30 minutes.
Is that all right? Yeah no, it's great.
I will sit and I will watch.
I'm your number one groupie.
Pick it up from the second verse? The miles are getting longer, it seems The closer I get to you So I'm going home, to the place where I belong Where your love has always been enough for me I'm not running from No, I think you got me all wrong I don't regret this life you chose for me I said these places and these faces are getting old So I'm going home I'm going home Bless you.
It sounds like it's getting worse.
Yeah, you should call a doctor.
Kevin? I am not a doctor yet.
And you don't call a doctor for a sneeze.
But we want to stay home.
Is somebody writing a note? Because I don't want to go to work either.
No one is writing any notes to anyone.
Here I am wading in the library, organizing knowledge for all of you, and you're eating my muffin.
You can't, it's the church bake sale.
You're looking pretty tired, yourself.
I was up so late last night.
Trace and his band were still playing when I left.
Well the club is opening, so that's good.
I think there's gonna be a lot of late nights from now on.
Well, not for me.
All right girls, are you almost ready? Because Daddy is taking you to school today.
Yeah? Oh, there he is.
Come in.
Hey, morning.
Good morning Wes, how'd you like a nice hot cup of coffee? Freshly brewed right there on the table.
No thank you, I feel great.
I got up this morning at 5:30 and went for a run.
Oh, get out.
Great, good for you.
What? What'd I say? All right cash float? All set.
And refreshments? Store room is stocked.
And permits? Health, occupancy, food, refrigeration and parking.
What? You seem surprised.
I wouldn't have gone into business with you if I thought I'd be surprised, but I am impressed.
Thanks Mick, that means a lot.
So, you getting any sleep? No, not really.
Well, looks like you've got everything under control here, so why am I here? Well, I'm kind of bumping up against it with our live music permit.
It doesn't matter what I do, I can't seem to get through all the red tape at City Hall.
And the craziest thing is, that should've been the easiest one to get.
You need my help? I've been waiting a month for it.
I put in the application the day we became partners.
Well, let me take a look.
Maybe I can get things going.
In two days? How you gonna pull that off? It's just a matter of knowing who to push and then where to push 'em.
Okay, this might be the best cup of coffee I've ever had.
David grinds his own beans, but he adds something, there's something else And these scones are amazing, they're just there's like a hint of I don't even know what it is! The muffins are a mystery, too.
Y'know, he's been working here for over a month and I don't know anything about him.
Maybe I don't care, is that wrong? I don't know how he makes the food, I just don't know a thing about him.
Have you ever asked him any normal questions, like where he comes from or where he went to school? He doesn't answer.
Hey! Morning.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Does he do this every day? Pretty much.
Okay, so maybe I don't know anything about him, maybe I don't care.
- Is that bad? - No, that's not wrong.
I say marry him now, ask questions later.
Hey, don't say that! [Applause] Thank you, thank you.
Abby, can you hold back? I just want to talk to you for a second.
What's going on? Thanks.
I want you to know that your work here has not gone unnoticed.
You have really done a stellar job here in Baltimore, Abby.
Which is the real reason that I'm here: Corporate is hiring a new Regional Vice President and they want it to be you.
Really? Well, I'm flattered.
Of course you'll still be handling your normal client case load, but you're also gonna be taking on a lot more of the internal business of the firm.
So more hours? Yeah, probably.
Jack, the thing is, I'm already working more than I expected to and this is the whole reason I moved home.
Look, I know how much you wanted this in New York, so I completely understand if you don't want to take it.
But you do deserve it, Abby.
Thank you.
All right, well just think about it tonight, okay? And get some rest! Your hand is on my fry.
You're not going to tell me to back away again, are you? Would it work? Definitely not this time.
Do you mind if I? Go ahead.
I've been calling I know.
So when are we gonna get together, maybe get some food? Let's see, we're together, there's food Are you gonna eat that? Have at it.
Are you still studying for your MCAT? Yeah, the test is next week.
Oh, that's when I'm going home.
- Home is - Philly.
My whole family's there.
That could really use some more ketchup.
I'll try to remember for next time.
I think it's really great, you taking the MCAT.
You do? Yeah.
You come home and you want to keep helping other people.
Thank you.
That's what everyone in my family does.
My dad, my dad's dad, three of my uncles, all firefighters.
And one of my brothers is a cop.
- Would you like some? - Thank you.
So is that why you became a firefighter? I guess.
I always liked being part of a team.
A band of brothers.
Yeah, I guess so.
Thank you.
My burger.
Have a nice lunch, Kevin.
I have to get back to the station, but we should do this again.
Maybe we can do a date where we both eat together at the same time? Wow, you're such a romantic.
Answering phones, answering emails, answering consumer complaints, wow there doesn't seem to be a single job that doesn't require you to spend your life not answering things.
Bree O'Brien? Yeah, hi Do you need anything? You, actually.
That's a pretty cheesy line.
Well, you know me, I'm full of them.
Hack writer and all So I was in the neighborhood and That's a lie, I was nowhere near the neighborhood, but I would like to take you out for coffee.
And here I thought you drank tea.
Well, speaking of cliches.
Excuse me, I'm Megan, I'm Bree's mom.
And I would've said you were sisters.
Too much? I'll buy it your book.
I mean, I bought your book already and I loved it.
Thank you.
Yes, and I have to go because I have an interview.
Yes, it is tomorrow my job interview and, uh It was a pleasure to meet you.
Oh, me too.
I love you accent.
Bye Mom! Bye.
I have to be in Chicago in a few days, there's something that you said to me and I can't stop thinking about it.
I don't remember saying anything that made much sense that day.
- That I'm a hack? - Oh, that.
Um, well technically you said that, not me.
But normally when I say it, everyone says no, and then spends the next half hour extolling my mastery of the English language.
Well if you need me to do that, I will.
That's just it! I know that you could, but It's nice to meet someone honest for a change.
You know your book is Filled with cliches, tripes, and the plot lines ripped off from half a dozen rom-coms? - Absolutely.
- Oh wow, you really do know.
Well, welcome to Chesapeake Shores.
Right, again.
I'm just concerned about taking on more responsibility.
Well whatever you decide, I'm sure you can handle it.
That's not what worries me.
I like the finance part, that's why I enjoy going to work, but if I do this, it means being away from the girls again, and you Abby, anything you put your mind to, you find a way to make it work.
If this is what you want, that's what you should do.
But what if I'm just setting myself up to fail? You won't know if you'll succeed unless you try.
You know, I forgot how good you are at this.
At what? Cleaning glasses? At making me feel like I can do anything.
Hey hey.
You want one, Leigh? Nah, I'm good.
You'll never believe who we talked to Breezy Jones! Is he still alive? He dropped off the face of the planet.
Sounds like two guys I know.
Anyway, he's booking acts for Heartbreakers in Baltimore.
Are we interested? We can probably do a set tonight.
Tonight? We need the practice, right? This place doesn't open for another couple of nights.
Never turn down a gig.
I can't tonight, Abby and I have a date.
Which I actually have to cancel.
Both of the girls aren't feeling well.
Do you need me to stick around? No, you go be with the band.
Hey, you sure? Yeah.
- Call me if you need me.
- Yeah, have fun.
Let's do this! The Trace Riley Band is back! And on the road! And free! So he's here.
- Who? - Simon.
Simon Atwater! He came into town to see Bree.
And he ate my apple rhubarb pie, said it was the best he ever had! And? And I got so flustered, I forgot to get him to sign my book.
If you could have him make it out to me, something about how I'm his true Caroline or that he liked my apple rhubarb pie, that'd be great.
I haven't talked to the guy in years, first call he makes is to ask you for something.
Like we'd ever take a check from him again.
You were about to.
Yeah, I wasn't exactly thinking straight.
What? Are you out of your mind? Are you? Considering we haven't slept, is this dinner or breakfast? Sounds like you guys had fun.
The set was fun.
Trying to get paid wasn't.
But you would've loved the music, Abby.
We sounded great.
I wish you could've been there.
Yeah, I'm sorry I missed it.
So how are Carrie and Caitlyn doing? They had a bit of a rough night.
Definitely more important than what we were doing.
For sure.
Come on, I'll walk you to the car.
Have a good day.
- Hi! - Hey.
The bay feels safer already.
I hope so.
My billable hours need to one day get paid.
Hey I just want to let you know, if you ever need any help, I'm pretty much a mariner.
- Oh really? - Yeah, the sea is in my blood.
Yeah, I remember seeing your posts.
You fixed that rowboat up last year.
Yes, that's right.
You painted the name on upside down.
Yeah I might've done that incorrectly.
You're a regular Jack Sparrow.
Follow me.
It needed more ketchup.
What? You were right.
The burger, it needed more ketchup.
Wait, you just stopped me on my run to talk about burgers? It was the first thing that came to my mind.
And what was the second? That my family is having everyone over for dinner and I was wondering if you were interested in coming.
Yeah, the ketchup line worked better.
Are you cooking? No, my grandmother is Then in that case, yes.
I will text you the address.
Let me know if you need eggplants.
I didn't know there was someone before Caroline.
It was set during the Russian Revolution.
But it was truly about my family, my parents' divorce.
It was rife with symbolism and metaphor, and I thought it was quite important.
It sounds wonderful.
It was to me.
Probably not for the 800 people who accidentally bought the book thinking it was about Stalin.
Yeah see I I don't get how you could spend so much time writing a book that doesn't come from somewhere inside of you.
See, I think you need to write what's inside you.
So you can remind people like me that Caroline isn't all I should be writing.
You're not going to write It's Always Caroline the sequel? It's called Forever Caroline, and it comes out just before Christmas.
It is horrifically bad, but I am writing a new novel.
Really? It's primarily about an author who meets a woman who calls him a hack.
[Message ping] And how's that going? I don't know.
Well, it's about to get a lot worse.
My grandmother just invited both of us to dinner tomorrow night.
Ah, my act one break.
Are you alright? You seem eerily quiet today.
Of course.
Is everything all right with you? Fine.
I'm not fired, am I? No, of course not.
Okay, well after I finish up the cookies I think I'm going to take off.
Why? Because that's what I do every day? Right, every day.
And every day after work you Leave.
Yes, no I know of course.
I'm just curious what happens after you go.
Y'know, I think I left a scone in the oven if you're interested.
A scone, really? No, this is not about a scone.
Jess I just don't like talking about myself.
Why, what's the big deal? I talk about myself.
I'm an open book.
Sometimes a little confusing to read.
Okay When I was growing up, it was hard because my parents put a lot of pressure on my brother and I.
So it felt like we had to compete for their attention.
You have a brother? And a sister.
So Older, younger, married, single, kids, your kids, their kids, where do they live, where do you live, where do you come from? Okay, go! Okay, go.
Three, two, one, go! You know what? Fine.
I don't want to know.
I don't care.
I forbid you from telling me anything about yourself, your family, your brother, especially your scone recipe.
You want to know about my scones? No, maybe, definitely no, yes.
I'm really glad we're having this conversation.
Me too, I feel like I really know who you truly are.
You do? Totally.
What is that smell? I'm making a cassoulet, if you're interested.
What is a cassoulet? I'm not telling.
O'Brien Oh please, call me Megan.
You're totally overqualified for this job.
Yeah I know, but I'm excited about working in a dynamic and emerging industry like this.
Look, we'd love to employ you and the job is yours if you want it, but I can't imagine you'd be interested in doing it.
But I want to go back to work.
That's great, but I'd feel horrible hiring you.
You'd be bored and under-utilized.
So, what are you saying? I'm saying please don't work for us.
So I can't have the job? No no no, you can, but do you really want it? No not really.
When you said come for dinner, I didn't know that you meant the buffet Yeah well, I gotta approve the menu by tonight, and I trust your judgment.
What do you think of the pasta? It's delicious, it's very fresh.
It's really nice to get a moment alone together.
How much longer is the band gonna be here? I'm not exactly sure.
With our album shelved, Leigh and I are gonna start writing again.
Oh You know, I just feel like since you've been back from Nashville, we haven't really seen each other.
Yeah well, with your kids being sick and that promotion at work, you haven't been available either.
No, I know.
But Trace, with the band around, you seem different.
Different? Different how? What's that supposed to mean? Well I just I don't know what's important to you anymore.
Is it the band, is it writing songs with Leigh, is it staying up all night? Whether it's this club or my music, it's my life.
It's what I do.
I'm not gonna give that up, I'm not gonna change.
I know, I know.
And that's not the part I have a problem with, it's just you're not you.
You're like the you that you told me about, the guy that I thought you left behind.
Abby, I'm okay.
I am.
We're okay.
Are we? Yes.
And you're right, I'm sorry.
I'll make you more of a priority, I promise.
[Door knocking] Jess! What are you doing? Hi! Hi.
I am here for two reasons.
One, I want to apologize because I lied.
About? I do want to know about your brother and your sister and your cassoulet and your scones.
Which is why you're looking in my window? Okay that looked really bad and I apologize for that.
You know what? I'm actually gonna throw in one more sorry, just to bank it for the future.
I don't think you can do that.
- No you can, it's a rule.
- Whose? - Mine.
- Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
No, ummm, okay.
The second reason I'm here, my gran is throwing a family dinner tonight.
Jess, I'm telling you I just don't feel comfortable You don't have to talk about yourself.
And if you do, you can make it up.
Like your favorite color is blue, and your favorite sport is polo, and your favorite moment in history is the signing of the Magna Carta.
That's all strangely correct.
- Are you serious? - No.
Just please come? I have a feeling that if I say no, you're just gonna keep asking me.
That sounds like me.
So? Yes, I'd love to.
Great! Okay, cool, awesome.
It's gonna be fun.
It's gonna be chill and we're gonna have dinner and Thank you.
I'll see you later.
They said I was overqualified.
Well you did have an important job at the Met.
Yeah it's better that I'm here now.
I think so, too.
So you did say no? He begged me to, it was weird.
Thank you by the way, for the briefcase.
I loaned you a briefcase? Nell did.
Well, you should keep it for the job that you do take.
Thank you.
But I do need your help with a business issue.
You? Really? Yeah, well me and Trace.
We're one permit short for the live music tomorrow night at the club and apparently the city council member in charge of the permit is not a big fan of me.
And what am I supposed to do? Well I found out that he likes art, so I thought maybe you could schmooze him a little, talk art.
And that's it? Well then of course you would very subtly ask for the permit.
Y'know Mick, in all the years that we were married, you never once asked me for help.
I know that was a mistake.
I'm sorry.
The Bay Act program improves water quality in the bay and across the state by managing land development.
- Limiting growth - Exactly.
So what we're looking to do is find as many people as possible to help out.
- [Cell phone ringing] - Oh, excuse me.
Thank you.
- Good job.
- Yeah, not bad right? Hey, do you have any plans for dinner tonight? No.
So I decided that instead of baking a turkey for Thanksgiving, I would deep fry one.
And I told Mick that is not how you do it.
My turkey with corn bread stuffing is famous.
I'd love that recipe.
I still think it was a brilliant idea.
Brilliant and dangerous.
Those are the best kind.
So he brought home five gallons of peanut oil and a massive pot and a 20-pound turkey.
Which was a good idea, except for one thing: Dad had no idea what he was doing.
Not my fault, I was misinformed.
Instead of cooking the turkey for three minutes a pound, Mick cooked it for six.
It was a little bit of a miscalculation.
Was anyone hurt? Just his pride.
So after cooking it for two hours, he finally pulled out what was left of the turkey It was just bones.
Like I said, not my finest hour.
So Mom and Gran pulled out and opened 15 cans of tuna.
Tuna? Yeah, tuna fish.
It wasn't turkey, but we had the O'Brien Tuna Thanksgiving.
Wow Yeah, it was disturbing.
But it sounds oddly perfect.
It was.
It was the best Thanksgiving that we have ever had.
Which proves that the love shared around the table is far more important than the meal on top of it.
So, from all of us O'Briens to all of you, thank you for sharing our table with us.
Well said, Gran.
Cheers! - Cheers.
- Cheers.
[Message ping] Excuse me guys, thank you so much for dinner, but I gotta run.
I'll call you later Abby, bye girls.
Bye Trace! Bye.
Rock music [Music stops] Everybody out! Get out, now! Okay, let's go guys John, what are you doing? You have a nice family.
They're like mine.
My grandmother loves you.
Was the eggplant too much? No, I think it's gonna be our new version of the Irish peace offering.
I think I know why you want to become a doctor.
What do you mean? You're the one holding everyone together.
Everyone relies on you to be the calm one.
The one who will fix things.
It's sort of what I had to do.
Yeah It's nice.
I know that my grand daughter is not a fan, but I loved "It's Always Caroline".
Thank you.
Well it wasn't only the affairs or the romance, which personally I loved, but your book makes my heart happy.
That's very nice to hear.
You know, Bree is an excellent writer.
Well I'm looking forward to reading her book.
Oh Well, this is one of my favorite stories of hers and she wrote this when she was in the 8th grade.
Well, take it and read it.
I will.
Coffee's ready.
Okay, I'll be right there.
So So what? So, do you like him? Umm, well, he's slightly less irritating than his books.
And what does he think of you, your writing? Oh, I haven't shown him any of my writing.
Why not? Because I'm afraid.
What if he doesn't like it? Oh honey, you don't like his writing and that doesn't seem to be a problem.
Yeah, I guess that's true.
So maybe you like him for other reasons? And maybe those reasons are more important? Maybe.
Just the way you like it.
Thank you.
You know, I think your family fits you.
You gotta be kidding me, right? You all seem to get along, right? Maybe from the outside.
Us O'Briens are very good at the appearance of family togetherness.
Well, you could've fooled me.
Kind of like when something has so many cracks that it just kind of seems solid? Yeah I get that.
I think my family had a few massive cracks, which is why I haven't been back in a few years.
Lucky me, I get to see mine every day.
There you go.
[Laughing] So what, they weren't impressed by NYU Law School? No, I just think they were excited that I might actually be able to support myself.
But you're doing what you love, right? That's got to count for something.
Yeah I like this side of you.
Without all the bells and whistles.
What do you mean by bells and whistles? Well, I think it's like a hot shot I don't mean it in a bad way, it's good for an attorney to be a bit of a hot shot.
Hey guys.
Hello, Jess.
See, that wasn't too bad, was it? No, not at all.
We're a little loud.
No, I liked it.
My parents don't talk at all, even to each other, ever.
We used to try to have family meals like that and it would just be silent.
That must've been really hard.
Yeah, I used to think there was a mixup at the hospital and there was a family somewhere laughing and having fun, kind of like yours, and some little boy living my life.
That's really sad.
And I made it up.
- I'm kidding! - You're such a brat.
It's true! Councilman Robertson, can I talk for a minute? I'm sorry, I'm terribly late for a meeting I'm Megan O'Brien, and if I could just have a second of your time.
O'Brien? I used to be married to Mick.
If this is about the Live Music Permit, I already talked to him about the economics of it.
That's not why this club is important.
There should be a place for arts in cities, in schools, and in parks.
It inspires us, it drives us, it comforts us, it makes ordinary moments special.
And it can transform the every day into something extraordinary.
I know you don't like my ex-husband, and maybe you don't like what he's trying to do, but don't punish the town, don't deny everyone here the chance to be exposed to music and culture.
This club will uplift and unite us and we need that right now.
I spent ten years in New York working for The Met, I know.
You dropped off your resume this morning.
I did? Oh, yes, I did.
And the job is yours Right.
Of course.
The job which entails? Hey man.
I want to apologize for last night, things got a little bit out of control.
Just like the good old days.
I know, right? But it ain't going down like that again, John.
Come on, it was a one time thing.
I was just having a little bit of fun.
It was a one time thing.
You do it again and you're gone.
Come on, it's what the Trace Riley Band is all about.
Not anymore.
If we want to make another run at this, we've gotta do it different.
We've got to grow up.
You of all people should know that.
Yeah, you're right.
- Hey! - Hi.
How'd it go? It seems that somehow I applied for a job I had never heard of.
Oh What about the permits? Mick, I am sorry but Robertson says he is not making any more decisions on live music permits.
Well then, who do I call? The Arts Liason Coordinator of the city, in charge of bringing music and art shows into town.
And she requires that all requests must be made face to face from now on.
Thank you.
For what? For sending my resume in to the city.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Hi! - Looking for anything? - You, actually.
Oh, I was hoping for something new.
Why bother when the old ones work so well? Don't you have to rejoin your national book tour? Not until you agree to have dinner with me.
Last night wasn't enough for you? It was absolutely wonderful, but I was hoping the next one might be a little more private.
Hey, I have something of yours.
What? Did my grandmother give you my 8th grade story? Yeah.
Oh my God, that is so humiliating.
It was brilliant.
I cried at the end.
I did, I cried.
If you can write like this in 8th grade, I'm dying to read what you can write now.
What? No, I don't know what to I'm so embarrassed.
Yeah, not as much as I'm about to be.
Why? I got to read a part of you, and now you get to read a part of me.
You are now number 801.
Thank you.
Thank you, Bree.
Well, we did it.
You did it.
No, Abby.
Thank you for supporting me.
I know it hasn't been easy.
I get to watch you do what you love, that's thanks enough.
Trace? It's time.
Good evening! Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to bring up my partner, and the man who made this all possible Mr.
Trace Riley! [Applause] Thanks Mick! I'm hoping that this can be the start of a real music scene here in Chesapeake, part of the fabric of this community, a place where you can leave your troubles at the door and be inspired.
A place where the love of music can bring us all together.
We're the Trace Riley Band.
[Applause] I know how it feels to be at home Ride a perfect wave and never lose control Holding that guitar when it's your first one But I knew it from the moment that we kissed Nothing ever felt like this I could ride the wind, walk on water Whatever comes, it don't matter because I can fly I have to go now.
The way I feel right now I remember when my momma told me Son, your record's on the radio I thought I'd gone to heaven Till the night she showed me In a way I never could forget Boy you ain't seen nothing yet