Chesapeake Shores (2016) s03e01 Episode Script

An Open Book

1 Previously on Chesapeake Shores Re-sign with me, you'll be joining our biggest act, - on tour.
- At what clubs? Not clubs, arenas, and it's for six months.
My father is Dennis Lyle Peck.
You're a "Boston Peck"? Your family owns everything.
Now my dad is sick and he wants me to take over, just till he recovers.
Dad, I've been doing research for Uncle Thomas.
[MICK]: Connor, it doesn't bother me that you're working for my brother.
What bothers me is that you've been so secretive about it.
I didn't know how you'd react.
Well, then that says a lot about us, doesn't it? Well, I've been thinking a lot about medical school lately.
I don't want to be a doctor, but I love helping people, and I love medicine, so I'm gonna be a paramedic.
[ABBY]: This is too big of an opportunity, Trace.
- You will regret it.
I'll regret it.
- Abby.
I love you, Abby, I I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Trace, I love you, too.
[TRACE]: I don't know if I can handle losing you again.
[ABBY]: I can't handle losing you, either.
But if we were meant to be, then this isn't the end.
The mighty oyster spending its life preserving the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
This glorious bivalve mollusk, 15 million years in the making, is responsible for all of creation Dad.
Dad, Dad.
I think you lost them.
Nonsense! What did you learn about oysters today, Caitlyn? I love you, Grandpa.
[LAUGHING] Oh, that's somethin'.
All right, it's picture time.
Come on, girls.
Let's go! Come on, come on, come on! - How'd the oyster talk go? - One of my best ever! Seemed to really get it today.
- Oh.
Didn't hear a word, did she? - No.
Not a one.
"Everyone had been sent to be without dinner.
"The arguing had been going on most of the night.
In her room, three doors down, she " Bree.
It's a party.
Take a break.
Oh! Jess? Can you make sure the girls' artwork doesn't fly away? Right after one more cupcake.
Kev and Sarah, I think you guys have done enough dishes.
- Ah, we were just gonna finish up - The last of them.
Okay, well, have a cupcake.
Boardwalk with a hotel.
You owe me $2,000.
Lucas, your dad's almost here.
Time to pack up.
Lucas lost.
Well, Carrie, I'm sure he played a very good game.
And now how did Mick's story go? Uh, about as well as it went with us when we were kids.
You must be really excited now, - because Trace is coming home.
- Yes, I know.
That is why I am planning three weeks that are perfect.
Just dancing and picnics and swimming Uh, as long as nothing goes wrong.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Ooh! Is this for me? - Yes.
Nice! Yeah, thanks for watching Lucas for me.
- I owe you a lunch.
- Oh, well, it's Carrie you should thank.
All right.
I guess you can come, too, maybe.
[BOTH LAUGHING] All right! Guys, let's go.
It's time for the photo.
- Come on, buddy.
- Come on, let's go.
- See you in a bit.
- All right.
What are they doing? Hey! Wait! What are you d [ABBY]: All right, everyone! Get in line! Chop-chop! Come here.
Right now.
Immediately! - And "cheese!" - [KIDS]: Cheese! [LAUGHING] So good! Livin' with my mistakes I had to take a fall [PERFORMANCE CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY] - Crowd's incredible tonight, huh? - Yeah! - I bet you're ready for a break.
- After three months? Yeah, I miss my bed.
I miss sleep! - What about you, what do you miss the most? - Everything.
Yeah, well, wish "everything" well, from all of us.
- Will do.
- I had to take a fall Nice set tonight, guys.
You certainly earned your time off.
So you're getting me some new music soon, right? Yeah, Mark, working on it.
That's what I want to hear.
Three months, and you still come out to watch Donovan's set? He's one of the reasons I do what I do.
Besides, I love hearing him play.
I mean, every night, he brings something different.
[] [CROWD CHEERING] Whoo! Thank you, Austin! Well, I figure we got time for one more so, uh, kinda thought I'd bring out Mr.
Heartthrob to help me sing his new song, "The Way I Feel Right Now.
" Give it up for Trace Riley! [CROWD CHEERING] I guess that makes you "something different.
" [LAUGHS] [CHEERING ESCALATES] Good to see you again, Austin! Two, three, four! [MUSIC FIRES UP] I know how it feels To hit a home run Or ride a perfect wave And never lose control Holdin' that guitar When it's your first one But I knew it from the moment that we kissed Nothin' ever felt like this I could ride the wind Walk on water Leap tall buildings At a single bound Plane ticket already paid I'm gone but it don't mean nothing I'm close even though I'm far away [] That's how I remember you Stuck here on the red-eye special I can't wait to see you again [] So don't think of me not being around [] Just listen for the sweet, sweet sound Of the taxi pulling up the driveway I'm coming home soon [] I'm coming home soon [] [] All right, girls.
Time to go.
Girls! Two days till the oyster festival! - [GIRLS]: Yay! - There sure are a lot - of Chesapeake Shores traditions.
- Ahh, Carrie darlin', as many as there are stars in the sky.
But there will be one less if I can't save the wish fountain from our beloved mayor and his beloved plan to trim the budget and ruin our town.
The petition didn't work, Gran? Which is why we are now doing a wish-in, and I have signed you all up for volunteering.
That is technically not how volunteering works, Gran.
There's no "volunteer" volunteering in with the O'Brien family.
[MICK]: Well, maybe you should just chain yourself to the fountain.
[NELL]: Well sure enough, it has been considered.
- Low on eggs again, are we? - And flour.
I put sugar and basil in the basket, - just in case.
- Thank you.
Cute outfit.
It's not cute, it's a uniform.
Today's my first day of field training in Baltimore.
Aww! That's cute! - [GIRLS]: We agree! - All right.
- Hey! You okay? - Yes.
Why wouldn't I be okay? Of course, I'm okay.
I'm great.
I'm better than great.
I'm great.
- [HUSHED]: She misses David.
- I miss his cooking! Oh! I forgot to send her the artwork for the oyster festival.
Mom, wow.
Gosh, did you make these? They're amazing.
[MEGAN]: Thank you! I did.
And this year, the mayor wants everyone to attend.
Got it? - "Our beloved mayor.
" - [MICK]: The very one! Well, I don't mind taking these to Jess.
Oh, that'd be great.
Thanks, Bree.
[MICK]: Hey, how's the manuscript coming? Oh, good.
I'm a little distracted.
On top of the whole bookstore-moving thing, I just found out that a theatre company in Baltimore is mounting my first play.
[MEGAN]: Bree! Congratulations! - [MICK]: You want us to come? - I have been invited by the director to speak to the cast on opening night.
- I'll let you know if it's any good.
- Bree don't forget your manuscript.
[CONNOR]: Oh, hey, Dad? Can I catch a ride with you to Baltimore? As long as we don't talk business.
Bye, guys.
[OVERLAPPING]: Bye! All right, girls, let's grab our bags.
We got to go.
- Have a good day at school! - [GIRLS]: Thank you! Connor is presenting the final settlement offer, wrapping up all environmental issues for the Trust.
- And you seem relieved.
- Yes.
And with Trace coming home, I could use a little bit more time.
You don't have to worry, you know.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] Well, it's just with how things ended, and then didn't end, and now we're starting things back up again, but - he's gonna be gone, and we have no time together - Honey.
Everybody always worries about finding more time That's never the issue.
It's what you do with what you have.
Well, you sound like Gran.
- I do, don't I? - Mm-hmm! I learned from the best! [] Hey, Donovan.
Thanks again for bringing me on last night.
- Appreciate it.
- What can I say? - You earned it.
- Nice job last night, Trace.
- Donovan.
- Mark.
I got some good news.
You know Nashville Country Magazine? - [CHUCKLES] Of course.
Why? - They want to do a piece on you.
- Possible cover.
- Seriously? They're bringing Ben Mallin to do the interview.
Tomorrow at the Bridge.
Tomorrow? Trace, I know you're looking forward to your break, but this is important.
You keep saying you want new music, but when am I supposed to write it? - What about the band? - Ahead of you.
The article is on you and the band, but they're covering you first.
Don't worry, Trace.
- It shouldn't take too long.
- Mark.
All right.
So where you headed? - You going back home to see family? - Me? No.
"Time off" are the two words that get me into the most trouble.
Was thinking of doing some acoustic gigs - before we start back in Dallas.
- By yourself? That's life on the road.
[CHUCKLES] [] Donovan.
That road ever lead you to Chesapeake Shores? JESS: Why would anyone come to a romantic B&B to find love? [GASPS] [BREE GASPS] JESS: You two are so lucky.
I don't know what it is.
There's times when I'm okay.
When I'm not thinking about his eyes or smile or the way he shuffles when he's nervous.
And then, suddenly, everywhere I look BREE: Aw.
JESS: Oh, that's just not fair.
I'm so sorry.
I gotta run back to the bookstore.
My publisher wants chapter 22, and I left my computer there.
- We'll talk later.
Okay, bye.
- JESS: Okay.
Oh, Bree.
Bree, your book.
"Kacie looked down at her small, white toes and wiggled them in the cold, wet, moonlit grass feeling the evening breeze off the water chill her skin.
Patiently waiting patiently hoping patiently praying for her mom to come home.
" [] DOUGLAS: So Jess has no idea that when you visit the B&B - you check to see what's missing? - Not yet.
Is that wrong? - [CHUCKLES] No, not exactly.
- [CHUCKLES] But after working on this deal with you for three months I got you pegged.
It's the tale of two Abby.
There's the family one and the business one.
Now, the first Abby, she gives everything to her family.
And the second? Uh, well, let's just say I'm pretty relieved - the second Abby is on my side.
- [BOTH CHUCKLE] And how many Douglases are there? Oh, sadly, only one.
Thank you again for watching Lucas.
Of course.
Carrie had fun and Although, Lucas does owe her 2000 dollars for landing on Boardwalk.
- Ooh.
And there's the second Abby.
- [LAUGHS] CONNOR: This will put to bed all environmental objections over the trust.
MICK: And end all 14 lawsuits you and Thomas filed? - Fifteen.
- MICK: Fifteen.
I'm becoming good friends with your process server.
Don't spend too much time with him.
I'll have to bill you.
I'll give you guys the room.
So you know, this is our best, last offer.
If it's not signed as is, there's two more lawsuits ready to file.
I expect no less.
- DOUGLAS: I'll walk you out.
- Okay.
- Bye, Connor.
- CONNOR: Bye, Abby.
Hey, Dad, you're not mad at Connor for working for Uncle Thomas, are you? No, no, he's a good lawyer.
I just wish I had hired him first.
[CHUCKLES] Have you ever told him that? Abby, there's an old O'Brien saying: "Never compliment the enemy whilst in battle.
" Okay, Dad, whatever you say.
- Wonderful and terrifying and - And you loved it? Yeah.
It was exactly what I wanted to be doing.
It was exactly what I imagined.
Well, I remember my first call.
I accidentally left the radio on, so everyone just heard me talk my way through the fire.
"Is that door hot? Do I smell smoke? Where should I look next?" - [CHUCKLES] No.
[LAUGHS] - Oh, yes.
And for the rest of the month, all I heard around the station was: "Should I wash my hands? Am I thirsty? Did I like that muffin?" Ouch.
Well, I, uh - hum.
- You hum? Yeah, I hum.
"The Army Song"? "When the Army Goes Rolling Along.
" I used to do that when I was in combat to keep myself calm, I guess.
I didn't notice I was doing it, though, because I was in the zone.
So it was perfect.
[CHUCKLES] I know what perfect feels like.
[] [DOG BARKS] Hey, boy.
Hey, boy.
You didn't have to do all this, you know.
I wanted to.
Well, it must've taken a long time.
Uh, three days, four hours and 52 minutes.
What's in there? The box there.
It's just a little something for you.
- [CHUCKLES] - And the girls.
These are for Carrie and these are for Caitlyn.
You even got the sizes right.
We talked about that on the phone a month ago.
Well, they gotta fit, don't they? Abby, um when I left it was It was hard.
I know.
And I'm sorry.
But you had to go do this and I didn't know how else to let you go.
I get it.
But I'm back now.
And nothing's changed.
So let's just enjoy the time we have together.
The 22 days and 14 hours and 11 minutes.
[CHUCKLES] That is why I've made an incredibly thorough list of all the things - we can do.
- Of course you made a list.
- It's an incredibly thorough list.
- Oh, okay.
And what's first? - Let's just keep doing that.
- Mm-hm.
[] [] [JESS GASPS] Jess, you make a fine breakfast.
Love that basil quiche.
Hey, I have a question.
Did you ever write a song about someone and then they found out it was about them? Most of the time I wanted them to.
And what did they do when they found out? Some tried to kiss me, some tried to kill me.
Personally, I preferred the first kind.
Right now you look like you wanna do the latter.
Growing up, a lot of bad things happened in my life.
But I've been okay living with them, because they were secret.
My secrets.
And now - somebody wrote about them? - Yeah.
And I'm freaking out.
But thanks for listening, you've been a big help.
[SIGHS] [] You go there, and Trace, maybe Yeah, this is good.
Yeah, yeah.
Give me that.
Love that.
Fix his hair.
Thank you.
Let's switch out the guitars.
Yes, yes, yes.
This is good.
This is good.
More energy, fine.
MARK: What do you think? I think it looks great.
We might be able to get a cover here.
Thank you, Ben.
- I owe you one.
- [PHONE RINGING] - BEN: Yeah, you do.
Yeah? - Oh, we got it.
- MAN: We good? - Trace.
- TRACE: Thanks.
Play nice with Ben.
He can really help you.
- Yeah, I know.
- Good.
BEN: But you're gonna be happy.
I'll send you the pics.
I'll see you.
All right.
That just leaves the interview.
Shall we? - How about here? - That's great.
- Yeah.
Here you go.
You're welcome.
- Thanks.
So small-town boy makes it big, country music, second time around.
- What brought the band back together? - We just started writing again.
- Found a way to do it on our terms.
- Nice.
First time out, you got some airplay.
Then you and your band disappeared.
What? What happened? Well, um You know, every band has growing pains.
I heard it was an accident.
We had a rough patch but everyone's fine, and we've moved past it.
Now we're just focused on the present.
Which includes living in Chesapeake Shores, not Nashville? This is where I grew up.
You know, I'm running a business.
It's always been a dream to own my own club, give something back.
Like you said, small-town boy makes good.
It has nothing to do with rekindling an old flame? Abby.
Abby O'Brien-Winters? High-school sweetheart.
Single mother of two.
How does she feel about you being on tour? Um, uh - Would you mind turning that thing off? - Yeah, sure.
[BEEPING] Ben, when I agreed to do this interview, I was under the impression it was about me and my music.
- Not my personal life.
- Trace, it's all about you.
Your fans wanna know.
- Right.
- Right.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] - Long time no see, Ben.
- BEN: Whoa.
Donovan Wylie.
In the flesh.
- Yeah.
- BEN: Oh.
- [PHONE RINGING] - Hey, why don't we just pick up later.
- Yeah.
- Cool? Yeah, totally cool.
Never seen you up before noon.
Because normally I don't get to sleep before midnight.
Although, I'm enjoying the inn, that young girl they got running the place - She's, uh - Unique? Actually, pretty entertaining.
I do like what I see though.
Nice place.
After being gone for so long, you notice all the things that need fixing.
That's why I never come off the road.
Don't gotta fix what you're never see again.
[] - Okay, 11.
- All right.
How's the reading going? Great.
Halfway there.
You already working on a new deal? Yes, it's a pharmaceutical merger with a lot of complicated stock options.
- Oh, that sounds like fun.
- Mm-hm.
I don't know about you guys, but I could take a break.
Wanna grab lunch? - [PHONE RINGING] - Sure, yeah.
Just one sec.
Hi Jess, well, slow down.
What's wrong? What? What book are you talking about? If you have a problem with Bree, you need to talk to Bree.
No, I Jess, listen to me.
Just take a deep breath.
Still wanna get lunch? [CHUCKLES] Yeah, of course, - as long as you're treating.
- [CHUCKLES] You seeing what I'm seeing? I sure am.
[] CONNOR: Don't you have your own kitchen? I do, but I don't bake.
And I told Sarah that I would bring some by the fire station.
- You're thinking of working in Baltimore? - Uh I don't know.
Or maybe here? - What? - [CHUCKLES] Oh, you are so done.
- Done? - [LAUGHS] Oh, you mean me No, no, no.
You got the wrong idea.
Sarah and I are just having fun.
Is that what you're telling yourself? Because if you are, you are lying.
I'm not ready for anything serious, okay? Is it because of what happened to you and Georgia? - Well, I don't mean to pry.
- No, no.
It's okay.
Might have a little to do with me and Georgia, but we were engaged.
And I thought that was that, but But you don't want to make the same mistake twice? [CONNOR SIGHS] I'm worried that I'm making that mistake, too, with Danielle.
- What? I thought you guys were good.
- I thought so too but sometimes I don't know.
I'm just not so sure.
[] ABBY: So how did it go today? - Did you have fun having your picture taken? - [CHUCKLES] To be honest, I'm not that comfortable in front of the camera.
- It's a little awkward.
- What about the interview? Well, that's a whole other thing.
This guy Ben Mallin is really digging for a story and - I think I see him.
- And I just can't wait for it to be done.
- So I can focus on you and the girls.
- Hm.
That would be nice.
Trace, Trace.
Can? Can you sign this? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
You saw us at the Art Walk.
- GIRL: You were so great.
- TRACE: Cool.
Here you go.
Thank you so much.
[GIRLS GIGGLING] Sorry about that.
Uh, just us.
[CHUCKLES] Um, anyways, uh tonight, I have to go the beach to help set up for the Oyster Festival.
Then I was thinking we could drive to Easton and go dancing.
Honestly, I don't care what we do.
- I just wanna hang out with you.
- All right, well, in that case how do you feel about lugging firewood on the beach? Ooh.
Did I say I was free? I actually think I might have something tonight.
[CHUCKLES] [] [CLICKING] You're doing it.
- Yes, I will lug firewood for you.
- [LAUGHS] Bree, don't you be forgetting - your shift is 7 to 10 tomorrow morning.
- I won't forget, Gran.
I love this fountain, and all its history.
I especially love the story about how you and Grandpa Charles drove all the way up the bay and stopped here.
He was as nervous as that, your granddaddy was.
He was walking in circles trying to work up the confidence to ask me to marry him.
[LAUGHS] I can still see him down on his knee looking up at me with tears in his eyes.
And tears in yours.
And then later he surprised me with the fountain telling me that this is where his wish came true.
[CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] Hello, Gran.
Do you mind talking to Bree for me? - BREE: Uh - NELL: Well, she's right there.
I know.
Please tell Bree that I'm here to return this.
- She left it unguarded.
- Well, Jess is dropping off And tell her that she had no right to write about me.
NELL: You had no right to write - I did, and I'm not sorry.
- NELL: I did and I'm not Wait, wait.
Am I supposed to be repeating everything you say to her also? - Or just Jess? - I don't know.
"Kacie knew that her fears would consume her smothering her future under the shroud of her past.
" - Seriously, Bree? - Seriously what? This is my life.
What? [] Bree what's your book about? [] Hey, did you know that Aphrodite, the goddess of love emerged from the ocean in an oyster shell? Yes, and when he was mapping Chesapeake Bay Captain John Smith found oysters as big as his foot.
- You're making fun of me, aren't you? - A little bit.
Forgot about Mick's oyster stories.
- Ah, they are riveting.
- Oh, yeah.
- Thank you so much for doing this.
- Are you kidding? This is the kind of stuff I missed the most.
But I do need to go check on the club - so I'll meet you back at Sally's later? - Sure, that's perfect.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- MEGAN: Hey, Trace.
- See you.
- So how's that going? - Good.
- Actually, really great.
- Good, honey.
Hey, Nell just called.
- Bree and Jess just had it out.
- Was it bad? She wouldn't say, which for Nell is unusual.
- Do you know what's going on? - I think I might have an idea.
- Um, I'll go talk to her.
- Thanks.
- ABBY: Nice umbrella.
- Thanks.
- You made it.
- DANIELLE: Sorry, I'm late.
- No, it's fine.
You're smart.
- You missed the heavy lifting.
- Yeah.
- Work is crazy.
You know how it is.
- Yeah.
- I got lipstick on you.
- [CHUCKLES] - You wanna go for a quick walk then? - Sure.
I've told you about that stupid brief I've been working on? - No.
- Well, it's just Hey, Danielle.
Listen, can I speak to Connor for a second? - Yeah, for sure.
I'll be down there.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
What's up? Well, Douglas and I got that agreement that you sent us and I just wanted you to know that if you wanted to take another look at it just in case, I wouldn't object.
You don't like the agreement we worked on for three months? I'm saying if you'd like to take another look, just in case, I wouldn't object.
Dad, sign the agreement.
We're done negotiating, and if you don't, the lawsuits will continue.
Connor, it doesn't hurt to be thorough.
No, I know.
But this is the best deal that you and Douglas are gonna get.
And it's nothing personal, it's just business.
Hey, you're the one who taught me that, right? Yeah.
Yes, I guess I did.
- All right.
I'll see you later.
- Okay.
See you.
[] [SIGHS] - DONOVAN: Thank you.
- [APPLAUSE] I'll be back in 20 minutes.
Don't forget to tip your servers.
[APPLAUSE & CHEERING] That's amazing.
I can't believe Donovan's here.
So where were we? You actually delivered a baby? I helped, mostly.
- And? - And this mama and baby boy, both healthy.
They're gonna name him Kevin.
- You're kidding.
- Actually, "Sean" but the middle name was never discussed, so there's still hope.
Well, I think there should be more Kevins in the world.
- You want another? - Yeah.
Good plan.
TRACE: Excuse me.
One sec.
- Hey.
Another round? - Hey.
So seems like things are going well with, uh With you and Sarah.
- Yeah, it's nice.
- Nice.
Strange being back? No, it's a lot stranger being away.
I'm doing what I love, but it's everything else that takes getting used to.
- To being back.
- Thanks, man.
Trace, got some time to finish our interview? Uh, yeah, but not right now.
I've got plans this evening.
- Oh, I could come with.
- No, it's a family thing.
Even better.
Get to know you, your life, you know, people you spend time with.
If you don't mind, I'd love to sit down with Abby and her daughters.
Get their take on having to share you with the world.
Hey, Ben.
Abby and her daughters, they're off limits.
Okay, listen.
If I don't tell your story, somebody else will.
I'm willing to take that risk.
Okay? Okay.
We can do it later.
[] ABBY: Bye.
So Dad has now moved on to telling everyone how the eastern oyster is actually Known as the Virginian or the American oyster.
Are you gonna come in before Connor eats all the pizza? Nope, I'm gonna sit out here and sulk.
- You do that so well.
- I take pride in my sulkiness.
[BREE SIGHS] When I wrote my novel, I just kept thinking about this one review for my last play, the Tribune that called my characters hollow and frivolous and surfacy.
- So - So you wrote about the family? I did not write about the family.
I wrote what I knew.
- CARRIE: Mom.
- Now - I'm gonna go.
- Mom, Trace wants to get us ice cream.
After pizza? - Please.
- TRACE: Sorry, Abs.
- I think they're taking advantage of me.
- I think they're taking advantage of you.
ALL: Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! [] Jess.
- You seen Donovan this morning? - Yeah, he's out on the patio.
He's been a big help.
Uh, okay.
- He's He's been a very good listener.
- [CHUCKLES] By choice? - Okay, that was pretty funny.
- Mm.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
You doing okay? Um, I'm fine, thanks.
TRACE: So how you taking to small-town life? - Officially getting stir crazy.
- [CHUCKLES] How are you doing? Great, except for this interview.
Ben Mallin keeps pushing me to open up about my personal life.
Figured he would.
- Like I said, it's all part of the game.
- Easy for you to say.
Living your life on the road you don't have anyone to protect.
I did.
Wife and daughter.
I had no idea.
Long time ago.
Didn't take.
What happened? Couldn't be in two places at one time.
So you had to make a choice? [CHUCKLES] More like the choice was made for me.
[] CONNOR: Well, I guess it's finally over.
It is.
Which is why you and your boss at O'Brien Environmental will cease all lawsuits, negating your right in perpetuity to protest or organize to stop the development as originally planned.
"As originally planned"? MICK: When your grandfather purchased the land in 1955 and put it in trust there was a caveat stating that unless contracts negated the land restrictions of 1955, all rights privileges and covenants would revert back to the original year of purchase.
It means that I can develop the property with the same rights that I would have in 1955.
You missed one sentence.
You needed to reference the original land agreement.
You can't be serious.
Thomas and I went over this a million times.
THOMAS: Hey, Connor.
What's up? I need to speak with you.
I I don't know.
I Apparently we missed that.
[] For a dollar, you'll be helping the cause and you'll get four wishes in the fountain.
And all proceeds go towards protecting the Chesapeake Shores wishing fountain against city-budget cuts.
[SIGHS] Remember when we talked about my book and how I said it was about the family? - Yeah.
- Okay, well, I changed it.
All of it.
So why is Jess so angry? DOUGLAS: Looks like you're getting a lot of wishes there, Abby.
- ABBY: Oh, heh, heh.
- Hey.
Um, yeah, unfortunately, I don't know if the wish-in is gonna be enough.
Although, thank you, my gran always said that wishing is where the heart wants to go and doing makes dreams come true.
So did you get all of the paperwork signed up for the trust? Uh, yes, yes.
Yes, we did.
I have to say, it was an absolute delight working with you.
- LUCAS: Say hi to Carrie.
- ABBY: I will say hi to Carrie.
- Hopefully, our paths cross again soon.
- Yes.
- See you.
- Come on, little buddy.
Time to make a wish.
You know how to make a wish? Think about something you really want - and throw it in.
- Okay.
TRACE: As long as we keep this focused on me and music - I'll tell you anything you want to know.
- Deal.
[RECORDER BEEPS] You're playing to huge crowds, and your record's about to go gold.
What's it like touring again? There's nothing like the rush of being back on stage.
Especially with one of your musical idols.
The past three months have been a Dream come true? Yeah.
Yeah, that's That's exactly it.
What's it like the second time around? I mean, does it mean more to you? Oh, yeah.
For sure.
You're a little more cautious more grateful.
You definitely don't take a single moment for granted, because you know it could be gone in a heartbeat.
And when people call you the next Donovan Wylie? [TRACE CHUCKLES] [] There's only one Donovan Wylie.
- So why'd you do it? Well, he's my little brother.
ABBY: Caitlyn, get it.
Oh, yes.
- CARRIE: Nice catch.
- ABBY: [LAUGHS] CARRIE: Pass it to me.
- Hey.
Hey, did you know that a single oyster filters - at least 50 gallons of water per day? - You should have told me.
You should have told me about the mistake.
- I tried to, but you wouldn't listen.
- You should have just told me.
That's the one thing I couldn't do.
Come here, listen to me, Connor.
Look, Douglas would not only have the right to sue me but the responsibility to do so.
I understand that.
I'm a lawyer.
I would not have sold you out.
- Just to protect Douglas' investors? - Yes, exactly for that reason.
- What about protecting me? - Connor, you decided to go against me.
So you chose them over me? No, you made the choice.
You knew what you were getting into.
- Is this is your way of punishing me? - Punishing you? You're not a child, you're an adult.
By the way, I was proud of what you did and how you did it.
But you gotta know that you go to war against me - you gonna get shot back at.
- The difference is you are my father.
Yeah, and business is business.
- And nothing else matters? - It matters.
Family matters, but if I've taught you anything that if you screw up in this real world you're gonna pay a price for it.
The buck always has to stop with you, huh, Dad? Better than passing it, Connor.
[] BREE: Hey.
"While the equations were clearly written in black on Mrs.
Lowney's white board Kacie couldn't help but snake her eyes around the numbers creating a fantastical maze.
'Why worry about math, ' she thought, - "when an adventure awaits?'" - Yeah, okay, so, Jess, it's not Kacie isn't you.
[SIGHS] You're moving out of the house? - Since when? - Since now.
I haven't told him yet.
Mind helping me move? Wait, you're not thinking of moving in with You? No, you're too neat for me.
I'm gonna look for a place tomorrow.
Danielle's late again.
That's no big deal.
It's nice, isn't it? Having all the family here together.
Yeah, it's great.
Everything okay with you and Connor? MICK: Honestly, I don't know.
CARRIE: Grandpa.
- MEGAN: Hey.
- MICK: What's doing? - MEGAN: There's our girls.
CARRIE: Picture time.
Ready? Smile.
Okay, okay.
I'll beat you.
All right.
All right.
[CARRIE & CAITLYN LAUGHING] - WOMAN: Mick? Mick O'Brien? - That's me.
I have something for you.
Connor got himself a new process server? I have no idea who Connor is.
I'm from the estate of James Nelson.
[] Are there any fish that doesn't have its own festival? Uh, flounder.
It's the pistachio of the sea.
Well, I'm gonna start my own flounder festival.
- Of course you are.
- And you are gonna help me.
Of course I am.
And your dad will no doubt give an impassioned speech on the flounder? Yeah, whether you like it or not.
I think I like it.
In the way you smile with your eyes Show me love - Yes, you show me love - [CAMERA CLICKS] - Even in the tears that you cry - [CAMERA CLICKS] Show me love Yes, you show me love In the way I don't have to try [CAMERA CLICKING] Selfie! [GIRLS GIGGLING] [CAMERA CLICKING] [KEVIN LAUGHING] - ABBY: Do you want another oyster? - Ugh.
- No way.
I am stuffed.
- [CHUCKLES] [ABBY SIGHS] This is what it's all about.
No cameras, no interviews.
- Just you and me.
- Mm-hm.
- And Bree's book.
- Mm.
[TRACE CHUCKLES] [CAMERA CLICKS] TRACE: What? What are you doing? - We have some spies! Spies! - GIRLS: Ah! [CHUCKLES] Oh, no! TRACE: Give me that phone.
Give me those phones.
- ABBY: Come here, you.
- I'm taking the pictures now.
I'm the photographer.
Oh, look at you three.
- Say, "Cheese.
" - Cheese.
- Say, "Oysters.
" - Oysters.
Help me get my feet Back on the ground [CAMERA CLICKS]