Chicago Fire s05e22 Episode Script

My Miracle

1 You've been charged with conduct unbecoming.
Take it easy.
I'll talk to the legal guy.
The CFD needs to protect its imagine and its reputation.
They're suspending you for 60 days without pay.
You are so out of touch.
You have no right just barging into my home! Why does he owe that guy money? - Should I call my mom? - You need to give Ramon a chance to solve his own problems.
- I've got nothing.
- You got me.
Matt Casey says, we need to earmark funds for our first responders.
Smells an awful lot like self-dealing to me.
[crowd booing] Maybe Maybe what we need is some of that swamp draining right here in Chicago.
- [cheers and applause] - Yes.
That's right.
Alderman Matt Casey right here wants to take your hard earned tax dollars and dole it out to his buddies in the CFD.
- Typical politician.
- Yeah.
That's right.
That's right, but what I am trying to do is stop him.
[cheers and applause] I am not your typical politician.
- I am a firefighter with the CFD.
- What about our schools? - Yeah! - What about our healthcare? We didn't elect you to slide money to your friends.
- [crowd booing] - Ma'am, if you'll just let me - [booing continues] - Please, if you'll just let me talk.
- I can exp - [booing continues] [sighs] [low TV chatter] There he is.
Man of the house.
Sit with me.
- Sit, sit.
- I'm beat, Ramon.
Life, Matt.
You can actually eat it up by the spoon.
Um, Matty, it would be great if instead of skim milk, we could get some 2%.
We'll do that.
Thanks, buddy.
How'd it go today? How long is your dad gonna stay here? Till he gets on his feet.
- And when is that? - I don't know.
It's up to him, I guess.
Gabby! I need some batteries for the remote.
- This is crazy.
- Welcome to another episode of "The Dawsons.
" - Come on.
- Nah.
Hey, Joe, could I could I have a word with you? I'm eating.
He's just trying to wrap his head around that 60 day suspension.
[alarm blaring] Truck 81, Ambulance 61, vehicle accident, 291 North LaSalle.
[siren wailing] Hey, is the north leaf of the LaSalle bridge up? [siren wailing] [brakes hiss] Help! My son's in there! - CO2 and a ladder! - On it! - Where is he? - He's back here.
- Stay back, please.
- Back over there.
He's in there, Herrmann.
Go up.
[fire crackling] - Otis, get that fire.
- Copy that.
51, where are you? - About three minutes out, 81.
- Three minutes.
[dramatic music] Hey.
Okay, hey, pal.
I need you to try to climb up here to me, okay? I can't.
My arm.
I can't move.
- Casey, I'm going in.
- Get in there.
Hey, you go to Brookridge? Only the bravest kids go to Brookridge.
Hey, we're gonna need more of these extinguishers, Lieutenant! Otis! Kidd! You got any more? We're out! Mouch, get that ladder in there.
[dramatic music] Good.
We gotta go, all right? On three.
We gotta move, Herrmann.
One, two, three.
[groans] - [groans] - All right, good.
Come on.
Got him.
[grunting] Got him.
Here we go.
Coming down.
Got him, Mouch.
51! Let's go! Arm is positive with crepitus.
Dad, my cards.
My cards! Yeah, what's this now? He had all the Cubs cards signed by the World Series team.
Well, Almost.
We were on our way to an autograph signing when I looked up and saw half the bridge was up, and I just swerved.
Hey, you know, I was a baseball card kid, too.
Cubbies all the way.
Hey, who's your favorite player? Kris Bryant, of course.
All right, arm's secure.
Great job, Hogan.
We're taking him to Med.
You can ride with us.
[brakes hiss] Joe.
- I understand you're upset.
- Not here, Mouch.
I just want to say I feel awful about your suspension hearing, and I'm very, very sorry, but, Joe I tried.
It's important to me that you know that.
When you told me not to worry, I didn't worry because I trusted you.
But now because you're so completely out of touch with how the system works, I have to call my little brother and tell him that he can't go to college next semester.
So, yeah you tried.
But try making that phone call.
Hey, Dawson.
How is that kid from the call on the bridge? Oh, uh, fracture's pretty bad.
Might need surgery.
- Looking for me? - Hey.
- Hey.
- [clears throat] Um, so I just I want you to know that this situation with my dad - isn't ideal, but - I want a date when he's gone.
Two more days? Five? I'm even willing to pick up a construction job or two - if he needs the money.
- No.
I'm not putting a hard and fast date on this.
He needs his daughter.
What he needs is some tough love.
I'm all for him figuring out his life, but he's interfering in ours while he does it.
Maybe I want him to do it with me.
- And maybe I don't.
- Wha I'm getting screamed at by an angry mob like I'm Frankenstein.
They were ready to pitchfork me right there on the stage.
[chuckles] Then I come home, and Ramon thinks he's Sigmund Freud because he's eating a bowl of Life cereal.
[laughs] How long is he staying? Ask my wife, 'cause I can't.
Hey, how's Cruz? Ah.
He's in his own world.
His heart's in the right place, but his emotions rule the day.
Maybe time off is just what he needs.
[alarm blaring] Ambulance 61, man down from unknown causes.
3401 East Union.
Man, we should do this more often.
Life, I'm not talking the cereal, is too short.
[somber music] Hey, I'm sorry, man.
I didn't mean to [footsteps approaching] [distant siren wailing] [clanging] [engine turns over] Great.
I call the cops, they send an ambulance? If I had a heart attack, I'm sure they'd send the bacon.
The cops are on their way, ma'am.
- What's the nature of the call? - I told 911.
I've got a tenant that's whipping someone.
What? - [indistinct shouting] - [whip cracks] - [knock on door] - Paramedics! Open up! Shouldn't you wait for the police? - [groaning, screams] - [whip cracks] - Open up! Now! - [door handle rattles] - [whip cracks] - [groaning] Chastened with pain on his bed! And with unceasing complaint in his bones! - Oh, my God.
- [groans] [groaning, crying] Stop! Man is chastened with pain on his bed.
[groans] And unceasing complaint in his bones! [groaning] [growling] [screams] Hey, hey, hey! Hold him! Hold him down, hold him down.
- Hold him down, hold him down.
- [grunting] Man is chastened with pain! [grunting] Hold him! Hold him! [Grunting, panting] And with unceasing complaint in his bones.
[heavy breathing] Man is chastened - [thuds] - Give us some room.
Ma'am, I'm gonna need some towels.
[dramatic music] Let's tape him up.
- [sharp exhale] - [exhales] Blakeslee wants the money for his Gold Coast beach renovation.
Now, he knows that your bill beats his all day long.
Straight up.
So he tosses some mud the water.
As long as a firefighter is introducing a first responder bill, it's gonna look hinky.
Blakeslee is gunning for a final consideration vote - next week.
- That fast? I haven't even had a chance to present it to the full council.
All right, so figure out a way to give him what he wants so you can get what you want.
Tamara, you're truly wired for this life.
Can you make it to the next town hall? Let me know how it goes? I'm on shift.
Of course.
Headquarters has been reviewing whether Squad 3 can have an extra man on its roster permanently.
- And? - I need us to be prepared if their decision doesn't go our way.
Now, the Kannell situation makes it difficult, but I'm gonna leave it up to you to choose who goes into the floater pool.
- Best man gets the job, right? - That's right.
- at a Halloween party once.
- [laughter] Last year.
Huah-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba! [continued laughter] - What the - That's what you told me to do.
That's exactly what you told me to do.
- Never.
- He taught me to do this last Halloween party hanging out with - what was her name? - Halloween tricks? - Gina? - Hey, Joe.
Everything all right? Yeah.
I'm fine.
It doesn't seem like it.
I'm here, right? Yeah, you are and the city of Chicago thanks you.
[phone beeping] Hey, Leon.
No, yeah, yeah.
I'm good.
Um [exhales] Listen, I need to talk to you about next semester.
Corporate said your phone interview went great.
The job is yours if you want it.
Commissions are negotiable, and we just want to make you happy.
You bring in more business, the scale slides upward.
The company's looking to get into turnout coats, gloves, fire boots.
You know, not just equipment, but apparel.
The stuff will sell itself.
[distant overlapping chatter] You with me? What? Uh, yeah.
I'm sorry.
It sounds like a great opportunity.
Look, I know this is a big change.
Take it from me, you pull the trigger on this, it's the greatest choice you'll ever make.
End of the week? Yeah.
And thanks, Nick.
I'll talk to you Friday.
[exhales] [distant chatter and laughter] [elevator dings] Hey, uh, can you tell me where a Hogan something or another is? Kid was in a car accident.
Broke an arm.
He's a big Cubbies fan.
- Hogan Korpi.
- Yeah.
- Right across the hall.
- Oh, yeah? Thanks.
Down 3-1.
Blowing the lead and the rain delay - It was the best day of my life.
- [chuckling] For a lot of us, Hogan.
The whole city! I collected baseball cards, too.
I had everyone from the '89 Cubs autographed, too.
- Just like you.
- Greg Maddux? Yeah, I had Greg Maddux.
Jeez! [chuckling] Listen.
I wanna give you those cards.
Just to help make up for what you lost.
- Really? - Yeah.
There's no better place for them than with a fan like you.
Letting Maddux go was such a typical Cubs move.
[monitor beeping] Hey, buddy? You okay? - Hogan? - What's wrong? - [monitor beeping rapidly] - Hey! We need some help in here! Move! Out of the way! [monitor beeping rapidly] He's not breathing.
Must be a reaction to the compazine.
I need 25 of diphenhydramine.
Now! [monitor beeping steadily] [exhales] Compazine is what we give to patients for nausea with their pain meds.
Reactions are rare, but it happens.
- Keep a close eye on him.
- Okay.
[exhales] [clanging] Christopher, what are you doing? Where are my baseball cards? The ones you sold? What? Garage sale, 2002.
You wanted to buy those cross-country skis.
What cross-country skis? The ones you sold in garage sale 2007 for the mountain bike we sold in 2010.
[upbeat music] Hey, how's it going, buddy? - It's going.
- Yeah.
Wow! That's the field right there, huh? Say you like peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies? My wife, she made them this morning.
Gabriela, I can almost see the bottom of this glass.
We are gonna have to name that barstool after you, Ramon.
No greater honor can a man have.
Oh! Uh, excuse me, young lady, I have to see a man about a urinal.
I don't want to get in the way of that.
[clears throat] - As always.
- Yeah, I have to admit.
His social skills are a little rusty.
Hey, Cruz, how many you had? Not enough.
- Maybe you should down, bud.
- Oh, why would I slow down when I don't have to pay for them? Ain't that right, Mouch? Hey! Put my round on Mouch's tab.
- He always covers his friends.
- Cruz.
Get it together, or find somewhere else.
Or maybe find something else.
[chuckles] [clears throat] Loud and clear, Lieutenant! [dramatic music] - Alderman.
- Matt Casey.
I got your message.
Thanks for reaching out.
No reason we both can't get what we want, right? You know my bill is good for the city and has nothing - to do with my self-interests.
- I'll give you a maybe.
You've got your own bill coming up for the Gold Coast? Beach improvements for the over-funded and already nicest section of the city.
- Who pay the most taxes.
- Yeah, I read the early draft.
Listen, as long as I can help my people, I'll help yours.
I can live with that.
I'll pledge my support at the town hall tomorrow.
I'm on shift.
I won't be able to make it.
You can count on me as long as I can count on you.
I give you my word.
- Is this the guy, Matt? - What are you doing? My daughter and Matt told me everything about you and your, uh, double-dealing.
- All right.
Okay, okay.
Ramon - Disgusting.
- I - Ain't it what you said? - No, that's not what I said.
- That's what you said.
- I didn't say that! - Actually, you know what, Alderman Casey, keep your bill.
Oh, good.
You go slither back from wherever you came from.
- Gabi - Baby, he didn't mean that.
[overlapping chatter] I'll find somewhere else to sleep tonight.
[sighs] Hey.
How are you doing, pal? Been better.
What's going through that melon of yours? Remember Scotty Bell? Yeah.
Biggest head in the CFD.
He was a great one.
- Died in the Superior Fire.
- Yeah.
Not many left from my class.
Out of 36, only me, Longmiller, and John Nowak are still active.
Everyone else retired or gone.
- Don't let Cruz get to you.
- It's not Cruz.
It's me.
I'm not what I used to be.
I feel old.
- What am I doing? - What you were born to do.
[door opens] Hey, Trudy! Hey, Christopher.
I got your message.
Got here as soon as I could.
I'll leave you two to it.
- What'cha doing? - Oh.
Limping down memory lane.
What a blast from the past.
And look at that hunk in the middle row! Long time ago.
What's going on, baby? Uh Just thinking.
I'm listening.
I think maybe it's time.
[exhales] [exhales] [somber music] [exhales] [exhales] You're being selfish.
- Excuse me? - You don't come home.
I slept at Severide's, and I texted you that.
I don't give a damn what you texted.
That is not how marriage works, Matt.
We don't text.
We talk things out.
Talking involves listening, Gabby, and you're not doing that.
Listen, I understand you wanting to help out your dad.
Oh, you do? Because you're really, really not showing it.
You are way more concerned about your alderman job - than anything at home.
- I'm missing a town hall today because I'm on shift.
My first responder bill will probably die because of it.
No thanks to your father, by the way.
- [knock on door] - Uh, yeah.
We'll be there ASAP.
Thank you.
Uh, sorry about this, Lieutenant, but, uh, can we go for a ride? It's kind of urgent.
- Sure.
Let's go.
- All right.
Actually, Herrmann, um you go do what you have to.
Radio's on.
I got something else I have to do.
[sighs] Hey.
You okay? Peachy.
What's going on? Uh, my dad.
I don't know.
All of it? [chuckles] Talk to me.
My dad's been crashing at my house, and Matt had enough.
He didn't come home last night.
That's doesn't sound like him.
And my dad's been an ass.
I get it.
He's completely out of control, but do you have any idea what it's like to have the man who's been the rock of the family crumbling in front of you? Okay.
So all that you need to tell Casey.
Next chance you get, right? Don't miss that chance.
What's up, Cubs fan? Mr.
Herrmann? Of course! So, listen, have you ever ridden in a fire truck? I know that I promised you my old baseball cards, but then I got thinking, and I thought, maybe I can give you a real experience instead, so as we like to say in the firehouse, let's go for a ride.
We'll follow you.
- How's that arm? - Getting better.
Get up there.
[engine turns over] - This is awesome.
- [chuckles] - Where are we going? - To finish what you started.
Hit it, Otis.
Public trust has never been lower.
You have aldermen like Matt Casey who takes advantage of you, but doesn't have the decency to show up and say it to your faces.
Decency? Does decency include improvements to Gold Coast projects simply because that's where the tax money comes from? Alderman Casey, you don't have the floor.
A lot has been said about me being a fireman.
Which, I am.
But this bill this initiative I've been trying to get passed has nothing to do with me being a fireman and everything to do with me as a human being.
The first responders who show up when you call 911 deserve to know that this city has their backs if the unthinkable happens.
And it happens.
Sometimes men and women answer the bell don't come home.
But Alderman Blakeslee has made it clear that I can't speak up about this bill because of appearances.
Well, Alderman Blakeslee, I like this appearance.
I like being a firefighter, and I would never want my position in the CFD to jeopardize what is right for the heroes of Chicago.
But the truth is My job has gotten in the way of my responsibilities as an alderman and as a husband.
That's not okay for the best city in America.
Which is why I will be stepping down as alderman.
[all murmuring] I would like to nominate Tamara Jones to fill my seat.
Tamara is a public school teacher, and an advocate for the voiceless in this city.
So while me and my fellow first responders will continue to put our lives on the line for you, I urge you to give your voice to Tamara because this woman will not go unheard.
- [cheers and applause] - For all of you.
That's enough.
That's enough! [cheers and applause] Get up there and let this crowd know how you feel.
[cheers and applause] Well how y'all doing today? Well, that's enthusiasm! - You can't do that.
- Well the mayor has to appoint her, but who's gonna say no to that? 'Cause together, we cannot be stopped.
[cheers and applause] - No way.
- [chuckling] Somebody wants to meet you.
Are you Hogan? Yeah, Kris Bryant.
I heard you might be missing an autograph.
Would you mind? You're the best.
[chuckles] Hey, Jake, Hogan here is moving from pitcher to third base.
Bad idea unless you want to work every day.
[chuckling] Hey, Jake.
Hey! - You're Mike Tirico.
- Yes, I am.
I love Mike Tirico.
- Who doesn't? - Thanks.
Can can you sign it? Yeah.
Truck 81, factory fire at 4545 South Carroll.
- Factory fire! - Hey, uh, go Cubs! [siren wailing] [brakes hiss] [dramatic music] [overlapping coughing] [fire crackling] - Everybody get out? - [indistinct response] - Herrmann.
- Yeah? This is my last shift.
- What? - I'm retiring.
This is it.
It's time.
All right, let's move! Listen up, okay, they're saying trapped workers, but I already don't like this smoke.
51, let's get a line in there.
Quick trigger on this one.
My gut is saying four minutes.
All right, squad.
You're with me.
We'll take the north end of the building.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! Truck 81, right in there.
[fire crackling] 81, let's move! Otis! Kidd! - Hey! Everyone out! - Ma'am, come on.
Mouch! Herrmann! - That way! - Copy that! [overlapping shouting] Chief, squad 3's inside.
Capp, Cruz, Tony! In there! Kannell, with me.
Let's go.
Copy that! Dawson, Brett, we're coming out with two.
[coughing] This way.
I got you.
Call out! Fire department, call out! Fire department, call out! Fire department! Call out! [rumbling] [all exclaim] Damn.
It's in the trusses.
Okay, that's it.
I want all firefighters to evacuate the building immediately.
Chief, it's Casey.
I got someone.
I repeat! All firefighters will evacuate the building now! [oxygen hissing] Hey! You heard him, Mouch, we gotta get out of here now! - Mouch, you all right? - [groans] Mouch! Hey, Mouch! Mouch! Chief! Mayday! Mayday! I think Mouch is having a heart attack! What's your location, Herrmann? Northwest corner! Come on.
- Chief! We gotta get him! - Cruz, stand down.
[explosion] Get down! Otis! Kidd! Where are you? Pinned down, Chief.
Trusses giving way all over! Please, Chief.
Let me go back in.
[dramatic music] This is Casey.
I'm coming out with one.
[wood cracking] [explosion] [grunts] [grunting] Chief! I'm trapped! Charlie Delta corner.
Need immediate assistance! Severide, what is your position? Can you assist Casey? Yeah, yeah.
We're working on it, Chief, but we're blocked.
Kannell! Stay focused, Dawson.
They're gonna make it.
They always make it.
You're not dying in here, you old loaf! - You got it? - [oxygen hissing] [explosion] [grunts] Ah! Chief! The fire jumped! We got surrounded! Chief, we can get 'em.
[indistinct radio chatter] Capp, Tony, on a hose line.
Let's go, Cruz.
[explosion] No.
Damn it.
No! No! Cruz! Herrmann, entrance is blocked.
You put Mouch on your shoulder if you have to, but you get the hell out.
Casey, evacuate that building any way you can.
- [grunts] - Again! - [both grunting] - Again! - [both grunting] - Again! [both grunting] [metal clangs] Mouch.
Mouch, you gotta get out of there.
- Mouch? - He can't talk, Joe.
[crying] Mouch.
I'm so sorry, Mouch.
Please don't die on us.
Oh, my God.
[oxygen hissing] [screams] No! - Chief, it's Casey! - Matt? Casey, tell me you've found an exit.
Uh, negative, Chief.
[rumbling] It's no good here.
Heating up pretty fast! Less than a minute.
Can you, uh Chief, is Gabby there? - Put her on! - Yeah, baby, I'm here.
I'm here.
Come out of there.
- [grunting] - [coughs] [crashing] [grunts] Gabby you know how much you mean to me, right? Matt, did you take your mask off? I want you to hear my voice.
No, don't you say that, Matt.
You get out of there! You listen to me! You put your mask back on and you get out of there now! You're the best thing to ever happen to me.
Matt, don't! Use your halligan or your hands.
You find a wall and you break it down! - You hear me? - Gabby.
Don't say it.
[sobbing] [groans] Gabby Gabby 14 I want you to remember us happy, together, holding each other.
You were my miracle, Gabby.
- [sobbing] - You were my miracle.
[dramatic somber music] - I love you.
- [exhales sharply]