Chicago Fire s06e07 Episode Script

A Man's Legacy

1 I'm truly sorry for bringing my former friend to Firehouse 51.
I feel terrible about what happened.
The problem with some of the people that come in Hey, hey, that's enough.
Come on, that's it.
[SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] Not like this.
- You're - Lily.
You own a bar too? What if we partner with it? I call it Molly's North.
You deserve better than I can give you.
I got a job that's never gonna be able to put you first.
- I'm on probation at work.
- Are you kidding me? It's all fair game as long as Ramon Dawson gets what he wants.
You only think about yourself and I'm sick of it.
Don't move! We got you.
- [GASPING] - You're all right, Dad.
Just breathe nice and easy, in and out.
We need to apply more pressure on his wounds.
I've got him, just get us there, okay? Gabby.
Get behind the wheel.
[GASPING] [TENSE MUSIC] [SIREN WAILS] [AMBULANCE HORN BLARES] Hey Ramon, Gabby's still here, she's just driving us to the hospital, okay? [SIREN WAILING] What's our ETA? Three minutes.
Taking another route.
[MONITOR BEEPING] His O2 sats are dropping.
What's going on? He's got a tension pneumothorax.
I'm pulling over.
No, I've got this, keep driving.
- [MONITOR BEEPS] Sats are coming up.
86 90 We're one minute away.
Brett, Dawson, talk to me.
Victim is age 60, multiple stab wounds to the chest and back.
Decompressed in the rig.
All right, I've got it, let's get him to Baghdad.
Let's stabilize him and get him to surgery, Dr.
Rhodes is waiting.
Rotate! We'll transfer him on my count.
Here we go.
One, two, three, transfer.
[ALL GRUNT] Let's get this out.
All right.
The patient is my dad.
I know.
We got him, Gabby.
Let's go, let's move, move, move.
He's gonna be all right.
He's strong, like you.
- Matt.
He's gonna be okay.
Rhodes is the best in Chicago.
How is he? I don't know yet.
He's in surgery.
What happened on that platform? A guy was some kind of psycho, screaming about his manifesto.
Then suddenly, he pulls out a knife and starts slashing people.
And apparently, dad stepped in to try to stop him.
[SCOFFS] Bastard.
Um, I'm sorry, I didn't bring you a coffee.
Oh, that's all right, I'm wired enough as it is.
It's good to see you.
If it wasn't for Brett, Dad wouldn't have made it to surgery.
So, we did have to perform a thoracotomy on your father.
Luckily, none of the major vessels were injured so I sewed up the laceration in his lung, repaired some of the damage.
He's gonna be okay.
[EXHALES] What'd I tell you? It's gonna take a lot more than some L train psycho to bring Ramon Dawson down.
[SOFT MUSIC] - Can we see him? - Sure.
But just for a minute, he's got to get his rest.
You look all right.
You look like you went a few extra round with Mayweather.
[EXHALES] What were you doing throwing yourself in front of a knife? [EXHALES] Hey, save your strength, Pop.
Doc says you're going to be back to good in no time.
Then the rest of the hoodlums in Chicago better look out.
Dawson is coming in for shift today.
Says she needs the distraction.
Psh, I don't blame her.
I'm sorry about the other day.
I'm sorry for bringing Hope here in the first place.
What happened is on her, not you.
You left pretty early.
I had stuff to do.
I have a life, the gym Stuff.
Um - what was that? - What? - The awkward thing.
- It's awkward? Oh, fine, I kissed him.
What? - Don't yell at me.
- I'm not yelling.
It happened the other night when I was hammered, and I've been trying to avoid him ever since, Which isn't easy when you live together.
And now he probably thinks that I still have a thing for him.
Well I really need to get a life.
Antonio was at the hospital.
It was really nice to see him, I'm just not sure if Do not kiss him.
You will deeply, deeply regret it.
- Well - Mm-mm.
[SIGHS] You sure about working? I'm the captain, I can get you a sub right now.
I'm sure.
He's out of IC, and how much time can I spend at the hospital anyway? I'll visit him at our first ambo drop.
- Okay.
- Dawson.
Please give your father our best thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
I will.
Thanks, Chief.
There aren't a lot of people out of uniform who would do what he did.
Brave guy.
You coming to this Molly's North meeting that Otis set up? I pulled the injured dad card.
Kidd's covering me.
[SNORTS] Lucky you.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, Molly's North.
Whoa, who's the artist? Oh, I drew them, but I'm no artist.
Are you kidding me? Look at these.
Right? Isn't she incredible? Uh, we're having a Molly's North meeting.
Eh, looks like quite a makeover.
Well, you know, Mac's went out of business, So we can't just slap a new sign out front.
We have to give it a facelift, let the world know that it's something new.
I know that this is a partnership, but this new location was my idea, and I have kind of a vision for how to do it.
So, why don't you let me run point on this? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] So long as it's a money maker, and not a money drainer, go with God.
- That's the plan.
- [CHUCKLES] So you're going to handle everything? The opening, arranging the publicity.
- No sweat.
- [LOUD RINGING] Truck 81, Ambulance 61, Whoops.
We got to go save some lives.
- We'll uh, regroup later, okay? - Okay.
[SIREN WAILS] I never said thank you.
What? You saved my dad's life, and I didn't say thank you.
Oh, Come on, Dawson, you don't have to thank me for that.
Yeah, I do.
[TENSE MUSIC] [SIGHS] And when my dad starts driving me crazy again, I can blame you.
Oh, here we go.
- Hey.
- Yup? Hey, I feel stupid calling you guys, but something ain't right here.
Let's take a look.
It's right through here.
[BUZZING] Yeah, that's not supposed to happen.
Looks like a shorted circuit.
Could be an electrical fire somewhere.
Whoa! You know, it's probably that old nut in 1C.
He's tripping breakers all the time, God knows what he does in there.
Okay, let's find this fire quick.
Herrmann, Otis, check out apartment 1C.
- [KNOCKS ON DOOR] - Fire department.
- I'm smelling smoke.
- Yeah, me too.
Hey, we got smoke in unit 1C, we're gonna force entry.
Copy that, Otis.
[GRUNTS] Fire department, call out.
What the hell? Fire department! Hey, got somebody! - Right over here, guys.
- Found him unconscious, with shallow breathing.
No apparent trauma involved.
I'll get him some oxygen.
Let's get a pulse-ox on him, cardiac monitor and check his sugar.
Here you go, Chief.
[GRUNTING] Okay, hit it.
Yup, it's out.
What the hell happened to you? What's that, Chief? [INDISTINCT CHATTER OVER RADIO] We're going to take good care of you, get you to the hospital.
I've got no insurance.
You can sort that out later.
You need medical attention.
But I got no insurance.
Don't give these ladies a hard time now, Stoke.
They're going to take care of you.
[SOMBER MUSIC] [DOOR SLAMS] [SIREN WAILING] - Hey, mind if I - Of course.
Yeah, check on your dad, I got this.
Look at this, mija.
That one over there is from the TV station.
That big one there, that's from the mayor's office.
That's great, Dad.
A lot of people are proud of you.
Your mom came visiting me.
Oh yeah, she told me.
I've been trying to get that woman to call me back for a year.
Turns out, all I had to do was get stabbed a few times.
[LAUGHS, GROANS] That was a joke.
Look hey, look at this.
I got all these interviews with some newspapers and other television stations.
Didn't Dr.
Rhodes say you needed to get rest? Yes, he did, but he also said that I'm going to be all right.
You'll be all right with rest and rehab.
- Yup.
- Promise.
[SCOFFS] I cross my heart.
Oh, look at that.
That looks like somebody pulled up a whole garden.
[WATCH BEEPS] Okay, I got to get back to work.
I'll stop by after shift, okay.
- Okay.
Love you.
- Love you.
- Mmm.
- What? Yeah, dude.
Dig in.
Oh, man.
Maybe we should give brownies away at the opening, that'd get people through the door.
Oh, hey, I was thinking.
My old neighbor, Julius, he sells taxi top advertising.
You know those signs on top of cabs? - Sure.
- So I asked Julius, and he said he can do a rate of 250 bucks a top for you.
Sounds pretty reasonable.
Thanks, Cruz, I would have never thought of that.
I know how much this bar means to you.
Hey, you know what, tell Julius we're in.
- All right.
- Let's do this.
Are those Cindy Herrmann brownies? Annabelle Herrmann brownies.
Are these gummy worms? Yep.
[PLAYFUL DRAMATIC MUSIC] [CLEARS THROAT] So, uh, everything good - with you and Kidd? - Yeah, she's the best.
You haven't noticed her acting a a little off? I think she's maybe riding herself a little hard for the other night, when she had a few too many.
Might have done some things she regrets.
You tell her not to worry about it? Well, I'm going to let her sort it out.
If she wants to talk to me about it, she will.
You clean these last Sunday? - Yeah.
- Sunday or the Sunday before? - Casey.
- Yeah? When 61 gets back, send them my way, would you? I'm curious about the old man's condition.
Sure thing, Chief.
Why do you suppose he had all those humidifiers? Probably a lung thing.
My Uncle Ricky, lifelong smoker, he couldn't survive without a humidifier toward the end.
That's not right.
He was too good to end up like that.
Uncle Ricky? No, the guy we pulled out of that apartment.
Why, who is he? Stoke Porter.
South Side Stoke? Legend of the blues harmonica? Never heard of him.
Then you need your horizons broadened.
What do you say we reconvene tomorrow night at my place for cigars, bourbon and blues? Sounds good to me, Chief.
Oh, well I'd have to run it by Trudy.
But yes, I will be there.
Why are you and me hanging out at Boden's tomorrow night? I don't know.
But he seems to need it right now.
So we're gonna do it.
Friday is in four days.
You don't think that's a little soon to transform Mac's into Molly's, stock the bar, get the drink menus printed up, and the advertising in place, et cetera? I already got the advertising locked up.
Why Friday? Because Friday is the 9th.
And that's Lily's lucky number.
And she said that Mercury is in retrograde.
Or is it not in retrograde? Which is the good one? Otis, you have to open big, or this bar is never going to get off the ground.
I got this.
[SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] How are you going to stand there and let him run point on this? He's just trying to impress Lily, who's never going to sleep with him by the way.
No, he's right.
This is his idea.
I've ridden him enough in this life.
Oh I see, not caring.
Well, this is a new attitude that I am also going to apply to my life.
[SIGHS] Huh.
It occurred to me you left your sweatshirt at my place.
It says "Diego.
" Really? [SCOFFS] It doesn't look like his size.
Would you like to come in? I mean, sure.
Where are the guys? - They're at Molly's.
- Oh.
How's your dad? He's enjoying the hell out of his 15 minutes, that's for sure.
He deserves it.
When I saw you at the hospital, I knew I was in trouble.
Antonio, I'm just not sure if I have more to say.
I'm listening.
This is not a good idea.
Maybe it's a one-time thing.
A one-time thing? Yeah.
There's no reason to over-think it.
What do you want me to say? I was headed home, and there was this guy on the when is this gonna air? We're doing a shoot here.
Just gotta keep the hall clear.
Uh, sure, yeah, I'll just come back later.
How long a segment is this going to be? You don't have to worry about anything Uh, so just give us a minute.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
What are you doing here? I thought you were painting the Molly's North sign.
Oh yeah, I'm just waiting for the first coat to dry.
Listen, the distributor can't guarantee a delivery by Friday.
So I figured I would just grab a few cases from our stock.
You know, just some of the well liquor, the basics.
Hey, you got a little - What? - Never mind.
Hey, did Julius get Lily's artwork for the taxi tops? Yeah, oh, yeah, and now, he needs a signature on this.
And a cashier's check for 25 grand.
25 thousand? - Mm-hmm.
- Dollars? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] - Yeah.
- I thought you said that taxis were $250 a top.
Yeah, with a minimum of 100 cabs.
You never said that! [DRY HEAVES] [GROANS] Yeah, I was wondering where you were going to get that kind of money.
Oh, God.
We're toast.
We got zero publicity.
Nothing! Okay, there's this guy at my gym who's been hitting on me for months.
He's a morning DJ at 95.
8 FM.
Maybe if I bat my eyelashes, I could finagle a little free press out of him.
Oh, my God.
Put me on the radio.
Put you on? Mm, I just thought that maybe he could mention the Molly's North opening on the air.
No, no, no, have you never heard my podcast? You just put me on the radio, and then just watch the magic happen.
I'll, uh I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
This is gonna murder.
[LAUGHING] Otis has a podcast? [BLUES MUSIC PLAYS] This is really good.
- So is this.
- [CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] You know, I can't help wondering, what good is a man's legacy? Take your father-in-law.
Tried to help someone, tried to do something good.
Instead, he nearly dies on a grimy train platform.
Yeah, but he's going to pull through fine.
Stoke Porter.
He brought life to this music.
He created art.
What thanks does he get? He ends up broke, sick Suffering alone.
Where is that bottle? - What is happening? - I have no idea.
Just drink your bourbon, let the man talk it out.
[EXHALES] You know, we should pay him a visit.
What, Stoke? Let him know he's not forgotten.
That's a fine idea.
[BOTTLE SNAPS] Wait, you mean right now? - Hey.
- Yeah, great, I'm in.
Pass me the album.
- This guy? - That one.
] Um, excuse me, we know it's late, but, uh, we were hoping to say hi to Stoke Porter.
You mean Stanley Porter? Uh, yes, ma'am.
I guess so.
You're not family, then.
No, we were the firefighters that brought him in.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Porter didn't make it.
[SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] That's terrible.
His daughter flew in from Dallas to see him, but he didn't hang on long enough.
I'm really sorry for your loss.
Are you friends of my father's? No, not really, we just had the pleasure of meeting him.
Then you knew him about as well as I did.
Stoke lived his own way, and my mom had had enough of it.
So she took me far away from my father.
Now all I have left are his debts.
[SIGHS] [SOMBER MUSIC] Mitch and the guys are on commercial break, so just come right in, get comfortable.
- BOTH: Okay.
- Thanks.
This is Mitch and the guys.
- Hi! - Hey, Stella.
- Hi.
- [CHUCKLES] Hey, Mitch, just, thank you.
Thank you for letting us do this.
- Yeah no problem.
- This is Brian - Oh! - From Molly's North.
- How you doing? - Hey, Brian, man.
Hey, there's your chair over there.
Why don't you throw those headphones on and don't lean too close to the mic, all right? It's okay, it's not my first rodeo.
- All right, great! - All right, we're back in five, four, three All right, we've got a guest in the studio today.
Brian! Brian's here to tell us about his cool new bar opening up in Bucktown tomorrow night.
What's the place called, Brian? Uh The name of the bar, buddy, what's the bar called? Sorry, it's called Mac's.
No, it's not called Mac's.
Mac's actually closed down.
It's called Um - The excitement is building.
- [CHUCKLES] Our listeners are sitting in their cars right now, waiting for you to say something.
Anything, Brian! [COUGHING] It's called Molly's - [FART SOUND PLAYS] - [ALL LAUGHING] Sorry, buddy! Sorry, sorry.
Go ahead Brian, I'm sorry man.
- It's called Molly's - [FART SOUND PLAYS] [LAUGHTER] I got you, I got you.
I'm sorry man, go ahead.
- Are you ever gonna let me go? - Yeah, yeah, go ahead.
- Molly's - [FART SOUND PLAYS] [LAUGHTER] Come on, it wasn't a total bust.
It's not a good promotion if the people didn't even hear the name of the bar over all the fart noises.
Hey, your boyfriend really screwed us over.
A, not my boyfriend.
B, "Put me on the radio and watch the magic happen.
" Otis, dude, that was hilarious stuff.
Shut up, Capp.
Oh, God.
The name of the bar is Molly's North.
I know! You don't think I feel bad enough? That was humiliating.
I'm just praying Lily didn't tune in.
[PHONE BUZZING] Oh, yep, she did.
Aw, she feels bad for me.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] Dawson.
How's your dad doing? Uh, pretty good, actually.
Handling it a lot better than I am, that's for sure.
It's not easy dealing with a hurting parent.
Are you getting enough time off to go see him? Oh, no, he's got plenty of visitors right now.
Reporters, well-wishers.
Half the city's been in his hospital room.
Well, I'm glad he's getting some nice attention, but I'm sure he'd rather have you there.
I've met the man.
[SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] I'll go by and see him after shift.
You know all these people celebrating him it's pretty amazing actually.
[ALARM BLARES, BUZZER SOUNDS] Squad Three, Ambulance 61, structure fire, 1400 Edgemont Ave.
[SIRENS WAILING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] - We miss all the excitement? - Could be.
We got everyone out and knocked down the fire, but we're still waiting to hear overhaul's complete.
All right, we'll help you mop up.
Hey, Cruz, you come with me.
Tony, Capp, you guys sit tight a minute.
- Copy that.
- Anybody hurt? I don't think so, but ask around.
Is everybody okay? Nobody's having trouble breathing, no burns? Here honey, let's have a look.
Hey! What are you doing there, hon? You got to stay clear of that building.
I just left my purse inside.
- can I go grab it really quick? - No, sorry, no.
There was a fire.
Stay way back, please.
- Okay.
- [COUGHING] Hey, Brett, let's get some oxygen over here.
Yeah, have a seat ma'am.
Damn it.
Brett, tell 37 we have a civilian going in through the back.
What? Where are you going? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] It's definitely a lot smokier back here.
Copy that, Severide.
Hey! You can't be in here.
We got to get out of the building now.
Oh, yeah, here we go.
We got a fire in the ceiling in the back hallway.
It's right by the central oxygen system.
Kiddo, the fire might not be out yet, let's go.
- Wait, my bag's right here.
- Come on, we got to go.
- Dawson, what the hell? - [PIPE SQUEAKS] - Get down! - [SCREAMS] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [COUGHING] Dawson, what are you doing in here? Long story, help me get her out.
Come on, let's move.
This way! [GROANS SOFTLY] Easy, easy now.
You took a big bump.
Just lay back, let me take a look at you.
All right, how many fingers am I holding up? Three.
- Now? - Two.
What's your name? It's Bria.
Hi Bria.
I'm Gabby.
You had a loss of consciousness.
We're taking you to the hospital.
[STAMMERS] Oh, no, I'm telling you, I'm fine.
It's a bump.
Please let me go home.
I put the drugs back.
Why? I'm not sure.
Hey, Brett, let's get her inside.
- Okay, one sec.
- Um They weren't for me.
[PHONE RINGING] Otis, why am I getting an alert for a $2,000 charge to the Molly's checking account? What did Cruz talk you into this time? It was my idea.
A vintage Wurlitzer jukebox.
For Molly's North.
Point person.
[EXHALES] Hey, you going to this Molly's North thing tonight, Chief? Sounds like Otis needs all the warm bodies he can get.
I think I will, Mouch.
Think I might bring a friend along.
- Hey.
Uh, I got some beer.
Blackhawks are on, I figured we'd order in but it looks like you have Plans.
Yeah, I am going out with that radio guy, Mitch.
That's cool.
Yeah, but, uh, rain check on the Blackhawks.
Yeah, well, there's 82 games a season, so Good night.
Well, we did it.
We opened.
- Crowd could be a bit bigger.
- Eh.
The important thing is you got to buy Lily a jukebox.
- The Wurlitzer? - Yeah.
Herrmann, that's for you.
What do I want with a Wurlitzer? You always said, Molly's works because it's a neighborhood bar.
A warm place to hang with good people.
This is the Molly's North version of that.
I'm leavin' here today The sun's goin' down Hey, hey.
You both remember Nina Porter, right? - Yeah, of course.
- Hi.
Nice to see you again, Nina.
- Um, yeah.
- Got it.
Thanks for reaching out, Chief Boden.
At the hospital, I didn't realize that you were the firefighters that brought my dad in.
I really appreciate you being there for him.
- Thanks.
- Um My interest in your father goes a lot deeper than an electrical fire.
Um Must have been '74, '75, I'm just about old enough for my father to take me to the Checkerboard Lounge.
- [LAUGHS] - And, uh, his favorite act is playing that night.
Stoke Porter.
Um my father and I, we had a tricky relationship.
We didn't see eye to eye on much.
But that night, sitting up front with him, Watching him soak up that music.
The blues.
I felt like I stepped into his shoes just a little bit.
I understood him a little better.
Now my father, he's been gone three years now.
So, uh if I close my eyes, I can still feel his arm around my shoulder.
I can still hear his voice in my ear saying, "Look up there, son.
"He gets it.
That's Stoke.
" [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] That's what your father did for me.
So, uh so we're gonna drink to him now.
Come on, everybody.
- To Stoke.
- BOTH: To Stoke.
To Stoke.
- Hey.
Should have held off and planned this a little better, sorry about that.
Are you kidding? This place hasn't seen a crowd this big in 10 years.
At least.
This is going to work, Brian.
You think? Mm-hm.
I didn't know you were going to be here.
I was just going to say the same thing.
[SENTIMENTAL MUSIC] It's a big crowd.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
That's bad.
Bad? It's good for business, I guess.
I'm just not in the mood for a crowd.
Maybe something more quiet? Yeah.
That sounds good.
Gabriella - Hey Dad.
- Hey.
[SIGHS] You all right? Oh, yeah.
You look good.
I am.
Nurse Maggie, she snuck me a meatball sub - [LAUGHING] - And Dr.
Rhodes says that I can go home tomorrow.
That's great.
I'll be here to take you.
Uh, sorry I didn't stop by yesterday.
You don't look happy.
I am happy.
For you.
Mmmm, no, there's something wrong.
I'm your father, I can tell.
[SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] I just wish I could have done more to help you when you got hurt.
Help me? [LAUGHS] Now, listen to me, Gabriella.
Uh You know, this little adventure that I've been on, with all the reporters and all this attention Uh, I I know it's silly.
No, it's not silly.
You were a hero out there, dad.
No, it was just a moment.
It was, like, a quick decision.
I know that that doesn't change who I am.
Now you, you're there for people even when they're at their worst.
Like me.
You know, all last year.
I was a mess.
Your brother and your mother wouldn't even talk to me.
But, uh you, my love.
You were always there.
That's who you are.
You're the real hero.
My hero.