Chicago Fire s07e12 Episode Script

Make This Right

I just heard from Dr.
Shaw who informed me that you caught a prescription error that the hospital made.
Honestly? I'm a little impressed.
There are not a whole lot of paramedics that pay that much attention.
It's kind of my thing.
Would you like to get dinner sometime? Severide and I broke up.
We're moving on, end of discussion.
This is tougher than I thought it was gonna be.
I'm not completely over it yet.
But I will be.
Okay, glazed Yes.
Uh, let's make this women-only carpool a regular thing.
Cruz and Otis have the worst taste in music.
We should do a road trip.
Mm! Look, I love my Truck boys, but what I need these days is quality female time.
Speaking of "quality female time.
" What? Good morning.
Well, looks like you had a good night, too.
And it was a fun night.
Well, let's keep the party going.
Ooh, yes! We don't have to be at work for another four minutes.
Sorry, Chief.
Running a little late this morning, gentlemen? Sorry about that.
Won't happen again.
Hey, sorry.
This one's on me.
This is on that neighbor of yours.
She practically cornered you on the way out.
Oh, Shannon? Yeah, she's been trying to get me to join her some club a friend owns.
You gonna go? I don't think so.
Why not? She's cute.
You gotta admire the persistence.
Well, you take her out, then.
All I'm saying is, might be good to go out.
Have some fun.
All right, well, thanks, Doc.
I'll keep that in mind.
Come on.
Do something.
What's the matter? The guys on first shift are a bunch of mouth-breathers, that's what.
Yep, he thinks the first shift broke the TV.
I'm just saying, we left it in proper working order.
Are you sure that it's on the right input? Is "input" the same thing as "source"? Take cover, everybody.
Grandpa Mouch is trying to fix the newfangled TV.
Well, why does a television set need 50 different buttons? Did you just, uh, call it a "television set"? Here.
Let somebody who isn't a member of the AARP have a look.
Easy there, nerd.
Just 'cause you were captain of the AV Club AV Club? Truck 81, Ambulance 61.
Vehicular accident I'm gonna kill him.
All right, wait.
Can you let him fix the TV first? - Yeah? - I didn't know what to do.
The bike's crushing the guy, but I didn't think I should move him.
You tell me.
All hands on deck.
Otis, get the backboard.
You got it.
Give us some room.
Gotta get this bike off him.
- Brett, hold him steady.
- Yeah.
81, watch the hot pipes.
Careful, this thing's a beast.
It's gotta weigh 500 pounds.
All right, easy, guys.
We're looking at possible spinal injuries and head trauma.
Okay, on three.
- One, two - Three! We're gonna need a leg brace.
And down.
We need to get his helmet off of him.
- Mouch.
- On it.
Foster, can you get the strap? Yeah.
Let me get in there.
- Okay.
- Keep his head steady.
Chris Don't move.
It's okay.
Chris! My name's Matt; I'm with the Chicago Fire Department.
You've been in an accident.
Don't worry, kid.
We're going to Big Sur.
It's gonna happen.
Let's get him on the stretcher and start an IV.
- Yep.
- Yep.
Okay, one, two, three.
Is he gonna make it? I don't know.
How'd it happen? I just found him like that.
Uh, we got an interloper.
- Thanks.
- Absolutely, thank you.
Hey, Trudy! Hey.
I'm sorry, gang.
I'll get this out of your way.
Randall sent a 911 text that your, uh, firehouse TV was kaput? Dude, you asked your wife to come fix it? There's no fixing it.
It's beyond repair.
He asked me if I would bring our spare TV from home.
They just moved it inside.
Trudy, you didn't have to do that.
We can survive a shift without TV.
Nope, it's my pleasure.
Truly, my pleasure.
Bye, honey.
Why is she so eager to get rid of this television? You'll see.
- Hey, Kidd.
- Yeah? You wanna finish parking the truck? Love to.
Whoa! What the hell is this? It's a television.
- That's rear projection.
- Uh-huh? Tried and true technology.
I can't find the right connector.
Of course you can't.
This thing is ancient.
Hey, hey, is this, uh is this steam powered? Or do you have to crank it by hand, huh? I mean, I must have been in middle school when you bought this Mouch is old! Get it, everybody? Mouch is a doddering old man! Isn't that funny? At least I don't spend my weekends pretending to fight dragons.
Or play with Star Trek dolls.
Uh, they're action figures.
I may be an old man, but you're barely a man at all.
You're an infant.
Somebody's got thin skin.
Hey, carpool women.
I need help.
You just missed some real drama between Mouch and Otis.
I'm sure that's a big deal, but I have an issue that needs attention right away.
What happened? I was backing the truck up for Otis and next thing I know I'm cutting the angle too much.
And I didn't even realize that I hit it until I got out and looked.
Is there damage to the truck, too? No, no, thankfully.
But, God, you guys have gotta help me fix this.
I mean, do you know how much "woman driver" grief I'm gonna get from the guys when they see this? Yeah, Otis will be vicious.
You should see his mood.
We don't have to tell anyone.
- Right.
- We can fix this ourselves.
Yes, yes, yes.
Uh, Foster, your doctor friend is here.
Oh, I thought you were gonna call me "Jim.
" Right, yeah.
Going out with a doctor would be a nightmare.
Just all that unchecked ego.
Foster's seeing someone anyway.
Poor guy never had a chance.
I will be having drinks with the good doc at The Aviary.
Ooh! Swanky.
What about the woman we saw you with this morning? Oh, that's super casual.
I don't need this.
Oh, hey, Mouch.
Uh, Chief, can I, uh What up, Mouch? Well, have you got any holes you need to fill on first shift or third, even? I heard Richie has a baby on the way.
Is he looking to take any furlough? 'Cause I could fill in for him.
No, Richie hasn't made a request.
Why? Everything okay? Yeah, yeah.
Trudy and I are, uh, just trying to sync up our calendars a little better.
I just wanted to see if there was any flexibility in the schedule.
Well, all shifts are pretty solid right now, but if something comes up, you know Copy.
Heard you guys caught a nasty motorcycle accident.
Yeah, rider was in a bad way.
He gonna make it? Don't know.
Hope so.
The guy was delirious.
He was talking to me.
Pretty sure he thought I was his son.
How did it happen? Nobody saw it.
Good road conditions, no other vehicles involved.
Might have been recklessness, but the rider isn't some young punk.
He's gotta be in his 50s.
- What kind of bike? - One of those tall travel bikes with the silver cargo boxes on the sides.
An adventure bike.
If you say so.
You think he did it intentionally? Wish there was another explanation that made sense.
Well, maybe talk to the cop investigating the crash.
See if you can get more detail on how it went down.
Um, I put in that call to Med for you.
Victim had a massive brain bleed.
There was nothing anyone could do.
I'm sorry.
That's awful news.
That's just awful.
My heart goes out to his family, you know? Yeah.
This is Lieutenant Kelly Severide.
- Hey, how's it going? - Hey, Nick Chaffee.
Chaffee was first on the scene.
Can you tell Severide how you came across the wreck? Sure.
I was doing a loop around the truck yards there on Moe Drive as part of my patrol.
Wasn't too much traffic around.
Usually isn't.
Then up ahead I see something spinning and I realize it's the wheel of a motorcycle smashed up there.
And you didn't see any other vehicles in the area? No.
No, it's a quiet stretch.
But that's the thing you get these yahoos who get out there and just gun it.
Seems like this one just pushed his luck a little too far.
He doesn't really sound like a yahoo, though, does he? I mean, middle-aged guy decked out in safety gear.
I've seen all kinds.
But, yeah, it could have been a mechanical issue, or maybe he hit some road debris.
I just felt so helpless waiting there for you guys.
I wish there was something I could have done for him.
No, no.
You did everything right.
I don't see a lot of firefighters getting this involved.
The way he talked to me, I I guess I just feel some obligation.
I don't think there's any cameras at the accident scene, but I could check nearby.
See if they caught anything interesting.
That'd be great.
Thanks, Chaffee.
Sure thing.
I'll let you know.
Yeah, thanks.
It's not working.
It's not enough suction.
I'm telling you, the hair dryer-air compressor combo works.
We can't do it now.
Third watch will be here any second.
Well, Sotero and Kendall are way too dim to notice a dent.
Maybe we should blame it on them.
Okay, fine.
We'll fix it next shift.
Any fun plans tonight, Mouch? No.
You're going to Molly's, though, right? Guess so.
Ladies' poker night at home.
Did you see that? He didn't even say "thank you.
" Uh, you took a half-step to the right.
Not sure that gratitude was in order.
Oh, right.
Forgot I'm the bad guy.
It feels like we should do something to try and get them to patch things up and No, no, no, no, no, no.
Don't you get caught in the middle of those two stubborn bulls or you're gonna be the one who gets gored and left for dead.
Herrmann's right.
It's hard to watch, but it's better they work it out for themselves.
Have they ever acted like this before? Not this bad.
All the more reason to let them figure it out.
So now Helen has this tower of chips, but the rest of us are tapped out.
Uh-huh? Just as Helen is dealing the last hand of the game, Denise screams, "She's using a shiner!" Yeah, Denise is convinced that Helen is using the reflection off her silver bracelet to see our cards.
Apparently it happens in Vegas all the time.
So to answer your question: Yeah, Denise is gonna be here tonight.
But, no, Helen will not.
Ah, well I might stick around anyway.
Could help refill the Chex Mix.
Are you okay? Do you think it's time for me to retire? About once a year you ask me this, and every time, what do I say? I don't remember.
I say, "Randall McHolland, you are in your prime.
" Not sure everyone agrees with you there.
We do not care about them.
- I'll be in the bedroom.
- Mm-hmm.
Wow, you must have racked up a ton of loans.
Some, yeah.
It could have been worse.
I managed to work through most of med school.
That's impressive.
What kind of jobs? Bartending, mostly.
My science brain loved all the chemistry of it.
That makes sense.
You miss working in the hospital? No, not really.
Guerilla medicine is more fun in a lot of ways.
You ask a lot of questions.
Am I asking too many question? I'm sorry.
I'm not trying to grill you.
- Am I too much? - No, it's sweet.
Well, I'm glad you think so.
All right, your turn.
You ask me anything you want.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay.
- I've got one.
- Go ahead.
Do you wanna get out of here? Hey, what do you guys think about having a trivia night here at Molly's on Friday? Every bar has a trivia night, Herrmann.
Uh, I wasn't asking you.
I was asking our patrons.
Otis is right.
You gotta do something a little different with it.
What about Chicago trivia? You know the zipper was invented here? Mm, I doubt that.
But Chicago trivia not bad.
You waiting on someone? You keep checking the front door.
I'm sure that Mouch is gonna show up.
Welcome to Molly's.
What can I get you? Uh, I'm looking for someone, actually.
A firefighter named Matt Casey.
Oh, yeah, Captain Casey.
Right there.
- No.
- Excuse me? Uh, Matt Casey? Yeah.
I hope you don't mind.
The guys at your firehouse told me I could find you here.
Um, my name's Chris.
Uh, I think you responded to a motorcycle accident yesterday? "Chris.
" Yeah, I was there.
Was he, uh My my dad.
Yeah, uh, Patrick.
I'm I'm so sorry.
Hey, Chris, grab a seat.
Could we get you a beer? Oh, no thanks.
Um, I just flew in from Denver.
You know, trying to deal with everything.
Uh, family's pretty shook up, and I I guess we just want to know how it happened.
You know, the police report says "rider error," but there aren't any details.
Unfortunately, there weren't any witnesses.
I know, so I was wondering if you guys got a sense of it just from what you saw at the scene? Well, it was a high-speed impact on a pretty wide open road.
No other vehicles involved, so he must have lost control somehow.
No, Dad's the safest rider I know.
I mean, he takes it very seriously.
He, uh he did regain consciousness briefly.
I I think he thought I was you.
Um Did he say anything, or? It wasn't much.
He he just said, um "Don't worry, kid.
We're going to Big Sur.
" Um, every August me and Dad, um he rides out to Denver and then we hit the road together.
Um, last year was Yellowstone.
Year before that, New Orleans.
This is us driving across Oklahoma.
This year I told him I wanted to ride up Highway 1 to Big Sur.
Is your dad the one with the camera? Yeah, his GoPro.
He loves that thing.
I was hoping maybe he was wearing it yesterday.
He never mentioned a camera.
I didn't see any.
If he was wearing one we'll find it.
What did the guy say? "Far corner"? Yeah, I think it's over that way.
Heard you got some friction on Truck.
Otis and Mouch are at it.
- Ooh, stand back.
- Yeah.
You know how Otis is always making cracks about Mouch's age? Uh-huh.
Mouch finally reached his breaking point.
Good for him.
That's gotta be it.
That's the one.
No camera.
Could have been mounted on the handlebars.
That's the GoPro mount right there.
Or what's left of it.
It must have snapped off in the crash.
Damn it.
- Hey.
- Hey, buddy.
We missed you at Molly's last night.
Oh, yeah, well, the poker ladies begged me to stay, so Uh, don't you think Otis was just trying to be funny when he was saying that stuff? I mean, maybe you guys can smooth things over.
Hey, Ritter? No offense, but, uh, there's a lot of history between Otis and me that you don't know about.
I mean, he's been jabbing his "you're old" knife at me for a long time, so till I get an apology there won't be any "smoothing.
" Heads-up, hot water's out.
I just thought you should know that Mouch was just talking about how much history there is between the two of you.
Oh, really? Did he say it like, "There's a lot of history between me and Otis"? Or was it more like, "There's a lot of history between me and Otis.
" I get the feeling that all it would take to get past all this is an apology.
Okay, yeah.
When he apologizes, we'll put it past us.
Oh, yeah, I I I meant I know what you meant.
But, Ritter, if I'm not allowed to make jokes, we're all dead.
It's the cornerstone of firehouse life.
If we can't sit around the common room, find a way to laugh at tragedy including Mouch's advanced age how are we gonna survive the job? Okay what's going on? Nothing.
Just a kid barely six months under his belt telling me how to be a firefighter.
I know.
- Gored and dead.
- Mm.
Hey, I gotta admit thought they'd work it out by now.
We're in uncharted territory here.
Mouch wouldn't actually consider retiring, would he? No.
Good job, Ritter.
You really think it'll work? All I can tell you is if my dad knew how many dents I put in his pick-up as a teenager, I'd still be grounded.
How much longer? Mm, I'd say a couple minutes.
Hey, how'd your date go with Shaw? Great.
Drinks, then we went to my place.
But I kicked him out pretty early.
You think you'll see him again? He's fun, but I'm not really looking for a relationship right now.
I never understood the "one night stand" thing.
I mean, if you have a good time with him, why not go out again? I was so focused on becoming a doctor that I missed a lot of life, so now I just want to take it all in.
No limits.
Yeah, that sounds awesome.
Yeah, I mean, I'm never getting into a serious relationship again.
You just need some time, that's all.
Nope, never.
Okay, here comes the air.
- Here we go.
- All right.
I swear, the cold should make it pop right out.
Maybe the dent's too deep.
Ambulance 61, Truck 81 Hey, don't worry.
We'll find a way to fix it.
All right.
Thank you.
Hey, Casey! I'm leaving Capp and Tony out here till we know what we're dealing with.
I'll take one of my guys, too.
Probably won't be me.
I'm too old.
Well, I'm just an infant, so Kidd! With me.
Stay warm, guys.
Where's the victim? Up here at the Ziegler.
What happened? These teenagers treat this place like it's their private clubhouse, and that is how you end up with one of them getting his head stuck in the Ziegler.
What's a "Ziegler"? Fritz Ziegler? The modern sculptor? That is a Ziegler.
Hurry up, he's choking! Make way.
I can't breathe.
Could the angle of his head be restricting the airway? His pulse is racing.
I think he's having a panic attack.
Just try and calm down for me, okay? - What's his name? - Aidan.
Listen to me, Aidan.
We're gonna get you out.
Just try to relax and be still, okay? I'll try but I I can't get my head out.
- How'd you get it in there? - It's crazy.
It slipped right through, but now it won't come out no matter what we try.
Okay, give us some space to do our work.
- We'll take care of him.
- I'm not leaving him.
You don't have to go far.
Just stay right here.
We make one quick cut here, pry this side back, it might give us an inch or so to play with.
I'm sorry, you want to saw into the Ziegler? Well, we don't have many options here.
We got a kid in danger.
Hey, Capp, bring the band saw and the bottle jack.
On it.
Get this thing off of me.
- Easy, Aidan.
- Wait, wait, wait.
It's not welded at the base.
Maybe we can just detach it from here.
Yeah, okay.
Hey, Capp, hold off on the saw.
Copy that! - Got it.
- That's good, that's good.
Bag's coming in.
All right, bag's going up.
- Set.
- All right, bag's coming down.
Otis, can you grab me an inch and a quarter? - Coming right up.
- Hang on, buddy.
You got him? - Can you move? - Yeah.
- You got him? - Yep.
All right, let's put this ugly thing back together.
Thank God.
- Are you all right? - I'm okay.
Well, it looks like you made it out in one piece, but we're gonna get you to the hospital anyway just to make sure.
- Okay.
- I'm coming with you.
I figured you would.
Come on.
Hey, that motorcycle crash? It's just a few minutes from here.
Yeah, let's swing by before we head back.
Hey, you guys? I just wanted to say thank you for helping Aidan.
He's, like, the sweetest guy in the world.
He tutors little kids at school and everything.
He sounds awesome.
I'd better get back to seeing Aidan.
His parents will be here soon.
Aww, young love.
- See, you are a romantic.
- Yeah.
When it comes to other people's romance, great.
Mine, on the other hand Is headed this way.
I'm gonna give you two a minute.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I am glad I ran into you.
So it turns out I'm not working tomorrow.
- Any chance you're free? - Oh.
Uh, no, sorry.
I had a great time with you last night, Jim, I did.
But I'm not really looking for anything serious right now, so Yeah.
Yes, sure.
I, uh I totally get that.
See you around.
Mm, I feel bad for him.
Do you know how many women he has said that to over the years? Girl, he can handle it.
So the bike came from that direction, ended up wedged against this thing.
So the camera could be anywhere along this path.
There's no debris at all.
Yeah, it's a pretty clean stretch of road.
What the hell? - Hey, there! - Yeah? Did you guys clean up back here at the intersection? Uh-huh.
Mind if we look through your trash bags? Whatever turns you on, man.
Hey, Truck, Squad, everyone out.
Time to get dirty.
This is some jerry-rigged crazy right here.
Stella, just be careful not to scratch the paint.
The internet says that this is the best way to fix a dent.
It is going to work.
Vacuum on.
Oh, my God! - It worked! - I can't believe it! - Sup, ladies? - Oh, hey.
Uh, we're just we're just vacuuming out the rig.
You know, a woman's work is never done.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Yeah! How bad is it? Hard to say.
I'm hoping it's just a dead battery, but this bad boy took a real beating in the crash.
There's not enough Purell in the state of Illinois.
I mean, the things that people throw out their car window.
What is that? Oh, Cruz.
You call Chaffee? Left a message, haven't heard back yet.
Getting anything? Mm, gotta give it some time to charge.
Worse comes to worse I can grab my reader and we could pull the footage right off the microSD card.
All right, just be careful not to screw anything up.
I'd love to help, but old guys like me don't know a micro card from an AARP card.
Well, I guess I'll just have to get along without you, Mouch.
What's wrong? Oh, hey, Chief.
No, nothing.
I'm good.
Sure you are.
You've been moping around for the last couple of shifts.
Man, nothing gets by you, does it? No, not in my firehouse.
Well, then you know that Mouch and Otis have been at each other's throats.
I do.
I look up to both of them.
I mean, Mouch is the reason I'm here.
And if he leaves or retires Hopefully that's not gonna happen.
Look, Ritter, firehouse is a family just like any other.
We all know how to push each other's buttons.
You know, there's a good chance this will just blow over.
Sometimes all it takes is ending up on the right side of a joke.
Once they start to laugh with each other instead of at each other, they'll forget it ever happened.
Shazam! It's alive! - Go on.
- Anything survive? Check it out.
Here's the most recent recording.
Can you skip ahead? Yeah, getting close.
Let it play.
- Ooh.
- Oh.
Oh, man.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Hey, are you okay? Hey, buddy, talk to me.
21-13 Squad.
Can you roll an ambulance? I've got an "on view" traffic accident involving a motorcycle.
Hang in there, buddy, all right? I didn't see you.
I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Damn, that cop got him killed.
Hey, are you okay? Hey, buddy, talk to me.
I asked around about you, Chaffee.
You shine at the Academy, spotless record on the force.
What the hell happened here? It was an accident.
I never saw him coming.
- That was a stop sign.
- Yeah, I screwed up.
- I know that.
- And then you lied about it.
I wasn't planning to, but then When the only witness died, you figured, "Nobody needs to know what really happened.
" Accidents happen, Chaffee, but you had the chance to make this right.
And you blew it.
I'll take it from here.
Thanks, Antonio.
Let me know if you need anything, okay? Appreciate it.
Police kept the video card as evidence even though Chaffee confessed.
I don't want to watch it.
Um, what happens to the cop? I don't know if they're gonna press charges, but you should talk to a lawyer.
No, I'm not interested.
You don't have to decide right now.
That's just not who my dad was.
That cop's got troubles enough.
My dad would have forgiven the guy.
No, he always focused on the good in people.
That's why my sister and I are focused on this.
The, um, docs at Chicago Med gave us a list of all the organ recipients that my dad was able to help.
It's a youth hockey league coach got my dad's heart.
It's a sanitation worker with three little kids who got his lungs.
A high school student he's the captain of his robotics team who's, um, been waiting for a kidney That's a nice way to remember him.
Uh thanks for getting us answers.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, absolutely.
My dad would have liked you guys.
You're his kind of people.
Take care of yourself, Chris.
Thanks for bringing me in on this one.
You guys had better be at Chicago Trivia Night at Molly's, okay? Herrmann is serious about this.
The dent where you knocked into the traffic light is gone.
I didn't touch it.
It must have popped out on its own.
Wait, so you're telling me I filled out all that paperwork for nothing? Um I am so sorry.
Why are we sitting all the way down here? You know why.
But I won't be able to hear the trivia questions.
Hey, guys.
Hey, Ritter.
I'm excited that it's Chicago Trivia Night.
That's it.
Enough of this crap, you two.
Look at what he's willing to do to himself just to get you two on the same page! Look at how stupid he looks.
Guys, come on.
Grow up.
You're brothers, and you always will be, and you know that.
He looks like a crafts project from third grade.
At a school for the criminally insane.
Hey, hug it out, misfits.
Hey, that's an order.
Go on.
- Go get 'im.
- Come on.
I wouldn't say we're brothers.
More like you're the grandpa and I'm Okay.
Mouch he's not the only one you raised up in 51, man.
You raised me up, too.
Of course I'm gonna give you hell for it.
What do you want me to do? Cry and tell you how much you mean to me? Come on, man.
We're firefighters.
Appreciate that.
And maybe once in a while like when the television set goes on the fritz I'm thankful for your geek brain.
Come here.
Good job.
I'm glad they worked it out.
What's he doing here? - You didn't invite him? - No.
- Hey, guys.
- Hi.
I'm not giving up so easy.
What was that about? I'm not sure.